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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the photographer's camera as he fell. woman being interviewed was also shot and taken to the hospital. >> she continues to undergo treatment, for injuries, sustained. >> reporter: leaders at the general manager of the cbs affiliate wdby7 spoke on air. >> allison and adam tied this morning. i cannot tell you how much they were loved, allison and adam, by the wdbj7 team. >> reporter: police identify shooter as vester lee flannigan, a former reporter, known as bryce williams on air. after the the shooting a manhunt ensued involving several different law enforcement agencies. while on the run, flannigan tweeted out grievances he had claiming parker made racist remarks and ward complained about him to human resources. and if this story was in the gut wrenching enough flannigan then put video of the shooting from his point of the view on to twitter and facebook. he was apparently recording as he pulled the trigger on
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parker and war, both social networking sites quickly suspended the account. station offices say flannigan was fired from wdbj7, two years ago. >> he had a reputation of someone that was difficult to work w he was sort of looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to. >> reporter: after several hours of running from the authorities, flannigan turn the gun on himself on the side of the virginia highway. officials say that he was pronounced dead at the hospital by 1:30. the governor of virginia spoke out about the the shooting. >> it just breaks your heart. when you think of the family, so many friend and co-workers who were impact by what happened today report report man identifying himself as bryce williams, faxed a 23 page manifesto to abc news explaining his action, we will have more coming up at 6:00. we are live, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, syma, thank you. allison parker's boyfriend is a news anchor at wdbj and
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graduate of conestoga high school in tredyffrin township just outside of philadelphia. today he tweeted this message we didn't share this publicly but allison and i were very much in love. we just moved in together. i am numb. >> wdbj tweeted this we love you allison and adam. stay with eyewitness nice for more on the virginia news crew murders, we will have the latest information as they become available on air and on cbs today the pennsylvania supreme court, unvealed hundreds of pornographic e-mails and document related to the criminal case begins pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. documents included emergency application filed boykin in november, she asked the court to squash the investigation into allegation that is she leak grand jury information. dana ledge two former staffers quote corruptly manufactured the investigation to row tech their jobs, after she found they had been sending or receiving pornographic e-mails. the the investigation led to obstruction and conspiracy
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charges against kane. on monday a judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence, for that case to go to trial, kean has denied all wrongdoing, we will have more on this in a live report at 6:00. maintenance worker has been arrested for child sex assault. david allen pitcher has been charged with sexually abusing a child. the result happened at two locations in montgomery county, approximately six years ago. he was arrested on august 12th, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. >> today the whistle blower in the penn state hazing scandal walked through the house with that allege abuse took place. james vinceo and his family and attorneys pointed out exact locations in the kappa delta row house where he was brutally hazed. after walking through the state college residence, attorneys described the disturbing allegations. >> we hear stories of prisoners, being treated, and made to be afraid, with life, and abuse, and loud voices,
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and, forced to consume things that are just disgusting. these were not prisoners of war these were freshman. >> the tour through the house is part of the deposition in the lawsuit filed against the kappa delta row fraternity and penn state. a ten year-old girl was among three people wounded in the shooting, in west philadelphia, this afternoon. chopper three over that scene at 39th and poplar police arrived to find the girl with the grazed wound to her left arm, and a 20 year-old man was shot in the arm and foot and third victim a 36 year-old man was shot in the angle. police have not announced any arrest and in word what led to the shooting. there is new information in the case of three decomposing bodies in the philadelphia garage owned by a nearby funeral home. owner of the former powell funeral home is speaking out. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is at central detectives with more on that, alex. >> reporter: ukee, i met up with janet, the funeral director today, she did in the
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want to show her face on camera because of the ongoing investigation but she did want her side of the story out there. it was the smell, that neighbors say caused them to wonder what was inside of this storage garage, on the 2600 block of west haggard street. >> nobody should be stored like that. nobody. >> reporter: police arrived to find three bodies, one in a casket and two inside of cardboard boxes. the garage is just several hundred feet away from the now closed powell funeral home, both owned by third generation funeral trek or janet powell-daily. >> i got to do my work and you all are bothering me. >> reporter: after after initially brushing off questions yesterday she now tells "eyewitness news" off camera that the three families knew full well that deceased loved ones were in the garage adding that it was being donnas a favor because the families were not financially prepared for their loved ones services. we were not able to confirm that with those families. but, if that was the case
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there are other options, according to row main gibbs, funeral director at rs gibbs life celebration funeral home. those options are not easy. >> the state of law is that you are supposed to difficulties suppose of that after ten days after they expired. however if we cannot do that, if it will go over, we are to let the state know and get that approval from the state to withhold the remains. >> reporter: like many others in the strawberry mansion area gibbs voiced his degree of support for daily, woman many believed served the community well. >> she's an excellent woman and i know her personally and we are friend with her, as a community at this time. >> reporter: according to state record that funeral home powell's funeral home has an expired license and it has been that way for some time but powell herself still does have her license intact. she has been working with another local funeral home so this is a very complicated case. no word on any pending charges.
