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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 25, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00 o'clock, investors are left gasping after a wild ride on wall street. the dow plunges again leaving many anxious about what will come tomorrow. corporate america to main street usag evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in the cbs3 sat center with more on what caused the wild ride and what if anything you should be doing. david? >> reporter: jessica people are calling eight wild ride.
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shanghai composite in china opened down six-point 4% within the last hour and a half. analysts they say there is a direct correlation between china and the united states. i spoke to a local economist who says the best thing to do if you're part of the stock market sit back, relax and wait till things go up. the dow jones plumetted again minutes after the opening bell. dropping more than 1,000 points. >> i've never seen the dow down a thousand points in one move. >> reporter: nervous traders watch the dow fall then rise then fall again causing high anxiety and mixed signals from those on the trading floor. >> you know it's the end of the world, no. is this a crash, no. china' economic slow down continues to spark fear on wall street. according to philadelphia based economist jill naroff a stock market expert. >> in a day like this you really begin to wonder, you know, what is driving thing. is it just, you know, computer
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program uncertainty or near. >> mondays up and downs came after friday' fall of 530 poin points. still naroff insists things are fine and 2015 is much different than 2008. >> the us economy still in good shape. it's growing. it may not be growing at a robust pace but it's probably the best economy in the world. >> reporter: naroff tells "eyewitness news" selling and panicking at the first sign of a drop can end up costing you more down the road but he does expect some surprises when bell rings tuesday morning. >> i don't expect that tomorrow will be as crazy as today. but i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a surprising day. >> reporter: naroff expects things to go at the end of the week. meanwhile we're told obviously oil prices can affect what goes on at the stock market. also, the federal reserve interest rates those could be increased win just a few week. that all play noose what's going on on the stock market. live in the sat center, david
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spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, we'll see what tomorrow things, david, thank you. meanwhile there's some good news at the gas pump. tonight drivers in new jersey are getting a break on gas with some places offering gas at less than $2 a gallon. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rock can he has details on the big drop from medford. >> i think it's great. cool deal. >> reporter: filling up the gas tank monday night feels like a deal a hand fall of south jersey stations have dropped prices below $2. trouble with the world markets is actually putting money back in joe kelly's pocket when it comes to his weekly gas budget. >> 60, $70 if the price is high. >> tonight. >> $13. >> reporter: this is the second time this year south jersey drivers are seeing prices this low. but this time it's eight week decline falling faster than it has in 30 years. instability in the world market has push the cost crude oil below $40 barrel. >> it's great.
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i just told him 30 regular not expecting to get change back. >> reporter: when was that the last time that happened. >> i couldn't -- i must have been 18. >> reporter: exactly. >> a long time ago. >> i just drove up on it not expecting to see 1.95. i'm pretty shock. i'm not sure if it has anything to do with huge pal funds that aren't in my account now. >> not every station can go so long. this petro manager says the market and competition from other gas stations is forcing him to offer the lowest prices in the state for cash buyers. that's one point knife for a gallon of regular. >> whatever price we give they still want lower than that. >> reporter: happy customers are returning customers. new jersey drivers are gladly shelling out the cash. >> tonight i'm hoping to get a full tank with 20. >> reporter: after years of pain at the pump, thankful for a little relief. >> it's a lot better than paying $4 close what we were doing a year ago. >> march was the last time south jersey saw prices this low and analysts are predicting that prices will continue to fall.
