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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ >> right now at 11:4 of july festivities already in full
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swing. as the holiday weekend gets underway many want to know will the weather cooperate? good evening, i'm jessica dean. the rain that fell in some places to night is now moving out of the area but we're still keeping an eye on the possibilities of more showers and thunderstorms. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs3 sky deck with a first look at your holiday forecast. kate? >> reporter: thanks, jess a lot of pressure on this forecast. a lot of barbeques are being planned. fireworks displays. well we've got pretty good news for the holiday weekend. the only problem may come on saturday. the fourth of july in the form of a stray shower or thunderstorm. although it does look as though they would be widely scattered mainly off to our south. as far as this evening is concern, out on the sky deck it feels great. skies are clearing up right now and let's take look at storm scan3 and you can see all the showers have now moved out to sea. it's ban very messy day down the shore. we had rain this morning. showers lingered much of the day. now those have moved offshore and got our quad sweep going not seeing much of anything at all. you can even see the clouds are
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getting out of here as well. skies clear through the overnight hours. comfortable and slightly cool night. temperatures dropping back into the 60s not bad at all. i want to assume out one more level and show you an area of moisture extending back through portions of tennessee kentucky and through the mississippi river valley that moisture will stay off to our south over the next few days and a few series of low pressure waves will ride along that boundary. what does that mean for us? it means we'll get clipped by a little moisture mainly to the south and some of those showers and storms may get far enough north they can impact our weekend. temperatures as i mentioned dropping pretty nicely much it's comfy. 66 in allentown. 72 at the airport right now. we at got a pair of sixes in millville and atlantic city. friday eau morning clouds somebody sun. notice 2:00 p.m. just a couple of spotty showers here and there you can see a dot of green here and there not big deal. the big question is what happens as we move into saturday. there's saturday morning with some clouds coming up i'll show was saturday afternoon looks like and we'll try to plan out those outdoor activities for
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your fourth of july weekend with the full seven day "eyewitness weather" forecast. for now jessica back inside to you. >> kate, thanks so much. let's take live look now at the steal pier in atlantic city where many are getting that early jump on the holiday weekend much it's all lit up there. it was a different story earlier today. rain put a damper on the crowds in ocean city. so far it has been a rainy summer at the shore. the general manager of shriver's says the weather has not been kind to her bottom line. >> i think everybody expects the ups and the downs. this is a little more down than we're used to but, you know, i think everybody expects it to recover. >> the other bit of good news this year, july 4th falls on a saturday. and business owners say that helps boost sales. fourth of july of course still two days away but celebrations are already underway across the region. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at penn's landing where the philadelphia orchestra was in action earlier tonight. todd? >> reporter: jessica they always put on a great show tonight was no different.
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it was quite the evening and it is also shaping up to be quite the weekend. perhaps no better way to kick off the fourth of july celebrations than with fireworks fireworks. kids of all ages and the young at heart took in the show at penn's landing thursday night. the show drew all the oohs and ahhx you would expect. >> it was awesome. >> reporter: were was your favorite part? >> at the end. >> reporter: the grand finale? >> yes. >> reporter: and dad what do you think about it? >> it was pretty cool. um, we come out every year. so it's pretty good. ♪ >> reporter: the philadelphia orchestra took center stage performing patriot tick favorites despite rain before the concert there was still a good sized crowd for the orchestra this is a night to play to a different crowd. >> people who live close by sometimes they come from further away and we try to be accessible to many as people as possible who regularly love the orchestra and who just want to experience it once or twice.
