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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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perjury but that was not focus of the address. instead, twisted political power play, that she believes, led to this point. story is incomplete and inaccurate attorney general kathleen kane said to a roomful of reporters in the capitol. >> for it is not a story about sting operations, proposed personal vendettas or press leaks, it is a story that begins with pornography, racial inn sensitivity and religious bigotry. >> reporter: she's talking about the so-called porn gate scandal where under the correspondence bet administration crude e-mails sent on state servicer were found and led to the firing of several top state officials. kane believes that charges against her are an effort to stop more inappropriate e-mails from being released. >> trying to misdirect people and a answering questions. >> reporter: while she spoke while towering capitol calling for resignation. >> we have start aid public campaign to send her pictures
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in trunks to suitcase toes ask her to pack up and leave town. >> reporter: he filed a complaint to have her law license revoke. >> she thought that this was the beginning of the explaining her side of the story, and she has done that to the best of her ability. >> reporter: she says she has been battling opponents for months while excelling at her position of attorney general. she has in plans to reside. >> 247 child predator arrests, represented distraction, in over 1,000 drug arrests, represent a distraction, then maybe more public service employees need to be distract, and maybe we will have a budget soon. >> reporter: kane did not take any questions from reporters, but she did make a formal request to have those additional e-mails released. in those e-mails the connections to her case will be clear. reporting live from the state capitol in harrisburg, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for latest developments on the charges against kathleen kane. get updates on tv and our web
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site at cbs now to an i team television exclusive. a breast-feeding controversy in burlington county. a new mom said she was fired wye shore employer for wanting to pump breast milk on the job. charlotte huffman looks in to to this case and joins us from bordentown with the details, charlotte? >> reporter: ukee, federal law requires that employers give nursing moms reasonable break times to pump for up to one year after a child's birth but you one mom says that hampton inn here in bordentown denied her those rights. like many new moms, ariana gustard was feeling nerve bus heading back to work while breast-feeding. >> i thought to myself it might be a little bit of an issue. >> reporter: so she met the with hotel management to discuss her schedule and explained that she would need two or three unpaid breaks for 15 minutes each during her eight hour shift in order to pump. >> my general manager thought well, you can pump before you come into work. he said you can pump before
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you come into work and you will be okay. i cannot go whole eight hours without pumping. >> reporter: that is when she says managers told her that her front desk position does not allow for breaks. >> i understand, inn told them i'm willing to work whatever shift they gave me because i need the job. >> reporter: she even offered to move to housekeeping. >> i have been there for two years. i thought maybe they would work with me. i have been a loyal employee. taken extra shifts when needed. i thought they would work with me. two little breaks i was asking for. >> reporter: two little breaks, she has legal rights too. regardless she says that she later received this text message from the general manager, saying no jobs open at this time. >> i told him what he is doggies illegal and he told me to have a good day. >> reporter: when our calls weren't return the iteam went to the hotel owned by rising sun hotels of new jersey to speak with the general manager. it is important that we hear his side of the story because we're putting an story on the air and we have interviewed him. >> please leave the property right now.
