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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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days after the damaging storms, and much of the area still feeling the aftermath. this tree still down on frankford, in frankford rather, and now are thousands without power. what's worse? katie is unfortunately tracking more rain headed our way. katy? >> i certainly a.m. and, especially for the poor folks just not on the grid yet. for the poor people who might not have power this weekend yet, oh, the last thing you want to hear there is more soaking rain on the way. yes, if you are still trying to clean up the debris, maybe get back to normal life here, maybe try tarp over some of the stuff little break-in store mere today. we are expect to go see couple of showers out there some clouds, as well, but the brunt of any rain that did come through, it is already come through. you can see it pushing out to sea already. but there will still and residual shower lingering here and there throughout the course of the day today. so nothing major. enough of course it is worth a mention. we want to mention that for up but really tomorrow is when the next main event comes in, with the next rounds of
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heavy rain for now, into the upper 60s many locations little cooler by comparison up at mount pocono, as the day progresses not too much movement on that they are mom term, only talking upper 70s but very limited sunshine, that's where that is coming from. again, there may still be a shower lingering in this forecast, toward the early afternoon. now, the weekend i mean, the word soak is her very, very appropriate here, especially second half of saturday. afternoon, at night very early morning hours of sunday. heavy rain, that's the story with some pretty significant winds picking up, too, notice that, it will be a wind driven rain, for many of you but rain amounts, expected to maybe get to up as high as if not even exceed 2 inches. so, with that casino of heavy rain moving in, it is the last thing you want not only for ooh weekend but of course vittoria just trying to get back to normal at this point. >> i heard the word soaker. did you vera super soaker? >> i did my brother had several. >> were they the else? >> not when you are the one on the receiving end. >> that's true, i had an older brother myself.
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>> see? >> and i know the feeling. actually let's forget about it and -- >> never minds? >> yes. good morning everyone, well, right now we going to start with pleasant shot of 95. if you are traveling on 95, in either direction there is shot here, between cottman and academy, notice, traveling throughout the northeast, not seeing too much after problem just yet. southbound we can see however, few more vehicles, and this is usually how it starts, around this time, approaching cottman avenue, right around the construction zone, you really start to drag really around the construction zone. but, you're still looking okay for the most part. northbound 95, real a breeze, no matter where you are traveling. ben franklin bridge, also looking great this morning if you are traveling either into new jersey or down toward eighth and vine, fantastic rest of the bridges moving exceptionally well. really overall all of the speed censors in pa, new jersey delaware are great. however, traveling in vineland do have accident closing east landis avenue between main road and spring road. chestnut avenue your best alternate. no major delays for mass
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transit except if you travel the ac rail line, still suspended so you will want to plan your commute little different this morning. ukee? >> thanks so much. following breaking news out of france, right now where there has been apparent terror attack at a gas factory. security official says one person is dead, found decapitated, at the building's entrance. also told, two attackers arrived in a car with banners written in arabic. they set off an explosive. one attacker we're told also is in custody. we'll bring you any additional details as soon as they come into our news room. >> awful. >> now back home, vicious beating on local high school student caught on tape. >> police who saw that viral video say the victim had no chance against his alleged attackers, who now face some serious charges. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at northwest detective with more on that, justin? >> nicole, good morning, facing serious charges also facing expulsion at this time, police say that video was solid evidence that helped them nab those five teen suspect you're about to see.
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a cell phone camera rolls as circle of teens punch pummel, kick mlk high honor roll student. philadelphia police have reviewed the tape several times. >> he is not fighting back at all. he's trying to avoid them. >> trying to avoid injury, as others do nothing to help. police say, the 17 year old was walking home from school when he was jumped. school officials say he apparently was caught in a case of mistaken identity. one that left him suffering from several severe injuries. >> during this incident he lost numerous teeth, as a result of this incident. as i say he sustained a concussion. >> violent video taken earlier this month now racking up views on social media, it was also crucial in capturing the five teen attackers says jones of northwesting. >> this video turned over to school officials. >> school officials along with us were able to identify all five perpetrator. >> so glad they found all five of them. that's good. >> four of the five teens in
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custody are juveniles, one is 18, "eyewitness news", showed the video to parent, not far from the scene of the crime on 65th and which iser. >> you should not beat on anyone like that. that's ridiculous. >> those five teams facing charges every assault robbery, theft, many more, and as for that victim as you heard, he's recovering now from lost teeth, concussion, as well as cuts and bruises police say in this case that video was really truly crucial, in helping them solve it so quickly. they also got hundreds every messages about the video and they're happy to see people care about victims like this too. we are live at northwest detective, i'm justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. meanwhile, utility crews are still work to go restore power to tens of thousands of customers who have been in the dark since tuesday night. the latest outage numbers. ac electric reporting under 55,000 customers still without power. peco says, little more than 17,000 outages remain.
