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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> right now at 11 o'clock big trees uprooted and roofs ripped right off homes after more fast moving storms and damaging storms tear through the region tonight. the heavy winds were also paired with torrential rain, flooded roads made for a slow and difficult evening commute we are not out of the clear yet. storm scan3 showing more rain and thunderstorms moving across our area. the stormy weather could be sticking around throughout the morning. good evening i'm diana rocco. let's get right to meteorologist kate bilo. she's tracking these storms. >> here's the latest on storm scan3 the earlier storms that moved through this afternoon and evening have moved on out but now we have another round of it that has fired up off the west is that headed towards our area. this is the area that remains under a flash flood watch into the overnight hours tonight so you can see we're tracking one
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storm moving towards the harrisburg area moving to the north and to the east so it would impact portions of lancaster berks county up into the lehigh valley. still tracking showers and thunderstorms around the city of philadelphia. we just had some heavy rain move through the city once again. that has shift said to the northeast and towards abington and portions of lower bucks and montgomery county seeing another round of locally heavy showers. the cell that i'm most concerned about though is the one moving toward dauphin county just south of harrisburg and this could impact our north and west suburbs again with another round of heavy rain exactly what they don't need especially in the pick of the storms we saw earlier today. flash flood warnings remain in effect for the poconos until 5:00 a.m. and again if you have flooding ongoing enough to prompt that flash flood warning and then you get another round of it, that's just going to add to the problems on the roads throughout the poconos and north and west suburbs. light green shading that's our flash flood watch that goes until 3 a.m.
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that does include pottstown allentown, reading and lancaster as well and that's an indication that as this next round of storms comes through adding to the rain totals we had earlier today we could see another round of flooding begin. storm reports from today a possible funnel cloud spotted near trexlertown hail of 1.75-inches in diameter spotted in for field and cop plea cars trapped in flood water and a 61 miles per hour wind gust at the lehigh valley international airport. i can't see the rotation in the clouds there. we'll have more on the storms coming up and a look the all right holiday weekend. for now diana back to you. >> thanks kate. the storms dumped a lot of rain. flooding was an issue in parts of the region tonight. this is "eyewitness news" photo from brian harris. it shows cars sub interned water in prospect park. some are without power tonight following these latest round of storms. right now ppl has a total of about 27 homes and businesses in the dark.
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met ed is reporting a little more than 700 homes and businesses without power tonight. nearly all of those outages are in the lehigh valley. that's where our david spunt is tonight and he's got a look at the damage in whitehall township. >> reporter: unfortunately there are a lot of trees like the one behind me here in lehigh county. power crews are working to get the lights back on and officials put whitehall township under a state of emergency tonight. >> there's just a lot going through my mind right now. >> reporter: but the most important thing going through jenny's mind is that she made it inside as soon as the sky began to turn. >> the winds were stronger so we just went in and ran down into the basement and few seconds later heard the loud crash of the roof coming down. >> reporter: to one wasout side when the roof crashed foo her backyard. >> all the stuff we have to fix and have the insurance company come out. >> reporter: she's not alone we found plenty of neighbors with roofs that looked like this, trees blew over and power outages at intersections caused delays.