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reporting live from central detective, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news a two alarm apartment fire that left dozens of residents home less in upper merion has been rule accidental. fire fighters were call to the abrams run apartments around 1:30 this morning. officials say all 16 units have fire or water damage but all 30 residents got out safely. one man says that he woke up to what sounded like an explosion. >> i immediately came out and grabbed the the fire extinguisher from my kitchen, and ran outside, and tried to put it out but by the time i got there it already went up the the vinyl siding. >> officials also tell us that compromised gas line also fed the flames and water main break threaten the water supply. peco energy shut off gas and crews topped in another waterline to put out the fire. here's something we can be happy b it has been a beautiful day and that trend will continue. the meteorologist kate bilo is in the weather center with a first look at a great
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forecast, kate? >> thanks, jessica, a beautiful day, nothing but sunshine low humidity and comfortable conditions and that is thanks to the cool, dry air, that rotating from the north and west. few cloud popped up this afternoon and that is due to that cooler air, up in the upper level of the atmosphere, a few instant extra built showers across western pennsylvania and into new york state. for us here in philadelphia just a few clouds and otherwise a beautiful, comfortable evening. temperatures slightly below average for the time of the year. we're only in the 70's in allentown, reading and lancaster. wilmington at a comfortable 79. eighty-one at the airport. eighty-two in atlantic city. our normal high is eight 46789 dew points are comfortable in the awesome range low to mid 50's across the region. upper 50's down here through shore points. your first forecast looks great, 78 at 7:00 p.m. great night for baseball as phillies take on the mets. 9:00 o'clock 75. down to 72 by 11:00. here's tropical storm erika continuing to strengthen churning toward lesser
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antilles over the weekend. we will have the latest on erika and how long this sunny stretch last. we have a return of summer heat and humidity to talk about as well. i'll have that coming up with the forecast in just a few minutes, ukee. stock market rebounded in a big way today... dow jones industrial average and s and p500 enjoyed their biggest percentage gains in four years, as rally snapped a six day slump. dow jones was up almost 620 points, nasdaq gained 191, and s and p500 was up 7290. washington's national zoo says one of the two panda cubs born on saturday has died. zoo has been given that new born panda which was described as the smaller of the two extra care. the cubs mother mei xiang reject tonight favor of her other cub, that baby panda we understand is doing well. city of philadelphia is stepping up efforts to energize the community for upcoming world meeting of
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families and papal visit. today mayor nutter unveiled a new campaign titled i'll be there, starting on august 31st, officials will begin distributing open phl buttons and tips across the city. they will include information about how businesses can get involved and engage visitors during the papal event. officials say that they are also planning fun activities for the francis festival zone. >> we want you to know you can still be part of this event. there will be 40 jumbo trons strategically place add cross the the francis festival ground, 40 jumbo trons where you can see everything that is happening. >> mayor nutter also a announced reading terminal market will remain opened during the papal visit. >> we continue to get closer every day is another day just 31 days and counting until pope francis arrived here in philadelphia. we have complete coverage of the papal visit on our web site, you can head over and
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see for yourself at cbs >> that is a sight in itself right there. >> yes. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 improving safety on the road see how crash tests are getting a big time overhaul and how much it will cost. it is donald trump verse the media, see donald's dust up with the reporter as he continues to rice from the polls. whooper and big mac, combined in the inning will sandwich find out why burger king made the unusual proposal and what rival mcdonald's has to think about it when we come right back.
