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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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lehigh northampton airport authority, that there was only one person inside that plane, pilot thomas, siminsky from zion villain he was not seriously hurt in this crash. this quiet creek, the perfect place, to cast a line. today though, a popular spot, to snap a shot. >> we saw it. >> my son notified my father, his grandfather, and he immediately called me and said, go check it out. >> reporter: it was this yellow experimental plane, stuck nose down in the muddy riverbed and all afternoon people who heard news stopped by to take in this bizarre view. >> that is what it is doing down here. >> in my career i have never seen anything like this, you know, new to all of us. >> reporter: even so allentown's police captain tony says emergency response was quick, first pulling pilot from the wreckage. >> the pilot was conscious when taken by e ms.
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>> reporter: and putting up these booms to contain any spilled fuel. >> we think it is relatively little but again, we are taking all precautions. >> reporter: no word what caused the crash but faa is on the scene trying to piece together the puzzle. but for those who know this area say that this is a popular flight path to a local airport, and they are glad that their homes were not in the way of this doomed craft. >> it could have hit our house in the parkway here, or it could have landed on 78, and that would have been very serious. >> reporter: once again, the faa is here on the scene trying to figure out the official cause of the crash, but, coming up tonight at 6:00 d of the pilot and what he believes, actually caused this wreck. for now we are live here in allentown i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will see you soon. is there a picture perfect friday where we are starting weekend right. so many people enjoying wet's long kelly drive but you have to get ready, heat is coming
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back. the lets get a first lot at forecast with kate bilo outside on the sky deck, hi, kate. >> hi ukee. definitely feeling temperature. little warmer then this time yesterday but the good news is humidity is still comfortable. we have nothing but sun and a few puffy cumulus cloud over the city of philadelphia right now and it is a nice dry weekend, although it is on the hot side. temperatures head back to the 90's for several days. lets take a look outside one of our live neighborhood network cameras in bernville off to the north at junior/senior school where skies are blue, it is beautiful. right now in kutztown at kutztown area middle will school things are looking fine. storm scan three is completely cleared at the moment. temperature wise we are feeling a little bit warmer, four or 5 degrees warmer then this time yesterday, 87 at the airport. eighty-three in atlantic city. on the beach with the wind off the water keeping it cooler but lower 80's out there good news we are going to stay sunny and warm throughout the weekend. bad news is heat and humidity ramps up. i will have your full forecast when i join you inside.
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back inside to you. thanks very much. eagles are getting ready to kick off the preseason on sunday against the indianapolis colts. today, we learned quarterback sam bradford will be sitting this one out. "eyewitness sports" reporter pat galleys at the novacare complex where chip kelly explain his decision to keep the new guy off the field, pat. >> ukee, eagles are starting their preseason off later than usual, sunday at 1:00 o'clock start at lincoln financial feel. when they do take the field sam bradford will not be on it. so that means mark sanchez is starter, tim tebow and matt barclay will get reps as well. >> sam will not play. that is my decision. he want to play. i don't think he is happy. >> reporter: sam bradford said chip kelly spoke to him about sitting during preseason opener. man running with the first team for most of the camp is still here to play. >> it is coach's decision. i wanted to be out there i was preparing to be out there, but, you know, this morning he sat down and explained to it
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me. it is up to him. i will be ready to roll next week. >> reporter: without bradford mark sanchez, tim tebow and matt barclay will look to take advantage of the good amount of playing time. >> each game guys pick it up, whether it is t haveaes, camp and regular season game. it only gets a little bit faster and you you know, steaks get a little higher as you move on and that is natural and good natural progression and we will go with that flow. >> i'm looking forward to it. it will be a lot of fun. just playing ball. i love it: it is something i have been doing since i was a little boy. i love playing. blessing to be out here and being here playing and also fun to strap it up too. >> reporter: so just to be clear sam bradford is not hurt. they are just taking it slow. he will sit out with the colts on sunday. coming up at 6:00, we've got major injury news to a key component on the eagles offense but a cool moment here earlier today as chip kelly welcomed the family and
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partner of slain philadelphia police officer robert wilson. chip kelly brought them out to practice as well as a crew from the wounded warriors project, chip kelly, a man who puts military and the like first, and a cool moment here. live from the novacare complex, pat gallon, "eyewitness sports". >> that is what it is all about. thanks very much. septa is giving riders another crack at getting special papal passes for their first choice regional rail stations. officials say they had to recalculate number of pass's railable for each station because of multiple requests. for example a number of people in a group all requesting passes and only one ended up purchasing them. new there are more pass's veilable than originally thought. some who got their second or third choice stations now have the opportunity to buy or trade in a pass, for their first choice. well, we are just four days away from the visit of pope francis. stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest developments. a earthquake shook families out of their sleep in north jersey to day.
