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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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it is a stormy start to the day strong thunderstorms are blowing through the area right now and leading to flash flooding concerns. katie and vittoria will update conditions before you head out the door. also this morning we have good news and bad news, it just depend on how you get to work. we will let you know which fares are going up and which ones are getting cheaper. you never hear about that. >> that is right, is there always a catchy feel like. >> it just depend on your commute. >> we will find out. >> universally though crummy weather for all of us. >> yeah, it is affecting the morning drive. >> horribly. >> we are just saying hey we
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are just starting to wake up, the the roads but no, not this time around. >> yeah, usually feet up on the desk, and let the the girls do all of the work. today we have our commute cut out for us. >> it is all weather related. this is why we go together, traffic and weather together. >> yes exactly. >> we will give you a sense is what happening though because in all serious any is a very messy morning drive n maybe just tuning in because you heard the thunder or saw lightening. we will give you a sense how this will shake out. once this pocket as we get back outside to storm scan three, once this pocket moves flaw we are not the out of the woods, but it is semi localized. potions of new jersey here not getting hit but we have a lot of lightening right now firing up across gloucester and camden counties as well. let's go ahead and take a quick look at the advice wrist and warnings that are currently posted. we have an area flood advisory posted in the green shaded
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area that arrow is pointing off, into the red but it is for the green shaded area and a flash flood warning in that darker maroon, until 8:30 this morning, for very heavy rain, and we have already, in fact, seen some reports coming in from the national weather service that some of this rain has actually already produced upward after an inch and a half over a span of 20 minutes. what i will do here is zero in on the brightest colors, orange, red and this will give you a sense how heavily that rain is falling. you see that leading edge as it comes in a boeing shapes. that is how for one thing it is win driven. so there is a a lot of very strong wind with this but look at the precipitation that comes with this almost an inch and a half per hour. granted we are in the looking at heavy rain through an entire hour's worth but that can give you an idea how heavily it is coming down and it adds up very quickly. flash flooding is already occurring, where we are seeing heavier rain coming down but we are still looking at
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scattered showers and storms if this graphic looks familiar it is because we showed the same story yesterday downpours, poor drainage flooding, slow travel, already going on with additional showers and thunderstorms that will come through in a scattered nard but almost anytime during the day. expect another muggy afternoon very high dew points, loss of moisture to work with and temperatures that will top off in the mid 80's for us before it the is all said and done. better days ahead vittoria but we have our work cut out, as we said this morning we have already had a vehicle spin out, on the schuylkill expressway, right now, if you are traveling on i-95, this is i-95 at 452 in delaware county. note that is mist being picked up on the roadway. it is definitely going to affect your morning rush making things slower. just behind me you can still see lightening flashes so traveling this morning will be difficult, volume wise, we're not seeing it but low visibility, it is that mist coming up on windshield here and just driving in weather like this is just scary. make sure you are taking it
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easy. here's the the vine street expressway coming to and from 76 or i-95 through center city. traveling west or eastbound we are good to go. we didn't that have construction project this morning so no lanes are blocked. a as we continue now we have a traffic light malfunction, if you are traveling around the oaks area, thinks west main street at egypt road, if you are traveling in and around this area you do want to proceed with extra caution at that intersection. also, we have construction on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove right and center lanes blocked. no major delays for mass transit the but good idea to call ahead at the the airport. >> happening today delaware river port authority is expected to give drivers a break on some, some areas tolls. >> some is the keyword. >> discount will help commuters who make frequent crossings of the bridges. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from the ben franklin bridge with this. because of the storm she's inside the news room. >> glad you are staying safe out there, good morning. >> reporter: nicole and erika good morning. depend ing on what mode of the transportation you take to
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and from work you could either be saving, or spending, more. if you go across the bend been for example it will get cheaper very soon for a small amount actually quite a few number of people, however, if you are taking new jersey transit, you will expect to be paying a little bit more. prior to spend more in order to hop on a new jersey transit train or bus the board of directors is expect to approve fare increases today that will raise prices 9 percent. >> i think it is just too much, for services we get here. >> it adds up especially when you are we're working on minimum wage and part-time. >> i don't get paid up enough as it the is. >> reporter: alycia thomas commutes from philly to palmyra and uses the river line. even though nj transit has not increased rates in five years riders are reeling from the last increase, 22 percent back in 2010. >> i have actually had to consider changing my job
