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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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money, too. breaking news right now bailout agreement has been reached between grease grows and it creditors. details coming up. >> good morning to you. it is monday, july 13th i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get a quick check on your traffic and weather together. seems pretty quiet on both fronts guys, good morning. >> definitely good morning. i would say traffic wise, speed censors are still pretty high. maybe little bit building on 95 but, so far so good. pretty nice. katy? >> awesome. i would say, pretty much the same. so far so good here in the weather department for sure. we expect to eventually end up with bit more sunshine, than what you are currently finding out there. but it will be one of those sort of mixtures, that we get with some sun some clouds throughout the day, starting to see little bit of transition take effect here, so what happens is as more moisture builds in, you are going tone one not just more clouds but also more noticeable humidity than we saw over the past weekends. the shot showing the very thing here off in the distance looks little hazy even just in the last say half hour or so when i last check this camera, there was even little hint of very low-lying cloud cover.
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but very light and misty. so, here is a look at storm scan3, see the moisture starting to get pent up across portions of maryland, down into virginia, eventually will work it way in for us. meantime health report featuring moderate air quality, pollen levels low to medium uv index is still going to be on the higher side. so you still need the sun block if you plan to be out. you will again see few more clouds than what you experience through the course of the weekend and expect to see some pretty typical temperatures un fowl here, steamy, some sun in philadelphia, down along the shore point, should ends up being pretty nice day for you may even see very, very isolated sprinkle later today up in the mountains, but that said, it is all sort of just sign every things to come. eventually that moisture works if for everybody, so eventually, everybody vittoria has to end up with some rain. we talk more about that for tomorrow. all right, thanks so much, katie. good morning everyone g traveling right now on 95, you will notice we do have construction zone. this shot here, this is the vine street expressway eastbound ram top 95 southbound notice, the lane
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will be narrowed and only the left lane getting by. again, not causing too much of a problem. usually during rush hour we don't see too much traffic on the eastbound side of the vine. heading toward 95, it is more so traveling from 95 down through to broad street. so shouldn't affect your commute too much this morning at least right now not at all. if you are traveling on 95 itself, no delays, even on the vine street expressway, you're looking just nice, as we take a look now at 422 right around the area of 23, eastbound westbound, commuting still not too much of a problem throughout the area of trooper, even as you make your way out toward royersford, i mean really right now we're looking great overall. as we take a look at this shot here commodore barry bridge, we were anticipating or burlington bristol bridge were anticipating opening around 6:00. still looks like we're in the clear. but still waiting on it, no delays for any of the area bridges, at the airport things for mass transit, it is all good. erika? >> torrey, thank you. new this morning fire spread across two row homes in chester delaware county.
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it happened just after 3:00 on the 300 block of broomall street. police say that several residents were forced out. arson investigators now at the scene, no one was injured. >> now, new this morning learning more about who robbed a center city restaurant and just how much money they got a which with. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at the scene in washington square and i hear you have some new information, jan good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, that's right. new information this morning. police now say that two robbery suspect got away with $3,000, very early this morning, you can see here, live on scene behind me, that it was quiet right now but it certainly wasn't the case little bit earlier around closing time. >> this restaurant is a popular spot, in a busy part of the city, and now central detectives are busy this morning investigating a robbery that happened here. police say this robbery happened on the 1100 block of spruce street just after closing time. while investigators not
