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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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handed down in delaware one legal experts call a game changer, three people face life in prison for cyber stalking is good evening i'm jessica dean. this days surrounds the deadly courthouse shooting in wilmington back in 2013 tonight is pb the spotlight on issue all cyber stalking >> reporter: cyber stalking is typically anyone harass or threaten online. e-mail sometimes through text messages sprix legal experts say this case is specifically unique because it's the first time that people have been convicted and could spend the rest of their lives behind bars for cyber stalking resulting in death. february 2013, wilmington delaware 39-year-old christine bell ford stood inside the courthouse waiting four had x husband david matusiewicz to show up. matusiewicz did show up but with his dad, tom matusiewicz. police say he pulled out a gun,
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shot and killed his former daughter-in-law and friends laura bench multiple ford. >> her girl were her life she lilt every day to provide four them >> reporter: williams was married to belled for before pats mattos and spoke to "eyewitness news" after the shooting. >> she's been infer terrified, >> reporter: belled for's come father in law pulled the trigger, david matusiewicz his mother lend nor and sister amy could face life in prison forecyber talking. >> have you ever seen like this. >> no >> reporter: daniel mcgarrigle focused on interact crime ten years. >> this is truly a first of its kind the element of cyber stalking resulting in death is really the issue here. that's unique to this case, >> reporter: how unique? mcgarrigle says the precedence set case has implications for all 50 states, clients on the defense side of the courtroom should take this seriously. >> two of the three people
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convicted weren't even presents at the time of the shooting. none of the three people were the alleged shooter. you're looking at life sentence ofs for three people none of which were the shooter. >> reporter: the defense legal team said they plan to appeal this to a higher court, attorney dan knell i didn't gar goodell said it's possible it could go to the supreme court. that's just how unique this case is. it has implications across the united states. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much. we now know tornado to say touched down in our area during yesterday's severe weather an ef-one tornado in berks county destroyed an elementary school, chopper 33 in tilden township. the principal of that school inside last night when the twister hit. she survived as it ripped through as winds over 100 miles per hour. she was tossed to the ground before the roof crumbled on top of of her. i look at it. i realize how lucky i am.
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boy that rain is falling hard. the next thing i knew wind blowing through and something knock does me down. classes for the small student body of 35 will be held across the street. new castle delaware also hit bay a tornado, chopper three. the national weather service this an ef-0, 2 minutes when it was over meatball turned upsidedown. >> cars steroids. roof is on top of their trailer. >> delaware industry park also attached kate bilo is live on the cbs3 sky deck with more plus the much calmer weather head. >> way beautiful evening it is not too warm or steamy certainly in wake of the missing
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gusty weather we've had all week long let's take a look at the behr, we'll start off with berks county county, berks county tornados was a confirmed ef-one around six:fraert last 98 105 miles per hour winds, the thresholds starts ef-2, 1 person injured and that school was destroyed in berks counties. we also had a, of course the investor of an ef-saar in new castle in trees were down, philadelphia in the city flash flood warning special in old city a lightening fire was caused, we had everything from tornados to damaging to straight line wintsdz to flash flood warning. today a big change you felt the humidity dropping. you can see on storm scan three, a few clouds starting to filter in, showers heading towards portions of maryland and dc if you're heading down there, you may see a couple of shower, for
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us we're looking at a lot of as you understand. temperatures will be seasonally hot. it is at the hottest time of the year early to mid july. upper 80's that's the norman and that's where we will be 99s by sunday. in the 70s at the airport. 68 in millville, 69 in allentown, feeling great, due points are in the 50s low 50s that puts ifs us in the pleasant range. wonderful night to be outside, first forecast for tomorrow warm up quickly but a lot of sunshine as we head through the start of our saturday. rest of the forecast from the city to the shore to the poconos coming up when i join you inside. >> we'll see you soon. the clean-up continues from big stornls on june 23rd that last a mess across the area, east green which township gloucester county debris is being taken to tom son park so it can be hauled away. meantime we learned officials in new jersey are preparing a disaster declaration to the president, that would make
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federal stands possible. new developments in the amtrak tragedy, we have learned amtrak won't fight liability. "eyewitness news" diana rocco is live at 30th street tonight and diane you spoke with one of the attorneys who filed these suits, >> reporter: that's right, jessica, this is a big step for the victims of that deadly train drummond and tonight there are attorney says it is the first in men many hurdles to come. >> amtrak is taking responsible for the may train drummond that killed eight and injured more than 200 others. >> today was an important day in the amtrak litigation because those victims who filed lawsuits first got the first answer and the first answer by amtrak was yes, we are responsible. yes, the train was speeding. yes, we owe damages. jimmy rollins j, jthis comes in the first two filed cases against i'm trying, train 188
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passengers compensation for the drummond on may 12th and in the port richmond section of philadelphia. the acela from washington, dc to new york took to you were oh at more than 100 miles per hour twice the posted spiel. tom client representing five victims crowing including the five of bob guiltder sleeve, says it's the first of many hurdles. >> we not only want compensation, we want answers. we want the victim's families to have at the end of the day, the real answers to why this train went off the track at over 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: final determination has not been made about the actions of the conductor that night. use of a cell phone was not conclusively ruled out. >> an ntsbinvestigation has precluded us from getting our hands on the evidence. >> reporter: it has been determined that control
