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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". another soggy saturday on our hand. here is a live look at storm can three for you. parts of our area waking up to the aftermath of some soaking rains, it is not over yet folks. also, new this morning fire fighters west philadelphia are on scene battling a two alarm fire in a storefront. let's take a look at those flames. it is intense we'll have update coming up next. did septa police go too far making arrest that was captured on camera? more thon video that has that force rethinking its policy. today is saturday, june 27 good morning thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. 5:00 this saturday morning of course talking about more rain, we send it over to carol for more on. that will welcome back, i know you were away for a few
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days. >> i'm back, i missed those awful storms yes when i came back of course i've been keeping 1t but seeing some of the damage was unbelievable. even this morning nicole, we've seen flashflood warning in a ton of rain, i think if you're out through the montgomery county area, and your town ends in the word ville, you may have seen a lot of rain. phoenixville collegeville, montgomeryville, you've got it everywhere. conshohocken, without a ville on there still inches of rain two 3 inches of rain coming during the overnight time period. let's take a look see what we have out there. we have 66 degrees out in reading there. have been some rain showers obviously around. but, you can see, this is the wide view on storm scan3. our bigger problem comes later on today for the rest of us. and that's as the system lifts into our area. but as we moved into the early morning hours notice, north of the city, and you can see, this is a look as you go through douglas and pottstown, this is a loop over the last four hours lots of heavy rain
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going on through those areas. so, right now it has moved out. you can see it going through norristown phoenixville, pottstown, moving on out of here. this has been quite a soaker out of this system with inches every rain already. right now through the area most everybody is dry right now, but i think that will be a picture that will be changing specially as we move on later on into the day. as far as the flood watch that is in effect it, goes into effect around noon, right through tonight and it is the areas philadelphia, northern delaware and points west of that. one and a half to two and a half inches of rain cannot be ruled out with these showers as they move on through later this afternoon and specially tonight with the heaviest rain. sixty-eight right now in philadelphia, and in allentown, 64 millville on our way today, temperatures it, staying cooler, in the middle 70s, that's it, with that rain. then let's just time this out. >> this computer model says by 8:00 few showers move in. we really wait for the heaviest rain to come little
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later on today. you can start see as we move in through the evening hours that that heavier rain starts n we'll finish out the time line. talk about the rest of the week coming up. nicole? >> carol, thank you. new this morning resident escape apartment fire safely in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. the two alarm fire broke out in the storefront building in the 1800 block of north 54th street about 2:00 this morning, it took two hours for firefighters get it under control. the cause is under investigation. >> local utility companies are making some progress restoring power after this week's earlier storms, they were very severe. atlantic city electric reporting 38,000 outages and peco still has more than 2,000 customers without power. >> arrest on septa train though, caught on camera, it has transit officials rethinking their policies. how should police handle a suspect who is holding a child? "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown shows us how it all happened. >> i'm just sitting there kind
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of like -- >> ahmad had no idea this video he shared on social media would lead to internal affairs investigation of 16 year old investigation of a septa police officer. >> no, i'm if the going to get off the train. cursing back and force. >> septa police attempt to go remove 16 year old ella smith. he boarded the train with a little girl in his arms at the margaret and oxford station. when a cashier reported seeing him evading the fare and jumping on the train. moments later at the next store, a septa police officer confront him and tries to pursuade him to get off the train, produce ice and except a citation. >> the point of contact to the point where handcuffs are placed on the person, is 14 minutes long. >> the heated verbal exchange between the two became physical. all the while the child is caught in the middle. >> where the officer pushes him up, he is still holding the child. another rider you'll see the other rider heads over to try
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to take the child the father doesn't release the child. >> back up later arrives and ahmad's video captures the tense moments on the platform, describe ago crying little girl still in the arms of her father. >> people was even offering to pay for him like, here is 2.25 here is a token. it was just too much. there was no need for like the escalation. >> we can't endanger the lives of little kids over affair evasion. that's unacceptable. that's on me. >> septa police chief thomas is calling for better training of his officers, in situations like this. >> this is the type of incident that causes us to reflect on what we tell our police officers and how we tell them. >> has no regrets about capturing the video hoping it becomes a teachable moment. >> it is not real a matter of, you know, brutality of police, but a matter of like how a situation should be handled. >> this definitely was something that should be hand