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>> reporter: why do we have to leave. >> leave the property, please. have a good day. are you familiar with the federal law that requires you to give breast-feeding moms a reasonable break time. >> reporter: for now, this inning will and unemployed mom says be in will stan in her way after all she's got this sweet baby girl to think about. >> i have been on line looking for different jobs, fixing up my resume and i will apply to jobs on saturday and i will be back working. i need to work. i'm going to work. i have this little girl to take care of. >> reporter: we have reached out to the company that owns the hampton in franchise and we have yet to hear back. we're live from bordentown i'm charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. investigators say that the driver of the tour bus that hit and killed a pedestrian near philadelphia police headquarters is remorseful and cooperating. investigators recovered bus from washington d.c. and driver told investigators he wasn't distracted but that police are getting a warrant to retrieve his cell phone
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records. victim joseph heard was a host for g town radio as he was on his way to kidney dialysis as he was hit at franklin and race on tuesday. co-workers said heard was focused on getting people excited about science. >> the world would be missing out on someone who cared. losing someone especially tragically like this and unexpectly, it kind of takes the wind out of you for a moment. >> heard had a degree in mathematics and used his show to inspire others. water main break forced shut down of flourtown road in white marsh township montgomery county. chopper three over the muddy mess near thomas road, and that water main broke around 4:30 this afternoon and authorities say the road will be closed until aqua water completes repair. what is that old saying what a difference a day makes? gorgeous day across the area but there is a a warm up on the way, how high will mercury rise? kate is on the sky deck, kate. >> reporter: we will start
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with the good news and good news is our seven day forecast has very minimal rainfall. we have a good dose of rain yesterday and now it looks like it a has cleared out for a while. bad news is, well, heat and humidity of august not done just yet even though it is comfortable right now and staying that way tonight and thomas we have more heat and humidity and perhaps even a heat wave, in the seven day outlook. lets look outside, as we show you live neighborhood network cameras. this one at kutztown area middle school and you can see dark included rolling over kutztown a lot of blue skies as well. there are a couple of scattered showers out there tonight mainly in the far north and western suburbs. we told but you this chance yesterday, that cooler air aloft starts to move in we will get instability showers and right now they are confined up in the poconos and extreme northern lehigh valley but just keep an eye out. couple rain drops here and there at most, otherwise, clear beautiful evening in philadelphia gorgeous down the shore. eighty-two at atlantic city airport. twenty-eight in millville as well. not a bad start to the evening. dew points are in the mid to upper 50's, and that number in
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wildwood is not accurate right there they must be having a bad reading will 4-degree dew point would be unheard of in this area your first forecast, 80 degrees, mostly sunny, fantastic. 9:00 o'clock looks good mainly clear, comfortable. 11:00 p.m. still looking fantastic. 74 degrees will be the 11:00 o'clock temperatures. temperatures are on their way up. we are talking mid 80's ahead of yesterday with the rain we got to 85 degrees, 84 today so far, mid 80's again tomorrow, a stun are of a thursday is on the way but then look what happens friday mercury starts to push in the upper 80's. the on sat take we will be close to 90. we will talk about a stretch of the 90's starting on sunday and continuing right in the middle of the next week. coming up, we will tell you more about that. i'll tell but a spectacular sight you may be able to see in the skies overhead philadelphia and entire area tonight as viewing conditions for perseid meteor shower we will have tips coming up with the full forecast in a few
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minutes, now back inside to you. a lot of people looking up to are that, kate, thanks very much. suspect is under arrest in the murder of the northeast philadelphia man, 39 year-old angelo maldonado is charged with murder, police say maldonado killed 21 year-old thomas ewing of mayfair. on sat take ewing was found on cardel avenue suffering from numerous stab wound. twenty-one year-old was taken to aria torresdale where he was pronounced dead. newnew jersey state powe police need your help for a pair of man as you accused of stealing baby form ra from a super mark. officials say thieves in the surveillance photo struck twice in the week and acme in, upper township. they made off with $1,600 worth of formula. if you have any information, call the police. right new burlington county bridge commission is deciding whether or not to hike tolls on two of its bridges and we're talking a big increase. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from the tacony palmyra bridge with what this means for drivers, greg. >> reporter: that commission is expected to cast their
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final vote any minute, in fact, meeting is happening as we speak and if this toll amount changes, customers paying cash could end up paying double. take a a look, right now customers using cash pay $2 to cross either tacony palmyra or burlington bristol bridges. that would increase to $4. if you use e-z pass you'll pay extra dollar from two to three. larger vehicles will pay higher tolls. up 1.50 for buses and rv's whose drivers use cash to $9 for six axle vehicles. we're talk about big rigs and tractor trailers. so why the possible bump up in toll? commission says this could generate an extra 12 million-dollar a year in revenue which is needed to help finance a proposed 110 million-dollar capitol improvement plan. whose improvement include redecking the burlington bristol bridge, repainting the steel and replacing mechanical equipment on both bridges. regardless of the region most drivers we spoke with are not
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in favor of but others say they actually support this. >> two bucks to four bucks what do you think about that. >> i think they need to do it because bridge is over 50 years old and they need to maintain it. we have an e-z pass so it is only $3. >> that is not a good thing. i come over here to gas up. i'm paying $2 for five minutes to go across and back. no, that is not a good thing. >> reporter: $2 increase might in the seem like much. triple a says for commute hours use these bridges five days a week for entire year, that actually doubles their commuting cost from $500 a year all the way up to $1,000. once again this meeting right now is happening. we will let you know what the commission finally decide. we are live here in palmyra, new jersey i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now, if that toll is raised it my help gas prices are dropping, according to triple a, gas prices slipped 6 h down to $2.59 a gallon on the
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national average. some experts say they could drop to below $2 by the fall. here's how prices are looking in our area, in the state of pennsylvania a gallon of regular is on average $2.59. in new jersey, 2.38. in the first state, it is 2.44. preparations continue for the papal visit, today, the pope update, we will show you what was going on here in philadelphia and what this was all about, vittoria. >> $2 a game. >> reporter: we are live from the saint ann's carnival and italian festival where is there fun, food and games. all right, let's go. >> mark, set go good my favorite carnival game i always try to beat the kid in that one and i usually win. lets look at storm scan three showing one shower pushing n we will look closer at that and tell but a warm up in the forecast, that is coming up in a couple minutes, pat. phillies and die machine backs are finishing up their series in arizona we will have pictures coming up. as we near eagles preseason we will see a lot of the quarterback that is tim tebow,
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more ahead in sports.
