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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 14, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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into the region right now so right over for the timing. into the day to forget the umbrella. >> the thing here i would say more than anything is the fact that you know these showers come through in clusters at times, pretty much any time, to earn the day today. we start thing off with just a view of "skycam 3", at the moment, if you look real close, see right up at the top of the screen here, little glimmer of some daylight trying to peak over the clouds here, but overall, we definitely have more clouds than anything, start the morning off certainly we just showed you on storm scan3 some heavier thunderstorms, so at the moment in ac, looking good, doesn't mean it stays that way. let's go next to storm scan. we take you to the loop mode of the area radar where we are finding definitely some heavier clusters of thunderstorms here. now salem cumberland, i95 within the last half hour or so perhaps if you are traveling out of new castle county toward maryland, you ended up with real heavy rain, some embedded thunder torrential downpours with
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pockets, looking forward in future weather what you will find here you just have these spots that show up. not going to be looking at widespread wash out but if you get stuck under one of the pockets, could you get drenched. by # a.m., right into noon, and john, even in toward the evening return. but that said, not totally out of the woods just yet guys. we have cold front yet to track. so that's going to be the story for wednesday meantime looking at the area dew points, warmfronts have basically one purpose to bring warm moist air into the region. it certainly is doing that this time. you have dew point in the upper 60s low 70s higher that dew point the worse of hair day it tends to be, and what you are going to end up with more of humid day. 74 degrees the current temperature meanwhile at philadelphia international airport, ac, just showed you l the camera view. expected daytime high today where it should, mid july. 87 degrees the expected daytime high temperature for us and we can again expect to see some drenching showers and thunderstorms, sort of off and on throughout the day and at any time. and the steamy necessary to continue right into tomorrow.
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vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much, katie. good morning everyone, right now, we have little bit of activity, if you are traveling right around the area every king of prussia. it is not causing too much of a problem. just noticed these lights in the cameras here, so, it is right around the schuylkill and 202 if you are commuting in this area, be minds full you may notice these flashing light. again the roads are still sleeping for the most part. around the area of king of prussia, then making your way down into center city, still pretty fantastic out there. so not the 42 freeway but eventually we get to the 42 i think unless our cameras just went out where we justin to go ahead talk about mass transit. all-in-all pa, new jersey, delaware, all of the speed censors are nice and high into the ooh -- 50's, all good out there. as we go down our mass transit checklist, talk about few things few trolleys still shuttle bussing the 15, the 101, the 102 so if you take any of those just be mindful that far this morning. patco running new schedules also, keep that in mind. due to construction, and if
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you are traveling septa new jersey transit and amtrak, all-in-all, for the most part, looking great. mass transit wise this morning, curious to see what will happen with the airport later on. katie calling for come storms, definately call ahead as the day progresses, let's head back to the desk. >> thank you torrey. happening today the naacp prepares to welcome president obama to it annual convention. this year it is being head right here in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from the pennsylvania convention center to explain what will be in the president's speech the good morning. >> good morning, we can expect the president to discuss reforms later this afternoon likely more, but we also know specifically he will talk about criminal justice reform when he addresses crowds at about 3:00 this afternoon. let's take you now to video of the naacp convention which arrived here at philadelphia back on saturday, and set to close on wednesday their theme is pursuing liberty in the face of injustice the group spent several days
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agenda building ahead of the 2016 elections, they are calling for broad reforms, in the areas of voting right economic policy, and reform to criminal justice as well as education reform as well. president obama commuted sentences mostly non-violent off earn cents there is comes as he says washington lawmakers discussing reforms to criminal justice, as well. take a listen. >> with our overall crime rate falling, a moment when both people in both party republicans, democrats, folks across the country coming together around ideas to make the system work smarter. make it work better. >> and we will likely hear more about those ideas again when the president addresses the naacp about 3:00 this afternoon. this is his second address to the naacp as president. after this convention cyst it he goes to rittenhouse square
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for dnc fundraiser trip about 4:00. back in washington about 6:00 tonight. we are live in center city. justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just ten, thank you. president obama will deliver the keynote address this afternoon as justin mentioned at the convention sentiment full coverage on air on line, former president bill clinton will also speak. following some breaking news right now diplomats involved in ongoing negotiations with iran have reportedly reached historic deal to curb iran's nuclear program. cbs news correspondent hena daniels said talks spilled over time, hammered out the final details. >> negotiations in vienna to curb iran's nuclear program extended into the morning. as leaders worked on remaining sticking points. secretary of state john kerry, and officials from five other world powers, finally agreed to gradually phase out arms embargo against iran. that blocks the country from
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buying missiles, and conventional weapons, paving the way for the landmark deal. >> this regarding iran's nuclear program. >> emerging agreement freezes iran's nuclear program for at least a decade, reduces the number of working iranian sent finals in the country from 19,000 to 6,000. if iran complies, crippling economic sanctions, would be lifted. >> under new law signed by president obama this year, congress gets 60 days to assess the deal. lawmakers on both sides have already indicated it will be a tough sell. >> i think the tough sell is going to be on the part of republicans, if they try to tank the deal. it will be a tough sell to say that the united state should back away from an international agreement. >> administration backed away from almost all of the guidelines that they set out for themselves. >> congress would need veto proof majority to block the iran deal.
