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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". that's it. game over. u.s. wins the 2015 women's world cup. >> a hero is born. south jersey's own carli lloyd scores an unbelievable three goals to help the us seal victory against japan and within the 2015 women's world cup. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us.
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lloyd finished her hat trick within the first 16 minutes of the game women's world cup record. we have team three coverage tonight with lesley anniversary dale. >> one incredible feat but this one is especially sweet for the americans. >> really really is. such a great story. and little bit of revenge for the u.s. four years after losing to japan in the finals they came back with a vengeance and got thing started early and often. we'll pick it up two minutes in the match carli lloyd on the corner kick. rips it right past the keeper to put us on top. then, two minutes later the free kick fort us it's lloyd again. she deflects a past the goalie and two-0usa 14th minute of the game off a big bounce lauren holiday with the finish. three-zero u.s. aly fans in a frenzy. to the 16th minute, guess who? lloyd again. this time from mid field. sneaks over the goalie and in. and just like that it's four-zero. second half japan hoping to make a come back this goes off the
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head of julie johnson johnson and into the ned net and it's four-two. less than two minutes later tobin heath morgan brian assist regains to three goal advantage five-two and that's how it will end. jube bill laying for team usa as they raise the cup in amazeingly scene for the americans in canada. carli lloyd awarded awarded the golden bowl as the top player u.s. wins its first world cup since the memorable team did it back in 1999. carli lloyd was in high school. >> wow. >> jersey pride there. no doubt about it. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much, lesley. we appreciate that. soccer fans all gathered in droves to one lloyd and the rest of team usa take down japan. "eyewitness news" reporter dave spunt was at some of the most popular spots in center city night. usa! >> reporter: it didn't take for team u.s. a to pull ahead. four nothing in the first 20 minutes. >> amazeing day for u. sa and for women's soccer.
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>> you can thank south jersey's own carli lloyd much she's responsible for three out of those original four goals. >> she's maze. playing great all play off. she's amazing. >> carl sal jersey girl. >> reporter: they pack the irish pub three hours before the game. 45 minute power outage broad brought fans to other venues like fox and hound around the corner. intense crowds watch until the clock ran out in a room where the patriotism was just as strong on the fourth of july a5- a5-two victory. >> it was incredible. >> playing soccer myself the fact that u.s. won the world cup like amazing. amazing. women have talent. they have talent to play and win. >> you can expect to hear the chants of usa for long time to come. we are the winners tonight. redeeming ourselves after a loss four years ago.
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south jersey's carli lloyd the star of the night. reporting in philadelphia, dave spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". as you can imagine social media is blowing up over carli lloyd's performance tonight. american soccer legend landon donovan tweeted by favre writ corly lloyd moment of the match was her giving the arm band to abby when she came on. pure class. hash tag carli for president. and new jersey governor and presidential candidate chris christie got in on the fun he tweeted a hat trick by new jersey's own carli lloyd. what an mazing leader she has been for team usa go usa! go scarlet knights! hash tag jersey pride and president obama was watching as well. he tweeted were a win tour team usa. great game carli lloyd. your country is so proud of all of you. come visit the white house with the world cup soon. so what do you think of carli lloyd and team u.s. a's huge world cup victory? connect with us on facebook and twitter and make your voice heard.
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just use the hash tag cbs3chat we'd love to hear from you. turning how to our weather. it was perfect end to this holiday weekend. "eyewitness news" at dilworth park where plenty of folks were out and about enjoying the night night. but it looks like nasty weather could be on the way for us. meteorologist justin tra tracking storms live on the cbs sky deck tonight. justin. >> that's right natasha starting to feel that difference as far as the humidity goes. big difference compared to yesterday. had break from the heat and humidity it's starting to change now. that will help fuel shower and storms chance later on this week week. until then dry outside right now much it is warm. check out the temperatures holding out in the mid 70s right no in philadelphia. low 70s along the shore. and south jersey and allentown one of the cooler spots coming in at skate degrees this hour. we do have a wind right off the atlantic ocean so that ocean water temperature is 76 degrees. so we have similar air temps along the jersey shore and delaware beaches this hour. now look at these dew point temperatures this is key this time of year. the higher this number is the more humid it is. now we're already in the upper
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60s even low 70s. that's indicating a very humid air mass there's dew point temperatures will continue to rise over the next 24 to 48 hours. just some clouds moving in from the south. so keal it dry through the overnight. notice showers south of dc. some will return to the delaware valley during the afternoon tomorrow. not all day wash out but keep in mind scattered shower is possible. morning temperatures it's warm upper 60s around 70 by the time you head out the door head back to work and rebound nicely up to 87 degrees for philadelphia with a chance for scattered afternoon shower. stays dry at the shore low 80s in the poconos a chance for shower there too as well with temperature near 80 degrees but the 90s return to the seven day forecast. we'll get to those details cupping in a few more minutes. natasha, back over to you. >> justin thank you so much. four people are killed includeing a featured aged girl at a murder wave that started july 4th continued into this morning. police are now investigateing four homicides as four separate incidents. in southwest philadelphia a twin 26-year-old man was shot and killed saturday night.