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officials say it measured 2.7 in magnitude and epicenter was 2 miles north of bernardsville in somerset county. reporter andrea grime from his w cbs talked to residents who felt the rumbling. >> in the middle of the night we looked at each other and said what was that. >> reporter: danielle carlson and her husband at no idea an earthquake woke them up hitting their town of bernardsville, new jersey. >> we thought the bed would go through the the house, that is what we thought. >> reporter: u.s. geological survey confirms a small 2.7 magnitude quake struck 2 miles north at 3:30 a.m. >> just kind of like a thunder clap, more of a rumble, i woke up, windows were shaking. my wife and i were having coffee this morning i said i felt something. >> i woke up, and i heard the house, you could see that. that felt like an earthquake. >> reporter: authorities here in somerset county and
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neighboring lawrence county said several residents called police to report rumbling. officials say no one was injury. >> there was no reports of damage but an hour later we had a transformer fire but we don't know this that was related or not. >> reporter: jersey central power and light says issue knock out power to 40 customers this morning. as for the the earthquake, local barber art leonardi was glad it was not worse. >> i check my house. i woke everybody up. everything was fine. >> reporter: although rare earthquakes in the area are not uncommon, a few small ones happened here back in 2010. reporting from bernville, new jersey, andrea grimes, cbs two news. for first time in over 50 years american flag flies over u.s. em bass is any cuba secretary of state john kerry was on hand for the ceremony. he said talks honorary storing diplomatic relations between the two nations will begin next month but as craig boswell reports it is a step betterly oppose by critics.
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>> reporter: marines unfurled the american flag and then hoisted it high above the u.s. embassy in cuba for the the first time since 1961. secretary of state john kerry met with cuba's foreign minister and acknowledged is there still many differences between the two countries but he says policies of the past weren't working. >> over 54 years, we had a policy that was isolating us, not changing the world. >> reporter: cuba's foreign minister rigorously defended his country human rights record but critics say cuban government continues to suppress dissidents and opening up cuba to trade and tourism won't change that notion that the cuban people will be allowed freedom of speech and information now president that obama has made concessions to the very government denying them their rights is complete fiction. >> reporter: cuban government says america need to lift trade embargo which restricts tourism and business with cuba eric hirschberg with the
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center for latin american studies said embargo issue should be resolved. >> it will impede the ability of people in both cuba and the you had to take full advantage of the diplomatic opening. >> reporter: only congress can lift the trade embargo that limits tourism and business with cuba and that appears to be unlikely to happen anytime soon. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". benjamin franklin parkway is line with flags representing 90 countries. cube ace not one of them but could that change with the restoring of the diplomatic relations. coming up at 6:00 our steve paterson has that story and reaction from local cuban americans. the pennsylvania spca says it has rescued 122 cats and kittens from deplorable conditions in the poconos. this he were found inside a home in henryville, earl county, answer transported to spca headquarters. they are being treated for injuries cause by a flee infestation inside the home. officials say the owners had planned an a opening a sanctuary for cats but weren't
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able to keep up with the rates that the cats reproduce. they voluntarily surrendered the animals. >> some of them do need more extensive medical care. we had one that required a blood transfusion last night which we were able to provide and we're happy to report that the four week old kitten is doing well today. the rest of them are in stable condition and still need additional medical treatment for their injuries. >> cats and kittens will be a maid available for adoption. so far no charges have been filed against the owners. coming up on "eyewitness news" a couple of philadelphia police officers thrust into the the national spotlight. plus this... >> reporter: former south jersey administrators filed a lawsuit begins her former boro collogue after she was voted out of the job because she's white. i'm alexandria hoff and we will look closer coming up. also raise a glass for pope francis trip to philadelphia, we will tell but a beer a local company is brewing in honor of the papal visit and where you can have a
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taste. royal warning who british royals want to stay away from young prince george. that and more when we come back.