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hena daniels, cbs news, washington. a scary scene outside philadelphia city hall whether mayor michael nutter gets involved in a confrontation with a man. only "eyewitness news", after the man got physical with the mayor security detail. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has this exclusive story. >> the confrontation begins with what appears to be homeless man yelling at the mayor. things get heated, he then confronts an officer guarding the mayor and then pulls the officer down on the grounds. but things don't end there. mayor michael nutter was with some of his staffers and other city officials here at the con course of the municipal services building directly across the building from city hall. mayor's spoke person tells me they were talking about issues related to the con course, and place where the homeless tends to congress great. the mayor then physically gets involved, helping pull the man off the officer on security detail, and then tries to calm a man down. >> the amateur individual woe
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was shot by eyewitness monday afternoon, he just happened to be there recording people's skateboarding, when he tells me he heard a man cursing at the mayor. he kept rolling as mayor nutter got face-to-face with the man to try and diffuse the altercation. then about 202nd after it all started, philadelphia police officer let go of the man's throat and after cooling off the man then walks away, and he wasn't arrested or charged. the mayor and that police officer with not hurt. last night we went back down to that con course thereto try and talk with the unidentified man. but both he and some other people who were under the steps appeared to be incoherent. reporting in the sat center, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". two former philadelphia police officers charged in the brutality case are due for their arraignment today. kevin robinson and sean mcknight are accused every beating riviera in 2013 surveillance video captured the incident. investigators say the officers knocked riviera off his
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scooter, got out of their cruisers then beat him and then arrested him. investigators say that riviera was innocent. closing arguments are supposed to begin in the colorado theater shooting case. the jury had decide if james homes was legally insane. prosecutors say holmes owned fire inside movie theatre in aurora killing 12 people there is happened three years ago he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, to more than 106 counts of murder and attempted murder. >> 5:09. much anticipated pre quill to harper lee's literary class took kill a mocking birds is officially on poor store shelves. >> three, two, one. >> "eyewitness news" as the big blue marble book store in mt. airy where they counted down to midnight, got to open those boxes then. go set a watch man 20 years after mocking bird takes place, however, it was written to kill a mocking bird. our jan carabeo will have
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reaction to that book's release ahead in our next half hour. just know a lot of folks are still up pouring through that book. still ahead this morning weaver some newspaper video as tornados tear through the midwest. we'll show you the damage left behind. also katie is tracking some possibly severe storms as they head our way today. also amazing she did it. >> incredible survival story. teenager survives a plane crash and several days alone in the wilderness. how she was finally rescued. >> also, another home-grown terror plot foiled. you have to hear who turned that suspect in to police. >> ♪ ♪ >> and you want to keep that umbrella handy today. katie let you know when the rain arrives coming up after the break. good morning. >> ♪ ♪
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> lucky to be alive after she survived a plane crash the 16 year old man and today walk out after rugged forest to safety. now, searches are looking for the crashed airplane and her
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step grandparent on board that plane with her. correspondent wita jang. >> emerged from the woods monday afternoon, two days after she reportedly survived a plane crash in northern washington. >> she was pretty banged up but she in good spirit. she is alive. >> his dade his daughter told him the plane crashed after into a bank every clouds, then caught foyer, she stayed at the crash site for a day before decide to go hike to safety. serena lock woodworks at the store where autumn was taken after she flag down a driver near cascades national park. >> she had like some branches and twigs in her jacket, and some scrapes on her face, and but i think the main thing was that she just seemed in shock. >> autumn was traveling with her step grandparent, leland and sharon bowman from montana
