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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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calm start to the morning. virtually no wind out here at all. and that combined with the fact that we still have a front, suppressed off to the south, and, in other words little moisture to work with in the atmosphere. you may find some of the fog developing, key ingredient, light winds, moisture content. there it is. on storm scan, things pretty much just quieting down. we showed you beautiful view of the sun now popping over the horizon, certainly up here in philadelphia, as well. it will bring couple of clouds along the way. sixty-two current temperature at atlantic city, flirting already in fact with 70 degrees, with calm winds at philadelphia international airport. all looking quiet. actually, more like sweatshirt weather really than anything up in the poconos this morning as you are starting in the lower 50's with clearing sky. as the day progresses expect low, mid 80s generally around the board still have couple of clouds along the way, i don't want to totally rule out shower either. most of you ends one pretty pleasant werth. we check in on the beach forecast, i mention there may be areas of fog in some spots but eventually breaks for sun
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little cooler at the area shore points, but still nice day swim near the lifeguards. >> really there is bear any any traffic out there. 01:00, usually at this time we have rush hour, full swing on the schuylkill, 95, not so much. with only a few vehicles out there, we definitely can get better idea of some incidents that have happened. at least one of them occurring on route one. route one northbound, just as you make your way approaching route one, incident on the scene blocking right hand lane. traffic getting by just fine using left-hand lane. definitely indent out here with a emergency team on scene. we will continue to keep you updated on that. but, there are no delays in this area as a result of this. so again we continue to keep you updated. just being reported as police activity, with the ambulance out there, it could maybe be something medical. so we will continue to keep you updated on. that will there is also just very lonely disable vehicle on the schuylkill expressway, at gladwynn. if you are traveling in the
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eastbound direction, as you will notice, looks like you might be working on it here. on the shoulder again no problems, no delays, folks are breathing on -- breezing on by but my heart goes out to you, i know how that feels. fifty-second street between westminster avenue and wyolucing, water main break road closed as a result. haverford your best alternate. no delays for mass transit. if you are headed down the shore, 42, garden state parkway, acx all good. headed to the delaware beaches just as fine as well. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news this morning wild and deadly shoot-out in nicetown after group of people turned the tables on a would-be robber. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now from the very active crime scene. jan, good morning. >> erika ukee, good morning police say this all started off as an attempted robbery but it quickly escalated into a gun fight. a shoot-out where four people were hit by gunfire, two of those people confirmed to be dead this morning and take a look, at how many shots were fired here this morning. the crime scene unit, as you can see still collecting
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evidence. there are more than 50 evidence markers there, in the intersection, so we have pretty large scene to deal with this morning we're told the gunshots errupted on the corner of classy -- collar ace and juniata streets. the video found shot to death about a block away at clarissa and bruner streets. this video was taken just about 30 minute ago, police removed his body from the scene. here is how police say it all went down right around 2:30 this morning. they say a man that would be robber approached a group of three people on the 1900 block of june at -- june and a. that man wearing ski mask, armed with a handgun. but, before he could rob anyone, police say someone in the group pulled out their own gun, assault rifle. there was shoot-out. all four people were hit by gunfire, police say the initial robbery suspect again was pronounced dead on the scene. another man was taken to the hospital and later died. a third man and a woman who were injured, were also taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. but police say they're in
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stable condition this morning. it was most definitely a frightening night for this residential neighborhood. a stray bullet, even hit a nearby home. projectile likes to have entered the home. nobody has been hurt within the home, thank god. so right now as i said, homicide will come out do their own investigation, and along with crime scene unit, you know, we'll try to figure this out as best we can. >> now, the crime scene unit and detectives, as you can see, remain on the scene here this morning, they are going through this entire neighborhood looking for evidence and witnesses and right there couple of cars, hit by gunfire as well, police are trying to figure out if the group of three was actually in one of these cars, when the attempted robbery started, of course a lot of action here, still on the scene, this investigation only getting underway. we will bring you the latest just as soon as we have t but for now we're live here, in philadelphia, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, jan thank you. also, new this morning,
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pennsylvania state police are investigating a fatal accident in delaware county. it happened just before midnight in the southbound lanes of route 322. a car was traveling past the airport parking lot when it crashed into the back after semi. debris from the vehicle sprayed carson southbound i-95. all right, here we go, who is ready for some fireworks? fourth of july week send here, from the city to the shore we've got everything you need to know. >> our nicole brewer strolling the board in ocean city, which by the way was just named the best beach in new jersey. we'll check in with her in one minute, first, though, we want to check in with just xfinity itch live on independence mall, where authorities are stepping up security for all of the big holiday events. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika, ukee, that's right. this weekend we'll see clouds all over the mall here, old sit i am, and of course the parkway, ringing in the fourth. what we will not see is all of the work behind the scenes by law enforcement to keep us all safe. this as there are now threads on the holiday. few things are more fun than fireworks on the fourth, unless they comma few days
