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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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the death toll rises in the chattanooga shootings. the fifth victim, a u.s. navy petty officer died from his wounds this morning. documented trump ignites out rage in iowa, knocking former republican candidate john mccain. >> i like people that weren't captured, i hate to say. >> axelrod: terrified moments for drivers in southern california when a fire jumps the highway. images surfaces queen i bet as a little girl performing a nazi salute. >> it was taken away from me. >> and translating navajo. >> axelrod: can a popular children's movie help save a dying language. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> axelrod: again, i'm jim axelrod. he loved his family, baseball and the navy. that's how his family described randall smith, a petty officer in the united states navy and the fifth service member to die from an attack on the armed forces recruitment center in chattanooga, tennessee two days ago. smith and his wife had three daughters under the age of seven he called his little present says. he managed to flash thumbs up after surgery and died at 2:17 this morning. we're learning about the shooter, muhammad youssef abdulazeez spent more than half of last year in the middle east and recently in shooting ranges here at home. jericka duncan begins our coverage. >> reporter: a fifth cross was put in the ground today at this growing memorial site to mark the death of randall smith. shot three times during thursday's rampage.
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hundreds came to visit including the family of one of the victims. staff surgery, david wyatt. his father allen told me his son died after helping others escape. >> i'm told that my son and others were escorting the other people in the building, trying to get them out. that they were boosting them over a fence. that they were able to get 18 people away over the fence and they counted and there were two missing. and my son surgery wyatt and gunnery sergeant sullivan went trying to look for the other two. whereupon they ran into the shooter and were fired upon and killed. >> reporter: beyond the flowers and flags, you could see the fbi gathering evidence. 26 year old daly simmons paused to pray for peace. >> you could just feel so angry
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and it's just amazing to see all of chattanooga getting together. >> reporter: while others like cassandra daniels breathed for a nation in pain. >> what happened in charleston and what happened here. hate. a lack of understanding. >> reporter: but what united everyone here today was gratitude to the men who gave their lives. >> i'm extremely proud of my son. of all of the men who died there. they went to work that morning expense been to be reasonably secure and not expecting anything like this to happen. but then when things did start to happen, they stepped up and did their job like they were trained to do. >> reporter: fbi specialist have been meting with the victim's families. jim, the wyatt family tells us
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they will be meeting with officials this evening to get an update on the investigation. >> axelrod: jericka, thank you. the governor of florida has put in new security measures in place for national guard recruiters in his state. rick scott has now ordered recruiters at six storefront locations in florida to relocate to armories until security procedures can be reexamined. also today the governor of indiana joined those from florida, texasly and louisiana and a calling for all guard facilities to be armed. at the top of investigators list of questions was the shooting in chattanooga isis-directed or even isis-inspared. the report that 345078d youssef abdulazeez was targeting. >> reporter: they were focusing on several trips muhammad abdulazeez took overseas especially last month in jordan and whether that led
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to his radicalization. officials caution it's too earlier to say if he was inspired by isis or other terror group. they have warned of the growing left of so-called lone wolf attacks. he's at the greater chattanooga saying he recently spoke to abdulazeez's father. >> he was in the dark on what his son has done. >> reporter: the picture emerging of a dleaps abdulazeez. his father was investigated for possible ties to terrorism and put on a watch list but he was cleared. in his yearbook the high school wrestler noted that his name causes national security alerts. abdulazeez's mother alleged she was beaten by his father in 2009 divorce papers, but they reconciled. in 2013 abdulazeez lost his job at an ohio nuclear plant after just ten days. this past april, he was pulled over for driving under the influence. and in a blog post attributed to
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abdulazeez in just three days before the shooting, the author encourages readers to submit to allah. cbs news national security analysts juan sairtd. >>juan -- zarate. >> that's the potential of these lone wolf cases. the actions of the individuals don't trigger any of the warning signs or safety valves that we have to be able to identify suspicious individuals. >> reporter: investigators are looking into abdulazeez's footprint looking for any media communications. coworkers have also told investigators that abdulazeez claims he had been frequently a local shooting range with friends as recently as last month. >> axelrod: juliana goldman in our news room. thank you. donald trump is in the news in presidential politics although maybe not in the way he likes to be. trump smash mouth political style has helped him set the conversational agenda and climbing the polls. today it may have inflicted some
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real damage on his own campaign. here's meg oliver. >> at a conference of religious conservatives today, donald trump starred with frank luntz or senator john mccain. >> a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, i hate to say it. >> reporter: trump didn't stay there. he also questioned mccain's -- >> he said he graduated last in his class in awe annapolis. you're not supposed to say somebody graduated last or second to the last because you're supposed to be like frank says very nice. >> reporter: reaction exploded on social media. out of the 14gop hopefuls, 13 jumped mccain's defense. jeb bush tweeted enough with the slanderous attacks. senator john mccain and all of our veterans, pickly pows this earned respect and admiration.
