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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 20, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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in the humidity. not record territory though. our record high for today is 100 degrees that was set back in 1930. but 95 today. that now ties for the hottest day of the year so far in 2015. it looks like we'll see repeat of today once again for your monday. 85 the current air temperature right now at philadelphia. 81 in allentown when you factor the humidity still feeling like 93 for philly none in wilmington wilmington, delaware. 89 tron 10 and 85 in allentown. excessive heat warning conditions for philadelphia and adjacent suburbs until 8:00 o'clock monday. areas in orange that's heat advisory also until 8:00 on monday heat indices up around 100 degrees once again for the day on monday. so just stay cool, guys. be inside drink plenty of of water. stay in the air-conditioning and avoid any strenuous activity if possible and right now storm scan thee is quiet. just some clouds. but there will be chance for scattered shower or storm with all this heat and humidity. talk more about that coming up in a few minutes.
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natasha, back over to you. >> justin, see you inn sigh soon. many people went swimming to escape this heat today but for some a day of fun turned tragic. tonight search crews recover the body of a male swimmer who disappeared into the delaware river off of burlington, new jersey. witnesses say the man tried to swim to a they are by island around 7:00 o'clock. new jersey state police marine units and burlington fire and rescue all participateed in the search. they have not released the man's identity just yet. and just across the river in bristol, pennsylvania, crews tonight suspended the search for a man who went missing in the delaware river. he went under this morning at bristol wharf near mill and radcliffe streets. marine units sevenned for several hours in that area. one eyewitness described the scene when the man went under. >> the boy was swimming by the buoy he went down, straight down. there was a boat that was just passing at the same time. kept on going. he was saying help! and he knew the boat was behind um and
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girlfriend was saying, help him! help him! >> bucks and marine units were assisted in the search by burlington city and new jersey state police marine units as well. now even when the sun goes down the stifling heat is still very much a concern. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is live at the art museum tonight with a look at how philadelphia residents are keeping cool and steve how you guys have been cooling cool as well today. >> reporter: natasha this weather is amazing. you mentioned the sun goes down. it's tonight it's 11:00 o'clock it still feels like the sun beating down on you. i swear it's not the camera light it is still very hot out here although less like an oven and more like a sauna. but earlier it was much worse and we spoke to some residents who found some creative ways to beat the heat. sunday to brave heat this dangerous you needed a strategy. on kelly drive joggers slowed down and asked who really needs a shirt to run? this guy said,
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not me. in fairmount the kids taught us water isn't just for drinking. >> it's brutal. it's taxing much you're out there in the field and all you want to do is run for the shade. >> julio says his son knew what to do a few minutes after leaving the house. >> he spent 10 minutes runs across the playground and came over here to cool off. >> marvin rallied the troops. >> it's hard to believe. >> he led 12 volunteers three hours pass closing time at the library turning this knowledge center into an oh asis1 of the few designateed cooling centers in the city. >> it's important for the community to give the community a placing to based on he can treatment weather. >> reporter: and back on kelly drive, this group had a different idea. roller skating club meets rain or diabolical shine every sun dame this particular day they
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grooved for more than six hours with no slowing down. the secret -- >> the movement is makeing everything groovy, and the music just takes your mind off of that that. by the tomb you get finish the time flies. >> reporter: adherence to the old cliche time flys when you're having fun even in unbearable heat. of course, this. >> water. (laughter). >> reporter: and the good news here extremely hot day in the books and so far we've had no reported heat relateed injuries although a lot of people are starting to gear up including those cooling centers for another round of this tomorrow. tonight we're reporting live at the art museum, i'm steve patterson cbs3 i were the new. >> all right. steve, thank you so much. you can track the dangerous heat with the cbs philly weather app and you can also see storm scan3 and get the forecast 24 hours day. it's available on i tunes and google play. and sources now tell cbs3 a guilty plea may come as early
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this week in the deadly center city building collapse of 2013. according to sources very close to this case, grain are crane operator sean ben chop may enter the plea at a hearing set for tuesday morning. the 43-year-old faces multiple counts of third degree murder which carry a potential life sentence. six people died when brick wall toppled on to the roof of a salvation army thrift store. blood tests revealed ben chop had marijuana and prescription drugs in his system on the day of the dodely accident. well new developments in the sex assault allegations against comedian bill cosby. in recently unsealed court documents, cosby once described encounter with a woman cueing him of molestation as quote somewhere between permission and rejection. the associated press has obtained a transcript of that 2005 deposition that was first reported by the new york times. at one point cosby also described same woman as a willing participant in sexual
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encounter much the lawsuit was brought by an ex employee at temple university. andrea con stand. also the victims of thursday's deadly shooting rampage were remembered today in sunday services across tennessee tennessee. churches in chattanooga dedicated services to the five fallen servicemen. at one church more than 400 people turned out for an emotional tribute to the navy sailor and four marines who were killed in the attacks last week. >> my husband is retired marine. once marine always a marine. >> the fbi now trying to learn more about what motivateed muhammed abdulazeez the kuwaiti born gunman responsible fort killings. in a statement this weekend his family broke their silence. they said, abdulazeez suffered from depression and they are currently in shock. a man survives a shooting in west philadelphia after police say a bullet got lodged in his forehead.
