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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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sheriff's deputy before being shot and killed by another officer. tonight we're learning that man had a criminal history. back in march the 35 year-old coatsville man was arrested for trying to july seven the fence at the white house. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm's jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spun t joins us from west chester where officials are praising the efforts of the deputy tonight, david. >> reporter: they are praising the deputy's hard work here to make sure everybody was safe. that sheriff's deputy is recovering at a local hospital. he is expect to be okay but detective want to find out why this man walk into a courthouse with a knife saying i'm going to get you. chaos erupted behind these walls just before lunch on tuesday when police say curtis smith walk in the lobby, pulled out a knife and stabbed a sheriff's deputy. >> he was crazy. it happened within 202nd. >> reporter: riley aikman stood feet away from curtis smith. >> he went right through security. i remember i'm going to get a a. next thing i hear pop, pop.
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then he went down. i was looking at him. he was looking at something. >> reporter: smith is a coatsville resident who was arrested back in march for jumping the white house fence. district county district attorney tom hogan says the threatenedded seconds after it began. >> another deputy sheriff immediately pulled his firearm and shot smith. >> reporter: other witnesses watched in the panic. >> it is emotional, first thing, i called my daughter. i said i'm okay. >> reporter: watson was on her way to the lobby when she heard gunshots. >> we saw them bring a body out. >> at that time i didn't know, you know, what his state was but he was just laying on the stretcher, he appeared to be handcuffed to the stretcher but i knew it wasn't one of the sheriffs. >> reporter: sheriff's deputy left for a local hospital. district attorney hogan commended the security team, charged with protecting the building and people inside. >> unfortunately because of incidents like this across the the nation, we have learned
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how to deal with an attack in the courthouse. nobody else was injured. the sheriffs did their jobs. the lock down went perfectly. >> reporter: curtis smith died a few hours ago at paoli hospital. the court house will be opened tomorrow. clearly people will be nervous though walking in to that courthouse but deputies are trying to figure out if curtis smith specifically was after this particular deputy, or if he was just upset, with security, in general. we will look into that tonight and have a full report at 11:00. live from west chester, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are questioning the owner of the former funeral home after a gruesome discovery. today authorities found several decomposing bodies inside of the strawberry mansion garage. eye bitterness news reporter allah sandra hoff is at central detectives with more ol that story, alex. >> reporter: neighbor found these bodies earlier today after investigating a foul odor that locals told me had been present on that street for weeks.
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it is not exactly clear how long those bodies had been there and no arrests have been made, just yet. >> the third generation owner of the powell funeral home had little to say about the discovery of three decomposing bodies. we want to hear your side. >> i got to do my work you all are bothering me. >> reporter: neighbors and state record identified janet powell-daily as owner of the funeral home as well as fun yan owner of the garage on haggard street where the bodies were found. corry curtain made the discovery. >> i live across the the street. >> reporter: according to the pennsylvania funeral director's association the powell's funeral home is no the in operation and has a lengthy quote disciplinary history with the state. >> i live around the corner. i am in the community. i'm concerned. >> reporter: despite questions, everyone we spoke with put someone to rest through the powell family, who often provided services pro bono. >> we don't have no money, and that lady would do the best
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she could to get us something, a memorial or something. >> reporter: but the the bodies discarded as old grave plots littering the business's lawn reminded neighbors that these bodies were once somebody with a family who cared for them. >> nobody should be stored like that. nobody. >> reporter: and as i mentioned no arrest has been made but, police are investigating this. criminal investigation, of the business, has been closed down for some time, i'm still awaiting information on what exactly shut them down. reporting from in front of the central detectives, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it will take sometime before crews can fix this giant sinkhole in kensington. a 12-inch water main break caused the road to collapse at east huntington and toll up streets yesterday. at least ten residents were temporarily without water in that area crews are checking to see if the break caused damage to sewer lines. now to the weather where we're in for a sunny stretch it looks like.
