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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we're following breaking news right now. buildings evacuated and streets closed after an underground fire blew a manhole cover off. good afternoon i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get right youth to the scene right now "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry just arrived there, gathering some details for us from old city watch have you learned? >> well, erika chaos errupting on the street of old city when transformer blows up underground, here, second at walnut st. we have video whatever looked like just moments ago. smoke came out of manhole covers, and then, manhole cover blows off this is what
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we know so far. calls came in, around 10:45 about smoke coming out of manhole covers, near the area of walnut and second street. we're told that a transformer underground blew up, causing the smoke to come through the manhole covers. now, police, firefighters, peco crews are on the scene, trying to get the situation under control. several buildings in and around walnut st. have been evacuated. we know one building had smoke inside. there are about 100 customers without power. crews here at the scene know the bumm being of the customers are in society hill towers. we talked with chef walter, from the city tavern restaurant, about the situation. >> very severe. they were afraid some of the manhole covers would blow up. so we had to evacuate, all of my staff is hanging out here, all of the people have reservations forlorn love have to find another place i guess. i don't know. >> and you're tacking live look at chopper three over the scene. again, police and firefighters and peco are here, at the
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scene, right now police have shutdown several streets in the area. so avoid this area. there is some traffic gridlock because of the street closures. now, we're waiting for crews to give an all clear. no word on what caused the transformer catch fire underground. but peco is here, assessing the situation again erika several buildings have been evacuated. many without power. one building had smoke in it. this area is chaotic right now, lots of streets closed, so just avoid this area. we're live in old city. syma chowdhry, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you for that, our other big story this afternoon, track severe storms meteorologist katie fehlinger joining us from the weather center, been tracking these since this morning it won't be preppy? >> not lou being g good, seen upgrade to the severe weather risk in portions of delaware vale, all it really means is that it is that much stronger after risk that we end one some severe weather as the day goes on, but nothing ignited yet. no watches, no warnings,
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nothing to worry about initially, but losing that window. dry weather opportunity let's start things off very quickly by taking you outside. show you the view here, one of the network cameras most western remote suburbs here, little glimmer of sunlight, skies, as well, eventually we see this next round of showers, thunderstorms move in. in fact, here at the local level, few showers earlier this morning now seeing the skies brighten up little bit. and it is that instability that you get going when you have got more sunlight to work with, that's going to help enhance this risk. so, you have got multiple colors on the severe weather threat, now again enhanced severe risk for specifically southeastern pennsylvania, and just clipping northern new castle county, otherwise the closer you get to the shore points it starts to just sort of dwindle away in terms of the severe weather threat, simply because the strongest storms come in at their peak, at about the time we're seeing say the early evening rush
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hour, commence here, so sun goes down, that is why you may start to lose some of the severe criteria. but regardless, everyone's getting in on some wet weather. here is the timing. we will have far more for you as the show progresses on the exact impact we are looking at here in fact, going through future weather time things out. generally window is about five to 9:00 p.m. maybe 10:00 p.m. down the shore we heat up from here, get sunshine, all we need it looks like to get some nastier storms underway. erika, back over to you. >> thank you developing right now, authorities in upper darby announce arrest in connection to monday's fire that damaged several businesses on 69th street. want to get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter alex tree a, joining us with the details good afternoon. >> reporter: erika, police have arrested a man they say was living on the abandoned second floor area above that pay less shoe store at the time of the fire. but the exact cause of it is still unknown at this point.
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sixty-four year old james morris has been arrested charged with criminal trespassing and theft after witness told police, morris was stealing shelving for scrap metal. police say morris was giving scrap to man in exchange for alcohol. around 5:30, monday, fire on the second floor of the pay lesson south 69th street reached four alarms, destroying the building and damaging the businesses beside t it is important to note that the fire chief says no ac sell rent found, so arson not likely mr. morris was well known by police, though, who say he was a smoker. >> trying to find a cause in origin of the fire, but we believe that we have people on location, and know what happened. >> he says people, police did provide us with picture of another man not suspect in there is but say he is the man morris was giving that scrap metal to. again, total of three businesses have been damaged
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by this fire. >> report being live from upper darby cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> philadelphia police say 11 year old boy was set on fire by a teenager in west philadelphia. >> officers say it happened wednesday afternoon at 60 street and hazel avenue. the 17 year old suspect allegedly through hand sanitizer on the victim then used a cigarette lighter to set him on fire. that victim is being treated for second agree burns the suspect is in custody. law makers in south carolina approved a bill early this morning, that will remove the confederate flag from the capitol ground. the governor is scheduled to sign that bill later on today. cbs news correspondent done -- champion, with the latest for you from columbia, south carolina. >> people are stopping by the south carolina state capitol to give one last look at the confederate flagment john terry was the long-time supporter of the flag flying at the capitol. >> but i'm happy to say the
