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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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timing for your morning commute waking up to a a lot of lightening and heavy rain in many areas this morning. and, as we look live here at storm scan three right now a flash flood warning is posted for philadelphia and parts of the surrounding counties, so keep an eye on that as well. >> good morning it is wednesday, july 15th i'm quarter von tiehl. i'm erika von tiehl. it is stormy, steamy and we are getting started with a check of weather and traffic good morning ladies. >> you know what, we have our jobs cut out for to us day katie, traffic and weather hand and hand, traffic cameras are showing us just a lot of low visibility. >> and lightening up. we saw a lot of, frequent lightening shots. we are finding frequent lightening. we are finding very soaking rain and we are still finding strong win gusts. within place where you will not find it is back through portions of berks county. at the moment it is still very steamy here outside kutztown area middle school at 65 degrees. you did just have some heavy
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rain rolling through that area. even at this point back edge is still working its way through. here's that view of storm scan three rotating around through bucks and montgomery counties and we do as a result, still have flood advisories and flash flood warnings, posted across these zones. in the green that is your flash flood rather flood advisory but flash flood warnings are posted in the red. everything is updating as we go along so bear with us as we are updating our graphics as quickly as possible. as we look at the snapshot with the lightening strikes they are coming through in clusters but very frequently. portions of sale he will, gloucester camden counties finding these not just heavy pockets of rain but lightening strikes that come with it. in short this isn't it and then we're done. rest of the day may feature showers and then are storms at anytime. we have to get this frontal boundary through before we can
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wipe the slate clean. that will take us until at least tonight. >> well, it will be quite sometime i would say for rush hour to clear out of the way. we are getting started on i-95 and usually as i say about 6:00 o'clock or 6:15 is when rush hour starts. we are right on time on i-95 southbound seeing delays from the northeast down to the vine street expressway. it is very wet damp on the roads. this will severely affect your rush hour commute making things even slower and then delays even longer. so give yourself more time this morning because you are going to need it. we are taking you elsewhere to 422 around 23, if you are heading in the eastbound direction a few more vehicles out there not a full swing rush just yet. only place we are seeing rush hour form is i-95 but not too far would be schuylkill expressway and that pocket forming at city avenue. we are still waiting on things. taking a look at pennsylvania turnpike quickly at this map here westbound between bensalem and willow grove we have construction, right center lanes are block give yourself more time this morning, no delays for mass
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transit but call ahead. thinks so scare. a woman was sitting on the front porch when she was struck. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at northwest detectives in the news van right now because of the van justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are told that 79 year-old victim should recover from the gunshot wound to her right leg as a result of the stray bullet, as we mentioned and last check police say she was listed in stable condition. lets get you to the video of that scene on the 2800 block of north 25th street just after 10:30 police say that is where a semiautomatic gun opened fire, striking that victim as she sat with her son on her own front porch on her residential block. and that is where many enjoy their front porch police say and police say for those who knew this victim and her son this ruined their routine. lets take a listen.
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>> neighbors say that this 79 year-old woman normally comes out at night and sits on her front porch enjoy cool weather when it gets hot during the day. that is where they say she was doing at the time when she was shot, minding her own business sitting on her front porch talking to her son when she realized that she was shot. >> reporter: police say victim heard the shots rang out and realized she had been hit. she was taken to temple university hospital again at last check in stable condition and police are also hoping for surveillance cameras nearby caught video evidence of the whole thing and will track down their shooter. we are live outside northwest detectives i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". was this in self-defense? that is what police are trying to figure out after a man was shot during an argument in port richmond. two men age 63 and 31 were
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filing on the ann street last night. they say younger man went up to the old older man with the shovel and older man shot him. the the 31 year-old is in critical condition. new this morning a former guard at nazi death cam in auschwitz is quick on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder. ninety-four year-old oscar grown i go said he guarded baggage after they arrived. this morning he was sentenced to four years in prison. a philadelphia police officer could lose his job after ago accused of lying about how he was shot while off-duty. only "eyewitness news" was there as officer robert penn turned himself in yesterday. penn was shot the in the shoulder in march 2014. now police say he paid his former brother-in-law to blame penn's current wife for that shooting. the 259 year veteran has been suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. now to the story we had first on cbs three mayor michael nutter says he is not scared after taking action in the scuffle with the homeless man.