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it happened just after midnight on the corner of north 46th and terrace streets. police found the victim with the bullet stuck in his head. they say it never penetrated his skull. he was rush to the hospital. he is expected to survive tonight. the shooter is still on the loose. police meantime are searching for two suspects in connection with a suspicious fire in south philly. it happened about 3:00 this morning on south juniper street when a fire broke out in a home under construction. the flames damaged four other hoe houses and forced more than a dozen evacuations. one witness says he saw someone go into the building moments britt caught fire. >> first i heard broken glass then i seen him enter the building which caught on fire and i seen another gentleman on the roof. >> once it caught and fire it went from the second noor to the first floor so we stabbed collapse zones right away. >> one suspect is described as a hispanic mail about 5-foot four with a black goatee. the other male is about 5-foot eight with a slim build.
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if you have any information about this case please contact police right away. ♪ american veterans are hitting back against donald trump' recent comments about arizona senator john mccain yesterday trump suggested that mccain who spent more than five years as a pow is only a war hero because he was captured during the vietnam war. today trump refused to apologize for the remark and blasted mccain again for as he put it not doing enough to help vets during his time in the senate. service members at a vfw convention in pittsburgh pennsylvania slammed trump's comments today. >> donald trump makes a lot of statements, no substance. no substance whatsoever. >> if mr. trump had served in the military, he would know that everyone that volunteers to serve our country protect our flag are heroes. >> trump who's leading recent
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republican op poll never served in vietnam. he had student dee ferment and ultimately suffered from a pope spur in his foot. for the first time in more than 50 years there will be a cuban embassy in washington d.c. tomorrow cuban officials will raise their country's flag above the building and it will be open for business. u is s meanwhile will open an embassy in havana part of the recent thaw in diplomatic ties that that been ice cease since 1961. stay with us. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a woman is pulled from flaming car by two teenaged brothers all of it is captured on camera. fine out what was racing through their mind as they leaped into action. plus a hero's welcome. world cup hero carli lloyd returns to south jersey see the very emotional home coming. justin? >> the dangerous heat continues as we start off the upcoming work week but there's some relief in sight. i'll show when you coming up in
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the seven day forecast. >> thanks justin. straight ahead in sports the phillies sweep the marlins in dramatic fashion. lesley van arsdall has those highlights when "eyewitness news" returns. stay with us.
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>> fiery scene in oregon after an elderly woman crashes her car at a gas station. the woman drove into a gas pump and immediately engulfing her car in flames. thanks to two quick-thinking teenaged brothers the woman is alive after they jumped into action when they saw the woman trapped in the burning car. one of the brothers says he punched the window with his bare hands to rescue her. >> like this might hurt but i just have to pull her out. i punched it and reached in i grabbed her by the shoulders and i kind of picked her up and took her out. >> i was trying to not to think and get out of there as quickly as i could before anything gets worse and thank god it all work out okay. >> very brave teenagers much the woman was taken to the hospital
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with non-life threatening injuries. now, delran's own carli lloyd has been celebrating across the country with fans since they became a world cup champion but today the soccer stars says a homecoming celebration in south jersey has extra personal meaning to her. alex huff has more from voorhees voorhees. >> this has topped everything in my life. >> reporter: to room full of family friends and adoring young players carli lloyd admitted while we were all writing stories about her several weeks ago she was wondering if she was worthy. >> i'm on top of the world. i should be scoring goals and playing well. >> those worries turned around replaced by three world cup winning goals this welcome home celebration for the delran native was held in voorhees hosted by the medford strikers and universal soccer academy. >> we are so lucky to have you as our hometown hero and role model playing next to you is not only an honor but a great motivator for me to succeed. carl is inspiration to somebody
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like me not because she's the best in the world but how she became the best in the world. >> surprise guest length her words as well former philadelphia player and unfortunate s national teammate of lloyd's heather mitts. >> i've never met a teammate, a player that is willing to work harder than carli. >> mitts also worked with trainer james gallon lynnness refined lloyd's talents since 2003. >> the final wasn't won on july 5th when the entire world was watching much the final was wouldn't when no one was watch watching. >> when i first carli on or knew she had the potential i just knew if she just buckles down and listen and work hard i knew she would would be here. >> looking back all those things isaac chris face over the years has enabled me to become an olympic gold met med list an world cup champion. >> according to lloyd the journey has always come full circle it's appropriate that back here in south jersey this finally happened.
