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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> stormy afternoon turned into a quiet evening. rain helped cut the humidity but the heat is hanging around. good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. jessica has it's night off. another 90-degree day officially making this the third heat wave of the summer. meteorologist kate bilo on the sky deck right now with more how long the 90 plus temperatures will be with us. kate? >> well, ukee, it look like the 90 plus temperatures will be with us into next week. but the good news is, this steamy sticky air with 70 plus degree dew points won't be with us for much longer. still a bit steamy out here right its right now overnight that will start to change. let's take a quick look at storm scan3. the clouds are now clearing through portions of the new jersey as our showers and storms make their way off the coast. it will take a little while for the dry air to catch up. by tomorrow you'll feel a difference in the air outside. here's our heat wave number three tuesday 93, yesterday 93. today we just barely eek it out we got to none. more clouds today kept it slightly cooler temperature wise but the humidity was higher today than it has been all week.
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take look at temperatures right now. still hanging ton 78 at the airport. 77 in reading. and 76 degrees in wilmington. dew points are still in the mid 70s as well here in philadelphia. although they're dropping. look at reading and mount pocono dew points down in the low to mid 60s and that's the drier air starting to work its way into the region. it's so close we can almost taste it and it will get here tomorrow. tomorrow we're looking at full sun across the board. it's a beautiful friday. still a little on the hot side. but compared to what we've had the past couple of days, this day looks great. 81 by 9am. 85 by 11 a.m. lower humidity, full day of sun so even though we hit 90 and keep the heat wave going it does look like a pretty nice summer friday after all. i'll tell you about the weekend and when the heat wave breaks coming up when i join you inside. ukee? >> kate, see in you a bit. thank you. in the news tonight police are investigating the abduction and beating of a child in the middle of the night. police say the mother a woke to her daughter injury in the backyard. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt at the special victims
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right now with more on the child child's disturbing injuries. injuries the mother wants people to see. david ukee it's a sad story detectives want to find this person as soon as possible. i just spoke to the little girl's mother just a few minutes ago. she tells me her daughter is continuing to recover but she has a lot of injuries to overcome. >> horrifying. um something i'll never forget. >> reporter: it's a mother's wore the nightmare. and what detectives say happened to this little five-year-old continues to haunt her family. >> i want into a immediate state of panic. everything else after that was just screams and worries. >> reporter: hopkins tells "eyewitness news" she woke up tuesday morning and her little girl wasn't inside the house. hopkins went outside and found the five-year-old on the ground with several bruises and head injuries. >> she had temporal lobby fracture. she has a hairline fracture in her skull. and she also has broken jaw where she could eat solid foods for sick weeks. >> reporter: special victim
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detectives believe a man entered the home through a window brought the girl outside beat her up and then just took off. >> we want to make the public aware in the neighbor the community residents occupants of homes just to be aware of this incident, more or less step up security report roar five-year-old remains under constant care and security at saint christopher's children's hospital. >> i wouldn't wish this on nobody. >> reporter: police interviewed a potential person of interest earlier this evening. but that person turned out not to be an official suspect. police don't have an official suspect at this point. any information give them a call call. remember you can remain non muss. reporting at special victims unit tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david thank you. an assistant scout master has been arrested and charged with aggravated sexual contact luring a child and endangering the welfare of a child. police say 68 year old frank sammy thompson of cape may city work with a boy scout troop in west cape may through a tip police learned thompson was
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grooming a juvenile male for sexual purposes. police say he also sexually assaulted another juvenile several years ago. well investigators want a driver who may have witness add crash that killed three people in the far northeast to come for. police say the car packed with five young people failed to negotiate a curve and hit a tree on red lion road and sandy meyer lane. sabina roads was one of two teenaged girls who died along with a 20-year-old man. sabina's aunt went back to the scene searching foreclosures. >> they're young. we all made mistakes. they've all been there and i get it. and i don't blame anybody. i just want you to know sabina was amazeingly gorgeous young girl had a bright future ahead of her. >> another passenger a 1784 old boy remains in critical condition. police say the 19 year old driver showed up to a hospital few hours later with his clothes covered in blood. now knew at 11:00 a rescue on the tracks. to night we are hearing from a local doctor who helped perform
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surgery on a patient under circumstances that were far from routine. a man was hit by a freight train and the doctor was called in to act. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco reports tonight. >> reporter: einstein medical center er dr. melissa couldn't got a 3:00 a.m. call wednesday a 46-year-old man is stuck under a csx train on tracks near grant avenue in northeast philadelphia philadelphia. dr. cahn was at home but with her emergency kit in her car she was prepared for anything. >> working on the ambulance and seeing a lot of different unusual scenes. haven't necessarily to had to crawl u19 a train to safe somebody before. >> fire department was on the scene and had assess the situation. the only way to free the man was to amputate his leg at the ankle ankle. >> the fire department had already tried to consider moving the train or lifting the train. but there wasn't an option for that. >> reporter: the doctor and her colleague dr. meghan gallagher had performed countless surgeries before. but never in these conditions. the patient was heavily medicate
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and awake and this time they're operating room was underneath the engine of a freight train. >> we crawled under 19 the train on our bellies. we used example to cut through some of the tissues and then we used two different types of saws to cut through the bone. >> with their tools in hasn't the doctors had to climb up this steep embankment and on to the tracks under the train at that hour of the morning it was more than a hundred degrees while they were performing the surgery. it took about 40 minutes but the man was finally freed and taken to aria torresdale hospital. >> i mean we're there trying to do the best thing for the patient. any time we have a good out come and by being able to get the patient out from underneath the train that seemed a first step in the process of it being a good out come report roar the man lost his foot but the quick thinking and resourceful actions of these einstein doctors saved his life. in elkins park, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> health officials are investigating a case of legionnaire disease at west chester university.