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for year crash tests have been conduct on vehicle tolls give us an idea which models will protect you in the most during an argument. >> now testers are evaluating technology to keep you out of the accident in the first place. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins with us those details. >> more and more vehicles are designed with auto breaks -- brakes, without a driver having to do a thing. that is if a carries about to
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hit something. it is place cars... go to crash. the insurance institute for highway safety is known for its crash test safety ratings, but as cars get smarter, is there a growing need to look beyond just crash worthiness to crash prevention. >> technology available to to us day that was ant veilable 30 years ago is making it possible to focus on crash avoidance. >> reporter: fourteen vehicles with auto brake technology to avoid front end collisions have just earned institute's superior ranking. in a report released to day, 2016 acura m.d. x and rlx, bmw x3, mazda csfive and 2015 mercedes, cla, c and e class vehicles, scored the highest. the insurance institute tested the cars at 12 to 25 miles per hour. the the institute says that about half of new 2015 vehicles have available front crash prevention technology, and roughly one in four have available auto braking.
5:16 pm
>> potentially, game changing technologies. >> reporter: institute is investing 30 million-dollar in the, testing facilities to keep up with ever smarter cars which are increasingly working to keep themselves out of a crash.are increasingly working now the insurance institute for highway safety is funded by the insurance industry. rational is that with safer vehicles we will have fewer accidents resulting in less insurance claims. i will post a link to the entire safety report on facebook and twitter. i will tell people looking for a cargo to the insurance institute's web site. what it will do is post everything from side air bags, front air bags, whole 9-yard. >> good stuff, jim, thank you. well, kate here now and beautiful day outside. i just want to clap every time i see you. i just love the forecast so much. >> we say we get blamed with weather's bad so we will take accolade where we should. >> bravo. >> even though i have nothing to do with it. it will be a fantastic stretch throughout the even of the week. if you like today reza shourd you'll like tomorrow and friday as well and then it
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steams up and heat up as we head through weekend and into next week. one thing that bears watching tropical storm erika. we will look closer at that in just a moment. lets look outside, we have our weather watchers, scrolling at the bottom of the screen. you can see what is going on around the neighborhood. beautiful day no matter where you are. cape may county people on the boardwalk, already enjoying a great afternoon, and as we take a look at our live neighborhood network we will see people on the beach enjoying a great afternoon as well. this is beach headquarters cam in margate where we see nothing but blue skies. what a perfect week down the shore. you can see on storm can three nothing much to worry about here. few cloud drifting into philadelphia and northwestern suburbs, some cool air aloft type cloud generating instability and few showers across northwestern, pennsylvania, and into new york state, very cool air, has invaded great lakes. we have a modified version of the cool air, but still below average, we're at 81 in philadelphia. seventy-seven allentown. seventy-seven in reading. it felt so great outside.
