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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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will miss us to the south but cannot rule out a shower or thunderstorm on the fourth of july saturday. temperatures right now are pretty comfortable again with the cloud cover, we have in the been able to make it past the in mid 07's this afternoon. seventy-five the the airport. seventy-five trenton. sixty-eight the atlantic city airport. cool evening for us as we progress through your first forecast. we can see mostly cloudy conditions continue at 7:00 p.m. still in the mid 07's. a at 9:00 we are down to 72. seventy-one by 11:00 p.m. just a stray shower. we will clear things out. 2:00 a a.m. we will see some sun. watch tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. north of the city we have full sunshine. south of the city the clouds try to hang on. we will pick up a stray shower to the south most of the day should be dry and we will see occasional clouds and sunshine. it is on the fourth of july saturday that more clouds roll in, is there noon, more cloud then sunshine with a few scattered showers and storms, they're not every where but they will be around, and we will keep you posted on that and if it will impact your fire works viewing festivities on saturday night i will have your full seven day forecast coming up when i join you
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inside jessica. >> thank you kate. a live look at route 42 at creek road as people make their way to the shore for the long holiday weekend. you can see cars starting to fill up the roadways there. same story on i-76 on the new jersey side, just over the walt whitman bridge. look at that. the shore rush, certainly is on. wet weather at the shore is not what business owners like to see this time of the year. our matt rivers has more now from ocean city. >> reporter: it hasn't rained this much in forever and by forever i mean since june of 1920, that month was the most rainy june ever, down the shore, june this year, was good enough for second place and july, isn't off to a good start. just look at this video today from wildwood the flooding, left over after the skies opened up, and again all this rain is certainly ruined a few vacations, but it is also making life harder for people relying on those vacationers. >> i think that everybody can admit that june has been wet.
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>> reporter: holy kissbias general manager of shrivers and said weather has not been kind to her bottom line. >> if you have a day of back to back rain, storms it can really hurt business a little bit. >> reporter: and hers is not the only one in a shore town good weather matters. july 4th weekend more than most. >> this weekend looks so good for us. bookings look good. rentals look g we're all set. >> reporter: good news for business owners that could use some good luck, although, back at shriver's a business around since 1898, they have seen worse. >> i think everybody expects the ups and the downs. this is more down then we're used to but i think everybody expected it to recover. >> reporter: other bit of good news this year july 4th falls on a saturday, historically a good thing for both bash cues and for business. we're in ocean city, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well speaking of ocean city, the jersey shore town earning high praise today. the new jersey sea grant
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consortium releasing results of the annual public poll of the best beaches in the garden state, so let's just go ahead and take a look at those wildwoods doing pretty well. north wildwood coming in at number five. number four sea isle city. number three, you can see wildwood down there food followed by wildwood crest at number two. of course, topping the list number one once again ocean city. it is not just getting top marks for the beach but as best day trip family vacation, and also eco tourism. another portuguese manowar has surfaced down the shore this one washed up in brigantine this picture coming to us from the real brigantine facebook page. the manowar has long tentacles and pack a nasty sting they can sting even when they are dead. another portuguese manowar has been spotted in stone harbor, surf city, harvey cedar and ocean city. manowar looked like a jelly fish but it is a colony of organisms working together. if you see one you should
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certainly report it to a life guard, and for sure, do not touch it. the owners of the popular jersey shore pizza restaurant chain manko and manko has admitted to evading taxes and lying to the irs. charles bangel pleaded guilty to tax evasion and structuring financial transaction toss avoid reporting requirements. his wife mary pleaded guilty to knowingly making material false statements to the irs. both face at least five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. a child is recovering after falling two stories from a window in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. that happened around 10:30 this morning on the 100 block of west huntington street. police say that boy may have broken his arm and hip in the fall. a man working nearby says he saw the crowd gathered in front of the home and he went over to see what had happened. >> i looked up and everybody is yelling to the second floor window there is a older hispanic woman there and they
