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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. oh, an overnight soaking. storms are moving out of the area this morning, but can we expect the stay dry for the weekend? we have to check on the forecast coming up. >> all of the rain caused downed trees and flooding. several vehicles became stuck in high water. "eyewitness news" spoke with one man, who had to be rescued from his car. >> city officials releasing more information that will help you navigate the city during the papal visit. what you need to know to get around. good morning, friday, august 21, i'm erika von tiehl. >> tgif. i'm nicole brewer. also a check on weather and traffic. katie, meisha, a good morning. >> tgif inch died. we talked about friday all week long, i know for us yesterday, we were kind of hit or miss. we didn't know if we would see
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the rain during the morning commute. how are we looking today. >> thankfully at least in the sit, any point west of that, you're free and clear at this point, giles, dow think you're still going to have some fog issues, not totally out of the woods just with the moisture content in the air. we need the front to pull away. that's actually happening as we speak. lets guess on back outside, to just live look for you here, over center city. taken from the very own rooftop camera here at the cbs-3 studios as we face south, all clearing out nicely, the last two days or so with so much humidity out there, we had the low-lying sort of haze that settled in over the city sky scape. that's starting to retreat. we look at storm scan3 next, we take just snapshot view, don't focus so much on the light sort of fuzzy necessary you see back over delaware, rather, focus on the eastern edge hereof new jersey, that's where you still obviously got very heavy rain moving n we do still have couple of different advisories and/or warnings posted specific to south central new jersey, you have
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air frail flood advisory in effect until 5:30 this morning, and flashflood warning in effect down through cape may county for heaviest thunderstorms we've seen in the last hour or so. that continues to push taught sea. now, looking at the wider zoom, into motion, yes, things starting to clear out. so new jersey southeast most delaware, you are really all that's left, in terms of who has got to deal with the rain at this point. in philadelphia, all we do is clear out from here, start to see the temperatures rebounds nicely, back to the mid and upper 80s, smidge above average with the daytime highs. but here's the good news, that humidity starts to drop off slowly declining with every passing hour, meisha, a so only going to start to feel better and better from here. >> great. that's so great. specially because it is friday. always good news on friday. thanks so much, katie. good morning. it is still early, still dark out there, 4:30 in the morning, typical whatever we expect, all of the overnight construction project starting to limit i'll keep you tuned in on that. this is where we did have some construction this morning, 59
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northbound at girard, since cleared, so everyone traveling real nice on 95. we will see the change as we move into the 5:00 hour, the shift on 956789 for those of you coming in from jersey, 95 northbound, creek road, another one of the areas that picks up in the 5:00 hour, then kind of maintains steady until our rush hour. but looking really good for those of you traveling outside of jersey. no accident to report. always nice to start a friday off on. then beautiful shot of the bridge from jersey, the ben franklin, you can see, just looking beautiful with the dark sky and all of the light looking great there, as well. just reminder the delaware memorial bridge construction is north bound until august 28th, for those of you traveling in and around that area. of course we have another pre-season game, the eagles versus ravens tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. fingers crossed for that. ladies, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. heavy rainfall triggered flooding in part of the philadelphia region. katie talked about this, about an inch of rain fell in pottstown montgomery county. that's where two cars got stuck in deep water in the
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middle of west high street near college drive. this happened around 11:30 last night. firefighters helped get one of the drivers out of his car. >> just snuck up on me, i thought i was able to drive through it, and i wasn't obviously. >> the driver did get out of the other car and on her own. >> new this morning, a shooting in the talcony section of philadelphia leaves one man dead. police say a man was shot multiple times, 4400 block of longshore avenue outside after carment victim pronounced dead at 12:20 this morning. his identity not yet released. unclear what started that gunfire. >> no criminal charges filed against two bridgeton new jersey police officers over their use of deadly force. now, civil rights leaders plan to ask the justice department to investigate. cumberland county prosecutors announce grand jury decision yet. officer shot and killed jermaine read during traffic stop last december. encounter watch toured on police dash cam video, quickly
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escalated when one officer yelled he saw a gun. officer told reid not to move. he forced his way out of the vehicle and the officer opened fire. >> our contention has been from the start we have no fate and trust in the camden county prosecutor offers to hold their own accountable and they proved us right. >> the cumberland county prosecutor removed herself from the investigation because she new one of those officers. a gas line explodes during construction at new york city high school injuring three people. nearly 140 firefighters responds to the scene in the bronx last night. police say crews working on gas line when the explosion occurred. the injuries are said to be not life threatening. >> shootings at movie theatres have forced one chain to step up security, now checking bags and back packs before it let movie-goers inside. now it says the new million is he comes with flaws and may cause some inconvenience, but will offer better security, regal operates close to 600