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philadelphia that way. >> community activists calling for the immediate removal of the officer involved. he has not been suspended but an internal affairs investigation currently underway. at septa headquarters, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". philadelphia police have now identified the two suspect wanted in a shooting at a mantua block party last saturday. eleven people were injured the youngest one a one year old child. the suspect are kaileave harley and dominick lamar. they believe they opened up in mantua, that shooting reportedly stemmed from a fight they had a week ago and the suspect apparently wanting revenge. >> three weeks after two convicted killers escape their new york prison, police have shot and killed one of those men. cbs news correspondent brian web has the latest for the search for the second convict. >> police caught up with rich at matt just before 4:00 near the village of malone new york near the canadian border, matt
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shot and killed after they found him in the woods behind a cabin. >> a tactical team from customs and border protection met up with matt in the woods challenged him and he was shot dead by board pear troll at that time. >> state police say they recovered a 20 gauge shotgun from matt's body, they say matt did not fire any shots at them. police swarmed the area after a man reported he found a misplaced liquor bottle in his hunting cabinet. roads in the area were immediately blocked after the shooting. police are still searching for sweat. >> we have no actual siting of sweat by law enforcement, but we have no indication that sweat wasn't company matt. >> the pair broke out of the prison on june 6. investigators say they used power tools to cut through their cell wall, a brick wall, and steel steam pipes before they emerged through manhole near the prison and made a run for it. two prison employees have been arrested in connection with
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the escape, matt was serving 25 years to life for kidnapping, killing and dismembering his former boss. sweat was serving a life sentence for shooting a sheriff dispute toy death. >> brian web cbs-3 "eyewitness news". four correctional office remembers treated for smoke inhalation after fire breaks out at graterford state prison in skippack township montgomery county. small fire broke out in a cell around 7:00 last night t was quickly put out. the cause is under investigation. well, the white house is glowing in rainbow colors to mark the gay right movement historic victory at the supreme court. the highest court in the land will same sex couples nationwide have the right to march any all 50us states. now, that vote was five to four, with justin anthony kennedy as a swing vote. majority decided that equal protection clause of the 14th amendment prevent stains from banning same sex marriage. president obama rales dollars that ruling at the white house. >> this reeling will strengthen all of our
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communities by offering to all loving same sex couples the dignity of marriage across this great land. >> but, not everyone is celebrating the supreme court's ruling, including the archdioces of philadelphia. archbishop charles chaput released a statement saying in part the mistakes of the court change nothing about the nature of men and women and the truth of god's word. but, same sex couples, they are celebrating after decades of passionate activism. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has that part of the story from independence mall. from the steps of the supreme court, to independence mall, old city, magnitude of friday's decision was clear. >> while we're really excited it is also a bit kind of overwhelming. and i think many of us just never thought that this day would come. >> well, the day did come, with a five to four vote, that established marriage equality, in all 50 state. legality prompted emotion among the hundreds that gathered for late afternoon rally, to celebrate the
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decision, meet brett and husband kevin. >> very emotional. i sat at home watching the news, and called him. he was on the subway. and we couldn't really talk. i was crying. >> beyond cheering for what supporters would call the shear morality of today's decision, there are practical implications, as well. same sex marriage became legal here in pennsylvania last year but until today marriage licenses issued here at city hall wouldn't necessarily be recognize in the other state. that means for some couples relocating say for a new job, simply wasn't an option. >> we can travel anywhere in the u.s., just not have to worry about being questioned. >> from the present to the future, we met some who thought more of the legacy this ruling will leave behind. damian tracey works at cbs-3 and has been married to his partner brian for about a year. together they are raising a daughter, eight month old elena, in what they hope will be a more inclusive society. >> to think 20 years from now she will think it was craze
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that i we were never -- >> as a friday that question has been answered. matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is 5:11 right now. lawyer for comedian bill cosby fighting effort by the associated press to unseal documents from a 2005 sex assault lawsuit. now, an attorney for cosby says it would be quote terribly embarrassing if detail that far suit which was settled with a former temple university employee, were made public. at issue here, information given by cosby at a deposition detailing his marriage, his sex life, his prescription drug use. the plaintiff accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her at his home. >> meanwhile, ryan sandberg has resigned as manager of the phillies, sandberg thanked fans at a press conference on friday. now, in part of three seasons he had a report of 119 and 159. the phillies record this year is 26 and 48. so we'll hear from sandberg a little bit later in sport.