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nice cool start to the day and this afternoon not too bad, look at how cool it is under that cloud cover and showers, only 62 in cleveland. 66 degrees right now, in buffalo. as the front continues to move off shore and high pressure build in we will keep it sunny and beautiful for next few days, not a whole lot of warming, lower 80's here for tomorrow, same story on friday, mostly sunny as high flips east we will generate more southeasterly flow and that will ramp up humidity saturday and sunday but weekend is sunny and dry. the here's the latest on tropical storm erika. large system. no well defind eye as it head toward lesser ant tilles, it is going to move due west path and we have tropical storm watches and warning throughout portions of the caribbean. here's the latest track released by national hurricane center at 5:00 p.m. it has strengthened a bit. wind sustained at 45, gusts at 55 miles an hour and moving west. here's he the latest track through bohamas and through
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weekend and just brushing the coast of florida, possibly making a land fall in south florida. that is during the the day on monday. notice how wide this cone of uncertainty is, this could take it toward key west. there are indications in the new model this will recurve and head back in the atlantic. if it does that that is where it would bear watching for us. it will just stay off shore and generate rip currents as we head toward labor day weekend. we will keep an eye on it and keep you posted. nothing to worry about yet but it cost bear watching. mainly clear and comfortable at 65. for yourself thursday lots of sun, beautiful day at 83. down the shore things are looking great as well. we have got 80 degrees and mostly sunny for today and tomorrow looks great as well with temperatures in the upper 70's. thursday and friday no problems. saturday a little bit warmer, nice down the shore at 81. no problems there. we have got a lot of sunshine as we head through next couple days, temperatures do steam up by the weekend, we will be in the 90's next week. we will start september on tuesday, and it sound kind of
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fall-like but it will not feel very fall like. >> thanks. >> we are learning more about a ter on attack of board a french train spoiled by a group of americans. still to come on "eyewitness news" the accused terrorist faces a judge. dramatic rescue a man is pulled out of the boxcar filled with sand just in the nick of time, pat. coming up we will tell but a local kid who led the nation in touchdowns in college and just hoping to make the eagles roster. sound crazy, right? we have the story next up in
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jerry rice was not a well known name coming out of the mississippi valley state. you never necessity what can happen. >> you never know. >> rasheed bailey is not a household name either but he is trying to change that. he is a graduate of roxborough high and delaware valley university in doylestown and standing out with coaches and players, despite playing collegiately at a division three school. at delaware valley university, rasheed bailey led nation in touchdowns and yard as a senior. now the undrafted rookie is
5:24 pm
attempting to make unlikely leap to the nfl and with his home town team. bailey hasn't had time to think about that. >> this game moves so fast, we practice fast, we play in games fast, we have a high tempo. we have no chance to grasp a moment. you need to live in that moment thaw are already in and just keep striving to be better then what you were. >> reporter: head coach chip kelly sees a player who has handled the local player spotlight well. >> first two games at the link he has shown up in both games, and, you know, he has work extremely hard. we knew that, but then what you don't know when you have players like that is the game going to be too big for him. >> reporter: as he learns about being a pro, bailey has gotten help from a long time veteran as well as a player already trying to make a name for himself. >> you know, jordan, with his mental ability, just hanging around him, it is amazing. he is teaching me so many different things. he is always on me. >> that man catches
5:25 pm
everything. he goes out there and balls. so, that is a huge confidence booster. i'm a amazed by some of the stuff he does on a consistent basis. >> he just comes out with an attitude just be patient. he has been in the league for a while. so he knows. >> before the preseason began bailey was likely to be a casualty of the roster constraints but that has change as he is putting his name in the running at least at a chance for practice squad and doesn't love rooting for a home town doing well. >> thanks, appreciate it. much more on our top story, a crew gunned down on live television. new training for local police, see how philadelphia officers will be better equip to combat stereotypes and those relationships with the community. we will be right back.