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lindsey graham tweeted if there's no doubt the growing mountainous statements should end. gop candidate scott walker didn't hesitate to call out trump. >> donald trump today needs to apologize to senator mccain and all of the other men and women who wear the uniform. >> reporter: at a press conference later in the day trump went on the defensive about he joining the vietnam war. >> the family -- had a medical did hedid heimmediatedeferment because of my feet. i had a bone spur. >> reporter: after leaving the stage trump dweatd captured or not all are heroes. he said i can't believe what i'm reading this morning. how are find disgusting there are no words. jim a ax. >> axelrod: meg thanks. steve, there are a lot of feelings about mr. trump's comments in republican circles but i don't detect that surprise is among them. >> yes.
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it's more a matter of when and not if, according to the republicans i've talked to, been waiting for a moment like this from trump for a while now. not only not a surprise, but they fully expect more of these moments from him. >> axelrod: rick perry lindsey graham among others wasted no time showing it's disrespect to all those served making donald trump unindemnity to be president. what kind of damage does any does this do do 2509 candidacy. >> coming from all corner of the republican party including those reluctant to slam him from the controversies immigration remarks. remarks by the way jim which helped his poll numbers. their three polls last week showed approval ratings jumping among republicans. what's obvious here, there's some in the gop drawing this edgy blunt talk from trump after losing two presidential elections and being frustrated with president obama. attack on pows and war hero. they tell me that crosses a line and they expect some backlash among voters. >> axelrod: given the record
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on predictions of donald trump no one's saying this is the end of his campaign in your view. >> no, not yet. and he's already said he's going to stick this out as long as he can. it's one of these things where we all thought he was going to be in trouble after the immigration comments. those polls last week showing his approval going up. there's no predicting what's going to happen moving toward. >> axelrod: okay, steve chaggaris, thank you. a stretch of interstate 15 closed overnight after a wild fire crossed the free way and set dozens of cars on fire. carter evans is there. >> reporter: the car that fought fire burning there in the middle of your screen. to see home cars and trucks on fire, people fleeing 23r the -- from the flames and the aftermath. it's amazing no one was hurt but there were plenty of close calls. >> you can feel it on my neck. >> igor says he and others grabbed what they could and ran. do you think you might not be
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able to get away. >> yes. when i saw the flame 40 feet, all you do is just run like hell and hopefully it doesn't catch up. >> reporter: once he was out of arm's way he shot this video as others make their escape. he was hauling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of new cars. this is what's left. the fire broke out friday afternoon in california's cajom pass. he was driving from california to houston. his car was badly damaged. >> it was chaos. all we could do is run up the mountain and get away from it. >> reporter: the fast moving flames then spread to nearby rural neighborhoods. at least three homes were destroyed. strong winds another rugged fire in a mountain area three miles 2509to thewest. 300 quam perhad to campers had to be evacuated. they warned of a long fire season. it has certainly e arrived.
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>> it was something you see out of a magazine and never think you are going to be in it. >> reporter: there's still no cause on this fire but investigators may have determined where it started. all day they've been focusing on an area right behind me, alongside the interstate. jim. >> axelrod: carter evans in california, thank you. film footage, more than eight decades old is center stage in great britain tonight. the newspaper the sun published queen elizabeth as a little girl performing a nazi salute. and as jonathan vigliotti tells us, buckingham palace is firing back. >> reporter: the home video obtained by british tabloid the sun shows the young queen and her sister waving to the camera in her garden 82 years ago. the queen's mother raises her hand in what appears to be the nazi salute. quinn leps elizabeth mimics the jester followed by her uncle. it was taken in 1933, long
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before the atrocities of world war ii came into focus. >> it was about six months, queen elizabeth. >> reporter: dickie arbiter is the former press secretary to the queen. >> they didn't know until very much later in the 0's. >> reporter: that's when public opinion toward hitler evolved. the soccer team came under fire for performing the salute in berlin. the opinion didn't stop prince edward from floating with fascism. he became a known nazi sympathizer. after a de indicating to marry he met hitler and spent time with his troops. stig abell called it one of the then records of edwards nazi support. >> led by a man from the british royal family nazi salute to a video. >> reporter: the release was three weeks after the queen maze
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hermaze -- made her visit. it's disappointing that film shot eight decades ago apparently from her imaginity's personal family archive has been obtained and employed in this manner. >> reporter: buckingham palace investigating how they got awe hold on the video. the paper is not naming their source axis covering for us tonight in london, thank you. find out what actually caused the big security scare in new york city and a super star when cbs evening news continues.