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about 1600 pse&g custom remembers still off-line and delmarva power reports about 270 still out. >> president obama will deliver the eulogy for reverend clementa pinckney. >> the reverend and eight others were shot to death at historic black church in charleston south carolina last week. viewing was held last night for reverend pinkney at the emanuel african methodist episcopal church. he was the pastor and south carolina state senator. our time now 6:06. today the sixers legendary harvey pollock will be remembered at memorial service, he spent more than half century with the sixers, and passed at the age of 93 this week. today's memorial service begins at 1:00 at golds stein's on north broad street in east oakland. you noah loft sixers fans were figuring on d'angelo russell in the nba draft, but we're welcoming duke's okafor this morning. 's big fellow, 270 pounds, 6 feet 11 inches tall, center out every duke. he has 7-foot 5-inch wingspan. he was acc player of the year
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in his only season at duke, averaged more than 17 points a game. welcome to philadelphia, young man. >> i'm not too familiar with philadelphia. one of my teammate, from there, and he is always talking about it is the best city, all of that other stuff. aim from chicago we always argue, but i'm excited to know the sit a little bit. >> all right, the sixers have few big men on the roster, should be really fun to see how things go. we'll get insight on sport radio 94wip's paul jolovitz joins us at 6:45, to talk all about the 76ers. >> so we'll see what happens there. >> so when will they be finished rebuilding? >> i hope this year. they have to pass the first year. new slogan is this starts now. we'll see. >> we shall. >> will he run or won't he? >> that is the question. we'll hear from new jersey governor chris christie as reports surface he plans to run for president plus this. >> first thought when you saw that fin pop out of the water?
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>> sweet. >> oh, man, that would be the opposite of my first thought. shark spotted off the coast of a crowded area beach. we'll hear more from an eyewitness who managed to capture it on video. >> tall ships are in town. our jan carabeo live on the delaware with a look at this weekend's festivities. beautiful. >> yes. >> ♪ ♪ >> nicole, back in the day there is was the jam. the sixers were rolling so now we'll get the rolling feeling back. bringing back the tune our producer hug i bear broke it out of the archives. >> it is an oldie but goody. >> always a goody. talking sixers basketball and more on the other side. be right back. >> ♪ ♪
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> jan carabeo getting a tour right now. >> now on the delaware river taking a look at the cult err just behind us, here, absolutely magnificant morning. here to talk to us more, the executive officer also known as second in command on that tall ship. first off where are we? >> 26-foot boat it, works the delaware river aids in navigation, in the philadelphia aor. >> yes, such a great site
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here. how did we get here? because we didn't just use gps. >> the cut sera training ship, and it used something special. >> vest tal navigation, somehow between new york and philadelphia we lost our gps we used this here, to use the stars and the signs to navigate to get to philadelphia. >> yes, it is a training, that's what the cutter is, it trains? >> it is. it teaches cadets navigation, seamanship kind of getting back to the basic so when they go off to their ship after they graduate, they can be great coast guard officers and leaders. >> so they better have ace tad test because you guys arrived on time. >> we did. we did. miraculously, so they pretty much use this all throughout the day and night to be able to shoot stars every so often to get what we call a celestial fix. that just plotted us right into the delaware river. >> that's old school. that's like when the gps goes off in the car and do you have pull out the paper map almost?