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so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often?
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he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. couple of philadelphia police officer are getting national attention thanks to time magazine. here are 19th district officer shawn devlin on the left and, on the cover of the latest shall you the cover story business what it is like to be a philadelphia police officer in america, one year after ferguson. they talk about their
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experiences, patrolling west philadelphia. you can look for the magazine on news stand, next week. six hour standoff is over in new york city after a gunman shot a fire fighter is killed during a shoot-out with police. the authorities say 38 year-old garland tyre had barricaded himself a staten island home when u.s. marshals arrested him. he allegedly started a fire in the basement and when responding fire fighters arrived he shot one of them. wounded fire fighter is expect to recover. well, traffic is moving gannon interstate 80 in lawrence county after a tractor trailer crash left part of the truck over the highway here. truck collided with a car in roxbury this morning. you can see trailer hanging over the new jersey transit railroad tracks. the those tracks were also shut down, but they just reopened, within the last, few hours. well, it is call the solder ride, a cycling event to help military veterans transition back to civilian life. retreats held in cities across the country focus on healing, comradery and cycling.
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kyb news radio john mcdevitt caught up with a group of riders during their visit in philadelphia. >> reporter: more than 50 millville vets participated in the sold are ride, started at lincoln financial field, over to the art museum area and back to the link, 12-mile ride was organized by the wounded warrior project, the bikes are adopt todd meet specific need of the warriors, some missing limbs, dealing with chronic pain and others, battling a visible wound like post traumatic stress disorder among cyclist iraq war veteran john conway from pittsburgh. >> the solder ride, as they do, it is they motivated you to go complete a task and while you are completing that you are not thinking about the injuries, or, the mental block that you have. you are focused on your buddy in the front, buddy in the back, and at times you get that sense of peace. you don't feel no pain. >> reporter: one of the bikes used thinks bike, recumbent bike used by warriors with neck, arm and back injuries. dann, the director of the sold
5:16 pm
are ride said program held all over in europe helps him in so many ways. >> that socialization that they have in the military that bond that they have between brothers and sisters, you lose that when you get there when we get back together that socialization they have is or important. >> reporter: this has veterans biking about 40 miles over a two day period. john mcdevitt, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still ahead on "eyewitness news" annex stream case of stranger danger. see viral video that has some parents questioning the lessons, they talk to children. also ahead, stocking on on the growing list of items many students are now being asked, to bring to class. and the temperatures climbing as we approach the weekend, kate will update the forecast and she said get ready for another extended heat wave. we will be right back.
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beautiful day to day, you talk about an extended heat wave in our future. >> we're talking about an extended stretch at least five days, of low 90's. we are not talking 98, 99 degrees but decent stretch of hot, humid weather getting worse each day. >> it does make a difference. >> the humidity makes a huge difference. when we're talking about the heat wave, how hot will it feel? the worst of the the humidity will peak next week especially monday into tuesday but the heat could be with us right through wednesday, and close next thursday as well, so my
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advice to enjoy today while we have it. feels comfortable outside. we will take you out to our live neighborhood network, thinks at middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. it is beautiful. we have got blue skies, not a cloud to be found there in cape may court house looking live toward the atlantic ocean 78 degrees at the moment. no problems whatsoever. storm scan three is looking okay, in fact you might think this is a freeze frame of storm scan three because there is so little to talk about. not any cloud cover to talk about today but here, inut. philadelphia and across north east in general there is a system diving into portions of new york state and up into vermont new hampshire producing scattered showers and thunderstorms. a few could pop up toward poconos tomorrow if this batch of moisture head south but most should experience a nice, dry, uni sat day. temperatures right now 80 degrees at the airport. eighty-three millville and atlantic city airport. eighty-five in allentown. seventy-nine in mount pocono. warm and ease nal.