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were telling her a kid fell down the window. she wouldn't come down to help the kid. >> reporter: special victims unit is investigating no word if any charges will be filed. philadelphia police are investigating what sparked a deadly shooting in brideberg this afternoon. a 21 year-old man was shot multiple times on the 2800 block of orthodox street. he later died at the hospital. police say they arrested a suspect shortly after the shooting on edgemont street and recovered a weapon. police in camden are investigating a double shooting that injured a man and woman overnight. those victims were reportedly shot during a traffic dispute. emergency crews found injured victims after they crash in the tree on the 200 block of south 27th street, two suspects are reportedly in custody. the search ended this afternoon for a teenager who disappeared while swimming in a lake in gloucester county. kar i us boyar disappeared yesterday and his body was fund today. family and friend will gathered for a vigil at
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williamstown high school where boyar was going to be a senior in the fall. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more. >> you don't meet somebody like that often. >> reporter: broken hearts at williamstown high school after losing day yas boy era a a wrestler football player and most importantly friend. >> i'm not taking it good. last night i was at the football field and i was crying there. >> reporter: search teams cleared the area have of jackson road in monroe township just after 1:00 p.m. state police recovered his body in a san quarry known as the blue hole. authorities say boyar was swimming with a few friend wednesday afternoon they made it back to shore he disappeared. >> blue hold it is like people go out there a lot just because people have fires out there just to hang out some people go swimming, but there is like is there under toe in there and i guess he got caught by it. >> reporter: people living near the blue hole says it is a nuisance. >> there has been fights, arguments, drug issues and things like that but the police are on it constantly. >> reporter: karen starks says most locals teach their kid not to swim in the lake which
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is off limits but over the years there have been several drownings. >> of course, kid jump the fence and that is what happened. it is sad it is very sad. >> reporter: police says the body will have a autopsy, they have not ruled out alcohol but they do not suspect foul play. the vigil is at 9:00p m in the high school football field i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today we have learn that the 12 year-old boy drowned in the chester county wednesday a afternoon. authorities say that jacob slipped on a wet rock and fell into a rain swollen creek near st. peters road. first responders did perform cpr on the boy but were unable to revive him. still to come on "eyewitness news" a sat failure. >> half million students will have their sat tests graded, differently because of an error on june 6th now one philadelphia mommies not happy, i'm alexandria hoff and i will have more coming up.
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it should be music to the ears of anyone who traveling dr pa bridges. a new proposal that is saving cash. leslie. first day of the nba free agency teams spent $1.4 billion in salary, sixers gm sam hinkie may have pulled off one of the biggest steals, in the off season for chump change. we will have details coming up in
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coming up festivities that go along with independent day are not always for everyone, the fire works and painful and frightening memories for some. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how one group is trying to help tonight at 11:00. pennsylvania governor tom wolf vetoed several bills in harrisburg many related to the budget he vetoed on tuesday. he veto budget related schools bill that contain new formula to distribute state a aid to districts. he also vetoed another key budget-related bill that guided how money was spent. he used another veto for a bill that would have privatized the sale of liquor in the state. "eyewitness news" spoke to the governor yesterday about what he would like to see happen with the sale of liquor in pennsylvania. >> we need to modernized and make customer experience better, in our stores. i think that giving away any
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asset is irresponsible and i think that would be the wrong thing for somebody's elected by the people of pennsylvania to give away that they own away, and i don't want to do that. i do want to do what most pennsylvanians want and that is to make the system work better. >> the governor says he and other lawmakers will resume budget talks on monday. many high school students feel the pressure that comes with taking the sat and now philadelphia students thought she conquered the standardized test until she learned about a printing error that could affect her fee future. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has details. >> reporter: at 6 feet tall there are three letters standing in the way of alexis middleton and college basketball career. they are sat. >> i was a a little bit nervous but i did feel prepared, from the classes i did take beforehand. >> reporter: on june 6th, she and nearly half million other high schoolers took the sat. >> we have been e mailed from the college board and college board, you know, basically