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good intentions. is paved with mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism,
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horrifying news crew shooting near roanoke, virginia. television reporter and cameraman were shot to death during a live television interview this morning. reporter allison parker and cameraman adam ward of wdbj of roanoke died at the scene. women they were interviewing vicky gardener was wounded and hospitalized. the suspect vester lee flannigan a former employee of the station had been fired from the station. he went by the on air name of bryce williams. >> after many, many incidents of his anger come to fore, we dismissed him. he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> flannigan posted comment and video of the shooting on social media, following the shooting, he died this afternoon, of a self inflict gunshot wound. the the pennsylvania supreme court unsealed hundreds of pornographic e-mails and document related to a criminal case against attorney general kathleen kane, in the documents, dana alleged former staffers
5:30 pm
manufactured the grand jury investigation, because she threatened to reare veal their involvement, in receiving and distributing, the pornographic e-mails, on their office computers. and i'll be there, that is the title of the city of philadelphia's new campaign to excite residents and businesses for the papal visit. mayor nutter unveiled details today, get more information at cbs visit, kate. what a beautiful day it has been, low humidity and temperatures below average. you can see headlines, show sunny stretch will continue right through end of the week and humidity and heat will return, we will talk 90's in the seven day forecast while we will have the latest on the tropical storm erika and if we need to be worried about that storm here in philadelphia, we will have details, coming up, ukee and jessica. donald trump shows no signs of backing down from his latest on air confrontation. >> trump and tv anchorman got in the heated back and forth over immigration and it is trump's latest dust up with the journalist. cbs news correspondent mark
5:31 pm
albert has latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump is leading his republican rivalness every pole and holding the largest g.o.p. rallies. he is also continuing to pick his biggest fights with journalist. >> sit down. go ahead. >> i have a right to ask a question. >> no, you don't you have not been told. go back to uni vision. >> trump dismissed jorge ramos at the a tuesday evening news conference. after ramos did not wait to be called on and started questioning trump cutting off another journalist. >> he just stand up and starts screaming, so, you know, maybe he is a at fault also. >> i have been a journalist for more than 30 years. i have been all over the world. i have never been thrown out of any press conference, from any interview. this is not cuba or venezuela. >> reporter: trump is continuing his three week long fight with "fox news" anchor megyn kelly tweeting his displeasure with her questions in the first g.o.p. debate. >> it is difficult to think of anything that is comparable in
5:32 pm
modern presidential politics. >> reporter: larry studied politics at university of virginia. he says trumps battles will likely catch up with him. >> the more controversy that is donald trump is in less likely it will be that voters concerned about electability will choose him. >> reporter: mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". protesters converged on the philadelphia office of the pennsylvania senator bob casey wanting to know where he stand on the iran nuclear deal. the demonstrators are a aligned with several progressive groups including democracy now and move they say senator casey has yet to announce his position on that deal. >> this nuclear deal ace a i good deal for america? get off the fence, represent your constituents and vote for peace not war. >> reporter: following events protesters delivered a petition to senator casey's office. anthony sadler, one of the three americans who stopped a would be gunman in france arrived back home in sacramento last night. take a look at him getting off the plane in the gray hooded
5:33 pm
sweat shirt. we are told passengers thank him for bravery, all three men were middle class schoolmates in sacramento and mayor of that city is promising a big celebration celebration worthy of their heroism. >> sacramento is proud. i was filled with pride for our community and these young men who did what they did. >> reporter: a barefoot, blind fooded, suspect was escorted to face charges in a french court. prosecutors say prior to the attack he watched jihad video inside a bathroom on the train. convicted colorado theater shooter james holmes gets 12 life sentences without the possibility of parole plus 3,318 years. that is maximum allowed by law. the 12 life sentences are for 12 people he killed in the shooting rampage in aurora, colorado in july 2012. the judge added that the 3,318 years for 70 convictions of
5:34 pm
