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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 1, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, we have a heads up, is there a backup on the schuylkill after a forry crashing kills two people ape send another person to the hospital. we have a live report coming up in a moment. the rain from overnight is starting to move out but the records still slick this morning. it could take to you get longer to get to work when you head out the door. just another head up for you. >> let's check that forecast. i was doing a mad dash to the door. >> thinks one of those days, where you need to carry an umbrella i said this stinks. >> i know. >> why can't i have just like eight tentacles. >> the road are wet too. >> they are super slick outside and we have been talking about that fatal crash
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on the schuylkill. it is really terrible out there. we will have details on that but weather-wise, katie? at least is what goodies things are winding down in that department for the time being. i would say vittoria moving forward here we will see things get progressively better on the road as far as weather goes. i know they don't go hand a hand when it comes to the traffic pattern but what we see here is retreat of that huge line of lightening that has been moving through the delaware valley. it might have woke you up. i know it woke ukee's pets up. >> i know. >> yes the entire combine and his he will pack a as well but that is all out of here. it is more after a long island connecticut concern but we're seeing back edge to this. now again we're not out of the woods just yet but this is the brunt of what the day has up its sleeve. we have a flood advisory posted across central new jersey down as far south as new castle county and
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southeastern, pa but that back edge have of wet weather is pretty much moving out of chester county as we speak. there are still flooded roadways, those should have a chance to drain out and recede with time. currently we're at 70 degrees at philly international and in the mid to upper 60's around the region here. when we talk dew point it is still up there. we will see it gradually decline but only by a couple degrees. but by the time we will get to the a afternoon we are down to 62. would still call this a noticeably humid day. not quite as steamy as what this morning will be but with that said you walk out the door you notice there is moisture content in the air. that is for sure. in the meantime what can you expect the rest of the day? partly sunny hot steamy, general story. there will be a spotty shower or thunderstorm in this forecast really at anytime today but especially towards the afternoon and then things should start to quiet down for us, as we head into tonight. so more than anything, vittoria, it noise where near
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the coverage of what we saw yesterday and it is not as widespread of a severe threat either. so it is much better. >> we will take at least some good news. >> there you go. >> because unfortunately this weather is just damaging on the roads and causing extremely dangerous situations, like we have been watching here and keeping an eye on the schuylkill express waste all morning. around 3:30 this morning this fatal accident occurred. two fatalities have been reported, and with any incident that we talk about fatalities there will be an ongoing investigation for quite sometime. so traveling right now in the westbound side of the schuylkill as you move beyond this incident scene right at montgomery drive here is there only one lane getting by of traffic. as you will net is we have emergency teams on the scene here as they continue to investigate. this will definitely cause a delay, causing a delay right now but as we push closer to 6:00 o'clock it will impact your rush hour, so we will continue to keep you updated on. that now the rest of the schuylkill overall is not awful but it is wet ape slick.
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we're moving down to the 30 bypass westbound at 340 where we have a down tree they are working on it. not causing a problem but we still have down trees ape flooding situations causing major problems for folks and also in new jersey we have an accident causing a problem for folks on 130 southbound, right around 38. so if you can avoid this area for sure and be mindful mass transit is still dealing with suspensions of the airport as well as wilmington newark line for regional rails erika. >> torey, thank you. state troopers are investigating a deadly accident vittoria was just talking about this on the westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. >> an investigation that could affect the morning commute obviously along that stretch. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is near the scene on i-76 to share what he has learned. justin, good morning. >> reporter: ukee and erika good morning. a short time ago we were on the west that was slow going from spring garden up to montgomery drive about 15 or 20 minutes far from normal, many lanes slowing down, as a
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result of the investigation here on the ground this morning. i want to show you if you can what we can see of that scene right now, lots of flashing lights perhaps you can see those behind us there but there is a major, major build up there let's show you video, now though rather of the actual investigation, we saw going on here earlier. lots of state troopers on the ground here, reports of two dead on the arrival, one person taken to the nearby hospital for injuries that are unclear, at this time, this happened around 3:30 or so, this morning. this car overturned strikes a wall barrier on the far right side and catches fire. fire consumes a kia sedan that overturned here on the highway this morning. as a result, traffic has been backed up for a very long time i'm seeing right now past girard on the westbound side as cars are making their way west for their morning commute is here. i want to tell you to expect a lot of slow downs here out here, we have been spend ago