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the video shot by an eyewitness shows the encounter outside the municipal services building. fifty-six year-old george crammer is seen there cursing at the mayor and fighting with security. crammer watch the video with todd quinones, satisfaction said he had no intention of harming the mayor. >> i'm not a violent person. >> again, i was not harmed, i was not threaten. i didn't feel threaten. i'm from west philadelphia. i can take care of myself. >> from west philadelphia crammer says he was trying to crawl attention to the home less problem in philadelphia for his part mayor nutter says he will not be increasing his security detail. former president bill clinton will speak at naacp national convention in philadelphia today. his appearance follows president obama's who yesterday outlined his ideas for reforming the criminal justice system. the president argued putting non-violent offenders behind bars is not good for americans but rather it breaks their bank accounts. >> every year we spend
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$80 billion to keep folks incarcerated. 80 billion. now just to put that in perspective for $80 billion we could have universal preschool for every three and four year-old in in america. >> the convention wraps up to day at the pennsylvania convention center. and happening today president obama will face questions about the nuclear deal with iran when he holds a news conference at the the white house. after nearly two years of talks diplomates from the u.s. iran and partners announced at agreement in australia iran gets relief from economic sanctionness return for opening itself up to inspections. the israel opposes the deal because iran continues to seek its destruction. congress has 60 days to review that agreement and the president's news conference is scheduled for 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. analyst say nuclear deal with iran will lower gas prices, back to $2 a gallon by the fall. iran has not been able to sell oil to the you had since 1995 because of sanction toss curb its nuclear program.
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pricees were below two bucks at most u.s. the gas stations last winter. meantime today more good news if you drive between new jersey and pennsylvania, on a regular basis. later today the the delaware river port authority says it will approve a commuter discount for frequent bridge users. e-z pass holders who drive over the bridge 18 times a in will get a 18-dollar credit on their accounts. that is more than $200 saved over an entire year. so not bad. but also always is there a catch. news isn't all good for commuters, who could end up paying more to get to and from work. we will explain that coming up in our next half an hour. but still, $200 a year. >> yeah, $18 a month. >> not bad. >> still ahead this morning severe weather in parts of the south where strong storms cut a path of destruction. that is coming up next. plus applause for pluto let's hear it for the draw planet. well done. nasa completes a historic mission giving man kind its closest look yet at the solar system's dwarf planet. >> incredible to see these pictures.
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>> so call. hall of famers are honored and south jersey is represent ared in a big way in baseball's all-star game. >> all right. that is the sound of one direction but it turns out one of the members may be taking a new direction. the perhaps a new role in his personal life, we will explain, coming up next. i believe wasn't a member of one direction that left not too long ago and everybody was very upset. >> indeed. >> and making teen girls crying. >> posing pictures of them crying. >> yes. >> it was zane. >> thank you. >> katie, our resident one direction expert. >> let's not go that far. >> yes. you know more than me. i give thaw. we will take a short break. we will be right back.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ well, the search resumes for this morning in kentucky for several people missing in flood waters. monday's storms killed two people and six others remain missing. search crews are planning to go door to door looking for those trapped inside their homes. right now officials estimate more than 150 homes were
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damage or destroyed. >> looking at aftermath of that just incredible. >> um-hmm. >> and kate, it seems like much of the eastern part of the country is experiencing these severe storms, including us. >> we are in the thick of things right now that is for sure. it is not the same system that affected kentucky but similar looking system. thankfully not quite the kind of wind speeds that we saw produced in that region. in the meantime we have our handful don't get me wrong here this cluster of heavy then are storms and rain has been a problem for several hours. biggest, most pronounced issues of flooding has gone on in portions of montgomery and now moving into bucks. there is frequent lightening, up through northampton county and few little clusters right on the tail end of the loop here that fire up. we will show you a snapshot across new castle county, salem and across into gloucester and camden. that is where we are finding heaviest in terms of not just rainfall rates but most