attempted murder and a explosive charge. rather dramatic video of the rescue in washington state. >> crews there scrambled to rescue workers trapped in the railcar full of san, officials say, they were in the process of removing 50 tons of san. they were able to pull the man to safety on straps, attached to the fire truck ladder. no word on his condition or how, he got trapped in the first place. a construction worker was killed and another injured at new minnesota vikings stadium in minneapolis. officials say one man fallen 50 feet while doing roofing work this morning. fire fighters used rescue basket, cables and rope to reach him. it is unclear how the second worker was injured but he is reportedly hospitalized in serious condition. a suspect is in the hospital tonight, after a police involved shooting in philadelphia's cobbs creek section. earlier officers were responding to a robbery call at 60th and spruce, after finding the suspect who matched the description, officer chased that man, while
5:35 pm
the other followed in the car. police say suspect pointed his gun at one of the officers. >> the vehicle, suspect dropped a multiple number of times, and when he failed to drop the gun, officer fired one time striking the the suspect in the stomach. >> that man was transported to penn presbyterian hospital and taken into surgery. bow he and his gun were positively identify by the man he ron. philadelphia police department is hoping to improve its community policing efforts. >> supervisors are trained on how to teach officers about stereotypes and perceptions. cherri greg from kyw news radio has that story. >> ♪ >> reporter: susan boyle shocked the crowd when she sang on britain's got talent six years ago. because her look was more librarian than singer, her case was center stage in the police training as an example of how everyone, including
5:36 pm
police, possess bias. >> we used to believe that it was ill intentioned and only ill intentioned, racist police officers who produced bias behavior. >> reporter: she and her team before hired by the the city to do this training after a number of unwarranted shootings of unarmed black men. she says firing so-called bad cops is not enough. instead, raise ago wear necessary of bias could make the difference. >> you may have your list of bias but don't to have let them, control what you do. >> reporter: are trainers used videos, role plays to teach, how people make snap judgments based on gender, race or appearance. one example showed how some officers viewed a woman as less dangerous. a mistake that could be deadly. >> we need to slow down and learn to not trust every little will impulse or spot that comes in. >> reporter: pause for a split second that could help ensure philadelphia does not become ferguson. training is suspect to roll out beginning in october but
5:37 pm
it could take more than a year to teach all of the 6300 officers, across the department. at police headquarters, cherri greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" could there be a mcwhooper, burger king wants to team up with rival mcdonald's. find out why the chain offered to combine whooper with mcdonald's's big mac and how golden arches responded, we will be right back.
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well, this saturday marks the ten year observed answer of the land fall of hurricane katrina, massive storm wreak havoc on the gulf coast in the tiny town of bay st. louis hundreds of homes were destroyed, a decade later, few are back because of soaring insurance costs, now residents are taking back their town, using new techniques to protect against hurricanes, 140 new homes have been built by habitat for humanity. when they have houses that we can live in, and in our
5:41 pm
yard and fema trailers. >> they have had, been built in bay st. louis are in a flood free zone. well meanwhile hollywood is bringing a different natural disaster to the silver screen. >> jay gyllenhaal and josh brolin star in everest based on the tragedy that killed eight climbers in one day back in 1996. insider's louie has more on this film from hollywood. >> cue key and jessica cast taking us through the film conditions, as we go inside the real life, everest disaster. >> if you walk through the world, this sense of worry that you might have have at every corner and not really fully living, not as minister bid sort of way but you don't have a choice, when you die. >> jake gyllenhaal plays scott fischer who climb mount everest on that day in 1996 but sadly never made it down. one of the eight climb their died after a freak storm, turned the world's tallest peak, into a death trap. >> when it is your time, it is your time. it will be on your mine.
5:42 pm
you are a human being. >> there is a major storm heading your way. >> sort of the curtain raiser on, commercial climbing on everest. >> outside magazine's contributing editor nick nick hyle. >> because it was such a disaster devastating year, it really, made people aware of both risk and dangers, there on the mountain. >> it is kind of place where really catastrophic things can happen and you cannot just encompass. >> climber neil bidderman is credited with saving lives that day. >> we're holding each other, life and death. >> everest world premiere is set to open the venice international film festival september 2nd. ukee and jessica back to you. see insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. still to come on "eyewitness news" a while watching trip to remember. >> find out where this incredible scene happened and what scientists say whales
5:43 pm
were trying to eat.