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>> exactly jan so it was quite an experience, i think the cadets, just teaches them, you know, really those basics of navigation. and not to rely necessarily on the newest technology. >> jest, a thank you so much. so who is jealous of my gig today? isn't this beautiful? you're not going to see anything else like this. >> our hands up are. >> me! >> that's great. love it, going olds school. love that, too. >> so gorgeous, back to you jan, thanks a lot. >> a lot of people will go for the tall ships ukee, but my baby boy jack, he would be all about the world's largest rubber duck. >> i oh, i bet he would. >> because it is also in town for the the tall ships festivalment take a look, this is mama duck. she definitely has size on her side. this one is weighing in at 11 tons, measures a whopping 61 feet tall. that's big mama right there. >> that's a big mama. >> where ever the duck goes, she gets a loft attention as you can imagine yes i went, there big mama. >> yes, did you. >> but jack has a little one, and he's happen which. that will happy as can be in
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his little bathtub little rub i duck. >> i would you be happy in someone went back and spray painted big mama on that? >> i think big mama would be upset with. that will don't mess with that rubber ducky. >> good morning, you crazy kids. storm scan3 we got to gave you a sense what's going on here for the tall ships festival for the rest of the weekend, too we are dealing with wet weather issues here, not just at pest landing but across the ellen tire delaware valley. first in a series every systems now pulling away out to sea obviously some wet weather in it wake here, but back here over missouri where the heavy rain, thunderstorms much like what we saw yesterday at this same time, currently located. that eventually blossoms into bigger system that will have to deal with this weekend. for now kutztown area middle school, a lot going on, haze in the distance, currently cool 60 degrees, you can see few flecks of maybe lingering rain from the camera lens, sun trying to peak out here. so a lot going on here, a lot
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going on on this adorable forecast too so i have to step out of the way. look at the bobbing duck, so cute. i can't stand it. but we are expecting couple of breaks of sunshine for you out there today. 79 degrees weekend staying cool side, mid seven's again second half of tomorrow is when the worse of the rain will move on in. do you like my graphic vittoria? >> it is the cutest. >> adorable. >> yesterday erika suggested putting handle bars on the rubber duck. >> i i love that idea. >> and us getting on it, that visual has been stuck in high head. >> team photo. >> can you imagine? that would be the best. we'll talk to the artist. good morning everyone, right now traveling on 95, rush hour southbound, seeing delays out of the northeast this shot here at cottman then making your way down through to the vine street expressway. you'll have brakes, but it is only going to get busier, we move now to 422 if you are traveling eastbound few more headlight out there. out of the area of trooper down toward 202. so, we are starting to see rush hour start to take place. but, not seeing full blown delays.
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as i've said, about 6:15, when things usually start. ac rail line still suspended however septa, patco running on time. so, that's definitely good news for you. if you do plan to travel the ac rail line, they've been cross honoring tickets for new jersey transit buses i'll double check that, follow me on twitter i'll have the answer for that in a second. ukee? >> thanks so much n our headlines, five teenagers under arrest in connection with beating caught on sell phone camera. the video very disturbing. the victim suffered a concussion and other injuries, all the student at martin luther king high school in germantown. >> pastor reverend clementa pinckney will be remembered at funeral services today in charleston. pinkney and eight others were killed in shooting rampage at historically african-american church last week. president obama will deliver the eulogy at pinkney's services. >> and the weekends long tall ships festival is underway on the delaware in both philadelphia and camden. the historic ships arrived yesterday. tours are available the festival runs through sunday, we'll check back in later this morning with our january car bye owe down there right now.
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good morning family, be right back. dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew. i just wanted to thank you for sharing your world with me. it felt like home. airbnb. belong anywhere.
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. >> we learned that there is a new big man coming to town, the sixers have grabbed young star with a potential to be the sixers newest superstar. >> the philadelphia 76ers collect jahill okafor from duke university. >> there is the big guy, looking sharp last night, he
6:20 am
averaged over 17 points, in his only college season, took carl anthony towns and los angeles took d'angelo russell with the first two picks. leaving okafor for the sixers. sports director beasley reese talked to the oak tree last night. >> just giving me your thoughts lining up as the next superstar in philadelphia. >> i'm excited, i i know i have big shoes to fill. so i'll work as hard as i can to fill those shoes. >> hopefully will be in town today to meet the media. >> first, took spanish center willie, and then ra sean homes, power forward from bowling green, pick up north carolina forward dekoto and pair of main national players. paul jolovitz will be here in our next half hour break down the 76ers draft. phillies host division leading
6:21 am
washington nationals tonight in south philly. the nats won six straight. they'll start max scherzer who by the way through no-hitter at the pirates in his last start. hopefully bats will continue to be hot after winning two out of three. >> here ' hoping. >> if you live in pennsylvania, get ready to pay more for your phone service the new legislation heading to governor wolf. >> then, shark is captured on camera at local shore town. we'll hear from the stunned eyewitness, who shot this video, can you imagine that? seeing that thing? we'll hear from him coming up next.