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>> it's devastating. >> reporter: frank knopf moved into his home 43 years ago. >> this is was a complete whiteout with all the hail. >> reporter: he was inside with his wife when the storm hit. he found this tree toppled over. >> i planted this tree when i moved in here 43 years ago. >> reporter: down the street we found paul cunningham's sense fence partially knocked over from the strong winds. >> it can be repaired. insurance is there and everyone is okay. >> reporter: and i checked with emergency officials. there were no serious injuries from this storm. that is the good news. as far as when the power will be back on for everybody crews say they're trying to make that happen as soon as possible. reportingreporting in lehigh county david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news"." >> ♪ >> in campaign 2016, add one more name to the already crowded republican presidential field. new jersey governor chris christie made it official today, he is running for
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president. tonight he is already on the campaign trail and says he will be "telling it like it is" many "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has the details. (applause). >> reporter: governor chris christie's campaign for the presidency is on its way. his first stop a town hall style meeting in new hampshire. >> i want to be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: christie dove into the issues among them entitle. reform. >> let's raise the retirement age two years and phase it in over 25 years. if you have four, $5 million in the bank and you're throwing up $200,000 in retirement, do you really need that social security check? >> reporter: the presidential hopeful began the day at his high school in north jersey inside the gym he made his announcement official with his slogan telling it like it is. >> this indecisiveness in the oval office has sent a wave of anxiety through our country. i'm here today to tell that you anxiety can be swept away
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by strong leadership and decisiveness to lead america again. >> reporter: the day was not without protests. outside the high school critics point to do christie's failure to make once promised payments to public pension funds. >> i'm here supporting teachers and every one in new jersey who has been disrespected by chris christie and i can't see him running for president if he can't do anything for our state. >> reporter: christie joins a crowded field of republicans who have their sights set on the white house in 2016. other gop candidates include jeb bush, donald trump and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. so far only four democratic candidates are seeking their party's presidential nomination they include front runner hillary clinton vermont center bernie sanders martin o'malley and lincoln chafee. christie's campaign will have its challenges. his popularity has sunk to 30 percent in the garden
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state. that's why he is focusing in on new hampshire. he's hoping for a big early win there. reporting live tonight in the sat center, todd quinones, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thanks arethank you todd. pennsylvania governor tom wolf vetoed a republican penned budget bill. every democratic lawmaker voted against it. republicans say it's a responsible plan. it boosts spending by about $1.1 billion and doesn't raise taxes but wolf says it uses stop gaps that will worsen the state's deficit. the itinerary is set. pope francis will touchdown in philadelphia september and tonight we have details of his long awaited trip to philadelphia. we get more from alexandria hoff. >> last week "eyewitness news" was there as pope francis greeted followers in philadelphia -- and philadelphia officials inside vatican city and now we've learned a good deal more about when it's our turn to host. here at the cradle liberty
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independence hall, what a beautiful story this visit to philadelphia will be. >> reporter: here's a look at how it will go. wheels will touchdown atlantic aviation before 9:30 a.m. saturday september 26th. immediately following at 10:30 a.m., a mass will be head at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. at 4:45, pope francis is expected to talk immigration and religious freedom at independence mall before heading to the ben franklin parkway where he will take part in the massive world meeting of families. that will begin at 7:30 saturday evening. sunday morning pope francis will meet with bishops. >> from there he'll go to curran fromhold prison where he'll meet way group of prisoners, also have a chance to greet some their families. >> reporter: by 4:00 p.m. sunday it's back to the parkway for a conclusion mass. pope francis will depart for rome by 8 o'clock it's the kind of schedule that would overwell a rock star so for the holy father organizers say scheduled breaks are an important part of the agenda. >> he is a very energetic
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person but everyone needs a break from time to time even the pope. >> reporter: while in town pope francis will be taking up temporary residence at saint charles borromeo seminary in lower merion. reporting from the steps of the art museum, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and everything you need to know about the papal visit is at just click on papal visit for the latest information on the pope's upcoming trip to philadelphia. in delaware county, you could soon be buying beer at a wawa. the wawa on namaans creek road is in concorde township wants to sell six packs. they must get a series of approvals to do so. wawa currently sells beer at its stores in virginia and in florida. it was a huge win for team u.s.a. tonight as they advance to the women's world cup soccer final. they beat germany tonight with the help of a hometown favorite. lesley van arsdale joins us now with the highlights. what an exciting game tonight. >> an exciting game. kind of almost like a movie script here.
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team u.s.a. battling top ranked germany tonight in montreal. delran new jersey's carly lloyd the star of the game. in the 68th minute she scored on a penalty kick to give the americans the lead. it was carly's third goal of the tournament. that's all they'll need. they're headed to the championship game sunday night. they beat germany two-nothing. >> it's a dream come true. this is what we train for. this is the blood sweat the tears, everything. i know this is a great game and a great wip but my eyes are all on the final right now. >> team u.s.a. will face the winner of the england and japan. u.s.a. has not won the cup since 1999. feeling good. >> we'll be watching. these women are on fire and they're found watch. thanks lesley. do you know this well dressed woman? police want to hear from you if you dodge they say they got away with a watch, worth nearly $9,000. plus we think of citrus fruit as being healthy for us but could it lead to cancer? we'll take a look at the
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surprising new research. kate. >> and diana we continue to track storms on this tuesday night. another round of showers and thunderstorms developing to our west and headed our way. we'll time them out and i'll let you know what to expect for the rest of the week and the holiday weekend coming up. diana. >> and after months of speculation, the truth comes out tonight about the future of one of hollywood's most powerful couples. the details when "eyewitness news" continues.
