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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ca and ukee, biggest threat with these storms as we saw, heavier downpours and risk for localized flooding. that will be the case overnight tonight and tomorrow as well. we are not in the major severe wrist being with damaging wind hail or anything like that. biggest threat will be heavier rain and that is what we have seen all day. we are watching storms over central pennsylvania starting to weaken. storms are more scattered in nature. that is coming through tomorrow night this nasty line of storms pushing through charleston, west virginia passing us by to the south but another round of storms will pop up in our area during tomorrow afternoon. looking at what is happening right now we have a couple spots, still seeing heavier showers portions of bucks county still under a flood advisory in mercer county just north of trenton but upper makefield seeing rain and lightening reported there further south waterford and 73 we have heavier rain and we have few reports of lightening in our area as well across south jersey. these downpours are brief but intense. if you fine yourself traveling through one, visibility will be reduced on the road and
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watch for that ponding and localized flooding in poor drainage area. here's the the they, just marginal, slight risk back to the west, more concerned about the downpours then i am about the wind and hail threats but there is a threat for lightening with anyone of these storms. moderate risk for wind but downpours is our biggest problem so expect scattered showers and storms this evening and slow travel across the area coming up i'll tell you when this all clears out back to you. >> see you shortly. track storms with our meteorologist, check storm scan three or even your shore forecast, just down load cbs-3 weather app available on itune and google play. more on an "eyewitness news" exclusive caught on cameras a tense encounter near philadelphia's city hall between mayor michael nutter and a man, sparks controversy or concerns rather over security. a man got physical with the mayor's security detail yesterday, and the mayor himself had to jump in to help. "eyewitness news" reporter
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alexandria hoff is live at the municipal services building to explain, alexandria? >> reporter: jessica, still no word on what prompted the man to conn front mayor nutter on the concourse behind me in the first place but he certainly worked to ease it and this time you will see that not only ones but twice. it was topic at hand at municipal services build ago cross from city hall. this video you will only see on "eyewitness news" shot by a bystander begins with an irate man angrily approaching mayor michael nutter and staff monday afternoon. a tense situation becomes more so when the man gets physical with a guarding philadelphia police officer. when he managed to pull the officer down the mayor himself becomes physically involved with the struggle, prying the man off of the guard and assisting in his restraint. >> stop. >> reporter: less than 20 seconds a hold on the man's throat by the officer was eased. now in footage being shown for the first time camera captured
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a second man approaching mayor nutter from behind. >> i would think there would be more people around to help out in a situation. >> reporter: you could hear the mayor trying to ease the tension. >> we're good. >> reporter: soon after a different man recognizes him in the chaos. a spokesperson tells "eyewitness news" that mayor nutter simply took action to calm the situation but it appears he did. few minutes later the man walks away, no arrests were made. mayor's office also told "eyewitness news" staff was out here to talk about issues involving the concourse which is a popular place for city homeless. reporting live from center city alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". only "eyewitness news" was there when philadelphia police officer robert pence surround toward day. pence was shot off duty any march of 2014 and accused of paying his former brother-in-law to implicate his current wife as having involvement in the shooting. he was arrested and processed by internal affairs.
