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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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caught on camera, sparks flew from side after plane, frightening moments when flight makes emergency landing in philadelphia. >> kathleen cane kathleen kane today. first appearance on charge of lying under oath. >> and more security plans are coming together for the papal visit. what the secret service says you can expect if you're planning to cross the ben franklin bridge to see the pope next month. well, today is saturday, august 8th, good morning everyone, i'm todd quinones, nicole brewer is off today. new face is joining our weather team. meteorologist kyla grogan, good morning, welcome to cbs-3. >> thank you so muchment you can see, i came just in time
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for gorgeous wet they are week end. >> beautiful timing. >> like mother nature through me a party. todd, it will be beautiful weaken, when staying in the city or headed down to the shore, let's look at storm scan3, everybody. and you can see, that we've gotten little lucky here, that some of the showers that are to the south of us, well, they're staying to the south of us, take a look at that there. you can see, we are doing just fine here in philadelphia and at the shore, but that rain will stay nice and to the south of us. take a lock at the temperatures right now, definitely mild up at mount pocono, 52 degrees, 69 in philadelphia at the shore, about 62 atlantic city, 64 in wildwood. so we are starting off nice and mild. as we get into our day today, though, get ready for the sunshine, as soon as the sun is up and out it will be gorgeous, seeing temperatures get into the mid 80s today. so absolutely beautiful. we head down to the shore, also looking gorgeous, little cooler there, talking high of about 79 today, and 80 into tomorrow. sunshine should be in full effect, so if you are headed
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taught will be fantastic, so big headlines, stellar saturday, sunday will start, great too. clouds will roll in on our sunday evening, even some storms headed in as we get into next week. so looking out for. that will monday night into tuesday, i'll time it out for you, give you all of the details for next week, but gorgeous weekend, todd, back to you. >> kyla, thank you very much. police are investigating a fatal stabbing in mayfair overnight. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. in the 7300 block of revere street. twenty-one year old man was stabbed in the chest, no word on who is responsible. >> and, police in montgomery county investigating the stabbing after woman in north town, happened just before 1:30 this morning, on the 600 block of west lafayette street. a woman was stabbed several times, no word on the suspect, however, police say, they don't believe the victim knows her attacker. >> also, new this morning, fire crews are investigating the cause of an overnight fire in west chester. it happened in the 100 block
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of west union street just before 1:30 this morning, three recent college graduates live in that house, but luckily, no one was home at the time. a neighbor who lives in that building describes what happened. >> i didn't put shoes on, i was upstairs watching it. v, heard the bang on the door, i just ran out in the street. until i figure out what was going on, you know, i wasn't going to stick around. >> and luckily no one was injured. >> a scary few moment in the sky for passengers aboard an american airlines flight last night, just after take-off from philadelphia international airport. crews declared an emergency. take a look at this video from passenger aboard that flight who saw sparks flying from engines. american airlines officials say some of the fuel burned off as the plane took off. officials though stress this isn't uncommon, and that no part of the plane was ever on fire. the airbus a320 landed safely without incident, the 133 passengers on board were put
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on another flight. >> happening today, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane will turn herself in. that is according to the montgomery montgomery count district attorney's operation. cane will be arraigned via video conference by a judge in collegeville. she faces conspiracy and perjury charges, for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information, and then lying about it under oath. an attorney for kane says she is innocent and plans to plead not guilty. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has called on kane to resign. former philadelphia eagle irvin friar has been found guilty of conspiracy and theft by deception. friar's mom, 74 year old a lean magee, was also found guilty in mt. holly. friar and his mother stole more than $1.2 million from several banks, in a mortgage fraud scheme. sentencing is in october. and they could face up to ten years in prison. >> colorado movie theater shooter james holmes will spend life in prison without
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parole. the nine women and three men on the jury said they could not reach an unanimous decision required to sentence holmes to death. holmes showed no emotion in court as he learned his fate. that same jury convicted holmes last month of murdering 12 people and wounding 70 other, at a movie theater in aurora in july of 2012. >> a neighborhood is on edge this morning, as police continued their search for two gunmen who shot local bakery own nerve front of her own storm. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has the latest on the investigation. report it was supposed to be a morning like any other for the owner of best cake on haverford avenue. she when she opened the door at 6:00 a.m., two robbery suspect were waiting for her at the back door. >> they saw her inside. we think she may have reached for baseball bat, and it appears the males came through the screen door by pushing pusht open. there was confrontation inside. while inside it a poster she