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in medford, new jersey, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. let's take a look now at average prices for gallon of regular in the area. in new jersey, it's 2.28. in pennsylvania, you'll pay 2.58. and in delaware, drivers are paying average of 2.37 a gallon. a gaping sink hole opens at a philadelphia intersection chopper three over tulip and huntington streets in kensingt kensington. crews have been working there all night long and the water department says a 12-foot main broke creating that hole. some homes and businesses in that area could be without water all night. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will face a criminal trial. montgomery county judge handed down the decision this evening. kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information and then lying about it under oath. she faces charges including perjury and obstruction. after the preliminary hearing kane's attorney spoke to reporters saying there's more to the story. >> the and tire story hasn't come out yet. i think a little more of the
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story evolved today. a little too slow for my taste. but we're looking forward to trial. attorney general kane is not guilty of any of these charges. >> kane has proclaimed her innocence and vows to fight the charges. we are now just 33 days away from the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia. and those coming to philadelphia for the historic event now have more information to help them get around. new guide has become available online. >> it's called the papal visit playbook. it's attempt bite archdiocese to consolidate all the information released by federal, state and city sources into one location. the playbook is broken down into six sections. >> trying to address absolutely everything from security to driving logistics to how do you take care of your pets during something this big? >> officials say they will update the playbook as the papal visit gets closer. we're also learning more about what visitors will be atloid bring into the fenced in
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security zones. unopened water bottles are permitted. organizers say visitors should also assume that clear bags will be preferred as well as ponchos instead of umbrellas. they're also encouraging people to bring extra cell phone batteries because charging areas will be limited. a full list of a loud and prohibited items will be released very soon. we also know when pope francis comes to philadelphia, he'll visit curran-fromhold prison. some of the inn meats are making a special chair for the pope and "eyewitness news" got a sneak peek at it today. we also met the inmates who worked to craft the cha irrelevant from american walnut. >> i feel like crying right now it gives me a lot of hope. it let's me nobody somebody out there cares about us. and he's taken his time to come and visit the inmates. >> it's unclear if any of the men who worked on the chair will get to meet pope francis much the 75 male and female inmates who will have an audience with the pope have not yet been name. for complete coverage of the papal visit head to our website
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and there you will find a link to the newly released papal playbook all there for you at well tonight philadelphia police are searching for a woman accused of check fraud. take look at these photos. police say this woman deposited several counterfeit checks into an atm machine on the 1200 block of chestnut. she withdrew more than $650 on july 15th and 28th. if you have any information, please contact the police. the man accused of sending a nude photo to ease rosie o'donnell's judge faces a judge in owing county. 25-year-old steven sheer accused of child endangerment and obscenity to a mild. chelsea was found in his house august 18th after missing for week. she reportedly suffers from mental illness. >> picture that's been painted about what's happened here is clearly a markedly different than the evidence is going to show. >> shearer was arrested friday when rosie o'donnell gave
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authorities permission to look they are daughter's phone. >> pass thunderstorms rumble through part of the region tonight. >> we're seeing a few showers and storms although the good news, this strong thunderstorm that moved through maryland can bely weakened as it heads into delaware just a few scattered showers into south jersey this evening. a few more off to the north those are moving out but notice wes still have a few developing to the west. we can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm anywhere tonight coming up i'll tell you about the great weather that follows this push of thunderstorms a beautiful stretch ahead. the seven day forecast is coming up next. jessica. also, ahead at 11:00-a local woman who survived eight types of cancer. she is part of a growing trend and health reporter stephanie stahl will explain how she survived in this health watch exclusive. >> crowds are expected to flock to the shore for the last few week of the season why won't some beaches have lifeguards? >> and move it or lose it. this hit rick home can't stay on
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its original property. we'll tell you why when "eyewitness news" continues.
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♪ well vice-president joe biden join the race for the white house? many people are asking that question he is special after the weekend. the buzz has been building since biden had a private meeting with senator elizabeth warren on saturday. some feeble it's the biggest indication yet biden is strongly considering a possible run. but officials aren't confirming anything. >> i think that it's pretty clear that all the democrats running want to strengthen the middle class. no matter who the democratic nominee is. that's the policy they'll carry into the election. >> biden setter he'll announce his decision by the end of the summer. the current democratic front runner hillary clinton continues to be dogged by controversy over