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pete macknan becomes the phils 53rd manager. all right 5:11, still ahead good news if you plan to head to the shore this morning the area bridge, that's re-opening. we'll tell bull it. >> also ahead, one of the highlight of the tall ships festival here in philadelphia. mama duck, oh, ya, but there is some concern and even frustration, over her appearance. we're live with the details. >> and, a change in policy for disney world. the item you will not be able to bring into their theme parks. we'll tell you about it coming up next.
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>> tall ships festival is here, and thousands expected to tour on the delaware river. now, if you head down, you may notice one big attraction is missing. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has the details on mama duck, live from penn's landing. where did she go, syma? what's the deal? >> reporter: my gosh mama duck could not stay afloat. i can't believe that. a duck can't be in the water? what is going on in this world? we are here at the tall ships festival. we have tall ships, but as you can see big time miss willing the attraction, the worlds' largest rubber duck. now, this is what we learned. the problem started on thursday during the parade of ships. the upon tune, duck came in, took some water and it turns out there were lot of holes in mama duck, and that's why she was sitting lopsided. but rocky the baby duck is at
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wiggins park where kids can take pictures with him. but a lot of folks are coming to this festival because they wanted to check out the world's largest rubber duck. as for mama, organizers say she needs to recover from what they are calling some ducky bruises. >> think after big bicycle tube that needs patching. that will would be the best way to put it. the duck takes a while to fill up. once we get her back up and rolling, get her wing fixed she will take a few hours to get pumped up. >> lots of folks here for the tall ships festival here in philadelphia. , and in camden, and they're going to see tall ships today. but mama duck, no word on exactly when she will be brought back to the water but the event organizers are asking folks to check their facebook page to get some update. but, they believe that mama duck should be hereby the end of the weekends. now, another note, fireworks scheduled for 9:30 this evening, now moved to sunday at 9:30.
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so nicole, i mean, where is mama duck, where are the fireworks? we got tall ships though. >> thank goodness for that, a lot of people looking forward to that duck, little disappointing. thank you. >> after several delays, some good news the town set inlet bridge connecting avalon to sea isle, opened shortly before 7:00 last night. i was actually down the shore couple of weeks back, and we wanted to drive the coast go shore town to shore town, first town over, the bridge was closed. so it was like well that didn't last long. but good to see it is back open but not good to hear about the weather. >> once again weekend just last last weekend, we have flood watch over the area. we already have seen in some spots a tremendous amount of rain. not where we're looking right now, this is another look at the shore and you can see that the skies are starting to brighten there. but, areas to the west of philadelphia already there was thunderstorm that just sat over that area. and that's why.
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early this morning, during the overnight time period, saw 3 inches of rain, now that pretty much has gone. but we have another batch starting to move in, look at cape may courthouse, though. doesn't look bad first thing this morning. now, one thing i want, this is the area, and you can see as it starts to just breaks out move where. this is about three, four hours ago as during the middle of the night there you go with that rain that just kind of hung around montgomery county. now, we are waiting for just some rain to come in here. it is not here yet. but the bulk of it will be arriving, as we move through the afternoon, maybe the heaviest amount, waiting until tonight. our temperatures are in the 60s, 68 degrees, philadelphia, right now, 68 allentown, 67 in wilmington, 64 millville 07 degrees, down in wildwood at this point. flood watch in effect philadelphia and areas to the west, also through new castle county delaware. >> this runs from noon today right through the rest of the day, right through this evening. we've got temperatures today that will be in the 70s and
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tomorrow, we may still be in the 70s. we could crack that 80 degrees line, but morning rain, then it will be cooler, as we go through this weekend. so this is not going to be the hot weekend, this will be the cooler weekend. and also, the wet weekend especially the first half of it. monday though, if you can wait until monday if you have got any reason to wait until monday, the temperatures will be in the 80s just about where they should be this time of the year, and the sun will be out boy it will be soggy until then. computer model let's time this out and see what we have. it says by 9:00 this morning we are still waiting for the rain that it is off to the west. by the time we hit 1:00 starting to see some of it, but again the heaviest rain not here yet. but, as we move through this evening, notice the yellows oranges, that's when we start to see the heff yes rain come in here. >> this is a look at 10:00 tonight. notice some of the heaviest off to the west where the flood watch is. 2:00 in the morning seeing some heavy rain, really, over many parts of the area. we clear out noon tomorrow, doesn't look bad. few scattered light showers
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after that. that's possible, and then monday looks like it will be pretty nice day as this thing rolls out of here, we are left with some fairly decent conditions on monday, at least, compared to how they are this weekend. rainfall amounts we will be starting to stack them up. this is a look about 8:00 p.m. tonight. we've got almost third plus inches of rain through philadelphia. in the north and west, though, it is over an inch. and as we keep going on in time, this is a look at 2:00 in the morning, an inch and three quarters going through allentown inch and a half through reading. but decent soaking amounts of rain in other locations as well. so through philadelphia, could you see up to an inch of rain, in some spots, an inch and a half to two and a half inches of rain? absolutely possible with this system. temperatures today, in the 70s. that's it. these are the highs. seventy-four philadelphia and the shore, poconos 62 degrees. that's the highest temperature. we'll find these winds out of the southeast ten to 15 miles an hour. if you see thunderstorm, that's when a gusty breeze can start to kick in, as well.