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shot one time. >> the victim still gasping for air after being shot until the neck, managed to call 911. vaguely describing her two attackers, police say, they stole the victim's apron, which held about $300 before leaving the scene. >> someone clearly new her routine, new the business hours, new what time she came in. >> heart breaking. this is a good area. in and out, police officers always driving through. this is just shocking to me. >> terry gains works in a building nearby, frequent the bakery. >> i probably would have been in there this morning getting donut. i go in there every other wednesday morning, every thursday and friday, because i work at this location thursday and friday's. but every week. and she is a very kind laid. >> i jerome height, former bakery store employee, still shock by the incident. >> she is a nice lady. she gave me work before. >> police are scouring the area looking for surveillance video that may lead them to
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the suspect. meantime, detective say the bakery was robbed back in january, and just last week there was reportedly an attempted robbery, as well. the victim remains in critical condition at penn presbyterian hospital. meantime, police are asking anyone who may have been in this area, supply been a witness, to please come forward. in overbrook park, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> chopper three over limerick, where emergency crews returned to free someone trapped in this mangled car. it crashed at west ridge pike in south limerick road. two cars were involved in the accident with one coming to rest up against an utility pole. three people were taken to the hospital two, by helicopter. the cause of the crash is yet to be determined. and, three residents at a senior living facility in hokessing, delaware, were sickens by carbon monoxide poisoning. chopper three over coax bury village, love ville road. fire officials blame faulty boiler in the basement for the leak. the building was evacuated for almost three hours. new development in the
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visit of pope francis at philadelphia. the secret service, which is in charge of security for the historic event, now says it will not be screening visitors, who are planning to walk across the ben franklin bridge. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry along the ben franklin bridge to help us figure out all everything that's going on out there this morning. good morning, syma. >> reporter: good morning, todd. we are starting to get a better idea what officials have in store during the papal visit next month. like you said, secret service announced yesterday that there will be no security checkpoints for pedestrians who are crossing over the ben franklin bridge. now, earlier this week, it was announced that major roadways and bridges will be closed to traffic starting friday, september 25th, until monday, the 28th. we do know that three lanes on the bridge will be open to pedestrian traffic. the other four will be reserved for emergency vehicles only. mayor nutter also announced what is being called a traffic box for parts of center city and west philadelphia,
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starting friday the 25th. vehicles can leave the box, but they won't be allowed back in. >> spring garden to ridge, ridge to girard, girard to the schuylkill river. the southern boundary, south street it, river to river. the eastbound boundary, delaware avenue from south street to spring garden street. from the western boundary runs along the edge of the schuylkill river, cuts up kelly drive, stopping just below the girard avenue bridge. >> and the next bit of information we're wait to go hear on involves a list of prohibited items in the safety zone. no word on when that list will be released. live near the ben franklin bridge, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma, thank you very much. during his visit, pope francis will speak outside independence hall, he'll have a piece of history right in front of him. the holy father will stand at the same lecturn, abraham lincoln used to deliver the
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gettysburg address, the lecturn is currently on display at the union league of philadelphia. >> this is a transformative pope. when he speaks, people listen. he does tremendous amount of global talking on social justice issues, religious freedom, our country, was built around religious freedom, and there is just a great tie-in. >> the most recently lecturn was used in 2013 by admiral lynch, the president of the union league for the 150 anniversary of the gettysburg address. >> lost in the woods for days. a new jersey man makes it out alive. coming up next on "eyewitness news", who came to his rescue, and how he was able to survive. >> and debris from a typhoon in taiwan. our first look at the storm as it makes landfall when "eyewitness news" c
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>> a camden county man survives harrowing ordeal, lost in the woods for three days. and as "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan tells us, the man is now safe, thanks to some volunteers. >> we were just scared. we wanted to make sure he was okay. >> jamie and buck connor feared their neighbor jimmy wharton had little chance of survival. the 61 year old called 911 tuesday morning saying he was lost in the woods off
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crosskeys road in winslow township. for almost three days no one would finds him in the dense woods. fortunately, good samaritans were also on the job. twenty-five year old christina early told her friends they needed to help. >> somebody's lost around here, and we know the woods. so we should probably get out there and help. >> volunteering to help, they road around on atv's and dirt bike for several days. around 7:30, thursday night, they stopped along the high tension electric wires off williamstown road, and heard a voice. >> said his name, he said he's been walking in circles, we're like my god this is the guy. >> know tramped several hundred yards through bryers, and found wharton, very week. >> me and my friends nick had to carry him out. the two girls christine and brittany were pushing the bryers and sticker bushes out so we could carry him out. >> they pictured this picture out as a dehydrated what wharton drank a pepsi. he told them in the hospital he thought he was going to die lost in the woods.