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her personal e-mail server. >> the doctor says you have cancer again. it's being heard by a growing number of peak people. new research shows a 300% increase in people with second cancers. health reporter stephanie stahl speaks exclusively with a woman who has a rate of surveillance vile. >> each birthday a milestone for you. >> you better believe it. judy loves every birthday she gets to celebrate. she survived eight different kinds of cancer. >> i'm very lucky. none of them are metastatic. >> judy who lives in montgomery county part of a new trend. there's been a drama increase in people being diagnosed with second cancers. they're different magses. not a recurrence. >> this isn't necessarily bad news. >> no. i would actually flip it and say it's actually good news we're getting so much better at treating people they live longer unfortunately than their at risk forgetting another cancer but
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the only reason that's happening because they done really well from their first indication. >> dr. eric horowitz at fox chase says it's starts with improvements in cancer detection. for judy married for 51 years, her cancer odyssey started with skin cancer then 16 years ago, limb tomorrow ma. >> how did you survive eight cancers? >> everything way caught early early detection is the clue and queue to living with cancer. >> most recently, she had radiation for cancer around her eye. >> do you feel sick? >> look at me. >> do i look sick? >> doctors say second cancers which is be more difficult to treat. doctors and radiation options are limited and radiation can increase the risk of causing different cancers and even heart disease. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". the summer season is winding down and some popular spots in ocean city will no longer have lifeguards. >> that's because a lot of them have to go back to school and ocean city beach patrol made
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their first round of beach closures today. 11 guarded beaches closed in various places from the north end to south of 59th street. >> it's an inconvenience but at the same time we don't have enough people to keep every beach open as long as we'd want to. and so with that we still have over thought beaches open. >> ocean city beach patrol says it's always best to swim on a guarded beach but if you choose not to, you must be aware of the water conditions. historic cape may county home faces demolition unless someone can move it to another location. this lower township house on bay shore road was purchased by the county's historical society a decade ago. they were going to turn it in a museum. budget cuts forced them abandon that plan. a buyer has agreed to purchase the land but has no interest in preserving the house. >> we'd like to have the house saved and someone move it to another location. so it's not demolish. >> there aren't many left. they were all just generally
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demolish as the buildings came along and they weren't thought of as saving. >> the home was built in the 17 20's. estimated cost for a buyer to move it is about $50,000. kate joins us now with look at a few rain showers but an awesome week and and it look like we're looking ahead to more awesome weather. >> that's exactly right. this is a little blip on the radar. otherwise a great stretch of weather. a couple of showers tonight but we can live with that. >> i can live with the blip. >> sick days of great weather. we'll take the blip. for most of us we're not actually going to see much of anything from this cold front moving through. a few that moved by to the north. a few to the south at most maybe a stray shower here this evening. let's start with a look at our beach towns. ocean city it's kind of cleared out here. it's getting sad as we head toward the end of the summer boardwalk not quite as hop ago it used to be around 11:00 o'clock everything thinning out as we head toward september and same story as we take a look our live
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neighborhood network at the boardwalk plaza shot here in row row beth beach a if you folks out on the boardwalk looking sparse out there this evening. right now 77 degrees. you can just tell the days are getting shorter. looked out the went dough tonight i wonder if a storm is coming it look dark outside it's just getting dark a lot earlier because we're heading toward the end of august. but let's not rush fall. we still have got nice summer weather this week. on storm scan3 a couple of spotty showers here and there. now the storms we were watching down across maryland have really fizzled. as we thought they were going to do. as they move into portions of delaware just light showers now into portions of cumberland county and salem county new jersey. kent county, delaware, a to you more firing up one here just north of harrisburg. that could eventually impact the lehigh valley we're not out of the woods through tonight. these showers and storms will move east nothing severe at this hour and it doesn't look like anything severe to worry about over overnight. a few rain showers. 79 at the airport. seventy six reading 78 in wilmington take look at all this cool air over the great lake in the 50s in michigan.
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62 in chicago and you can see the dry air pushing in as well. dew points are still in the 60s and 70's. up and down the northeast corridor but you head back to western pennsylvania you've got dew points in the low 50s in pittsburgh, dew points in the 40s in cleveland and that drier air is going to follow our cold front as we head into tomorrow and right flew the rest of the week it will be with us. this front will clear the coast it will take its time you may wake up down the shore especially tomorrow morning a few clouds maybe even a morning shower down the shore the front pushes offshore during the day. wednesday looks stunning with lots of sunshine and highs in the mid 80s went we get into cooler than normal weather by thursday and friday highs only in the low 80s through the end of the week. sunny and nice. great pattern as far as the comfort index is concerned dew points drop through the day tomorrow. so it starts out humid it will feel pleasant bite afternoon we're in that pleasant to awesome range here heading into through wednesday, thursday and friday. breaking news on the weather front as well. we now have tropical storm erika formed as of the 11:00 o'clock