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frequent lightening. i will zero in on these clusters and take a look what precipitation rates we are talking about here. this little cell do you see that dark maroon shading here we have here, and here as well, these are precipitation estimation rates of two and three-quarters an inch per hour. we will not see this cluster of heavy rain over that okafor an entire hour but that is flash flooding in a nutshell. when we have that rain coming down it will flood out your roadway. lets walk through future weather. we still got this additional moisture to work with here right through midday, early afternoon and it does appear until this cold front crosses through we are still dodging showers and storms really at anytime. throughout overnight do you see how things clear out which is definitely good news. what is better is we have a nice break both thursday and friday mid 80's, full sunshine lower humidity. overall, i don't think we will
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talk the the kind of storms we have been dealing with both today and yesterday. that is some better news. >> get through today. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> good morning torey. >> good morning everyone. with the weather we are having today it is impacting your rush hour commute. we will see this ongoing for beyond 9:00 o'clock would i imagine because anytime we have weather like this it will extend the rush hour period . everybody travels a little slower and delays tend to get locker. lets see what we have in store for us. the this is a perfect shot, because we really paint the picture of how terrible it is. look at that, it is gross right. traveling on i-95 southbound out of the northeast down through the vine this is what you will find. just like i had mentioned anytime we have weather like this, people like to get an earlier start sometime or sometimes they will take a later start. it extend the the rush hour time unfortunately and then delays like this justin to grow in volume. we have low visibility, roads are slick wet damp so takes
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i easy if we can. we are seeing rush hour forming on the westbound side of the schuylkill at city avenue just starting to bill. no major delays for mass transit but good idea to call. >> here are your headlines on cb. . elderly woman is recovering after being shot on her front porch. police say she was hit in the 2800 block of north 25th street. that shooter remains at large. an argument lead to the shooting leaving a man critically injured in port richmond. police are up investigating whether the alleged shooter shot him in self-defense. president obama holds a news conference about the nuclear deal with iran. then new agreement iran will freeze bulk of the nuclear program for a decade and in return economic and financial sanctions would be lifted. in sports, angels mike trout is reportedly back home in millville this morning after another all-star game mvp award. last night baseball all-star game in cincinnati, started with the standing ovation for
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pete rose, rosies banned as you will recall from baseball but honored as one of the red all time grates. then pride of the millville senior high led off with the home run here, trout is first player to win back to back mvp award. al won it six-three and holds the advantage in the world series. not a bad night. we will take a short break. we will be right back.
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in we're expect to go see more up close pictures of pluto today. nasa's new horizon spacecraft orbited the dwarf planet yesterday. >> amazing what they can do. >> our reporter peter dowd spoke with scientist about the accomplishment ten years in the making. >> and pluto. >> i have been waiting half my life for this. >> reporter: dozens of scientists and engineering gathering for a spacecraft the size of the grand pea an owe, incredible 3 billion miles from earth. >> getting to be a part of the excitement, and this moment in history it is really special. >> reporter: nasa's new horizon probe racing past to transmit mess tea tailed
6:21 am
images of the dwarf planet ever seen. agency tweeting this early close-up of pluto and its moon but even better images are expect in the days and weeks to come. 720 million-dollar journey to the farthest edge of the solar system took nearly a decade with new horizon passing pluto at a speed greater than 30,000 miles an hour. >> we dit. >> human kind has another exciting accomplishment in the exploration of the space. >> reporter: scientists calling the moment new horizons began sending back data and hallmark in human history. >> that really is so cool. >> amazing. >> more close-up pictures to come. >> that was peter dowd reporting. some of facebook's best features are hidden. >> not for long, more to get more out of your social network. katie is updating your forecast with nasty storms, right now. >> absolutely, that is our biggest issue for here and new but eventually we will track more storms, in our seven day forecast and i will have details on what the nice days
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are, what the bad days are, we are certainly off to a rough start right now so stay tuned we will have full details on the other side,
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facebook is, offering new features that is a good time to check on the studies to
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sharon profus for c cbs news. still ahead this morning it is middle of the july but two retail giants want to you shop like it is black friday. >> more on the sales and how it is coming up to be a battle here coming up in the next half an hour. jan carabao with good and bad news for commuters right jan. nicole, if you drive across ben franklin bridge or three other bridges that connect new jersey and philadelphia, you could soon be in line, for additional cash however if you ride trains and bus necessary some areas of the delaware valley it could be paying more, coming up we will explain. good with the bad. >> jan, thank you. inside elaborate escape our first look at a continue that he will a mexican drug kingpin used to make his prison break. katie has your forecast, stormy start this morning. variety tore eyes checking on those road. we will do traffic and weather together when we come back. we will be