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lot of time to spend time at that scene and to loop around this morning. back out here live, we saw coroner leave a short time ago putting a tarp on the car, arriving to that area and leaving to continue their investigation. this could be either wrapping up shortly of perhaps could go a bit longer but as i look now further west, past exit 345 we are seeing an extended backup going clear down the schuylkill west this morning. pack your patients or find an alternate this morning. we are live from the schuylkill i'm just continue finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 5:36. time for a check of your business news this morning. bookworms could be getting cash back. >> is what next for greece with their huge financial problems. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. european finance minister will consider a emerge i bail out loan for greece today. midnight local time greece
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became first developed company to default on a line. greek's bank remain closed to the general public. world markets rebounded slidely after monday's massive sell off. dow jones rose 23-point yesterday, nasdaq was up 28. puerto rico faces an uncertain financial future. island struggling to pay $72 billion in public debt. officials warned that the u.s. territory could be heading in the same direction as greece if they do not allowed to declare bankruptcy. if you book an e book through apple you could get money back. federal appeals reject apple's challenge to a ruling finding the company guilty of conspiring with public tours fix the price of e books. apple will pay a 450 million-dollar fine. this fourth of july holiday weekend americans are showing their patriotism, with their wallets. the u.s. travel association says that the americans who are traveling about 50 miles or more will spend 378 million-dollar, that is up from last year. ukee and erika. >> there you go, thanks, jill
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jill. >> that is right. >> all right got that right. >> we will talk to you. pope francis will touchdown in philadelphia, a hard to believe in less than three months. >> this morning we are getting new details about much anticipated visit. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has those details. >> reporter: last week "eyewitness news" was there as pope francis greeted followers in philadelphia's officials up side of vatican city. and new we have learn a good deal more about when it is our turn to host. >> here in the cradle of liberty, independence hall what a beautiful story this business of philadelphia will be. >> reporter: here's a look at how it will go. wheels will touchdown the atlantic aviation at 9:30 a.m. saturday september 26th, immediately following at 10:30 a a.m. a mass will be held at cathedral basilica at saints peter and paul. at 4:45 pope francis is expect to talk immigration and religious freedom at independent mall before heading to the benjamin franklin parkway where he will take part in the massive world
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meeting of families. that will begin at 7:30 saturday evening. sunday morning pope francis will meet with bishops. >> from there we will go to curran-fromhold prison where he will meet with prisoners have a chance to greet some of their families. >> reporter: by 4:00 p.m. sunday it is back to the parkway for a conclusion mass. pope francis will depart for rome by eight. it is a kind of schedule that will overwhelmed a rock star so for the holy father, scheduled breaks are an important part of the agenda. >> he is a very energetic person but everybody need a break from time to time, even the pope. >> reporter: while in town pope francis will be taking up temporary residents at saint charles seminar any lower merion. reporting from the steps of the art museum, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> he will be busy. >> yes indeed. >> get some rest. >> for everything you need to know about the papal visit we have it at cbs, just click on papal visit for latest information on the pope's upcoming trip to philadelphia. your time is 5:40.
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rocky is heading back to the big screen. we have your first look at the new movie, creed. and also rumors turned out to be true, hear what ben afflict and jennifer garner are saying about their hollywood split. call them portable poddies for puppies why not everyone is happy to see those patches of grass on some sidewalks, we will be right back.
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♪ >> hollywood power couple is calling it quits. >> ben afflict and jennifer garner are splitting a after ten years of marriage. anchors sent out a joint statement yesterday that comes after weeks of speculation on the status of their marriage. afflict and again are say that the decision to divorce was difficult and they still have love and friendship for one another. the couple has three children. a afflict will continue to live on the couple's property in the separate house. i was so disappoint todd hear that news. >> i saw that on a tweet. it is a shame. 5:43. we have our first look at new rocky spin off creed. >> they did a a lot of filming around the philadelphia area. if you watch closely you will net is familiar spots around town. >> first fight, right. i heard about the fight between you and apollo behind closed doors, is that true.