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welcome back. firefighters are still working to get a handle on a fast-moving fire in central washington state that has forced thousands of people out of their homes tonight. the large fire burned more than foursquare miles and has destroyed more than two dozen businesses and homes. rainfall on monday provided some relief but sweltering heat and strong winds posed challenges. some residents were able to get out just in time. >> the fact this is all have i now is, um, just heartbreaking. >> i don't even have a fork or plate or clothing. you know just your basic things we all take for granted it's just gone. >> firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the flames. the fire is about tepp% contained. police have found the car belonging to an 8584 old woman
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found dead in her east mt. airy home. 2,000 silver toyota car roll la found in the 3100 block of north stillman street in north philadelphia. it belongs to 85 year old regina bruner. she was found dead yesterday in her home on rumford road. her throat had been slashed. so far no arrests. now to an i-team follow up tonight. mullica hill woman has been indicted by a gloucester county grand jury on nine counts of animal cruelty resulting from the alleged mistreatment of several horses an goat. the indictment against monica thor contains four counts of third degree animal cruelty said to have resulted in the deaths of four horses. last november after receiving a tip about the alleged abuse i-team went to her gloucester county barn where we saw a horse struggling to walk and requiring the use avenue shrink to stand up. in december, i-team was there when the new jersey spca ceased
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her horses and chargeed her with animal cruelty. today thor's attorney referred to us her public defender which said she will have no comment. she will be arraigned next month month. search is on tonight for a well dressed thief in burlington county. the woman is accused of purchasing a nearly 9,000 rolex watch with a fake credit card. these are surveillance photos inside that store. this the suspect at bernie robbins store on route 73 in evesham township, burlington county. police say she obtain the credit card by using fraudulent information. if you recognize the suspect you're asked to call police. and on the health watch tonight researchers find a link between citrus fruit and skin cancer. the study look at the diets of more than 100,000 americans. those who had about one and a half servings of citrus her day had a 36% higher risk of melanoma.
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the study's author believes substance found in citrus fruit can make the skin sensitive to sunlight much american society of clinical oncology says it's too son to change dietary recommendations. hollywood power couple is calling it quits tonight. ben affleck and jennifer garner are splitting after 10 years of marriage. the actor accept out joint statement today. it comes after weeks of speculation on the status of their marriage. affleck and garner say the decision to divorce was difficult and they still have love and friendship for one another. the couple does have three children together affleck will continue to live on the couple's property in a separate house. it was a history making day for the he will legal american ballet theater. american dancer misty copeland was promoted to the ballet company's highest rank female principal dancer. she is the first african-american to hold the position in the company's 75 year history. copeland join the company in april of 2001.
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she was appointed to a soloist slot in august of 2007. well we are dealing with a lot of stormy weather tonight. it was last tuesday and now again this tuesday. >> um-hmm. >> outages much lots of rain. one week later we've got damage reports coming in again unfortunately. so, yes, it's been very very busy day since about 2:00 o'clock when we had that first tornado warning pop up in berks and chester counties and even know we have more storms out on the radar picture. let's start you off outside take look at one of our cameras here. this is our rooftop cam here at the cbs broadcast center looking live towards center city philadelphia where we don't have any more rain right now. our last shower has moved on north just in the past half hour or so. we kind of that had train of showers and storms move through center city. move right across of course the phillies game at citizens bank park. had a few delays with that, of course and it continues to be a busy night outside. i want to take i was time lapse one of our live neighbor network
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cameras from earlier today. this is in nazareth at the middle school up in northampton county. watch what happens this happens at 1:00 o'clock. watch what happens as i set this into motion. see you dark clouds come through and almost a white out condition blackout conditions as that storm comes through and then another one as another round of dark clouds moved across that area very heavy rain and of course tornado warning was in effect for this area earlier today. we now have another round of storms to track these are not as severe as the ones we had earlier but still heavy rain with them and you can see this is kind of converging on our region especially our north and west suburbs the areas that were hardest hit earlier today could get another round of it here later tonight and into the early morning hours. right now just a couple of spotty showers one moving through lower bucks county at the moment but again watch this one as it clips up toward berks county and the lehigh valley that's the area that could see some heavy rain once again through the next couple of hours. then it could head up to the poconos where there's still flash flood warning from the last round for carbon and monroe counties this goes until
