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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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comes down to the luck of the draw, a lottery, will now be used to determine who gets tickets. i'm ukee washington. jets contact is off tonight. septa revealed new system in the press conference late this afternoon. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson reports. >> reporter: it is announcement that septa hopes will set things right. starting on monday, august the third, septa will sell regional rail passes, through an on line, lottery. >> reporter: last week, failure. septa officials say that the e commerce site designed to sell 350,000 regional rail passes, for the pope's vice tonight late september was slammed by over overwhelming demand this week relaunch plan. instead of first come, first serve, spokesperson jerry williams says a lottery system means a equal playing field. >> everyone has the same chance have being selected. >> reporter: all hosted by external ticket hub made for high volume this site has been
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designed for high demand. >> reporter: so here's how it works. starting at 12:01 a.m. for one day customers get one shot to enter the on line lottery through septa's web site n that time customers can order ten passes for each of the two available days and set preference preferences like time slot and rail station. drawing is random. if a customer gets select they will get an e-mail saying congratulations and opportunity to pay for the pass. >> we want to be able to get the papal passes in peoples hand so at least they can make some serious concrete decision about their transportation plans. >> reporter: septa officials wanted to assure us that this on line external company will have a way to check for nefarious activity like mass purchasing and ticket scalping. they will have a way to check for that. this all happens one day august 3rd, for just 24 hours. reporting live from center city i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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thanks steve. count down continues. we are 60 days away from the pope's visit. we have you covered when it comes to the papal visit as well. just head to cbs for complete coverage. we have some break news right now chopper three live over 2800 block of orange street in kensington where police say a man was shot and killed about a half an hour ago. right now there is no word on a possible shooter stay with "eyewitness news" as updates continue to come into our news room. well, we are feeling the summer sizzle and this is just the beginning, get ready for week long stretch of heat. meteorologist kate bilo is on the skies deck to tell us about what we will get kate. >> i can tell you it feels like a steam bath out here on the sky deck right now, one of the air masses you walk outside and start to sweat immediately. far cry from that cool, dry air we have had, last week, we were talking about dew points in the 40's and 50's. now we're talking about dew points heading up in the 70's. the just a few clouds over the city, we are seeing sun here and there but few spots are seeing heavier showers and storms. lets look at storm scan three
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you can see a couple storms have popped up, mainly in south jersey and southern delaware, one heavy shower over portions of atlantic county has not moved over past couple of hours. egg harbor city down toward pamona heavy rain there flood advisory for that area flood advisory has been expand todd include sussex county in delaware as well with that particular cell to the south. temperatures in the meantime it is hot and steamy in the city. we are at 91 at the the airport. ninety-three in trenton. cooler air the atlantic city airport thanks to the shower that moved through. it is only 77 there feels like 95 in philadelphia i can vouch for that. it definitely does feel like mid 90's the on the sky deck. we are talking non-stop 90's throughout the end of the week and weekend. friday gets a little bit better because of the reductions in humidity but wait until you see the beat the the heat over next few days, drink plenty of water. try to avoid strenuous activity. a lot of folks to have work outside. take frequent breaks and wear light colored clothes and keep kid and pets cool as well.
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coming up we will tell you more about that drop in humidity and chance for strong thunderstorms this week as well, coming up with the seven day forecast, ukee, back over to you. and a historic surgery right here in philadelphia, young boy under goes a hand transplant at children's hospital. health reporter stephanie stahl is there i don't dues to you this little guy and tell you more about this remarkable surgery, stephanie. >> reporter: this whole thing is a big wow the world's first double hand transplant on a child a medical milestone for a very special little boy eight year-old zion hardy was happy to show off his new hand, weeks after the historic transplant. at a press conference he explained, how they felt. >> hurt at first but then good. perfect. >> reporter: zion had a sepsis infection at two years old to save his life, doctors amputated his hand and legs, and he had a liver transplant.