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this is a nasty and heavy rain in, some spots and is there also a flash flood warning, in effect right now so just a very stormy start to the day but katie you are on top of it. >> yeah, we have got so much to cover out there it is in the just heavy rain, frequent lightening, strong win gusts whole milk bag and it is left major problems for this morning's rush. and the problem is we're not out of the wood just yet. we will have more to track. so lots to get to. we will get you outside and show you what is happening on the full screen view of storm scan three and notice, there is a lot of lightening but coming through in a cluster format here where we have one pocket over new castle, one pocket over gloucester and
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another in camden and now moving into burlington county and up toward lehigh valley. if you fine things worse in some locations as opposed to others, lets look at a snapshot view. heavy rain is most widespread issue at the moment but you company have the lightening, as well as some very strong wind gusts. as we mentioned numerous flood alerts posted specific to right around the philadelphia metro area and immediate vicinity and surrounding suburbs. i-95 is included here, 476 is included here, 76 and list goes on with the other major roadways. in the red we have flash flood warnings, in the green we have flood advisories, and as we get through the course of the day here you'll still have to dodge additional showers and thunderstorms. we still need this cold front to cross through and it will not completely do so until tonight unfortunately. again fresh round of showers thunderstorms still in this forecast at anytime today and umbrella is still a very good
6:32 am
idea but thankfully vittoria despite how strong these storms have been we don't sit in any severe weather threat. that is good news. we have our own bag of issues when it comes to that. >> right now with traffic would i say because rush hour is now upon us, when we have weather like this even fit is just dampness on the roadway rush hour extend and it last a whole lot longer then john 9:00 o'clock. we have our work cut out today katie traveling on the ben franklin bridge, every single lane is slow, saturated with volume. it starts from new jersey. continues to haunt you down toward eighth and vine and doesn't help that the right lane is compromised by construction. just a lot going on there if you plan to travel other bridges i would say you are doing okay but be mine full folks will be doing the same thing. anticipate delays heading in to philadelphia, give yourself some more time. very wet shot of the schuylkill expressway, not too far from the roosevelt boulevard. traveling east bound you have
6:33 am
heavy delay into center city. westbound we have a heavy delay approaching area of the city avenue and continue throughout western suburbs. a lot going on there be mindful of construction westbound on the turnpike between bensalem and willow grove. some changes are in store for area commuters but it all depend on how you travel. >> drivers on bridges can expect to pay less, great naus but travelers on mass transit you will see a price jump. >> decisions on all changes happening today and our jan carabao is following it from penns landing inside the truck because of the storms. good morning jan. >> erika and nicole, good morning. two big votes happening today one at delaware river port authority, other at new jersey transit. now if you drive across the benny and three other bridge that he is connect new jersey, philadelphia you can expect to save some money. however if you ride buses and trains for new jersey transit be prepared to pay more.
6:34 am
prior to spend more in order to hop on new jersey transit train or bus. board of directors is expect to approve fare increasees today that will raise prices 9 percent. >> i think it is too much instead of the same service we get here. >> it adds up when you are working on minimum wage and part-time. >> i don't get paid enough as it is. >> reporter: alycia thomas commute from philly to palmyra to work and uses the river line. even though nj transit has not increased rates in five years riders are reeling from the last increase, 22 percent back in 2010. >> i have to consider changing my job looking back in philadelphia, of course for somewhere to work because the price is just, the cost of transit is just becoming too much. >> reporter: nj transit proposed the hike to close 56 million-dollar budget gap. meantime if you drive across the benny betsy ross, walt
6:35 am
whitman or commodore barry bridge to work you could soon save. delaware river port authority is poised to approve a credit for drivers who cross those bridges a at least 18 times a month. those commuters will get $18 back at the even of the month saving $200 a year. >> put more money in everybody's pocket, yes. >> anytime we can save money is a good thing. >> reporter: officials tell thaws some 30,000 drivers do have e-z pass and will be able to pay part in the credit and get $216 back each and every year. of course, you have to have that e-z pass and once it is approved we are told this credit should take effect by the end of the year, as far as new jersey transit goes that again those rate hikes need to be approved but we are told that will likely happen and those hikes go in effect in october. we are reporting live, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> take the got with the bad. >> indeed. a fish are man is dead after a freak accident on wissohickon creek in east