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mechanism that we controlled the train's spa speed would have controlled. the matter of punitive damage the here has yet to be determined. live outside 30th street i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> more to come on this thank you. first time more than visit years, south carolina residents will wake up without a confederate flag flying over the state capital building. it was officially lowered and removeded in columbia. the push to remove the flag was amplified last month when a gunman killed nine black parishioners in church in charleston so it mayor haley. >> it was just wide range emotions. it was pride. it was pain thinking about the families. hoping they had peace, but overall i felt a huge weight was lifted off the state, >> reporter: we've learned a
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bureaucratic roar loud dpil lynn roof to purchase a gun. fbi director said today and a oversight enabled roof to buy the gun he allegedly used to kill nine people. the fbi agent who did roof's background check did not undercover his arrest for illegal drug possession that and that would have prevented roof from passing the background check and buying the gun. von spence today, comes a week after the fbi searched allentown's offices, agents reportedly seeking items political consultant michael slack. slack was the campaign manager for mayor spence and allentown mayor now suspended senate campaign. hershey is says a data breach may have compromised the financial information to visitors to its amusement parks and hotels the credit card were used at its properties between february 14th and june 2nd, hershey said it's working with a
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security firm to resolve that issue. a day after we learned the recent government data breach much larger than first thought the head of the office of personnel manage. resigned. e-mail to staff new leadership was necessary to move in agency forward. in april chinese hackers breaded a today database and stole personal data of 22 million current and prospective -- a victory trying to saint church in fish to town, designated the polish church giving ratty a reprieve from dlooks. the arch diocese merging it with nearby holy name of jesus parish holy name will now make an appeal to the commission to did demolish because it doesn't have the final in the resources to fix the building. >> we have a propped that needs $4.75 million in repairs it cannot be used to -- it will
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cost another one and a half to $2 million and there would be no return on that. >> thrilled to death. money will come later. it will be a massive fund-raiser. historic demolition will have to be approved by the historical commission. demolition is expected to cost around $1 million. in her likely in your medicine cabinet right now, and there's a strong health ranger about common pain reliefs. we'll tell you why it's about to change. history in the big ample for the world champion u.s. women's soccer team. where of the blob. what had movie goers running into the streets tonight. calth? >> my home town of phoenixville pennsylvania love it there. beautiful night to be outside wintery you were running or not. showers moving to the south high pressure moving in weekend
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winter on our hands, coming up. >>. you might be surprise to decide find out what touched off this brawl in an alascan league baseball game. lesley
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jammo. health warning about commonly used over the counter pain reliefs. . food and drug administration wants on an steering wheel something like ibuprofen can cause an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. currently. labels warn these risk can say occur only after long term use, the fda recommends make the lowest effective dose of pain kill for the shortest amount of time potential. a judge sentenced -- collected millions of dollars from insurance companies while giving more than 500 patients needless treatments. the court heard stories of brittle bones and fried organ says as patients chillinging describes the, the told the court he misused his talentss and permitted sins to enter him because of power and grief. mar is a sha receive,
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including lawrence of arabia has died, according to his agent died of a heart attack the actor had also been suffering from alzheimer's, was nominated for an oscar for lawrence of arabia omar was 83. a tentative is he not, actor tom sell lick stole water where he gross of a cat dots, was sued. a taerng truck filled up with water and hauled it to sell lick's ranch more than a dozen times in the past two years. delaware valley turn out yet another world champion, a ticker tape parade in new york city to celebrate carli lloyd and rest of the u.s. women's soccer team. alexandria hoff was there for the festivities jrgs, >> reporter: there are a some people that said this parade
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should have been held down route 130 in dell unaware, i do have to say new york has been a pretty good host. it was recently journey. >> we left our house almost 4:00 to get our spot. we had four jersey girls on that teamly >> reporter: we ran into a good many south jersey groups one of which a medford strikers who trained with to that scoreers and delran native carli lloyd's. >> we've seen her day in and day out working when there's no you cameras around. >> reporter: bay 11:00 the skies on broadway kick live. this woman's team the first ever to make an appearance. the 23 member team rolled from battery park to city hall gripping their winning trophy. at a rally post parade we didn't presenteded were any key to the
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city by mayor di blasio who vouched for the event. >> it's a dream come true having this parade here in new york city was one of the best moments of my entire life. >> reporter: obviously this is no longer ticker tape but confetti thrown out of windows by residentials and office buildings, reporting from the u.s. women's women's world cup parade in new york city scoff "eyewitness news". >> it's a great day. you can live the excitement at you can also a see photos in the parade. . run for your lives, if a festival celebrating the blob returning. scared movie goers ran out. narp reenacting a team from the 1958 film that took placeings hundreds were there to cheer them on in an unforget i believe scene, blob, of course tries to gobble he everyone up.