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looking back in philadelphia as far as somewhere to work because the price is just, the cost of transit is becoming too much. >> reporter: nj transit has proposed the hike and in order to close 56 million-dollar budget gap. meantime if you drive across the bend been betsy ross, walt whitman or commodore barry bridge to work you could soon save. the delaware river port authority is poised to approve a credit for drivers who cross those bridges at least 18 times a movement the those commuters will get $18 back at the end of the month saving more than $200 a year. >> yes, all to save money. it is a good thing. >> reporter: now you have to have e-z pass in order to get those savings and it turns out that about 30,000 commuters do have that and are in line for those savings. now once they are approved for tolls they should go in effect, that credit should go in before the even of the year. as far as new jersey transit
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the goes, once that rate hike is approved those will take effect in october. reporting live from penns landing, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now it 5:37. twitter stock in the atmosphere. >> that is dramatic, wow. >> a tiehl that was too good to be true, money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange. we're just so excited for you jill, good morning. >> reporter: well, see if the markets can keep up the momentum yesterday was fourth day in the row of gains, do you you jones jumped 76, nasdaq was up 33. twitter stock as were you just mentioning jumped 8 percent after reports that the company was about to get bought out. only problem the story was fake, it was posted on a web site made to look like bloomberg's business news page. airline mergers are creating less competition and travelers are unfortunately paying the price. according to a ap analysis in the past decade nine major
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airlines have merged into 4n that time fares increase $5 percent and travelers are increasingly finding that are home airport is dominated by one or two airlines. and here's the deal that was too good to be true, yesterday, best buys web site was offering a $200 gift card for just, 16 bucks it was likely caused by a technical glitch. it is unfortunately still not clear whether best buy will honor the gift card, erika and nicole. >> we will find out about that yes. >> we will see. >> we will let you know if we get the gift card. >> did you buy them. >> we did. >> are we admit to go that. >> perhaps allegedly. >> we're asking for a friend, jill. >> research purposes onliy like it. >> we will be an investigative team. >> thanks, jill. >> let me know if it actually works. >> we will ask our friend, thanks. summer sale wars are underway with on line
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shoppers, grabbing bargains beginning at 3:00 this morning. amazon is celebrating its 20th an verse write with amazon prime day featuring new bargains every ten minutes. amazon isn't the only company keeping on line shoppers up late. wal-mart discounting 20,000 items for dare to compare share. target is also on the bargain band wagon but consumer advocates say beware of the hype folks. >> coming up in ten minutes the following items will be on sale and it is hurry hurry hurry dowry search and you have to grab it before it is gone because it is limited quantity. that is not my idea of fun frankly. >> fit is your idea of fun there are even more deals on the way best buy will hold a black friday sale on july 24th and the 25th, erika. we are seeing new video of the small plane making an emergency landing on a highway in stafford township ocean county. in this video you can see that plane landing safely right there check it out on the grass median on route 72.
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the plane carrying five people including sky diving student lost power shortly after taking off a on sunday. >> when engine is running it had a lot of sound and then that sound is gone. i knew right away there was an emergency. road signs that is when the plane shook but the landing was soft it was just like landing back at the airport. >> one person was treated for a small cut. everyone dread getting stuck in the middle seat of the long flight, right? new one airline is making it less uncomfortable. frontier is adding 1 inch to the middle seats on its planes. it will be a little wider than aisle and window seats. they should be installed wye the end of the year some good news there. could this be the future of flying in a french company created this new design for the coast section that features face-to-face seating. that is just uncomfortable. seats alternate facing forward and backward so that means you
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can fit more passengers on a plane but they give you up to four more inches of leg room. that is nice. so far no airlines have no plans to switch to the face-to-face seating because that is not incredibly unconfidentable for anyone. i'll take extra leg room but if i have to sit face-to-face with a stranger for two hours. >> no more, trying to get the armrest and there are no armrests for those seats. if they are cheaper you can, suck it up and deal with it but otherwise just awkward. >> yes. >> i like somewhere to put my elbows. >> i'm with you. >> that is just me. >> but 5:41. donald trump is in trouble gannon twitter. >> see the picture that is causing controversy and who he blames for accidentally posting it. this is a big question how did he escape. brand new video shows moment one of mexico's most notorious drug lord breaks out of
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prison also... >> ♪ >> sound great but that is not your average subway singer, see pop star's reaction when in one seems to recognize her. you captain be surprised she has hoodie and glasses. >> we will have that story coming up next.