6:36 am
falls. the six three-year old was fishing with friend near the 4900 block of ridge avenue, and got a snag on the line. volleys -- witnesses say when he went waist deep in the water to unhook that fishing line he slipped and fell. we are told water in that area is 25 feet deep. he is not caught but his escape is caught on camera. we are getting our first look at how drug lord joachim guzman broke out of the mexican prison. wendy gill it brings us up to date on the escape and the search to put him back behind bars. >> reporter: one of the mexico's most notorious drug lord was serving his sentence in cell 20. despite an extensive network of surveillance cameras joachim he will chop owe guzman was able to break out of his baron prison sell friday night. he escaped through a hole dug underneath his shower. he made his way through this well construct tunnel on a modified rusty motorcycle or in one of two cars pushed on steel rails 62 feet under cars. there was a pipe, wires and
6:37 am
lights running a loss the top of the continuer. el chapo reached free inside a small unfinish structure near the maximum security prison. he remains on the run despite a manhunt. security experts say this was an intricately devised escape that took likely a year to plan and build. buying a piece of land, constructing building in the middle of the field and then digging the tunnel. it is obvious there was inside help and three prison officials have been fired. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". injury tonight colorado shooting trial begins deliberation this is morning. in closing arguments the prosecutor said that james holmes was legally sane when he entered a movie theater killed 12 people and wounded 70 others. his defense lawyer countered that holmes was controlled by his schizophrenia. >> we have summer sale war waged on the internet and some off spent sometime on line
6:38 am
overnight. amazon celebrating its 20th anniversary with a amazon prime day that means they are announcing new deals every ten minutes and they start at three this morning. it is on. wal-mart is discounting 2,000 items on line and target has discount on children's clothing and shoes but consumer advocates say there is a lot of hype. >> coming up in ten minutes the following item will be on sale and it is hurry hurry dowry search and grab it before it is gone because it is limited quantity. that is not my idea of fun quite frankly. >> but a lot of people it works. it is like black friday and there are even more deals on the way best buy holds its own black friday sale july 24th and 25th. i'm all for it. if that is how you want to expenditure time get on line wait for those deals have at it. >> it is fun to see what pops up. >> yes. >> but do you need that many gadgets. >> probably not. >> 6:38. >> with the weather like it
6:39 am
thinks morning it is tough to imagine getting a sunburn but they are just part of the summer time. >> yes. >> coming up next we have advice for suiting your skin. a truck dangles off an overpass, and the driver is still inside, this is so scary, see daring rescue coming up next, plus this... >> i'll introduce you to a former marine turned yoga teacher and teaching fellow veterans for free when we come back. >> ♪ >> when something goes wrong at her show taylor swift shakes it off. hear what happens that brought her concert to the halt, she went witt, that story coming up.
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. well, this video shows a
6:43 am
tractor trailer dangling over eastbound i94 in michigan. apparently that cab went over edge after an accident on the interstate near detroit metro airport. emergency crews used a cherry pick ter rescue that driver who told reporters he was in the state of shock after that scary crash as you can imagine. it is in the clear what caused the accident and there was a diesel fuel spill to clean up, afterward. >> thank god he is okay, that is terrifying. >> we're talking storms, how is it looking. >> we will start off by checking with our weather watcher network as we have not had a chaps to do that and they have been reporting all morning long. thank you for doing that all morning. so helpful to get a sense of what you are seeing on the ground. i had to chuck you will at here came from peter, he has seen thunderstorms in williamstown in the last say 20 minutes or so. but i love his line, lots of lightening and thunder. wasn't best time to go bed at 1:00 a.m. we are glad you are up and reporting because it is very
6:44 am
helpful. just to get a sense of what we are finding out there. sometimes radar can tell lies. we will go up to 71 degrees from ed connor. he has seen just cloud generally within the last 14 minutes and he also had a picture, which shows us dry conditions. but this was all in advance of the storms that started to rumble through. the let go next to storm scan where we are fining the storms coming through and a lot of lightening still firing up especially across place that he is just saw this yesterday. southwestern, new jersey, cumberland salem gloucester, all those counties there and very heavy pockets of rain firing autopsy cross northampton county as well. once this large cluster of storms rolls rolls out of here we are not in the clear. we need our cold front to cross through and that will take sometime. anytime during the the the day showers and thunderstorms still in the forecast. by tomorrow and as early as late tonight dew point start to drop. it feels more comfortable.