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university employee tested positive for the infection. testing found higher than acceptable levels of legionella bacteria in cooling towers of eight buildings on campus including the student union library and science center. we're told areas that are potentially contaminated are being thoroughly cleaned. no students are on campus right now. legionnaires' has symptoms similar to many forms of pneumonia so it can be hard to diagnose at first. symptoms include cough shortness of breath, high fever and muscle aches. well tonight we are hearing from the us secret service about security during the upcoming papal visit. some have voiced concerns that public transit in the area will be limited while pope francis is here. the secret service says it did not order transit systems to alter services due to security concerns. the agency goes on to say the overall security plan has not yet been finalized. meanwhile public transit construction has some local business owners fired up. they say detours and street closures for a septa improve
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many project are chasing away their customers. and putting a dent in their bottom lines. the construction controversy is tart to heat up in the clifton heights area. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has the store now from delaware county. >> reporter: john owned this business the no name food store for 20 years. next month that may no longer be true. >> how much longer can you last? >> i don't know. right now i don't have the money. report roar his son is more specific. >> we might have a week. i don't even know if we can do that. i don't know what they expect us to do. we have to still pay our bills and pay our taxes. >> reporter: by they he means septa in the miffled an he can tense seive upgrade to two trolley lines. it's a complicated construction project that spans miles of track and right now the sea of orange and road closures that go with it has set up shop outside his store. >> we're probably doing quarter of our business. right now we're at the peak hour at 5:30 and the store is empty. we don't have a customer in mere right now. >> reporter: up the street is
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similar story at the clifton deli. the road work has gone on for most of the july and for owner ken, that's meant a 63% drop in business. >> i can't go through all august like this. i'll have to shut down. there's no other way around it. >> reporter: septa says there's no way around this kind of work. the rails are old. they have to be replaced and the roads have to be closed to do that safely. plus construction can't be done overnight because of alden borough order nan preventing that. seven at a officials sympathize with these business owners and tour what they can to help. for example they've instruct add police officer that sits here during rush hour and blocks this road to allow drivers through if they want to go to those businesses. also they put up this sign right here as a reminder. still, business owners say it's not enough. >> we've been here for over 20 years and never been like this. and i don't know how septa or anyone expects to us survive. report roar construction will run through the beginning of september. matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness
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news". we are hearing from the son of congressman chaka fattah about his father's alleged corruption. the 11 term democrat fattah jr. charged with misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars with falsified documents and elaborate schemes. chaka fattah, jr. spoke to "eyewitness news" today coming to his father's defense. >> i'm confident that nobody has done anything wrong and looking forward to getting this thing cleared up. obviously yesterday wasn't directly about me. but you know now people can end the speculation. >> chaka if a if a injury is not charged in this investigation although the 85 page indictment alleges that congressman used campaign money to pay his son's school loans. unlikely creature has been seen swimming a round a local water way. take look at this a manatee and it's hanging out in place that may surprise you. details just ahead. also coming up at 11:00.
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popular toy guns but injuries related to them are on the rise. health reporter stephanie stahl with what parents should know. >> in the wake of today's showers and thunderstorms skies are clearing now. even we stay warm through the beingnd with temperatures in the 99s we have some relief the way. i'll tell you where the relief is coming from and how long it lasts coming up with the seven day forecast. >> also, pope francis memorabilia is popping up everywhere and we mean popping up. how you can have breakfast with the pope when "eyewitness news" comes right back.