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hours later two men in two separate incidents were shot and killed yes kensington. early sunday a 17-year-old girl was stabbed to death in north philadelphia. >> it undermines what the holiday is supposed to be about. celebrating the freedom of our nation. the binge of our nation. >> no suspects are in custody for any of these murders just yet. also a philadelphia judge denies bail for a neighborhood handyman charged in the robbery and murder of an elderly east mt. airy woman. today friends and family gathered at a memorial service to remember that victim 85-year-old regina bruner holmes holmes. many remembering holmes as a woman who stood up against injustice and unfairness. police say wilson was working as a handyman for holmes when he allegedly killed her monday inside her northwest philadelphia home. the driver of a tractor trailer may face charges after police say he fell asleep at the wheel and caused an accident that snarled traffic along i-95 i-95 for hours.
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police say 57-year-old leroy duvallly struck a barrier on the northbound side at exit seven in ridley township this morning. lanes were shut down until 4:00 this afternoon. as crews cleaned up diesel fuel. three people suffered my more injuries. state police say this incident was a dui. heroic rescue down the jersey shore after several people are trapped in burning home much this happened on the 900 block of saint charles place in ocean city overnight. sick people includeing a firefighter are now recovering. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has more on the rescue rescue. report. >> oh, man what a shame. what a shame. wow! >> reporter: neighbor gale, had been avoiding this moment. for the first time time since she work up to trucks, flames and sirens early sunday morning is he took a look at the reason why it. >> ruined somebody's weekend that's for sure. thank goodness everybody is okay. >> reporter: you can see the
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flames in this exclusive eyewitness video. official say they were called out to this three-story home on the 900 block of saint charles place at about 1:45. we spoke to the group of vacationing friends who took the video. >> i thought it was kind of scary. >> i've lived here for 20 years. i've actually never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: firefighters arrived to the first floor fully engulfed and five people trapped on the third floor balcony. the deputy pee chief says the on scene commander had to battle two fronts. >> he dedicated half his guys to fire suppression to knock the fire down on the first floor so it didn't extend and the other half of his crews he dedicateed to rescue. >> reporter: fire official tell us five people trapped on the third floor balcony one of them an older woman with a medical condition unable to be rescued by ladder. as the fire is raging crews tell us firefighters have to stay up there and wait with her as the flames are being extinguish. >> what we do is call protect in place. firefighters with oxygen an hose stayed with her on the deck.
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>> reporter: maneuver relies heavily on trust and efficiency and it work. the flames were knock out before they got past the middle floor. six people includeing a firefighter had minor injuries but no one seriously hurt. >> they did a great job of getting there and putting everybody to work in the proper spots and had a happy end. >> reporter: the cause under investigation. in ocean city steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> fire right off the boardwalk in atlantic city caught on camera video from instagram of the brush fire which broke out on the dunes late last night at martin luther king boulevard. no word yet on how much of the brush burned. the atlantic city fire department is investigating the cause. no reports of any injuries. also, it's happened again. another portuguese man a war washes outpatient an jersey shore beach. wildwood beach patrol posted this picture of the man o war on their instagram page this afternoon. they say it washed up on the
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26th street beach and was safely removed with no injuries. there have been more than a dozen of these sightings along the jersey coastline this summer so far. still a lot of summer left. be careful out there. stay with us everyone. still to come on "eyewitness news" recent financial crisis comes to a head. see what citizens voted on today and what this could ultimately mean for the us economy. plus a deadly bus crash all of it captured on camera. find out why police say the driver is to blame. justin? >> all right. the heat and humidity will be on the rise this week. that means we'll be tracking storms. i'll let you know when to expect them coming up in the "eyewitness weather" forecast. >> straight ahead in sports another solid start for cole hamels. but would he get the win? highlights from atlanta when we come b
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" we're tracking storms this evening. meteorologist justin today brick hard at work in our weather center and will bring us the very latest forecast in just a
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few moments. but first, greeks went to the polls today and rejected a bail out referendum the. the decision could have huge repercussions on the financial stability of the country and blown marks as well. cbs news correspondent chris martinez reports. >> reporter: greeks sent a clear message at the voting booth sunday. hour later hundreds celebrateed in athens. they voted no to a another bailout deal in he can change for more austerity measures like tax hikes and pension cuts. >> grease's prime minister alex cypris was again the european bailout. he said the no vote on the bailout referendum shows democracy won't be black mailed. rejected referendum comes nearly a week after greece missed a debt paper to the international monetary fund. greeks lined up at ats across the country to withdrawal money only to have their funds rationed. just how much leverage the no vote now gives prime minister cypris in the next round of negotiations remains to be seen.