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>> he said he kept ending up like turning around and being back at the same little puddle he started from, he have just kept getting spends around. >> looked relieved. he looked happy to be alive. i think it opened his eyes, and it is a greater appreciation for life. >> wharton remains in the hospital being monitored for dehydration. we asked people how did he survive out in the woods with nothing to eat or drink? they say that he was sipping water from puddles. in winslow township, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, four people are dead after typhoon slammed into taiwan at least one other person is missing and dozens are injured. the typhoon brought over 100-mile per hour winds and heavy rains as it made landfall last night. about 2 million homes are without electricity, it was equivalent to category three hurricane. kyla, thankfully, nothing in that in our area, in fact, setting up for abut full weekends. >> pacific has been pretty wild this year, so we are
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looking good here at home i have to say. in fact, let's take a look right now, if we can, from the rooftop. looking south here, into center city. temperatures in philadelphia right now about 69 degrees, and you know the winds is nice and mild, and you might finds yourself headed out and thinking ahh, that air feels lovely, i think you will enjoy t temperatures looking pretty good around the area right now, take a look at a few here in new castle, six of 4 degrees, cooler in millville, 60 in doylestown, 63 in bensalem. starting offer nicely, you can see, we do have few showers just off the delmarva peninsula, but luckily, nice and clear up here. that is how we are going to stay today. so i've got great news. high pressure building in, i call it high pressure that friend on your shoulder, right, just bridges the sunshine in. it will be real nice here. you can see another low pressure system will start to make it way in. it won't really catch up with until monday afternoon into the evening, when we are looking out for little bit of late thunderstorm there. yes, the humid it creeping in, as well. so prepare yourself for. that will not there yet. enjoying these gorgeous
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temperatures, take a look, yes, in philadelphia, 69 degrees, headed out the coast there in atlantic city, about 62, much cooler, if you want the cool down, head to mount pocono, and the shore, got little northeast wind, expecting the winds to pick up as we get throughout the day today. temperatures right now looking good there in the 60s all the way from ocean city down to cape may. so if you are head the to the shore today, why wouldn't you really, it will be gorgeous, few clouds will give way to sunshine, little breezy, pick up the breeze throughout the day, high of 79. rip countries being is moderate. again look at the wind out of the northeast, get little gusty there up to 20 miles per hour at some spots. sunday, another gorgeous day, sunshine, again, that breeze will be with us, that rip countries being dropping down little lower. but notice the uv index, get that sunscreen on, if you are like me, got to have the sunscreen on all the time. take a look at the average hi, if you are wondering how are we doing temperature wise? you can see the average about 86 degrees, we will stay there as we head through the weekends, right hovering around that, but we will start to cool down as we head monday into tuesday.
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that's when the stormy weather comes in. that's whether we get the cloud cover. let's take you hour by hour. so you can see what i am talking b starting here at about 5:00 a.m. as we roll through the day today, again, check out the skies, staying nice and clear for our region, absolutely beautiful. any trouble well off shore. as we get into our sunday, there is 9:00 p.m., you start to see some of the clouds gathering, you start to see little action rolling in, as we get into monday, that's when it really starts to kick up. here come the showers, rolling across there, and that's going to be as we get monday into tuesday. so monday night into tuesday, i want that umbrella monday evening, i think later if you're out late, certainly as we wake up on our tuesday. so, what's ahead? we're in the there yet with the rain everybody. we have gorgeous day today on tap. sunny, pleasant, 80s, start off real nice on sunday, too, we keep an eye on the afternoon clouds, though, as they do start to roll in little bit there. taking a look at today, though, sunny, nice, eight a degrees. here in philadelphia, wind will stay relatively calm about 10 miles per hour, sunrise by the way coming in at 6:06 a.m. almost there. tonight quiet night tonight,
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partly cloudy, six after degrees there. again the winds staying nice and calm. and take a look at your forecast here, beautiful weekend, lovely and sunny. and you can see, it is going to be just gorgeous, but watch out for the stormy weather as we head into monday night, into tuesday, we start clearing out again on wednesday, that's whether we get the sunshine back. todd, back to you. >> okay, all 80s in august. i'll take it! thank you very much. well, a fake spiderman brawl in times square. all caught on camera. cell phone video shows that fight, the man in black, was apparently harassing several of his superhero impersonators on the street. and the spiderman impersonator said he just needed to take things into his own hands. >> the dude came from no where, telling us actually he was telling me that i would make no money out here and he's going to prove it. >> okay, well, the man in black claims that he had no beef with spidy. he said he felt that spiderman was the one harassing
5:20 am
customers by demanding tips that are supposed to be optional. okay, steven cobair about to take over cbs late night. and we now know who his first guest will be. that, plus this. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up the past comes back to haunt jason and joe, in the gift, and a classic assume err hero scene gets reboot in the i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it.