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told us there was a problem with this test that was administered on june 6th and they would be backup in 48 hours. >> on the written test, these directions were written incorrectly, but the proctor whose gave the test had the correct information. >> reporter: dan asher runs a plus test prep in jenkintown. he said june 6th misprint caused confusion over how much time students had for two sections. current sat has ten sections in total, one is experimental so it does not count toward total score. that leaves three writing three reading and three math sections. in this case college board owner of the test decided not to count two sections. >> what they have determined was that given the number of questions on the test they could eliminate one section of math and one section of reading. the test scores would still be valid. >> reporter: but that doesn't cut it for mom. >> the other area that she could have done very well in. >> reporter: college board says admission directors from
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across the country have told us they have full confidence in those scores, and they will view them just like scores from any other sat administration. asher agrees, that the scores are likely valid but... >> why do they need to have extra questions, if they are saying they are not really necessary to begin with. >> reporter: a free retake is being offered in october and too late, according to alexis mom for many of the schools her daughter wants to play for. in philadelphia, alexandria hoff cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you may be able to save money on your commute real soon. measure that would lower tolls for drivers who frequently use four bridges between new jersey and pennsylvania, has been approved. commuters who use ben franklin, walt whitman betsy ross and commodore barry bridge at least 18 times a month would see their toll drop from $5 to $4. this move could save drivers more than $200 a year. it would go into effect later this year. a special birthday celebration, as the philadelphia zoo for some lion cubs. four african lion cub siblings
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celebrated their one year birthday with visitors and zoo workers. the crowd help sing happy birthday as playful cubs and their mom enjoyed birthday treats and toys. visitors also got to participate in crafts and other activities at the birthday party. >> they have a great time, they weigh almost 170-pound and they love big toys. we have a big plastic toys, we gave them round water melon lots of food, they are outing, confident, love to visit and you can see them up against the class. >> birthday celebration lasts through the weekend. fourth of july weekend is getting off to a tasty start "eyewitness news" on independent mall where wawa celebrated its 23rd annual hoagie day. it is all part of the welcome america festival and that means wawa gave away 5 tons of meaty cheesy goodness to thousands of people out there event honored america's armed forces and philadelphia's police and fire department. mayor michael nutter
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helped open a new exhibit as part of the welcome america celebration. the photo exhibit called about philadelphia, a city of first was unveiled in terminal a of the philadelphia international airport this morning. the photos celebrate american first here in the city like philadelphia zoo and bartram's gardens the nation's first botanical gardens. we have you covered for all of the fourth of july fun heading our way go to cbs, click on top spots and you'll fine activities and event all over the area. kate, good news, that while it is dreary to take you are not a wash out for weekend so you will get out go to the zoo and see fire works. >> we will have everything this weekend. we don't have a ton of rain but day like today where it is cooler, we can go out to the zoo and not be too hot. we have pool-type weather heading in to sunday your day to lay by the pool, maybe take the boat out on the water lake poconos or head down the shore whatever your plans include, the weekend has something for everyone.
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let's start outside and take you down the shore and see not a great beach day to day. it is glummy down there we were calling it a shore spoiler. unfortunately it was a very rainy day. even though showers have diminished they are still around, so again not a great day to be down the shore. you can see people outside in the surf that they look all bundled up and not a day to take a dip in the water. ocean water temperatures have listen in the past month or so. if you plan to do swimming this weekend you should be okay. lets look outside on the storm scan three and notice showers have popped up across the region. this is not severe weather. we are not talking thunderstorms. we are not seeing lightening reports here. over lower bucks and central montgomery county and northern chester county right around king of prussia oaks area, trooper we are seeing steady showers at the moment. a few down in camden, gloucester counties and still have those showers down the shore from atlantic city right toward delaware beaches. unsettled evening has developed mainly from the city
