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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 19, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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. the temperature is rising and there might even be some storms in the area tonight. a live look now over a hot and very muggy center city. right now at 11:00 we're tracking dangerous heat to come. g evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. it might feel like 100 degrees outside tomorrow. let's get right over to meteorologist justin extra bic for the very latest on this heat wave. justin. >> natasha, we're already start starting to get that heat -- delaware val toll night it did feel some showers and storms a line of stronger storms through the poconos but now those showers and breaking up so looking much better as far as the thunderstorm activity maybe a few showers in the lehigh valley over the next hour. that's about it. everybody else just dealing with partly cloudy skies now the story is that heat and humidity which is on the rise. look at that. current air temperatures upper 70s low 80s out there right now. rain cooled air in allentown where you guys are at 71 degrees. 69 up in the poconos.
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nice breeze coming in off the atlantic ocean coastal temperatures are in the low to mid 70s. this hour but here we go. tomorrow starting at noontime an excessive heat warning will go in effect for philadelphia and surrounding suburbs in delaware, pennsylvania and new jersey. we can be dealing with heat index values up around 103 degrees for sunday afternoon and outside the heat warning we will be under a heat advisory for the lehigh valley and the far northwest suburbs new jersey and south central locations. heat indices i was rod round 100 degrees. actual air temperatures in the mid 90s but it will feel like over 100 degrees when you factor in the humidity. drink plenty of water over the next couple of days and try to avoid strenuous activities the weekend sunday hang out stay cool air-conditioning if you can. look at these temperatures. already by noontime we're talking about 90 degrees for lunch time and then mid 90s for the high temperatures by 3:00 o'clock and still well into the 90s at 6:00 o'clock with the decent amount of sunshine and
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how about this? 95 very hot and humid for f upper 80s at the shore as well as the poconos. the humidity conditions we'll talk about storm chances as well in the seven day coming up in a few more minutes. natasha, back to you. >> justin, thanks. see you soon. new details in the murder of a drexel graduate. philadelphia police are investigating a possible break in this case tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is live at police headquarters with the latest. steve? >> reporter: natasha today philadelphia police announced they have a person of interest in custody and now in questioning in relation to the murder of 27-year-old jasmine wright. now, while this does not mean they have an arrest in the case, we took this information to the neighborhood where wright was beaten strangled and murdered. neighbors there now hoping this new information means justice is close at hand. among the other memorial items scattered along the stoop where she lived and died, the sign says believe there is good in
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the world. neighbors say since thursday, that's tough to ask. >> she was love and peace okay? you want to say. he was love and peace much that's how i knew her. >> the way neighbor keith new jasmine wright most seemed to have known her words like kind, smart, quite come and making the desire for us? tis here stronger. >> i hope the detectives are doing their job. whatever tips were out there i just hope they panned out. >> reporter: investigators say that's happening at we speak. saturday night police announceed they're questioning a person of interest now in police custody. more than 48 hours earlier wright a recent master's draft from drexel university was found beaten and strangled to death in the corner bedroom of her own apartment. police sent to the 200 block of south 50th street say there was no forced entry leading investigators to believe the murderer may have been someone she knew. little comfort for friends family and neighbors now trying to believe in those words on the
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porch. >> why, who, how they did it, i don't know. all i know we're missing a dear neighbor who was very very kind. >> reporter: again the news tonight as we have a person of interest in for questioning. again, that does not mean the person is going to be identified identified. that does not mean that an arrest has been made in this case. as police continue their investigation. reporting live tonight from philadelphia police headquarters, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right steve thanks so much fort update in this case. also torque night firefighters continue to battle several wildfires burning out of control across drought stricken california. hundreds of campers had to run today when a fast-moving wildfire closed in on camp grounds in the angeles national forest that's where the fire broke out near bear right wood last night. some of those evacuateed fear they've lost everything. >> a different my wife and i and there's a couple others, we live up at the camp.
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we're permanent residents up there. so our... >> 700 homes in the path of the wildfire are in danger. yesterday this fire jumped a very busy freeway and torched 20 vehicles. there were no life threatening injuries reported. a navy petty officer wounded in the shooting rampage in chattanooga, tennessee has now died from his injuries. family members identify the officer as randall smith. he's now the fifth victim of thursday's attack. muhammed youseff abdulazeez opened fire at two military locations. he shot seven people including four marines who died that day. the gunman was shot and killed by police. the marine recruiter who was shot in the leg and a police officer shot in the ankle are currently recovering. and two of the four suspects caught on camera during this attempted home invasion in west mt. airy are now under arrest.