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releasing ought of the detail, mr. i say, two men robbed two employees, here early this morning though employees four bank bags filled with cash and around $3,000. police searching for the two suspect this morning, it is no doubt been trying night for the folks here, they specialize in wine, cheese, beer. that is very popular restaurant it sounds like they were having good night until closing time back here live on scene, again police now saying two men robbed two employees here tacking roughly $3,000ment again don't have description of the two suspect they're looking for, but his investigate is continuing for now live in washington square, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". all right, thank you. back to breaking news right now, there is a bailout agreement between greece and it creditors. the european union says that deal includes serious reform, and financial support. this agreement could keep degrees greece member of the euro, last week the greek
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government asked for three-year financial rescue worth 53 and a half billion euro, that is equal to about 59 and a half billion in us dollars. the clock now ticking for negotiators to reach nuclear deal with iran. diplomate have indicated they believe a historic agreement will be reached. cbs news correspondent hena daniels in washington for us where the final deal will face some hurdles from congress. >> with less than 24 hours to the latest deadline, officials from the us and five other world powers appear poised to reach historic deal to curb iran nuclear program. >> working top diplomats if-ee vein a where officials continue to review 100 page provisional agreement. among the final sticking points whether to phase out arms embargo that blocks iran from buying missiles,
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conventional weapons and the duration every restrictions on tehran at tomorrow i can development beyond the first deck decade after deal f it is approved, and president obama congress then has 60 days to assess it. >> i know there will be a strong pull, not to go against the president on something, as important as this is, to him but i hope there will be enough democrats willing to look at this objectively. >> democratic senator bob menendez remains skeptical but has not ruled out his support. >> we have to make very clear that there is a deterence in the longer term. >> congress could try to impose new sanctions on iran or try to pro event the president from suspending existing ones. in washington, hena daniels cbs-3, "eyewitness news". wisconsin governor scott walk is her expected to announce that's joining the already crowded field of candidates seeking the republican nomination. a tweet sent by the governor friday said, quote scott walker is running for president, so it was quickly
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deleted. walker's office says the quote stay tuned for an announcement. now, walker will be the 15th candidate to enter the race. he joins hopefuls that include former florida governor jeb bush, new jersey governor, chris christie, and billionaire, donald trump. president obama will be in philadelphia tomorrow to speak at the naacp national convention. the 106th annual convention kick off this weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. this year's convention comes on the heals of the removal of the confederate flag from the state house in south carolina, move that prompted the organization to ends a 15 year boycott of the state. >> $1.1 trillion african-americans contribute to the economy every year, maybe south carolina will realize now that we are a people, people that deserve to be respected. >> organizers say the four day convention will focus on issues like education criminal justice healthcare, and voting right. still ahead this morning
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two shootings overnight in the same philadelphia neighborhood. a and now police investigating whether they are connected. we're live. >> also, an international manhunt is underway, after one of the worlds' most infamous drug lords breaks out of prison. we'll show you the tunnel he used to escape. >> and most companies have severed their relationship with bill cosby but the smithsonian is not following suit. find out why ahead. >> ♪ ♪ >> many winding roads out there looking pretty good this morning, as you wake up, story is checking on the roads for you, katie has your weather when we come right back. >> ♪ ♪
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> boyde i found in a delaware river, coast guard made discovery while looking for missing swimmer. crews yesterday searched the waters off national park gloucester county where beach hill road meets the river. the man was originally swimming near the pennsylvania side of the river. witnesses say they saw the man in the water before he disappeared, but then never resurfaced. >> very distraut, very distraut.