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to linden, washington, when the plane disappeared from radar near omack saturday. her father posted news of autumn's survival on facebook. cbs news. take a look right now at giant tornado here, caught on camera in hutchinson, kansas. that will twister touched down around 6:30 last night sending people running from the dinner table to the basement. much of the midwest saw storms and triple digit heat. this tornado levels a home and flipped cars, but luckily there were no reported injuries. want to head over to quincy illinois now, they are under state of emergency after strong storms tore through the area yesterday afternoon. check out the damage left behind. treason cars, windows were blown out, power lines also came sparking down. the mayor says the clean up effort will begin at daylight. and it just seems like the whole east coast has all of tees storms right now lining things up. >> for different reasons actually what we ended up with in the midwest yesterday, just
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batch of very, very heavy thunderstorms, that were very much much wind driven, why some of the trees came down. that will particular little set up is actually bypassing us. >> oh, okay. >> something else bringing the rain today. >> exactly, getting it courtesy of warmfront more than anything. >> doesn't matter where it is coming from? >> exactly, that real sit point here. but we do want to at least give you sense how things will shape you up for the rest of the day. that's the other reason i come into play, give you sense how things will time out. we take you outside, show you what's going on first and for most with a live look of the network, features just clouds at the moment, over palmyra cove nature park, overlooking the center city skyline. barely make out the light here on the city scape. but they are there. still dry at least in that location. doesn't mean that you're dry everywhere. looking at storm scan3 what we've got very heavy thunderstorms, only coming through in pockets though, not everyone obviously getting hit by this. where you are, you are getting drenched. there are torrential downpours within this pocket up north of i-95 into chester county,
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then also into gloucester county, as well. so expect that you might be slowed down not just by the actual rainfall from the sky but maybe even some left over pond that is left on the roadways, here is that disturbance, that complex that we were just talking about that moved through the illinois area yesterday. it is continuing its path off to the -- well off to the south. so that's not going to be major player at all for our weather pattern we are just dealing with warm then don't cold front. weather threat is out there but thankfully on the edge of it so little bit left for us today. but actually already seen some of what the so far ear weather could entail, and seeing it out there on the area radar now with the heavy downpours gusty winds and some of the frequent lightning that's been accompanying some of the heavier thunderstorms, so steamy stormy, walking through today even into tomorrow. still tracking a cold front. that's got to cross through. so eventually another round of showers, maybe heavier thunderstorm, will be moving in come thursday, humidity starts to drop off we're going to be left with really nice end to the work week,
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which definitely is good to see. in the meantime, we get you through the seven day here today, tomorrow, expect the steamy necessary mid and upper 80s, expectation through the end of the week leading into saturday, and we keep the theme of the heat going for sunday and monday, as well. back to you. >> thank you so much. right now there is no sign of rush hour heating up. if you are traveling any of the majors, almost like they are still sleeping. if you are traveling right now on the vine, we didn't have that construction project going on during the overnight closing the roadways, so you have been free to go on the vine between the schuylkill, 95, all night long, in you all morning long. so traveling on the vine is a breeze, only hands full every vehicles out there cutting you there center city. then once you get to the schuylkill, 95, all good for right now 5:18. usually we don't see too much after rush hour, until about an hour or so in. as we take you now to the 42 freeway, this is the 42, right at creek road. if you are traveling northbound again only few headlights out there. still very early to see a rush
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hour traveling in new jersey, the turnpike, a.c. expressway even 73, 38, 70, it is all good. the around cottman notice throughout the construction zone it, does narrow on the southbound side, if you are traveling, southbound on 95, even around girard, usually where rush hour starts to form because construction sort of kicks things off little bit early. all of the speed censors average willing in the 50's, no delays at the airport things may change later on with that weather so make sure that you call ahead. >> two of the biggest on line retailers, big winner here, we will tell when you you can cash in on really big bargains. also? >> carli lloyd makes big splash on her first late night tv appearance. lloyd and the rest of the teammates just made history again. more of the great video and details coming