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>> today has been the first time in two weeks that everything is sung in. >> in voorhees alex huff, cbs3 "eyewitness news". a surveillance fur in south african competition attacked by a shark all captured on camera. egg be seen here paddling i was as the shark pursues him on his surf body. fanning a triple world champion champion from australian was knock off the surfboard noon the sea moments after the competition had gun. he did escape amazingly uninjured. >> and i instantly just jumped like away and just kept coming at my bore i was kicking and screaming. wow! >> did you see some teeth good did you get some teeth. >> i just saw fins. i didn't see teeth. i was waiting for the teeth to come at me while as screaming.
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i was like ah! >> the surfing competition was mild called off. the waters off the south african cape are well known for sharks. it is amazing he was able to escape that. justin you're surfer. i'm sure you feel the pain. >> i've had fish bumped my leg. >> nothing like that. i don't want to know what's under there. >> it so freaks me out. >> our weather is dangerous today. one more day to go much it's nighttime and temperatures still feel like it's in the 90's when you factor in the humidity. we'll take you outside to south street. this is in philadelphia's bella vista neighborhood still muggy tonight and oppressive heat will crank up wednesday again tomorrow and people out bound trying to brave the heat tonight tonight. certainly need to run the air-conditioner. let's talk about these temperatures what's ahead and got a little heat wave going on day number one we hit 95 degrees for afternoon temperature but it felt more like 100. tomorrow once again mid 90s. tuesday still think we hit 90 average high is 87.
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way above that. starting wednesday thursday friday start to knock the temperatures back into the mid 80s and humidity levels really start to drop on wednesday. you'll see a big difference in the next 48 hours or so. 85 that's the actual air temperature now in philadelphia at the airport. lower 80s in south jersey and millville. wildwood lower 80s in dover. but the due point temperatures it's gauges how much humidity is in the air this is pretty high. usually didn't get much higher than this across the delaware valley in the summertime. this is a tropical air mass and it feels like it when you step outside. so here we go again tomorrow. i'll that oppressive feel to the air mass for your monday. it gets better on tuesday. still in the steamy side. i'll throw in pleasant conditions for wednesday and thursday as those dew point temperatures actually drop into the 50s much that's a real nice for summertime. so look forward to that if you don't like the humidity that we're dealing with right now. pretty dry now on storm scan3. clouds rolling on through. a couple of clusters of showers and storms. some could get in here through the overnight we'll call it scattered not everybody sees it.
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same deal tomorrow with the next cold front hot and humid conditions mid 99 it will feel like 100. could be an afternoon shower or storm. don't cancel the plans if you are bracing the heat outside tomorrow. because most areas won't see the showers. another cold front comes through tuesday much this front is what's going to bring relief. that comes through tuesday evening. wednesday finally we get the northerly nd coming out of canada that's drier it's cooler pushes out all the humidity. rain chances still looking pretty low for monday only about 20%. we'll bump it up to 30 on tuesday looks good for wednesday and thursday. dry conditions return with 0% chance of precipitation. here's our future weather model showing maybe some showers trying to move through the overnight hours for around 3:00 o'clock in the morning or so. but by 7:00 for that morning rush, we're looking okay. your battle sun glare have the sunglasses around tomorrow. into the afternoon could be a spotty shower maybe even a thunderstorm in some locations. and then later tuesday it's mainly late afternoon and evening we'll see that next front come through. get another chance for a
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scattered shower or thunderstorm thunderstorm. let's talk about what it will feel like through the overnight. still feeling like mid and maybe upper 80s by 2:00 a.m. monday morning and then here we go afternoon heat indices up around 100 degrees. once again for the inland spots. some relief down at the shore. the jet stream well to our north allowing this heat to expand watch happens a little cool pocket of air wednesday for end of the week that's a sign of some cooler temperatures working its way back into the forecast. overnight not much relief. 78 warm and muggy could be scattered storm. tomorrow hot and humid storm chance in the afternoon with-95 degrees. your shore forecast some sunshine wear the sunblock 87 for the air ocean water at 74 rip current risk employee. here the extended forecast. 90 still on tuesday. back to the upper 80s wednesday. less humid conditions and as we head towards thursday and friday, we're talking about mid 80s returning. and then bite end of the week into next weekend we're back into the upper 80s to around
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90 degrees. so that's your forecast right there. stay with usually we'll be right back.