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the ocean water temperature a comfortable 76 degrees. we will go down the the shore and you can sea breeze off the ocean. i bet it feels amazing to be outside on the beach with that breeze off the the water. eighty-four in cape may. eighty-two in stone harbor. seventy-nine in barnegat light. we have 82 degrees, so beautiful shore day and weekend looks nice as well. so we're heating up in the 90's for your saturday. high pressure starts to move overhead through the the weekend. that is going to go kick up that warm moist flow. ninety-two on sunday. same story for monday. hazy, hot, humid and machine looks like the peak of the heat and humidity as we head toward around 93 for daytime high. notice humidity index is rising. humid for saturday. steamy sunday into monday. is there the peak. we are not talking about oppressive numbers here, dew points in the mid 70's but it will feel nasty out there as we start next week. overnight is a new moon so sky is nice and dark if you want to do star gazing tonight. it will be comfortable, clear.
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for your saturday lots of sunshine, hot, more humid, 90 in the city. down the shore looking good, cooler at 83 on saturday. eighty-six on sunday. heading to the poconos that looks great as well we are looking at 83 on saturday and 87 on sunday f is there a shower or storm sunday, it is in the poconos but you should be okay. here's forecast, we are looking at lower 90's starting tomorrow, continuing through monday, coming up with the seven day forecast next half an hour i will tell you how long those 90's will last and when thunderstorms creep in. for now we will be right back.
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester.
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(dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. here we go, summer vacation is quickly coming to an even and that means it is almost time to send the kid, back to school. many parents are already stocking up on supplies, and as cbs news correspondent jericka duncan explains many
5:25 pm
students need a lot more than just a backpack and notebooks. >> reporter: what are you feeling right now as you get ready to go back into that back to school mode. >> it is a lot. >> reporter: shopping for school supplies have become an annual tradition for mrs. wright, her son nicholas starts fourth grade in a few weeks. >> hand sanitizer. >> reporter: this year first graders at an elementary school in moody alabama are required to bring items including kleenex, hand soap, wipes, baby wipes, paper towels, zip-lock bags, trash bags and hand sanitizer. according to the national retail federation spending on back to school supplies has grown on average, 42 percent, since 2005. parents pay an average of about $580 per year, for a child in elementary school. >> what we saw in the last decade or especially in the last five or six years are very large cuts to education
5:26 pm
budgets. what schools have been doggies cutting back on everything that they possibly can. someone has got to take care of that. >> reporter: it is not just parents. one study shows elementary and high school teachers spend an annual average of $500 out of pocket on supplies. >> is it frustrating as a parent when you look at that list. >> yes, i mean, i'm not frustrated over pencils, of course, he need pencils, folders, things that make sense. >> reporter: in new york, jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today is 70th anniversary of vj day, news spread that world war two was over. a tat you was unveiled in times square depicting the famous life magazine photo of the sailor and woman kiss to go celebrate the day. onlookers stopped to imitate the statue. it will be on display by the way throughout the the weekend. coming up in our next half an hour accusations of reverse racism rocked a local community after a top official is fired. a call for help when the pope comes to philadelphia,
5:27 pm
how you can lend a hand and be a part of history during the pope's visit. also this... >> reporter: security concerns in some theaters as a highly anticipated film opens up across the country are, i'm chris martinez in los angeles with that story coming up. on a day that will go down in history, the united states now flying an american flag in cuba coming up at 6:00 we will introduce to you a cuban american who wants to fly a cuban flag right here on the parkway. that is n
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the northbound lanes of route 130 in in cinnaminson have reopened after this vehicle fire, but the southbound side is closed between andover road and taylor's lane. crash also brought down a utility pole sending wires, to the the ground. faa is investigating a small experimental plane to crash into an allentown creek, crews rescued the pilot, he is hospitalized in stable condition. the authorities say that the man crashed while trying to land, at nearby queen city airport. and eagles coach chip kelly says quarterback sam bradford will in the play at all in the first preseason opener on sunday. kelly says, it was his choice to side line bradford and he will be ready to play next saturday night against the