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>> reporter: while the free performance has ban fourth of july weekend staple for many years, we ran into some newcomers concluding a woman from el paso texas whose here visiting family. >> it's a blessing. i mean you get the water. you get free music. good people. can't ask for anything better than that. >> we just recently moved here from new york. so we heard about this and it's like the number one thing to do this weekend. >> reporter: of course, the weekend festivities will culminate with a fireworks show and fourth of july concert on the parkway. thursday night technicians were busy getting ready for the show featuring the roots and while thousands of people will be drawn to the pork way, i talk to some people who live in the neighborhood who have other plans. >> there's no parking you know, our streets really busy we either leave town or you hunker down for the weekend. >> you're leaving town. >> we're leaving. >> yes. >> reporter: but for those of you who will be stick aig round for this weekend tomorrow there will be a block party in old city on fifth and sick streets between market and chestnut from
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1:00 until 8:30. 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night the pops will be popping at independence hall. so plenty of things to see and do this holiday weekend in philadelphia. reporting live tonight at penn's landing, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, many ways to celebrate, todd, thanks so much. and you can stay connected throughout the holiday weekend on our website. there you'll find a lives all those activities and events throughout the region. you just click on top spots. you can also get the very latest on the forecast any time. it's all there for you at developing now we're told philadelphia detectives are questioning people in connection with the murder of an elderly woman in east mt. airy. 85-year-old regina bruner was found dead inside her rumford road home on monday. police have recovered her stolen 2007 silver toyota corolla. it was found in 3100 block of north stillman street in north philadelphia. so far no arrests have been made
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made. south jersey community is mourning the loss of a teenager who drowned in a lake. friends and family of darius about we are gathered to night at williamstown high school where he would have been a senior in the fall. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke to those who web bauer as a great friend and athlete. >> pray lord that you comfort our hearts, ease our pain,ing. >> it was supposed to be a summer of fun. a chance to relax with friends before heading back to school for senior year. 17-year-old darius bowyer won't have that chance. >> it's crazy something like that can just go like that. >> us friends classmates even complete strangers gathered on williamstown high school's football field to remember him. >> he always had a smile on his face with everything did he. he was no matter who you were, it didn't matter if he knew you or didn't he could make you laugh. >> authorities pulled bowyer's body from monroe township lake near piney hollow in jackson roads. his friends say bowyer jumped into a quarry but never resurfaced.
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crews spent wednesday night and thursday morning looking for him. >> this has affected this community in such a manner, um that it's going to take a long time for this to recover. >> reporter: authorities say he was swimming with three friends when he went under. robert jenkins new bowyer from school. he said not only was he a great wrestler and football player, but his personality shined through the hallways of williamstown high. >> i talked to him last week when he drove by. i just had a quick conversation with him just -- it's just march. >> reporter: that's say his death was a tragic accident. it's going to be hard to students this summer but they plan to honor their classmate when they get back to school in the fall. reporting from monroe township david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> chopper three over a deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. police say a car traveling in the northbound lanes hit a tree at conwell avenue around 9:00 o'clock. and the driver of that car was killed. the victim's name hat nos been
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released non word yet on what caused the car to leave the road. the owners of the popular jersey shore pizza chain manco and manco admitted to evading taxes and lying to the irs. charles bangle pleaded guilty today in federal court in camden to tax evasion and structuring financial transactions to avoid reporting requirements. his wife mary pleaded guilty to knowingly making materially false statements to the irs. both face at least five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. pennsylvania governor tom wolf vetoed several bills in harrisburg today. many of them related to the budget he vetoed tuesday. the democratic governor vetoed a republican backed schools bill that contained a new formula to distribute state aid to districts. governor wolf devote towed a bill that would have privatized the sale of liquor in the state. the bill passed a legislation without a single yes vote from a democrat. wolf says budget talks with
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republicans will resume on monday. 2016 campaign now former virginia senator jim web has entered the race for president. democrat announced his candidacy today in a letter on his website website. web was assistant defense secretary and secretary of the navy before serving in the senate and he is now the fifth democrat to enter the race. as republican presidential candidate and new jersey governor chris christie campaigns in new hampshire he's facing criticism at home for his response to storm damage in south jersey. the mayor of one hard hit town pressed the christie administration for ada and our natasha brown has details. >> slice it like butter. >> reporter: the power has been restored in greenwich township. but the cleanup for homeowners like joe higgins is far from over. >> came right down the backyard. you can see it touched down a couple times and it just turned nothing but black. >> reporter: it's been nine days since a 4-ton tree smashed through the roof of his home and into his bedroom. it since been removed.
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devastation remains. >> you tell me this ain't devastation i don't know what is. you know what i mean? i'm not happy with the response. citizens are not happy with the response. >> reporter: greenwich money mayor has been vocal about what he says has ban lack of statement and federal response. he met with the new jersey lieutenant governor today who pledged state resources. the mayor estimates that this township alone suffered $1.2 million in damage from last week's storm and they're still waiting on an emergency declaration that would desperately help in the recovery effort. >> that's the money flow. that's the federal money coming in from fema to help us. it would be devastating if we had to foot that whole bill report roar for now remnants from damage from 86 miles an hour straight line winds litter the township. down trees line streets a police communication tower remains snapped. in a community on the slow road to recovery. in greenwich township, gloucester county, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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commuters who use area bridges may soon be saving some money. measure that would lower tolls for drivers who frequently use four bridges between new jersey and pennsylvania was approved by the delaware river port authority finance committee. those who drive the ben franklin, walt whitman betsy ross and commodore barry bridges at least 18 times a month would see their toll drop from $5 to $4. that proposal now goes before the authority's board of commissioners july 15th. remember that old pennsylvania state motto you've got a friend? must be true. still ahead we'll tell you about a new survey that rang the most likeable states in america. let's just say it's not good news for new jersey. plus the great guacamole debate. we'll tell you about the recipe that got even the president talking. kate? >> jessica, big holiday weekend is ahead and we are watching some showers and storms to our south. will they move far enough north to put a damper on your fourth of july barbecue? i'll have the full seven day forecast coming
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up in just a bit. and the festivities surround surrounding independence day aren't always for everyone. fireworks can trigger painful and frightening memories for some. we'll tell you how one group is trying to help when "eyewitness news" continues.
