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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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low lying cloud cover out there at 57 degrees. it is comfortable too but the pinks showing up, in the sky line here, i don't necessarily think that kutztown for example will end up with wet weather but it is a sign of things nearby. on storm scan you can see that moisture. let me zoom it out and you can see that moisture picking up, heading your way. this is stall. because it is so close by, too close for comfort for delaware and southern new jersey you may end up with some shore plans that turn damp, because of the fact that you have got that front and bringing some showers throughout the day. sixty-seven currently speaking of the shore. seventy in wildwood as well as in philadelphia this is what your's sweater weather mount pocono in the 50's. low dew points too. it is not muggy outside necessarily in the northern counties but you feel that crispness outside. 85 degrees the temperature speculator on to take, in philadelphia, we can expect to see late day included and i would say those showers are close by but not necessarily
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hitting philadelphia down the shore it is different. up in the poconos expect more sun then anything and it will be a nice day vittoria, back over to you. thanks katie. good morning everyone. so far so good on the majors as well. if you are traveling in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware we are still quiet out there. 5:31. we usually don't have too much rush at this time. lets give you a live look. first up, traveling look at how nice, it looks so calming relaxing, thinks i-95 right around academy. not too far from the woodhaven area, heading in and out of bucks county, it is great. in and out of the north east so far so good. even throughout construction zones at cottman avenue ape making your way in the city as that other construction zone at girard which narrows things but right now it is really nice. we are taking you through to 476, thinks 476 right around mid county toll plaza blue route moving great not only around mid county area but
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schuylkill, i9 five it is all good. we are in the green. fifty-five is your average no matter how you cut it. just great news out there. keep in mind traveling patco generally speaking almas transit is fantastic and so is patco. they are running a special thursday special. this may affect your community. plan accordingly n delays at the airport. back to you. search resumes for a teenager who vanish swimming in the quarter any gloucester county. four people were missing in the quarry on jackson road in monroe township when one went under and did not resurface. friend identified missing swimmer as a senior at williamstown high school. a new policy by philadelphia police is making its police union unhappy. police involve shootings have been making headlines across the country and new commissioner ramsey says that the department will release names of any officer who fires their gun at a suspect. now there are exceptions including if there are threats against any of the officers or their families. otherwise though police will release officer a's names
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within 72 hours of the shooting, this new rule is effective immediately. >> we have an obligation to the public but we have an obligation to our office are and fit is something where people are making threats then they can expect me not to release that kind of information. >> i don't like the fact that they didn't have the common courtesy to sit down and tell the fop a dam thing about it. that is what i'm pissed off about. >> move is in response to the recommendation from the presidential task force which he chair. the department of justice has launched an antitrust investigation to see whether major u.s. airlines are conspiring to keep prices high. it comes after the summer travel season hits full swing just before the busy fourth of july weekend. chelsea edward reports. >> reporter: government wants to know if the country's largest airlines are working together to limit number of available seats to keep airfares high. cbs news has learned that american southwest united and delta eaved is letters from the department of justice. american airlines says the letter asked for information
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from the past two years related to statements, and decisions about airline capacity. the government figures show average domestic airfare rose 13 percent between 2009 and 2014. industry analyst josh marks says it is unlikely airlines are conspiring. >> technology today is so pervasive that airlines can watch what competitors are to go in real time and make decisions almost instantly that change their level of capacity based on what somebody else is doing. >> reporter: over last two years u.s. airlines have earn record profits of $20 billion. travelers here in burbank said they are tire of paying high ticket prices and extra fees for things like check bags and snacks. >> i welcome any kind of investigation, it looks like someone taking interest looking out for common person. >> reporter: american, southwest, delta united control more than 80 percent of seats for domestic travel thanks to mergers that started in 2008. chelsea edward for cb. news burbank california. right now just past 5:33.