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meteorologist kate bilo on the sky deck where she's tracking a fabulous forecast, kate. >> fabulous forecast, ukee. gust of win comes when you talk to me. it never fails. nice breeze this evening. feeling fantastic with dropping humidity and temperatures right where they should be for this time of the year. lets take a look outside and i will get the hair out of my lip gloss. lets look at storm can three which is showing a whole lot of nothing. the breeze is picking up in the wake of the cold front that went through last night. did bring showers to the the shore points this morning but now well out to sea. we are feeling a northwesterly wind bringing cooler, dryer air, all across the region. you can see north and west it is already much cooler. temperatures are in the 70's right now in reading, and allentown. lancaster at 78. philadelphia at the airport 86 . still 86 at the atlantic city airport. due points are dropping to the north and west as well. in fact here in philadelphia we will start in the due points in the 07's and now it is 52. i can tell you in the past hour it feels like a dryer
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push of air, dryer breeze coming through with these dew point dropping. still humid down the shore but we are transitioning there as well. we have a high of 89 degrees. look at the red in august. it has been a warm, steamy month, most days, all except for three days at or above average. we have three days below normal but by the the end of the week we may have a few days below average. here's how your wednesday shakes out. beautiful across the game. sunshine from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. we will than in the mid 80's. i'll let you know how many more days like that we have in our future because that is perfection for this time of the year. i will have the seven day when i join you than side. >> thanks very much, kate. half of the pennsylvania voters want attorney general kathleen cain to step down according to a new quinnipiac university poll. cain is facing criminal charges related to allegation that is she leaning secret grand jury information and lied bit under oath. this poll find 49 percent of those surveyed think that she
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should resign. even more voters disapprove of the way kane is handling her job as the state's top prosecutor. 56 percent disapprove of her performance, 20 percent approve. philadelphia police, need to know if you recognize this pair of brazen burglars. the the men used a lad tore enter the second floor of the home in west oak lane back on july 31st. once inside police say suspects stole jewelry and safe that contained a handgun. they took off in a light colored minivan waiting for them outside. if you know who they are, give police a call. police say a robbery in hairtan township is connect to several others in the south jersey area suspect is seen on these surveillance pictures pointing a handgun at a teller friday night at susquehanna bank on the 600 block of mullica road this suspect is described as a white male, 6 feet tall with a athletic build and you can see he is wearing a black glove on his hand. officials think he is responsible for other robberies in hairtan township
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and west deptford township. diocese of camden is getting south jersey's catholic community involved in the papal visit. leaders are practicing what pope francis preaches by shining the spotlight on poverty. new jersey reporter cleve bryan, has more. >> reporter: it starts with something as simple as making a a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a hungry stranger an attitude of serve that is is catholic charities. from food assistance to low cost clothing their center helps all kind of people like rachel swaine who was devastate when she lost her job at the show boat casino last year. >> it just really hurt me as well as everyone. >> reporter: as she works on a new career catholic charities helped with mortgage and utility payments. >> blessing. >> reporter: justice jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness prepared to begin his ministries as diocese in camdenes spending 40 taste for a life changing event. the pope's visit this week they are inviting people to their eight charity centers in south jersey to pray for the needy, donate, or even lend a
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hand. >> when we serve the poor we don't serve the poor we serve christ in the the poor and that is who we see when we see people walk in the door. lou at christ walking in the door. >> reporter: there are countless preparations going on, throughout the region getting ready for pope francis visit. catholic charities hope people will take a moment to prepare their hearts for his message about caring for the the poor, or as he has said, to change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us. >> i hope that people can go to see him or sit at home to watch him sitting on their sofa will realize that his heart to the poor and donate. >> reporter: open house visits at centers continue through saturday. in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are now just 32 days away from the pope's arrival in philadelphia. stay with "eyewitness news" on television, an on our web site at cbs still to come on "eyewitness news", his path to stardom started in new jersey today the boss is looking back on a big milestone on his
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career, why bruce springsteen was taken to twitter for a milestone anniversary, vittoria. night out restaurant week in northern liberties, that is three courses for 35 bucks. we were at el camein for text can and mexican. now we are talking spanish tacos with that guy, kate. >> sound like another good round of good food, vittoria. lets look outside. another round of good wonderful wet's head in our forecast we have cleared out. humidity levels dropping as our front moves off shore and you'll love the way the the rest of the week is looking. the question is will it last through the weekend. i will have that answer in a few minutes, pat. kate, michael kendricks is very happy to day, eagles inside linebacker is being paid like within of the best in the nfl. if you want to see lots of baseballs leaving the yard, stick around for sports, that is what the mets did last night.