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♪ >> okay, check it out. the marquis for the late show with steven cobair is now up in front of the ed sullivan theater. the show will premiere
5:23 am
tuesday, september 8th, right here, on cbs-3, colbert is replacing of course david letterman who ended his run in may. colbert previously hosed the late night comedy show the colbert report. >> and colbert put out tweet that has people talking already t reads: george clooney will be my first ever hashtag llsc guest on september 8th. could you, could anyone let him know? once again, the late show steven colbert debuts tuesday september 8th at 11:35 right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. it is going to be fun. check it out. in theatres right now, newest marvel movie fantastic four, and very scary gift. kevin frazier takes us behind the scenes of the new movies out this weekend. >> this week the young heroes of the fantastic four struggle to work with their new powers and save the worlds and joel bridges up dark past for jason bateman in the gift. >> gordon mostly, oh, my god. so sorry i didn't recognize
5:24 am
you. it's been a very, very long time. >> joel's gordo shows up uninvited in the seemingly perfect life. and actually over achieve when he it came to the movie, not only acting and writing, but making his directorial debut. >> i always wanted to do it, and i've written a screen play with the intention creepy out of the bearing god. >> this was the intention. and it wasn't until i did it that i thought okay, this could actually and really first film for me to direct. because it won't cost tons of money, like nice contained story. so yes, i was wearing a loft hats. >> you think you're done with the past, but the past is not done with you. >> we can't change the past. but we can change the future. >> when an experiment goes wrong it, leaves four young scientists played by miles, kate, michael b jordan, jamie bell, with incredible powers, that they have to understand before they can save the world and become the fantastic four.
5:25 am
>> we're not superheros yet, such an origin story, teenagers going through life, just trying to hands this will new found power. so we normally have too much pressure to be superheros just yet. we do feel the pressure every just, you know, want to go do a great film and a good movie. >> this is our chance to make a difference. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. now back to you in the studio. >> and for all of the latest news from hollywood, you can watch entertainment tonight. it is on every week night here at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> families watch the movie under the stars, in philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood, despicable me played on big screen at the water tower recreation center on heartwell lane. dozens brought their lawn chairs, and blanket out to enjoy that movie. families can come down there, every friday night, and watch a movie. this is all about of course bringing the community together. >> the secret service leaves new details of the pope's
5:26 am
visit. live with what you need to know next. also, new allegations in the death of whitney houston's only child. what a lawsuit is now claiming about a, quote, toxic cocktail. who is accused of giving it to bobbi kristina brown before her death. and a reporter's first-hand experience of how quickly being inside a hot car can be life threatening. quickly being inside a hot car can be life threatening. we'll be right quickly being inside a hot car can be lifsoil is the foundation we'll be rfor healthy plants, just like gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total mouthwash for gum health. it kills germs and forms a protective shield for 45% stronger gums. for stronger, healthier gums colgate total mouthwash.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the papal advice sit more than six weeks away, and we're now starting to get an idea what's in store for philadelphia. i'm syma chowdhry, with that story, coming up. a year after the unrest in ferguson, there are signs of change, but also frustration. i'm don champion in ferguson, missouri with the reason why. coming up. and famous philadelphia name is moving out of the city and taking some 200 jobs with it. it is saturday, august 8th, good morning everyone, i'm todd quinones. we are looking at just fantastic weekend weather wise. here's meteorologist, kyle a grogan with eyewitness weather. and if you really want to draw upper expect weekends there is looks like it, low humidity, here we are almost mid august. >> sunshine, i know, do you have appreciate this kind of weather when you get it, todd. and i think everybody will. it is a great week toned get out, have some fun. let's take a look in fact at
5:30 am
storm scan3, show you, that the radar is looking fantastic this morning. if you want trouble, well, you have got to head south. we do see little bit of it, as we take a look there at the southern delmarva, just off shore, as you can see, none that far affecting us right herement take a look at the temperatures, looking pretty nice, philadelphia about 69 degrees, 63 trenton, 64 off the coast in wildwood, much cooler in poconos, about 52 degrees, take a look at the first forecast, here, and we roll across our morning, gorgeous sunshine is on tap. as you can see, we are going to work our way slowly into the 80s. i have to think of different ways to say gorgeous, right, bright, beautiful, sunny, you name it, avenue lot to tell you b but stellar sunshine, we take a look at philadelphia. expecting high of about 85. seventy-nine as we head to the shore. seventy-eight at the poconos, one thing in come on, the gorgeous sunshine. headlines, stellar saturday on tap. you bet. that sunshine will be coming out in full force, sunday starting off great, too. but we will start to see few clouds working their way in,
5:31 am