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advocates for home less are making their voice a head of visit by pope francis. the renowned advocate for the homeless brought the pop up pope to center city. she urged people to donate to the francis fund with the money going to help homeless. we have learned, on the wake of the papal visit the apron of the ben franklin parkway will be cleared overnight for security purposes and the homeless will to have go elsewhere. is there also, still time enter lottery for septa pass during pope francis's visit. this time the lottery is for a three day pass for norristown high speed line, and trolley routes, 101, 102. there is a lincoln septa's web site, enter until 11:59 tonight, and the passes will work for saturday, september 25th through monday september 28th and winners will be notified by e-mail on friday. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, of the papal visit. we have you covered, we will bring you constant updates on tv and also on cbs yes, it is, beautiful day
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for festival, perfect time to get out and enjoy those outdoor activities. >> our vittoria woodill is live at saint ann's carnival and italian festival and torey, you are having a good old time out there. >> do you hear that. we are live, at the saint ann's carnival and italian festival here in bristol boro. look the at my friend behind the counter. they are making home made food and they have got everything to wet you're tall yan whistle. they have pizza, they have pizza frid a which was fried dough that i had earlier which was fantastic. i was riding ride with so fee a how many fun did we have. >> a lot of fun and were you screaming your head off. >> don't say that too loudly, sophia. >> we have a carmellas and whole family here. thinks carmella, over here, this is carmella. you could make a carmella sandwich if you put paul in the middle but they are
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parishioners of saint ann's and why do you come back every year. >> it is fun and been here for years. >> nice tradition. >> yes, yes. >> wonderful. >> thanks so much carmella. it is so much fun, and the italian festival, as well as saint ann's carnival started to take at 6:00 and goes until 10:00 o'clock tonight. it will be ongoing until saturday night. so if you are a fellow pisan, everybody give a wave, all of the italians out there, it is like family here in bristol boro. just how we like it. ukee, jessica, katie, the carmellas, paul, say hi. >> hi. >> what is up, family. what is up, family. >> is what up family. hi everybody at the desk. >> they are looking good out there. fun, fun night and everybody seems to be enjoying the food. >> great weather. >> gorgeous out there. >> smell the fried dough. >> we have to take this show on the road. >> that is not a bad eye tea.
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>> do the news live from the italian festival. >> i'll make the call. >> yes, do you that. >> figure that out. while do you that lets talk about some weather. we have beautiful conditions this evening as you saw with vittoria and it will continue for next couple days but each day just sneakily gets warmer like mother nature thinks we won't notice if we tack on a few degrees. it is hot again by week even. lets see how evening is shaping up. we will go outside to the spring garden camera from here at cbs broadcast center, looking east down spring garden street toward river and new jersey border and you can see nothing but blue skies and a few puffy fair weather cloud out the there, this evening, it is a great night in center city, in the too hot or cool perfect weather to be walking around, sitting outside, having some dinner or sitting outside on your back deck, throwing some burgers on the grill tonight. you could in the do it last night because of the rain, downpours, people on twitter talking about how a run or bike ride and rain precluded that.
