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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  July 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing now, a woman driving by in her car is struck by a stray bullet. the latest with her injury, and the search for the shooter. >> more on the shooting rampage left four marines dead in chattanooga, tennessee this as details emerge about the gunman. good morning, it is friday, july 17th. >> we'll get your day start dollars with a check on traffic and weather together. >> good morning. >> after you. feels very good out there. >> from being down the shore last night then working the morning, then working the morning today, i don't know where i am. but i will try midge's -- my best. great to see you all hard at
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work. i wanted to tell katie you blessed us with great weather yesterday. so grateful. >> it will continue looks like today here guys. we can expect to see the dew points remain nice and hope, special to see more and more sunshine. high pressure in place for yet another day and let's take you outside, show you what's going on at the moment. nice clear scion storm scan3 not showing anything on the area radar at this point. we look off to the west, few clouds, beginning to work their way in here, but it is not really going to affect you all that much. expect more sun than anything. area dew points at the moment still nice and low remember, the benchmark for when it begins little steamy about 65 degrees on dew point temperatures, so still well below where we should be. at least for mid to late july standards, not bad. and when you are down into the mid and lower 50's on the dew points, just so incredibly comfortable outside. currently temperatures stands upper 60s at philadelphia international airport. nice calm winds, as well, not only comfy but tranquil outside. it will stay that way yet
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again here today. so we expect to hit the mid 80s by the height of the afternoon at about 3:00 p.m. talking say 82 degrees, and quick check on the area headlines, expected expected to see another nice day steamy conditions returning by the weekends yes another heatwave is in the forecast for you we'll tell you the hottest days coming up in the forecast, for now vittoria, enjoy it while you have got it. >> we will be doing that, thanks so much. good morning everyone, right now you can enjoy some really nice traffic conditions, if you are traveling the majors, i know you're seeing that flashing police light in the center of your screen there that would be the platt bridge, if you are traveling westbound right around penrose, do have what looks to be like disabled vehicle not causing too much of a problem usually this time we don't see too much after problem volume wise. but, it is out there and it does look to be like it is compromising at least a lanement folks are getting by. be minds full it is out there. as we continue, take you elsewhere, headed to 95. this is 95 around cottman avenue. you will notice traveling around cottman as well as
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girard, we have construction zones, they narrow the roadway, usually the first place we see rush hour, as of now waiting in the wings of rush hour for quite some time. toward the shore so the ben franklin bridge this weekend closed sunday for two hours between 6:30 to 8:30, plan accordingly, we head back to the desk. >> torrey, thank youment following developing story search on for shooters who opened fire striking an innocent woman just driving through north philadelphia. >> that woman is in stable condition, and police say she's very lucky to be alive. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. justin? >> nicole, erika good morning, that driver is now recovering at temple university hospital from a single gunshot wound to her back. the relief here, she is not showing any signs of paralysis, police say which is a good thing because she was shot in her back. as for how all of this happened, police say it just seems to be that she and her friends were in the wrong place at the wrong time. let's take you now to video of the scene in north philly.
