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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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my angel kept me protect and safe. >> reporter: rachel ordecki believes fate must have shielded her on thursday night. >> i don't know how i did it. i don't know how quickly it happened. >> reporter: she said explanation not necessarily because she's so devout but looking at the damage, it is only thing that makes sense. >> as i look at it, i realize how lucky i am. >> reporter: ordecki there before 6:45 thursday night getting work done before a planned vacation. when she says the storm came through, with barely any warning. she was tossed to the ground before the roof crumbled on top of her. >> i push everything off and found a way out and came out this door right here. >> reporter: inside now you can see just how much damage this storm did principal ordecki says she was knock out by that debris, has to come back from the back classroom is here through this hallway and somehow in the middle of the storm she makes it out unharmed. we showed sixth grader maggie uhl where her principal was during the storm. >> wow, just amazing that she
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was okay. it is really amazing. >> reporter: the national weather service says damage is as a result of the tornado with wind reaching more than 100 miles an hour. classes for the small student body of 35 will be back on, at the high school across the street, come the fall, and the principal, will be there. >> that is what i'm saying, yes, that is what i find so amazing, just truly god was good. >> reporter: steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". mobile home park in new castle will delaware was also hit by a tornado the national weather service confirming that information just a few moments ago. now this tornado was an ef0 our team coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan who is live for us in new castle, cleve. >> reporter: national weather service says ef0 is the lowest strength for a tornado. 65 miles an hour wind. it has done serious damage. this mobile home right here
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was push off its foundation about 3 feet. we understand path of the tornado continued east for a mile and a half leaving a path of december trucks. >> reporter: roofs ripped off, utility poles snapped, trees down and a mobile home park turned upside down in places. all from a thunderstorm that held through in a furious flash. >> it lasted like two minutes but it was crazy. >> reporter: tiffany and eric howard are temporarily homeless. they rent one of six units in an apartment building where the roof was shred to pieces. >> i went tout check to see what was going on and everything destroyed cars destroyed,. >> reporter: storms seem to cause pockets of severe damage just a few miles from the village, is there evidence of high speed wind as delaware river industrial park. hundreds of sinned are blocks littered the ground after walls collapsed abe not hard to guess which was win was
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blowing by sheets of metal around this tree. >> pretty isolated devastation of the buildings. >> reporter: new castle county's office of emergency management assessed damage and took pictures for national weather service. >> based upon their photos and radar analysis and computer modeling they may get a better understanding of whether it was circular wind or straight line wind. >> reporter: whatever the nature of the storm there were several close calls and people are grateful no one was her. >> never underestimate mother nature man. she's a powerful women. >> reporter: powerful with men that did damage to material things no people, again. we understand that the people here are required to have renters insurance although owner tells me he believes some people may not. he estimate damage as far as the property less than a hundred thousand dollars. reporting live from new castle i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much, cleve. more on those tornado touchdowns, one a ef1 and one a ef0.
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meteorologist kate bilo is live on the sky deck with a close look at those two exist tears, kate. >> with a very dangerous night to be out, two tornado touchdowns in our area couple with straight line wind, flash flooding and just dangerous conditions from west to east all across the region last night. you just heard the national weather service raided a tornado in new castle delaware ef0. i was wandberg that when we heard five buildings were destroyed and roofs blown off of. that now lets look at information from the tornado that touched down in berks county. this was in til den township which is just north really of the reading area let's zoom in here and we will look at these stats. this was around 6:40 p.m. it was an ef1 but 105 miles an hour wind. cut off of the ef1 range is 10,110th. so this was a strong ef1. one person injured. and that school, almost, totally destroyed in berks county. luckily it does look like they will be a able to rebuild and luckily not more injuries with