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5:00 o'clock in the morning. flash flood watch for all of our north and west suburbs including upper bucks montgomery county and western chester county and lehigh valley and poconos until 3am. temperatures it's warm and very muggy. very sticky kind of feels gross out there. 75 degrees right now at the airport. 76 in wilmington. 73 in reading. the humidity will continue to be around through the end of the week and you can see overnight tonight notice the storms at 3:00 a.m. still around in our north and west suburbs then they get on out of here and by tomorrow at noon looking at sunshine but perhaps a couple of spotty showers and storms here around 3:00 p.m. certainly nothing as owed organized as today. just a stray shower or thunderstorm. thursday starts off with sun but watch what happens the clouds start to build in. there's a storm that will escape by to our south notice showers down through the delaware beaches. some late day showers throughout the jersey beaches as well the shore towns thursday afternoon could see some shower activity. further to the north and west, though, we're looking at sunshine through much of the day thursday all depends where you are. that then clears out perhaps
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another stray shower far to the south on friday. but all in all it looks like a quiet start to the holiday weekend. overnight tonight, shower or storm around especially north and west it's 70 degrees. for your wednesday warm and steamy with some sun. 88 will be our high and then just a stray thunderstorm in the afternoon again not expecting anything as widespread as what we had today. for your saturday, fourth of july plans it will be pretty typical july day with item which are in the 80s warm and humid. can't rule out one of those pop up thunderstorm if you have outdoor barbecue plans you may need to move things indoor brief physical a storm pops up where you are but it doesn't look like again a widespread severe threat on the fourth of july and really the holiday weekend looks nice. showers to the south thursday, friday partly sunny saturday looking okay. except that chance for thunderstorm. then sunday looks fantastic. be sure to wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning meteorologist katie fehlinger will track tomorrow's weather. our too many starts at 4:30am right here on cbs3. sounds like you'll need that umbrella for few days. >> may want to keep it handy.
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>> all is not lost. the weekend looks beautiful. >> sure does. what's going on in the sports world? >> more announcements from the phillies. the phillies finally decide on who will manage the team for the rest of the season and did the phil phils finally give cole hamels a little run support against the brewers. sports is next.
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i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ game two of the series between the phillies and brewers cole hamels on the mound tonight for the fightings. looking for some run support just three runs if his last five starts.
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the sixers number one pick jahlil okafor throwing out the first pitch. a little high but okay. brewers quickly got on the scoreboard. ramirez with a single to center scores two runs and the brewers take the lead. the game is all tied up in the sickth until carlos ruiz hitting his first homer sin september of last season that's scholl solo shot to left phillies take three hiv two lead and cole might get the win but no ken giles struggle in the eighth gave up two runs and brewers take the lead with adam lynch bases loaded walk right now in the eighth milwaukee leading four-three. before the game the phillies announceed pete mackanin will be the interim manager for the rest of the season. tee took over on fry after sandberg's sudden resignation. third time as a fill n did he it in 2005 with the pirates and 2007 with the reds. >> i think it's got to be a record. thee did you have teams being you know having this title and interim manager but this is
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first for -- i was fir the interim interim and now i'm interim. so it's a good feeling, you know i'm happy that i know what my fate is till the end of the season and looking forward to doing some good work. >> as we mentioned earl i don't recall in the newscast team u.s. a headed to the women's world cup finals sunday night thanks to the play of delran's carli lloyd. the penalty kick and her shot finds the back of the net and team usa takes a one to nothing lead. third goal of the tournament dribble her way through the german defense finds kelly o'hara who scores on that. usa beats germany two to-nil. >> before training camp august 2nd connor barwin reported to different camp fiss ever football camp for kids in phoenixville. more than 150 kids across the region got to par trach in three ours of drills, skills and games with the pro bowler. great guy and i'm sure that was
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a great time had by all out there. >> i can't get enough of team usa. we've been talking about it all night much these women are just phenomenal. we'll certainly be rooting for them. >> thanksly lesley. we'll be right back.
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the expansion at the king of prussia mall is taking shape. chopper three was over the mall today where the final steal beam of a big new corridor was put in place. when completed that corridor connecting the plaza and the court will house dozens of new
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stores and restaurants set to open in august of neck year. thanks for watching cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl and meteorologist katie fehlinger. for lesley, kate and everyone here i'm diana rock coach remember we're always on at csi is up next. have a good night and we'll see you again tomorrow.
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(siren wails, stops) (indistinct radio communication) (car doors close) oh, man. what do you got there, super dave? first blush? well, judging from the major crushing injuries to his chest and torso, i'd say a hit and run. more like hit and drag. guy left a trail. mmm, that's one hell of a roll i'll tell you that. you see something? no skid marks. he skidded plenty, but there's no tire marks. so whatever hit him didn't slow down at all. plus, the angle's all wrong. look at it. car would have to be headed off the road to send him flying in that direction.


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