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we all were. we all were. and at first we didn't know what was going on. >> we were watching with binoculars, just very sad. >> the coast guard said the missing man was not waving a life jacket while swimming in the water. >> a lorge collection of african art will remain on display at the smithsonian despite being disgraced by bill cosby and his two. ment he can inch the part. national museum's african arts anniversary exhibition. museum officials do point out that while cosby is donate the art, it is not a tribute to him. in addition to the art the cosby's have gifted $176,000 to the museum. >> right now, it is 6:12. and just a bit more humid out there today. we got so luck think weekends, katie, but all good things, right? >> absolutely. really we will see some evan flow, in the liken tire week of terrible snag than the humid air. we will see this eventually
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get washed out by warm and cold front duo just typical system moving on through here . >> not term at home, do have some clouds, sunshine throughout the day, see heavier rain pockets even thunderstorms rumbling in west of washington, d.c. that's the moisture that lifts in for us, off to the north and west also some very patchy thunderstorms that have been just high tailing it through portions of wisconsin, through the course of the early morning hours check this out. very quickly mention disturbance well taught sea stays out to sea but showing signs it might want to try to grab some tropical characteristics. so traffic you have to remember, we are in the midst of atlantic hurricane season, not expecting any casino of that casino of weather any time soon. but, it is interesting, i thought i would point it out to you. again, no impact directly from that jump ahead tomorrow,
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clouds resume showers heavier pockets of rain and thundershowers moving through. pinpointing philadelphia ken again just slam by midday with one round of very heavy rain. then the cold front comes along, you can see it, characteristically moving through with sort after solid line overnight tuesday into wednesday. and then we will still have showers come wednesday throughout the day. >> it will start to feel steamy, it is summer after all, not too out of the ordinary. to the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, you can see watt rest of the week has in store really tomorrow, wednesday, are the ugliest quote unquote days of this week. by thursday, friday, clearing things out. temperatures drop a spring, expect the sun to return. so it is not horrible week overall. it could be hot certainly could, and it is summer. >> summer, seasonably warm. >> and looking ahead looks like nice beach weekends coming up.
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>> is that a hint? somebody going to the shore? >> if i'm lucky maybe perhaps i am. >> the road pretty nice outside overall. i would say, however that 95, out of the northeast down through to the vine, we have the usual stuff buildingment going outside and take a look but we start first with the burlington bristol bridge. bridge open. trying to travel this bridge in particular, you will not be able to do so tilt. they have he had scheduled owning around 6:00. little late for. that will how much, though, we'll let you know it does get put back down. meantime talk about rush hour forming, that's what you will find in the southbound side of 95. as you make your way approaching girard avenue. as you will notice, we still have space inbetween the vehicles which is a good inched can't or not all that bad. but this is how it starts. in comparison to the northbound side, you can definitely see that there is a lot more volume on the southbound end. be careful headed out of the not east down through to the vine street expressway.
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as we move now to 422, we have eastbound accident, arm and hammer boulevard we move to the shoulder but may notice bit of gaper delay traveling in that area. speed spent ores still nice and high into the 50's, pa, new jersey, delaware, overall not that bad. end of delays for mass transit. >> the we'll take not that bad. thanks torrey. still ahead this morning, new mills usa is crowned. we'll tell how it was coming up next. >> also intense manhunt for notorious drug kingpin who escaped from mexican prison for second time. there was even surveillance camera. right over his cell. he still got out. see how did he it coming up.
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>> search intensifies for mexico ' most powerful drug pink. escaped from mexico ' only maximum security prison this weekend. as brian web reports, the reputed drug lord apparently slipped through the cracks of surveillance. >> manhunt, for el chopo continues this morning from check point, tightened border security closure every minute national airport the search so far has turned up nothing. >> escape right under your nose, at lows in the shower my understanding, it is quite a
6:20 am
surprise. >> real name, guzman, mexican officials towards, at the end of his mile longest cape tunnel there is video shows the dark dusty hole. the spars homemade of concrete bricks at kitchen and bedroom, where a pair of running shoes was left beside the bed. >> it ran 30 feet underground and emerged just below shower inside el chop owe prison cell. at least 30 guards interrogated about the escape. >> don winslow arthur written extensively about mexico cartel. >> there is intimidation factor with the guards and middle level officials where he has killed, he can threaten their families. >> this is not el chopo first escape. broke out of another mexican prison in 2001, on the run for 13 years. brian web cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, donald trump is using guzman's escape to say i told