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>> 6:23, let's check on that forecast, katy? >> the forecast for now at least is pretty tame. we are specking perhaps just lingering shower couple of spots throughout the day.
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but nothing major. you know in terms of wet werth, that comes tomorrow. for now, you can see on storm scan3, heavy rain pulling away, right now storm scan, pretty quiet you might have few damp roads in atlantic county. but as we look forward to the rain amounts these are your gfs and european model expected amounts basically talking, for saturday, for the second half of the day specifically, the potential for us to pick up at least a inch of rain. locally, up to two maybe even higher than that, in the highest terrain up toward the poconos. so it does put big old damper on your "shorecast" for the weekend second half of saturday specially but you will have windows every opportunity to get in some beach time. specially the second half of sunday, and the very early morning hours tomorrow. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much katie. well finally starting to see rush hour take full swing on 95. if you are traveling on 95, southbound, out of the northeast, down through to the vine street expressway, it is a slow go, starts around cottman avenue. and it really jams up through the construction zones at both cottman and girard.
6:25 am
this shot here right around girard avenue, which is why we're seeing this heavy delay. as we move now into new jersey definately seeing few more vehicles on the 42 freeway, not too many to cause a delay just yet but that is an indicator that it is not too far away. if you are traveling southbound, on the 42, maybe getting early start to head down to the shore, you will look great. speed censors dropping on 95, at 19 miles per hour, schuylkill expressway, starting to feel little bit that far westbound pocket build at city avenue, but generally speaking overall still in the green. still trying to recover. we have downed wires closing these exits on 295 and in either direction, so you will have to do some maneuvering throughout the area. and this is also a good reminder that not only in new jersey on the majors, but even in the neighborhoods, we still have debris, downed trees so give yourselves more time. just make sure you're proceeding anything like that with extra caution. nick snow. >> vittoria, thank you.
6:26 am
>> apparent terror attack outside gas factory in france. this is live look for you at the scene right now. security official says one person is dead, found decapitated, at the building's entrance. now, we are told two attackers arrived in a car rather, with two flags written in arabic. they set off an explosive there. one attacker is now in custody, and of course, we will bring you additional details as soon as we get them. right now 6:26. various sources are reporting that new jersey governor chris christie will announce his decision to run for president next tuesday. but the governor said he still hasn't made a decision. >> are you denying that there is going to be an announcement made tuesday in livingston? >> i can't deny that because i haven't made a decisionment once i make a decision then i will decide how i want to do it if i do. and if i don't then either way i have to make an announcement. >> all right, well, christy appeared on his ask the governor radio program. he says he'll let everybody
6:27 am
know once he decides. now, if governor christie runs, woe join a crowded republican field right now there are 13 declared presidential candidates. so it will be an interesting race. anyway you slice it. >> everybody's watching. no gout. that will getting close to 6:30. coming up in the next half hour we'll czechoslovakia in with our gentleman -- we will ' check back in with jan carabeo at the tall ships. >> local crime caught on camera goes viral. five teens attacking another we'll tell you how the victim is doing and what happened to his attackers. >> also ahead: several 911 dispatchers working in a south jersey call center, need help themselves after lightning hits their building. we'll hear from them coming up next. >> torrey, and katie return with your traffic and weather together. back at the bottom of the hour. it is friday family, see you in a bit.
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>> good morning, katie is tracking rain, unfortunately just in time for the weekend. let's get right over to her for more on the forecast. >> i certainly a.m. at least catching what i would call really just break between systems at this point guys. but we had a system last night, brought in pretty heavy rain through delmarva peninsula got clobbered with heavy rain, but seeing a little hint after break here. you're not going to see a lot
6:31 am
of sunshine today. certainly that's the story on the delaware river. you can just barely make out well off in the distance here, the view of center city, from our camera shot here in palmyra cove. it is a dreary start to the day. you can see moisture left over what's left now of that first system. when we zoom it out see it making its full retreat. good riddance to you. that's number one another system waiting in the wings for tomorrow. so today again, a little bit after break for you. but we're only talking temperatures in the upper 70s here because of all of the cloud cover and there still be couple of lingering showers to track as well. timing everything out for you, this is really good sort of just gist of a graphic of what you can expect throughout the next couple every days. weekends is not looking terribly ideal right now. but you will have some windows of opportunity to at least enjoy outside if you really want to get outside. and we will actually track more of that upcoming system for you as the show progresses, but for now vittoria dreary, cool start to the day. but it could be worse. right?