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>> how do you know all of this. >> i'm his son. >> oh yeah i stars michael b jordan as son of the apollo creed and stallone plays rocky once again training jordan's character. you still to have wait a few more months to see crude movie hits theaters the day before thanks giving. i will not say much but i heard a little bit about it. >> mr. washington. >> a little bit and this could be, could be the most powerful rocky yet. >> spoil era leather. >> that is all you get it could be. i could be wrong. >> who knows. >> but that is what i heard stay tune, in november. >> fun thing to see him in city hall in the beginning and city landmarks i have seen them all and loved them all. i loved them all. >> picky picky.
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>> one through 37, rocky 12, coming out soon. >> they are all great. >> can't wait until november, we have some good news. get your rocky fix tonight. you can watch stallone's sprint up art museum steps in the original rocky movie on the very same steps. free outdoor screening at the 9:00 o'clock tonight. also weather will cooperate but, have fun to see that movie right there, itself. >> i remember when it started rocky ran through italian market. nobody knew what was going on. nobody was there. next time they did it. >> animal was out. >> everybody was behind him. >> it was great. >> you got to love it. >> that was so many dorm rooms. >> come on rock. you are a champion. >> i loved that film, love it. 5:45. come on back. come on back. garden of oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. >> brooklyn man is interest tuesdaying touches of green.
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calls these dog spots. you can think of it as a portable poddy for your four legged friend. reactions among locals was mixed. >> i think they are eco friendly because he is peeing on the bushes and going on that. >> i'm not into them. >> as a dog owner it makes me feel accepted but i don't like it because as a dog owner it makes me feel like people must think it is disgusting. >> okay. >> well, the inventor got the idea because he was tired of dogs relieving themselves in his neighborhood and i can see that because in the city, you see dogs doing their business on the sidewalk. >> i kind of like the idea. >> bang. >> i like the idea. >> the dogs do too. >> delicate shot just like this a head. >> we know what you are doing. >> too much information. >> lets check our forecast, good morning. >> power of suggestion on many of those dogs, yes leave it to the imagination.
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eyewitness weather watchers have been reporting some warmth. we are starting off around 07 degrees, just shy of tonight some spots. we will go to the north where resident pocono reporter we hear from very often. he is one of our gold star reporters, i like to call him that keith in sailorsberg. he has been seeing rain in the last 40 minutes or so. so within the last hour, that heavy rain is thankfully pulling away. and it all flash flood warnings, flash flood watches all that is gone out of effect. we have had some lightening earlier. they have standing water too on the roadways. depending on your location you may have travel troubles which vittoria will be talking about as we progress. we're at 64 degrees from john jenkins. he too has been dealing with the rain. thunder and disturbance in his sleep too we will show you why that is in a second. in the meantime not too much going on other than cloud cover in new jersey where mark
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is located. he has 68. he says there is in rain. included are building. it is very soupy outside. the reason he is no the seeing rain. we will show you on storm scan. lets go back in time to talk about the storm reports that came in. thinks a short list. this is not exhaustive. there was one funnel cloud in fogelsville. trexlertown saw another one. wind damage in north kathy and cedarville had 64 miles an hour win gust. these storms meant business coming through last night and now this latest batch is sipping through. in fact where mark is in chatsworth he is getting in on a little bit of wet weather who inner at witt ines weather watcher network but brunt of heavy, nasty thunderstorms that is moving on out. so you are still going to see a shower or then are storm in, spots today there is a a good chance you don't see one drop of rain because it will be far less widespread in coverage. definitely steamy. high of 88 degrees. we will see at least things quiet down as we head forward in this forecast especially in
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time for the holiday weekend vittoria. good morning everyone. to give you an idea on the schuylkill expressway traveling westbound we are still dealing with the scene of the fatal accident that has compromising pretty much every lane except the left lane. if you are traveling westbound on the schuylkill, stay to the left-hand lane as you try to approach the area of montgomery drive. we will give you a better idea what it looks like approaching montgomery drive. it looks like this you are barely moving. might be a good idea to hop off at the vine street expressway and maybe cut through the art museum area. do some maneuvering here because trying to get to this point it is just not that great out there and this will continue to affect your rush hour commute because with any fatal accident there is an investigation that needs to take place and those things take time, so my best alternate is ho p off at the vine jump off at the parkway there and try to squeeze your way to kelly drive. get to the roosevelt boulevard. jump back on the schuylkill at that point. it is not worth sitting in
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that volume right now. do what you can. i will try to find alternates. paoli thorndale line now suspended but airport line and wilmington/newark line has delays and resume service. they have split things but you are moving in some points. >> thanks, vittoria. lets get back to the breaking news right now vittoria mentioned this, two people dead, another injured after a single car crash on the schuylkill expressway. we're told that car flipped and then caught fire in the westbound lanes near montgomery, and traffic once again is still affected in that area. a state of emergency is in effect at white hall township lehigh county after yesterday's damaging storms, hundreds are still without power, luckily no serious injuries have been reported. and pennsylvania governor tom wolf vetoed a republican backed version of the state budget, he says it was filled with gimmicks. that would have spent more than a billion dollars and not raised taxes. well, a warning from police, they say a new type of cell phone case could lead to you getting shot by police.