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early. on penn's landing thursday night, crowds craned their next high taking in the show burst by burst. >> it was pretty cool. we come out every year, so it is pretty good. >> despite the rain, the phillie pops pulled off a ground show, choosing patriotic play list to entertain crowds old and new they'll play friday night too, on independence mall. >> we try to be as accessible to as many people as possible, those that wouldn't to experience it once or twice. >> founding fathers flocked to old city to track the nation's framework. >> this weekends as the nation marks that occasion, law enforcement from coast-to-coast will be on guard. making sure, celebrations are smooth and safe. philadelphia is no exception. >> there are groups that want to target, you know, our nation's critical infrastructure, symbolic locations and events. >> am i going to go hide in my house, and lock my doors and pull down my shades? no, i am not going do. that will because life is worth living. >> and you are urged to do
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just as she said, live your life as you would on any other day. there are no credible threat at this time. we are told, however, there will be officers out in uniform, and some in plane clothe as extra insurance though, they want all of us to be vigilant ever still. we're live on the mall this morning, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so true, justin, thank you f america's birth place to america's greatest family resort. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now in ocean city where i'm sure a loft folks will spends that weekend on beach chair bottle of sun block next to you big bottle of water. good morning nicole. >> reporter: whatever you like, however you want to do your relaxing, but some people like to keep busy. and there is plenty to do here in ocean city, new jersey, we mentioned the two bike parade, the fireworks at 10:00 evening on the music pier, but also something called a kite festival. and i just so happen to be standing by here, with the sponsor of the kite festival. this is -- these are the folks, doug jewel, doug, you're always so much fun.
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we love having. we love up bring your kites. >> thank you. >> where is the winds? you forgot that. >> little winds coming up now, as soon as the sun comes up, ten to 15 miles an hour. >> you are getting psych for this contest and these festivities for the fourth of july. talk to me about the event what weaver going here? we have jugglers and yo-yo people. they have skills. >> yes, the festival start at 6:00 on the beach people start flying their kite around 4:00, 5:00 as soon as the people get off the beach will put up their kites, the judging will be at 7:00. following that, there will be a yo-yo contest. and hoola hoop contest weaver jugglers, joe yo players, so it will be a great day. >> wow, and this guy is really talented with the yo-yo? >> yes the national yo-yo championships will be held july the 18th. so getting ready for that on this weekend? is he in that? is he going to be doing that? >> and then we have judges at the national sanction yo-yo competition. >> my gosh. >> so we have the contest starts at 8:00 on the boardwalk, right here at the music pier, and then the tidal
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wave bands will be playing before the fireworks at 9:00. and then the fireworks start at 10:00. >> and you have got a jugler here, you can do a little bit of this, too right doug? i opportunity see this in action. this is a two man job here. check it towel, right? that's pretty cool. >> that's pretty cool. >> i can't tell do we have a little more time, did you say to wrap? or did you say we have a little more time? i can't tell. >> but we do have a kite, and i think we're ready red to fly t so let's give him the coup. here goes. just little wind on the beach. we'll try to make this work. but again, it is coming to you courtesy of the air circus kite shop here in ocean city, new jersey, one of the many, one of the many businesses here along the boardwalk hoping for good werth. i know you are doug. there has been little bit every rain. a lot a bit of rain. >> we had most of it. >> let's hope it is behind us. coming into the holiday
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weekends just hoping for the best? >> that's t we want good weather, yes bypass ocean city, keen the bad weather away. >> all right, i like your optimism. you know, last time, doug, last time we were together, ukee asked me to take a little dip in the ocean. so i'm going to pre-emptively tell you that's not happening today, ukee, don't get any ideas. >> i'm not. but i do have a favor nicole, i do have a favor to ask nothing about the water. just wanted to see if you could highlight my man with the yo-yo again. because i had a duncan yo-yo as a kid, and i thought i was doing something walking the dog and doing the cradle thing? >> no, he was killing it. >> this guy, could you show the yo glow. >> that i can do. all right can we get the yo-yo going? show us your best stuff man. what's your name by the way? >> this is matt. matt, do it up. ukee washington's watching. he wants to be impressed. >> oh, my man has skills. >> it is crazy on tv you can't see the string, just looks like -- >> look at that! >> flying, crazy. >> bravo, bravo, yes! >> nicely done. >> national championship here
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we come. >> i knew he had skills! man, my walk the dog is like, hey. >> and our jugler? >> very talented folks all great. thanks folks. >> you're in fine company nicole. >> thanks so much. hey, stay connected throughout the drive for the holiday weekends many find list of activities and event throughout the region, just click on top spots. also the very latest on for the cast tailored to where ever you live. >> those are some talented kids there. >> that was great to seement update to story we told but several month ago area family sickened while on vacations officials are saying just now how serious their injuries are. >> also ahead, gas prices may be going up, but at least some tolls are getting cheaper. first we'll tell you where you can save some money on the roads. then experts are warning swimmers off the coast this holiday weekends to be aware of shark attacks. experts are weighing in on some of the reasons we're seeing an increase in attacks. we'll be right back.