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>> unaudible. >> i had to get them cut off because i was sick. >> reporter: video shows how adapted physically and emotionally. >> my classmates don't mean to say mean thing to me. >> he is amazing in his own right, for me, it is just a blessing. i have been blessed with a god send angel. >> reporter: after only a few weeks on the transplant waiting list unidentified donor was found, chop assembled the transplant team for the ten hour operation. >> it is a huge step forward in the movement have of reconstructive surgery and now what we call restorative surgery. >> reporter: now zion was already on anti rejection drugs for a kidney transplant. he had a kidney transplant not a river transplant. he will stay on anti rejection drugs forever. he will be here in intensive care therapy at chop for another couple weeks before he helped home to baltimore to start a eventually third grade. reporting live from chop i'm
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stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> incredible story on so many levels stephanie, thank you. stay tuned for much more on this amazing procedure. the tonight on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley at 6:30 right after we sign off right here on "eyewitness news". tonight we are here more from philadelphia police about last night's wild chase that spanned two states, robbery suspect in the white van refusing to stop for officers. it started in oaklynn camden county but then spilled over the bridge into philadelphia. then the suspect went back over the bridge into new jersey where he looped around the parking lot, of the deptford mall. and then, following that he then headed through the tolls ben franklin bridge nearly coming to a stop mid span. that is when the pennsylvania side he evaded police a few more times and decided to exit i-95 near the airport. that is when an officer used his car to flip the van which rolled on to a service road ape the suspect was taken into custody. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers spoke to philadelphia police today
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about that wild chase. >> reporter: two hours into a chase that spanned two states, this state police cruiser rolled the suspect's van its driver slightly injured the chase then over. >> we don't see that often here in the city particularly with our department. we don't chase vehicle for two hours. >> reporter: lieutenant john stanford says philadelphia police don't usually chase suspects but that this really wasn't their call. oaklynn new jersey police started the pursuit chasing robert ritter the the suspect in the armed robbery. what started in new jersey made its way in to philadelphia. it forced police here to respond. >> last thing we wanted to have some other department running through our city and we don't know what is going on. >> reporter: police helicopter went up and officers joined the pennsylvania state police and oaklynn police in running the suspect down. >> we were lucky in a sense that in one was injury. we had officer banked up and individual himself but other than that, it is a very lucky situation. >> reporter: while philly's policy only allows chases under very limited circumstances other
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departments set their own rules. often times it is up to an officer's discretion to start a chase and supervisors decide when to end it. pennsylvania state the police chose to end this one at the airport. >> anytime you are in a situation like this your adrenaline is pumping. you have to be cautious. >> reporter: late this afternoon the oaklynn police department released a statement justifying in their word this pursuit. they say it was conduct at maryland rate to low speeds on road that did not have very much traffic on them at the time. they say the suspect in this case was wanted for multiple arrest warrants. we're outside police headquarters, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". last survivor hurt in the deadly amtrak derailment was released from temple university hospital. temple treated a majority of those seriously injured in the may 12th crash. eight people were killed and more than 200 others were hurt when train 188 jumped the tracks at frankford junction. federal authorities investigated the crash are still working on a official cause. just a stunning crime
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caught on tape woman sitting on her front steps is robbed by two men at gunpoint. this happened sunday morning on forty-sixth street near chester avenue in southwest philadelphia police say one suspect pointed a handgun at the victim while other demanded her cell phone and pass code month. man complied and the suspects ran off. police say they have arrested a pair of serial burglars who targeted south philadelphia businesses. authorities say that they caught tony kim hung trying to break into a south seventh street restaurant last week while kim acted as a look out. kimhonk is suspect in a dozen other commercial burglaries since april. chester county nurse ace rested for allegedly stealing drugs from the nursing home where she work. thirty-six year-old carolyn howett is accused of stealing morphine and other drugs from the home in west chester. the drugs were marked as destroyed, but they were found in howett's home. five former members of the fill police department narcotic unit are suing mayor
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nutter police commissioner charles ramsey and district attorney seth williams for defamation. perry bets thomas, and brian reynold, josh spicer and michael spicer werewere acquitted in may of federal racketeering charges and returned to the force. it suits monetary damages. representatives for the mayor, the police commissioner and d.a. have declined comment. and still to come on "eyewitness news" something fish up is going on in one south jersey, community the unique way they are dealing with one of the summers biggest pests the mosquitoes. cutting ribbon to connect communities, long path that was a long time coming, it is now complete. kate? and it is a hot steamy afternoon with a couple of showers that have popped up in portions of the area but we've got a long term heat wave to face as we get through next several days, worst of it may be tomorrow and thursday. i'll have more details on that and chance for thunderstorms this week coming up in weather, leslie. as trade deadline gets closer one philly may get the
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his wish to be shipped out of here, we will tell you who and ruben amaro making a demand from the teams who are interested in cole hamels, we will hear from him coming up from him later in sports.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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pedestrians and bike riders i have new route to take on the schuylkill river trail. a new path opened that allows to you travel from philadelphia to phoenixville as part of the montgomery county project that includes the restoration of the new pedestrian bridge, and the bridge repair. >> this trail fits into our award winning montco 2040 plan which is very focused on walkability, bikeability and connecting our communities through ways, other than just by car. >> the total project is 1.75 miles. we are headed in the dog days of summer, bad weather helps create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. officialness gloucester county say they have a fishy solution to that pesky problem. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us how they are beating the bugs in gloucester county. >> i have three separate locations that we trapped this morning in the grab a trap. >> reporter: we worked idea of the great catch makes most of us cringe.