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report of shots fired sent a navy yard nation' caps toll into lock down today a mid warnings about a potential terror attack this weekend. police say a woman called from inside a washington navy yard building thinking she heard gunshots. investigators found no sign of a shooting but they did see two people on surveillance video jumping a fence just before the report of gunfire. this all happened in the same building where a gunman killed 12 workers in a rampage two years ago. on the health watch tonight big force fourth of july festivities coming up for the holiday weekend for some veterans popular tradition can trigger painful memories. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how one group is trying to raise awareness about another side of independence day. ♪ >> reporter: they're supposed to be fun, entertaining and patriotic but fireworks can be tormenting for some veterans.
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>> that first mortar that sent off, boom, boom, boom, it instantly reminded me of being back in combat and hearing the indirect fire from the mortar tube. >> reporter: greg coats was wounded in iraq. he says the battle didn't end once he returned home. on one july 4th greg found himself in full combat mode again. >> i jump and reaching for my arrival. just like i would do, you know, in the streets of ramadi and iraq. it absolutely sent me back there just in less than the blink of an eye report roar experts say the loud noises and blasts that come with firework can bring traumatic combat memories for veterans suffering with ptsd post traumatic stress diss or. >> that fear that unbridled panic is just as real as something had just happened to them. >> reporter: now a non-profit called military with ptsd is trying to raise awareness. the group's facebook page has gone viral with over 21 million
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views and they're distributing signs that read combat veteran lives here, please be courteous with fireworks. the message is mainly aimed at people with backyard firecrackers. >> it's just the unexpected stuff, the unexpected bank. one it embarrasses me because i showed weakness roar report experts say people with ptsd should avoid triggers when possible. it's not just vets who can have trouble with firework. they can be frightening to young children. headphones or ear plugs to row dues the noise can be helpful. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the ceo's of wholefoods are apologizing for over charging customers in new york city. john mackey and water rob admitted customers were paying more for some items saying employees made mistakes when weighing the food. in a video they promised if any customers over chargeed again they will get that item for free free. it is a guacamole recipe that includes a surprising ingredient and it is causing a social media friend seem all starred when new
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york times food columnist melissa clark posted a recipe for guacamole made with peas. yes, peas. within hours, twitter exploded. a lot of people against the peas as you can imagine even president obama weighed in saying he's going to stick with the traditional recipe. one user even tweeted to the new york times cancel my subscription. but the author stands by her recipe. new at 11:00 it's the tale of two states. americans are apparently dislike new jersey but love pennsylvania according to at a new survey. the garden state was the only state to collect more unfavorable than favorable responses in the survey. why is that? well, u gov says new jerseyans are likely to take a hard nosed attitude toward life. pennsylvania tied with florida for the most popular large state. hawaii the most liked state in the union. followed by montana pennsylvania tied for 10 many, delaware tied for 30th and then as we said new jersey
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coming in last ranked 50th. i just think people need to spend a little more time in new jersey. >> well, i think if you go down to new jersey this weekend. >> right. >> and take look at the boardwalks and take look at the beaches there's no way it could be ranked last. >> no. come on. >> not a million year. >> everybody needs to go to the shore and hang out and it will be fun. >> everybody loves new jersey. everybody loves the shore and everybody loves holiday weekend and that's what we have upon us. the question of course is as -- will the weather cooperate with our fourth of july plans? i'm here to answer that question. let's first take look outside and speaking of new jersey, speaking of the shore take look. beautiful atlantic city all lit up tonight. casinos lit up, the boardwalk is lit up passion well. we had rain move through this area earlier now it's out of here. take a stroll this evening no problems out there on the sand. no problems on the boards. and most of the weekend looks age ok as well though we'll have to watch for a couple of spotty showers and perhaps thunderstorm thunderstorm. start you off with temperatures here you can see how numbers are
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dropping it's a clearing sky tonight. with the clear sky that's recipe for cool air. cool day today. temperatures didn't get much past the mid to upper 70s thanks to an east wind and now temperatures in the 60s across much of the area. got a pair of sicks in allentown allentown. 60 at the atlantic city airport still hanging on to the 70's just barely in philadelphia. here's good news for should goers. ocean water temperature 71. not too bad. back in june it was in the 50s. temps right now at the beach you can see with kind of offshore wind, 68 in stone harbor. 66 in cape may. here's your july 4th shore cast. if you are headed down the shore looking at mid 70s friday and saturday partly sunny friday. chance of a shower or thunderstorm saturday for the fourth of july. sunday great beach day if you can stay all day and head back late sunday night that would be ideal. the showers impacted us earlier they're offshore. what we have to watch now is this line of moisture boundary he can didn'ting that was portions of the mid south, showers and will track along that boundary. we have to watch how close do