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movie houses, the largest chain in the country. there is mixed reaction to to te new policy. >> i do think it would probably prevent, you know, future incident of that nature, but i do think it will hinder movement into people getting in. >> regal is not the only movie chain with searches, showcase regional group in the northeast says it started searching purses and bags earlier this month. it now bans packages, and back packs. >> republican frontrunner donald trump has been drawing large crowds at campaign event across the country. tonight could be one of the largest yet. pep rally and town hall in mobile, alabama expected to be so big, trump campaign says last meant venue change taking place. previously planned venue can hold to up 4,000 people reportedly being moved to 43,000 seat stadium. >> meanwhile, two former top aides to ron paul's 2012
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presidential campaign has pleaded not guilty to charges they conspired to buy support from former iowa lawmaker kent corren son. that indictment alleges the men negotiated $73,000 payment to sorenson, at that time an iowa state senator to lead michelle bachman's campaign to support paul. >> ashley madison hacking scandal reaches the us government. hundreds of federal workers have been found to be using government networks to access and pay membership fees to the site. city and state officials are also looking into whether philly and e-mail addresses, which encourages extra-marital affairs. list includes at least 2us attorneys as well as white house employee. >> this week hackers released detailed records on millions of people who registered with that website. >> time is 4:37. just over five weeks away from the pain at visit. >> city officials provided new details to help resident navigate that weekend. 16,000 residents live within
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the secure red zone in center city meaning their area will be fence in the with metal detectors, and no vehicles allowed in or out. city officials say changes to the regional rail and septa schedule for that area will begin that thursday. on the same day the city's 311 hotline will also be available 24/7. >> that's 7% of the sit's entire population lives within the traffic box. collective goal is to row deuce many of the difficulties anarchal thanks our resident may experience. >> the city is putting together a papal visit play book of sorts that will outline restaurant, churches, hospitals, all within the perimeter. the guides will be available on monday on world meeting 2015. org. >> still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", history is going to be made today, two very special people graduate from the prestigious ranger school watch these graduates proof to the entire country. >> heavy rain, severe thunderstorms moved through the area overnight. will the rain affect your
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weekend plans? that is the question. katie has the answer coming up next.
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former president jimmy carter will undergo radiation treatment for liver and brain. spoke publicly about the diagnosis for the first time, and vows to fight the disease. >> i just thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. i have had a wonderful life. i have had thousands of friends and i've had exciting and gratifying exist tens. >> and happening today, the first female soldier to complete the army's elite and grueling ranger school will graduate. they're motivate today proof those wrong at fort pending, georgia, will be allowed to wear the ranger tab on their uniform, will not be allowed to is her that far ranger
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regimen, part of test program to see how women perform under the intense physical and mental standards. >> i do hope that with our performance in ranger school we've been able to inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military, that we can handle things physically, and mentally, on the same level as men. >> the military has until october 1st to present the findings of their analysis. the pentagon, and such impress i have women. >> oh, my goodness, hats off to them. >> huge in stepping forward as far as the standards that our military currently uses. >> always impressed at the number of theme go into this program. 400 start out. only 100 end up graduating to show you hop hard this is. and these are top to the top to get n hats off to them. >> fortunately, your hat doesn't have to be on for the weather today. no rain? >> that's a transition and a half. i'm not sure how many people wear hats in the rain, but -- >> well, at least not here. for the most part, still getting pocket in new jersey, philadelphia in the clear,
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north and western suburbs in the clear, only will continue to clear out more and more depending -- >> exactly. >> so this all looks really good. wait until you see the seven day, granted still got wet weather to talk becomes but that's going to continue to be less and less after theme as we move forward. every passing hour, this frontal boundery continues to make it retreat. it only get better from here. go on outside. show you the front that has been causing all of the headaches for poor kate bilo last night h a lot to cover here. now, i'm basically able to put my feet up, which is kind of nice. eventually can widdle our thumb, look at very quiet pattern that is unfolding here. as the front pulls away, skies are clearing, dow think you'll have little fog left over around philadelphia, just in general this morning, because there is still some moisture, but come this weekend mostly sunny, high pressure is here, sunday, partly sunny, not bad, and we keep that high pressure in place. looking forward in the eyewitness weather forecast here for the rest of the day, though, as we said, little fog
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this morning, skies will continue to clear for more and more sun. still pretty warm out there. only few ticks above the typical average here, but winds flow turning northwesterly. that's the key t makes it feel a lot more comfortable when the dew points are lower. sixty-seven the nighttime low. just couple every clouds ahead over that point. it looks like good weekends. we had been sort of hedging our bets whether we would see a shower on the weekend, right now looks like it will stay clear for everyone, great weather at the shore point, great weather in the city no matter how you slice it, getting steamier by monday, though, and back to the mid 80s looking ahead to the middle part of next week. other than maybe just shower monday night, guys, it will be a very quiet forecast. we send it back to you. >> that's nice seven day. i can get behind that. hey, the phillies said young jerrick to the mound tonight in miami. one of the players that came over into cole hamels trade of course. one of the players who came over in the chase utley trade made his major league debut last night, darnell sweeney popped up pitch hitting appearance.