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>> axelrod: a photograph of four people carrying what looked like awe salt awe sult rivals send people scrambling. they were paintball guns. here's contessa brewer.
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>> reporter: it looks like carrying some serious weaponry. a retired police officer snapped the pics yesterday. the response was analysissive with check points and searched cars. friday exrush came to evening rush came to a standpoint. fort wadsworth stand downs for a couple hours on the lookout for individuals armed with what appear to be assault rivals. investigators acknowledged they might be paintball guns. >> if they turn out to be a terrorist act at least people will cause some tremendous damage. we want to try to stop them. >> reporter: staten island private investigator mike gaynor spent years. >> from a ralph you're not able to tell for sure. >> reporter: an m16 23r top a paintball marker officially known on the bottom. bb guns, water guns, toy guns. even iphone cases. the look alike sometimes sparks
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deadly consequences. november 2014. cleveland ohio 12 year old tamir rice toys with a pellet gun in the park. an officer shoots and kills the boy. 2014, beaver creek, i don't. a sharp handles a bb begun in wal-mart. someone calls police and the officers kill and shoot him. >> it puts them in a position to think twice three times before taking action sometimes. >> reporter: federal law bans mefers from making real guns unless they include. they encourage them to disassemble their devices and carry them in bag because of the potential for confusion with a real weapon here. >> axelrod: contessa, thank you. up next saturday in the park. first family style.
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♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection k ills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™. >> axelrod: there's an old scottish saying, if there's no wind it's not golf. today at the british open plenty of wind and no golf. after a ten hour delay because of wind so stiff golf balls were moving on the greens. play did resume but the final round will now be played on monday. weather also shutdown a sam smith concert a louisville last night. the singer this last year had that monster hit stay with me, had to ask fans at the outdoor forecastle festival to leave instead due to a thunder storm. he later posted a photograph of
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himself on the instagram feed looking quite sad. new yorkers enjoying central park today had some high profile company. president obama with daughter sasha and mal yeah and malia and a few of their closers friends. also went to a broadway show. hamilton. how a loveable fish is helping to preserve native american culture. aste, right? [ male announcer ] share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-reat! congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant,
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navajo wind talkers relayed messages to outlying forces a code japanese were never able to break. now some 70 years later a movie is part of an effort to keep the navajo language alive and enlist the help of a friendly little fish. >> go for it. >> reporter: 1 year old quinn tonquinn -- quinton queen is one of the navajo speakers. the language which he learned from his grandmother is giving a new voice to one of disney/pixar's most popular films. >> i just wanted to make this movie to get my native language out. >> reporter: the navajo edition of finding nemo is more than entertainment it's part of an ongoing effort to preserve the traditional language of the nation's largest native american tribe. >> it's got a little staw cause toe pace -- staw to it, a little to the language. that make it difficult for lip
6:57 pm
sync. >> senior vice president for character voices at disney is working in collaboration with the navajo nation museum. the studio hold additions on the reservation but had a hard time casting the title role. >> there's not a lot of opportunities in terms of how many kids to pull from because there aren't that many kids that are fluent in the language. >> the majority of the fluent speakers are 40 and above. >> reporter: manny wheeler is the museum director in window rock, new mexico. >> the old tradition really is very dynamic very descriptive and they are great stories. and so here now, this is the new age and these are the new stories. >> reporter: three years ago lukas films had a navajo translation of the original star wars. the film is a huge success.
6:58 pm
13 year old adrurch adrian hardy went to the rea more with his grandmother. >> it's more interesting than tbhaf hoe. >> reporter: he said the film is a good way to keep young people interested in the language. >> we're helping save a language. we're giving a booster to navajo language. we're trying to make a difference for our navajo people and trying to help the culture survive. and it will. i'm really optimistic about that. >> reporter: with help from the next generation. and a little orange fish. translating nemo. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs, 48 hours. for now i'm jim axelrod in new york. for all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us. and good night. this is the "cbs evening news." captioning sponsored by cbs captioned
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