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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 29, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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i'm shad, thanks for watching. ♪ we'll teach him about our brokenness ♪ and the things we wish we knew ♪ a new beginning! ♪ a new beginning! ♪ they'll stare at us with spiteful ♪ and make this wish they'd steal
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♪ well, my heart is feeling empty eyes ♪ well, my legs are feeling weak ♪ well, my hands still hurt from
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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". announcement or no announce many, new jersey governor chris
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christie has launched a website for his presidential campaign. good evening everyone, i'm nat is a brown. thanks for joining us much the website is accepting donations. "eyewitness news" reporter matter had matt rivers is live in the cbs3 sat center with the latest. matt. >> natasha, to be clear chris christie has essentially been running for president for some time now. he has not form formally declared this canned z launch of this website is the latest and per happen the most telling clue we've received so far the two term governor of the state of new jersey is looking for a different job down in washington, d.c. the site is chris and for now it's simple much it's got his name and a slogan telling it like it is and a video featuring christie. ♪ >> and if you're going to run for pressed the united states, and you're going to ask these people for their vote, that is the single most trusting thing they can do as a citizen is to give you their support so you better tell them exactly what you're thinking and exactly what you're feeling ".
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>> governor tells the story about his mother always urged him to speak his mind and that's why he does the same. it's the opening salvo in christie presidential campaign that will almost assuredly begin this week. christie scheduled what he calls a special announcement event for tuesday at his former high school in livingston, new jersey, where he'll likely formally declare his candidacy. drexel university political science professor bill rosenberg says releasing the video and launching his website this weekend was very much by design. >> it's not so surpriseing. sort of like a soft launch in a restaurant. to make sure everything works. you don't want to have something gets released and not play well. >> reporter: he faces uphill battle to the presidency, however. he would be the 14th person to enter the race on the republican side. and his poll numbers as of late have not helped. in his home state of new jersey just 30% those polled said they approved of the job he's doing while 55% disapprove. >> if there was any remaining
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doubt that christie is running the video on the website is paid for by chris christie for president ink. expect to see the governor spending most if not all of his time in the state of new hampshire his campaign strategy appears to be initially focused on winning the presidential primary to be held in that state early next year. rear we're live in the sat center matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". all right matt, thank you very much. developing right now a plane that took off from norwood memorial airport in lancaster has crashed into a home in massachusetts. all three people on board died. the plane went down in plane planeville about 45 minutes southwest of boston. it's still not clear what caused the crash. according to our sister station in boston, the pilot radioed about engine problems shortly before the crash. the home was occupied at the time but everyone did get out safely. victim' names have not yet been released. also torque night a second prison escapee has been captured by state police after three
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weeks on the run in upstate new york. david sweat's arrest comes just days after police shot and killed his accomplice richard matt. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig has the latest now from malone, new york. >> the nightmare is finally over. >> reporter: new york state trooper spotted david sweat walking down street sunday afternoon in constable, new york, about 2 miles from the canadian border. police say sweat who was unarmed took off running but he didn't get far. >> at one point the sergeant decideed to discharge his weapon hitting mr. sweat twice in the torso. >> reporter: the convicted cop killer was rushed to hospital. he's listed in stable condition. >> the three week manhunt has had residents in this area on edge. >> everybody around here has been pretty nervous. and finally everything will get back to normal. >> reporter: police believe they know how the two escapees managed to travel more than 30 miles after breaking out the clinton correctional facility in da inform inform emora.