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you so. in a tweet the republicans presidential candidate pointed to the reputed drug lord's break out as reminder of problems he was referring to. when trump announce his candidacy last month he said many mexican migrants bring drug and crime to the u.s. >> donald trump owner of miss usa, crowned the new winner. olivia jordan of oklahoma took the title. she beat out 50 women from every state and the district of columbia. controversy over donald trump heist clouded the pageant after he made comment slamming mexican immigrants. nbc and uni vision subsequently dropped the pageant. many performers including flow rider and natalie la rose were also absent from last night's broadcast. 6:21 right now coming up next had your health watch new information on impact of injuries on young athlete. also group of young culinary
6:22 am
artists get invited to the white house even get to meet the president. how cool is that? one of those lucky chefs is from delaware, and she's joining us this morning to talk about just how she got picked for this exciting experience and she is sharing her recipe with us. first though katie updating her forecast, katie just bit of muggy monday. >> is starting to become that way, starting to see the humidity creep up on us, so call it day of transition. it will remain seasonably warm typically humid but eventually more wet weather on the horizon. i'll tell when you to expec
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surprising study on child abuse detection. according to this study only about half of the children are tested properly for fractures. researchers say the study shows physicians are missing opportunities to detect the use and protect children. >> and, doctors in california tracked more than a thousand young athletes, and they found that those who had surgeries before college were at higher risk for future surgeries. they said that young players may be getting back into the game too early without proper rehabilitation. >> brand new swimming pool see the elephants there paddling un water the 213-foot long
6:26 am
swim pool gives the elephant a lot more ex err seeds than they are used to, and the handlers even eating more now. hey, all of that exercise, enjoying their new pool, out and about. cool. coming up in the next half hour letterman emerges from retirement, sort of. justin? >> two shooting, one neighborhood. that story coming up stat ahead. >> also, desperate mom shoplift to go provide for her family gets caught. but the police officers surprising reaction; now inspiring an entire community. this touching story ahead. >> kate katie has your forecast torrey keeping an eye on the roads for when you we come right back on this monday morning.
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good morning, waking up to bit of muggy machine day
6:30 am
morning, little steamy out there, little sunny and then katie is talking about some rain perhaps later tonight and into tomorrow. butte are beautiful weaken, no humidity no sun. >> not to be bummer on monday. >> but at least what we do have going for us, the fact so many of russ working anyway. and you know just trying to get sort of through your week, all of the stuff that you have to do, looking ahead to the weekend, and weekend gorgeous, eventually is going to clear out. so not going to be dealing with days upon days of nasty weather but just another system to roll through. >> today really isn't bad. i call it transition day overall. we just showed you the shot of center city, but this time allow me to throw the current conditions over top of it. 78% humidity from philadelphia international airport. at 72 degrees calm wind, see clouds develop eventually see sun break through this, as well outside we go, to another view every center city
6:31 am
there is time across the river, palmyra nature cove nature park here in the live park. center city skyline off in the deaths tan clearly little gray sky to get things going. meantime the further inland you go, the more likely tour see some sun at the moment. see some moisture beginning to build across western maryland eventually sign every things to come for us, while you will see sun through the day it will heat to up season until territory, bit more humidity for you certainly more clouds, and then eventually few showers thunderstorm, especially by tomorrow. that's when we see the next rounds every wet weather coming in because of the warmfront actually lifting in, and we will also end up with the next cold front by mid week, as women. >> so we track all of that as the show progresses, meantime though yes little bit i have different day compared to what the weekend provided but also not bad. >> over to you.
6:32 am
>> good morning, i can't say the same for the schuylkill expressway you because it is pretty bad out there on 76 in either direct. if your traveling either westbound or westbound this shot too far from city avenue, roosevelt boulevard, you will notice traveling westbound you hit that squeeze, as you approach the area of the billion, then, make your way out beyond gladwynn, headed eastbound starting to hit that snag right around con cons, and again into the city. give yourself more time. ninety-five southbound is the same story. traveling south, out of the northeaster, down through to the vine street expressway, speed censors continue to drop. so give yourself more time. as we take a look at the area bridges, dow want to tell you earlier, we would be opening of the burlington bristol bridge, been put back down, good to go there. traveling on the ben franklin bridge looking pretty good. traveling into philadelphia, we do have construction which is blocking the right hand lane here. >> down toward eighth and vine, defer lynn of the bridges you want to give yourself more time or maybe take the betsy or walt. also two good alternates.