5:31 pm
ravens. another beautiful day for this friday, giving way to beautiful weekend. we are talking about the potential start of the heat wave number four. we hit 90 tomorrow which we are forecasted to do, heat wave number four will begin. it is a steamy, sunny saturday. we will tell but next chance of storms in our future with the seven day forecast in just a few minutes. now new at 5:30 a south jersey boro administrators is out of the job. decision came suddenly last night one week after she, a white employee, filed a discrimination lawsuit begins the boro's african-american mayor and council members. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff takes a closer look. >> reporter: in a lawsuit filed last week former paulsboro financial officer lee ann rigori claimed her treatment at work was racially fueled. >> it is first time i have represented a caucasian, against an african-american members of the government.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: last night same people named in the suit paulsboro mayor jeffery hamilton and four african-american members of the council voted to terminate rigori, two white councilman voted against it. >> really only one explanation, race. >> reporter: she was hired in 2012 to be the the boro's chief financial officer something that typically requires certification. she was given two years to earn that something the boro says didn't happen in time n may rigori was forced to give up her financial officer title and take a 75 percent pay cut. >> she had to be relieved because she didn't meet requirements of the state law. >> reporter: race was far from a factor said mike and lean i, in fact. >> the the boro interviewed and hired a white female to replace her. >> reporter: he adds that last night's sudden termination ace loud by law but rigori's lawyer claims that doesn't exclude the pressure his client had endured to hire predominantly african-american employees. >> i feel sorry for the new administrators because she's
5:33 pm
going to be tasked to use race as a basis for hiring and it is just wrong. >> with everything that is going on in the united states and places elsewhere to alleged that that is pretty serious stuff. >> reporter: boro maintains that the only preference given which hiring anyone toys boro residents. reporting from paulsboro, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". world spotlight will be on philadelphia in late september for the papal visit. one organization is offering volunteers a chance to be part of the historic event. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao visited american red cross offices which will serve as a common center during the pope's visit. >> reporter: red cross emergency communication center on chestnut street is always busy. volunteers, here answer hundreds of emergency calls every day, and, dispatch crew as cross the country. this job won't stop during the papal visit in september. instead, red cross volunteers will face the added task of aiding the masses that follow
5:34 pm
the popular pope. >> philadelphia is expecting more than a million people, and we don't need as many volunteers as we can find. >> reporter: tom has been a volunteer for close to four decade. the red cross is looking for people with his compassion and willingness to learn. the organization needs 1,000 volunteers to man the shelters, provide health services and more. >> a lot of the work that we do can be taught, and we're really encouraging people to go on line and register so we can get some trained. >> reporter: those with specialized skills are a bonus, multi link what will, volunteers trained in medicine and those with skills in child and geriatric care are especially needed. >> just children and elderly that will get disoriented and separated from their families. we want those people with those talents. >> reporter: since travel will be limited in and around the traffic box the red cross will also shelter and feed its volunteers. the communication centers here will look much different. it will be pack. >> we will be part of history. this is a once in a lifetime
5:35 pm
opportunity. so if you want to look back on your years, your life, and say i made a difference, join the red cross you will make a difference. >> reporter: signing up is easy. all you have to do is log on to red philly 2015. we have provided a link to that web site on cbs, just click on links and numbers. reporting from center city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you will soon be able to raise a glass, cape may bluing companies mixing five you hundred gallons of the pale ale called, yopo, meaning you only pope once. it will be available starting september 21st at the brewing company as well as at bars and restaurants in philadelphia and new jersey. it will have 5.5 percent alcohol and it is only available on draft. well, now to surveillance video from philadelphia's rittenhouse neighborhood. police are searching for a suspect who snatched a wallet from a purse but that is not all he did.