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temperatures tonight 68 degrees rain, maybe some of it heavy with that thunderstorm chance, tomorrow, 81 degrees. maybe a shower in the morning and not all that bad on sunday. monday looks great. tuesday, 87 degrees. you may be picking up a shower or a thunderstorm at that point. then we stay in the middle eight's, low to mid 80s after that nicole? >> carol thank you. it is 5:21 right now. still ahead his show hasn't even premiered yet late show host steven colbert already his take on the day's headlines. plus this. >> i'm kevin frazier everyone's foul mouthed teddy bear is back and proving he is more than
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we snap it. we stack it.
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we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate.
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late show host steven cobert weighing in about the supreme court ruling on same sex marriagement take a look. >> i'm here to say congratulations gays. you now have the right to march a in all 50 state. so if you're a homosexual and living in north dakota, all your problems are solved. enjoy dakota pride week. >> okay. there you have it. this reminder, though, the late show with steven colbert premiers tuesday september 8th, 11:35, right here on cbs-3 former co-star john stewart will be honored by his home state, one of 13 people going into the new jersey hall of fame. other inductees include yankee slugger derek jeter and the group cool and the gang. ceremony takes place october 22nd in asbury park. >> well, everyone's favorite
5:25 am
foul mouthed teddy bear is back at the office, box office, that is, this weekend kevin frazer from entertainment tonight has the words on the highly anticipated sequel. >> this week he may be a swearing drinking smoking teddy bear, but ted is out to prove he's so much more with the help of mark walt berg in ted two. look at this, it is as if we are going to have to baby, do you have proof in a court of you. >> when ted want to settle down become a father, he has to prove himself to society with help from his under this buddy mark wahlberg, and amanda excited to be a part of the team. >> the improve my god, the ad lib they came up with at the end of scenes, when they are going back and forth, they have a couple of scenes where they go back and forth. at least when we were shooting it. it was the stuff they were coming up w they are both really smart. when you get them together, they come up with the craziest stuff. >> do you consider yourself to be human? >> objection. >> sustained. >> the witness can object. >> overruled. >> guilty.
5:26 am
>> speculation. >> bail sniff. >> briefcase. >> and she's not the only star joining the fun. morgan freeman place a fellow lawyer and there is a special cameo for mark's favorite quarterback. >> i remember calling him and telling him what it was that we wanted to do and what ted and i were trying to accomplish by breaking into his house. he thought it was hilarious. >> take your teddy bear with you. >> perfect spiral. >> for entertainment tonight kevin frazier now back to you in the studio. >> that looks pretty good, ya, got to see. that will for all of the latest news from hollywood watch entertainment tonight on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. and hey new face is coming to late night television here on cbs-3. say hello to bianca. >> the critics have spoken, bianca is a breath of fresh air and it is into the gold stand cans in must i late night tv. okay, it is from the shaboiken time.
5:27 am
>> spent years anchoring the news, now crossing over into comedy. so we asked bianca about her new experience. >> i'm not an actress. i'm not someone who is, you know really been trained to do anything but talking and news, and journalism and connecting. so, for me, it was really this has been a passion for me to create this show, and create a dialogue being the only woman in late night i feel like it is about time. >> all right, there you have it. catch premiere of bianca tonight right here on cbs-3 at 11:35, right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. and coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", unfortunately we've got another soggy saturday to tell you b carol has word on when we might see some sun though, it may be coming, plus this. >> the supreme court says states cannot ban same sex marriage. i'm craig boswell with reaction to the landmark decision. >> and survivor of the deadly amtrak train crash talks with our david spunt. we'll have "eyewitness news" when we
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today is saturday, june 27th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:30 right now. we send it over to carol. we need to talk more about this rain and just how sog think saturday will be. pretty bad carol? >> we've already seen a lot of rain out there this morning.