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and their by suburbs on to the south. lehigh valley not seeing much here this evening. this is going to move out quickly but we have moisture lurking to the south and to the west, and all this moisture will continue to move our way throughout weekend. it will be a series of systems that will impact us to the south over the next few days but those systems moving by to the south we will get east wind and that will keep things on the cool side for friday and for fourth of july on a saturday. speaking of cool only 57 at the airport. seventy-three in wilmington. seventy-five in reading. it is 76 at the moment in allentown. here's that boundary i was talking about for your friday. mostly staying to the south. mix of sun and cloud. little closer they for fourth of july saturday. best chance for shower or storm is down the shore and delaware. can't rule it out to the north, more clouds then sun but it is not a terrible fourth of july. sunday is your best day to get outside with highs in the mid 80's and sunshine. just the way this looks on future weather showers take to the south here on friday but
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saturday they will get closer, and notice it is not every where but down the shore and in delaware by saturday evening in time for fire works here we go a couple showers do break out and cloudy conditions further north. plan cordingly. it is not warmest we have ever had, not the best pool day. temperatures in the lower 80's, many spots in the upper 70's and we have chance for a shower. good day to get outside it will be comfortable but not again a hot steamy, summer day. offer night tonight cloudy, seasonal at 64. tomorrow partly sunny mostly dry, stray shower to the south, 83 degrees is your friday high. here is saturday. fourth of july looks like coolest day in the forecast period just thanks to the boundary off to our south couple showers couple thunderstorms, it is not a wash out but again that threat is down the shore and portions of delaware. friday is dry saturday, a little iffy but mostly escape with mainly dry conditions and then sunday and machine look
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fantastic, tuesday not too bad either, and another chance of showers by middle of next week but we are in the 80's for the foreseeable future. >> it looks nice. i think even with the rain people will make the mess of it. >> even if the shower comes through go inside and then get back outside. >> kate, thanks very much. "cbs evening news" is just minutes away, scott pelley joins with us a look at that, scott. >> reporter: here's the "cbs evening news" tonight police rush to the scene of the 2012 massacre today, a false alarm but the government is warning of possible terror attacks over the holiday weekend. plus, another train derailment causes thousands toss evacuate and raises new safety concerns. and, what do you put in a good quacamole? more on the recipe that is causing outrage tonight on cb. evening news.
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sixers fans out there are rejoycing, starting weekend early. >> yes. >> big deal right now. >> yes, it is a a biggie. nba free agency underway. sixers gm sam hinkie decided to build up the roster. sixers reportedly traded rights to two foreign players and future second round pick to the kings for mount laurel native jason thompson, karl landry, guard nic stauskus with the future top ten protect first round pick, plus a first round pick swap. nic was eighth overall pick last season and fills a immediate need outside shooting. he struggled in his rookie season averaging four points a game but he is making 50 of his last 118 shots from beyond the arc. kings clearing out 16 million-dollar, in salary to make cap room for signing free agents. and sam hinkie making a rare appearance at sixers rookie camp practice talking to brett brown no word if stauskus will be joining them for the summer league this
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years topic jahlil okafor will play in the utah, vegas summer league next week. he has been coming to pcome at 6:30 to work out. he is dedicated. what does he expect to learn in utah and vegas. >> just, what philadelphia wants from me, and what they expect from frustrates, and learn how to play in the nba. >> series finally between phillies and brewers. if you are looking for something positive third base man miguel franco named nl rookie of the month. phillies have chad billingsly off 15 day dl and will start begins brew crew. his third start of the year. he will not be on a pitch count. >> let him go as long as he can. we will talk inning by inning especially after fourth and fifth and we will see how he feels. we will push him to see how far we can take him good phillies placed aaron harang on the 15 day dl with the foot injury. last night he lost his eighth
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straight decision giving up 14 hits and eight runs in the brewers nine-five victory. win or lose fire works at the ballpark. >> that is something. >> there you go. >> yes. >> happy fourth of july, right. >> leslie, thanks, we will be
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we're back on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" and tonight more otter or threat at d.c. navy yard as heightened security protocols go in effect across the nation for the holiday weekend. >> from new york now here's scott pelley.
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>> pelley: cops on edge-- police rush to the scene of a 2013 massacre as the government warns of possible terror attacks over the holiday weekend. also tonight, a fiery derailment forces thousands to evacuate. danger on our shores-- what's behind a surprising number of shark attacks? and the national conversation turns to guacamole. >> basically there's a bowl of good chips and guacamole-- >> he loses. >> i lose-- i lose my mind. >> pelley: as america looks forward to our annual celebration of freedom, law enforcement is on guard against the greatest threat to liberty-- terrorism. we've learned that more than a


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