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's
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most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone. americans hitting the beach for the fourth every july weaken, warning to stay close to the shore swim in small groups. >> comes a mid a recent rash of shark attacks in the atlantic city, more than 11 people have been bitten since may, five in the last week.
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experts say don't worry sharks are not hunting humans. >> they're actively hunting fish about a foot long or less. so in the process of dashing around chasing fish every now and then they'll accidentally hit a hand or foot. >> other safety tips you want it avoid being in the water at twilight or at night that's when the waters are merky harder for them to see also you don't want to wear shiny on the like jewelry because when the light reflect off of it, it can look like fish scale, might accidentally bite you thinking you're little snack there. >> good idea. let's talk about what the weather department calls the fourth cast. >> oh, hang on. we like to spell it with a ph, too. >> oh, very good. >> we're cool like that. >> exactly. well guys, i have special shotty want to show you. actually coming full screen, i will step out of the way. lady liberty look how beautiful. sun obviously coming up right now, just beautiful shot we wanted to show you obviously here, and just nice start to the morning. not just out on ellis island, but also, around the rest of the northeast in general
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here. and it is all thanks to the fact that high pressure is paying us at least brief visit here. so pretty pleasant way to start the day off. not just up toward new york sit, but also here in the delaware valley, about 90 minutes down the pike. we go on next to what's going on on storm scan3. which as you might imagine isn't heck of a lot at the local little. we definitely still have activity bubble up out there. so first and for most, frontal boundery kept us in the clouds some wet weather yesterday, that's been suppressed by high pressure, so high pressure in the necessarily the strongest force this time around, not going to stay put necessarily but it bridges us nice weather today. more moisture off to the west, eventually, going to be rolling in here, moving forward, in the forecast, so, that's why i have pegged this the half and half weekend. because, we end up eventually with some wet weather moving in here. come tomorrow. so today's but the full, low mid 80s partly sunny overall. i don't want to rule out completely just stray shower but generally you're going to stay dry across the region, now looking ahead to saturday, don't cancel your outdoor plans, okay, guys?
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there is going to be moisture that tries to nudge in here. it will keep us in the clouds. it will bring in some showers perhaps, thunderstorm. and you might even see brief if not locally heavy downpour at some point during the day but, not a wash out. so, you know again not the prettiest day in the world it could be so much worse. meanwhile looking ahead to sunday, hey, back in it. 80s, mostly sunny beautiful weather. and another shot for you here, looks like one loan person down on the beach here out at beach patrol headquarters in margate, in the shore where you are travels will be taking you, again saturday the one and only day of course on the holiday that we will likely end up with a shower or storm. quick check for everyone here on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, temperature readings at the top, pertaining to philadelphia, it will be pretty hot steamy, looking ahead to the early part of next week. back to you. >> thank you not often prices go down, but that could soon be the case for many area bridge tolls. a measure that would lower tolls for drivers who frequently use four bridges between new jersey and pennsylvania, was approved by the delaware river port authority finance committee.