as we get late near sunday evening, gives you precursor of what's coming the beginning of the work week. storms roll in, monday night into tuesday, i'm detail it for you coming up in just a few moments, but today, tomorrow, oh, you have to get out and love it, todd. >> thank you very much. new development in the visit of pope francis of philadelphia. the secret service, which is in charge of security for the historic event, now says it will not be screening visitors who are planning to walk across the ben franklin bridge. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live along the ben franklin bridge, this morning, to help us try and figure all of this out. syma? >> reporter: that's right, todd. a loft information involving security, starting to get little built of better idea what's in store next month. during the papal visit, now, the secret service announced yesterday that they will not have any security checkpoints for pedestrians who are crossing over the ben franklin bridge. now, earlier this week, it was announce that major roadways and bridges will be closed to traffic, starting friday, september 25th, until monday, the 28th. we do know that three lanes on
5:32 am
the bridge will be open to pedestrian traffic. the other four will be reserved for emergency vehicles only. mayor nutter announce dollars what's being called traffic box, for part of center city, and west philly, starting friday the 25th, what that means is that vehicles can leave the box, but they won't be allowed back in. >> spring garden to ridge, ridge to girard, girard to the schuylkill river. the southern boundary, south street, river to river. the eastbound boundary: delaware avenue from south street to spring garden street. the western boundary runs along the edge of the schuylkill river, cuts up kelly drive stopping just below the girard avenue bridge. >> and the next tid-bit of information involving security measures has to do with prohibited item. now, we are waiting for a list on. that will no word on when that list will be released. live at the ben franklin bridge.
5:33 am
syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma, thanks a l a lot of information there. thank you very much. and we are now just 49 days away from the pope's arrival in philadelphia. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the papal visit, preparations on tv and also on line at the eyes of the nation are back on ferguson miss your think weekend. tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the shooting death of unarmed teen, michael brown. in the unrest following brown's death, protest leaders vowing to create real change. cbs news correspondent don champion spoke with both activists and politicians in ferguson. >> reporter: boarded stores, empty lots, the visible wounds left behind in ferguson, one year later, and if you look up, there is a more truck concern -- troubling concern. >> community activist phil says people here want change, but won't takings. he leads the effort to recall ferguson mayor gems noll.
5:34 am
>> was part of every dream, the old regime. once we get the mayor out, hopefully the people will see that we can do this, and we can do things that we want to do. >> the city has made some changes. it overhauled its municipal courtesies tell, reduced traffic stops and fines, which had been used to bolster revenue. the city's new interim police chief is black, and has a reputation for community engagement. >> the power structure here at city hall has also changed, for the first time in history, half the city council is now black. councilman wesley bell took office in april and wants to see more police reforms and new jobs. >> everyone's not going to see it immediately. we know that. so we're not going to get to a point where we pat ourselves on the back saying good job. we know we still have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: activist also on street corners trying to get reg dents to register to vote, as one didn't know he was eligible. >> the change that needs to happen, it start with people like myself. >> reporter: there has been some progress, the latest
5:35 am
election for city council drew more than double the previous turn-out. but still, only about 30% of voters cast ballots. in ferguson, missouri, don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". amorosso bakery closing its southwest philadelphia bakery and moving to new jersey, the bakery laying off 200 employees. the company in ginsburg bakery of atlantic sitly open a joint new facility in bellmawr, camden county. they'll take advantage of $20 million tax credit there, and current employees are encourage today reply for their jobs. >> i mean, i'm going to fly, if i get the job, i get the job. if i don't, i don't know. if they don't take me, somebody will take me up. that's how i look at it. i keep a positive outlook on life. >> the layoff began in october, and the facility in southwest philadelphia will close its doors by the end of the year. in the wake of the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia, a new report shows only a handful of railroads are close to meeting
5:36 am
this year's deadline, to install potentially life saving technology. experts say, positive train control, automated system corks have pre event dollars deadlyamtrak derailment in philadelphia earlier this year. amtrak says it expects to meet the december 31st deadline. the nation's largest freight railroad union pacific has not equipped any of it thousands of locomotives with that technology. >> newark ooh sayings action in the death of whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina brown. the administrator to the 22 year oldest tate has added wrongful death count to the lawsuit against her partner. the amended lawsuit also accused nick gordon of giving her a, quote, toxic cocktail, putting her face down in water. gordon has not been criminally charged. >> and the family of a young driver struck and killed by nascar champion tony stewart's car has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. it happened during a dirt track race in up-state new york one year ago. twenty year old kevin ward,
5:37 am