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two tornado touchdowns in our area, last night. here's where that tornado touched down in berks county. you can see the hook on the radar image. if i zoom out i want to get back to the zoomed outlook here. it is not working for me. through go. you can see that little notch. that is where you get that indication of that hook shape that a tornado is happening and is there rotation and that is what we saw last night right around 6:40 p.m. now, tonight, we have a completely different story as we head toward 6:40 p.m. we have temperatures in the 80's. feels great on the sky deck. eighty-two in reading. eighty-four in the city. eighty-three in millville. dew point makes all of the different. we have dew points in the 50's in many locations this evening. that is a pleasant range. so your first forecast looking great, through tonight and right into the weekend. coming up your fell weekend forecast from the city, shore and poconos when i join you inside. >> thanks, very much, kate. officials in new jersey are preparing a disaster declaration to send to the president, strong storms on june 23rd hit south jersey
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hard and this declaration will include camden, gloucester, burlington and atlantic counties and would make federal assistance possible. carli lloyd and the rest of the national women's team celebrated their world cup win with a parade in new york city today. it is first time a woman's team has ever been given that special honor. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff was there for all of the excitement. >> reporter: there is some people on soaks media who said that this parade should have been held down route 130 in delran but i have to say i think new york has been a pretty good host. >> u.s.a., u.s.a. >> reporter: it was a reasonable journey for those philadelphia area fans willing to wake up before the sun. >> we left our house at almost 4:00 o'clock this morning to get a good spot. >> we love our jersey girls. we have four jersey girls on that team. we are here to represent them, right. >> reporter: reran into good many south jersey groups, one of which is medford strike hours train with top scorer and delran native carli lloyd. >> i think it is great to have
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carli recognized because we have seen her day in and day out at strikers fieldworking with no cameras around. >> reporter: by 11:00 a.m. the skies came alive with makeshift ticker tape and volume turned up this woman's team is first ever to make an appearance on new york's famous canyon of heroes. the 23 member team rolled from battery park to city hall gripping their winning trophy tight. at a rally post parade they were presented with the key to the city by mayor deblasio who vouched for the two million-dollar event and then lloyd took the mike. >> world cup was a dream come true but having the parade in new york city was one of the best moments in my entire life. >> reporter: thinks no being lower ticker tape from wall street but confetti thrown out of the windows and office buildings. hope is it will be all recycles. reporting from the world cup women's parade in new york city alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> fun day there to relive the excitement, go to our web site
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at cbs you will hear more from the players and see more photos from the parade. pro marijuana act wrist valid at love park to demand statewide legal says of the drug. >> five, six seven eight regular ice and regulate are the. >> reporter: this was organized by east coast cannabis coalition and panic hour. they want pennsylvania legislators to stop holding up senate bill three on medical marijuana philadelphia decriminalized small amounts of the drug last year. it is a hot topic we want to know what you have to think bit. you can always connect with us on facebook or twitter also at cbs philly, you cab use the hash tag cbs-3 chat. developing right now the fbi searched the city hall offices of reading mayor vaughn expense tore day. chopper three over that scene. this search comes a week after fbi searched allentown's government offices a reportedly seeking items
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result todd political consultant michael who closed his consulting firm. he was campaign manager for spencer and ed pawlowski and now suspended senate campaign. chester county teacher is arrested for having a physical relationship with a 17 year-old male student. katie cross is a teacher at college um charter school in exton. she faces charges including insulational sexual assault for at ledge relationship that authorities say began in february. today a jury found new castle county courthouse shooter's family, guilty of cyber stalking. prosecutors argued that actions of david matusiewicz and his mother lenore and sister resulted in the death of david's connection wife christine bellford in 2013. bellford and her friend were killed by david's father thomas matusiewicz who exchanged gunfire with police before killing himself. bill cosby's hollywood star will remain where it is despite continued demand it be removed. activist say cosby should not be honored at hollywood walk
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of fame, after his admission he bought drugs to use on women with whom he wanted to have sex. hollywood chamber of commerce say stars cannot be removed once they are added because it is a register historic landmark. american airlines announced the curtain call for u.s. airways. two airlines are in the process of merging and they are keeping better known american airlines name. weaver learn last u.s. airways flight will be a red eye flight 434 from san francisco to philadelphia, land at 6:00 a.m. on october 18th. after that the u.s. airways web site will be shut down, airport kiosk and signs will be changed to american. philadelphia, soon could stan out among other cities in the u.s., syma. >> reporter: philadelphia could get a little push into your wrist many if it is chosen as world heritage city what does that mean? i'm syma chowdhry with that story, coming up. more stingrays down the shore, we will show you great video shot by an eyewitness,