6:32 am
>> for sure. anything could always be worse, right? >> absolutely. >> let's go with t good morning, everyone, you know what? katie is absolutely right. even rush hour, could be a lot worse right now, it is 6:32, right? yep, 6:32, traveling on the roosevelt boulevard, you will notice southbound, we have a delay. but ever so slightly approaching the area of the schuylkill, it is still little early, but if you are traveling southbound, you will notice this is where it starts to slow. because once you get to 76 westbound at city avenue, already starting to form the pocket of usual rush hour delay. keepkeep that in mind. traveling on the opposite side pretty good. even travel route one throughout bucks county maybe headed toward new jersey, also, not bad at all. we take a look now at the schuylkill, that pocket i was talking becomes already starting to form on the westbound side of 76, at sit. eastbound traffic looks like it is flowing okay here, but as you approach the vine street expressway, i would anticipate that squeeze that you usually have around this time. if you are traveling in new jersey, and vineland, east ladies avenue still closed
6:33 am
because after accident between main road and spring. chestnut avenue your best alternate. no major delays for mass transit. still suspension of the ac rail line. ukee? >> tour, thank you, in the news this morning case every mistaken identity leaves local high school student went broken teeth and concussion. >> so awful. violent attack caught on video, since gone viral. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live for us at northwest detectives, where the alleged attackers face very serious charges. justin? >> nicole, ukee, police got a flow of tips about this video many of them concerned about what they saw that crime in this case is caught on video the ending not though, five suspect as you mentioned now facing charges get you now to the video see this happened at 65th and wister, five teens jumping on one teen, that victim just 17 years old onlookers do very little it, appears to help. police say that victim was heading home from mlk hi, where he is a student and as you said, mistaken identity, appears to be what sparked this crime.
6:34 am
earlier this month. this video, was used to round up those five teen suspect identified by mlk high staff parent, who saw the video were outraged though police were happy to have it. and as the person who shot the video was able to share t take a listen. >> maybe it was this individual that was filming this incident had enough in their heart to say there is was wrong and decided to turn this video over to the school officials and help this poor unfortunate victim. that's exactly what they did in this case. >> as you heard the video crucial to solving this case, again, five teens facing charges, one juvenile, 118 facing charges every assault robbery, theft and more. also face being expulsion that victim recovering from broken teeth concussion, as well as cuts and bruises, live at northwest detective. justin finch "eyewitness news". >> the delegation from philadelphia's on their way back from rome this morning
6:35 am
for their final day the group met with several officials on security for the big event. however, pope francis likes interacting with the people and security provides a challenge. the world meeting of families announce more than one and a half million dollars in scholarships, will go to people, who could not normally afford it. we're three months away from the papal visit. well, pennsylvania residents will soon be paying more on their phone bills. governor wolf is expected to sign legislation increasing fees from 1 dollar to 16 a a month. now, it is a bipartisan effort to raise money to funds pennsylvania's 911 call centers. five, 911 dis patch nerves salem county recovering this morning after being shocked by lightning. thousands of lightning strikes were reported at the height of tuesday's damaging storms. officials believe one hit the 911 center while many were on the phone fielding emergency calls. >> it went i am my arm, i felt it go into my neck.
6:36 am
>> so i dropped the phone real quick, as soon as it happened, but kind of like it traveled. >> so scary. now, while other communities in east greenwich township are still dealing with the massive clean up, three of the five salem county dispatchers have now returned to work. firefighters battle a massive wild fire in southern california by land and air. thousands of residents are forced to evacuate as it inches closer and closer. now the fire about 90 miles east of la, has torched about 50 to 60 acres, so far. the cause that far fire is still unknown. well authorities say plane caring pilot and eight cruise ship passengers crashed into a cliff in southeast alaska killing everyone on board. the passengers were on the holland america line cruise. ms, seen here, which left seattle saturday for seven day rounds trip crews in details as of yet on what caused that crash. well, it is a big night big night for the sixers last night, we will talk about their newest draft pick just ahead. here's jan.