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the head of greece's banging association says cash could run out by tomorrow. chris martinez for cbs3 "eyewitness news". unbelievable video of a deadly bus crash in central china. police say 11 people died when the driver lost control and careened off a bridge into a river earlier this week. 28 people were on board. most the victims were korean tourists. police say the driver was speeding at the time and did not attempt to brake while rounding the corner. cargo ship meantime successfully docked witness international space station. the unpiloted russian progress ship arrived at iss at about 3:00 this morning. two days after launching from cass second stan. successful launch comes one week after space x cargo ship exploded shortly after lift off from cape canaveral. it's still unclear what caused to spacecraft to break apart. south america's first pope returned to the continent today.
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pope francis returned to ecuador for the beginning three nation tour he stressed the need to protect pair and environment from exploration. he will travel to bolivia and par quay. it was pretty windy today in ecuador. you can see there as the pope stepped out of the plane his hat blew off. but the 78-year-old pontiff took it all in stride. laughing as he walked down the steps. pope francis will also be visit visited bolivia and paraguay as we mention. new rainbow colored crosswalks in philadelphia are officially dedicated. during the annual reminders block party today, in the center city district called the gayborhood the ceremony on honored those who participated in the nation's first lgbt rights demonstration at independence hall 50 years ago. some of those pioneers were the first to walk the rainbow at 13th and locust streets. justin what a beautiful day.
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kind of quite a rebound from yesterday. >> much better. i'm getting complaints about the humidity coming up. >> the humidity. >> it will get worse. >> it's july. >> you got to expect it. >> it's supposed to be hot and humid. we have that combination we get thunderstorm chances later. let's break it down for you. let's take you out right now. not a bad finish to the holiday weekend. temperatures actually below average this afternoon looking at the ben franklin bridge right now just high clouds rolling on in. that's an indication that could see wet weather on the way as early as tomorrow. maybe even late in the morning in some spots of the region temperature on the rise that will be the trend for sure this week. our average high is is 87 degrees. tomorrow upper 80s. it's tuesday and wednesday that will be the hottest days of the week. low 90s and humidity levels very high. we drop the temps by thursday but it look like by next weekend already warming back up to around 90 degrees. here's where we are right now
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upper 60s and some of the cool spots to mid 70s here in philadelphia. trenton, 73 in wilmington capital city delaware checks in at 71. all right. here's the setup. just clouds streaming over the delaware valley right now and south jersey and delaware as well. and then here are the showers and even a few thunderstorms breaking out across virginia a little area of low pressure that's going to track through the mid atlantic over the next 12 to 24 hours. some of these showers will slowly work its way northward. and get into the region especially by tomorrow afternoon afternoon. not everybody sees the rain maybe have the umbrella around just to be safe. all right. how it will feel this week. again on the humid side. steamy tomorrow then it gets worse tuesday and wednesday. these will be the worst days as far as the humidity goes. thursday, still on the humid side don't get me wrong it stays humid all week tuesday and wednesday will be the brunt of the increased humidity. high pressure over us right now kept things comfortable today. it will be gone tomorrow. there's the low pressure system that tracks through the mid atlantic. a couple of scattered showers or thunderstorm is possible during
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the afternoon. humidity really starts cranking up on tuesday as well as the heat low 90's return. most of the day stays dry but maybe isolated storm possible. it's wednesday this front approaches better chance to see some scattered showers and storms wednesday afternoon. still hot and humid highs once again in the lower 90s. let's time it out for you back to reality tomorrow if you're heading back to work or maybe you're lucky and extending the holiday weekend dry in the morning just some clouds a couple of showers south of the city into the afternoon you can see those spotty showers and storms breaking out across the region. they'll die down monday night and then tuesday refire again into the afternoon because of all the heat and humidity lingering around across the region. here's our rain chances this week. again monday and tuesday pretty low about 30% chance. it increases on wednesday. give 850. that will be the highest threat of the week and then thursday those rain chances start to back down. overnight, stays muggy partly cloudy skies, 70 for center city. seeing 60s some nest coolest