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he faces conspiracy and obstruction charges. the 25 year veteran has been suspended from the police department for 30 days with intent to dismiss. well, south jersey man is lucky to be alive after a tree felon him and trapped him while he was working. the 59 two-year old private contractor was trying to take down a 2500-pound brand inch haddonfield when the tree felon, him, the wrong way trapping him in the bucket of his truck. emergency crews rush to the scene around is first 1:00 on loucroft road and were able to rescue him and secure the tree. officials say the the contractor is in critical but stable condition. we're now seeing video of the small plane that made an emergency landing in stafford township, ocean county, and this video released by stafford police you can see the plane landing safely on the grassy median on the highway right there. the plane was carrying five people including sky diving students and lost power shortly after take off. one person had to be treated for a small cut but in other injuries were reported. president obama is
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visiting the naacp national convention here in philadelphia. he outlined his ideas for reforming the criminal justice cyst em. we will get more from "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers live at the pennsylvania convention center matt? >> reporter: jessica president obama spoke for about an hour to an audience of thousands here in the convention center, talking about criminal justice reform and outlying what he calls three different areas in need of reform. we have video to show you right now of the president arriving a bit earlier this afternoon around 3:30 p.m. at philadelphia international airport. from there it was straight to the convention center. they spoke to n double ac p members in attendance, touching a broad plan to redo our criminal justice system. he said community investment in young people by providing more summer jobs for teens would reduce crime rates in the first place. secondly he spoke about reducing or eliminating mandatory drug sentencing for
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non-violent crimes that could reduce amount of people in prison. he urged congress to pass reform law this year to that effect. finally he spoke about prisons themselves saying more should be done inside prison walls to make sure that those serving sentences would be less likely to do so in the future. >> our nation is being robbed of men and women who could be workers and taxpayers they could be more active i havely involved in their children's life could be role models, could be community leaders. right now they are lock up for non-violent offenses. our criminal justice system isn't as smart as it should be. it is not keeping up as safe as it should be. it is not as fair as it should be. incarceration makes us worse off and we need to do something about it. >> reporter: this is just latest stop in the week for the president, talking about
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the the criminal justice system. yesterday he commuted sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders and on thursday he will be the first sitting president in the state of of oklahoma to visit a federal prison. we are live outside the convention center, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. tonight congress is reviewing a new deal to limit iran's nuclear program iran gets relief from economic sanctionness return for opening itself up to inspections. a top european union official in philadelphia, on a trade mission, calls it a good deal. >> the six powers, the united states, three european countries, and russia and china have been able to produce a deal that will definitively prevent iran from acquiring military nuclear capabilities. this is a huge break through and very positive sign. >> reporter: david sullivan is european ambassador to the u.s. for more insight into today's historic deal, catch the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, that comes on at
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6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. cow get frustrated when cars park in front of your house? your homeowners down the shore are getting creative when it comes to keeping vehicles off their property? "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan spoke to residents in sea isle city who are taking justice into their own hands. >> other day they were up to here. >> reporter: illegal park nothing front of lisa ray's driveway in sea isle city force toward act as a weekend parking attendant. >> i say do you think we can get a look out and then people move away f we're not here we will come back here and you cannot get out of your driveway. >> reporter: like most shore towns summer parking is at a premium in sea isle but over years home owner exercised an illegal solution. painting curbs yellow to truck drivers. >> i don't believe them because it is awful. >> reporter: recently sea isle police got complaints wrongfully given tickets because of the illegitimate yellow lines this brings city went out to cover yellow with
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gray and found almost 300 violations ranging from one to 45 feet of illegal paint. >> people do save themselves parking spots with these painted curbs. >> reporter: in some areas of sea isle illegal painting has gone from annoying to absurd. first painted yellow, city went gray and then they went golden. then city went gray again. officials say they are in the playing games. >> there was 27 that were repainted by someone in the property owners were issued citations for that. >> reporter: fines start in the $120 range and go up. did you ever paint yours yellow. >> new york i have not. >> reporter: lisa ray say curbs were yellow when she bought the place 11 years ago. lisa flick tried doing it once but she didn't have the right paint. >> my husband painted it. >> reporter: enforcement on illegal curb painting is ongoing. in sea isle, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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don't look now but major retailers are duking it out over summer shoppers. >> that is great news for bargain hunters. coming up next why tomorrow will be a great day to go shopping and here's is what even better, you don't to have leave your house. and also why you may want to hide your cell phone the next time you get behind the wheel, kate? and we are tracking another round of showers and storms pretty nasty looking storms off to the west these will get here overnight tonight and then again tomorrow but then we have got better news foreign of the week, that is coming up with the seven day forecast, leslie. one day after jonathan papelbon tells phillies to get their act together, gm ruben amaro is responding and plus new details of donovan mcnabb's dui arrest and why it might be worse then original willly thought. that is coming up later in sports. later tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 a pilots prom toys use donations for veterans. dit crash and burn? an iteam investigates. it is a story you'll see only on cbs-3 tonight.