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tonight no problems at all. storm scan three is clear, only spot to watch. we have talk yesterday about a couple sprinkles here and there moving in our northern and western suburbs. here they are. mess of them have been relegated to the far north and west but as you can see a couple sprinkles tried to drift down, a few you near lehigh county and berks county. don't be shock driving on 22 or northeast extension of the turnpike and you flick windshield wipers a time or two as these showers come in. that should be caused by cool air in the upper atmosphere. ground heat up. that cool air comes n we will get is what known as instability showers. best news of all skies are cleared tonight. perfect timing. it is peak of the perseid meet your shower. best viewing conditions between midnight and 5:00 a a.m. a away from light pollution. further are north and west, south and east in central new jersey you are best chance you have to see this. up to 100 meteors per hour. don't get discourage out there for five minutes. you have to give yourself sometime. that means you may be sleepy for work tomorrow but may be worth it. 48 degrees in philadelphia eight two.
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land breeze down the the shore. wind west, keeping it nice and warm. sunny and beautiful tomorrow and then that high starts to move east. the as it does so we will start to heat up. you'll feel that next couple days. nothing cool about tonight. wake up tomorrow morning to the mid 60's in the city, 50's in allentown, 53 degrees the morning low in mount pocono. for the the overnight hours mainly clear, comfortable, a new mean, waning crescent and that mens great conditions, nice and dark for perseid shower and in down the shore tomorrow and in the city, looking fantastic, lots of sun temperatures in the 80's. we will heat up on friday to 48 degrees. your seven day forecast, well, we have temperatures in the 80's, thursday and friday but again, do you see that sneaky creeping up of the temperature. eighty-nine saturday. ninety on sunday. ninety-two monday. second half of that forecast sunday through wednesday, looking pretty hot and humid, back to the 90's, a heat wave. >> thanks, kate. >> we will be right back.
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a lot of the national guys are waiting to see what the eagles put on the field. >> you are ready to run through a wall, aren't you. >> i am so ready. >> why not, do you want to run together. >> let's go. >> football, it is on. >> training camp is rolling on as we draw closer to actual football action this sunday eagles take on the indianapolis colts, unlikely to see a lot have sam bradford in the opener, however, it will almost be tebow time. tim tebow is in the battle with third quarterback spot with matt barclay and looked improved during camp. teammate are taking notice. >> taking a look seriously, you know, i mean i know when he gets back to the hotel and we are done at seven, he is on that ipad for a couple of hours, and getting in early. i know he is anxious and he wants to make the team for sure. >> i just try to take
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advantage of every area is there so many different resources here you want to take advantage of them to be the best that you can. >> patriots quarterback tom brady and commissioner roger goodell showed up for settlement talks before a new york federal judge, brady was suspended for four games for knowing his team used under inflated football during a playoff game in january. nfl upheld suspension last month, and nfl players union appealed. brady had has denied knowing about those deflated football. phillies have an excellent after the all-star break they have allowed 26 runs over the last two games in arizona so to stop bleeding they turned to aaron nola and he got some offense to back him up. it starts here in the third inning, nola receiving her flow andres blank co a solo blast to right field tying the game at two appease. then in the sixth a huge inning for phillies, it is cameron rupp using his grown man strength. he goes opposite field. phillies put up four in that
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inning and they lead seven-four in the seventh. phillies return from nine game road trip next tuesday chase utley may not be with the team, trade talks reportly have been heating up between phillies and giants about second base man. the chase has cleared wafers so phillies could trade him but he can also use his in trade clause to block a deal and move to the giants makes sense, san francisco advertise and a half games out of the first place in the west and chase lives in the bay a area during the off season. >> it will be weird to see him somewhere else. >> no doubt. >> thanks. >> we will b
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly and we are back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up nexts is the the "cbs
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evening news" from new york. up next is scott pelley. >> pelley: breaking news-- former president jimmy carter has cancer. we'll have the latest. also tonight, deadly explosions light up the night sky. clinton turns over her e-mail to the f.b.i. while sanders pulls ahead of her in new hampshire. republicans pile on. >> hillary clinton would be a good deceiver in chief but she cannot be trusted to be the commander in chief. >> pelley: and can millions of plastic balls solve the california water crisis? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, jimmy carter, the 39th president of the united states, announced he has a very serious cancer diagnosis. mr. carter is 90. he said he will beginre


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