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the he is in charge of the gloucester county mosquito control program. >> what we will do is put these in the cooler and identify them for what species they are and send them up for west nile viruses. >> reporter: managing mosquito pop eulogies is critical in preventing insect born diseases. >> we have diseases that is up and coming from the caribbean. we are monitoring these things to keep them under control. >> reporter: hot, humid summer weather is when mosquitoes feast on flesh and breed in water. one of the best ways to beat the bugs is, release fish that eat them. today county began stocking up 15,000 mosquitoes eating fish, and in more than 50 pond like this one behind the west deptford library. fish are a fish better known as mosquitoes either. they grow to be an inch or two long they feast on mosquitoes larvae environmental friendly way of controlling the mosquito population.
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>> circle of life where fish will encounter mosquitoes and have a nice lunch. it is a very clean green thing to do for the county. >> reporter: while fish stocking program is in towns throughout new jersey, experts say all of us can eliminate mosquitoes breeding ground by flipping over items that collect rain water in our yard. cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we need hot humid summer weather that is what we have got. >> that is exactly what we have got and we have it in spade. if you have been talking about the lack of summer weather but you got your wish over the next couple days. temperatures in the 90's right through next week. lets look at outside and see what we have. we will take you down the shore where it is looking gray here in ocean city. this is ocean city but just to the north in atlantic city we have some rain. atlantic city especially toward airport and couple of these showers are drifting down toward ocean city. it is looking glummy, it doesn't look like it is raining there yet but people
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are taking a stroll. but very humid just about every where. those humidity levels will continue to rise as we go through next couple days. lets take a look at storm scan three. you can see what we have going on. the there is that shower over atlantic county. zooming in you can see how heavy rain is pushing further tout south here. steady rain around egg harbor city, mckey city, same place it has been over past hour or so but pushing further south toward shore communities absecon, atlantic city. this could drift toward sea isle, ocean city eventually as it pushes south. it may fizzle and tie out but definitely something to watch down the the shore. heading in southern delaware we will see this rain moving south in maryland but still pretty steady rain southeastern delaware and we have two flood advisories for these regions. the here's southern delaware until 9:45 that has been expanded and extended all of southern sussex county. as we head in atlantic, bass river, galloway, pennsylvania moan, egg harbor city, they
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are all under flood advisory until 9:15. this is what we have been dealing with. the these heavier rains that pop up, in one or two spots but areas that are right under the rain, you are getting threat for flooding and ponding on the roadways. 91 degrees is the temperature. in the very comfortable right now. ninety in reading. ninety-three in trenton. seventy-six the atlantic city airport thanks to the rain. our high 93. thinks first of potentially seven, 90 plus degree days in a row. that will take us into next tuesday. and then maybe by next wednesday we will get relief but you can see 90 plus days. we have 19 total last year. pretty mild summer. we'll clips that as we jump up to 22 by middle of the next week and that will put us above 2013. don't think we will get to 2010 when we have had 55, 90 plus degree day. it will take a hot august to get there it doesn't look like we will but it does look like we will beat last year. air quality alert for wednesday, it is unhealthy thanks to of course all of the
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particles in the atmosphere with this hot humid weather for people with respiratory issues anyone in that sensitive group should be careful outside wednesday. high pressure in control. we have showers and storms that may pop in the afternoon. that is driven by the heating of the the day. but then we have an actual catalyst coming in on thursday, a front pushing through thursday afternoon bringing chance for gusty storms. the heavier may miss us just to the north but couple thunderstorms will pop up late thursday afternoon and evening. as of now we are in the marginal business being for severe weather. we will see if they make that slight risk as we head in the day tomorrow. i will let you know in that happens, any storm that comes through thursday will have heat and moisture to work with meaning threat for heavy rain, frequent lightening and strong gusty wind. overnight a few cloud warm, muggy. 74 degrees for overnight low. that number will be better served as daytime high in my opinion but it will be very sticky night for us. tomorrow 95, just pop up shower in the afternoon. doesn't look like we will beat