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on the healthwatch tonight you don't have to answer, a call or a text, to be distract by it. a new study published in the journal of experimental psychology says just knowing someone tried to contact you can affect your focus and performance. researchers say studies participants performed a computer task and they made three times as many mistakes when their phones vibrated or beeped. the delaware river port third says it will approve a commuter credit for frequent bridge users tomorrow. e-z pass holders will get a $18 account credit if they make at least 18 round trip crossings each month over any of the drpa's four bridges. enrollment is automatic for e-z pass holders. the benefit is expect to roll roll out within three months. good news for shoppers in our area. >> that is right gloucester premium outlets announced final set of retailers to set up shop there few names include armani, vera bradley j crew, banana a republic and nike. it will open up on
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august 13th. once opened, 800 area residents are expect to be employed in the dozens of stores. and it is beginning to look lot like christmas for on line deal hunters. amazon wal-mart, target and best buy are all holding big summer sales. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan sorts through hoist offering what and how to make the most of these mid-july deals. >> that is right. good afternoon ukee and erika. instead of black friday some are comparing tomorrow to black wednesday but instead of lining up outside a big box store in the cold after thanksgiving dinner these deals could be hunted in the comfort of your home. amazon celebrates its 20th anniversary wednesday with amazon prime day which promotes the company $99 membership services. amazon says prime day will offer more deals than black friday, with new sales announced every ten minutes. >> they are saying they are going to offer more deals but does that mean better deals or does it even mean, as good a deal as black friday?
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>> reporter: consumer advocates edward dworksky isn't tempted by hike. >> coming up in ten minutes the following item will be on sale hurry hurry, hurry dowry search and grab it before it is gone because it is limited quantity. that is not my idea of fun frankly. >> reporter: not to be out done wal-mart has launched an on line compare sale, discounting 2,000 items. lower prices known as roll backs will apply to electronics, home, baby products and toys in the last 90 days. wal-mart is reducing minimum order for free shipping to $35 for at least 30 days. and best buoys getting in the act too holding a black friday sale on july 24/25th with deals on electronics and alliances. target is currently offering up to 65 percent off certain kids clothes and shoes shoppers can get an extra 20 percent off using the on line coupon code extra 20, through july 18th.
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now target rarely discounts by this much and usually their on line coupons are not this flexible. it just goes to show everyone is stepping up their game. whether it is july or november, high profile on line shopping days tend to attract the attention of scammers. so use on line safe guard like secure wifi connection and watch out for any pfishing scams. they will send you these things in your inbox saying stop shopping now. >> between kate, this young lady leslie, everybody was glued to the screen. >> which one do i want to do. >> these things stress me out. you need to do your research. if you know prices ahead of time and then when it pops up you know if you get a good deal or not. >> good point. >> happy shopping. i will be inside tomorrow checking screens. >> tomorrow, it may not be the the best day because showers will be popping up. better to have deals popping up instead of the showers. >> good thing. >> we might as well shop. >> sure. >> anytime we can find them.
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>> yes. lets look at what we have going on outside this evening. it will be a nice evening for most of us. showers and storms have cleared on out. that flood advisory i have been telling but in bucks county has been canceled. it looks like any flooding, ponding still out there from the earlier showers has diminished and center city looking great. blue skies few puffy clouds. i want to draw your attention to this image on sky cam three. the cloud off to the west were bubbling up and that is storm you see over gloucester county and camden county right now. showers, thunderstorms popping up across central pennsylvania. they have weaken. you can see worst of it ace long path, new york state border and very strong storms heading down through west virginia mostly staying away us from. the as we zoom in on our area still some showers in bucks county and one more creating the cloud, here in center city, look to the east and see those cloud again bubbling up with this cell over portions of camden county at the moment. rain amounts from earlier today and this afternoon. franklin town ship 3 inches of rain. doylestown over an inch and a half. palmyra .6 two.