6:45 am
tomorrow and friday looks great. weekend is looking like summer as we hit saturday, vittoria, over to you. we have a lot to talk about in the traffic world and, some volume. first starting with the ben franklin bridge, traveling from, new jersey into philadelphia, look at the bend here, right lane compromised by construction and everyone going slower and dampness that they do have on the road. give yourself some more time, few other bridges traveling tacony, walt whitman also a slow down because bridges are wet and folks are taking it easy out there. this is 476 blue route right around route one, traveling in either direction we will have delays. we are experiencing ponding and flooding on this roadway as well, specifically between areas of saint david and broomall. traveling blue route expect high volume and traveling northbound i would say that is your biggest delay between i-95 and media southbound side doesn't look great either. moving to the northeast extension southbound we have an accident near quakertown, overturn vehicle on the right lane and give yourself more
6:46 am
time. no delays for mass transit but call a head at the airport. all right, thank you. we have some break news in chester county to let you know about this morning. you're lag live at new video of a house fire in phoenixville that may have been caused by lightening. we are told those flames were shooting through roof of the house on dayton street. there were reports of heavy lightening in that area at the time but we are working to figure out what sparked this lightening. we are told in one was hurt but six people displaced after that house fire in phoenixville. this is video shot a little bit earlier but we are on the scene there and as soon as we have more details we will pass them to you. right now we will send it over to erika. we know sun screen is one of the best ways to prevent a sunburn but ouch, we have all been there right. staying out in the sun too long or forget to go reapply that sun tan lotion you can end up with a nasty burn.
6:47 am
what are ways you can help heel faster? family physician doctor jennifer cuddle joins us now on call with some early advice with problems that go hand and hand with summer. >> how are youy know we are reledge bus our sun block but sometimes we slip up. does it depend on the person and how fast you get a burn. >> it depend on how high and hot the sun rays are. how long you are in the sun. whether your skinnies protect with sun screen or not and type of skin type that you have. i want to make sure i got brown skin. if you are brown skin like me, pigment in your skin you can still burn and still can get sunburn and skin cancer. it is important that everybody wears sun screen i have to say that right off the bat. >> you have been there you slip up, you want to ease the pain. what can you do to cool down your skin. >> if you feel like you have a sunburn get out of sun. come on inside. next thing make sure you are using a towel. i got the my towel right here. use it, put ice cubes or make it cold and pat yourself down,
6:48 am
every ten or 15 minutes to get the heat from the skin. another great thing is jump in the shower take a nice cool shower and when you get out keep fluid on you you and put moisturizer. this is my favorites right here but use one with aloe vera and soy. >> is that the the way to go or more lotiony think you cannot go wrong with either, it is your personal preference but aloe can be nice. >> trying to make yourself more comfortable, blotted your skin with ice what else can do you. >> make sure you hydrate because when we get sunburns it causes us to be dehydrated inn it pulls that night away from our body. make sure you are drinking your water. this is some of my favorite. >> yes. >> but you want to make sure you drink your water. if your doctor says it is okay take tylenol and motrin and if you get blisters let me tell you you get blisters please do not pop them, okay. that might be around the time you may want to sees your
6:49 am
doctor. >> i was just going to ask at what point do you go to the er. >> as a family doctor and i see patients every single day. sunburn is very, very severe, extra painful covers a lot of your body, severe blisters, fever or generally not feeling well, more than just the skinny want to you come see me. >> doctor jen thank you very much. >> hopefully in burns for you this summer, nicole. >> you have to put that sun screen honorary ledge usually. >> 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. gayle king joins us live from new york with the preview good morning gayle. >> good morning, where is ukee lee we love to see to. >> i'm sorry to tell you the ukee has been promoted to our evening newscast so you can see him five, six ten, one , huge promotion for him but of course we miss him, as well as you do. >> well, congratulations, i will reach out with him. did he not consult me about that.
6:50 am
congratulations, good to see you you. >> very happy for him great news. uphill battle on capitol hill as white house tries to sell congress on the iran deal. nancy cordis is there with the reaction. legal analyst ricky kleeman on the divorce couple fight over frozen embryos that may set a new legal standard. mixed martial arts champion her name is rhonda rousey have you heard about her she's huge she tells ben tracie how she knock out her critics and she shows him her signature news, the news is back in the morning, nicole we will see new ten minutes. we are getting ready. we will see you at 7:00 you will like this next story because it features our own ukeelee washington. >> you can see him on wednesday. >> yes. >> we will tell him you miss him. >> form her marine now living in south jersey says yoga saved his life. >> now he is offering free yoga class toes fellow veterans and families. ukee had a chance to meet him in cherry hill.