5:36 pm
avenue got his hand on the wallet, he broke out the some dance moves this happened at the the byob restaurant on south street, on july 26th. if you recognize this suspect you are urged to contact the police. child predator social experiment has gone viral causing parents to go wand fur they taught their children enough about stranger danger. >> mikhail lah, are you crazy? what is wrong with you. >> reporter: these parents are screaming at the their under aged children after they met up with a stranger from social media it was part of the experiment consented to by the parents, allowing a professional prankster to pose as a stranger, and try to meet the girls alone. >> my own personal clinical experience, many, many girls will go with strangers into potentially dangerous situations. >> psychologists encourage parents and kids to watch video together and make sure their child knows to never, never meet up with a stranger. the video which was posted on monday has over 25 million
5:37 pm
views. as paparazzi crossed the line? in a letter to international media released to day the royal family accuse sod photographers harassment when it comes to taking pictures of the prince george. correspondent jonathan vigloti reports from london. >> reporter: royal family hoped palace authorized pictures like these would satisfaction photos, but they didn't. duke and duchess of cambridge are fed up with dangerous surveillance tactics being used by the notoriously aggressive paparazzi n a strongly worded three-page letter kensington palace warns a line has been crossed and that furtheres lacing and tactics would represent a very real security risk. the the palace says photographers have gone so far as to monitor movements of prince george and his nanny around london parks, used other children to lure young prince into view, even hiding in sand dunes on a royal beach to take photos of him playing with his grandmother. kensington palace says one of
5:38 pm
the more disturbing cases happened last week outside a park. a photographer was caught hiding in his car snapping photos of the two-year old prince george from a hole in his trunk. >> camping out in the car and stalking a kiddies pretty brutal. >> security is very important here. >> reporter: palace correspondent royal nika says it is highly sensitive subject for prince william. >> all of his judgment is very much by what happened with princess diana. he feels, handed her death by the paparazzi. >> reporter: palace threatened legal action if prince george or his baby sister princess charlotte are put at risk. in london jonathan vigloti, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jena bush hager is showing off her new baby. she posted this picture on instagram after giving birth yesterday. the the little girl is name after her grandfather former hw bush whose nickname was poppy. still to come, on "eyewitness news", two major
5:39 pm
recalls involving cars and car seats. we will show you more efficient way to dull out food from food bank that emphasizes healthy eating. plus this... >> ♪ >> chain, chain, chain, change of fool. >> you know the president can carry a tune but what kind of music does he like to listen to. hear what is on the presidential play list, including some songs with a philly flavor. kate? what a beautiful friday it has been, lots of sunshine out there right now and temperatures are on their way up, humidity still comfortable but for now that will all change for the weekend as another heat wave is set to begin. i will have numbers coming up with the eyewitness forecast when we come right bank.
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there is word day of two big recalls involving cars. volkswagen just announced a recall on more than 420,000 vehicles to fix a problem that keeps a front air bag from deploying. the recall covers eight models including the jet a, passat
5:43 pm
and golf. you can see all affect cars on the screen. and this one is for parents, they are recalling 200,000 car seats because of the shoulder straps that could accidentally come loose. it effects several advocate and boulevard and marathon click type car seats made between august 2014 and last month. britax will send customers a lubricant to fix the problem. we have put information about both recalls at cbs we will take a short break. we will be right
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the wood stock like philadelphia foulke peg till is happening this week. chopper three flew over schwanksville where folks have set up camp. weekend will feature dozens of musical acts as well as dancing, crafts and children's activities as well. this is the longest running festival of its kind, now in its 54th year. yes, indeed, lot of folks looking at that weather for the weekend, what do you think. >> it will be great. >> beautiful. >> it will be hot. we will be in the the lower 90's but there were weekends back in february and march we thought i would give anything for a 90-degree saturday. >> isn't that the the truth.