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coming up on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 a disorder that often strikes young women and many times it is misdiagnosed. health reporter stephanie stahl, with the the symptoms you really need to pay attention to tonight at 11:00 o'clock. big anniversary for the man they call the the boss.
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>> legendary rocker bruce springsteen is looking back on the the release of one of his most iconic albums, springsteen, tweeted out this photo today saying 40 years ago today columbia record released born to run hashtag born to run, 40. the title track the album features hit sent thunder road, jungle land and tenth avenue freeze out. the album is credited with putting the the boss into superstar come. i don't think there is any question about that. >> a among many others indeed. >> congratulations to mr. springsteen. >> indeed. big night in philadelphia neighborhood especially for people looking for a bite to eat. >> it is second annual night out, restaurant week and vittoria woodill is live in northern liberties with more on what this is all about, torey. >> reporter: thanks, jessica and ukee. it is night out restaurant week. the it is three course is, 35 bucks for dinner or you can get a nice lunch for 20 bucks. we were at one restaurant
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earlier, el cameno real for text can mexican and new we are at bar ferdinand with chef ansell. he is the chef here. he is hooking us up with spanish tacos. fantastic food you have here on the menu. >> thanks very much. >> what do we got what do we got. first we have a classic spanish taco dish, which are basically fries, potatoes over spicy, tomato sauce with a little classic spanish april ties tore start with. like spanish frenchfries or french spanish fries, something like that. >> yes. >> next we have a little seared scallops dish. we have scallops served over a little avocado puree, and then topped with a little lobster salad, flavored with little paragan and herbs and drizzled with lemon vinaigrette and with lobster dust. >> what does that mean.
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>> it means we do like. >> dash. >> what is that guy on tv. >> bam. >> yes. >> yes. >> and then, what about this. >> this is a roasted royal trumpet mushrooms and royal trumpet mushrooms. they are roasted on our topped with truffle almond vinaigrette to make it sexy and some mushrooms from outer space on top, and then there i go, man, nice simple roasted mushrooms. here a tap of marinated olives and the queen of olives, almond. >> yes. >> and are these cheros. >> yes, world famous doughnuts from spain, dip them in the chocolate sauce, you will go to heaven. >> only word out of all of those descriptions that you have given me to describe how i feel right now especially sitting here with you is sexy.