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a rorrer. record for tomorrow is 98, set twice, 1892 and then back in 20 on two. we will get within a few degrees of that but does not look like we will tie it or break it. thursday watch out for afternoon storms and 90's continue friday and weekend but good news about that the humidity is lower. after that front comes through thursday afternoon humidity in the quite as bad lower 90's, nice summer weekend hot out there saturday and sunday but good weather to head down the shore, cool off in the pool, at least it is in the raining this weekend but does stay hot. >> always hydrate, as you say. >> absol
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back to baseball hopefully more winning baseball for fightins. >> one of the best teams right now. >> how about it. >> didn't think we would be saying that. >> i'm loving it. >> phillies are on a roll, they won four straight, eight
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out of nine, tonight they take on toronto, one of the best offences, in toronto. gm reuben amaro has reportedly told teams to make their best offer for cole hamels by tomorrow and he will think about trading the 2008 world series mvp. rangers, dodgers yankees cubs, diamond backs and red sox all interested. cole will not thursday against braves. on the 94 wip morning show he said he has talk to some several teams. >> there has been aggressive moves by several clubs, you know, but this is normal. i mean this is one of the busiest times of the season, and anytime anytime there is a deadline it pushes the the gm's and other front office folks to try to move. >> well, it looks like closer jonathan papelbon will get his wish to be traded. multiple sources say phillies whip ship papelbon to division rival washington for double a pitcher. he was not seen inside clubhouse before tonight's game against the blue jays.
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patriots star quarterback tom brady will miss his first four games of the season. commissioner goodell upheld suspension for his role in the deflate gate. goodell said that the league learned that brady had his cell even if destroyed on the same day that he was to meet with league investigator ted wells. brady knew investigators wanted that phone with his 10,000 text messages. brady's lawyer calls the appeals process a sham. arizona cardinals making it official, they have brought on jen welsher through her internship program. she will work with inside the the linebackers for the preseason. jen says it is a dream come true she is first woman to play non-kicking position in the mens football league. flyers have signed sean couturier to the multi year contract extension. it is said to be for six years, 26 million. he appeared in all 82 games last season with a career high, 15 goals and 22 assists. but it looks like we won't see
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jonathan papelbon anymore. >> good to see bruce airans from temple doing his thing on that. >> good guy. >> that was nice good looking good. >> we will take a short break we will be
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and thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" will be back at ten on wpsg, the cw philly. we will be back on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight nfl today's james brown weighs in on tom brady a's suspension and explains how that destroyed cell phone impact the penalty. from new york here's scott pelley. we will see you later tonight. have a good evening.
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>> pelley: the commissioner upholds tom brady's suspension for cheating and accuses him of destroig key evidence. also tonight a lion beloved in zimbabwe, is killed illegally and an american dentist is accused. the parents of mass murderer james holmes try to persuade a jury to spare him. and a medical marvel. a young boy has a real pair of hands for the first time in six years. >> i justment to say this-- never give up on your dreams. it will come true. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, the commissioner of the nfl said that tom brady was aware of and supported cheating in the a.f.c.


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