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state has changed my views and i'm very glad that it is coming down. >> relating to the confederate flag -- >> after more than 13 hours of debate, the south carolina house made history, early this morning, approving a bill that will remove the confederate flag and the pole from capitol grounds. >> proud day for south carolina. >> once the flag taken down, expected to be moved by civil war museum. >> all mass kurds by a gunman seen posting with the confederate flag. governor issued statement saying, it is a new day in south carolina, she said, a day that truely bridges us together as we continue to heal. >> flag will be taken down friday morning. don champion, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". obama administration, going for bill for cameras inside train cars. investigators are trying to determine why that train accelerated to twice the speed limit just moments before it left the tracks. eight people had died in that accident hundreds more hurt in that crash. the engineer says that he has no memory of what happened before that derailment. >> and things are running smoothly on wall street right now, day after technical glitch shut down the new york stock exchange. trading was suspended for nearly four hours while exchange officials worked to fix that problem. they said the issue was caused by an internal breakdown not a cyber attack. united airlines and the wall street journal have resolved glitches they received yesterday. a look right now at the big board, there you see it, market is rebounding after the glitches yesterday. >> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", the summer of bizarre creatures turning
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up in odd places continues. we'll tell you where this alligator was found in the garden state. and, water spewing from a street out west, and this is just terrible timing. where this watery scene is playing out. when we come right [african-style music] ♪ take my hand to the land ♪
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>> just the last thing drought stricken southern california needs. a truck crashed into a fire hydrant in los angeles this morning, sends that geiser of water into the air. authorities say the weight of that water caused a roof to
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nearly partially collapse on nearby building, firefighters had to go through the door of the build to go rescue person trapped inside. here's one thing you don't see very often al gate over found in a north jersey river. while lied officials in bergin county remove that 5-foot long 40-pound alligator from the merky waters of the passaic river yesterday. alert fisherman spotted the reptile in elmwood park, officers struggled initially to capture that gator, they describe him as fast and slippery. elmwood park's mayor says he was concerned about residents' safety. >> we have a lot of people come here, they put up their little chairs, and they fish, and little kids come with the parent, had some unusual situations occur here in the past. but, never this. >> it is now in custody game officials look to find a zoo or education center that will give it a permanent home. >> this noon, why does steven
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colbert look so disheveled? his hilarious video in response to one of yesterday's headlines. >> always enjoy his stuff. we are obviously looking ahead to potential for nasty storms later today. all of the impacts coming up for you timing, the actual impact that we're expecting from every storm, expected to ignite here, full details and how does the weekends
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nice break right now from the storms, katie, watch out later on right? >> absolutely, yes. we eventually end up certainly with some nasty thunderstorms new we are starting to see the clouds break at least for little sunshine, already warm, steamy outside only going to heat up with the next couple of hours so, that provides the instability necessary for
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some of these storms to turn locally strong, or definitely severe. so let's walk you through what's going to go on here today. i also want to gave you a sense what's yet to come. at least behind this system it, does get a lot nicer so something to look ahead to, but for now, storm scan3 bulk every thunderstorms and heavy rain, is pretty much confined, right along say, the shores of lake erie, ontario into up-state new york. however, see how things are starting to brighten up little bit. the satelite starts to disperse itself in advance of all of that. so with the sunlight we get we will eventually see heavier line of thunderstorms notice what's behind this. not a heck of a l back through iowa, back to the dakotas actually nice clearing sky so high pressure will regain control, but not until we get this disturbance through. so we walk you through. >> this future weather starting things off at 2:00 p.m. we get you where the action get going t does at this point look like it will be solid line, of some very strong thunderstorms, you see sort of that boeing that's taking effect, that indicates that we might have very strong wind
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driven thunderstorms out of this. and the window of opportunity you know, again generally looking to be from five p.m. to 9:00 p.m. perhaps as late as 10:00 p.m. but once these move through you might be stuck with heavy thunderstorm, say for half hour or so, then it moves right along. so the whole window of time you won't be dealing with storms rather, it is within that time frame, depending on your location, that the storms are going to hit. how about the threats? well, right now looks like the heavy downpours the strong damaging gusty wind, would be our primary issues. but i can't guys, rule out the possibility of frequent cloud to ground lightning certainly eastern isolated tornado is a possibility, is it a guarantee? absolutely not. but the ingredients are there and that's why we're seeing risk levels go up. so please stick with us, we will have update for you both on air all long, as things star to bubble up. for now in the clear. by tomorrow, much better news, not only can we take a deposition breath and enjoy less humidity, but also the sun back for full day, it is