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>> mag massachusetts man due in court this afternoon the tip came from the suspect's father, a boston police captain. >> federal authority say alexander planned to detonate bombs in college dorms and cafeterias, even to execute student live via the internet. extremist islam had become an obsession for the 23 year old >> this individual began to look at isis, look what they were doing and began to change himself. >> arrested july 4th, after receiving guns from a person working with federal agents. a search of his home uncovered michetti's, molotov cocktails officials say he had purchased a pressure cooker, story gets stranger. >> we know as a police
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officer's son makes it a bit unusual, his dad actually the one that turned him in initially. >> his farther, robert, a veteran boston police officer who was on duty on the day of the boston marathon bombing. could be g to the complaint, alexander mentioned that attack in reference to his own plot. but the elder hasn't had much contact with his son since he was seven. alexander in and out every innings tuesday cents since he was a child. >> after his arrest, he allegedly stabbed a nurse who was examining him with a pen. he was set to appear in court tuesday afternoon. >> kitchen hutchinson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the mexican government offering $3.8 million reward for the capture of joaquin el chapo guzman, more recent note oath of the powerful drug lord who escaped his maximum security prison saturday. officials say it is clear he had help. authority announce late last night, three prison officials have been fired. this is guzman's second prison
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break. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" after nine year journey just hours away from a history i can moment on pluto jan? >> erika, the days of fans to kill a mocking bird have been waiting for, release of harm err lee's new book, coming up first impression frost some of the first read tears snatch a copy. >> also, getting new look at donovan mcnabb after he got pull over for dui. hear how many the former eagles quarterback tried to talk his way out of trouble. >> dealing with fresh round of showers, thunderstorms today courtesy of one of two separate fronts, that bridges us the wet weather here throughout the week. fum details and time everything out for you coming up. >> vittoria watching the roads for up, she has the backups and detours as you get ready to walk out the door, good morning.
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a moment book fans have been waiting ooh years to see half century after to kill a mocking bird, eager readers spent the early hours of the morning digging into harper lee's follow to up that hit book, hear what they think about ghosts, there as they crack open those boxes. first though the roads are dry right now in northeast philadelphia, but storm scan3 showing some strong showers on
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their way little later today. i think everyone will be affected, sounds like by this in some capacity? >> in some way absolutely, the fact it comes during the morning rush, horrible timing. >> never awesome, flight. >> it really is, at least one good thing about it, it comes through in clusters, not everyone will get hit f you are feeling lucky mine, hey maybe you don't feel anything at all out of this. >> i can't really quite capture clint eastwood, as well. >> we'll take it. >> moving on, all right back to the storm? >> i want to show you what in fact is happening out there at the moment, yes we put in the loop mode of storm scan, give you sense what's actually taking place here, what you will notice is that specially from i95 just over new castle count my chester delco, you have got some pretty heavy rain starting to nudge in here, another separate cluster that has been moving through portions every salem
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cumberland and now gloucester counties so you have some very heavy rainout of that. >> flood advisory from where the heaviest rain is located. keep that in mine. that will will slow you down even if it is not necessarily raining at the time you hit the road there is could have left behind some ponding on area roadways. meantime, this is casino of how many the radar look looking for the better part of the day here. outside we go to beach patrol headquarters not necessarily dealing with any wet weather at the moment. atmosphere is moistening up, you will end up with showers thunderstorms at the area beach, not the best beach day ever, and really across the whole board here, showers thunderstorms will be again scat nerds nature, but producing heavy downpours at times, ponding on roadways which of course always leads to slow travel. so keep it in mind. taking you around the region as a whole here, talking mid 70s generally speaking from ac up toward philly little cooler the further north go into into the highest


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