5:31 am
now, not raining in every location, i have got fairly nice picture to show you right now. so let's take a look outside and you can see that we are looking at some clouds over the area of philadelphia right now, but things are going to be changing, as we go on through the rest of the day today. so we do have to monitor quite an interesting weather set up for us. so, as we take a look at what we've got going on out there right now, you can see that the clouds are there but the rain is not. we have some brighter conditions, and this is a little bit brighter at least down in cape may courthouse first thing this morning beach patrol headquarters basically the same story there. look at this. the heavy rain we saw 3:00 in the morning look at that that is as we go through, just to the north of collegeville, but collegeville also pick up a lot of rain, you can see that bull's eye look, these storms just kind of hanging over the one area there as you go north and west of the city, so through montgomery county, a lot of areas pick up a lot of rainout of this. this is a big system that's coming, to us, the one that just happened during the
5:32 am
overnight time period. well, that's gone. we're still waiting for another batch of rain coming in here. you can see on the wide view, that it is moving up from the south, and it is also going to be moving in from the west. our look right now and as we put this into motion, you can see, that those showers those very heavy rain showers that dropped two 3 inches of rain, through sections of collegeville, and phoenixville, out through conshohocken, gulph mills eagleville, that has moved on. but we've got more rain coming in. that's one of the reasons that we have that flood watch that's going to be going into effect at noon. 68 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixty-eight allentown. 64 degrees in millville. temperatures today, will be staying in the lower 70s so, say 74 degrees. much cooler day today than you might become accustomed to, on our seven day forecast. flood watch in effect, philadelphia areas -- philadelphia areas point west of that, along with northern new castle county, and you can see, that we will be finding our temperatures staying in the 70s as we go through much
5:33 am
of the weekends, and we time everything out coming up. nicole? >> carol, thank you. the supreme court weighed in on the issue every same sex marriage on friday. the court sided along its typical conservative labrale lines with justice anthony kennedy as the swing vote. craig boswell is outside the court with the details of the historic decision. same sex marriage law of the lands, sued to have her name add today her son's birth certificate. >> overwelmed. and overjoyed. and really proud to be an american today. >> five to four decision fell along conservatives liberal lines with justin anthony kennedy giving the swing vote. he wrote: marriage is a fundamental right in which homosexual couples must share and it would also be a violation of equal protection to ex thinned that right only to heterosexuals. >> within a few sentences i was just crying. >> jim the lead plaintiff in the case, he sued to have his name added to his late spouse's death certificate.
5:34 am
>> if it weren't for knowing him, loving him would have never become part of something like this. >> this will strengthen all of our communities by offering to all loving same-sex couples the dignity of marriage across this great land. >> the conservative justices on the court each wrote their own descent but all agreed states should be allowed to create their own laws. >> there is nothing in the constitution that requires state to recognize marriage in the way the court has radically re defined it as such. >> within hours there is couple got married and in dayton ohio where it was illegal before today. craig boswell cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and you can keep it right here on cbs-3 for continuing coverage of this historic same-sex marriage ruling. you can read the full opinion on line at >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he will veto a budget sent to him by the republican controlled legislature. now, the $30 billion budget
5:35 am
does in the commiphora tax the governor said it is riddled with gimmicks, doesn't go nearly far enough when it comes to education funding. the governor also says he will try to ensure that potential government shutdown create as little disruption as possible. lawmakers are preparing to work through the weekends with only four days left in the fiscal year. >> well, pennsylvania senator bob casey, pushes for more amtrak funding. now, casey wants congress to pass a senate version which lift amtrak's funds to go $1.4 billion. house committee reduced funds to go 1.1 billion. casey said the deadly derailment in frankford last month under scores the need to improve amtrak safety and infrastructure. >> we have to make the case, especially in the aftermath of a horrific tragedy to make sure that folks in washington know that amtrak is essential not only for the northeast but for the whole country.