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update from the nhc here the remnants of danny. as danny weakens erika picking up the pace and you can see now a tropical storm and there's even one more little area of disturbed weather to watch back toward cape verde. key app eye on that. let's take a look at the preliminary track of erika right now winds 45 miles an hour with gusts to 60. this as of right now moving into an area where there's lot of shear not actually forecasted to strengthen i don't know tropical stop. but by the weekend it will head toward the bahamas and you can see that track one to watch because it could recurve up toward the east cove certainly too early to talk about anything like that. but rest assured my eye on it and keep you posted if it's something to worry about neck week. overnight becoming mostly clou cloudy. a few breaks in the cloud cover in the city right now but the clouds are moving in. especially east of here. 72 degrees overnight. but tomorrow even though we start with cloud cover the sun comes out less humid. it's beautiful tuesday at 86 degrees. the humidity dropping through the day and then the rest of the week looks phenomenal. 84 degrees on wednesday. low 80s, sunny with low humidity
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thursday and friday. does not get much better than that. saturday 86 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. it gets a little warmer sunday and monday but it's a great stretch of weather and like we said if these showers tonight buy us that stretch of weather i think we pretty much opt to take a shower and then enjoy the weather. >> get the updated forecast any time with the cbs philly weather app. check live radar, you can get severe weather alerts and share your weather pictures with us download that app now on i tunes and google play. >> yeah. i'll make that trade. >> yeah. i'll take it. >> you got that right. >> come on. >> kate, thanks. >> indeed. pat goss hahas got your sports. >> the inform fl said the low hit on sam bradford was legal. the eagles disagree with that. >> wild night at the ballpark as the mets pepper the seats. so many homers. so m
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>> folk at the ball yard might wake up tomorrow morning with a
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sore neck. >> a couple of bruises. >> looking this wage balls were flying out. >> crazy night as charlie manuel used to say when the calendar hits august, it's hitting season. ball was flying out of citizens bank park tonight with the first place mets in town and ryan how war actually got it started in the first. up and out this is his 20th of the season. that's now nine, 20 homer seasons for the big piece impressive career for him. in the second, cameron rupp showing off the big man strength this one goes 460 plus feet into the mets bullpen. it's four-one phillies. to the third they're pouring it on. doming in brown unloads three run homer now seven-two philli phillies. it's over, forget. nope. the mets they take their turn to batting practice whom wilmer flores the flee run shot in the fifth. it's eight-seven mets. they take the lead and there's more. still in the fifth, michael, flies sole local. eight homeruns, eight, that's how many the mets would launch tonight. 11 total were hit. that's a citizen bank park
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record and ties an nl record. the mets they scored 14 unanswered. that within 16 hiv seven. >> the best thing to do is own up to it. it was embarrassing. it's not what we wanted to see. but put it behind us and move on. start all over tomorrow. >> short and sweet. suggests low hit on bradford during saturday night's eagles eagles/rave sense game has nfl date debating much the game was called a pennel team nfl said he was the wrong call. head of officials dean said because it was a read option run, bradford is fair game to be hit. as you can imagine the eagles think otherwise and believe that suggests shot an bradford was unnecessary. >> it wasn't read option play. i know quarterback can be read on read option play. not every of run with a read option.
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it would be trouble for the league if every quarterback in the shotgun can get hit. >> i thought eagles quotes i thought they understood the play. one or two of them didn't understand the play. when you start popping off about somebody's character you cot line. >> everyone thought michael kendricks was a goner before the draft. everyone was wrong. eagles announced they've signed kendricks to four year contract extension reports have it worth 29 mel i don't know dollars with 16 million guaranteed. and some terrible news to report tonight. indy car driver justin wilson sustained a head injury in a crash at poke foe raceway on sunday has died. the 37-year-old wilson was apparently struck in the head by debris from another race car that crashed ahead of him. don't go
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♪ >> tonight at the perfect night for outdoor summer concert at the philadelphia zoo. >> the zoo held its annual concert with philadelphia's
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country station into .5 xtu. >> ♪ >> that's the banter a thousand horses putting on show for hundreds there. proceeds from the concert will benefit the zoo's mission. >> very nice. zoo workers in the nation's capitol are closely watching two newborn panda cubs born over the weekend. mei xiang gave birth to the twins at national zoo. they weighed three and 5 ounces each. zoo officials say the cubs appear happy and have been vo ago liesing well. about half the time this is only the third time a panda living in the united states has given birth to twins. mei xiang daughter baebae just celebrate her second birthday. >> so cute. >> time for to us say bye-bye. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back in the morning our team starting at 4:30 a.m. for pat and kate i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on for you at much madam secretary is next.
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>> thank you so much for watching g night, family. sleep well. ♪
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