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just after 11:00 last night her friends say they heard gunfire while making a left onto 17th from susquehanna. that's where the bullet traveled through this woman's trunk through back seat and through to her back. striking her in her middle back. she did not realize it until they hit 17th and diamond. the driver, who is 32 years old, taken to temple where her condition was quickly raise from the critical to stable. her friends are now being questioned by detective, and they are happy to hear she is showing signs of improvement. take a listen. >> although she was shot in the back, they say she was able to move her arms and her legs and she was conscious. so it, doesn't appear that there is any paralysis. so she's very, very fortunate. because i liked in the vehicle, and where the bullet entered the vehicle was through the trunk. >> this could have gone several ways, much more worse. her friends was sitting behind the passenger so had she been sitting behind the driver, she could have been hit as well, now police are trying to track
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down surveillance video of this shooting, as it took place, and they believe some ten rounds were fired, one of those, striking this woman in her car. and at this time police say she's on track to very strong recovery. we are live at police headquarters, justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> new this morning, a a drive-by shooting leaves two people injured in philadelphia's fairhill section. this happened at the intersection of front and clearfield just before 2:30, both victims shot in the arm police tell "eyewitness news" a white cadillac seen speeding from the scene. >> philadelphia police also investigating the suspicious death of recent drexel university graduate. police say the victim identified as 27 year old jasmine write was found in her apartment on south 50th street in west philadelphia. detective are investigating this as apparent homicide. neighbors say they are shocked by what happened in their quiet community. >> it is hurting me just to know it is right next-door. to happen to that person, who
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didn't booth area soul. >> in her third floor apartment, in the front bedroom, laying on the bed appears she was severely beaten possibly strand pronounced on the scene. >> write graduate in the jeong from drexel school of public health. if you know anything about the case, please call police. >> we're learning more about the gunman who went on shooting rampage in tennessee that left 4us marines dead and wounded three other. that gunman is identified as 24 year old muhammad aziz. they say he is a natural eyes the u.s. citizen from cue wayne, living in chattanooga as a scene he had mixed martial arts. his former coach described him as meek. >> i observed him to be very meek, very i mean, that kid never frowns, i mean, he always smiles, always shook my hand, how are you doing i never heard him cuss. >> officials say abdul was not on any terror watch list. we do have live report for from chattanooga coming up in
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our 5:00 hour. defense department is increasing security at several federal facilities out after bun dance of caution this the scene at the naval support center in philadelphia on the 700 block of robbins avenue in lawncrest, philadelphia police have added patrols to military sites throughout the city. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the chattanooga shooting rampage. as new details emerge, we will bring them to you on tv and on line at after finding him guilty of murder, jurors will decide if james holmes will get life in prison or the death penaltiment holmes stood silently as why the red guilty verdicts on all 165 count. twelve people were killed and 70 other injured in a movie theatre in aurora, colorado. monday marks third anniversary of the attack. the jury deliberated for 13 hours over two days before re venting the mental illness defense. sentencing phase begins next wednesday. in delaware county robbery suspect is in critical condition after a shoot-out
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with police. police say the suspect robbed this grocery store at 64th and market street in millbourne. when police approached the suspect walking toward 63rd street, investigators say, that suspect owned fire. officers returned fire wounding the suspect. no officers were injured. >> the fb icon firms that five recent bank robberies in northeast philadelphia may all be connected. the latest holdup happened yesterday in somerton, just before 1:00 p.m. at citizens bank inside the shop rite on the boulevard. police say the robber was a woman dressed if full female muslim clothing fbi spokesman tells "eyewitness news" they do believe the incident is connect today recent string of similar robberies in the northeast, as well. each time that bank rob remember wore muslim clothing. >> this concerns us, obviously, anybody in such a short periods of time, just the beginning every june, this many robberies although weapon has not been displayed she threatens violence. >> the fbi says two of the banks were inside super markets and the other three
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were stand alone branches. >> philadelphia police are looking for this man who broke into the betsy ross house courtyard. surveillance video shows him climbing over the gate there. off camera, police say he breaks into a vender's freezer and takes several boxings of food. he then climbs back over the gate, and takes off. all right, it is 4:39 right now. coming up next on "eyewitness news", concrete caves in, and crushes dozens of cars. crews search through the rubble after parking garage collapse. >> also, one more shore town has more to brag about this morning, than just the beach. the zoo landing on the a list is one of the best not just in the country but in the world. >> really? >> yes, we will tell you which shore town has it coming up.