5:36 am
>> the house bill includes $9 billion in funding for video cameras inside amtrak locomotive cabs. >> meanwhile, the investigation into the amtrak crash that left eight people dead and more than 200 wounded is still ongoing. more than six weeks later local survivor talks with "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt about his ongoing struggle. >> you never know when your last day on earth is, but i was close. >> but lenny knobs survived, more than month later he says this nightmare continues to haunt him. >> every time i close my eyes i relive the whole tragedy. >> thirty-four year old philadelphia native never used amtrak before, but decided to take the train on may 12th for a business meeting in new york, when the train derailed, knobs, in the third car says he flew out of his seat, and a table collapsed on him. >> big crash even the night with the bad storms, the thunder actually made me really nervous because it sounded like the crash. >> he suffered a bruised lung, four broken ribs, a leg
5:37 am
injury and a fractured spine. >> i have bruises all over my face for about a week and a half cuts all over my face. >> "eyewitness news" was in the hospital with knobs, just few days after the crash. >> that's all you could hear was screaming complete chaos darkness, you don't know waist going on. >> another passenger took this photograph from inside, knobs is on the ground, the crash happened just a few blocks from his childhood home in port richmond. >> i used to walk through that little area coming home from my old high school. >> now he spends all of his time focused on recovery, both physical, and mental. >> i don't think i will ' ever ride a train again probably not, not any time in the near future. >> he will continue the fight to conquer his goal. he want to be able to walk without any help. >> i'm happen that i alive but also sad because people did die in this. it is a tragedy. >> david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". certainly was. now, we should mention engineer brandon bostian has not been charged with any
5:38 am
crime. his attorney has gone on the record saying his client does not remember that crash. ntsb officials not yet released bostian's toxicology reports. well, the death toll continues to rise in a deadly terror attack in ton osha. at least 39 people are reported dead. the islamic state is claiming responsibility noria tack. in which a young man hit assault rifle in a umbrella, then opened fire on beach full of tourists, just awful. that shooting spree ended when police shot that suspect to death. well, another terror attack there is one in france, ends with one person dead, and we've now learned after connection to our area. investigators say, a delivery manna tacked a gas factory near leone using his car to ram oxygen tanks and ignite an explosion. well, the suspect who was killed by police, was also suspected of decapitating his boss, scrawling arabic message on his head, placing it on a fence post. the factory where it happened belongs to air products of lehigh county.
5:39 am
meanwhile president obama delivers heartfelt eulogy at the funeral service for rev rent clementa pinckney. state senator one of nine victims killed in the charleston church massacre. >> ♪ ♪ >> thousands of mourners came together yesterday to celebrate pinkney's life. family friends, remembered him as strong force for good in that community. the president asked americans to confront the ugliness of america's racial history. whatever solutions we find will necessarily be incomplete. but would be a betrayal of everything river rent pinckney stood for i believe if we allowed ourselves to slip into a comfortable silence again. >> pinkney and eight other were shot and killed during bible study at emanuel ame church last wednesday. police say the church massacre was motivated by racial hate. >> it is 5:39 right now. still ahead we all know the
5:40 am
dangers of smoking right? but new research is suggesting it could be doing even more damage than we once thought. and it could be affected ex smokers, as well, we'll have the details on. that will cents ahead if it hasn't happened to you chances are you heard about it happening to someone else, talking about dropping your cell phone in water. we'll have tips to save yourselves should that happen. and, there could be a lot of wet phones out there this weekend, unfortunately. here is a live look for you at center city from our cbs-3 studios, we'll have carol's forecast, when we come back.
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on the health watch, millions of smokers may have undiagnosed lung disease. now, that's according to researchers in den remember who say lung function tests alone underestimate the impact of chronic smoking. they found 55 percent of smokers and even ex smokers said to be disease-free, actually have, some sort of respiratory ailment. >> also, on the health watch this morning the fda has given food manufacturers three years to eliminate trans fats from their products. correspondent holly ferfur has look at what you can use in its place. >> trans fats will soon be out. partially hydrogenated vegetable oil which make trans fats, was touted years ago to cut out natural fats from our every day foods. but studies found they clogged up our hearts, and were dangerous to our health. so dangerous the government intends to ban trans fats from
5:44 am
americans' diets watch can cooks use to make their foods creamy and tasty? nutritionists recommend healthy options, like oils taken from canola, corn, and soybeans, other options although not as healthy products high in saturated fats, such as palm, cotton seed oil. some chefs turn to natural lard and butter to add flavor to their feeds they just recommends that you use them in mod rakes. many food manufacturers have already been taking trans fats out of their products. the best way to avoid trans fat, right now is to read the labels until they're removed completely. i'm holly ferfur. >> 5:44, walt disney world joining a long list of play cents banning selfie sticks. yes, old-fashioned selfie with mickey mouse. ban good into -- goes into effect tuesday at every disney theme park in the united state. other disney locations will ban on july 1st. this ban comes after incident where selfie stick stalled a roller coaster.