jr., was killed august 9 after he got out of his wrecked car to confront stewart during a yellow flag caution period. the family accuses stoop art of gross negligence, saying the driver gunned his engine, and put his car into a skid striking and killing ward. >> teens testing cooling tower, a mid deadly outbreak of -- outbreak of deadly legionnaire's disease, ten people have now died. cbs correspondent kenneth craig with the latest from the bronx. >> reporter: government health officials are now assisting in the legionnaire's disease investigation in this new york city neighborhood. legionnaire's is a severe form of pneumonia, caused when a person inhales the legionella bacteria. >> it gets down into our lungs then depending on the dose and how frail we are either within a day or two, or in the next several days, you can come down with a pneumonia. , shortness of breath, a
5:38 am
cough, pain in your chest, fever, and chills. >> the disease does not spread person to person, not everyone exposed will be sick. >> the outbreak is the largest in new york city, and has been traced back to several water cooling towers here in the south bronx. health officials have now ordered crews to test towers throughout the city. at least 100 cases of legionnaire's have been diagnosed since last month. several people have died. they were all older adults with underlying health problems. >> if it is not diagnosed promptly, we will treat the pneumonia, but perhaps with the wrong antibiotic. >> older people, those with weak ends immune systems, or with chronic lung diseases and smokers are more likely to svelt infection. kenneth craig, cbs news, bronx, new york. >> struck by lightning, the term electric use takes on new meaning for this young couple. coming up next: how holding hands may have saved their lives. also ahead, ukee washington
5:39 am
gets a taste of hollywood with meryl streep, stay tuned to hear about her new movie, in which she plaza aging rock star, and a great weekend to get outdoors, we're back with eyewitness weather. that's next.
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♪usic: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪
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your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. >> story of two teens who just added another chapter their love story, being possibly being struck by lightning in california. crystal cruz reports.
5:42 am
>> reporter: picture dillon and election i just added another chapter their teenage love story that includes a striking tail. >> it was more of just kind of a shove, you know, and it felt kind of like i was getting hit over the head with like metal or something. >> the two were walking along a tree lined street in claire month, when a doctor suspect they were hit by lightning. part of severe thunderstorms that moved through the area thursday. >> next thing you know we are on the grounds, and we give each other the most terrified look that could you possibly imagine. yes, it was definitely weirds. i kind of thought there was an earthquake. >> teenagers say passerby stopped to say he saw the lightning bolt hit them. the teen's doctor said theirs live were probably spared because of something they were doing while walking down the street. >> and these two were lucky that they were holding hands. it helped to diffuse that electrical current that ran through their bodies. >> doctor suspect the bolt first hit dillon's head and traveled through his hands to hers, and exit dollars through
5:43 am
lexy's foot. >> the chance of getting hit by lightning very uncommon, perhaps one in a million. >> the teenagers now joke they have an electric love. her mom is just happy the teens were holding hands around the same time as she also heard the lightning strike. >> and i immediately texted lexy, because i knew she and dillon had gone on a walk, and i it is something like two are back home, aren't you? >> she responded later this he got hit. being shot by cupid will probably have longer lasting effect on the couple who the doctor says are doing just fine lucky in love and luck any life. >> and that was crystal cruz reporting the teens say they are doing just fine. very fortunate indeed. well, 17 minutes, that's how long a texas reporter made it inside a car parked in the direct sunlight. jd miles from our sister station in dallas, says the experiment shows exactly what can happen if you leave a child or pet in the car. paramedics were on stand by, and a machine was hook up to record miles' vital signs to
5:44 am
make sure nothing bad happened to him. but it was still extremely taxing on his body. >> jd, just you think you're going to be in there much longer? what do you think? >> there is the temperature right now it, says 147. >> according to your gun. >> i feel so weak right now, my minds is telling my body to jerk open the door. i'm really just, you know, acting on will right now. it is so hot, my body weak. pie breathing is elevated. and i can see how in just 15 minutes a child or a dog could easily pass out and then die in this. >> wow. well, paramedics pulled miles from the car 17 minute in, because of concerns for his safety. and of course, as a reminder never leave your kids or pets in a hot kareem for just a few minutes. we just saw there how deadly that can be, kylea. good news in our area, we don't have extreme hot weather, in fact, weather wise things looking pretty good for mid august here. >> catching a break from the
5:45 am
humidity, also from the incredibly warm temperatures that we saw not too long ago. beautiful, as the sun comes up. take a look at this, this is cape may courthouse, middle township high school. 64 degrees. got to love the wind when it is coming in at zero. about what it is, nice, calm, we take a look at storm scan3, you see the radar, nice and clear, the only problem, pretty far to the south here, off shore, of the delmar v so not causing any problems there either. looking good. seeing high pressure build in, as our em -- temperatures work their way in mid eight's, another low pressure system will make its way across, sunday start to see few clouds late near the day, but monday evening, afternoon evening we start to seat thunderstorm activity, and yes, the humidity creeping in, so enjoy it while we have it. it is nice out there. temperatures right now 63 degrees in trenton, about 64 millville. six a wildwood. and much cooler of course allentown, 58, five; mount pocono. so starting off nice and mild, if we zoom in here, doylestown, about 60 degrees, 61 willow grove. and 59 in pottstown.