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in business news this morning coffee is getting cheaper. >> look at you. >> cheaper. >> and news on the latest iphone. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, hi jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee ander contact market bounce back after a monday's massive sell off. dow jones jump 138 points, nasdaq um 26. talks between greece and european creditors are on hole until a vote this sunday. greece will decide if they want another bail out deal in exchange for more austerity measures like tax hikes and pension cuts. investors are watching for june jobs report that comes out this morning. economist expect unemployment rate fell from 5.5 to 5.4 percent. rumors are swirling about apple's next iphone: it will have a special chip that will speed up internet and cut up load times in half. new phone will be more power efficient, so that could mean longer battery life. finally something we don't
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hear often, smuckers is cutting the price of its coffee by 6 percent. that would include folgers brand and dunkin' donuts coffee sold in stores. smuckers is lowering prices because price of unroasted coffee beans has fallen. yah, finally ukee and erika. >> you never hear about things getting cheaper. >> good news. >> quite refreshing. >> thanks, jill, appreciate it. welshing happening right now philadelphia celebrates america's birthday by honoring a hometown talent. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from the national constitution center. >> she's doing the bump. >> i think she's getting her little will dance on this morning good morning we are starting a party early here and we're all here to celebrate hoagie day this morning their annual hoagie day and of course, wawa this is an opportunity to take
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something they start every single day get it, wall i get it and use it to help those who served. take a look what is happening here live. they are building a 5-ton italian hoagie at that, 10,000-pound of ingredients and 21,000 hoagies. that takes 800-pound of salmi 800-pound of ham and 1400-pound of provolone cheese, a whole lot of lettuce, onions, and oil and a huge dash of salt and pepper. this all started at 5:00 this morning and this sandwich will be served free at noon today. it is not just about a hometown favorite, that is also about honoring our hometown heroes, and here with me is major smith of the pennsylvania national guard. obviously it is a cause close to your hard. what sit like to be part of this event. >> this is exciting, energized people here, to put together a
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bunch of hoagies which is a philadelphia sandwich that has been exported throughout the world and embraced. the enthusiasm they put behind it and what it represents to this city and to this cause which is, also to recollect nice our service mens and our first responders, prior which are just reveered in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: no berth time then now. fourth of july here in the cradle of liberty. major smith we thank you for your service. thanks for being here with us this morning. real quickly i mentioned the ingredient list, 10,000-pound of ingredients. hey wally push over, budd, got to make me way down to tameika miller here, she's a wawa a associate. good morning tameika. >> what is the secret ingredient to making them so tasty. >> lots of love, lots of love
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for the city of philadelphia. >> great to hear. that how are you feeling this morning, ladies. >> wow. >> reporter: there you go. nothing like the smell of hoagies early in the morning. we will send it back to you. >> love it. >> they look delicious. >> i know, nicole pushing wally down. wally, i got to get down this table. >> thanks, nicole. we will get back to you. >> my man wally. >> wonderful. >> maybe she will bring some back for us. >> show the the love. >> yes. >> catch money, right here nicole. right now 5:39. new york times is cooking up recipe for controversy and this is all about quacamole. >> newspaper ignited a social media fire storm when it tweeted a recipe for quacamole made with peas. it adds intense sweetness and chunky texture to the dip but many are not buying it. >> quack will molly is not peas leave it to insuringers to be talking about a peas.
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>> eating quacamole with have after cade owes, yeah, not interested in peas. >> i would tend to stay with strict more delicious quacamole. >> avocados. >> yes. >> i like that. i love that. by the way president obama weighed in on what is become known as quacamole gate. he said respect the new york times but not buying peas in quacamole, onions, garlic, hot peppers, classic. >> people are really fired up. >> um, um, i can see that. i love quack will molly i love it. i would try it. >> just salt and pepper, keep it simple. >> you would try it. >> i would try anything. >> yes. >> we will eat anything that is brought. >> sweet and sour. this could be one iron that brings together democrats and republicans because remember burba greed with the president that you don't put peas in quacamole. >> the paper is saying just give peas a chance. >> i like that. >> i cannot take credit, insuring times.
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>> completely obvious once you taste it, so give it a shot. >> all right. >> i will bring some tomorrow. >> i have peas, avocado. >> bring some up in here, give it a shot. donald trump gets fired again, latest backlash from his controversial comments about immigrants. talk about short and sweet a man gets his last laugh in his obituary, see his brief message that went viral. also... >> are you about to go. >> were we about to go. >> not unless you wanted to. >> i want to but i will not back down. >> you are about to go i'm not backing down, you are in my house. my house. >> is this an early look at the new late show, see steven colbert's hilarious interview on a public access channel he will. we will be right back.
