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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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it is a start of the new school year for college students and they are heading back with a warning about a series of robberies, targeting undergraduates at one local university. we will have details on that in just a minute. but first good morning, thanks for joining us, it is thursday, august 27th, i'm nicole brewer with a couple of lovely ladies. >> good morning. >> talking about this amazing forecast. so excited. >> just beautiful, right. >> yeah, in fact, look at this. >> i'm doing a sunshine dance. that is all i can think of. lets talk about august, as we are just about to wrap it up. we have ten days of 90-degree plus degree heat in august. we have had 24 out of 26 days with sun, that is quite nice, high temperature this month, so far 94 degrees, low is 65. makes you wonder will we see more 90's before all is said and done. i think we will but right now we don't have to worry about that today. beautiful temperatures.
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lovely in reading about 58. sixty-six in philadelphia. sixty-four down in wildwood. kind of 50's and 60's all across the map. as we look at storm scan three radar is nice and clear, yet again, we will get beautiful look at blue skies when we see sun coming up and lets take a look at this one week even weather which is fantastic. we will see upper 80's, this is where change is happening, we will see a steamy move on saturday and sunday, humidity will creep backup and things are feeling different then they have. so, the sun stretch continues, heat and humidity coming back on the weekend and august will end with the 90's meisha and they will begin with the 90's too. if you thought it would be great, we're done, in more heat. >> yes, you are hot. >> that is 90's hot the but i'm telling you right the now i cannot complain. still dark out there. here's i-95 northbound at 452.
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it looks great until you get around the airport area still looks great all the way up until you make your way in the city. looking good on i-95 in the northbound direction. another area looking good, slowly starting to pick upright now is blue route northbound, as awe approach route one. you can see plenty of headlights trying to enter on the roadways and that is typical. that is what we will see at 5:30. we will see it pick up, moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour. here's the boulevard, at wissohickon avenue, looking good here, just our steady flow, no accents to report, overnight construction project are now lifted. so it is really nice for those at home thinking about heading out on the roadway right now you are in good company, very good company. delaware memorial bridge construction until friday, both directions, the the right lanes, are blocked, moving in both directions on the bridge, so just make note of that for those taking the bridge this weekend, nicole, over to you. more on a story we have been following this morning police investigating a a
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deadly overnight shooting after a man is shot the in the third floor apartment near 15th and poplar. police say man's friend found him on the floor in the bathroom with the single gunshot wound to the head. police suspect the killing may be drug related. in suspects are in custody at this point. we are finding out more regarding vester flannigan, suspect who murdered a television news crew on live television in virginia yesterday morning. reporters allison parker and cameraman adam ward were on the era live conducting an interview with their former co-worker ambush them. both died month. man they were interviewing was wounded police identified the shooter as 41 year-old vester flannigan. he posted his own view of the shooting on social media flannigan shot himself in his car 200 miles away and then later died. flannigan used the name bryce williams on the air. wdbj fired him in 2013 and police had to escort him from that building. >> toward the the end there were issues with temper and ability to work with others. >> reporter: in the 23 page
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fax sent to abc news just after the shooting a man claiming to be flannigan said i have been a human powder keg for a while just waiting to go boom. he wrote the church shooting in, charleston south carolina was the the tipping point. president obama had this to say about the shooting in roanoke, lets take a listen. >> i think it is one more argument for why we need to look at how we can reduce gun violence in this country but right the now the fbi has been helpful with local authorities, trying to solve what is really a tragic death. >> the president also says that his heart goes out to the families of the victims. you can stay about "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the tragedy in virginia. when we're not on tv you can find updates and tributes anytime on cbs wal-mart says they will not sell anymore ar15 rifles or other semiautomatic weapons at its store. corporation officials say reason is because fewer people are buying them not any political reason. ar15 and other sporting rifles
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were sold at least than a third of the company's 4600 u.s. stores. 5:35. in business news this morning, more on the big upswing on wall street, we like the sound of that? money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with more on that, good morning, nicole. >> reporter: chinese and other stock markets followed wall street's lead. they rebounded this morning. yesterday u.s. markets closed in positive territory for the the first time in more than a week, dow jones soared 619 points, and that is the biggest one day gain in seven years, the nasdaq jumped 191 points, as futures are pointing to a higher opened. this came after new york fed president william dudley says it is looking less likely fed will raise interest rates given market volatility and troubles in china still analyst say big swings in the market could be the new normal at least for the next few weeks. >> ten of the world's biggest auto makers including gm, ford, honda, and bmw are facing a class action lawsuit over the dangers of key less