6:18 am
those who drive the ben franklin, walt whitman bridge, betsy ross, commodore barry bridges at least 18 times a month would see their toll drive from $5 to $4, great news if you commute every day to work. proposal goes before the authorities board of commissioners on the 15th of july. >> that's terrific. go over the bridge that often really adds up. >> it definitely does, 1 dollar definitely does. new developments in shocking murder to tell but. what detective have learned about the death of an elderly woman in east mount air. >> i also ahead courtroom surprise. what happened when this suspect is addressed by the judge, how she leaves that man in tears. that story is coming up.
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>> as taught charges this morning, operation err michael ellis accused of getting into an argument with his girlfriend, then that turns physical. officers alice surrendered himself to internal affairs on thursday. alice is 41 years old and 12-year veteran of the department assigned to highway patrol. commissioner ramsey suspended alice for 30 days, with the intent to dismiss. philadelphia police tells us that detective are questioning people in connection with the murder of elderly woman in east mt. airy. five year old regina -- eight a year old regina bruner found dead inside her home, police recovered her stolen silver toyota corolla found on
6:22 am
stillman street in north philadelphia. so far no arrest have been made. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf will sit down with republican leaders monday to talk about the state budget stalemate. meanwhile the governor has vetoed two republican backed bills. rejected bills that would have eliminated state liquor stores and changed the way schools are funded. earlier this week, the governor vetoed the entire state budget which hadn't happened in pennsylvania in more than 40 years. now, one democrat voted for any of those bills. >> well still ahead this morning, south jersey community comes together to mourn local student who drowned in a popular swimming spot. >> also ahead officials now believe they know the cause of this church fire that sparked a federal investigation. >> and katie is updating the holiday forecast for you. >> and it looks guys, like we will ends up with wet weather at least for part of the holiday weekend. so i'll pinpoint the timing there, give you exactly assess of what you can expect if you have outdoor plans for this all important holiday
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>> this cup up wrapping up a coast-to-coast trip, their debit cards by a greek bang bounced then they ran out of
6:26 am
cash. >> my mother our family, they couldn't give us money. and we don't know anyone here. >> well, two greek orthodox churches in queens bailed the couple out. so did a greek journalist, based in new york. >> how scar. >> i update on delaware family who were poise orthopedics by pesticides in the caribbean. doctors say they'll likely never recover. the family of four were hospitalized with seizures after they inhaled term inch ex being sprayed for bugs in saint john in march in their hotel. insect repellent affected their neuro system. the youngest son, 14 year old is now paralyzed from the neck down. their oldest son, 16 year old has to sensation in his limbs and their father is also paralyzed. the mother has shown the most improvement. she is in good condition. i mean, would you hope for the best that they would improve. >> very sad.
6:27 am
>> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" area casinos doing something they haven't done in three years. >> also, we are celebrating the start of the holiday weekend down the shore. there is nicole. good morning. >> ♪ ♪ >> seem to be having technical difficult us. >> check out that bike. >> we'll fix that in two minutes when she comes back. katie has your forecast, torrey check the the roads as we look live at spring garden street in center city looking over the city. good morning family, happy fourth of july weekend
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>> good morning, beautiful long weekend beautiful weather out. >> it is looking overall like we're seeing decent weather for the majority weekends.
6:31 am
but that means we have a minority. >> that means tomorrow. >> so we have to talk about. that will we take you out to beautiful view, "skycam 3", current conditions out at the airport over top of it, it feels great outside. very, very modest northerly component to the win flow right now, so feels good. humidity does reach 78% but i'm telling if you feels good outside. storm scan3 nice wide zoom. yes, you have activity going on here at the local level really in the midst of just some quiet weather for now. little hazy, in spots little foggy, even, in a kim of communities, but that's kind of the exception rather than the norm. so, our eyewitness weather health report, not looking bad. keep in mind the fact we have more sunshine out there today does keep the uv index little higher be cautious with the heat index values, they are not horrible, but they are certainly going to be getting up there. any time you surpass the 80s something we want to mention four. and the poconos beautiful day unfolding, 73, sunny we can expect to see some sunshine, as women. down at the shore, where we are currently finding some sun, certainly but it is just a tad hazy for you. here is the all important holiday forecast.
