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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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eight straight days of 90 plus degree temperatures in center city, reaching for those cool drinks to beat the heat but we're about to see a little bit of cooling down across the area. welcomed news after our another just stretch of hot weather. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lets get out to kate bilo on the sky deck, kate. >> reporter: this eight day stretch of 90 plus temperatures puts us over the past two years as far as 90-degree days per season. we are at 22, 90 plus degree days, this looks like the last one for a while as a big pattern change is moving into our forecast. lets look the at storm scan three, we will mention a chance for thunderstorm later tonight but in a very limited part of the area, south jersey and southern delaware. it is not much happening right now but looking back toward baltimore showers and storms
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streaking in and these could impact portions of central delaware throughout this evening but complex of storms over portions of eastern maryland will move into, again, south jersey, southern delaware, and some of those storms could be locally strong. we have cooler, dryer air moving in the north, 78 in mount pocono but still in the 90's off to the south. dew point in the 50's in philadelphia points to the north and west, probably not going to get then are storms with due points in the 50's. dew point there is 71, so storms are most likely to form in that area we have circled where moisture content is still very high. later this evening, again, south jersey, southern delaware watch for scattered showers and thunderstorms, that can continue until two or 3:00 in the morning and we will clear it out. we have beautiful weather for your wednesday with lower humidity and highs in the 80's. i want to mention that slight risk of, strong storms south and east of philadelphia, later tonight once those move out, cooler trier weather for tomorrow and then, much
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cooler, by friday, we may not make it out of the 70's for daytime highs. big change on the way with the seven day when i join you inside. >> see new a bit, thank you. crews are working to clean up aftermath of the crash that shut down eastbound pennsylvania turnpike. chopper three live over the scene in southampton bucks county, tractor trailer caught fire after colliding with an suv around 11:30 this morning. officials opened one lane around 4:00 to clear backlog of stranded motorist between willow grove and bensalem exits. everyone else must exit eastbound turnpike at willow grove. there is no word on any injuries or what caused the crash and it could take sometime before that debris is removed and all lanes reopen. a deadly crash in chester county this morning claims life of the reading teen. police say 19 year-old eduardo, lost control and struck another driver at little conestoga and fair right road in glenn more. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say the driver of the other vehicle was taken to the
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area hospital with moderate injuries. the crash remains under investigation. suspect accused of using craigs list to rob and kill a man will spend the rest of his life in prison. thomas coffee learn his fate in the philadelphia courtroom today and "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has details. >> in late june of 2013, when police say thomas coffee lured 27 year-old daniel cook to near this intersection in west oak lane, cook was responding to a craigs list ad coffee had posted promised to go sell an atv. when cook showed up, prosecutors alleged it was coffee's intention to rob him but something went wrong and he was kill. tuesday, he was found guilty of first degree murder. the jury deliberated for approximately four hours, they came back with the proper result given with what this defendant done or did. >> reporter: he was also quick for his roll in three other armed rob from that same month, two of which used craigs list ad suggest bait. coffee maintain his innocence
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and while he is not without some blame he was not the one to kill daniel cook. cook's family was in the courtroom when verdict was read and we are told they were emotion aal. >> despite this versace deck and defendant being held accountable it does in the bring it back. >> reporter: juror spoke to "eyewitness news" and we agreed to conceal her identity. she hopes the family can have some peace. >> we have brought justice. you could see it on their face when we said verdict was read out in court. >> reporter: judge in this case sentenced thomas coffee to spend the rest of his life in prison. his lawyer says that he will ab peeling this conviction. we're outside criminal justice center matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are asking for public's help to catch a again man caught on camera robbing a mini market. surveillance shows that suspect waving a weapon at cashier and demanding money. robbery happened on the 6300 block of castor avenue in oxford circle on sunday. when the cashier, called