5:46 am
haven't quite crashed the 60 degrees mark there yet. poconos, if you are headed out there this weekend, gorgeous, lactic upper seven's, just perfect hiking weather, get the sunshine out there, humidity not bad at all. it should be beautiful. practically perfect because we have sunny skies, warm temperatures, low humidity, light winds. what more do you want? that's about as good as it get everybody. specially, in august. if you are wondering about the averages, how warm are we compared to average? well, friday you can see it pops up to 87 degrees, as warm one, we stay in the 80s over the next four, five days. we start to cool down as the stormy weather moves it way in, monday night, into our tuesday. soap, take a look at the future weather, saturday night about 10:00 p.m. you can see the nice clear skies, still with us, even as we head into the beginning of sunday. starting to get inkling every little bit of development to the north and west, sunday afternoon, that's why we'll start to see clouds roll n but really monday afternoon, into the later evening, that we start to see some of this rain roll toward our region. as we get into tuesday, the overnight hours, you see it,
5:47 am
edges closer and closer. soap, that's why we're look out for the rain. not today. gorgeous, sunny, pleasant, in the 80s. sunday starts nice. keep an eye out for the afternoon clouds. we take a look at the temperature today in philadelphia, eight a degrees, wind just to up about 10 miles per hour, not bad at all. gorgeous day, and gorgeous evening, nice and quiet. partly cloudy tonight, getting down to about 65 degrees. not bad at all. if you could order the weather, would you order weather just like. >> this hour by hour, those 80s will be coming in rather quickly, as you can see, we don't get too bad there only mid 80s, so again, day to get out and enjoy. let's take a look at the seven day forecast, gorgeous weekends on tap. looking out for the afternoon thunderstorms, monday, into tuesday, that's when you will need the umbrella but the sunshine is back in full force on wednesday. look at that, sunny skies, just slight cool down tuesday and wednesday, even into thursday, but start to warm back up as we head toward the following weekends. so looking awfully good this weekend, i hope that you have made some great plans to get
5:48 am
outside, todd, because i for 1:00 a.m. wandering the streets of philadelphia today. >> great weekend to do work outside, if you have to paint the house, something like, that no rain, no clouds. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. time now to go out to the movies. i'm sure a loft people have part of their past they wish they could change for one reason or another, and that's the underlying theme of the new film ricky and the flash. meryl streep headlines the project and as ukee washington reports, she did a research and then some for this film. >> yes, nice to see you again. >> likewise. >> it is also nice to see you playing ricky. >> i would like tonight deuce my band. the flash. >> meryl streep trained for months with guitar lessons. >> for me the biggest challenge was just convincing an audience that i had been playing for 30 years, playing with people that had been. >> namely real life rocker rick springfield. >> i was whining to rick once saying that my fingers are
5:49 am
like bleeding. he goes yeah, man, that's right, that's right, that's what happens. >> tell you what else happens. rick was impressed. >> first of all playing electric guitar, which is another instrument altogether, an acoustic guitar, singing at the same time, which i have professional musician friends which finds that difficult, then doing it in character, people should understanded how brave that was and that she killed it is amazing. >> music is only part of the story. gets a shot at redemption after leaving her family to pursue her rock-and-roll dreams. her husband has remarried and her daughter played by her real life daughter full of rage and falling apart after her husband leaves her. it is ricky ' quest to strike new cord and win her back. >> hey? >> why did you walk out my caughter? >> our caughter. >> and to help create that tension and hate, this yes for the most part no mom-daughter moment off camera. >> keep me and my mother separate, but i kinds of stayed away from everybody on certain days. >> now that was difficult.