6:32 am
yes, it does go little downhill, folks. showers, thunder storm in the forecast, we have more detail on what is going on here. it is not a wash out after day. but we will have wet weather to track. we will do just that a little later in the show. vittoria? >> thank you, good morning everyone, right now if you are traveling on the majors, still very low in regard to volume. but you can take a look behind me some activity that we have, if you are traveling throughout bucks county, on the northbound side of route one, as you approach business route one, it is being reported as police and fire activity, so if you are traveling in this area, you will notice finally now slow down because this is compromising right hand lane e left lane getting by fine. always there is usually gaper delay when we have this sort of activity out here. if you are traveling on the southbound side, there are no delays at all. just keep in mind there is delay is very minor, but his incident, it has been out there for quite some time. not minor incident, definitely will affect your commute. as we continue now through to the schuylkill expressway, it is fantastic. if you are traveling on 76,
6:33 am
this would be your westbound side approaching city avenue. usually at this time, we are flooded with volume. but, not today. i that i loft folks have taken the day off to celebrate the fourth every july weekend. perfect segway to talk about the welcome america festivities that will be happening on the parkway. so just generally speaking, tomorrow the parkway will be closed. as they set up for this. all of the celebrations will begin. also, kelly drive closed saturday due to the independence day regatta. try to avoid the art museum area if you k ukee? >> thank you, in the news, still waiting to learn the identity of the driver killed in a crash on the roosevelt boulevard. chopper three over the scene about 9:00 last night at conwell avenue in northeast philly. police say the car was traveling in the northbound lanes, when it left the road, hit a tree, and burst into flames. fire investigators are looking into the cause after fire that affected three businesses in folcroft. the fire broke out in the 1,000 block of henderson boulevard around 7:30 last night. luckily, no one was injured if the fire, and right now, it is unclear how bad the damage to the building is.
6:34 am
>> well, a south jersey community is mourning a teenage here drowned in monroe township gloucester county. family friends of 17 year old darius boyer gathered at william south high school, where he would have been a senior he was whim withing friends this wednesday when he went under and never came up. he was a stand out wrestler, and football player, and most importantly, a great friends. >> he always had a smile on his face with everything he did. he was no matter who you were, it didn't matter if he new you he didn't, co-make you laugh. >> police say boyer will have autopsy done and they do not suspect foul play. >> right now 6:34. while attending holiday festivities this weekend, you will notice extra police presence. federal agencies warn, terrorist cost attack july 4th celebrations. philadelphia law enforcement is increasing it manpower, in uniform and plane clothe. the heightened security comes after increased chatter by isis supporters on line, and
6:35 am
calls by the terror group to spike in the west. >> target our nation's infrastructure symbolic locations and event. >> law enforcement officials say have fun just be aware of your surroundings. meanwhile, the philly fourth of celebrations, they are one day early for you. welcome america festival continues with the liberty block party this afternoon and philly pops concert tonight. now, you can't have fourth of july celebration without fireworks of course. last night they lit up the night sky over penn's landing. the philadelphia orchestra also struck a patriots i can cord. there was good crowd despite that rain, just before the concert started. >> it is a blessing, i mean, you get the water you get free music good people, can't ask for anything better than that. >> sure can't. technicians are setting the stage right now, for saturday's big show, featuring
6:36 am
the roots. thousands are expected to pack the ben franklin parkway, so much to do, and this really is the place to be, on fourth every july. >> birth place of america right here. >> now, a loft people will vacation, head down to the shore to see the fireworks there. >> merchant hope mother nature will cooperate. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer down in ocean city right now. hey, nicole, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, yes. shore businesses of course hoping for good weather also vacationers hoping this fourth of july week send night for them, as women. see, out here on on the board say hello ex folks. how are you doing? good morning. we had gorgeous sunrise just a little while ago. just brilliant. very like pink-orange. so lot of people out and about for this fourth every july weekends. we mentioned a lot of event, a lot of festivities scheduled here for the board walk and the beaches. we have got two parades, we also have fireworks 10:00 tomorrow night here at the music pier where we are standing, i hear that there is a kite competition of some kind, there is hoola hoop contest, yo-yo contest so we have a lot going on here in ocean city, and of course for
6:37 am
a lot of people it is a tradition, especially, if you live here in ocean city year around to take part in the bike parade. so we have the bowman family here this morning with us, and jen, were you saying that for your family, you have been doing this since your kids were babies in. >> yes caroline is 19 now. we haven't missed an year. and kelsey is nine. and she's been in the basket behind us, we've had another thing attached to this tandem, this is casino of our tradition, i got this as a -- at a yard sale for a hundred dollars. >> good stuff. you know, it is a holiday weekend, always exciting to be here at the shore, i know you guys live here year around, so this is your city, your town. but talk to us a little bit about the bike parade for those who aren't familiar with it, when does it happen and what is it all about? >> well, there are two. one in the north ends, one in the south ends. and we live in north end. so it start at 10:00 in the morning, it is a tradition the firetrucks set us off. usually have bubble wrap over
6:38 am
so it pops as go over it, and start the parade. and then at the end we usually have a bike wash at our friend's house, which is really awesome where we un decorate our bikes. >> i see. okay, i want to jump over here to caroline. caroline, you are 19. you have been doing this a long time. but you are still here. you are still showing up for mom? >> yes, i am. >> it is fun right? >> yes, it is awesome. every year we get to go and do it. >> and kelsey, how about you? what's the best part? >> nothing like putting you on the spot, right? >> all right. well, look that the adorable smile. that's all we need. so on that note, we send it back to you guys in the studio, but yes, it is a family tradition america's greatest family resort they call themself. by the way the most popular beach in new jersey as of yesterday, just announced. >> number one. >> pretty cool stuff. >> all the more popular that beautiful patriotic bike, so cool. >> great times. that time of year. thanks, nick we'll get back to you.