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here's why check it out. it is an iphone case shaped like an handgun. you can how police might confuse this for a real gun in your pocket. new jersey state police posted this picture on instagram and said it is a terrible idea and strongly recommend that you do not use that. >> i'm surprise that had was even made, wow. >> better put warning out. >> good head up. >> still ahead fire works on the fourth of july, come on, of course, they go hand a hand. >> but they could cause health problems for you even if you are not the one setting them off. we have a warning on the
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in your healthwatch this morning, those fourth of july fire work will bring a toxic brew of air pollution to our atmosphere. the environmental protection agency says that the exploding fire works unleash tiny particles that travel in the person's lungs. those particles include dust, dirt soot and expect and can cause health problems from coughing, wheezing to heart attack and stroke. thousands of veterans across the country are putting up unique yard signs for the upcoming holiday and as cbs news correspondent reports they are letting their neighbors know those fourth of july fire works could trigger their ttsd. >> reporter: from california to new york these yard signs are popping up, on front lawns all over the u.s.
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the message written on them is for everyone celebrating this fourth of july. they read, a combat veteran lives here, please be courteous with fire works. >> it is simplest thing but it means so much. >> reporter: john girly of evansville, indiana ace behind the movement that has gone viral. she has shipped out 2500 signs with 3500 people on a waiting list. >> it really is for all of us. it is amazing. >> reporter: girly got the idea after her husband who served in the neighbor was diagnosis with post traumatic industries december other. after fourth of july veterans like him share the common experience. the loud blasts, and flashing lights from fire works were causing panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. >> the we cringe around the fourth of july. >> reporter: girly says with the sign, people can give their veteran neighbor a heads
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up so they can mentally prepare and that can make all of the difference. >> somebody is listening to them somebody is helping them communicate what they cannot communicate with others report report thank you. they make all of the difference in the world. >> it makes such sense. >> no question. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" we are live with the update on the fiery crash on the schuykill. we have been tracking some storms all night long and in the we hours of the morning. katie will let you know what to expect for the rest of the day. working moms have gotten a bad wrap in this town but has attitude change new that more women are staying home to raise the kids? we will have those stories and more when we come right back,
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breaking news, thinks the burned out wreckage left behind after a deadly crash on the schuylkill expressway. we're live with more on this accident, and the victims. also it has been a stormy night, storm scan three shows most activity is now moving out of our area but you are not in the clear and it is still unsettled this morning. today is wednesday the first day of july. i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. we are not expecting any severe weather for the rest of the day but there is still a chance of the shower. >> let get your day started with katie and vittoria. good morning. >> good morning everybody.
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that weather causing a a big old problem on the roads. katie, how are we could go. >> thankfully i can report that the anchor set things are starting to quiet down at least a little bit here. we are not dealing with one thing the coverage of those scattered thunderstorms like we saw yesterday. you will not have as population affected bye this and thankfully in where near severe weather threat either. we have gray skies. we do still have wet weather as we showed you a second ago on storm scan three but first in the live neighborhood network. it is calming down. you can almost sense humidity by looking at this shot. can you? there is a look once more is what happening on on storm scan. focus on the retreat of that line of lightening. those were severe thunderstorms that woke you up in the middle of the night. new we are left with spotty showers. it is not only clearing quickly but it is also, fizzling out with time. you are not necessarily going to be completely in the clear we are looking at partly sunny steamy day and still a shot for shower o


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