6:37 am
>> the us coast guard cult err eagle is getting ready for the hundreds of people that will come here to the delaware river penn's landing for the tall ship festival through sunday. coming up we'll take a look around.
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>> jan carabeo down at pens landing. >> good mornings i have it all to myself right now i'm really greedy person so really soaking this up. just kidding. folks will be coming down starting a at 9:00. people can actually get aboard the united states coast guard cutter eagle starting at 10:00 o'clock today. it is free and open to the public all weekends through sunday. take a look at what you see hine me this morning. down penn's landing here on the philadelphia side, you can see, the other tall ships, all lined up, i was actually down here for the parade of sale yesterday. really was gorgeous, magnificant, as they were coming down the delaware river, and getting into place. now, here on the cutter, like 200 people here, at all times between cadets officers as well as crews. so really busy ship, pretty much at all hours of the day. if you take a look down there to the middle of the ship as it is called, those folks are getting everything ready for the people who are going to come out and tour the ship. they put up little canopy there, and they've been kind of up and active for about a half hour now. they've been getting some
6:41 am
breakfast, too below deck, as women. real exciting day on tap here. there are more than a dozen of these tall ships and other vessels, for people to explore this weekend. you'll need to buy a ticket of course just to get down to penn's landing and the camden waterfront. but some of these are free, and open to the pun to tour, so definitely no excuse for you not to come out here, it really is a great family friendly event. we have been talking to people on board all morning long, specifically training vessel for the us coast guard and they learn all types of things, about having to navigate, if they lose gps for example they use a device, you know, all kind of great fun for specially the kids in the entire family, guys, back to you. >> i know a learning experience indeedment and fun experience too. >> so beautiful. ships are just amazing and that rubber ducky look out impressive. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks, jan. it is time to check on that forecast katie what do you have for us? >> definitely looking ahead to wet weather for sure, nicole.
6:42 am
we start things off by going outside with the eyewitness weather watcher networkment out to list view of some of the temperatures being sent in. we have basically mid and upper 60s in marshall ton greg's got 66, phil, north wales, reporting 66, as women. margo at six a at 64 from barbara in willow grove. there is 1 mile spot of the pack here in cart inning ton bill has 73 degrees, and the list goes on so, it is casino of damp outside. definitely have a lot of clouds out, there as well. we do have couple of pictures, we can take you on a tour, ed connor sent in one in for us, took this picture out from a bridge, this is route 664 maybe some of you recognize that view, but the tall sort of marshy grasses just looks very damp outside right? let's take to you one of the tall ships views here, phil chaplain sending this one in, it looks like the sun trying to broke through, will have difficult time doing so here today. then there is one more just super cute one i thought we had to show this one. lynn sent this one in. her little brother at the discovery museum with what's
6:43 am
ironically enough a model scale version of the giant mama duck rubber ducky out for the tall ships festival which is absolutely hilarious. this is actually a miniature of the real thing. crazy stuff. okay let's go ahead switch things over to storm scan3 where we are still tracking one disturbance making full retreat. we continue however to track a couple of different systems in the atmosphere. so system number one making its retreat there is guy should pass us to the south. then this blossoms into much larger system, that's going to be what affect us for the weekends, that's what i think at love you want to understanded, okay what'sment timing here? because so many people make outdoor plans especially on the weekends, we want to gave you a sense of how it will all shake out. with system one retreating, lingering shower, more clouds than anything, then as we head into the weekends, stuck in the mid 70s all weekends long, with the second storm system, it is primarily p.m. time frame. afternoon, and at night. but the heaviest rain comes in the gust yes, sir winds comes in and we would be talking one two maybe even locally as much as 3 inches of
6:44 am
rainout of this. specially far northwest of philadelphia. lingering showers, then, on sunday morning and still cool granted but we should start it dry out at that point. so the second half of the day does get better. just in time from all of us to go back to work monday, the sun is back, it looks like beautiful day. i know the timing less than ideal here guys. but hey if you're not going anywhere, make some indoor plans. should be nice sort of really good rainy day excuse to make some tomato suppan grilled cheese tomorrow. the sun back, as we promised it will help things start to heat right back up to summer like warmth. vittoria, over you. >> smells like a shopping weekend, cattery oh, i love that idea. >> good morning everyone, on serious note traveling on the schuylkill expressway at city avenue, police activity, compromising the ramp. this just came into the traffic center. little bit difficult to see through the trees here. it does seem to be that folks can stillman offer, however on the ramp, as think approach the area of the schuylkill from city avenue. definitely some activity there could slow you down.