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macy's is latest company to tell donald trump you are fired. the department store will in longer carry donald trump branded neck ties and cuff links and dress shirts. the presidential candidate owe even ifed many when he called them rapist and killers. on line petition urging macy's to drop trump got over 700,000, signatures. the word is, practice. >> steven colbert is busy getting ready to take over the late show in a couple months. >> he picked up an odd spot to work on his interview skills, let's check it out.
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>> my next guest is a local michigan resident making a name for himself in the competitive world of music please welcome marshall matters. colbert took over his host as cable access show, outside detroit and his special guest is celebrity guest none other than detroit native eminem. >> i'm from michigan area. >> have you thought about taking it down just as a entertainer and i'm in the entertainment industry, you have such a cute face, why hide it. >> no, you should probably put the hood backup. >> put it back on. >> managed to keep a straight face for entire interview well done. he even offered to perform but colbert said they do not have enough time on the show. >> he did. >> get ready gang. >> it will be good. >> you know it we will see if eminem drops by the late show when colbert takes over september 8th right here on
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cbs-3. just terrific. that will be a lot of fun. >> no kidding. >> singer billy joel keeps setting record. >> ♪ >> he still got it, piano man played his 65th show at madison square garden breaking sir elton john rorrer and joel perform his big hits like uptown girl, we didn't start the fire and only the good die young. audiences continue to show up big time even though jell has not had a record on the charts in 22 years. he has classics. >> you know the songs. >> he is such a great performer live. >> yes, he is. >> check this out a wild scene out of missouri, tornado tearing through kansas city area ripping off roofs and lighting up power lines. this weather system is now heading our way and could impact your fourth of july holiday weekend.
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katie, people love fourth of july and hope it doesn't ruin our weekend. >> i don't think it will because we will end up with that system off to the south but we are expecting a potential for wet weather but i want to start off by getting you outside to what is currently going on with our eyewitness weather watcher network. we have temperatures on the cool side through the northern tear here but mid to low 60's is what you are finding go out to the list format to get a sense here. gilbertville eileen has 55. we have sandor checking in at 66. sixty-one in from ed connor from chesterfield. and essentially yeah, that is the range we are find ago cross the board here but couple out liars in the northern most counties where we have a clear sky, we have got some cooling that is taking place here and we have certainly, seen our fair share here of some cooling taking place across the region. going out to storm scan three i want to she you what is happening here. we have a frontal boundary
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stalling out here. beginning of the moisture is is what most evident with that. really just setting upright here. so with this piece of energy, moisture moving along it, you will end up seeing some showers especially through southern tear of our area. the heavier rain and thunderstorms that came through a second ago is there moisture with that but well off in the distance it is not all that bad yet but we have moisture picking autopsy cross western nebraska, and that will be part of this next system that we were just talking b i don't think it will be a huge deal breaker though. if you have outdoor plans on saturday i say keep them. 30 percent is still low. granted while we could see a shower or then are storm it would be a spotty variety and second half of the day on the fourth of july, meantime those shower chances for today and tomorrow come from a stalled frontal boundary. then sunday and monday, sunny hot, great pool weather. pool party at ukee's place that is what i think. >> what do you think so. >> i think so too. >> sund like a plan.