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police the suspect ran out of the store empty handed. that cashier was not hurt. tonight is national night out when communities all across america come together to fight against crime. it is now a i big national event but it wasn't always that way, it started in our area more than 30 years ago. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in ardmore to explain, alexandria? >> reporter: good evening, ukee. things are just starting to get underway as this place is filling up as it is happening around communities in this country, over 16,000 to be exact, we have music, we have food, we have rides and we up have a couple fury friend i don't know if you can see doing some meet and greets right now and that really is what this is all about. it is community coming out and low pressure and jovial environment. who knew this was brainchild of the one local man. >> reporter: in 1984 matt pest beingan was on the national association of town watch when he had an idea. >> i said why don't we have
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one night where everybody across the country sits on front porch and everybody turns on their lights. >> reporter: idea quickly extended beyond just front porch lights and beyond the philadelphia area. >> broken arrow, oak, anchorage, alaska, these people are doing this and they are into it. >> reporter: perhaps because it is reminiscent of the unlocked door know your neighbor america that many still crave. also given recent community shattering events a across the country, he says the need for this years night out, together is clear. >> they were incidents that were high profile incidents that didn't make anybody look real rely good and a lot of people sat back and said on night out we will showcase our neighborhood and our police department because that doesn't go on here. >> reporter: locally, national night out has become a tradition that fosters transparency, earlier police commissioner ramsey stopped by to promote participation. >> get involved, stay involved, take ownership of some of the issues and problems, work with us.
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>> this is 96. >> reporter: from new york to ontario, the the 31 year-old event out to capture comfort of the by gone era is nast toll quick in itself for its creator. so, for many people they will only confront first responders in moment of crisis. this is idea that gets people out. this is what this is all about meaning these little guys like this, people get to meet first responders and hospitals and very low pressure, very inspiring environment. these guys look really excited, a lot of or people, happening in 60,000 other communities across the country this one here, and tonight at 9:00 p.m. reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". great summer night, thanks very much. we are less than an hour away from the vote that will decide if wawa can start selling beer in one of the stores. "eyewitness news" reporter david spun t is live in glen mills where town leaders are getting ready to meet, david. this would be a six pack
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of beer sold in the wawa, specific wawa, in chad forward, not far from where i'm standing but what goes on in this building behind me tonight around 7:00 could have an impact, far beyond glen mills, we are talking about across the state of pennsylvania as many people, and frustration for many people, you cannot buy any kind of alcohol in wawa is a cross pennsylvania. the group here want to change that, at least some of them want to change that. we will see if they will change it up, to where they will grant that full vote to sell that beer in chad forward but it is just one wawa right now is going to be sort of a test market, we are told by sources here, in glen mills that wawa officials every actually promoting this we have reached out, still have not heard back from them but this goes on at 7:00 o'clock tonight and it may be just a small town meeting but what happens here could have a big effect, around pennsylvania, we will have a report coming up tonight at 11:00 with the results, reporting live, i'm
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david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see you at 11:00. thanks very much. an abused dog in the care of the delaware county, is in the care of the a new home. >> the dog was found with the shackle embedded in his neck, has recovered, and has a new fresh start. he has a new owner, david byrd who took in trooper on a foster basis and decided to permanently, adopt him. that has happened to lot of fosters. so glad it happened with trooper. >> so glad he is feeling better. move over, stim to come another shark is off the coast of new jersey. we will tell you where and how big this one is, vittoria. we are at the salem county fare in wood town, new jersey, and one of the great things about fairs is all of the games, tommy, tommy, don't, tommy, don't, hit it, hit it. >> he need to take a dip. i hope she will take a dip.
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it is cool outside, it is a dunk tan that is a good way. relief is on the way, we are tracking a few storms creeping in the area, we will have your full forecast coming up, hey, leslie. hey kate phillies taking on the dodge are tonight, that means the return of jimmy rollins for the first time since he was traded in december. he had some interesting things to say about his former manager ryne sanberg, i'll have that coming up later in sports. i am never getting married.
