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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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are you feeling lucky? i mean, do you want to take the umbrella, or not? i feel like it is kind of your choice, but just don't be shock if you get hit by a shower. >> for us, you walk into the building, the only time you will be outside f that's all you got, you can probably get away without the umbrella but out waiting for bus or train, may not be the worse idea to have it along. sort of just take it as it comes. how much time are you spending outdoors here today? that might end up being exactly what determines whether or not you take the umbrella with you here today. we'll get to storm scan in a second. look ahead in the forecast, temperature trends, generally speaking, holding pretty close to the mid 80s, our average high now 86 degrees, starting to come back down the hill here, from the highest level of temperature that we would typically find during the year. but we are expecting generally just little bit after evan flow into the 80s for the better part of the week here. already seeing some signs of life on storm scan3, the tri-state sweep being made, primarily through the western counties, also, even new castle county where you are
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picking up already a quick shower, maybe rumble every thunder out there, too, it will be your story today, specially this morning, little bit every midday break, then late near tonight, see another round of showers, storms, fire up here. so, all warmfront related initially, cold front related by tomorrow, and meantime, wet weather will help sort of wash out some of that pollen for us, at least little bit here. but still dealing with relatively high pollen levels, uv index is also higher today, even despite the fact that you have got some wet weather moving n air quality is good. definitely good way to start off the week. looking forward in our hour by hour forecast here, really the next couple of hours, we will stay somewhat stead my the low 70s, flirting with 70 even as we speak right now at the airport. then, looking forward, down toward say toward say 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., should hit daytime high. also when we expect to see another round of the pop up showers and up this storms start to fire up there. out to you. >> thanks so much, good morning, everyone, happy monday. if you are just joining us, waking up with us, we are glad
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that you are. taking live look outside, little earlier, and i can tell you, it is casino of shaping up to be a typical monday morning. if you will. high there. hello, live look outside, this is the schuylkill expressway, montgomery, you can see kind of just a steady flow of traffic if you will. it is still very dark out there, the good thing is the roads are still dry, that's always helpful specially on a monday. we want to have wet roads, want to do it on a day that's not so busy. overall flipping through the cameras, things looking pretty good. the schuylkill expressway starting to heat up just little bit. the blue route at mid-county is, you know, just starting to casino of wake up. then the vine, taking taking a k at that, seeing headlights and tail light-headed out there specially between the schuylkill. so overall it is a typical busy monday morning. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. back to the breaking news right now, with gunfire erupt on the one year anniversary of michael brown's death in ferguson. solemn mars mark most of the day in the small mid western town. but as night wore on, peaceful
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protests gave way to violence, chaos, and gunshots. >> that's the sound every gunfire right there during a march to honor brown. the shots came late sunday night, as several hundred people gathered in the street of ferguson. as you can see, there, as well, that sent reporters, police, demonstrators scrambling for cover. one man is reported to be in critical condition from a gunshot wound. minutes after the shots were heard, associated press photographer saw a man lying face down, covered in blood, behind a boarded up restaurant new this morning, a car loses control and overturns killing two people in philadelphia. this crash happened around 2:30 this morning, at adams and whitaker avenues in lawncrest. police say the victims, man and woman, were thrown from that vehicle. at the were mow announced dead at the scene. what cause that crash remains under investigation. 5:33 right now, and if you are among the lucky winners
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that far septa lottery, you have little extra time to claim your passes, for next month's papal visit. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now overlooking the ben franklin parkway where the pope will celebrate the closing match for the world meeting of families just 40 something days and counting, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, estimated 1.5 million people are expected to pack the parkway here for the pope's visit in september. the first job, though, just getting here, to center city now if you are coming from our western suburbs, you are likely going to rely on septa's regional rail, and you probably put your name into that lottery. well, if you got e-mail notifying that you your request was selected you have until 3:00 this afternoon, to final identifies that transaction. septa has actually extended the deadline, it was originally set for midnight. now to purchase your one-day regional rail pass for the pope's visit click on the linc in the e-mail and smith your payment information. if you don't do that, by 3:00 p.m. today, incomplete transactions will be voided, and you will no longer have