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>> possibly these two males were using pepper to throw the scent off the dogs who were tracking hem. >> reporter: matt's luck ran out on friday he was shot and killed when police say he refused to surrender an autopsy listed his cause of death as spherical fracture and brain injury due to gunshot wounds to the head. he had bug bites blisters and was inn tock indicated. >> as for sweat police are eager to learn more about his live on the run. in malone, new york, kenneth craig for cbs3 "eyewitness news" news". turning now to our weather. after a week of floodingnd damaging storms we can really use a break it look like clearer skies are certainly in our future these days. "eyewitness news" reporter justin drabick is on the cbs3 sky deck on a very pleasant night out there. justin. >> natasha, that's right it is very pleasant actually the skies are clearing up. seeing some stars out so we'll see a lot of sunshine to kick off the work week and the humidity it's not existent. open up the windows nice breeze going on right now check out these temperatures. this hour across the region
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still hanging out in the low 70s 70s. trenton philadelphia but already in the mid and upper 60s for the suburbs in berks county and lehigh valley i think many spots will drop down into the 50s by early tomorrow morning. even temperatures is the shore very nice with that westerly breeze so we don't have that cool influence off the atlantic ocean still in the low mid 70s at the shore points and the delaware beaches. there's that humidity i was talking about. look at the dew point temperature tells us how much moisture is in the air when dew points are in the 50s in the summer that's really good. pleasant. you don't zoo that too often so enjoy it if you don't like the humid conditions it stays comfortable probably for the next 24 hours. there you go. storm scan3 nice and quiet. clouds rolling on threw overnight continue to thin out even more as we head towards day break. there are the morning temperatures. look at that. 50s50s to low 60s here in center steam cool start to your monday we set up for a nice afternoon temperatures rebound into the low 80s. still below average. great beach day sure it's breezy
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breezy, sunny and 78. the poconos a-70 degrees. we'll talk about how long these less sap temperatures last as we look at the seven day forecast coming up in few more minutes. natasha, back ever to you. >> justin, thank you so much. now, five days after severe storms rolled through our area, power problems remain. today the mayor of greenwich township calls on gov are in christie to sign an emergency declaration to help the community recover. debbie and her fiance' were sitting in their leaving room when they were jolted to the core during tuesday's storm. their home destroyed when a massive tree sliced through the roof. >> that's a 4-ton tree went into our house. >> i never heard anything like that from any storm i've ever been in. >> as devastate as this look it's a scenario that's playing out throughout greenwich township. five days later, and power crews are feverishly working to restore electricity to thousands still left in the dark. >> roughly 60,000 more people lost power than during sandy. good greenwich township mayor george is outraged by what he says is a lack of state
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government response. he's urging governor christie is even an emergency declaration that would speed up resources in the recovery efforts. >> the governor has been quoted as saying that if there's anything in an emergency declaration would enhance that he would sign one. >> john pickerring delivered food to a friend in this nursing home still left without power. he says the elderly community is getting by but going days without power is daunting. >> they have lights in the first floor. i haven't been upstairs but no electricity upstairs at all. 91 of the units have electricity in them. they have an elevator but the elevator doesn't work. >> still in the midst of dark, devastated homes standing in the center of rubble, some homeowners are looking at the bright side. >> i'm walking around, buddy. i'm 55 today. it's my birthday. >> well, governor chris christie did release statement saying power should be restored for 99% every the state by tomorrow morning. a medford township neighborhood meantime finally getting back to normal. five days after the storm knocked out power.
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"eyewitness news" caught up with the smith family who shared their struggles with us as they dealt with having no water or electricity for days. but ac electric restored power to the area including the smith family's home late this evening. here's a check on the very latest outage numbers for you tonight. ac electric is reporting about 9700 outages. peco a little more than thousand thousand. delmarva only 86. and pse&g 63. yesterday's rains have caused major flooding all throughout the region. it was so bad that a vineland new jersey mobile home park is now under 3 feet of water. this eyewitness cam video and pictures showed just how bad it is at the cedar crest mobile home park in vineland. the recent rain caused nearby black water stream to crest beyond its banks. the red cross has not responded to the scene at this time. but i'm certain they are on the way. three people inn clueing two children are taken to the hospital after a fire in a northeast philadelphia
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apartment. flames broke out just after 6:00 o'clock on the 2700 block of rhawn street in rhawnhurst. officials say a two-year-old, a seven-year-old and a 36-year-old were treated for smoke inhalation. they are all expected to be okay okay. neighbor nationwide celebrations continued today after the supreme court ruling on friday that doesn't allow states to ban same sex marriage. thousands of people gathered for parades in san francisco houston, seattle and in new york. highlighting the celebrations being held all around the country. while advocates are overjoyed by the victory they say their next battle is for fair houseing and a lack of job discrimination practices. a rocket launches for the international space station but something goes terribly wrong. find out what the doomed spacecraft was carrying at the time and why it would have have been a first of its kind mission if it had succeeded. plus a popular philadelphia triathlon affected by all this rain we've been having. see how organizers were forced
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to improvise today. justin? >> well, we have a dry finish to the weekend now get ready for clearing skies for the start of the work week. find out how long it stays
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>> rock bound for the iss explodes two minutes after take off. the space xcrx7 flight had several tons of supplies on board to resupply the international space station. today's launch was also space x's third attempt to recover the rocket that launches the spaceship so it could be reused. the vehicle experienced unknown issue and broke apart before reaching space. officials are investigating the exact cause. another person is the victim avenue shark attack on the north carolina coast. police say a 17-year-old boy was bitten on saturday while swimming in the outerbanks and airlifted to the hospital in serious condition. officials say he suffered bites to the calf, buttock and both hands. this is actually the second attack in as many days the sixth in the past two weeks.