6:33 am
>> torrey, thank you. residents in one philadelphia neighborhood are on edge after two shootings erupt just minute apart. justin finch joins us at northwest detective with the latest information on this, justin, booed morning. >> good morning, that's right. two shootings, two victims now two active shooting investigations are now underway. this as a man and woman who were found shot deaf val times recover, after being shot in ogontz last night. let's take you now to video of that scene. two victim here, man age 21, was shot twice in his leg the second victim a woman 46 years old, she was shot once in her stomach, and also once in her leg. police say both found widener place at just after 10:00 last night, and both told taken to einstein medical center in stable condition. now, about ten minute away, about half mile away or so, another shooting 2100 block of
6:34 am
nidro avenue reporting person on bicycle firing a gun relief here is that no one was hit. no one was hurt. however shooter remains at large. now back out live, we have two shooting, no suspect no weapons found at this time. police say, it is too soon to say if these event are both linked however, they are work to go confirm or de any that link. at this time again we have two people, a man and woman recovering from being shot several times in ogontz last night. live northwest detective justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank youment meanwhile man fighting for his life after being shot nine or rather six times in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the scene of the 2,000 block of judson street. officer returned that man to the hospital. they are still looking for the shooter. >> philadelphia police continue their investigation into a fatal hit-and-run. bicyclist riding on second street near erie avenue, when police say car
6:35 am
trying to pass another vehicle struck him, head on. police say the driver then left the scene. doctors pronounced bicyclist dead short time later liz say they have not filed charge. >> two suspect are behind the overnight holdup at upscale cafe in center city. investigators say, the thieves robbed the tree a cafe at 12th and spruce streets in washington square, around 1:00 this morning. officer add they got away with four bank bags of cash worth around $3,000. jan carabeo at the scene will give us another report coming up in about 20 minutes. >> woman injured in a apparent explosion at a road island beach is back home this morning. happened saturday salty brian beach where they notices it came from under the sand. beach was evaculated as authorities investigated what cautioned the loud boom. it has since reopened, victim's sister sayings that explosion was so strong, it through her sister right from
6:36 am
her chair. >> actual rock shift and move. i saw them get up, get up, same time i am screaming the sand just you there my sister from there, a live cannon shakes down, unconscious 10 feet away. >> wow. sister cuffed a condition caution, broken ricks. no one else was injured. officials say no evidence of an explosive device was found. it is still unclear what caused that blast. >> small plane caring five people makes emergency landing on route 72 in stafford township ocean county yesterday morning. >> police say that plane caring sky diving student lost power, shortly after take off. the pilot was able to land safely on grassy median of the highway. one person was treated for small cut. no other injuries were reported. the investigation into the emergency landing is still ongoing. >> got some bad news for you dig deeper if you ride the new jersey transit. the transit agency expected to
6:37 am
approve fair increases that will raise prices an average of 9% for trains and buses. transit officials say the increase needed to close $60 million budget hole. commuters say the state should make up for the shortfall they should not have to pay for that service. >> up next, the on line battle between kylie jenner and a hunger game actress, over corn rose. details on that. also, david letterman comes out of retirement with a beard, and it is all because he could not resist poking fun at one-story picking headlines. and an inch credible honor for culinary artists invited for the kids dinner. one of the chefs in our studioment talking with her life next about how she got picked, about this exciting experience and we have her recipe that's coming up.