5:45 am
interesting. other place that is ban the sticks, new york's metropolitan museum of art and the palace of very sigh, just to name a few. all right, well, it is a robot bottle -- battle under the water in canada. over 700 high school and university student from all around the world brought their custom-made robots to the marine institute at memorial university. teams dropped their vehicles into this plume tank here. they then perform series every underwater challenges, casino of more like those used in the work being worldsment while student control their robots from above others watch the action from below. each team then receives score based on the robot's performance. >> we have done a great job on the robo, it is very great and we have great respect. >> yes, we have been working for almost a year. >> by brinking it here to the marine institute, we have access to world class facilities the plume tank, like no other. we have no other facility that we've been to that has a plume tank like this. >> good hands-on experience. and a bunch of smart kids
5:46 am
there. by the way the competition ends today. so, the winner shall we revealed. right now amazing accomplishment to tell but this morning, this is great. 100% of graduating class is going to college. by the way, this is 11th year in a row. where this is happening, where all every it charter student received acceptance letters again, to college. now, just a testament of their hard work, student had been admitted to be received at university such as university of pennsylvania, georgetown, swarthmore emory university and howard university. >> regardless of the students backgrounds, regardless of their prior experiences regardless whatever they might think about themselves, success always possible. far too much in the sit i have of did a don't student aren't given a chance to dream big strive farther. create those type of opportunities for student. >> thank goodness they do. this is such an amazing accomplishment, really for any school, but even more when you
5:47 am
dollar camden is one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the country. and it just goes to show you that these kids are resilient they are rising above their circumstances, and that's so excite being. >> i love what said: dream big. >> absolutely. >> just go for it. forget your circumstances and go for your goals. >> totally. >> we've got some gray skies over philadelphia, it is another wet weekend. we had flood watch last saturday. all the june brides were sick about it. well i'm afraid they've got the same kind of forecast once again today. now, right now, it is not raining over most of the area. you can see it 64 degrees out through kutztown, just cloudy, gloomy look to go start the day today. and we have seen quite a bit of rain. i want to show this. and you can see, this is over the last couple of hours. and the rain just sort of broke out and it is right through there, through montgomery county, just a lot of rain, just kind of staying in one area. that has now moved on. and we're starting to see some showers starting to think hum you know what, philadelphia not a bad destination.
5:48 am
this is during the overnight time period, though, out around phoenixville, and you can see that bull's eye look just how heff that i rain was. they were picking up three to 5 inches of rain in some of those spots. so a lot of soaking rain, went on through areas to the north and west of philadelphia, as you went out through the montgomery county area. just not the way you want to start any day. you certainly don't want to start the weekends that way. our temperatures are in the 60s right now won't be going up that much further. our temperatures this afternoon, probably get to go about 74 degrees or so. a cooler day than perhaps we've become accustomed to, but that's what it is this weekend, just cooler, damp weekends, flood watch will go into effect about noon today and it runs through tonight and it is for philadelphia, and points west of philadelphia. does not include south jersey, but does include northern delaware and cecil count any maryland. soap, just another wet one this weekend. afternoon, some heavy rain, specially, i think tonight anywhere between one to
5:49 am
2 inches of rain possible, and wind gusts specially if you see a thunderstorm, the winds can be gusting as high as 30 miles an hour. tomorrow better day, morning showers, and then some clearing by the time we get to the afternoon and maybe a sprinkle, i'll show that you in this next graphic the one we loved the one with the clouds the one with the clock. and it says we've got clouds over us. i think it is doing pretty good job so far. 9:00 this morning, it is pressing to the west. and notice, it doesn't really opportunity bring much through south jersey. this is even at 2:00 in the afternoon, doesn't look all that bad. it is gloomy, yes. but then as we go through tonight, we do start to pick up that heavier rain, and you can see the yellows, oranges, a look at 10:00 tonight. and as we push onto 2:00 in the morning we continue with these rain showers. and then tomorrow afternoon maybe just some one, two scattered around, doesn't look like big deal at all tomorrow. rainfall amount, as we go through the rest of this system, one computer model says an inch and a half through philadelphia, the other says on the orders of about an inch, and then as we
5:50 am