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well, word is stranded, taylor swift gets stuck on stage, during one of her concerts, lets take a look. >> in the meantime i'm going to sing a song for you and i hope you will sing along. >> all right. swift had in where to go when a mechanical problem broke at nationals park in washington d.c. but like a true pro she says it is not happening and she chose to sing a song instead, until stage hand fixed the problem. >> look at that. show has got to go on. >> smooth has can be. >> ♪ >> do you recognize that singer on the new york city subway. this is grammy winzinger brandy belting out the song from the wiz but in of the other passengers were impressed by her performance
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probably because they had in idea who she was with the hoodie and glasses and whole bit. tough crowd there in new york. but there you have brand any could go neat owe and nobody knows who you are. >> no one on the train responded. it is very emotional. >> i didn't hear what she was saying. >> she's emotional right now. >> this whole thing is confusing, but anyway, there you have it, one passenger said he likes the performance. so she got one and i'm sure he would be surprised to find out it was brandy and maybe in 1997 it would be a big deal. >> and hoodie down and we could see her face. >> and i love brandy, beautiful voice. >> but you cannot go out with the hoodie and glasses and performing in public. >> reality show that she will be on this fall, coming up i'm
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sure soon. >> well, i saw them dot same thing on fourth second street, and nobody had a clue, u2 did the same thing. >> be in had a clue who they were, and then they take mask and then it is awesome. >> yes exactly. >> i get that. i feel for her. she is an excellent performer. >> okay. i could go on for this. but guys, we have serious weather issues to discuss here. we have a live neighborhood network off in the distance, you can still see center city sky line, one area where heavy thunderstorms have rolled on throughout, we have not had too much lucky guess you can say finding lightening strikes, as of the right time, and you can see plenty of lightening strikes occurring on the tail end through gloucester camden and right up the pike here, along i78 traveling into new york city.
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take the bus. you may be running into heavy rain as well as flash flooding issues because of it. we do still have flash flood warnings air for whatever reason continues to point in the wrong direction but that is to address these green shaded areas and flash flood warning, down through that maroon colored area. with the heavy rain that continues to fall through our area we will track these showers and storms much like yesterday in scattered fashion, but until the front gets through there is still so much moisture to work with this saturated air mass. any downpour could come through, bring with it heavy wind gusts and frequent lightening and like yesterday it could happen at anytime. so much nicer, breathe nothing fresh air lower humidity, temperatures in the mid 80's that last us into friday. we will steam things up, once again, we are flirting with or hitting 90-degree mark for several days straight here and we will also potentially see shower or storm as early as saturday once again vittoria,
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over to you. >> did you see that lightening that just happened? did you see it? if you are traveling right now on the 42 freeway we will have low visibility, miss on the roadways splashing up against windshield. it is an interesting rush hour commute. we are seeing volume build on the north bound side of the 42 approaching 295. did you see it again? usually right around 6:00 o'clock or 6:15 is when rush hour build. we are right on time. we are ten minutes shy of six with you northbound 42 we are feeling heat of the rush hour delay now with the rain making things even slower. over to the rainy shot of the vine street expressway at 76, taking a look here you can note that is rain coming through and folks plowing on by but if you you are traveling on the westbound side of the vine approaching the westbound schuylkill, this is ramp to westbound 76 we are we have activity heave. this will impact your commute
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so give yourself some more time nicole. >> here is a look at today's headlines on cbs-3. an elderly woman is in stable condition after being shot on her front porch. police say she was hit by a stay bullet on the 2800 block of north 25th street. shooter remains at large. meanwhile a 31 year-old man is fighting for his life after being shot during an argument in port richmond. police are investigating whether the shooter shot him in self-defense. they say 31 year-old tried to use a shovel as a weapon. discount for drivers on area bridges is expect to be approved today drpa will be getting credit to e-z pass holders who make 18 round trip crossings a month. this morning we are getting an inside look at the mile longest scape tunnel used by joachim el chapo guzman. he broke out of the mexican prison saturday night for a second time and now he is on the run. wendy gilette explains how guzman broke out. >> reporter: one of the mexico's most notorious drug