6:39 am
>> the owners of the popular jersey shore pizza chain manco & manco have admitted to ' straight g -- evading taxes and lying to the irs charles bang he will pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court in camden to tax evasion and structuring financial transactions to avoid reporting requirements. his wife, mary pleaded guilty to knowingly making materially false statements to the irs both now face at least five years in prison, and $250,000 fine. >> well, slot machines at pennsylvania's casinos are helping to make money for the first time in three years the state's 12 casinos have posted gains in the fiscal year pulling in $2.3 billion. officials are hopeful it is a step toward stopping the bleeding at the state's gaming parlors. pennsylvania made $1.2 billion in tax revenue from the slots activity. >> well, speaking of pennsylvania, americans prefer the state over new jersey, according to new survey. the garden state was the only state to collect more unfavorable than favorable
6:40 am
responses in the ugov survey. why? ugov to take hard-nose attitude toward life. pennsylvania tied with florida for the most popular sarg state. >> i don't trust that survey. who are you talking to? uh-huh. >> you got the neck going. hey, unlikely reunion in of all places a courtroom. >> this is bizarre we'll show you the moment when a judge recognizes the suspect as former classmate. then, a suspect robs a convenience store, scattering money everywhere. what he use today over power that clerk that police say has never seen used before. we'll tell you what it was. jill? >> charcoal isn't just for the grill. now it comes in a drink. i'm jill wagner, in new york, coming up details on this latest health fad. >> ♪ ♪
6:41 am
love this tune the fourth of july, many of you will be in parks you'll be celebrating, god bless america, independence day 2015. looking live in our control room with the rest of our family, on this holiday weekend. we'll be right back good morning. >> ♪ ♪ saturday in the park ♪ ♪
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turns out charcoal is not just for the barbeque. >> jill wagner explains, it is now turning up in beauty products, and even some people are drinking it. >> juice generation in manhattan, customers can get variety of fruit and veggies their drinks, now unexpected new option. activated charcoal. >> this sound crazy right? >> i amly car came up with the idea after seeing charcoal used in beauty products, like
6:45 am
that in the drinks 2 teaspoons of the powder, which comes from charred coconut shells. proponent believe it can help detoxify the skin and the body. >> and it tastes pretty good? >> yes really good actually. >> scarlet drinks about three bottles a week, and believes it helps her skin and digestion. >> do you taste it at all? >> it i to may be gaining popularly, not clear how it works. >> chief medical spore son dent doctor john says in emergency rooms, activated charcoal is given to drug overdose victims in large amounts. >> so the person wouldn't absorb those toxins into their bloodstream. >> but he says no large scientific studies showing that using it in beauty products, and juices, improves health. >> how do you know that the activated charcoal isn't also removing good stuff along with the toxins? >> but a lack of evidence isn't hurting sales.