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the week long independence day celebration continued think afternoon in the city that started it all, "eyewitness news" in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood for the welcome american community day. residents and visitors participated in a variety of events. some painting park benches and bleachers at samuel rec center. the festival was designed to promote education history and community engage many. despite some soggy conditions more than 3000 people competed in the 11th annual johnson and? son try objection philadelphia triathlon today but there was a bit of a twist because of the heavy rains the waters in the schuylkill river were declared unsafe. so today's event was run as a due age lon a 25-mile bike ride and a 6-mile run. the event raised an mazing $568,000 for children's hospital over the weekend. and today a fantastic end at the tall ships festival on the delaware river waterfront. many beautiful ships were here
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as visitors looked on and took tours. but one of the main attractions 61-foot tall 11-ton yellow rubber duck was unable to be put on display for the entire festival. there's momma duck. it was damaged on thursday and was unable to be reinflateed. unfortunately. so sad there. last night's rains postpone the festival firework show but tonight the skies cleared and the fireworks lit up the sky for a beautiful finale on the delaware river. the theme of the show where america sets sail it celebrated the journey of the ships leaving their home ports to philadelphia and camden more than 4 tons of explosives were used and we are so happy that we could finally see those fireworks today. beautiful day. we've got exciting news justin. >> yes. >> new edition to cbs3 and justin drabick familiarly. >> look at his little boy. >> little todd justin drabick. >> born to you and your wife
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veronica on tuesday. >> your first child. >> first one, yes. >> he is absolutely adorable. he look just like you. >> that's what everybody is saying. whole familiar family is saying that. 7 pounds 10 ounces. >> he's adorable. >> of course, tuesday when all those storms were going on. so makes it all better. tornado warnings, thunderstorm warnings. >> and there he is. he's awesome. >> everybody is doing well. >> can't wait to get him to the beach get him out in the ocean. >> that's right. you can't wait for him to help you with your weather cast. >> that, too. >> i can see a little meteorologist. >> congratulations. thanks a lot. we will talk about the weather outside right now. very comfortable and hopefully enjoy it for the next 24 hours. live look at the ben franklin bridge all is quite right now that will be the trend as we head into the work week, but different story yesterday. look at some of these rainfall estimates on doppler radar from that storm system that came through on saturday. look at that you see a lot of reds and yellows across southern and eastern new jersey indicating three to 4-inches of rain. then just north and west of the city there wasn't much at all towards the lehigh valley.
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good news year drying out now and this rain actually helped out the drought situation. you can see really no coverage now in drought conditions across the delaware valley. the exception the poconos where that's just abnormally dry. not even considered drought status we made a great dent in those drought conditions over the past month or so. quiet on storm scan3. upper level low pressure system bringing cool air stays to our north a few clouds rolling on three this will set up to see more sunshine around for your monday. now our high temperatures this time of year 86 degrees. we weren't close to that today. we were in the upper 70s. same deal tomorrow. little bit below average but tuesday and wednesday will bring back heat and humidity. temperature drops a little bit as we finish off the rest of the work week and head into the holiday weekend. there are the numbers right now very nice. 60s and even low 70s still at this hour. yes are it's warm in philadelphia but the humidity levels are low there's cool air around look at state college buffalo, pittsburgh all empty upper 50s that cooler air continues to filter in to the delaware valley through the overnight. let's talk about the humidity.