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kate? and jessica, we have got a beautiful summer weekend on the way actually, underway, and people starting their weekend already on this beautiful friday night in, rain just yet when does you the creep back in the seven day, we will take a look coming up, leslie. kate phillies continue their road trip out in san francisco and things will not get easier facing world series mvp madison bum gardener. could this be cole hamels last start in the phillies uniform. while eagles are ready to start training camp off the field they are doing all they can to help the com
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jimmy carter was at free library of philadelphia, he was there for a bike signing or his autobiography a full life. people lined up to meet the 90 year-old. carter what's electric president in 1976. he also won the noble peace prize in 2002 for his role in peaceful solution toss international conflicts. a camden based non-profit is attempting to break the guinness world record for most food collected in eight hours at a single location. food drive just wrapped up an hour ago in the susquehanna bank center parking lot. current record is a whooping
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250,000-pound of foot, we hope they make it. donations will benefit local food pant tries. >> recently philadelphia has been recognized a as one of the top places in the world to visit. now it is on track to receive a prestigious designation that could boost tourism here in the city. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has this story. >> reporter: philadelphia's known for many things, including its rich history but does city get enough international recognition. >> it does not get enough credit. no. we were walking last night. i said i think philadelphia, it is almost like a mini new york. >> i will see something about america would i come here and there and then look at the liberty bell. >> reporter: philadelphia could get a boost, if it is named a world heritage city. >> it is exciting for us to be even considered but it is a recognition of how great philadelphia is from a historical standpoint as well as current events. >> reporter: there are more than 250 cities on this elite list but none are in the u.s. mayor nutter is pushing to change that.
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he is getting support from the international community. >> mayor galey of puebla publicly announced his support for us, as well as the the mayor of mexico city. >> reporter: getting on the list would mean getting more sports. >> right now we're going to the betsy ross house. >> independence hall and liberty bell, so beautiful here. >> you know, when people travel, everybody has their own kind of bucket list. many people do want to see world heritage side. >> reporter: this is the ceo of visit philly and says the city has more to offer then just history. >> it is not only the founding of the nation but it is what we have done with our art culture and green space. it is a total mix. >> reporter: we will find out if november if philadelphia will be chosen as first world heritage city here in the u.s. mayor nutter hopes that the pope's visit will give a little edge. >> the dalai lama receiving the liberty medal in october i don't know if those things influence but they cannot
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hurt. >> reporter: in olde city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good they cannot hurt, for sure. more stingrays surfaced at the jersey shore. look at this video. this is from the 65th street beach from avalon cape may county. you can see several stingrays in shallow water. back on wednesday a fisherman and wildwood caught a large stingray and released it back in the water there. it is fun to see wild life it is an ocean avenue all. >> but i don't want to see if it was in the water. >> starting to move away from wanting to go in the ocean at all this summer. we have got little sharks, dolphins stingrays and manowars. >> we have seen it all this season. the a least it the will be a good day tomorrow. >> it will be a great weekend to be out dodging wild life good perhaps. >> down the shore or staying in the city things look fantastic as well. lets look outside and take you out to is what looking like a beautiful evening in center city philadelphia a nothing but sunshine right now. no problems for us, things looking great. blue skies and big puffy
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clouds overhead, in problems there. we are loving this evening i'll tell you it is a busy evening in the city of philadelphia friday night people coming in for dinner, maybe sitting outside. they will love this night. temperatures in the 80's with low dew points as well. we will go to jack frost big boulder, carbon county, boats are out on the lake. everybody ready for weekend. i see someone kyacking, canoeing at lake at jack frost big boulder. that looks like a very relaxing way to spend friday evening or sitting outside on the boat enjoying an evening and camping if that is your thing. the great weekend in the poconos, great weekend down the shore and great in the city as well. storm scan three shows skies clear at the the area we are watching moisture diving off to the south as disturbance that could impact baltimore d.c. tomorrow in the morning with the chance for couple showers but with high pressure overhead it will suppress any moisture to the south. mess of the cloud should miss us to the south and it is not anything to worry about for us. down the shore or delaware