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alonso wallace and reggie read are charged with burglary and other offenses. the crimes happened on the 500 block of burn numb avenue on tuesday night. police say the victim opened his front door after hearing a knock and quickly shut it when he saw one of the suspects with a sawed off shotgun. search continues for the two other suspects. also the demand for us? tis continue following the violent arrest of a drug suspect that was caught on camera in east germantown. family and friends of carol marched along locust avenue today. they say police officers used excessive force back in april and want carol released and the officer punished. police say carol fought officers and an investigation is current underway. meantime four people on a septa paratransit bus were injured when it collided with car and flipped over in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. the crash happened at 60th and lansdowne about 7:00 o'clock this morning. septa says the bus driver and three passengers suffered minor
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injuries. eyewitnesses had to help some of those people out of the vehicle. >> i jumped into the vehicle and ran straight to the front of the streak remove the drive. >> trying to help the older people get out and peak sure everything was okay. make sure they was okay. there was stuff leaking from the truck and it was just oil. a lot of people was nervous thinking it was gas. >> tow truck flipped the bus back and tots wheels and the energy was reopened. the cause of the crash does remain under investigation tonight. ♪ the backlash continues over republican presidential candidate donald trump's comments about arizona senator john mccain. trump said he wasn't sure that mccain who spent several years as prisoner of war in vietnam is actually a war hero. trump made those comments this morning at the family leadership summit in iowa. >> he was a war hero. >> he's war hero -- >> 5.5 years. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't
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captured. okay. i hate to tell you. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. >> trump later clarified saying that people who serve our country captured or otherwise are heroes. he did not apologize and added that he thinks mccain hasn't done enough for veterans during his time in office. trump's republican arrivals immediately jumped to mccain's defense and criticized trump's comments. presidential candidate and former texas governor rick perry he tweeted senator mccain is an american hero and all pow's deserve our nation's highest dead debt of gratitude. donald trump's comments are disgraceful. >> jeb bush tweeted this. enough with the slanderous attack. senator john mick can and all of our veterans particularly pow's have earned our respect and admiration. a spokesperson for mccain said the senator had have no comment on trump's remarks. a bombing in iraq has killed at least 115 people.
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this chilling cell phone footage emerged hours ago showing the immediate aftermath. the victims were gathered to mark the end of ramadan islam's holy month. a small truck detonated in a crowded marketplace. at least 170 people were injured in the blast. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. which was one of the deadliest in iraq in the past decade. the british newspaper the sun has publish images of queen elizabeth as little bill performing a nazi salute. and now the royal family is speaking out. reporter jonathan has more. >> reporter: the home video obtained by british tabloid the sun shows the young queen and her sister waving to the camera in their garden 82 years ago. the queen's mother then raises her hand in what appears to be the nazi salute. queen elizabeth then seven-year-old princess mimic the gesture. followed by her uncle prince edward. the film has raised eyebrows but royal supporters say it was taken in 19336 years before the
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atrocities of world war ii came into focus. >> hitler had been in power for only about six months. >> dickie harder is the former press secretary to the queen. >> nobody knew what was in store store. >> public opinion towards hitler involved. public opinion didn't stop prince edward from flirting with fashion civil. the managing editor called the video one of the earliest known records of edward nazi support. >> the fact remains 1933 led by man who was to become edward the eighth the british royal family were saluting in a video. >> buckingham palace is disappointed that film shot eight decades has been obtained and exploited in this manner. >> buckingham palace investigating how the sun got a hold of this private home video. the paper is not naming their source.
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♪ >> stay with us. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" dragon boat racing comes to south jersey and it's not all about finishing first. find out the good cause that today's festival helped support. justin? >> some dangerous heat on the way for the rest of the weekend. i know let you know how hot it gets and how long the heat lasts in the "eyewitness weather" forecast. >> and straight ahead in sports the weather is certainly not cooperating for the british open open. pat gallen has the unbelievable highlights coming up. st
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>> welcome back. south jersey hosted its first dragon boat festival today. the event is bringing hope to those battling cancer. "eyewitness news" reporter alex huff as the tower from cooper river park in pennsauken. >> reporter: quiet of the cooper river was broken by dragons and drums. >> wahoo! >> reporter: 30 teams both local and out of state showed up for the inaugural dragon boat festival in pennsauken it was made possible by a partnership between two teams. the river sirens and the river sisters. >> more so than brute strength it's the ability to be in sync with one another. >> it's braining but, you know, it's just part of the fight. >> reporter: it become clear that for at least one division of teams that fight has bill to do with the water. >> we don't really talk about the cancer too much. >> it's like jumping off cliff when cancer is introduced into your personal vocabulary and you find out that there's this group people that share what you share at varying degrees but
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have turned night something positive. >> reporter: there was thought too much arm exercising was dangerous for the health of a breast cancer survivor. that was until the late '90's when research proved dragon boat racing was beneficial, physical physically mentally and socially. >> he take a brief time out from today's festivities on the cooper river to reflect. >> midway through the event the waters briefly return to calm as pink carnations were held overhead by the division and then released. >> personally for me, what it represents, is those women that i know that did not make it. that did not survive the fight. >> thank you for all your hard work. >> reporter: in the heat of the race it is hard to distinguish the survivors from those untouched by cancer. but in their wake delicate symbol of the few fight remain as those around it pushed forward. reporting in camden county, alex huff cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. justin, usually you think it would cool off by now outside.