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ignitions. they claim that the company has known for years about the dangers of carbon machine oxide poisoning when keyless vehicles continue to run once drivers leave the car. lawsuit says 13 carbon machine oxide death are linked to the problem. disney is tapping into the the power of you tube to launch products tied to the upcoming star wars films the the force awakens. on september 3rd you tube stars across the the globe will unwrap toys, live on line, those new toys as well as comics, books, and clothing will go on sale around the world as disney is calling it, of course, force friday. >> is there always some tag line related to star wars. we love it. jill, thank you. 5:36. we have some sad news to report about one of the two panda cubs born at the the national zoo. the baby panda died after three and a half days. zoo officials have have not announced the cause of the death the but said would it form a necropsy, the the
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equivalent of the human autopsy. the mother was only nursing the the largest of the two babies. zoo keepers said the will little cub never got stronger. >> our panda team began administering antibiotics, respiratory support, fluids, and nutritional support as appropriate. although we did see some slight improvement in the cubs overall condition and behavior, things turned and the cubs condition declined. >> the the surviving cub remains with the mother and is said to be doing well. all right. 5:37 right now. it is that time of the year for kid heading back to class, coming up next, advice for calming first day fears. the plus this. >> unaudible. >> i love this kid. he captured all of our heart when he became the youngest patient, to receive a double hand transplant, new milestone
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zion harvey just reached when "eyewitness news" continues, we will be
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police say a deadly shooting in north philadelphia could be narcotics related. a 24 year-old man was found shot to death in the third floor apartment near 15th and poplar street. investigators say there is no sign of forced entry and a strong smell of marijuana in that apartment. memorials are being construct to remember victims of the yesterday's on air
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shooting of the reporter and cameraman near roanoke, virginia. they were shot by a former reporter at the station. that man took his own life. president obama visit new are liens to mark the the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. the president will highlight work of the residents to get their lives back to normal following that disaster. well, chicago's famous second city comedy theater and school catches fire. three people were hurt when flames spread from a a neighboring building. two officees were destroyed but the theater is fine. second city, which has alumni such as scripts, photos and other archives are housed in a separate building but some staffers lost personal memorabilia. we are now hearing from the owner of the drone shot down at the new jersey shore. last september leonard was flying his drone over a friend's house near the cape may canal when he heard a shotgun blast. he says that he was taking these photos of the construction, on his friend's house. the people next door had a very different view of what was going on.
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>> don't spy on my expletive house, and basically accusing me of spying. >> police have charged russell percenti who lives next to that construction site with criminal mischief and possession of the firearm for lawful purpose. he said he would not talk without consulting his lawyer. areas of delaware county hit hard by a storm in june are eligible for state assistance. governor wolf has issued a proclamation that enables the counties and municipalities to apply for reimbursement for clean up costs. the storms on june 23rd packed record breaking wind, at the height of the storm, more than 100,000 people were without power. and that is never a good situation, so we are happy to hear that today's forecast is looking nice, kyla. good morning. >> it will be beautiful out there we are starting to see nicer weather. lets look at our eyewitness weather watchers. you are up and adam already. we have 63 degrees where sandra is in burlington, and you can see she's got humidity
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at 77 percent. she said, leave it to katie for perfect weather to begin journal any to parenthood. you you are right about that. she got a fantastic day for it. lets look at within more. lynn sent this in 64 degrees over in cherry hill. she said windows wide opened, beautiful sky and stars, very nice. lets take a look at the weather, a little bit further away from where we are right now. tropical storm erika has sustain wind of 50 miles an hour and still expect to be a threat to the caribbean and also potentially florida as you can see making it the as a cat one by the time we get into that sunday, machine time frame. that could be a little concerning for several reasons. we have to see if this strengthens, things that can stop from it strengthening? that would be dry air, wind sheer, land fall, if it crosses land and wrapped movement if they are moving fast they are in the able to pick up speed. this is the dry air that you can see right here and had doesn't look to be something had would limit the development, so we will have
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that one, that one will be okay to work its way past. series another thing whether or not the storm get wind to keep it from developing. we have the concern as it moves toward us, you see up the east coast, it could make for dangerous rip currents. that is why we want to keep an eye on things like our tropical storms. right now live look at palmyra cove nature park we will have another clear sky, day, as soon as sun comes up, temperatures very nice. mount pocono 56. sixty-six in philadelphia. atlantic city coming in at 58 degrees. storm scan three is gorgeous, look at this radar perfectly clear, a few cloud in western pennsylvania but not much of anything to speak of. that will make for a very nice pool side forecast, 83 degrees is our high today. if you want to enjoy it, it will be fantastic with the sunshine out there. one of the lucky ones with the afternoon free. today high of 83. beautiful day. that lead news to a gorgeous night tonight, low of 64. nice clear skies.