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suburbs then monday partly sunny skies chance for scattered shower maybe a thunderstorm especially in the afternoon. maybe you're hanging out at the shore once again extending the holiday weekend. i think we're dry down along the coastline partly sunny humid though on monday with a high of 81 degrees. that ocean water nice at 76. here's the extended forecast. low 90s. hot and humid tuesday and wednesday with shower or storm chances. there could be a lingering shower on thursday. 86. that's a coolest day but bite end of the week friday into the weekend we're dry but still hot with a high near 90. you can join meteorologist kate tile bow will the crayola experience in eater's ton this wednesday hosting kid caster auditions from noon to 2:00. find more details at caster. >> they're pretty good, too. >> they are. i'm impressed. >> they are really impressive. >> future meteorologist. >> they're coming for you. >> little mini me. >> lesley has lots of sports highlights for us. >> phillies on the road
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afternoon action in at land tan the phils get the win. would cole hamels earn the win?
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team usa unbelievable. >> a movie maybe you think. >> i can see that. >> featuring delran's own carli lloyd. >> you can play carli. >> i don't think that would work work. carli lloyd led team usa past japan to a world cup championship carli lloyd scored three goals in just 16 minutes. she became the first female player to hat trick in a world cup final. the fastest any player scored three in final. she scored six goals in that tournament earning the golden ball for top player. us win the world cup for the first time since 1999 and gets revenge on japan who topped them in that 2011 final. >> the phillies head out west to
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start four game series with the dodgers tomorrow. this afternoon they went into extras in atlanta. scoreless game in the tenth until howard with a sack fly with the bases load. that makes it one to nothing. in steps carlos ruiz. he rips a double to left field. drives in two more runs. the phils with a four to nothing lead. johnny than papelbon comes in ends this one 12, three phillies snap a six game losing streak. coming up on the sports zone we have 94 wip ricky ricardo joining to us talk phillies and more on the world cup champs. coming up a little more than five minutes. >> lots to chat about.
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♪ >> welcome back everyone for the fourth straight week jurassic park reigned supreme at the box office. >> this movie is unstoppable. the dine nor sore flick had stiff can he this weekend. however it barely etched out disney pixar's inside out. jurassic world took in $30.9 million. compared to inside out's 30.1 million. terminator genesis rake in third place earning 28.7 million debut weekend. magic mike xxl and ted two
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rounded the top five. >> a practical joke goes wrong in phoenix. 23-year-old man got stuck in a chimney after his friends lock him out of his house all for laughs. it took rescuers a half an hour to get him out and they had to knock a hole in his wall to do it. with friends like that i'm telling you -- no -- no one is laughing now. clearly. >> what made them think that would be a good idea. >> i don't know much that is crazy. >> all right. take us homeys tin. not a pretty sight tonight. storms maybe. >> later tomorrow. especially the middle of the week. we're objection through the overnight. tomorrow clouds and sun. warm and humid 87 degrees. afternoon shower or storm not out of the question. hot and humid on tuesday and wednesday. low 90s. wednesday is really the best day that we'll see some showers and storm chances. thursday still maybe a lingering shower gets cooler we're back into the mid 80s but look what happens by next weekend. sun is back. we're warm it up again upper 80
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toss around 99 degrees. temperatures at the shore the ocean is warm. so not whole lot of relief there there. we're still going to be well into the 80s all week. classic early july weather pattern. >> that will be the norm. >> get used it to. >> a little bit. thank you so much justin and thank you for joining us. we always appreciate it. we're always online the cbs3 sports zone with lesley is straight ahead. stay with us. good night.
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♪ this is the cbs3 sports zone present beside buick. and straight out of burlington county carli lloyd america's captain scores not once not twice but three times en route to world cup glory. >> phillies front office is turned upside down as the team


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