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5:46 pm
a lot of fun for tourist and the the whales are all after, one thing. >> yes, the bay, it is pretty much every thing wants to eat that. >> anchovies are looking for plannington but end up leaving other sea life closer to shore. as for that former water, we're toll el nino is contribute to go that. >> very neat, wow. >> isn't that beautiful. >> um-hmm. >> it was burger franchisee whiffle length of the peace offering. >> burger king proposed teaming up, with mcdonald's to promote world peace, of course, and offer a new peace time burger called the mcwhooper. the details, here they are, a one day venture on the streets of atlanta with the pop up restaurant serving a combination of the whooper and big mac. ingredients would be a ingredient from both
5:47 pm
sandwiches but mcdonald's said no. so, don't look for that. and it is get ready for fall, we have a new pumpkin spice latte m and m's. package features an image of the brown m and m's wrapped in the scarves. they are seasonal. and, inside the bags of candy they are painted traditional colors, orange, ivory, brown and new seasonal flavor should hit store shelves starting this week. >> yes. >> we're celebrating main and woman's best friend, national dog day, unofficial holiday is in the 11th year but hope to bring awareness to k-9's waiting in shelters for forever homes. many local shelters are waving or reducing dog adoption fees, today. two of our three dogs are from the shelter. >> that is right. >> you love those dog faces. >> love it. >> i know. >> i took mine out this morning and it was, i'm telling you, like a cool breeze, like a fall breeze in the air early this morning. >> it was a beautiful start to
5:48 pm
the morning. shout out to my dog siri in sunlight, all morning long. >> siri. >> that is right. >> basking in the sun, all afternoon. what a great day, take the dog for a nice walk when you get home. lets look outside, we have a few cloud drifting in. not a big deal. maybe cooler outside then it has been all day long. those cloud copping a as a result of cool air in the upper levels that have have invaded the entire northeast. the great lakes are clouded and chilly, temperatures didn't make it past lower 60's, feels like fall is in the forecast but for us and them, temperatures will rebound and it looks like a hot stretch heading in to next week. is there sky cam three, lets check with our weather watchers and we are looking at 83 degrees as we check with phil chapline, he has wonderful wednesday, blue skies and low humidity, cool evening, all caps kind of great. let's head down into south jersey where we have margot in buena vista township.
5:49 pm
sunshine. eighty-one. heavenly weather today, and now a perfect day, all across the region, even in delaware lets head down toward middletown and jason, is in middletown at 80 degrees right now which vice comfortable for late august. another beautiful day, this day, and compliments across the board. back to storm scan three not showing much of anything at all, cloud, that have proliferated over great lakes and a few clouds drift nothing to our area but those instability showers you see over portions of eastern canada and upstate new york will not impact us, few showers in central pennsylvania and we are quiet through tonight, through tomorrow, and right into friday. eighty-one right now at the airport. feels great. seventy's in reading, wilmington and lancaster as well. cool pocket in the great lakes. today even though our high was a degree below at 83 our morning low was slightly above. it is era above average day by 1 degree. look at how warm this august has been, all but three days have been at or above normal and days that were below, did
5:50 pm
it by 1 degree and 3 degrees. we haven't had any cool wet they are august and next few you days look like they might be right about average. generally a warmer than average august but how will it feel? fantastic through next couple days, temperatures are not that much below average. humidity is. we will know late august can be very steamy but not the this week, thursday, friday, saturday feeling pleasant and then sunday is when humidity starts to ramp up. here's latest satellite image of tropical storm erika. not a very tight circulation not seeing well define eye but it looks like one is trying to develop with confection on blossoming in the center of the storm but heading for lesser anttilles. i want to show you model plots. watch the spread of these models as they move through. this is our spaghetti plots because they look like spaghetti noodles. the trend has been bringing erika off shore. still strongest cluster right about here that takes erika toward potential south florida land fall on monday but there is chance that storm could curve back and sit off coast
5:51 pm
of carolina. that is something we have to watch and pay attention to here in philadelphia and down the shore. right now it doesn't look like a major issue for us we are talking about labor day weekend coming autopsy and if that storm sits off shore and strengthening it could be a rip current situation for us to be concern w overnight tonight mainly clear and comfortable. 65 degrees. for tomorrow month problems, beautiful day, lots of sunshine. eighty-three is our daytime high in the city. heading down the shore look at that day. seventy-nine, mostly sunny. poconos looking great. hint of fall in the air in the mountains, 74 degrees there. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, you can see warm up. 83 degrees for tomorrow. eighty-four on friday. then it steams up this weekend, still feeling like summer, and kid go back to will school early next week they are not wearing fall clothes. temperatures are in the 90's, monday and tuesday, as we kick off september and then on wednesday, 87 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. ukee and jessica back to you. speaking of going back to
5:52 pm
school, kate, on the healthwatch more students are throwing out fruits and vegetables they are required to take during school lunch. researchers photographed students, after leaving lunch line and then again leaving the lunchroom. study says, the waste has increased 35 percent, since the government mandated students take a fruit or a vegetable. come on gang they are good for you. >> eat better. >> so still to come on "eyewitness news" a local group helping those in needs is struggling. >> find out why they are having trouble keeping shelves stocked when we come right back.