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some screenings of the blob will be held saturday and sunday at 7:00 be and that is club home town. >> it is. were you lodge lodge the blob. away put a great night for it. you don't need to dodge rain drops or lightening bolts or anything like that. >> it's been a beautiful day and fantastic weekend. as we see temperatures heading toward the upper 80's and low 90s nothing but as you understand not even really these pop-up thunderstorms, that is good news and we deserve it been through a bit of a rough week and stretch weather, wise, look outside, it's a beautiful friday in the to city all lit up things looking good in center city philadelphia a lot of people on or about civil enjoying a nice comfortable friday evening with temperatures in the mid 70 puts right now and not a lot of humidity feels great to be outside at the moment. storm scan three will take a
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quick peak. little system divulge to our south, west virginia you can see where this is mainly going to stay up to our south, move in through the bids and stay to hered overhead. that means shower will be suppressed to the south and we don't get in on any of that action. looking at slots lots of sunshine and comfortable conditions. this is midst july. temperatures are supposed to be in the upper 80's that's the normal. that's where we'll be. it's hot, sunny, perfect summer. 78 right now in philadelphia look at millville, 68 degrees in interior south jersey. allentown 69, 59 in the poconos, one of knows nights where you needs a light jacket or sweater. xhkt index current due .59 keep in mind the past few day due points in re, oppressive -- today, due points midst to upper 50, you felt the difference out there. tomorrow due points will be in the 50s and 60s not all that
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bad, warm not steamy you don't sweat the minute you step outside. great day for any kind of outdoor activity. if you want to get a bike ride or jog sunday gets lot hot. low 90s lots of sunshine another chance for a few pop-up afternoon -- so just wanted to show you these showers that may drift tomorrow morning. you can see waking up to clouds down the shore and in southern delaware moves out quickly's we're looking at sunshine through the day. sunday same is story, all day long, everything looks quiet. that will continue into monday before another round try to pop up. comfy 68 70's past few nights. tomorrow, mostly sunny warm and beautiful at 89. shore forecast if you're muggy to the shore doesn't get much better than this 84 on saturday. 86 sun in the poconos, not bad
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cool at fight. nice and warm during the day, temperatures in the low 80's saturday, and sundays, here's the "eyewitness news" seven-day forecast and shorecast, all about this weekend. this is the custodian essential sunny warm july weekend. get outside and enjoy, next week seasonal chance for few pop-up thunderstorms here and there. this is why we love summers though. >> lesley is ahead with what's heads in sports. we have a sixers trade finalized and the eagles getting ready to start training [african-style music] ♪ take my hand to the land ♪ ♪ take my hand to the land, whoa-oh! ♪ (narrator) only one family goes to incredible lengths to bring the thrills, the adventure and the best of africa back home to you. kalahari resorts. now open in the pocono mountains.
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. lesley here now the phillies west coast. we have a good game going right now. the san francisco giants the pair of former word mvp-s
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taking the mound, cole hamles at anything oven on madison gum garel guarder flyers continuing all the top bracts under one roof, getting instructions compels in the fronts office get on a look at the players that cam. arounds through monday the flyers start september 17th. we are just 23 days away from the start of eagles training camp. group getting head start on the west coast. >> mark sanchez has been organized on a group, majsz, and darn else sproles, malcomb jenkins doing his part. malcomb foundation kicking off first ged ready fest will had help to feed. the sixers trade way sexual harassment toe kings carl less than after this officially sixers -- other draft considerations, wimbleton defending champ in the menly
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final this weeks, joke vigil had little trouble with his opponents today. to the u.s. women's open at lancaster country club little ways up the road, great shot right hereby sidney michaels. right into the hole. here is your leader of the day, amy yang on the 14 and hole hit his one in on the fly. young leads tournament corey web two under, michelle wee. we had to a head to alaska baseball league, leaves managers managers throwing the punches here, an rich bucks, getting investigator heated not just purchasing and should have no word on if he'll be suspended. by the way, the oilers won this 19 to 3. >> that is not sportsman like.
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. you couldn't pick a more beautiful night for an re outdoor concert. on kings highway by the remote
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ri club of haddonfield. been garland steel, caribbean rock and ray bay. a great weekend ahead. thank you for watching cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00, we continue tomorrow at 5:00 firms lesley kate and all of us here, up next to you is blue blood, enjoy the
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just pile on the sauerkraut and onions. sure thing. you better load mine up, too. okay. baez: well, this is a new record. what, for how long we'll have to ride around with the windows down after eating these? no, how long my new year's diet lasted. oh. mine lasted ten minutes into the rose bowl. there you go. thank you. come to mama. (gunshots) (people screaming) (gunshots continue) you see the shooter? danny: heavy coat with a mask. (people screaming) help him! i got the shooter! (brakes screeching) move it! (panicked shouting)


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