5:47 pm
>> we cannot complain too much. >> it will be hot but nice, nice week toned cool off at the pool, down the shore. lets take a look outside and see how this friday night is shaping up. tonight is actually gorgeous. temperatures will drop nicely once the sun goes down. out and about in the city on your friday night, great night to be outside. you do not need a jacket but don't need to be sweating outside either if you wanting to for a jog or something like that you are good to go this evening if you would rather maybe sit outside, have dinner on the patio that sound like my speed, that would be beautiful as well. is there spring garden camera. the beautiful night in center city. lets take a peak at our eyewitness weather watcher reports and see what they have to say on a nice friday evening. we have some spots with readings in the 90's, a few weather watchers had report sod warm temperatures out there but barbara lane is at 83 degrees with sunshine. we are looking at 87 up north of trenton new jersey. thinks peter, from lawrenceville, reporting sunshine. 87 degrees what does peter to have say. magnificent day for those lucky enough to be off today.
5:48 pm
those folks, really enjoying the day. even those working enjoying the day, hopefully as well, to get outside tonight or maybe outside at lunchtime as i did, wayne hunter 89. we are looking at sunshine there. he says another beautiful day, and wayne has sent us this photo of the beautiful day, looks great, just a few patchy clouds, on the horizon. lets go out to storm scan three and see what we are looking at. not a whole lot of anything, a few showers and storms have erupt add cross portions of upstate, new york and right over into vermont, new hampshire as well. a few showers and storms could die down in the poconos tomorrow afternoon but that being said most of us are dry throughout the weekend and real story will be the increase in heat and humidity. so right the new we are at 87 degrees in philadelphia. eighty-five allentown. seventy-nine in mount pocono this evening. eighty-two down in wildwood. nice day down the shore. you can see dew point is still feeling pleasant. we have dew points in the 50's. a few 60's out there dew point of 57 at the airport. that puts us in the pleasant
5:49 pm
range, not the bad friday, all things considered. temperatures do continue to climb though as we head into the weekend. our august so far, has been pretty seasonal. we have had more days above average then below average. we will start august, of course, with a hot stretch and cool stretch last weekend and then, yesterday was below average, slightly but today we are above normal. we will be looking at a lot of red on the calendar for next week as we climb in the 90's starting tomorrow, 90's for sunday, 90's on monday. monies the peak of the heat and humidity with this particular wave of 90's. overnight, star lit sky, comfortable, you can see no moon in the sky. new you moon. if you want to see the stars, no moon light really helps with that. great night for star gazing. for your saturday lots of sun, hot and more humid. across the region, things look great, hot and humid in the city. mostly sunny down the shore. eighty-three in the poconos. here is you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, featuring heat wave number four. lower 90's saturday right through wednesday. most days are rain free.
5:50 pm
chance of the pop up storm tuesday. better chance of storms comes next thursday. ukee, back over to you. on the healthwatch tonight, food banks across the country are seeing rising demand for free groceries, one in philadelphia is using a touch screen to streamline process and empower those in need. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how it works. >> reporter: you know how you order the wawa hoeing i same idea. >> okay. >> reporter: instead of prepackaged boxed food for hungry now they can make their own selections with the digital touch screen. hunger relief goes high tech here at the center in northeast philadelphia people needing food assistance can select groceries on a digital touch screen. >> onion, potato, carrots. >> reporter: she says once you get used to the system it is easy and much better than way food giveaways used ton. people were given preselected items and there was no choice. >> i love it. very, very much.
5:51 pm
>> there is often a lot of shame in our culture, on the media, about people who need emergency food. >> reporter: brian, with the jewish federation of philadelphia which runs the pantry says the digital system give people dignity. >> people struggling economically often don't have choice in their lives. we wanted to empower them to make decision about what they wanted. >> reporter: once orders are placed on the touch screen volunteers gather items just like in the grocery store. these tomatoes are donated from a local farm. >> that is right. >> we are focused on making sure we have fresh produce from local farms. >> reporter: report emphasis on healthy eating that is based on points. >> everyone gets a certain amount of protein points, certain amount of vegetable points and fruit points, et cetera, it. >> reporter: digital system helps to better manage inn vin try and eliminate waste. for eve who struggles to make end meet with her social security income the free food ace life safer. >> it is really helpful. >> reporter: is this helping
5:52 pm
you stay healthy. >> i think so. >> reporter: now most of the food at the pant try is donated from local companies. it helps to feed about 2,000 people a year, in the far northeast. i will have more information on all of this for you at cbs, click on health. i will put it on my facebook and twitter feeds. terrific program. >> people shelf stocks good that is what it is all about. >> stephanie, thank you. a right of passage at university of pennsylvania, 1,561st year medical students received their white coats marking the start of their medical school journey. each received a stethoscope, in a ceremony in front of their family and friend. this is the 250th class of the pearl man school of medicine, these students will begin training at the brand new state of the art henry a jordan medical educational center. congratulations. still to come on "eyewitness news" security concerns at the movies. why some theaters are stepping up security this weekend, for the release of the highly anticipated film. we will be right back.