put this into motion, you can see, areas to the north and the west, start to stack it up. thirds every an inch through philadelphia, go through this evening, but by time this is all over close to an inch, and areas to the north poconos out through reading 2 inches of rain possible out of this system. so shall everybody gets some kind of precipitation whether you want it, or need it, or not. temperatures in the 70s today philadelphia, and the shore the poconos the high temperatures only 62 degrees. our winds coming up out of the southeast ten to 15 miles an hour, but we can get gusty winds, as well. specially tonight i think some of the heavy rain can be moving in here, 68 degrees, some gusty winds as well. over the next couple of days, tomorrow the better half of the weekends at 81 degrees. by monday, 83 degrees, sunshine, tuesday maybe shower warmer, 87, middle 80s by wednesday and thursday, and friday, we're still in the middle 80s, nick snow. >> good reason to look forward to monday, carol thanks. hey, getting your phone or
5:51 am
tablet wet at the phone or at the -- at the pool or beach, a little bit of patience can save your mobile device. here are the details. >> without wasting any time, turn off your phone. by doing this within seconds you'll avoid any water short circuiting your device. then using a lint free clot, dry the outside of your phone and pay special attention to any ports and speakers. if the battery can be removed take it out dry it off separately. now here comes the remedy. grab your phone anolytes part and put it in a zip top storage bag along with a hands full of silica gel packets. you'll often finds those gel pack nets new products like shoes, and purses, so, start saving them now in case your phone ever needs it. the hardest part is the wait. leave your phone in the bag for 72 hours before powering it back on. if you did everything right your phone should be back in business. for more tips and tricks, head on over to n san
5:52 am
francisco, sharon,
5:53 am
i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york
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and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone. >> the phillies with a roster full of manager killers another one bites the dust. ryan sandberg has had enough. hall every famer as a player there is couldn't be how he envisioned the direction his first big league managers job would take. aging veterans, with huge contract, under performing, and roster in need of overhaul, sandberg just couldn't take the losing, so he steps aside. >> i do not like to lose. i hate to lose. and i think that's the biggest thing, the weight on me, and with some changes at the top
5:55 am
looming, i go back to my statement, i did not want to be in the way of anything happening in the progress of going forward. >> pete mccann on takes over in the interim. fifty-third manager in phillies history. of course they had to face the nationals, scherzer coming off no-hitter, but the phillies had no chance. he took perfect game into the sixth inning, until freddie gal vast saved us the embarrassment. phillies lose five to two. then the flyers get their men. nhl draft starting last night in florida philadelphia picking twice in the first round. with a seventh overall pick in the draft, they got ivan, young defenseman, considered by many to be the best one in the draft from russia, last season, in the whl. he scored 15 goals had 61 points, six off games. flyers already have great defensive in their prospect,
5:56 am
and he appears to be better than all of them. all right, with the second first round pick, flyers actually traded up to take a right winger, travis, he is said to be one of the best skaters in the draft. he is considered great puck handler, and bit of sniper. flyers future looking brighter and brighter. >> the sixers with a big day thursday, picking up another big man they got 19 jerold overbrook from duke, six-ten 27, a the best offensive big man to come out of college in recent years. here's sam hinge on our new center in jalittle we feel incredibly fortunate to have him, to be able to add him to our team. i have spend so much time in durham, north carolina this year. if you would have taught me part way through we would get him, we would have slept a lot more. >> women's world cup china and us, 61st minute i julie johnson, beautiful pass, found delran's own carli lloyd who heads it in for the only goal
5:57 am
of the game. women advance to the semifinals, against germany. good luck to our team. and that's sports. i'm beasley reese. >> that's "eyewitness news" at 5:00. here's what we're working on for you at 6:00. more on this two alarm fire that tore through west philadelphia storefront, and sent nearby residents scrambling. fire fight remembers still there putting out the hot spots. then today is national sunglasses day. i'm talking with the shades consultant to the stars with tips on how to pick the best frames for your face. oh boy. here we go. but will you need the sunglasses today? that's the question. carol will have the answer. she is back with your forecast when "eyewitness news" continues at 6:00. maybe she'll bewaring shades? you never know. stick around. we'll be back.
5:58 am
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>> waking up to another day this saturday, storm scan3 parts of our area again waking up to the aftermath of some pretty soaking rain. then, this is far from over, folks. also new this morning, fire fighters west philadelphia on scene battling a two alarm fire in a storefront. take a look at those flames. we'll have an update on that intense fire. >> and, did septa police go too far making arrest that was captured on camera? we'll have more on the video that has that force re-thinking its policy. >> today is


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