5:53 pm
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saint christopher hospital for children ended a carnival for patients and friend and family. they got to enjoy games, face painting, arts, crafts and, of course, you cannot say good bye to summer without water ice. there is plenty of that and food. organizers say the goal of the event was to create joy, fun and laughter. >> look at that mile right there. local non-profit now need help itself. >> this weeks story of brotherly love i a sat down with the woman who runs that non-profit to talk about what is most urgently needed. in a warehouse in north philadelphia, volunteers from philadelphia university, are hard at work. >> they are packing boxes of food, to go out to the elderly of philadelphia county. >> reporter: for 25 years, share, the self-help and
5:57 pm
resource exchange, has distributed food in philadelphia, and surrounding states, as farrah away as new york. they sell discounted foods to families. and, 40 percent less than some grocery stores. and, and, the food. >> and, without using any pesticide and it is all fresh. you can actually come help pick it. >> i didn't know there were places like this. that is awesome that they can have these facilities, that can help people. >> reporter: it is all over seen by susanna wynn, she says growing up her family didn't have much. so tell me did you ever experience hungry. >> were we ever hungry? not the that i remember. but we a a lot of corn bread. >> reporter: her passion is ending hunger, money from the state help to fill this warehouse but those fund are tied up in pennsylvania's budget stalemate. >> we had no money in july, we had no money in august, we're looking a at having no money in september.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: she says that they depend on vendors to supply food and wait to be paid. share realize on donations to keep the lights on and volunteers to keep food moving. she is a catholic and she never loses faith. >> just a little ball of energy. >> reporter: now, why do you do what you do. >> well, because it is the the right thing to do. >> reporter: right thing to do. that is one big family under roof taking care of families. it is a wonderful thing. >> yes. >> good for all of the people. >> wow. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 heart break in virginia, tonight as a news reporter and a photographer shot dead, on live television. tonight we're seeing excerpts of an allege manifesto from the shooter. >> and new documents revealed related to the case against attorney general kathleen kane, we will break down what those documents show and what it could mean for kane, also this. >> reporter: a flying camera may make some people nervous but officials make it clear you cannot use drones for target practice, i'm cleve
5:59 pm
bryan, coming up, consequences for a man who shot down a drone in cape may county. and it has been a beautiful, wonderful wednesday, and nice weather continues into thursday and friday but then we're talking heat and humidity and we have a look at the latest on tropical storm erika. will it be a issue for our region as we head toward the labor day weekend. it is all all next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. to second young journalist, killed in cold blood, live on the air, another person wounded, allegedly at the hands of a disgruntled television station employee. tonight, is there heart break in virginia. and now, bryce williams legal name, investigator flannigan is the at alleged gunman. and, carrying out this horrifying crime. incident unfolded on television this morning.
6:00 pm
i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. at alleged gunman took his own life as officers closed in and tonight we are learning more about him. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is gathering latest developments and she joins us live from the news center. syma? >> jessica and ukee, shooting has shaken many across the country, so many questions, surrounding this incident, why would someone target a news crew live on television. the gunman may have explained his reasons before taking his own life. what started off as a feast tour story turned deadly. a news reporter and cameraman were shot to death during a live report, early this morning in virginia. a woman being interviewed was also wounded. the shooter was caught on video in this freeze frame captured by the photographer's camera as he fell. viewers were shocked and confused. franklin county sheriff bill overton was watching it live. >> i was watching this morning's broadcast and i


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