6:45 am
just make sure that you're watching out for that this morning. if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway, you will notice, you will find delays westbound at city avenue. that pocket, as you commute your way real fry i would say approaching the roosevelt boulevard out toward belmont eastbound, the schuylkill, not awful. traveling on 95, southbound, expect delays out of the northeast down through to the vine street expressway. however, we will take a look at mass transit for a second because the paoli thorndale regional rail line has been suspended, malvern to thorndale, due to a down tree, and power issues. we are still trying to recover from that storm a few days ago, and mass transit was really affect by it, and it continues to be affected. >> rail line still suspended however new jersey buses are still cross-honoring between ac and 30th street, so just keep that in mine. however, the rest of the regional rail lines, so far so good. running on time. patco, running on time, as well. and no major delays at the airport. ukee? >> torrey, thanks etch s the
6:46 am
sixers made their choices in the nba draft. we have very big man coming to town. here to talk about duke acc player of the year, jahill okafor; paul jolovitz from sister radio station sports radio 94wip. my man good to see you. >> morning, budd. >> i i'll tell you, i thought for sure we would get d'angelo, i thought the two big men would go first. i am happy with the pick but the lane ers -- lakers snapped up d'angelo. >> see, i thought from day one the people i talked to nla with kobe, maybe getting aldridge, i assume all along they would get de language low -- de language owe, and i'm not a huge d'angelo russell fan. i think there is lack of potential greatness. robbins, not a lot of batman. i didn't want d'angelo, better than evan turner but nothing great. i thought the lakers would take him and they did. >> i like his game. he made other people around him better. i heard he wears zero because zero people protect him. >> i like russell but i
6:47 am
think's great sheeter, i i don't think great passer, little built of hybrid. i wish the lakers women. i wounds have minded him but not big fan. >> you're not. let's talk about the big fellow, he got game, big hands, postgame, i like him i like him all year long, i thought for sure -- >> not me. he was going to go, i don't mind him. he is okay. very developed for a kid. that's what makes him look so good. his foot work so good. he plays under the rim. he's not particularly athletic. i mean, i just got to be hon eggs. >> not at let snuck. >> not real. he plays under the rim, he doesn't defends too well. i don't want to make him sound like bad player, he is not but the sixers doesn't play a low postgame. they play 100 miles an hour, they play push and get it down the court. >> they can change. >> are you going to change with noel and then being a novice, pick says is this an insurance policy. sam will talk. i'm all about upside. i want potential greatness
6:48 am
love him all over the floor. okafor solid not looking for solid. so while i think he will be good, i don't think he'll be great. nicks got the second best player in the draft? you are hear about i'm not buying it, i think he's okay. >> when you get five opinions, getting three more opinions, i love embiid. i love what they did last year with him i love what they did with noel. i have nothing against okafor, a lot of the same thing could have got something different. okafor, little geico in there little insurance policy, we'll see, 11:00 today sam will say whatever sam says. obviously he will be asked about embiid, as women. but this is a safe pick. i'm not really about safe picks. >> i got you. but i am from the old school, big man's game to me it, has been, not any more, but i like the pick, i hope we keep him. >> i just like best available. i don't think he was best available. he's not an awful pick, but i
6:49 am
don't think he will and star in this league. >> delays we bring you in here thanks so much. >> no one asks my opinion. we will we'll get to you on the "cw". >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with that preview, good morning. >> good morning, you know all things, if you watch our show, all learn even more, gathering information on the breaking news suspected terror attack at american factory in france. plus, doctor holly philip on the shrine he is in illness from contaminated pool water. also, why misleading labels mean some beer drinkers, can get refunds we'll explain 1999 worlds cup winner brandy right here in studio 57. we'll talk with her about tonight's big match for team usa. exciting time. the news is back in the morning, just about ten minutes. >> really is, all right thanks so much. thanks nora, have a great show. >> take care guys. >> in other news this morning five teenagers in police custody in connection with a beating caught on cell phone
6:50 am
call camera. student from martin luther king high school beaten up near 65th and wister victim suffered a concussion and other injuries. >> just awful. the clean up meanwhile continues from tuesday's storm, and some of it is really taking a while. on bridge street, frandford. now, peco says, about 17,000 customers remain without power. and there are thousands out among ac electric, pse&g and delmarva customer. >> and the tall ships festival runs through sunday in camden and philadelphia. the historic vessels arrived on the delaware yesterday. and you can get tours of ships from both sides of the river. they are absolutely beautiful. >> really are. what a site. we'll take a short break. >> but first here's a look at what's coming up on your friday right here on cbs-3 be right back.