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lord was serving his sentence in cell 20, despite an extensive network of surveillance cameras joachim guzman was able to break out of his baron prison sell saturday night. he escaped through a hole dug under his shower. he made his way through a well construct tunnel on a rusty motorcycle or one of two cars pushed on steel rails 62 feet underground there was a pipe, wires and lights running along the top of the tunnel. el chapo climbed under this latter reaching free inside a small structure near maximum security prison. he remains on the run despite a massive manhunt. security experts say this was an intricately devised escape that took more than a year to plan and build. buying a piece have land, constructioning the building in the field and then digging the tunnel. they say it is obvious there was inside help and three prison officials have been fired. wendy gilette for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". 5:51. new this morning a former guard, at nazi death cam in auschwitz has been convicted on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder. ninety-four year-old oscar testified that he guarded prisoners baggage after they arrived. he was sentenced to four years in prison. well twitter account for donald trump's presidential campaign posted an image design to predict patriotism. there was one problem world war two soldiers beneath american flag wore nazi uniform and not american once. twitter users flag it and tweet was promptly treated. trump spokesmen blame it on a young intern. >> yikes. >> 5:52. frightening day on the job for that truck driver. >> see how he was rescue as his truck dangled over a overpass. but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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a store employee in minute so the ace glad to be alive and extra glad to have jumped in to action to help save a baby as well. it happens when a pickup truck crashed in the storefront yesterday and here is video. corry was helping a woman and baby right by that window when
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crash sent shattered glass and furniture, all over the place. she says it was all just a blur. >> my car came through and i pushed it all the way up to that second counter. >> i just remembered she had a baby in a car seat so i thought of that and i was screaming back the truck up, back the truck up, the baby, the baby. >> the baby was okay, he was in the car seat at that time. young driver said he in mistook the gas pedal for break. >> wow. just a rough day on the job for driver of this truck he ended up dangling off highway overpass just outside detroit. police shut down highway while fire fighters used a cherry picker to pluck him out of the cab. he was shaken up but the accident looked a lot worse then it was. coming up in the next hour of eyewitness knew dealing with thunderstorms and heavy rain this morning katie will have very latest. struck by a stray bullet we are live with the latest on the woman shot while sitting on her porch. also ahead suiting a
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sunburn we have advice from a family physician how to best treat your stinging skin.
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good morning, to you. we've got some bad timing for
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your morning commute waking up to a a lot of lightening and heavy rain in many areas this morning. and, as we look live here at storm scan three right now a flash flood warning is posted for philadelphia and parts of the surrounding counties, so keep an eye on that as well. >> good morning it is wednesday, july 15th i'm quarter von tiehl. i'm erika von tiehl. it is stormy, steamy and we are getting started with a check of weather and traffic good morning ladies. >> you know what, we have our jobs cut out for to us day katie, traffic and weather hand and hand, traffic cameras are showing us just a lot of low visibility. >> and lightening up. we saw a lot of, frequent lightening shots. we are finding frequent lightening. we are finding very soaking rain and we are still finding strong win gusts. within place where you will not find it is back through portions of berks county. at the moment it is still very steamy here outside kutztown area middle school at 65 degrees. you did just have s


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