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back now on i news nasa crash testing small plains with the hope of some day saving lives. researchers at the space agency's landing and impact research center are working on building a better emergency locator transmitter. it can sense when a crash is eminent and is designed to quickly lead rescuers to crash site. after final test in august, researchers will make recommendations to the faa.
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investigators may be closer to solving the mystery of what happened to malaysian airlines flight 370. this 6-foot long barnacle end roughed piece of wreckage that washed a shore on reunion island will now undergo a thorough investigation in france. american investigators say the peace is part of an airplane wing known as a flapper rod and belongs to boeing 777 the same model plane as flight flee 70. reunion island is west of the search zone. >> wildlife officials launched an investigation into the killing of a protected lion same cecil by an american dentist in zimbabwe. dr. walter palmer accused of of using local guides to lure the animal from a protected area earlier this month. he has since gone into hiding after news of the hunt sparked worldwide outrage. man who supervised the hunt is facing criminal charges in zimbabwe. unusual visitor was spotted in the delaware river near bordentown, new jersey official and wildlife shared this picture
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with us. officials say a manatee was last seen tuesday night near the i-295 bridge in cross wicks creek. the giant marine mammals are also referred to as sea cows and usually call florida coastal waters home. but officials say warm water and a food source the manatee likes probably brought it up here. well a new warning from doctors about a growing number of eye injuries from popular toy or replica guns. on the health watch tonight health reporter instead of know stall has more on the dangers linked to the popular guns. >> your eye looks great. >> 12-year-old joshua's left eye was injured by an air soft rifle rifle. >> i was scared to death because it was so painful. i thought i was either going to be blind or die. >> joshua thought he was picking picking up a foam pellet gun when he nick the trigger the bullet ricocheted off his nose and hit his eye just missing his cornea. >> it looked pretty bad at first. he couldn't open his eye. >> recent study found injuries
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in children from non powder firearms which include paintball guns air soft guys, beebee guns and pellet guns are up more than 500% from just a few years ago. >> these guns are surprisingly popular. there has been significant increase in marketing to kids. >> doctors say injuries can range from relatively minor to very serious. >> probably the worst injuries that i've seen are injuries that damage the retin in a. because that retina is so thin and fragile any time you have an injury to it, it can permanently damage it. >> dr. whitehead says increased regulation could help but he thinks parents need to take more responsibility. jeremy green with the national rival association says, air arrivals and beebee guns should be treated like any firearm. >> making sure to sit down with them and go over the owner's manual. making sure to use the proper ammunition for the air rifle that is suggest by the manufacturer. and making sure that the parent, you know, talks about gun safety rules with their child before they ever fire an air arrival. >> doctors say eye protection is
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search which can include ski goggles or painful type mask. joshua regain his eye site but he now has a form of glaucoma. >> i think it's just really important that everybody be educateed on the risks involved. >> although air soft guns are not classified as firearms under federal law they are regulated by some states including here in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the countdown to the papal visit roll ross. we are now 58 days away from the highly anticipateed arrival of pope francis to philadelphia. the pontiff's first visit to the united states has inspired many some just want to be near him. others are going a step further. enter the pope toaster. debbie fireman of narberth added a metal plate to a novelty toaster and pope toast was born. deb bee spent years in marking she got no touch with company that makes metal inserts that allow images to burn into the bread. another plate shares the pope
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mosses message. >> because his message spreads love i thought it would be cool to say spread the love and have the pope's face. >> if you're interested in getting your hands on some pope toast of your own we've set up a link at our pat chiarocchi had that earlier. i couldn't couldn't say take bite. great smelling sandwich. >> was. >> i couldn't do it. i couldn't go there. >> good way to get off the carbs. put the pope's face on it you won't be a able to eat it. >> you got that right. amazing. >> talk about our forecast. things are a little bit better tonight. >> things are a little bit better tonight and tomorrow things will feel whole lot better. we've been dealing with high humidity the past couple of days. dew points in the 70s. now we're talking about dew points heading back at least for tomorrow into the 50s at times and that makes all the difference in the world. let's take a look outside and see what's happening right now. tack you out to our campbell's field camera the lights now off at campbell field. but the ben franklin bridge all lit up on this fine thursday evening. kind of an interesting day. we had clouds in the morning