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>> no. >> not tonight. >> it's getting worse. >> the heat and humidity is on the rise. that will be the trend through the rest of the weekend. we're talking about dangerous heat and humidity as an excessive heat warning goes in effect tomorrow and yes it is late july. this is typically when we do see our hottest time of the year but again want to be careful if you're outside during the day tomorrow. but let's take you down to the shore right now. i saw people hanging out on the ocean city boardwalk still open for business. enjoying a good ice cream cone right now to stay cool and the shore will be good spot to be, to beat this heat temperatures down there will be on the warm side upper 80s but much better than the mid 90s we will deal with for the inland locations. storm scan3stormstorm scan looking better now a couple of hours ago a strong line of showers and thunderstorms coming through the poconos into the lehigh valley they have really weakened and continue to break up maybe a few sprinkles in the lehigh valley right now elsewhere we're just seeing some clouds things quiet for the rest of tonight. we'll see a decent amount of sunshine for your sunday which will really help eat things up,
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and again maybe a stray shower or storm coming in later tomorrow afternoon as well. just because of all the heat and humidity around. upper 70s low 80s the actual air temperatures right now. little bit cooler in the lehigh valley because of the rain in allentown at 71. but i mentioned it's getting worse out there. the dew point temperatures. these continue to climb up each hour. this is a tropical air mass we're sitting in typically when you get these dew point temperatures in the 70s you just want to be inside in the air-conditioning and they're going to stay like that really for the next 24 to 36 hours. so when you factor in the humidity this is where it feels like. still at 11:18 tonight feeling like 86 degrees in philadelphia. 81 in millville. 80 in trenton. 84 both in wilmington and the capitol city of delaware. how it will feel over the next few days. pretty much unsufferable tomorrow with the high heat and humidity still pretty bad on monday we'll call it oppressive. gets a little bit better on tuesday and wednesday. i think wednesday you'll really notice the difference in the drop in the humidity levels. again, a lot of heat to deal
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with tomorrow. so just heat safety tips common sense stay out of the direct sunlight if you can. drink plenty of water wear light colored clothing. loose fitted clothes as well avoid strenuous activity if you can. go to cool places. hit a movie. library, stay in the air conditioning if you can. all right. tomorrow again feeling like over 100 degrees. hazy, hot and humid conditions. on monday kind of the same story. still we'll be hot and humid could be a shower or storm as a cold front moves through same deal on tuesday. rain chances pretty low tomorrow but with all that heat around we'll give it 20% chance much 30% chance monday and tuesday then we're down to zero on wednesday. let's time it out. overnight showers diminish just some clouds and sunshine tomorrow morning. into the afternoon. a stray shower or storm possible possible. and then to monday the front comes through this model is showing dry conditions for monday but still we can't rule out a shower or storm. talk about those heat index values. inn land spots feeling like over 100 for sunday afternoon as we head into tuesday or monday a little bit better.
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still feeling like mid 99s in some locations. for tonight warm and muggy scattered shower or storm. low of 75 degrees. for sunday mostly sunny hot and humid high knife at the shore 87. ocean water at 76. rip current risk is low. here's the extended forecast. got a heat wave through tuesday looking at low 90s by the end of the week stitt warm upper 80s with some sunshine.
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♪ control room working hard to keep us on the air. pat you've been working hard with sports highlights. >> what's going on. >> phillies coming dawn long time sin the phillies wouldn't back to back games try since june. june 21 through the 23rd that's the last time the
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phillies won two or more games consecutively. they were going for that tonight against the miami marlins. chat billingsly on the mound for the phils and ryan you ward starting it off in the first rbi single to right. ben revere would score. nice to see the big piece do that once in awhile, and dominic brown, dominic brown sighting. what's happened to him? he knocks in a run. brutal year for him two to nothing phils. move to the fourth and revere gets on his horse. giddy up ben revere. he goes a long long way to rob christian of extra bases. a beautiful beautiful play by him and then in the ninth inning it's jonathan papelbon is he going to get tradeed? who knows? phils within any way by a score of three to one. the union came into action today having gained at least a point in three straight mls matchups includeing a big three-nothing win over the timbers last weekend. they went for straight against toronto fc it was not to be. in the 29th minute marco
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delgado strikes. toronto on the board one to nothing. just three minutes later brian sylvestri he lays out watch this a beautiful safe by the union goalkeeper. but sebastian deposits the rebound. toronto goes up two to nothing. hold on sebastian. golf coming up in one second. the union loses today two-one. >> gold cup semi finals usa and cuba. us would show no mercy in this one. quick start clint democracy stop it. amazing header off the cross from chandler. one to nothing and the 77th minute democracy for the hat trick. a beautiful finish. usa moves. a six-zero route of cuba. to the british open, need a little wind here. maybe not that much. yesterday it was the rain that caused the problems at the open championship today. wind playing games with lee wee's ball.