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sticks around saturday, sticks around sunday, but we do start to seep the humidity creeping back up on us at that point. meantime where we stand temperature wise, i expect we should make easy run for the upper 80s in philly today. as the skies begin to clear for at least little sunshine. meanwhile at the shore actually looking off camera at one of the shore cameras looks good. there is a lot of people out there. but please, guys, remember, if you are going to hit the boardwalk perhaps later on into tonight make sure, you have got those ears perked. and if you hear thunder head inside a shop or seek shelterment again these storms mean business. by tomorrow, and the weekend it is hot. don't get me wrong. but again we lose the worse of the humidity, and then come monday, our next disturbance waits in the wings to bring our next shot for some showers and thunderstorms. erika, back over to you. >> katie, thank you. from a comedian with the voice of a rat packer to some of the greatest pieces. art in the world, you are going to love the arts in philadelphia this summer. joining us now with more on that art contributor, joel gibbs. and there are so many great events, joel, at the man. every single one of these i
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think, everyone would love to go see. >> every summer season at the man is another part of why you love the arts in philadelphia. and on july 18th funny man and family guy creator set mcfarland, will be there. what people don't know he has these great moves -- >> you can hear him he has great voice. >> yes, we can listen a moment. >> well, he is going to be doing like these great american songs classics from the four's 50's, 60s backed by the baltimore symphony orchestra, something different for mcfarland fans. >> what a voice, too. >> exactly. >> also, if you are a fan of the lord of the rings series have you got a treat? >> movie night at the man is something very special. imagine the lord of the rings, the first of the triligy fellowship of the rings what they do is they actually strip the music completely off the film. they show the movie on giant screen. and the philadelphia orchestra is there live, under the
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screen providing the iconic score to the movie. watch the film, get this live experience amazing night unlike any other. >> and you just said the godfather, so powerful, just wonderful. >> offer i couldn't refuse. >> one offer you can't refuse, also at the man? >> ♪ ♪ >> she will be doing her lush standards, along with the philadelphia orchestra, and also bring in some contemporary music like california dreaming, and silver add owe, a loft other pop classics, too. all three amazing night coming up at the man. >> fantasticment quick recap line up at the man this summer as joel mentioned, set mcfarland with the balance tomorrow. baltimore orchestra philadelphia, lord of the rings, july 23rd and diana krall performance philadelphia orchestra july 24. for more information and all of those events, go to the arts in
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now, philadelphia of course, phone for history but also the beautiful museums. now i'm very excited about this museum of arts getting special discovery impressionist exhibit. >> extraordinary exhibit impressionist paintings, taking the works by mo'ne, dog al, and many others, and also folk fuss -- focus on the relationship with paul durand, art dealer, the guy who sort of discovered them, brought them from their struggles into triumph. so very important relationship between the two of them, and the paintings that are on view there at the art museum, really exceptional. >> fantastic. you can see discovering the impressionist at the philadelphia museum of art now through september 13th. got a little time. not too long. more information at the arts in another great museum, the road and, now perfect time of year to go to the rodan. >> not only inside, but the lush gardens outside of course you have the singer, the exceptional gate of hell
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sculpture, there is plasters, there is murals, you could say that visiting the rodan museum summer in philadelphia little bit of paris on the parkway. >> love the sound of that. >> just great. >> joel, thank you. always a treat to see you. >> same here thank you. on the ben franklin parkway open wednesday monday, ten to five, more information at the arts in reminder follow the aaron twitter, at the arts in philly. so much to do. so little time.
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>> happy things are back to normal this morning at the new york stock exchange, and airlines back on track everyone of course includes comedian steven colbert. yesterday's glitches led to major melt down for the new late show host. >> worship me, you minions of the world-wide waste lands for i have a mass over 60 bags of snack recall chips. yes. my pallets of bottled water my office supply, reems of three hole punch paper upon which ill raise my kingdom from the ashes, and when the dust settles, i'll merge, and repopulate the earth with my queen -- >> poor thing. cobert seemed ready for dis cents err in his bunker, technical problems, every course, were fixed just in a few hours. little vin krentz he's doing all summer long, less than two
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months from steven colbert's big debut on the late show, takes over september 8th right here on cbs-3 and quick little sport highlight for you here phillies play out west against the dodgers in los angeles, game time 10:10 eastern time little late. last night phillies could not solve defending cy young winner, award winner, clayton kershaw, struck out 13 phillies while former phillie jimmy rollins provided the offensive fireworks. he got three run homerun in. phils lost five-nothing, one more chance tonight. that's "eyewitness news" at noon i'm erika von tiehl for katie all of us here behind the scenes, thank you for watching. >> "eyewitness news" does continue at 5:00. remember we're always on line at stick with us as we track those storms. >> stay tuned now for the young and the restless, great day.
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>> chelsea: you did it, abby. you closed the deal with mr. rittinsky. >> abby: we did it. hooray for us. >> chelsea: us? oh, no. oh, no. false modesty does not suit you, abby. you deserve at least 90% of the credit. >> abby: well, if you insist. >> chelsea: i do. i insist. >> abby: it's my first signed contract since gabe made me c.o.o. >> chelsea: thank you. >> abby: thank you. >> chelsea: i think this requires a toast. >> abby: to us and to gabe. >> chelsea: and to the big rittinsky. >> abby: [ laughs ] yes. newman-abbott is in good hands. >> kyle: hey, this looks fun. hey, why don't you raise a glass to victor while you're at it? toast him from getting jack out of the way so we could all rise up through the ranks. >> abby: kyle, i would never -- >> kyle: hmm, no, abby, it's okay. you don't need to explain. it is very obvious which side of the family's more important to you. >> nick: vick and i clashing over business -- it won't be the first time, i can tell you that. >> adam: yeah, i almost don'


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