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lesley phillies playing in the sweltering heat today. maybe the brought them luck. >> it was a long hot day at the ballpark today. phillies sent cole hamels to the mound looking to rebound from his last start where he gave up nine runs. cole struggled again. he went on three innings giving up five runs on eight hits. cole has given up 14 runs on 20 hits. it fell lease trailing seven-six seven-six. jeff francoeur hit his second walk off homer in the series. they sweep the marlins eight- eight-seven the final. after the game cole talk about being on the trading block. >> i think anybody will have to deal with it it. just how you choose to deal with it each person if you play long enough your name eventual system going to be involved with some
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sort of speculation or an actual trade. so it's just for me to be able to go out there and, you know, do what i know i'm capable of doing and unfortunately today didn't happen. the other day it didn't happen either. but you're always one pitch away and one moment away. one game away from getting back to square one and being normal. so that's kind of what it is. >> coming up in he can in the zone we'll have more on cole hamels future with the team and cbs james hayman joins me. eagles training camp starts in two weeks. wip duo rob harry and hollis
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♪ well we are so excited excited that mischa johnson our new tractor reporter starts tomorrow bright and early. join to us give her a warm philadelphia welcome. you can even give her a shout out right now on twitter even though we hope she's asleep by
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using the hash shag meissha. perfect treat on sweltering day. today is national ice cream day. definitely appropriate with a brutal heat that we have been enduring and if you haven't had any ice cream yet today you still have a little time left before midnight but you better hurry up. we have to find a place open at this hour to get ice cream. >> justin is back with week forecast. >> i say sprinkles. >> i polled two people. >> sports doesn't count. >> sprinkles. >> justin. >> rainbow sprinkle. quick check of the weather. hot, humid tomorrow 95 degrees. could be a stray shower or storm monday and tuesday. you'll feel the condition on tuesday. much better condition by the end of the week. >> that's "eyewitness news". thanks for joining us. sports zone is next with lesley. >> jimmyies. >> sprinkles. >> sprinkles. >> two to one. >> that's it.
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♪ ♪ made in hollywood ♪ ♪ "ant-man" starring paul rudd
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and michael douglas is "made in hollywood." >> on today's so i sit down with the cast of the latest installment of a marvel cinematic universe. >> i also love the idea that i am playing a character that also a lot of people don't know about. >> amy schumer and bill hader tell bus their new comedy "trainwreck." >> the first script i wrote was true for for what i was go through at the time but then time passed and i had a new story so i was like let's do that store. >> i and parker posey is telling us about her latest film "irrational man," drafted by woody allen. >> and we'll take a look at what's hot on screen with ryan reynolds and derek luke. >> as "made in hollywood" celebrates its 10th anniversary season. >> hi, i am paul rudd. >> i am amy schumer. >> i am bill hader. >> and we are from the cast of "trainwreck." and we are on "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> you are watching "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood ♪ ♪
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first up today the new move that i proves shrinking down to the size of an ant is the new super power. >> yes. and it's the kind of ability that you would want if you needed to pull off a heist in order to save the world, which is exactly what paul rudd's character is recruit today do in marvel's "ant-man." >> hi, i am paul rudd and welcome to "made in hollywood." here is a scene from "ant-man." ♪ ♪ >> imagine a soldier. the size of an insect. the ultimate secret weapon. ♪ >> it's everyone's dream to be if a marvel film. it's such a huge franchise now but someone called you like they are like, hey paul there is a knew marvel film coming out went to you play the lead he's "ant-man." >> what is running your your head at that point? >> awesome. >> really? >> yeah. totally. >> you get hours and everyone is going to be chaos.
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>> how do we stop him? >> i also loved the idea that i would be playing a character that also a lot of people know about. >> i read the script and i was doing a movie fey at the fury at the time. and they were waiting outside when i was done like with half of it i had to give it in and came back and read the other 60 pages and i thought it was awesome. >> i have been watching for you a while. you are different. and i believe everyone deserve a shot at redemption. do you? >> never before have we seen this mentor type of relationship where he's passing down the torch to a new protege who is going to become the new superhero, the new "ant-man." >> what do you think of that story line? >> i am not sure of hank pim's choices of who would take over as the "ant-man," i think it was questionable for a while. it's part of the humor and fun we have in the pick as he struggles to learn


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