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those showers and storms get to us? it looks like most of them will stay south of here on friday that's the good news for tomorrow. this system creeps further north in time for the fourth of july saturday. bring in a little east wind as well will keep it cool with highs around the 80 mark. anything we see rain wise should be scattered, should be ice layed then sunday looks nice with more sunshine and highs back in the mid to upper 80s. start this off on saturday morning here's saturday 2:00 p.m. for your barbecue plans perhaps clouds, some sun notice a few scattered showers off to the south. 5:00 p.m. same story. clouds and some sun. can't rule out again a few of these pop up showers here and there. not going to be a horrible day. but keep an eye to the sky if you have plans to be outside you may need to move things indoors briefly. 75 down the shore. 80 this saturday high in philadelphia and for your fourth of july 78 in the poconos. over night to in the city mainly cloudy it's seasonal. 64 degrees. not too bad at all. for your friday, partly sunny just that stray shower and again mainly off to the south into
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portions of south jersey but i think of us are dry tomorrow. saturday stray shower or thunderstorm but altogether not too bad just a few more clouds than maybe we'd like to see for sitting pool side or playing golf or whatever you do on your fourth of july. sunday looks great though, that's your pool day. monday nice as well and then showers return by next wednesday and thursday. >> the good news it look like you'll be able to do whatever you want this weekend. >> exactly. >> may have have to dodge a few showers. >> not bad at all. thanks kate. >> leslie is here now. people have a well known horse. >> a triple crown horse is coming to our area. american pharoah will be race. we'll tell you where and when. sam hinkie pulling off monster trade. could the phillies finally get the brewers? sports is next.
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>> final game of the home stand for the phillies hosting the brewers. milwaukee looking for their first ever for game sweep at the bank. we'll pick up the act in the seventh. phillies down three runs ryan howard to the plate. he hit a double off the wall in left. that's going to drive in her nap did he say. next up we have ben revere the line drive goes off the glove of the second baseman and into right field. the big piece rumbles on home from second. phillies down just by one. still in the seventh freddie galvis with a single to left. revere beats the throw home to tie the game. it will stay that way until the 11th. and unfortunately that's when adam lynn singles to center. that will score jonathan the brewers beat the phils eight-seven. the phils put up 28 runs and 59 hits in a support game sweep. >> it was disappointing to lose but there was a lot of positives that came out. it was great to see these guys
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swinging the bats and hopefully that's an omen for the future. >> sam hinkie did not draft a garr last thursday. late last night he pulled off a trade to got him that back corter piece. the sixers acquired nick sauk u.s. from sacramento. the number eight overall pick in last year's draft out of michigan. he struggle last season averaging four points a game. he can shoot the ball and he's someone rookie center jahlil okafor can't wait to play with. >> he's a great shooter so i love being great shooter that is i was plea to pass it out. it's hard for them to double team me. >> okafor with his first practice with the sixers. he's the main at track on the summer league team he'll play in utah and las vegas last week. he's been comeing to pcom at 6:30 in the morning to work out and his teammates like that worth ethic. >> he's been in the gym a lot. definitely we can relate. we've just been hanging out and
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getting to know each other little bit more. >> triple crown winner american farrow will run again right here in our area. the haskill invitational at monmouth park in new jersey trainer says he came through the rigors of the triple crown trail in good form and he's ready to roll. unfortunately tickets to this event sold out. they've been sold out for while based on rumors this horse would be running in the race and well they new something. >> turned out to be true. >> yup. >> at least it's exciting. >> to feel his presence. >> in the area. good we'll be right back.
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>> philadelphia zoo held a birthday bash for some special residents there. four african lion cub siblings turned one today and they celebrated with visitors visitors and zoo worker. the crowd joined in oh sing happy birthday and they enjoyed it with their mom and some birthday treats and toys, of course. celebration for the lion cubs lasts through the weekend. be sure to get out to the zoo and wish them a happy birthday. right? >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for lesley kate and everyone here. i'm jessica dean. have a good night.
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