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this food is sexy and boy, did you out due yourself. >> i made my life out of being sexy what can i say. >> lets take a bite here. i think i'm going to try one of these really quick. and then just throw it back to you three and make you so jealous thaw are not feeling the sex iness here with me and the chef. >> it looks amazing. >> i love all of those foods. >> she's working it, it is sexy. >> thanks torey. >> and chef. >> yes, i want everything i eat to be hit with lobster dust. >> yes. >> i love it. that looks good. >> what a nice night outside. >> you have all good news. >> i'm overwhelmed with good news. it will continue into the weekend which is even better news. >> sweet. it will steam up but we will look at outside right now. we will see is what going on in the city. this is our go pro camera mounted on the top of the cbs
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broadcast center on spring garden street. we are looking east toward new jersey, nothing but blue skies, traffic is moving on broad street there. in problems outside tonight. can't even find a cloud in the sky. last night i was taken out of surprise, and. and we have a front off shore and when we have a front off shore we have great sunsets here. take a look, we can see that front, upper low associated with it, front is cutting through portions of new england but off shore for us, we have dreer dry air and moving in as we go through overnight and early morning hours, tomorrow and dew points are dropping and depending where you are, temperature is dropping as well. we are at 38 in new castle county delaware. millville moon pal airport, but in doylestown, right now down to 79 degrees in bensalem and has just dropped to 80. a few looks at this afternoon
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on our live neighborhood network cameras at beach patrol in margate, and, and, nothing but deep blue skies. beautiful moon tonight. we have a western moon outside and clear, beautiful sky, to view it w due points have been dropping all day, and due points in the 07's, this is oppressive. thinks awesome, on our comfort index and feels different outside now then dit this morning. if you went for a run this morning instead of this evening, we made a wrong choice. and sunny skies for wednesday. it looks fantastic. the here's tropical storm erika, there it is, wind at 40. here's the track. moving quickly. it will head toward bohamas by end of the weekend where it may form in the category one hurricane something to keep an eye on throughout weekend and
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next week. overnight we are talking with 65 degrees. mainly clear, comfortable. next couple days down the shore you'll love the the forecast, shore looks great, for tomorrow, temperatures in the, and, poconos looking great for next couple of days as well. seventy's and sunny a great stretch in the mountains and eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, tomorrow 85, sunny warm but low humidity. thursday and friday looking gorgeous as well, low 80's and just a a little bit warmer but not that bad. we are a couple degrees above average, more humid but still a nice summer week toned get outside. >> i like it. >> you and i both. >> sports coming up, we will be right back.
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somebody is rich tore day. >> nice to be wanted. >> yes. >> very, very wanted. >> michael kendricks is a
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wanted man. he just made himself a lot of coin. the 24 year-old middle linebacker was thought to be on the trading block leading up to the draft in april. chip kelly refute that had, and last night, two sides got a deal done. kendricks and eagles a agreed to a four year contract worth a reported 29 million-dollar, 16 million is guarantied, last year kendricks played in just 12 games due to a calf injury but happy to get the the new deal. >> it is a huge weight off of my chest and my shoulders and now i can just do my thing. new that it is done, now it is just about playing football and trying to be the best. >> this is always nice to see, quarterback and young receiver getting some work in after practice. sam bradford working with second year wide out jordan matthews and matthews is looking to take next step after a 67 catch rookie campaign. he says extra work will help. >> you know, your quarterback, you like to slow things down.
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he justice just running routes for him. >> in baseball job for pitcher toys keep the ball in the ballpark. we know that. phillies failed at that last night. they will try again tonight as their series with the mets continues. but let me present to you a look at home runs are, a morgue borg if you will. mets smashed eight home runs, last night, 11 in all were hit. that is a national league record. they will set the record for most ever hit at citizens bank park, cameron rupp tips his cap to the mets. >> they have hitters. you cannot leave the ball up. we paid for it last night. that is just part of it. it is part of the game. they had a couple good pitches, for a home run. what do you do? >> and here is a look at the new athletic director at villanova mark jackson comes from the university of southern california. someone i know there who went
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there? vince decastro takes over pretty darn good program. >> oh, jessica dean here. >> yes, welcome to philadelphia. >> yes. >> we will be right ba you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the the cw philly. our sister station. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. coming up next, "cbs evening news". the tonight donald trump is on the attack. chip reid on the latest war of word. in for scott pelley, is nora
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o'donnell. >> odonnell: trump's twitter tirade. the front-runner lashes out at fellow republicans and breaches a cease-fire with megyn kelly with a "b" word. also tonight, another big loss for the stock market, but the housing market is heating up. echoes of katrina, 10 years later, 911 operators remember when the phone line became a life line. >> i'm gonna die. the water's rising in the attic, ma'am. >> and 40 years on the run. >> i want to make one of the greatest rock records ever. >> the song that saved the boss' career. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm norah o'donnell. he may be limited to 140


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