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the chance to purchase passes. septa is selling 350,000 regional rail one-day papal passes for the weekend of september 26th and the 27th. this is the only way septa is selling regional rail tickets for that weekend. we talked with septa spokesperson, jerry williams, last week, she further explained the options, if you were select in the this first lottery. >> people need to understand, when you made your request, we considered that an invoice. and so we're going to send you the invoice for what you requested. if you don't want everything you requested, your choice will be to go ahead and purchase those anyway, or not purchase at all. >> reporter: now, during this first round, septa tells us that it got 328,000 requests for papal passes, but do not worry, if you weren't select in the this first round, the second round actually start after that 3:00 p.m. deadline to pay up this afternoon. so, emails for those selected in the second round will start going out tonight, and tomorrow, so do not lose hope
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just yet if you weren't select in the this first lottery, and if you were, pay up by 3:00 this afternoon. reporting live in center city this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". ♪ >> cardinal o'hara high school marching band from springfield will play for pope francis next month. they've been chosen to perform for the pontiff as he leaves philadelphia on sunday september 27th. the band from bishop shanahan high school in downingtown, they'll have the honor performing at his arrival. band members, and their parents, say they're bless today have this opportunity. >> just the fact that we get to perform for him is just truely extraordinary. and just wonderful, and i'm so in awe about it. >> such an awesome, awesome mind-blowing opportunity. and something that -- >> anything quite like it? >> cardinal o'hara's band also performed for saint john paul the second, when he visited
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philadelphia in 1979. and, stay with "eyewitness news", as we stay up to date on preparations for the papal visit. our coverage continues on line at 5:37 right now. in business news, this morning, rumors over when apple may unveil the new iphone, also some changes coming to the way you pay your verizon wireless bill. money watch's jill wagner joins us now not new york stock exchange, those stories and much more for us. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, erika, see if the markets can rebound this week, the dow will open $20 at its lowest point since february after filing for seven straight days. on friday the dow dropped 46 points, the nasdaq fell about 13. apple will be unveiling it newest iphone in september, and rumors are already swirling about what's in store. phone's exacted to look like the iphone six, possibly with more color options. phone's also expected to have pressure sensitive touch force screens and better camera.
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>> big changes are coming to the way you pay your wireless phone bill for verizon. there are no contract, and customers will be able to switch between plans each month. but the cost of the phone will no longer be subsidized. customers could pay for it in monthly install, or just buy it outright. that new data plan takes effect later this week. >> and, if you are planning to visit new york city and you're on a budget, a listing on air b and b promises spectacular views of the manhattan skyline, starting at just $22 a night. the catch? you're sleeping in a parked van if queens with no water, electricity or bathroom. but erika it, does come with a real bed. >> i'm not sure if the real bed is enough to sign me up for that one quite yet. but thank you, jill. >> you have to use the bathroom at starbucks, i mean, there are a lot of problems there. >> just don't go to new york if you can't afford it, it is okay. home's great. jill, thanks so much. >> right now 5:38.
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and, in campaign 2016 donald trump defending himself overcome end he made about fox news anchor megan kelly. the presidential candidate was not happy about a question kelly asked during debate about sexist comments he made in the past. cbs news core month hena daniels has the latest on the campaign trail. >> donald trump took to the sunday shows defending himself against claims he is disrespectful to women. >> i will be phenominal to the women. i mean, i want to help women. >> the billionaire candidate attacked carly, directly on twitter. saying the only female gop candidate had zero channels at winning the nomination after she said this. >> as crazy as the presidential campaign process, it does, in fact, give vote areas window into how people respond over pressure over time. >> she was referring to remarks tom trump made about fox news host megan kelly who
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he claims questioned him unfairly during last week's gop debate. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her where ever. >> fellow republican contenders are worried the latest comment to hurt the party's chance was women. roger stone, who left trump's campaign over the weekend, came to his defense. >> voters are going to need to sort between rhetoric and the reality of his record. >> democratic candidate bernie sanders who is trailing hillary clinton tried to set himself apart at an event in portland. >> if that is what this campaign is about, it is bringing people together. >> reporter: both candidates could face a challenge from their own from vice president joe biden should he choose to run in 2016. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead this morning, familiar face returning to the new ghost busters film. we'll tell you the start that have confirmed they'll be doing cameos in it, looks so good. also, researchers say more women are surviving ovarian
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cancer. details coming up in in morning's health watch. then, if you can, check out your screen right here, what the epa is saying about this orange river when we come right back.