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it started a foot from the hole. the breeze having other ideas. >> justin speith relaxing. five under on the 11th. shot of the day belongs to daniel brooks just fire it out and there see what happens. what wind? what wind? hole in one from 163. nicely done, sir. here's tiger woods for birdie. nope. what's going on with this guy? misses the cut seven over par. waiting for the tight gary of old but it's not happening. here's dustin johnson par four. 18th hole. 356 yards. he just launches this thingly maybe a little help from the breeze. but he'll take it. he drives the green. he would birdie the hole. he is your leader. dustin johnson is at 10 under par. they play round three tomorrow. the final round has been pushed back to monday. that is not a bumblebee that is buffalo bills head coach rex ryan preparing to jump out of a plane. did he that with the us army
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golden knight parachute team. rex dropped from 12,500 feet. he won't let the players do itly he can get away with it. ugly landing. he did make it safely for the bills head coach. (laughter). >> you into that? are you going to do that. >> natasha. >> absolutely not. justin is the dare devil. >> he claims he's not. >> i'll bet.
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♪ welcome back everyone.
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tourists are flocking to a field in japan to see a giant work of art. it's made out of rice. but you can take a look much it's quite impressive a even from gone witness wind there's rhett butler and scarlet. this is a rice patti field. 10 different kinds of rice plants were used to depict the scene. different rice patti art is created every year as way to draw in tower ritz and it looks like it is certainly working. we'll be right back, everyone. stay with us.
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>> justin i can feel the heat already. >> steamy out there. air-conditioning will be cranking this weekend. probably not going to be able to safe money on the electric bill. 95-degree temperatures it will feel like 100 tomorrow in the sunshine. still hot and humid on monday. could be a shower or storm some of the showers could linger into tuesday as well. but look at that. string of 90s there. hottest time of year typical for philadelphia. >> it's july. telling us don't complain, right. >> right. >> it is what it is. >> thank you so much justin.
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appreciate it. thank you for joining us i'm natasha brown many for pat justin, all of us. we appreciate you being with us. if you're up early join our morning team starting at 6:00 o'clock. you'll see justin in a short amount of hours much the hit newbie anna is up next. "the weekend insider" from hollywood,24/7 celebrity conversation. the stories did not fit the man i knew. then i sat with my your friends, i knew that she was telling the truth. he was guilty. >> cosby's on screen son-in-law who worshipped hen defended him, now conceiting his idol as a serial rapist. >> it hurts me to know it's true. >> part of the good week -- >> bad week. zb. >> we are fine whether they film us or not. >> including "19 kids and counting" cation. >> i wanted them to be proud of
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their dad, and i'm so grateful to have all of you in my life. >> eancellional night at the epsys. >> and jake gyllenhaal steps in the r mot >> makes me feel good you care about my face. >> you're welcome, jake. now hollywood from the inside out iing. "the insider" together with yahoo!. >> reacting to the prime time debut, her very powerful speech dominating the social conversatis taking over what is trending. hello, everybody. welcome to the "weekend insider," getting to that in a bit, but the rest of the headlineon and getting social traction in the good week, bad week. >> it hurts me to know that it's true. >> it was another bad week for bill cosby as hissv son-in-law told us he believes his old boss is guilty. >> the stories did not fit the man i knew. bill t cosby's a genius.
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that's quite different from the stories coming out, and it's very different from the story that my friends toll me. >> the first cosby show cast member to publicly declare his guilt. joseph c. phillipsaying father of ray for three seasons says his friend was a victim of cosby's abuse and p pla blog called "of course bill cosby is guilty." >> according to her story, he made many promises to her, meosted father figure and then she wakes up naked in his bed.ntor flashes of memory, and i have to tell you something, the emotion that i felt from her, the pain, you know that someone is sitting in front of you making it up. >> there's also a bad week for the duggers. >> you think the somehow will be cancelled? >> w not are fine whether


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