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>> back on "eyewitness news" cars crushed after parking garage collapses in up-state new york. this happened at medical center near binghampton. it pan cracked on to the other level, see concrete slabs
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smashed onto several cars. no one was injured. it is unclear what caused that center to collapse. >> right now we talk about our forecast coming up on 4:43 wow just what a night. lack of humidity, amazing and sounds like round two is coming up today. >> absolutely, yes. looking at roll nice day out there today. high pressure still in place full sunshine for you going to keep the humidity pretty low, as women, which is lovely to seepment things will start to change for us as the days goes on. >> we'll get you through the weekend. >> it looks like we will end one another heatwave here in the delaware valley not starting today. today will be real nice day. we can expect temperatures into the 80s more sunshine, then start to heat things up. we go ahead take you outside. we start things off with a look at storm scan3, at the moment, is still clear as a bell. we have high pressure in place, but off to the west, you can see that there is an area of low pressure starting to move it way toward us, brinking in with it some
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showers and some thunderstorms, that eventually start to creep in for our area, as women. so that's something that we have to be watching here with time. meantime though, again expect real nice weather here at the local level. we go ahead take a look at how the uv index will play into this. with new disturbance headed our way it will start to knock off you know, at least one level of the uv index with the upcoming weaken here. so up at a ten for today and then up at a nine for both saturday sunday. looking as far as the dew points are concerned right now, we're in at 62, we showed that to you a second ago. we go ahead peaking at how things are looking elsewhere. meanwhile, at 68 degrees currently in philadelphia. in atlantic sit we are currently in at 61 degrees. and we're going to go ahead and take a quick peak here at the seven day forecast, if we can get it up real quickly and give me one second here, we will get that up for you. taking a peak again at the seven day forecast, as it starts to pop up for us here. 84 degrees sunshine, then
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take a look what happens. back to the 90s here, for four days straight. and by the time we hit wednesday, thursday, in the upper 80s with sunshine. guys, we send it back to you. >> all right katie thank you. monday morning new member of our morning team joins us here on cbs-3. misha johnson will have your time safer traffic from 4:30 to 7:00. she's been getting out meeting people in her new hometown. so if you want to give her a shout out on twitter use the hashtag meet misha. love that. >> we had great time out last night. good to have her in town. in sport now phillies return from the all-star break. they start the second half of the season hosting the marlins at citizens bank park. game time is at 7:05 tonight. adam morgan starts for the phils, he is one and two miami starts with righthander jose fernandez, two and zero. but heavy rain is delaying round two of the british open here in round one tiger woods splash lands in the first hole. he's four over par, 11 strokes back at the point. us open and masters champ
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jordan is spieth, nails the birds i put on the 18. see it there. he's now at five under par two off the pace, dustin johnson has the lead at seven under par. he signing eagle put right here at number five. so i know what we will be watching this weekend in my house. >> you're all ready. >> hubs is a big fan and no turning that remote. >> don't touch it, don't even think about it. >> nope. >> coming up your money watch report. >> local zoo on on the list as one of the best in the worlds. >> first what's coming up here on cbs-3.
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>> stray bullet hit a woman while driving in north philadelphia. they heard gunshot at 17th and diamond. the driver is in stable condition. >> authorities have no idea what was behind shooting
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rampage in chattanooga tennessee. the gunman sprayed bullet at military recruiting center then killed four marines at a military training center. the gunman was shot and killed. >> another decision for the jury had convicted james holmes in the colorado theater shooting. must decide between death penalty or life in prison. jurors rejected the idea that holmes was legally insane when he killed 12 people, and wounded dozens of other. >> it is 4:48 right now. time for check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. shoppers were slamming prime day, but a huge success at the rash registers. that's what matters, flight. >> the retailers sold 398 items, per second, during wednesday's sale. that's about 18% more than on its best "black friday". in fact, this was so successful, that amazon says it will make prime day an annual event. wal-mart's christmas in july sale also pretty big hit wednesday on line orders
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increased by triple digit over last year. >> wow. >> folks complain, but still buying. >> for the first time, people actually hurt, what's one that? >> google says july 1st, 1 of it suv's was rearend in the california there were three google employees on board all complains of minor whiplash, they went back to work, the driver of the other car also complains of neck and back pain. >> the 14th accident of the self-driving program. >> i'm looking forward to 20 years from now all driving the self driving cars. >> when all of the kinks are worked out. >> still scares me a little bit. >> i don't trust it yet. >> one day. >> but they say in this accident it was actually the other person's fault. >> see, there you can't go
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complaining on the google car. >> good point, thanks, jill. see you later this morning. >> well hey big honor to tell but for south jersey's cape may county park and zoo. >> thirteenth best zoo in the wormed, fifth best zoo in the country. park and zoo in cape may free to the public, has been popular destination for families for nearly 40 years. love this shot here of the zebra rolling around. >> just rolling around. >> and having good old time. so it is a free zoo. donations keep the doors open, the animals fed and cared for. >> nicole, i got to tell you san diego zoo. >> you've been, i'm sure? as a call i girl? >> oh, it is awesome. >> but cape may is beautiful. and free. >> just saying. we'll be right back. there it is, we'll