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then those showers and storms came through not severe, but just drenching rain. and now things are clearing out again. in fact let's take you through the day on time lapse video. this one from our live neighborhood network at the pope john paul i school here in royersford. you can see the clouds rolled in heavy downpour comes through then blue peeks back out. watch the sun dip below the horizon beautiful sunset across the region all in all turned out to be pretty decent evening and it's going to turn out to be a pretty decent friday as well. clouds are now clearing the areas still a few clouds hanging on down the shore. further to the north and west of the city clear skies at the moment and that will continue we're expecting nothing but sun across the board and a beautiful deep blue sky for friday. 78 degrees is the temperature at the moment at the airport. 75 degrees in millville and in trenton. cooler mount pock know 66 there. reading at 77 and you can see the dry air sweeping in so we'll seeing aqua shading that's the moist air in the atmosphere. looking at a water vapor loop. this is the dry area sweeping in
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behind the front. you can see still kind of hanging on to the sticky stuff here but that dry air is pushing in and as it does, things are going to start to feel whole lot better overnight tonight even by tomorrow morning look at this 5am we see dew points in the 50s off to the west. we see those dew points transitioning by early tomorrow morning in the city in the 60s. in the 70s down the shore but in the afternoon that dry air real really invades and we've got dew points tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 p.m. in the 50s before just creeping back up into the low to mid 60s as we head into your saturday. so what does that mean our comfort index today was up eight round unsufferable how it feels out there right now. tomorrow we're pleasant and then saturday not bad at all. even though it's hot pretty nice summer weekend with high pressure in control. temperature in the low 90s and a good deal of sun each day. as far as tonight it's clearing out. we're dropping down to 71 degrees. nice and warm. for tomorrow, sunny skies hot and less humid 90 empty city f you're down the shore tomorrow not bad at all. in the mid 80s. lots of sun.
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uv index is 10 definitely slatter on the sunscreen. saturday down the shore 85. seven day forecast and shore cast not as humid pretty hot sunny summer weekend at least it's dry for this first weekend of august then it look like the heat wave finally breaks by next wednesday when we're back to the 80s. >> not as humid. i like the sound of that. >> i do, too. >> thank you kate. >> pat gallen has your sports. >> the trade is happening. i swear. >> going down. >> cole hamels trade to the rangers is officially official. we'll tell when you to expect an announcement plus philadelphia flyer is breaking the bank today. we'll tell you who and how much all that and more in sports.
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>> as fit heels played the braves tonight baseball world
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awaited word on the cole hamels deal to the rangers we finally have that word. multiple reports say the deal has been finalized and sources tell cbs3 the announcement will likely come tomorrow. really happening. here's wait looks like in all its splendor. eight players are on the move. phillies will ship out hamels and lefty reliever jake diekman in return the phils acquire top catching prospect jorge alfaro nick williams and jake thompson they are the centerpieces centerpieces of deal. phillies also get pitchers alec asher and jared i can could have and matt harrison. diekman remain in the bullpen tonight but not used. he talked about being in the park knowing he'd be dealt. >> i didn't do anything until 6:30. then i went and hot tub and got ready for the game. (laughter). >> poor jake there was actually a game taking place in south philly to night although the move is tense with hamels watch. here's aaron horang with the strike out in the third. he could also be trade bait
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before tomorrow's 4:00 p.m. deadline. fourth inning carlos rue wiz puts the phils on top. two run single. chooch's 1,000th game in the majors. time does fly. in the sixth dominic brown solo homerun his first of the year. first since september 16th of last year. the phillies they win the game, four-one. they have have won 10 of 12 since the all star break. >> jonathan papelbon picked up his first save for the nationals today. one-zero victory over the marlins. yesterday he reiterateed how happy he was to be gone saying quote i'm happy just to be here and i'm happy to be free. i feel like it's a new live end quote. nice to have you here, too jonathan. we appreciate that. some good flyers news here. jake vorachek will be sticking around a long time. science a monster contract reportedly eight years and $66 million. vorachek all star this post year posting 22 goals and 59 assists for 81 points.
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the 59 helpers were second among all nhl players. one super star in leaving town. but another will be sticking a round for a long long time. so the trade it's happened. >> it's happened. >> molding that team in his image. i'm loving it. >> thank you sir. music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪
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♪ tonight's concert was free. some attendance use the mobile app to learn more about what they were listening to. there was also a life streaming of the concert on the website. very very nice the world renowned philadelphia orchestra. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for pat kate and everyone here i'm ukee washington. hawaii five-o row is coming up next. for our entire team in front of the camera and behind it thank you for watching and thank you for joining us. good night family, sleep
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