5:50 am
speaking of which, rick plays steep's band member boyfriends. >> the most challenging thing for me not going oh, my god, it is meryl streep in the middle of the love scene. >> awkward. with a endearing story line, when it ends. >> lots of things will change in your life. and then you will wake up and finds a gray hair. and i don't mean on your head. >> ♪ >> okay, looks pretty good. and some smooth sounds on penn's landing last night. >> ♪ >> many turned out for the smooth jazz summer nights concert and the weather couldn't have been better. last night, the first of four concerts there, and those in attendance enjoyed the sounds of generation next, our own ukee washington was there taking in some of the music. cbs-3 is the proud official media partner of smooth jazz coming up. we'll be right back. >> ♪
5:51 am
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even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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>> alonso continues to sit with a concussion. thursday, sam bradford said this is the deepest team he's ever been on. and, yesterday, he was one of
5:54 am
the stands out on the field. here's tight ends brent celek. >> i think everyone knows what he's done before. you know, we see what he can do. and obviously he's coming back from an injury. you know, some, there are some things that are expected from that. but i meanest's great player. >> let's not forget about the other side of the ball. offense out with print of changes, but the defense that needs to be better. specifically, the secondary. last year, they gave up 72 plays of 20 yards or more. malcolm jenkins says it is all good with the defensive back so far. >> we had maxwell, carol, myself, and on the over side -- the chemistry is it there. guys are veterans, playing some football, communication is great, flying around, competitive, and we're focus ago lot more on technique, so i think it is coming along well. >> nick foles will be sticking around st. louis for little while longer. foles just inked two year contract extension, the team announce the it is worth over $12 million per season
5:55 am
according to a report espn. spent three seasons with the eagles before being dealt to the rams this past off season. out in akron, bridgeton invitational round two yesterday. west chester's own jim furyk on the fifth from the rough over the bunker he drops it in. fewer sick your leader at eight under par. he has four shot lead. catch bridgestone invitational saturday, sunday, right here on cbs36789 that's all for sports, i'm pat gallon. have a great day. a baseball game for a phillies minor league baseball team was postponed, but wasn't because of the weather. it was because of the circus tent, the clearwater threshers, were supposed to take on the tampa bay yankees last night but the team felt the brightly colored circus tent might be distraction to the batters, even worse, this is what it looks like at night. the game will be made up today, no word though on if the problematic tents will still be there. >> a passenger captures flames shooting from a plane that had
5:56 am
to make an emergency landing in philadelphia last night. we'll show that you video coming up next, also ahead, new this morning, a deadly stabbing in the city's northeast. and, the weekends is here, finally, and it is looking to be a great one. details on what you can expect from the eyewitness weather forecast, that is coming up next.
5:57 am
i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids.
5:58 am
mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
5:59 am
>> flighted makes emergency landing in philadelphia. >> kathleen kane makes appearance in court today, first appearance on charges of lying under oath. and, more security plans are coming together for the papal visit, what the secret service says you can expect if you're planning to cross the ben franklin bridge to see the pope next month. >> today is saturday, august 8th, good morning everyone, i'm todd quinones in for nicole brewer. new face joins thus morning, meteorologist kyla grogan here with eyewitness weather. welcome, good to see you. >> thank you, todd. >> what a great weekend. >> i'm telling you, you mentioned it would be good week toned get some chores down around the house. >> that's what i have to do. >> i hear what you are saying that honey-do littles, but i'm thinking strolling the streets of philadelphia might be the way to do it. >> it will be beautiful out
6:00 am
there. i hope you can get out there today. let's look at the storm scan3 radar. see what i am talking b look how clear it is, our only problems are pretty far to the south, and they're off shore, yes, talking down off of the delmarva, virginia, even the carolinas. but i have to tell you, even that is going to be headed out pretty soon. so looking good. take a look at temperatures, 70 degrees in philadelphia, just hit 970 degrees mark, little cooler up in al town the 50's, 59 degrees for you, 52 mount pocono. it will be gorgeous day out there. as you can see, we will hit the 80s as we head into the noontime hourment it is beautiful. i wrote hello sunshine, because that he what we will be seeing as we head across the next not just today but the next two days, headed down to the shore, gorgeous weekend for t boy, if you're on vacation in weekends, maybe starting it or winding up, just stellar, stellar way to get outside and joan joy it, 79 for high today. about 80 as you get into sunday. you can see just going to be sunny. headlines are stellar saturday, sunday starting


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