6:38 am
trying it get monday morning to you, but having little trouble. looking live outside right now, there it is, you just have to wait for it. we'll be right back on this monday morning. hope you have great day. >> ♪ ♪
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>> how is this a way to start your summer vacation? next guest got to visit the white house on friday. emily represented the state of delaware at this year's kids state dinner. the healthy lunchtime challenge, nationwide recipe contest to promote healthy eating as part of mrs. obama's lets move initiative. joining us now with all of the exciting experience toss share with us, and you brought your recipe too congratulates first off chosen from everyone in delaware, that's great. >> thank you. >> now tell us about first how did you hear about this contest? >> my teacher got an e-mail. she told the whole class about it, so i decided to apply
6:42 am
after that. >> fantastic. you what did you make to rink this contest? what do we have here? >> spinach salad with mandarine orange, grilled chicken, grapes, walnuts and carrots and a mandarine orange vinegarette. >> you made the dressing yourself too? >> yes. >> have you always loved to cook. >> uh-huh. >> inches were you a little girl? what do you like about it so much? what inspired you about cooking? >> a lot of fun, you can just make whatever you want, express yourself to cooking. >> so you applied with this recipe. i hear we have some photos i think of when you found the the big news, how did you learn you had been pick for delaware? >> well i was on vacation in san francisco, i mean, colorado. >> okay. >> but we were like sitting down on a park bench and and they are like here, why don't we look for where we should go next. gave me the phone, and i read the e-mail. >> oh, there it is, what are you holding upright there?
6:43 am
>> that's little note card from the white house that has like my table number and stuff. >> nice. walk me through this trip. were you in d.c. for about 24 hours, what happened? where did you go? what did you get to me? >> i got to meet my senators, and i also got to see julia child's kitchen. >> at the smithsonian, and you got to meet the president. i heard he walked in? >> what did he say or do? >> cool. he walk, in he said holdup. holdup. i need to come in here. sorry to like burst in on your little party here. >> can you hear him saying that? >> knott just the salad now in great recipe book. what is this? >> of all of the student of all of the kids each recipe, from each state.
6:44 am
>> there is your -- your picture, your recipe. this is now available if people want to buy it? >> i think on line, too. like you can access the recipes on line. >> terrific. do you see yourself ac chef when you grow up? >> i think so. >> yes? >> what do you like to make the most, when your mom or dad says hey let's make dinner, you jump in, what's your favorite thing to make? >> a lot of things i like to make, i don't really glow hey a loft favre rid. fantastic, i'm try this, putting the dressing on your chicken. this is your homemade mandarin dressing? >> yes. >> looks tasty piece of spinach. here we go. >> yum. delicious. emily, congratulations so proud of you. >> thank you. >> katie, over to you. i'm chewing. >> as soon as i finish the weather report i'm going to come on over and have a bite myself. >> real taste. >> i all right. so tell you what guys, looking ahead to pretty pleasant day for our area more
6:45 am
clouds humidity starting to build, horizonal they did on the weaver edge, sort of the tags isdale, eventually we end with new disturb and moving in in the farm of warm and cold front duo. >> beautiful place to be, so pregnant up at the air lakes and the campgrounds and everything else off to nice start, granted little cloudy, we give that you. you'll see more clouds today because of the moisture building up in our atmosphere. meanwhile going next to storm scan3, you can see some of the moisture beginning to move in route 66, well off to the south and west, because some of the moisture starting to creep our way may see a shower spotty in nature, especially across the south and delaware, later tonight possibly we even ends up with that the rest of the region as a whole. moving things to wider zoom, very nasty rounds every
6:46 am
thunderstorms, winds driven storms, developing across portions of the great lakes region. that is eventually going to be sort of getting drawn in to what happened with our area here warm, cold front duo. >> this will stay out to see just more of reminder hey we are still in the midst of atlantic hurricane season, not too much to talk about in the last couple of weeks. meanwhile, as we take you out to couple of the sky conditions being report today us from eyewitness weather watcher network generally mixture every sunday, clouds, more clouds than anything in most of the locations, but as we walk you throughout the day, because the humidity is starting to creep up, dew point will represent that here. feels little steamier to us. at the beaches looking pretty good. should end with more sun than anything, nice day overall low rip currents risk thankfully. kicking check end on the seven day, mid 80s he can peck takes tomorrow wednesday but again also when showers and storms are set to move through.