6:51 am
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we do have update for you on our breaking news, it is now confirmed this was a terror attack, outside a gas factory in france. >> this is a live look at the scene there. security official says one person is dead, fawn decapitated at that building's entrance. we are area told two attackers arrived in a car with two flags written in arabic. they set off a he can mosey there, one attacker, is now in
6:54 am
custody, of course, we going to be bringing you additional details on the "cw philly" as soon as we get them. for right now, confirmed terror attack, in france. our time now 6:54. >> a shark gets close to shore in ocean city maryland, all caught on camera. >> this video shot by dallas harrington, shows the hammer head swimming right toward his boat. here we go. jaw dropping video there. taken by the staff at paradise water sports. the 300 pounds, we're told, 8-foot long shark, kept beach-goers out of the water for nearly 24 hours. i should say so. tyra of philadelphia had his speaker out. >> why were you playing this music? >> because there are jaws out, there i'm telling you, he's coming. >> how about that? >> that's dramatic. geez. shark tried to beach itself. it never did. has retreated into the bay. ocean city maryland beach patrol say no reason to panic
6:55 am
hammer heads will not attack unless provoked. let it be. let it go. leave it be. >> still, not something i want to come in contact with. >> not at all. chan cents are you use google maps to get where you are going, did you know the website also has something called google tracker? >> it does, kind of like street view, but off the beaten path. bucks county now join impressive list of locations being featured on it, but before you can take a virtual tour of say washington crossing, folks at bucks county busy capturing it for with you this high tech back pack. check it out. spent the past six weeks shooting 07,000 pan ram i can photos, 12 different locations, sent it all back to google. >> amazing. >> goal here tonight deuce their 622 square miles all across the world,. >> so it is really staying up with the trends, and meeting the users, you know, expectations, we want to be able to, you know, present bucks county on line, interact with them and engage with them, so they'll come and
6:56 am
visit with us. >> coming up on monday on "eyewitness news", we will tag along and one of those trecks and maybe even try the technology on for size. and i can tell you i was the one tagging along and it is heavy. >> is it really? i bet it is. it looks like it. >> yep. when you are going like 20, 30 miles with that thing on your back, it is 50 pawn. >> wow. but you hung tough. i know did you. >> i didn't go 20, 30 miles. i did five minute. anyway let's check on the forecast katy? >> we're just going to show you the seven day one more time. today isn't terrible. just see ton of sunshine, still have a lingering shower here and there flirting only with 80, then the weaken, especially tomorrow afternoon and night heaviest of the rain. vittoria? >> thank so much, katie. rush hour on 95, the schuylkill expressway where you will find the usual pockets, but weaver some police activity, if you peak through the trees here, on the westbound ramp to city avenue. so causing gaper delay that ramp, you know, maybe block or
6:57 am
two, but really just rush hour. >> thank you coming up next, more on that confirm terror attack, that happened at a gas factory in trans. >> now to continue following your local news weather traffic and sports we of course are keeping it live, keeping it local on your "cw philly" station. we leave you with a look at penn's landing and the tall ship. certainly home you can get down there, jan carabeo with another preview on the "cw". great day and fabulous weekend, see you. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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good morning. it is friday 26th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. a terrorist investigation unfolding in france. one person was beheaded at an attack at a u.s. gas company. nine are killed in alaska when a sightseeing plane crashes into a cliff. and eun investigation drops the miss usa pageant. but we begin this morning with your world in 90


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