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jerome williams allowed eight runs, less than two innings, and the marlins hung onto beat the phils last night nine to seven. now tomorrow night it is pre-season game two for the eagles, some experts are watching the game with some mixed emotions. it seems likely that the birds will play sam bradford, at quarterback, see if he can take a hit, coming back from injury, not that we want him to take a hit, but we shall see the last time bradford saw action, pre-season game last year. >> i think it is always good to get the first hit out of the way. you know, you never like to get hit. i think sometimes it kind of get you in the flow of the game. hopefully it doesn't happen. hopefully not a big shot. but i wouldn't be -- wouldn't hate going to the grounds once if i new i would get up and be okay. >> i like that spirit. ravens starter back is flacco and university of delaware alum, always like to see this guy in action. he's also got a superbowl ring. so, a few things to bows about, but i'm hoping they take him down come saturday t
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we want our eagles to come out on top. >> good to see the scrimmages keeping it classy. so many across country getting in fistfights. way to go, guys. keep it class. >> i this morning on "eyewitness news", major retailer trying different kind of scheduling technique for it employees. details coming up in the money report. >> first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. we'll be back.
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a look at your headlines this morning, storms, heavy rain, cautioned big problems for drivers in pottstown. two cars got stuck in deep water near west high street and college drive. one man had to be rescued from his car. >> city officials have provided new details to help resident navigate the weekend of the papal visit. changes to the regional rail and septa schedules for that area will begin that thursday. on that same day, the city's 311 hotline will be available 24/7. >> also, shootings at movie
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these verse forced one chain to step up security, the regal is now checking bags and packages before it let movie-goers inside. it says this new policy comes with flaws, and may cause some inconvenience, however, with better overall security. >> discount retailer target is coming to center city. the new store will gun at 12th and chestnut in the washington square neighborhood. the site will be 19,000 square feet with apartments actually built at the top of the store. it is set to open in july of 2016, the same month another target store in rittenhouse square opens its doors. >> excite all of those targets in the area. time for check on business news, just bruising day on wall street yesterday. the worse performance we're told in 18 months. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york took stock exchange, jill, wondering what's behind this big sell off? good morning. >> good morning, really are a lot of factors at play. first, wore business china's economy also falling oil prices and what that could mean to some of the big energy
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companies, there is also just overall uncertainty about when the fed will raise interest rate. and the sell-off is across the board, hit almost every second tore, even a lot of the so-called superstar stocks that we all talk about, a lot of them are way down from their record highs, companies like apple, disney, and nike, and unfortunately, i'm looking at the big board, futures pointing to lower open. we'll see what today bridges, erika, nicole? >> hopefully better news. >> for sure. also hearing one big retailer kinds g different casino of work schedule for it employees. what do you think about this, jill until. >> going out of their way, i think? >> the japanese fashion brand unit glow is giving some of it employees the option of working four day week. so, the work days would be ten hours each, instead of eight. those workers would be asked to work weekends, holidays, and say they're offering the option as a way to retain good workers make it easier for them to have a balance between their work and their personal life. i love this idea. >> tonightly get behind that.