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half inch today in philadelphia temperatures right now rebounding as sun comes back out. it is steamy. 85 degrees at the airport. eighty-six in reading. eighty-one in allentown. you can see dew points in the 70's, right in that oppressive range. it does in the feel very nice when we step outside this evening. it is one of those air masses where you just sweat the minute you walk outdoors and tomorrow will be more of the same. offer night scattered showers with localized downpours. tomorrow we will start off at 9:00 a.m. with chance of the showers and thunderstorms. a area of low pressure will try to form off the coast sending band of showers in the region. notice heavier rain possible, with any of these showers and storms. here's 1:00 p.m. that rotates around at 4:00 p.m. down into delaware. then we will clear out by seven or 8:00 o'clock tomorrow evening. skies clear. then beautiful weather will resume as we head into thursday and friday. and by beautiful i mean not only is the humidity lower but temperatures are below average for mid-july by thursday and friday. some great days to look forward to. for your overnight hours tonight mostly cloudy, mug
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which a chance of a shower at seven two. for your wednesday humid more cloud then sun with scattered showers and storms and any of these could produce heavy rain. we are not in the risk for severe weather but more just heavy rain and risk for localized flooding that we will be dealing w85 is the the high for your wednesday. here two are beautiful days if i can circle these and give them gold starry without. thirty-eight on thursday. eighty-five sunny. bright and sunny. hot and humid over weekend with a chance for spotty thunderstorms. not a big deal. steamy pattern sticks around in
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leslie is here now. when papelbon opens his mouth we can talk bit for a few days. there is something that said. >> that shy guy. >> so management has heard him. >> oh, yeah, i think we all heard him. beyond than papelbon represents phillies at all
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star game and spent yesterday lobbying for a trade. he allude todd red tape and told phillies front office to make a move or quote get off the pot. this morning reuben amaro responded on the wip morning show. >> pap is a very good pitcher he doesn't necessity anything about the front office, all right. it is as simple as that. i mean listen, i'm the gm and if pat is my boss and in all of these deals particularly ones as complicated and can be involved, have so much money involved, you know, these are all discussions that we have had, and with david montgomery, same thing. >> fill is are talking with other teams right now in regard to trading papelbon. if you missed home run derby last night todd frazier wins in bonus time, and on his home field in front of the thousands of cincinnati red fans. >> you know, just hearing the crowd roar call my name,
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adrenaline those are great. they really pick me up, and driving the ball a lot more. it was a lot of fun. appreciate that a lot. >> sixers in summer league action right now taking on the knicks, out in vegas. sixers up three to-22 in the second quarter. jahlil okafor looking good, eight points three, rebound in the first six minutes of play. his offensive game looks very promising. we need that. more bad news stemming from donovan mcnabb's second dui arrest, former eagles quarterback had a blood alcohol level that was more than twice the legal limit and that is referred to as extreme dui in arizona where he was arrested. if convicted he faces a mandatory 90 day jail sentence that could max out at six months in arizona's prison. >> very sad. >> leslie, thank you. >> we will be right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. come up next, "cbs evening news". tonight a story of survival, washington teenager hikes to safety after a plane crash her story. also danger around the diamond concerns about the safety of baseball fans. here now is scott pelley, we certainly hope you will join us later tonight. take care, family.
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>> pelley: sharp reaction to the iran agreement. is it path to peace or to war? >> a comprehensive long-term deal with iran will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> pelley: we'll speak to the two men who sealed the deal and the opponents who vow to kill it. also tonight homes are swept away as floods in the south turn deadly. a teenager's incredible story of survival. and heads up. how dangerous is baseball for the fans in the stands? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today president obama announced an agreement he says will keep an atomic bomb out of iranian hands for more than a decade.


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