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beaches when you wake up tomorrow morning it will be cloudy. don't be discouraged. by afternoon that clears out and you will have i have great the day. eighty-four at the airport. 82 degrees in reading right now, dew point makes all of the difference. eighty-one with a to point of 75 you are walking in the zahn a dew point of 57 degrees that takes us in that pleasant range and it feels nice, right now, enjoy it. nice day tomorrow highs in the 80's which is seasonal this is our hottest part of the year, early to mid-july and that is what we are in and what we are looking forward to getting outside enjoying summer sunshine. sunday 90's with sun. my son's birthday party. miniature golfing. we will be sweating it out. sunnies around. if you have birthday parties as i'm hearing you from facebook and twitter weekend plans, birthday plans shall anything you do the weather will cooperate for you. month seven a better chance for after moon storm but i want to show you these showers tomorrow morning. they will stay off to the south, a few clouds perhaps down the shore early saturday
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morning. we are looking great tonight comfortable back to the 60's after a few nights staying in the 70's. saturday mostly sunny warm, pleasant at 89. weekend shore cast looking awesome, lots of sun both days, even if you have to dodge those stingrays you should be good to go as far as weather is concern. put on that sun screen and rhea play. indexes are high this weekend. monday 87 degrees, and tuesday a chance for thunderstorm but seasonal week ahead and best parties weekend is a awesome. >> hey, it is all lined up nicely. >> we got rid of the stormy weather and we are reeping benefits. >> kate, thanks very much. please touch museum in philadelphia a is showing off is new garden, it received a $10,000 grant for garden project as part of the keep america beautiful initiative. 750 square foot patch will teach young children how to grow food. museum officials say it has produced vegetables and herbs used by chefs at museum's restaurant. we will be
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phillies are not done with california. >> no, they will head over to san francisco right now for a week even series with the giants. a big pitching match up, pair of former world series mvp's cole hamels verse madison bum gardener. first time that has happened in 11 years. last night not a good one for the phillies. dodgers zach greenke dominated phillies over eight innings giving up one hit and striking out eight. seriously one hit. offensively phillies could in the do much but dodgers outfield, had a good night. two run double in the fourth inning and in the great he hits this two run home run. puis had four rbi's. phillies lose six to nothing. they have three wins in their last 15 games. we are just 23 days away from the start of the eagles training camp but group of players have a head start out west. mark sanchez organize a group to work out in san diego
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including jordan matthews, ryan the matthews and darren sproles. malcolm jenkins doing his part to help fight hunger. malcolm's foundation kicking off first get ready fest where proceeds will help to feed 800 families in the philadelphia area. the the flyers continuing their development camp in voorhees today, all of their top prospects under one roof getting instructions, the coaches, and front office, getting a look at players. camp runs through sunday at the skate zone, training camp for flyers start september 17th. wimbledon where defending champion noback djokovic will take on roger fedder this weekend. djokovic had little trouble with his opponent and federallerrer bead and i mur any three sets. you know we will see good ten thinks weekend. >> it will be a fun weekend to do it go outside enjoy weather, cool off inside. >> yes. >> everything. >> all planned for you you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me?
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no. uh-huh-huh!
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all right. before we go bad weather is out and really great weather is here, kate. >> we are not keeping an eye to the skies this evening, we are looking at sunset and weekend looks great nice summer weekend highs near 90's. lots of sun. stray thunderstorm next week but pretty seasonal july weather pattern ahead. >> thanks very much. thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on our sistertation wpsg the cw philly and again as always back on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". check your medicine cabinet. why fbi is calling for tougher warning labels. steve hartman goes on the road with three kids whose playground digging uncovered a gift that keeps on giving, here now is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: as the flag comes down for good today the f.b.i. admitted that a pure -- bureaucratic mistake allowed the church shooter to buy his murder weapon. also tonight, a new warning about pain relievers used by millions. a blizzard of ticker tape for the reigning champs. >> none of us ever stopped believing, and neither should you guys. >> and steve hartman with kids who pulled off a minor miracle. >> try digging out something like that with just a plastic spoon. >> this is the "cbs evening news" captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the f.b.i. admitted today that a mistake by the bureau allowed the man charged with the charleston church massacre to buy the gun used


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