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>> i got to get a new bathing suit. >> all right. you go shopping, we will see you on monday. >> really, i don't buy it, i bet you have an array of swim trunks. >> yeah, right. >> anyway, good morning everyone. traveling on the majors it is still pretty nice outside we are taking a live will at ben franklin bridge. in delays in either direction no delays, traveling from and from new jersey it is fantastic on all of our bridge's cross the board. as we take you now to the schuylkill 76 around montgomery east and westbound traffic moving just fine. hopefully it stays this way for as long as possible. 5:49. we will tend to not see a rush hour until about i would say 6:00 o'clock or 6:15. we are waiting on things. our average speed sensor is 55 on any major but we are taking to you ballagomingo road still closed from front street to port land. your best alternate being swede land road. it is closed because it is still trying to recover from the wig storm we had not too
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long ago. be mindful traffic throughout the neighborhoods in major problems for mass transit ukee. here's a look at today's headlines. searchers return to the quarter any gloucester county to look for a missing swimmer. sources tell "eyewitness news" a senior at williamstown high school dove in and then disappeared. meantime route 309 in bucks county a has reopened following a fatal crash. investigators say a car left the road and hit a tree killing one person and injuring three others. surveillance video catches a act of heroism by two septa officers showing this man falling off a platform last night. two septa officers and another passenger pulled him to safety. it is unclear why he fell. on the cbs-3 healthwatch this morning a new injectable drug is helping people lose weight. the f.d.a. recently a approved the sa xenda. it decreases emptying of the stomach and gives signals to the brain to lower hung even and increase fullness. health officials warn it is
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for patients considered obese or overweight with one weight-related conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. it appears that fewer americans are using tanning bed. new study find that indoor tanning rates dropped from five and a half percent in 2010 to a little over 4 percent in 2013. experts say that while the results offer some good news more still need to be done to further reduce indoor tanning but that is a decent sized drop. >> so much so. >> this is funny short sweet obituary for a north dakota man is going viral. >> his obituary read doug died. his daughter says her father was men to be a joker and insisted on a short death notice. >> he just wanted it short and sweet. he felt he had accomplish enough or something, i don't know, but came up with it and said i just want doug died. i'm just trying to follow his
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wishes. i had in idea that it would turn into what is happen has. >> his wishes were met. >> nice that he was able to have a last, you know, word on how he wanted to be remember. >> he was a joker. all those pictures he is smiling in every within of them. there you go. still ahead this morning swimmers get the scare of the lifetime. >> you have to see what happens when they get up close and personal with the great white shark but first here's what is coming upright here on bs3.
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you can glance up at your tv screen right there a beautiful sunrise down the shore in atlantic city. almost like water colors there. >> beautiful. >> katie has your forecast for the holiday weekend coming up in a few minutes. gorgeous. >> thanks, mike forgiving thaws shot. another shark attacks off the coast of north caroline, seventh this season. we are told the 68 year-old victim was bitten a few times on oakrock island. the victim is expect to survive. if it seems like attacks are up this year well, they are. on average both north and south carolina combined experienced over six attacks per year. and now stop what you are doing and take a look at this,
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tourist looking for a even counter with a great white shark, got what they paid for. divers were almost eaten alive when shark started attacking their metal cage. this terrifying video was shot in south africa. the shark eventually gave up and went on his way. would you do that. >> just to see him. >> i don't think so. >> no thank you. >> paying money to be in that situation, and some people are adventure junkies good that doodies in the playing around. >> he wants to eat you good simple as that. >> you paid money to have a shark try to eat you. >> end of story enough said. >> would you try it. >> in, are you kidding me. don't even start with me. coming up in our next hour of "eyewitness news" the latest on the search for missing swim inner on the jersey quarry and we have learn the teen is a student at williamstown high school. we have new details about those new york escaped killers
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what captured convict david sweat is telling authorities about their time on the run. this video inside of the cockpit of the major air liner got two pilots fire. we will tell you why on the other side, "eyewitness news" this morning starts at 6:00 o'clock, see you i
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it is 6:00 o'clock. good morning family. the search continues for a local high school student missing after going for a swim. we will tell what you we have learn overnight. also preparing for this years fourth of july holiday includes extra security measures. what local fbi officials say about the threat of a terror attack this independence day. and one person is dead, several others are hurt after a deadly crash in bucks county. route 309 is reopened, after being shut down, overnight. it is thursday, july 2nd i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. we have your day started with traffic and weather together hoping for a calmer day good morning, torey good morning, katie. >> at least right now roads are calm, can we say same thing for the weather katie. >> it is location, location, location, on this one yeah. we have a frontal boundary nearby, guys that will bring you wet weather and a little bit of activity on the radar right new. storm scan three notice what is happening in the last three hour


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