6:46 am
activated charcoal line is the largest launch in juice generation history. >> in fact, juice generation plans to start using it in more of their drinks. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. >> but how does it taste? that's what i want to know. >> i would like to give it a shot, see what it tastes like. >> yes. >> get little char grill on your chicken sometime, burger it tastes good sometimes. >> i like that, yes. i'm not sure about that one though, i have tried the charcoal mask. that will clean out your pores like anything. but putting into the system, little different than just putting on? >> indeed. >> we want to check in with the eyewitness weather watchers guys, reporting comfortable conditions out there this morning, we start things off in new castle county where doll orest is saying she has 59 degrees, quite cool for delaware. out in newark specifically, little fog out there too. >> lovers the cool start on a summer meaning, meaning it won't be too hot. the case here today. we take to you one more,
6:47 am
26 degrees coming in from bill. and he does have some clouds in cart inning ton bit of light fog. feeling damp out there too that's something to keep in mind. but generally looking at dry day here. beautiful view of the moon taken by phil, from 5:45 this morning, so the sun just coming up at that point. some of the fog off in the distance, out on the farm there is one coming to us from ed out in harrison, specifically, in new jersey. let's turn next to to a lock at the live neighborhood network, brighter off in the continues tans see center city across the river from palmyra cove nature park ending up with more sunshine than anything, across most of the board here but what you will find is possibly stray shower, still frontal boundary, being shunted off to the southment because we still have moisture to work with, i want to allow the possibility for you here today. >> hearing from nicole, down at the shore points here trying to get their dip in, trying to get little tan going on here, and the water
6:48 am
temperature definitely starting rebound low mid 70s generally around most of these area shore point milder in the day. but please make sure that if you do venture into the waves you do so near the lifeguards. moderate risk for rip current specifically, in the jersey shore point then down near the delaware beaches little lower for you there worsement next three days, more sunshine, and more, as well. >> thanks, good morning everyone, spreeing of sunshine, little sun glare out there, but overall, it is still a beautiful ride this friday morning. as we take a look first at 95, right around girard, southbound traffic coming tore us, very different than what we are used to seeing on friday at this time. there are no delays no rush hour, great news for all of you if you are headed down the shore this weekend or maybe headed through to the poconos fantastic no matter how you cut t all of the bridges moving great. no delays for mass transit. be minds full, closures around
6:49 am
the parkway, kelly drive because of all of the fourth of july festivities. erika? >> thank you torrey. federal investigators say that lightning caused a fire at predominantly black church in rural south carolina. they found no evidence of criminal intent. many had suspected foul play, because that church was targeted by the kkk20 years ago. this is the sixth church to go up in flames, since the racially motivated shooting insides after charleston church last month. >> what's coming up. >> let's check in with anthony mason up in new york, good morning. >> good morning, happy third new details on how law enforcement is ramming up security for the holiday weaken. plus doctor david on the first measles death in the u.s. in a dozen years. and, we talk with a member of the "grateful dead" about the band's legacy, ahead of their final performance.
6:50 am
the news is back in the morning, we'll see you all in about ten minutes. >> final performance wow. hard to believe. doing very well for a long time. take care. >> keeping you to up date right now on breaking news this morning more than 50 evidence markers scattered around the scene of deadly shoot-out in nicetown. happened after attempted robbery. two people are dead, including the robber. two other are in the hospital in stable condition. one person is dead, crashing into the back after tractor trailer in delaware county. happened just before midnight. that crash is still under investigation. >> also, stepped up security in philadelphia, and all across the country for fourth of july celebrations there is comes after increased chatter by isis supporters on line and calls by the terror group to strike in the west. >> well, just when you thought you saw it all, there is a dangerous new trends going around on social media. >> it is called sunburn art. now, its designs created by exposing certain parts of the skin to the sun without
6:51 am
protection hashtag surgeon burn art quickly caught on. doctors warn that while it might look interesting intentionally exposing your skin to uv rays without protection can be harmful, and also, can lead to skin cancer and aging, so many problems. doctors say regularly applying a broad spectrum sunscreen with a spf of 30 or higher to all exposed areas of the skin still the best ideament come on guys. so many ways to paint your body these days? you don't need to do it with a sunburn. >> oh, that's a shame. >> that one guy had the batman on his chest? look how his arms must hurt. >> that looked painful. always interesting when you meet someone from your past. >> you don't want that reunion in a courtroom. >> no. >> did you go to nautalous for middle school? >> oh, my goodness. oh my goodness. >> i'm sorry to see you here. i always wondered what happened to you, sir. >> turns out miami dade circuit court judge mindy glazer and burglary defendant, arthur boot, went to middle school together.