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how will it feel tomorrow? still on the pleasant side enjoy, get outside if you can. tuesday and wednesday you'll feel on the steamy side. and thursday, somewhat humid but not quite as bad as what it will be like on tuesday and wednesday wednesday. let's time everything out for you. nice start to your monday morning. some sunshine around. the morning drive looks good. the exception you'll battle some sun glare around into the afternoon we'll keep skies mainly sunny. as we head towards tuesday here comes our next storm system it's a warm front that moves through maybe a few showers early in the morning especially in the poconos. into the afternoon there could be some scattered showers. even some stronger thunderstorms thunderstorms. key word here is scattered not everyone sees it don't cancel any outdoors plans on tuesday. have the umbrella around just in case. stays comfortable overnight. partly cloudy 63 for center city. 50s in the suburbs very pleasant for monday lots of sunshine 81 degrees for the afternoon high. great looking beach day on monday little bit breezy we'll take the sunshine 78 degrees for the air temperature. ocean water at 70. here's the extended forecast.
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we go from 81 to 88 degrees on tuesday. still in the upper 80s wednesday both days a chance for scattered shower or storm. little bit drier thursday and friday. fourth of july saturday it's warm, humid slight chance for a scattered shower or thunderstorm
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phillies action for us. beasley. >> okay. i'm sorry. we'll let it go. >> there you go. >> here's what they said. they head let's play, too. the phillies and nationals did it today at the bank. a double header and the phils still looking for their first win after shocking ryne sandberg resignation. here we go game one jeff francoeur was the phillies offense with two of the team's five hits. including his fifth homerun of the season. drove in both phillies runs. game tied in the sixth kevin carrera face high cal taylor. taylor with a line drive to roles to the wall at left. clinton roberts scored. they took the first game three-two was the final.
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in game two the phillies offense game to life in the second franco with the infield single. phil threes two a three to nothing lead. next up was dom mick brown. he contribute add single to centerfield knocking in cesar hernandez. and the phillies batted around in the second. scored four runs. franco went two for five and drove in three runs the phillies earned a split eight-five was the final. pete mccannan got his first win as the fightings interim manager manager. all right. coming up i'll recap a busy sports week tonight in the zone. mark fran zeta times in with his -- chimes in with his opinion on the ryne hand berg situation. >> russ cohen talks flyers draft that's coming up in just few minutes. >> lots to chat about. >> absolutely. >> phillies in new position g
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nice split with the number one team in the division. >> keep ill going fellas much that's not till another manager. (laughter). >> words of advice from beasley reece. thank you, beas.
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♪ welcome back everyone. heart warring even at children's hospital of philadelphia. it's actually the 19th annual fetal surgery family reunion. about 350 former fetal surgery patients and families all gathered for the big celebration celebration. nearly all of the kids were diagnosed with a birth defect or needed specialized care right after birth. the celebration included a moon bounce face painting and other fun activities. justin back with that wake up forecast. >> here we are. end of june already. >> yeah. >> it doesn't feel like it right now. a little bit cool. talking about 50s tonight for the overnight low temperatures and very pleasant for monday. 81 degrees and mostly sunny skies. we do bring back the heat and some humidity tuesday and
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wednesday. each afternoon there's a chance for scattered shower or storm. don't cancel the plans. key word is scattered. thursday slightly cooler mid 80s clouds maybe a shower friday. we move into the fourth of july weekend it does heat up again fourth of july don't get nervous maybe a scattered shower or storm. i wouldn't cancel plans. we're in good shape for the fireworks festivities wherever you are on saturday night. no problems for that fourth of july weekend at this point. >> i'll be right here. >> i'll be here, too. >> no worries on that one. >> thank you so much justin and thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. for beasley justin i'm natasha brown. we're always on now we're handing things over to beas and the cbs3 sports zone. have a good night. ♪
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