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5:56 pm
well, theaters across the country are beefing up security for opening weekend of the highly anticipated film straight out of compton. some worry the violence on the big screen could translate to issues at theaters in the wake of the several theater tax. cbs news correspondent chris martinez has the the story. >> reporter: l.a. police officers are on extra patrols and posted at some theaters, as straight out of the compton opens up this weekend. >> we're always going to deploy extra officers to events like this. >> reporter: movie traces rise of the ground breaking rap group nwa, their controversial songs dealt with gang violence and police brutality, issues that some worry could trigger violence. >> i think security around it is a double standard. we are not talking about this for other films, it is very sort of thing they were wrapping about and this is what you expect from young black men we better beef up security. >> reporter: some theater chains often hire extra
5:57 pm
security for busy opening weekend and they say this weekend is in different. universal pictures said in a statement it has partnered with theaters who have requested support for their location but would not give specifics on security measures. some movie goers are on edge after this summer's attacks in louisiana and tennessee and colorado three years ago. >> we have a lot of crazy people in this world today. >> i don't think it is a problem, you know, it should be a good movie and good experience. >> reporter: the film is expect to top the weekend box office. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ever wonder what kind of music president obama listens to in his downtime. white house joined spotify and released two play lists hand pick by the the president himself. is there a daytime play list that includes ain't to proud to big, give me shelter and shake it out by florence and the machine. then evening list features how can you mend a broken heart by
5:58 pm
al green, super power by beyonce and feeling good. you can check out the full presidential play list on spotify. his play list has a local feel with songs from billy holiday and hoe cut connie and john legend, from penn. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, a mix of chemicals, we are live on the scene from a crash involving a experimental plane that cause aid fuel spill. living in the security zone, residents live in the high security area for papal visit are left wondering what will they do with their cars. and, that is just one concern, they have tonight, katie? and what a fantastic friday it is, we can only hope weather thinks nice when pope francis does come in september but it is going to heat up, it is still august, not september yet and we will talk about 90's, starting tomorrow and continuing, into the middle of next week, i will have your full forecast as we look at heat wave number four coming up at 6:00.
5:59 pm
a day that will go down in history, the united states now flying an american flag in cuba. coming up at 6:00 o'clock we will introduce to you a cuban american who wants to fly a cunanan flag right here on the parkway, that is coming up next. no doubt, a small plane crash crashes in the creek and miraculously the pilot survives. good evening, i'm ukee washington. jessica is off tonight. looking at the wreckage it is a hard to believe the pilot was not kill. his experimental plane crashed on fish hatchery road just off i78. it is a quarter mile from queen city airport. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is there by the scene, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon, as you mentioned, it is incredible when we see exactly what was left of that
6:00 pm
wreckage. officials here, in allentown just removed wreckage here from where it crashed around 11:30 as you mentioned and now the the question is what led to this crash. this quiet creek turned into a crash landing zone on friday morning. >> in my career i have never seen anything like this, so it is new to all of us. >> reporter: around 11:00 this experimental plane crash landed, nest down in the muddy riverbed. >> the pilot was conscious when he was taken by our e ms. >> reporter: lehigh northampton airport authority says the pilot is thomas siminsky from zionville. >> patrick hearst knows the victim is likely his plane had a major mechanical break down. >> he probably got bad fuel, might have had fuel starvation. certainly had engine problems. he didn't have a lot of choices except to make it back to the runway but he didn't have enough altitude to get there. >> reporter: while the faa tries to piece togetherhe


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