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>> 100%. but to get the bonus day off, that's terrific. >> and you can handle ten hours if it meant four day work week. >> exactly, jill, thanks so much. >> thanks, jill. coming up after the break, we get another check on weather and traffic. we'll be right
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>> it is friday and we have dry reads. what more can we ask for? >> on friday that's what i want to hear you say, yes, looking great. if you are just joining us, you know it is early, i'm sure you have your coffee along with us. live look outside at the vine, looking great here and a friday, dry roadways, this is going to be great. even though friday is going to be little bit light nerve terms of traffic than say a monday through wednesday, but still, we want the dry road conditions, and we certainly have them right now. going to 422 eastbound at the
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pennsylvania turnpike, you can see, plenty of tail light out there. everything on 422 at this hour is looking good. and i'm looking for, that looking it make sure it looks good t should as we head toward 5:00. the schuylkill at city avenue one of the problem areas that we had yesterday. in fact, we've seen it all week long, looking great right now, as we move into the 5:00 hour, one of the areas that will pick up the quickest coming off the roosevelt boulevard moving in the southbound direction, schuylkill looking good, mass transit, delayed regional rail lines of approximately 20 minute on these four lines, because every signal power issue, just make note of that for those of you traveling in and around the area. katie, i don't know how it is looking in the weather department, right now the roadways looking great. >> fantastic to hear, just because we had so much issues with the flooding rain that came through, and still actually out there for some of you, frontal boundary pulling away pretty quickly, even at the shore points, getting hit the hardest the last couple of hours, even you are actually going toned one sunshine here, that beach forecast for up. we start things off just by taking a peak here at storm
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scan, you know, obviously your eyes get drawn to the shore, ocean, monmouth, cape may, the ones really stuck in the brunt of things as well as northeastern burlington county but for the most part strongest and most potent of those storms have not only gun to move out to sea but see how they've gun to fizzle. that's definitely good news. i do think you may find still perhaps little bit of area fog out there. just because the moisture content in the air is still casino of high. it will be dropping with time. watch for that. at the shore, with a wait for it, might see left over shower, so allowing for that at the shore, but really, the worse of it is out there now, or it is retreating out to sea as you speak. so, if the storms woke you up in the middle of the night fear not. won't be entirely wash out casino of day. as we look forward in this eyewitness weather seven day forecast, kind of go on evan flow here. we expect to heat back up again on monday maybe shower or storm, but overall, very
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quiet seven day forecast, here ray. two thumbs-up for that. >> rain, could not wash out dinner end blank at the philadelphia navy yard. as usual the location remained unknown, big secret until just few minute before the schedule time. drag queen martha gram cracker, excuse me, is that not a fantastic name, martha gram cracker, was the headline entertainer. thousands turned up, and as you can see, special accessary, all had the rain clear rink slickers, turned out the same for that picnic, possibly the worse color for rain picnic. >> i agree 100%, but never seen so many people in ponchos looking so he will grant. >> so sheik. >> well done, guys. >> they look fantastic. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", we have more on the damage left behind from over night storms. also, an explosion rocks a los angeles high-rise. new details from overnight. >> yoga for people and pets.
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>> and our top story this morning, flooding rains and stranded drivers, this was the scene late last night in montgomery county. we'll hear from a driver who had to be rescued. >> this is live look at storm scan3 here as you can see the rain is moving out to sea, but not before drenching the shore. >> and here in center city, we are drying out this morning, katie says, oh, we can expect to have much nicer weekend. so aren't you glad to get the rain out of the way. >> headed into the weekends. >> it is august 21, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer. speak egg of the forecast, katie is here, meisha is here, keeping an eye on things this morning, good morning, ladies. >> good morning, tgif. things looking great on our morning commute already. still early. two things so nice when you wake up and you hear the weather department saying it is looking better, roads are
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nice and dry. >> and i was the debbie downer of the group here, in trafficking as every yesterday, but i can report much, much nicer conditions with time. every passing hour is only going to get better from here, if you haven't yet seen that rain come to a close, yes, you have still got activity going on behind me here on storm scan3. what better place to start. let's go there now. we will show you what's going on, mainly new jersey, guys, see the sort of fuzzy green haze that's over the delmarva, and up toward portions of really toward say mercer county. don't worry about. that will that's not necessarily anything we are talking about that. your eye gets drawn to the shore points, still very heavy rain clocking you around ocean and monmouth county, we do still have flood advisory posted there until 8:30 this morning. so we put things back into motion, though, this is three hour loop. storms are not necessarily booking it, but moving right along, and brunt of the really heavy storms that rumbled through cape may county have thankfully at this point gun to not only taper off b


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