6:51 am
>> when cj keller of moorestown came back from serving in iraq in 2008 he struggled with ptsd. >> would i go and i would run right and go to the bar. those were my coping strategies. that is what i knew. >> reporter: then cj found. >> you can feel your breath. >> it slows things down. >> cj is now a ohio and struck or twice a week he offers free yoga classes for veterans. one class in maple shade and another in cherry hill. >> so how did yoga and mindfulness help you out. >> yoga gives you the tools that empowers you to be present with what is. >> veterans can bring your family members to these classes too. >> jim a form mare reen corporal signed up. it helps him cope with difficult feelings, including losing a fellow vet and a friend just to suicide. >> you know i used to push away the sad, the bad thoughts
6:52 am
but i'm getting to a place where it is okay. >> reporter: cj hopes to get 20 vets and family members per class. classes are free but cj welcomes donations for active heroes as the non-profit tries to end suicide in the military. >> right footsteps up. >> reporter: these veterans are back on a mission together, saving each other. >> it is a one like no other. >> no other. >> i get to be with my brothers and sisters again. >> reporter: cj plans to hold these classes indefinitely and no need to sign up in advance. find out hours and locations at cbs i'm's ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ♪ >> we have two word for you this morning new direction for a member of the british boy band one direction. will tomlinson is reportedly expecting a baby some time next year. soon to be parent are just
6:53 am
friend, and they met shortly after tomlinson broke up with his long time girlfriend elinor caldor. >> since i'm stuck up here, but in the meantime i'm going to subject a song for you called sweet. >> there you heard taylor swift getting into some trouble at a recent concert. she had no where to go where a mechanical platform broke in the middle of her show in nationals park in washington tc but like a true pro swift just kept on singing until stage hand came out ape fix the problem but as we said before just shaking it off. >> yes. >> pretty swift style. >> such a sweet hard, okay, we will sing a song. >> she's a class act. >> people are talking about this rolling stone magazine latest cover girl is turning head and has one rock star calling for a boycott of the magazine. kim kardashian is on the front there wearing captain's hat
6:54 am
and not much else. sinead o'connor says what is this doing on the cover of the rolling stone. the music has officially died, bob dylann must be expletive horrified. hash tag boycott rolling stone. no comment right now from kim or bob dylann but she just seems to turn off a lot of people. >> tell us how you really feel sin ead. >> but interesting cover. >> interesting is a good word for. that we will be right back.
6:55 am
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well more on the search for a shooter who shot an elderly woman in her front porch in north philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" reportser justin finch has been following this story all morning licensing live at northwest detectives, justin? >> erika and nicole as they
6:58 am
the victim is 79 and relief is she's expect to be okay. she was shot in her right leg police say by what they believe was a stray bullet. lets get you to the video that happened on the 2800 block of north 25th street last night this one man sitting with her son on her front porch when she heard shots ring out and quickly realized she had been hit and was taken to temple university hospital for treatment and last check was in stable condition. police say surveillance video in hopes of tracking down the shooter. erika and nicole. >> all right justin, thank you. >> we have some of the best views in town and it business to get more festive. >> yes, third year in the row eakins oval is hosting celebration of summer. starting to day and next six weeks visitors can take part in outdoor events like concerts and a beer garden. there will be a brand new 25,000 square foot mural on display. >> and this years theme is terrific summer kaleidoscope. >> um-hmm. >> that sound nice. >> place to be.
6:59 am
>> and today unfortunately not the ideal day forgetting outside and enjoying outdoor activity. >> find indoors and do a jig saw puts will or something just one of the days you will be dodging showers and thunderstorms. updates to our flood alerts in the green shaded areas that should say flood advisory my bad but we have a flash flood warning posted in the red and could have another inch of rain before this first cluster moves on through vittoria. >> right now the road are wet, damp and this causes longer rush hours longer delays, take a look at the schuylkill expressway. i know it is 76 and usually looks like this but it even feels slower out there 95 delayed out of the northeast. busy morning. >> thanks, torey. next up this morning world reacts to the historic iran nuclear deal and not everyone is happy bit. >> join us bright and early each weekday morning right here on cbs-3. we start nice and early at 4:30. that is it for "eyewitness news". >> have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, july 15th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a road to middle east peace or a historic mistake. extreme reaction to both sides to the uranium nuclear deal. >> violent storms and severe floods sweep away homes in kentucky. two people are dead with others missing. >> she's been called the most dominant athlete in the world. her name is ronda rousey. she's out to change the way you think about women in fighting. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> oh, my god. >> it's another day of


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