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count down just continues, we are 53 days away from the papal visit, an anticipation is growing as we prior to help pope francis in the city of brotherly love. in the meantime 1500 members of the knights of columbus opened their supreme convention in philadelphia today. >> ♪ >> catholic church pageantry at its height as an exhibit hall at convention center was transformed into a cathedral. archbishop charles chaput was mate celebrant ant with three cardinals and 90 bishops from around the world. leadership of the, knights of columbus announced a commitment to expand fund raising efforts to aid a christian refugees in the middle east escaping
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persecution. >> today we are compelled as an organization to speak up for our brothers and sisters in the middle east. pope francis has called the conditions in which christian refugees riff there, intolerable. >> knights have already donated three million-dollar in humanitarian aid to help, persecuted christians in the middle east. it is a big day in salem county. >> it is. "eyewitness news", vittoria woodill is in woodstown where she's getting down home country fare, vittoria. >> thanks very much, guess contact we are celebrating 30 years here in salem county at the fare. is there so much to do, but one of the cutest things you can do is take a look at these ponies and their walkers. we will go down the line here just say your name and name have of your pony. >> my name is cheyann annes my horse is molly. >> molly. >> i'm kristin and my horses name is candy.
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>> candy. >> you have a micro mini pony, wow. >> look at you, how strong you you are. >> is what your >> all right. >> we will get that straighten out hopefully that little girl is all right. we will go back to vittoria here in a little will bit, animals can get feisty good salem county fair runs from today august 4th to friday august 7th in wood town go to cbs for all of the events. we will find out, how everything is, hopefully everything is okay. >> move offer mary lee is there a new shark in town. >> another within of our friend is off the jersey coast. web site, pick up a signal from signals from elias, not i great white but hundred pound hammer head. right now it is way up off the companies of north jersey but sunday it was swimming very close to the beach in asbury
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park. >> there we go. >> keep an eye on that. >> yes. >> a a lot of ocean life, washing up. >> there sure has been. >> along the shore. >> but, have have it pinged. >> portuguese man wars. >> maybe we are hearing bit more. >> yes, what is going on. >> if you are down the shore, good afternoon to cool off in the ocean, water temperatures in the 70's right now, air temperatures down the shore in the 90's in a lot of spots in the 80's right now. we will look outside in the city, a beautiful evening, nothing but blue sky with the humidity dropping and dew points in the 50's, everything is feeling nice if you want to take a walk outside, less humid then it was this morning as dry air starts to infect region from north and west. one shot down the the shore looking toward ocean at middletown ship high school will in cape may courthouse where we have a few cloud here and there, 87 degrees there at middletown ship high school looking just beautiful this
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afternoon. but, there is a chance, just one portion of our area to pick up strong storms later this evening and tonight. that is southern delaware and extreme south jersey including cumberland county and shore points. a few storms firing up to the south right now, philadelphia is not seeing much of anything. keep an eye on these showers and storms near baltimore but worst to the south where dew points are high. dew points in the 07's. they have moisture to work with. this particular storm just up and across sussex county delaware, further south across maryland and bay we have strong storms as well. these storms will move east through tonight and may not exit completely until two or 3:00 in the morning. in south jersey, delaware even overnight there could be rumble of thunder and flash of lightening. ninety at airport. eighty-four in allentown. down the shore, temperatures 90 in cape may. ninety-two in row rebeach right now, 88 in stone harbor and 82 in ocean city. our high so far today 91, that makes it why it day in the
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90's. normal high 87 degrees and that takes us to 22 days in the 90's so far this year. that beats last years 19 and 2013 as well, and the gold standard really 2010, 55 days in the 90's. do you remember 2010? miserable. we will in the repeat that. it does not look like we will beat 2012 either unless we have a hot finish to august but no 90's in my seven day forecast. we are done witt the for a while. it has been a eight day heat wave. longest since july 14th through 21st of the 2013. hottest temperatures in this stretch is 93 and we have had a few with temperatures in the mid up toker 90's. lower 90's for eight days. as that front pushes through, showers and storms, south jersey and delaware overnight tonight. high pressure starts to nose in for tomorrow. we have a breeze north and west, very comfortable day, warm, sunny, but not as humid and then we have to watch in this storm. another area have low pressure off to the west thursday, cloud increase thursday