6:47 am
vittoria over to you. >> good morning, traveling on the 42 fee way, now starting to feel the rush hour heat develop as you approach the area of 295. >> if you are planning to be on the 42, within the next 50, 20 minute, probably busier than this. southbound on the 42 freeway looking great. move things along to the blue route, 476 around the area of route one, not awful but again little traffic starting to build i would say the heavier volume that you will fine will be on 95 between of the northeast, and definitely on the schuylkill expressway, 76 westbound, going to hit that snag of volume approaching the roosevelt boulevard out toward the gladwynn area, eastbound, some slow downs around the area of conshohocken, and approaching the vine street expressway. eleven your average on the schuylkill, 15 on 95, 50's traveling in new jersey, no major problems in delaware. mass transit still looking pretty good.
6:48 am
no delays at the airport. err dismay. >> torrey, thank you. police are investigating whether two shootings in the ogontz section of philadelphia are connected. two people found widener place, they are in stable condition. another shoes g scene was found at 21st and nidro. also fire spreads across two row homes in chester delaware county. arson investigators are now at that schoon. and greece getting a bailout deal. it includes some serious reforms, and financial support for the european nation. >> a community comes together to help a mother of six caught shoplifting at missouri wal-mart. all started last week, sarah robinson caught shoplifting diapers, baby wipes, shoes things that she needed for her six daughters. officer mark cited her for shoplifting but then paid for everything she had tried to steel. community members inspired by this store have i been doing everything they can to help
6:49 am
her. >> people struggling every day, good to help somebody. >> i'm great great grandfather, and i know what it is to see little kids suffer. and i -- i hate to see that. >> the outpouring has been steady and it has been consistent, i moan, just amazing, angels in disguise. >> now from gift cards to food donations community members are helping at that mom and family in need. love to see that. >> right now 6:49. what's coming up, check in with charlie roads up in new york, good morning charlie. good morning erika. ahead, massive manhunt underway for notorious drug lord el chapo. and at the boards err of the controversial round new novel and surprising twist for hero character add with a finch. than will show you the new coffee trend that served cold from the tap. and has twice as much caffeine. only on cbs this morning.
6:50 am
novack djokovic, joins us, news back in the morning see in you about ten minutes. >> all right charlie thank you. a major volume cane i can erruption in western mexico, hundreds of people were evaculated in the area surrounding the volcano. erruption intense philadelphia international airport thursday, became increasingly volatile over the weekends. report indicate spewing ash more than 4 miles into the skies. interior minister says the volcano showing signs similar to that of major erruption back in 1913. pope francis returns to rome this morning after wrapping up his tour of south america. the holy father left paraguay last night after eight day visit to south america. francis was treated to special going away ceremony at the airport where he bless add plaque commemorating his visit. >> this was the 78 year old pontiff's first trip back to south america since becoming pope. and, reminder for you pope francis coming to philadelphia this september. for the world meeting of
6:51 am
families. so you can head to our website cbs philly for the latest details on the pontiff visit impact on the city. >> it go not take long for david letterman to come out of retirement. late show host made surprise appearance in texas to poke little fun at donald trump with one of the top ten lists. >> number two, donald trump so many mexicans starring in new movie entitled no amigos. >> thanks to donald trump republican mascot is also a (beep). >> martin short performance. >> hey, did you hit the move thinks weekend? minions ruled the box office weekends universal despicable spin off raked in estimated $115 million. that makes it the second biggest animated film ever just behind shrek the thirds.