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a man shot by police in protests in ferguson, missouri, currently in critical condition. the demonstrations mark the one year anniversary of the shooting of african-american teenager by a police officer.
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also, police are investigating a deadly crash, that killed man and woman overnight. this happened around 2:30 this morning, at adams avenue and whitaker avenue in lawncrest. >> and, if you won the lottery for regional rail passes, during next month's papal visit, well, you have until 3:00 today, to pick them up. second round of e-mail notifications will go out starting tonight, to those lottery entrants, not initially selected. the pope will be in philadelphia september 26th and 27th, and travel in the city will be extremely limited. well, check this out. epa official sale she does not believe wildlife will suffer significant health impact from this, a massive waste water spill in colorado. estimated 3 million gallons of waste water from abandoned mine last week. it turned the river orange. the waste water includes contaminants such as arsonic, copper and lead. the ap -- the epa has not weighed in on the risk know
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post today people and veg takes. >> the fantastic five day showcase of spectacular flowers is underway in a south american country right now, columbia a the annual parade of huge multi colored flour a rangment mark day one in the festival yesterday in met ying. thousands lined the streets there, events later this week include more flower exhibits, dance parties, and classic car parade. got little bit of the dance parties at flower shows, katie, does it get much better than that? >> pretty awesome. >> how awesome is the weather looking? >> all right, well, good morning, everybody. we start things offer with a quick check with our eyewitness weather watchers right on out and david sent into us really just some clouds overhead for him. he is at 56 degrees, he had a comment, too, saying, that, you know, upper's ends is near when it is no longer light at 5:30. >> trying to fine a shot of something happening, okay, still going on five doctor 45,
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canned find much going on in kutztown, oh, yes, starting to lose the daylight at this point. but you know what? it is a product of the season, right? now starting to go downhill again here as we lose daylight, start to lose daytime high averages, and they start to just go away, or at least cool down little bit here with time. meanwhile, we go out to list format, shall we? burlington center reporting 63 degrees, willow grove at 62, generally in the 60s in most of these observations, middletown, delaware, jason's got 69 degrees, and the list goes on, up in bath, pa, 6a not terrible morning. still relatively comfortable for most of you. at the moment this was the one and only shotty could find at least at the time that i had that has got some light to it outside middle township high school, little closer to the coast, sun comes up closer toward the east coast than it does further inland. 68 degrees, mod he he is breeze out of the northwest for us, in cape may courthouse right now. now, do you have that mixture of some clouds overhead, but at the moment, also, seeing few showers, thunderstorms firing up here.
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back toward 81, along the pa turnpike for example, even across portions of new castle county. so don't be shock if you see couple of damp roads out there. i would say specially later on today, especially into tomorrow, as we track our next cold front passage, that's really where you end up with the weather weather here. maybe locally heavy rain, thunderstorms shall specially tomorrow, but keep in mind, even though anything we see today will also be very scattered, it will have some moisture to work upon. may be brief but locally heavy downpour. that fires up at some point for you. meisha, over to you. >> sound good. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, thanks for waking up with us, i hope you're grabbing your coffee. looking at the roadways wondering what you are headed out into, this is what it is, you move into the 6:00 hour north of west chester, route 202 northbound near the route 30 bypass, you can see, everyone is traveling along at posted speeds, plenty of headlights out there already, in fact, kind of looks like that where ever we look. here is a look at those of you coming over the ben franklin bridge from jersey, see again steady stream of vehicles, right lanas we know still blocked, but not causing any
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slow downs there, we're used to that at this point. the suing schuylkill expressway, looking good there, again, but plenty of headlights, plenty of taillights already, see the increase as we move into the 6:00 hour. now, this is where we had very serious crash earlier on in the morning. adams avenue at whitaker, the center lane blocked, and also, all lanes from whitaker on to the boulevard are also blocked. so, use alternate. i would suggest wyoming avenue to castor in this area. again, if you can avoid it, avoid it. again, that serious crash is still in play. emergency road repair, 15 he street south of city hall, already busy stretch, one southbound lane open until 9:00 a.m. after that, closed down, and we will have police officers directing traffic around that area. and that 15th street between south penn square and chestnut. so, busy morning this monday. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thanks. >> on your health watch this morning, music could help treat epilepsy.