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afternoon. that storm then moves by to the south. it makes a very close path to our area and depending on which computer model we will look at move this precipitation further to the north, could mean a decent dose of rain for us thursday night and friday morning it does look like the storm may try to stay to the south which would take most of the heavy rain off the coast but we have a plan on the threat for some rain thursday night and cloud and showers on friday should clear out just in time for the the weekend. overnight partly cloudy comfortable 68 degrees. for your wednesday mostly sunny, warm, less humid and most importantly in the 80's. it looks like heat wave will draw to a close for tomorrow, your shore forecast, mostly sunny less humid at 85 degrees for wednesday. now you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast talk about a pattern change, 88 degrees for tomorrow. thursday looking great, sun will give way to more cloud by afternoon high of 82. if there is a chance for rain thursday night into friday, at least some showers from the city on south, and then clear
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out saturday and 82 degrees, sunday 84 and partly sunny, mid 80's next week, so not bad at all. >> finally broken out, once we are out, it doesn't look like we will be back in for a while. >> thanks very much. >> we got word from salem county fair little girl is okay. she's okay. one of the many horses got spooked, and may have been some contact. she was very frightened but she will be okay. >> we will take a short break. we will be right back.
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so, still can't believe that uniform. home coming for south philly of sorts tonight. jimmy rollins returned to south philadelphia. "eyewitness sports" anchor and reporter, leslie van arsdal is live at citizens bank park where jimmy is getting ready for the first time in the wearing red opinion stripes. this is weird, leslie. >> i know guys, i'm not used to it the at all, phillies taking on the dodgers and that
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means return of jimmy rollins, for the the first time, since he was traded in december. he said you know what, it is good to be back. it is a little weird going to the visiting clubhouse, he is not quite used to that. he also, has had interesting things to say about former manager ryne sandberg. >> personality, establish well before we came out here. when he got here, we had him, we knew he was ready to play, and as a manager, there was personality. we talked with that with ruben, about that was something that he needs to work on because he is ryne sandberg and he is the manager. >> okay. well, busy day here at the the sports complex, the eagles held their first open practice, over at the link earlier today, and the first chance for fans to look at the
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the birds. we have 35 new players on the roster ten starters. when you hear that you think it will take time to gel but chip kelly says they are ahead of schedule thanks to their off season plans. >> we think they are ahead and what billy put in defensively and we put in offensively we are way ahead from where we have been, from an installation standpoint. it is the amount of the work we get in the spring. we go hard in the spring but there is a reason for that. so when we come back, it is not starting over again. >> you know, fans notice players a little bit bigger because this was first full work out in pads. back here at ballpark phillies/dodgers. return of j roll. it was great to see him. back to you. >> all right, leslie, we will hear that standing ovation all around tri-state area thanks, you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪
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standing by for fun. ♪
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00, of course, we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the the cw philly and we are back at 11:00 on cbs three up next on the "cbs evening news", tonight's torrential rain, coming from the north east cutting power to thousands and injuries dozens. more on this dangerous system. california wild fire grows at a record pace. >> now from new york here's scott pelley, we hope to see you later on tonight, take care, family.
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>> pelley: nature at its worst. a violent storm takes out homes in the east, while fire runs wild across the west. also tonight, trump leads the pack heading into the debate. some surprising findings about him in our new poll. the death toll rises in an outbreak of legionnaires disease. and when this song is performed in public-- ♪ happy birthday not ♪ >> pelley: somebody is celebrating in private. ♪ happy birthday to you captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: there is misery on each side of the country tonight-- wildfires devouring the west, severe storms rattling the northeast. last night, winds gustingo


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