6:52 am
looks so funny. just as i can world and disney picsar, inside out ranked thirds with 17 million. call this war of words between hunger games actress a.m. dan and kyler jenner, all over an instagram photo. here it is. check it out. there we see it. all right there is jen where corn rose in her hair the caption that reads i woke up like this. ten berg comment today jenner, quote, when you approach re ate black features and culture but fail to use your position of power to help black americans by directing attention toward your wigs instead of police brutality or racism. hashtag white girls do it better. jenner re employed by telling her to hang with jaden smith to whom both women have been connected. >> all right we'll be right back of the first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> update a story, we have some new information about the holdup at center city restaurant. our jan carabeo has been at the scene all morning for us. what's new? what have you learned? >> reporter: erika, couple of police officers just went inside the restaurant behind me. and that is because a couple of robbers here, got away with $3,000 overnight in brazen robbery. you can see, that all is quiet right now outside tria cafe in washington square, that wasn't the case earlier today. >> this restaurant is a popular spot in a busy part of the city. and now central detective are busy this morning, investigating robbery that happened here. police say this robbery happened 1100 block of spruce street around 1:30 this morning, while investigators are not releasing ought of the
6:57 am
of the details, two men robbed two employees those employees had four bags filled with cash around $3,000. police are searching for the two suspect this morning have, not released description. now the cafe specialize in the wine cheese, beer. sounds like they were having good night until that robbery happened. again, two suspect on the loose, that got a which with $3,000. live in washington square, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank youment picture. >> this pluto up close. tomorrow morning we expect to see some dramatic photos from out err space. at cbs news correspondent mel oliver tells us, mission nearly ten years in the making. >> if you think is jaw dropping scientists say you haven't seen anything yet. cbs news space consultant bill hearwood. >> woe won't see anything like this again i don't think in our lives. >> new horizon spacecraft will zip by pluto 7:50 a.m. eastern tuesday for the closest pictures to date. the fly by takes place
6:58 am
7800 miles away from pluto. >> nobody has any idea what the spacecraft is going to show them. the pictures on the way in have been exciting. >> a mission nine and a half years in the making. new horizons launched into 2006 leaving earth at 36,000 miles an hour. it has traveled nearly a million miles a day for close to a decade. >> tom has been in the front line for nasa since 1965. reaching the solar system coldest destination will be historic feat. >> right i running high. as soon as they see a new set of data, and it goes up on the screen, you know, they burst into applause, and high fives and everything else. >> cameras are so precise if it was flying over new york sit, at the same altitude from space, be able to make out the softball fields in central park hoping to capture amazing surface details like that on tuesday, mel oliver for cbs news. just incredible. >> so cool.
6:59 am
unbelievable. >> wow. >> i know you always chuck he he will when we do pluto stories because one of her cat's name is pluto. >> yes. i had to chuckle too when talking about they were coming, i think, you know, maybe a new additional thousands of miles away last week i was watching on cbs evening news, and they back it looking like a fuzzy blob with the latest pictures. >> just like your cat? >> exactly like my pluto. >> but looking okay for today? >> looking okay weather wise, we can higher clouds, transition to the next system, will bring in wet weather bye-bye tomorrow. >> ninety-five talk about bringing in the rush hour heat, if you are traveling out of the northeast down through to the vine, those headlight coming toward you rush hour in full swing. give yourself more time. >> reminder to tune in tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. he joins jessica dean in his new time involvement we miss him here in the morning. they look terrific, though, we know they'll be great together. so ukee, we will be watching and thinking of you. hope you can join us, as women. next on cbs this morning j
7:00 am
crew announces new store to sell clothe at cheaper price. good morning. it is monday, july 134th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an international manhunt for mexico's most notorious drug lord after an embarrassing breakout. we're at the border for the search of joaquin "el chapo." a fresh take on atticus finch. and only on "cbs this morning," novak djokovic talks about winning back-to-back titles and how he's inspired by serena williams. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> this is a man who's got an


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