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researchers in ohio say the brains of people with epilepsy appear to synchronize with music more than people without epilepsy. this discovery could lead to new seizures therapy because music is processed near the area where most seizures originate. interesting. >> also, on your health watch, more women than ever are surviving ovarian cancer. the disease has long been associated with the very high death rate. but, according to researchers, that's now changing. correspondent marlie hall takes a look. >> you've been feeling well since i saw you last time. >> ovarian cancer survivor, among growing number of women who are living longer with the disease. recent stud fry columbia university medical center shows women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, are now 50% less likely to die from the disease, than women diagnosed decades ago. >> i know what was done for me and how my case was handled, and i feel lucky. >> doctor jason wright's
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research looked at nearly 50,000 women with ovarian cancer if 1975 to 2011. >> they're living with the disease for longer and longer periods of time. as we have new chemotherapy, new drugs, new ways to deliver drugs for ovarian cancer? when doctors discovered her cancer it, had spread to other organs. >> i didn't want to talk to anybody. i wasn't going anywhere. you know, because you think you're going to die. >> but after month of targeted chemotherapy, she has recovered. >> there is life after cancer. and while lorna is not cured, she's now been cancer free for two years. marlie hall, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 5:50 right now. a statue in western pennsylvania honors fallen police officers and now that statue has a partner. >> ♪ >> yesterday's dedication paid tribute to pittsburgh police k9 rocco. he was killed in the line of duty last year. rocco was the fourth pittsburgh area police k9
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killed in action since 1987. the sculpture says the dog's protect and serve and rocco's police partner said rocco was a member of the family. >> the theme of this is the spirit of the k9 is watching over our city along with his partner, the policeman watching over our city. >> one reason i am here today, he was there that night, he was my partner, he was rocky. >> that statue of an officer and the police k9 now stands on pittsburgh's north shore. we'll be right back. first here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> possibly the best part of the morning, just under her breath, i wish were you in here to hear it, katie singing along. just want to want me. these days men and women are sin being more racey texts to each other than you might think. new study from drexel university indicates nearly 90% of adult have sexed once in their life. and just within the last year. researchers say that single people had a positive view of racist text messages, and the survey found, sexting also seems to be more popular with men than with women. so, there you go. >> oh, this is some fun news, bill murray confirms he is making appearance, in the new ghost busters film. the comedian was one of the stars of the original film. now, dan akeroid, will also make cameo. those men join a cast of all female comedians, including kristin wig, and melissa mccarthy, film opens next
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summer. coming up: we are live with an update on deadly car crash, that left two people dead. also, it is the deadline day for septa's papal pass lottery winners to buy those tickets. we'll keep you updated with everything you need to know for the pope's visit. >> and, rain, check it out, storm scan3, little blotches of lane. katie lets you know if you need to grab that umbrella whether we c
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fun fear erupts in ferguson missouri one year after michael brown was shot to death. why day of peaceful vigil ends in the violence. also, new this morning, two people killed in a violent and fiery car crash, some roads remain closed at this hour, we are live with the very latest on this active investigation. >> just re lacking, watching it. v, when a car plowed right into it. details ahead. good morning, it is monday, august 10th, i'm erika von tiehl. getting your day started with a check on trafficking and weather. after gorgeous weekends i hear rain could be moving in.
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>> that's right. i hear it might just affect our later rush not so much this morning rush is that correct right? >> die pen where you are, one of those situations where location, location, location, where it is all about with today's forecast, i would say, because we really are dealing with very scattered activity out there. but, dow want to start things off by sort of just talking about hate change is upon us here, folks. we're exhausted the final days of what typically are the warmest days of our entire year. >> that is in due to the part, sung and he will getting lower and lower. what will happen the sun goes down earlier and earlier. with every passing day, i know erika loves this. >> the sun still, bright, shiny overhead. meanwhile, we are losing more than two minutes or so of daylight, with every passing day, so doesn't seem like very much, but boy does it catch up to you, right? outside we go to one of the live neighborhood network


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