6:52 am
boot as you can re right there broke down in tears. judge glazer encouraged him to turn things around. >> oh, my goodness. >> good luck to you, sir, i hope you are able to come out of this okay and just lead a lawful life. >> accused in a home burglary, and leading police on a car chase during which he allegedly hit two other cars. judge glazer set his former classmate's bail at $43,000. and hopefully that encounter of seeing someone from his past can help him. >> we certainly hope so. >> put him down the right path. >> unusual weapon used in this california robbery, can soda, suspects smashed mountain dew in the face after clerk. suspect had trouble with his footing after that. had to scramble to grab all the money. police say the clerk cleaned up the sewed, a unfortunately wiped away all of the fingerprint. >> mountain dew? >> we'll be right back. >> but first, a look at what's coming up tonight right here on cbs-3 see you in a bit.
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nicole brewer over in ocean city for the holiday weekend, nicole? >> hey, good morning guys, yes, and the board are starting to fill up. a lot of people out and about getting their morning walk on, doing little bike ride. a lot of people excited for the fourth every july and all of the festivities that follow. two parades here, we also have fireworks, tomorrow, at 10:00. there is, i'm hearing, a yo-yo, and a hoola hoop contest. i don't expect two to know anything about, that but this is anna marie also, jane, and they're here. you are getting your morning walk on, do this all the time? >> every day. >> or we will ride our bikes up to atlantic city go, from one end of the boardwalk to the end of the boardwalk in atlantic city. >> do you get excited for a holiday weekend like this one? >> sure. we love, we love to have visitors yes we love everyone to have our beautiful city and -- >> just named most popular beach in new jersey! >> that's wonderful. >> as of yesterday. >> that is wonderful, how
6:57 am
good i'm from atlanta so it is nice they get broader press. >> ocean sit just great place of course ocean city calls itself america's greatest family resort. a lot of families coming here. all hoping for good weather. we've seen so much rain. hopefully i hope it is behind us. >> that's why you see so many people here early just before 7:00 or 7:00. versus just because it was raining yesterday. >> are you taking part? >> yes fireworks, not sure if my grandchildren will be in the parade, south end or not but the with parades, one the north end, one the south. >> thank you for stopping by. >> thank you very much. >> and chatting with us, ladies have fun. >> nice view too okay, all right, will do. ukee erika it is becoming really gorgeous day so little damn up when we first arrived but now, the sun is up. it is really drying things out. and i think people are in for pretty nice weekend down the
6:58 am
shore. >> everyone is south working out, riding bikes, running, it is a holiday, come on. >> all right nicole, we'll let you run right now. >> no vacation from fitness i guess. >> thanks a l take care. >> and stay connected throughout the holiday weaken on our website finds list of activities you will not include running or biking, though, but there is lots to do around the region, click on top spots. also get the very latest on the forecast any time why go on line when you can get get it right there. >> we like to deliver inch is that stain justly, right? and i want to gave you a sense of what's happening here tomorrow guys. three day weekend basically tomorrow really unfortunately looks like it is the worse day, actual holiday. will be shower, thunderstorm, not a wash out. but, certainly little less than ideal. vittoria? >> thank so much katie. right now if you are planning to head down the shore, it is fantastic. >> wow. >> i probably could have taken the day off. because there is no one out
6:59 am
there on the roads i'm happy to be here. this shot, a lock at the schuylkill, traveling throughout your western suburbs, really fantastic no matter how you cut t here is a look at the 42 freeway also fantastic, all of the shore point looking great headed to any of them, like using the garden state parkwayacx, head down to ocean city to nicole brewer you won't have a problem getting there. >> this was coordinated. >> it was. >> can you tell? >> is it that obvious? >> priorities. >> thank you torrey. coming up next on cbs this morning, us women's soccer team one win away from the world cup title. >> jericka duncan has preview every sunday's championship match up. >> please remember to join us dark and early each weekday morning here on cbs-3. we get things going at 4:30 a.m. have a safe and happy fourth of july weekend. good morning family.
7:00 am
good morning. it's friday, july 3rd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." america on high alert heading into the july 4th weekend. new information about what authorities are doing to prevent a holiday terror attack. a north carolina mall is evacuated when a man tries to enter with an assault rifle. and the grateful dead will stop trucking for good this weekend. one of the band's mainstays looks back at their 50 years together. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> they're reaching out on social media telling people it's the holiday, we


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