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>> 4:00 a three, what a beautiful morning. >> good morning, erika. you know, really is, traveling
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out and about this morning fantastic, all of our majors, are moving swell. speed censors are high up in the 50's, really don't have too much to talk b that's how we like it on a friday. if you are traveling right now on the vine street expressway, there are no delays in either direction, headed to and from the schuylkill, head today and from 95, it is all good throughout center city. even once you get to 76 and 995, it is a breeze, take a look at the schuylkill expressway. right at you approach the area of center city, notice the beautiful skyline in the back. but there are no problems. not only around center city, it is also throughout your western suburbs. if you are traveling later on tonight, it is a friday night folks are headed down the shore, they are head today catch the phils at 70:00, a at citizens bank park. anticipate extra high volume, right in south philly, and i'm sure a lot of folks will be tailgating, as well, so it is probably going to tap right into rush hour. no delays for mass transit. things at the airport are just fine nicole? >> vittoria, thank you. now, we are getting a check on our sister station stories are following. more than half dozen group
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join forces to push for criminal justice in pennsylvaniament many people who work in the city are starting to think about how they'll get around once pope francis is in town. then, bill wine with the movie review on the new romantic comedy train wreck. you can check in two three four times a day "kyw news radio 1060". you can find it on your a.m. dial. >> speaking of the movies, having perfect weather to enjoy classic film outside. >> why not outside? it is forge -- gorgeous, width adder of oz playing on the billing screen, great plaza on penn's landing the move think week's screening under the stars featurement fans young and old watching dorothy, toto and the gang as they made their way to oz, one of my favorite movies of all time by the way. cbs-3 is the media partner for the summer events at penn's landing. >> ♪ ♪ oh, nothing like the original defying gravity. love it. how about getting little frozen you might say?
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summertime at the mann music center, tommy award singer, performing for pack house at the landmark fairmount park pavilion. she entertained with selections that range from the broadway favorite, like defying gravity, love that song, and she also had some of her personal favorites from her song cataloguement. >> i'm sure she had quite a few. also taking the stage over at the del music center classic 70s soul group such as heatwave, and the chilights part of the del music center soul jam. >> did she sing let it go? >> i hope she did. >> i wonder. >> the crowd would be very disappoint philadelphia she didn't. >> i agree. "eyewitness news" at the kimmel center for philadelphia style magazine 11th annual style party. >> this year's theme style in wonderlandment nicole, misha and i were all there. vittoria too we missed vittoria unfortunately. >> got there little later than us. >> us early bird. we were in bed what by 8:15? more than 1500 guests enjoyed all of the food, music and fun, every sumner july and
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august, she philadelphia style magazine reveals their best of style guide. >> i like this gal just living it up in front of the camera there, waiving, saying hello and it is a great group of people out there. so always fun. >> and beautiful event too to mix and mink em. just nice night out. i had fun with you. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news" shot with a stray bullet. search for the shooter who sent an innocent driver to the hospital. >> also, searching for motive after the deadly marine massacre in tennessee. we're there live with what police have learned about this shooter. >> and bloody brawl involving two softball dads from new jersey. see what sparked this fight that's now going viral. we'll be back at the top of the hour.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now, a woman driving down the street is hit by a stray bullet. we're live with the search for the gunman who shot her and we'll let you know how the innocent victim is doing this morning. >> plus, neighborhood is shaken after recent drexel graduate is found dead in her apartment. >> and birrage of gunfire ends with four marines being killed in tennessee before police kill the shooter. what we know about that gunman and the impact that massacre is having with security at military bases in our area, too. >> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer. another comfortable start to the day. redo is nice in this situation. katie and vittoria keeping an eye on things for us.
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>> on my ends, nice on the roads. weather wise how are we doing for the weekend? that's the important thing. >> i have to say overall vittoria not looking terrible if your plans include the shore, maybe they include some pool plans something like that, but we are getting very warm, very steamy in the next couple of days. still craving the comfort file like walking out the door maybe have office job wearing your suit, you walk out the door, you want to be comfortable, you don't want to be sweating by the time you get to the office, right? that's what you will experience yet again today. not sweating but comfort at least. expect another nice day to unfold here, we start things offer by taking you outside showing you quick view of the live neighborhood network view overlooking the delaware river, and off in the distance to center city skyline, just very comfortable, the words that will keep popping up here today, comfortable start to the day. looking around the region as a whole, little ground clutter on the radar site here on storm scan3, it is clear as a bell. and, you know, we will see just again more sunshine, couple of puffy clouds, looks like beautiful day. area


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