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we will take a look at that seven day forecast this is where it gets tricky. we will head in the weekend and notice we are talking 88, 89 degrees and you can see we will wind up august and start september, with 90-degree days as well. so meisha, a little heat coming our way but you have today to enjoy it. >> sound like it. i would be out there in the 90's as well, you know this. good morning everyone. happy thursday. gate the way to our weekend. we are all in a good mood. great forecast ahead. your morning commute is looking great no accidents to report. overnight construction projects lifted. this is i-95 southbound taillights in the southbound direction at academy road looking nice, really nice in this direction. i always look at i-95 in the southbound direction because one of the area that tend to heat up faster. here's ben franklin bridge for those coming in center city from new jersey looking nice here. everyone traveling around at posted speed. i'll let you no he when they dip but so far looking good. here's schuylkill eastbound
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past 202 around king of prussia area. again just thinking of leaving your homes with your coffee right now to not be prepared to sit and sip because it is looking really nice. everyone traveling around as they should and mass transit line west trenton is running back to normal again today for those taking that way of commuting, nicole, back over toy. new students moving in for upcoming in semester at drexel university are being warned after a string of burglaries near campus. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has the store friday university city. >> reporter: signs of life are every where on drexel campus, fall season is just about to get started and with the warning from campus police. >> make sure my doors are lock all the time, who with leave them open anyways and make sure my windows were locked and not to leave valuables in sight. >> reporter: e liza lives next door to one of the homes broken in to the 3200 block of summer street, one of five burglaries in the powellton section of the campus between saturday and a monday. >> i have been moving my stuff
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already. i cannot take any chances. >> reporter: win chen lives on the first floor and he came home saturday morning to find ac unit had been pushed out of his unit and expensive cameras, watches, electronic where is taken. >> i get to sleep thinking bit, thinking about the guy that stole my cameras using my camera, and it the is very painful but all i can do is just move on and be more careful next time. >> reporter: police stepped up their patrols by car and bike and students are keeping a close eye on their surroundings. >> now it is definitely a little more cautious, locking the door. we make sure our doors and windows are lock but you never necessity. >> reporter: burglars got the away with mostly jewelry and electronics, campus police issued a campus wide e-mail to students urging them of the proper precaution toss take. in university city i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:47. and adorable eight year-old who made history with the
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double hand transplant in philadelphia has been discharged there children's hospital. these are photos from penn medicine of zion harvey who is back home in the baltimore area. zion became youngest patient ever to receive a double hand transplant. he underwent the 11 hour operation in july. he will continue to receive therapy on april outpatient basis but it looks like he is diagnosis great and he just has the the best attitude i just love this little guy. way to go zion we will be thinking of you. families are savoring sum presenters students head back class and while this may be an exciting time for some kid for many that first day of school can be down right nerve racking. family physician doctor jennifer cuddle joins with us tips on how calm those back to school nerves. it is all about knowing what signs to look for fur kids is anxious. >> there is a the lot of things we should look for. i don't remember if you were
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growing up but the night before the first day of the school being so stressful and not being able to sleep. this is a a very common thing. a little bit of anxiety and any of usness is not bad, it often helps us to get ready to deal with the task at hand but there are a few things some kid can experience. they can say look, mom and dad i'm feeling nervous and unsettled. they might have difficultity following or staying asleep. that was my issue. they may have headaches, stomach pains, and sometimes kid can feel irritated, or have trouble concentrating. so these things can happen. >> you see something lick they're kid says my stomach hurts i'm worried what can cow? what can you say to reassure them that it will be okay and all right. >> preparation is key here. it is all about preparation. i have a few list of things for people to do healthy by american academy of pediatric. so, parents point out the positive, to going back to school. hey you will see your friend
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again, your favorite teachers, that is really important. also talk about the school they will be like. go through the school. they have a mcschool so they necessity what to expect. maybe a ten school orientation or tour schools so your child can get used to if they are going to a new school what environment they will be in. and then having a buddy around that first day of school can be helpful. >> it makes everything better. >> have your buddies nowadays, still good. it doesn't end in childhood. >> and often you think of kid getting nervous about going back to school at elementary school age but high school, college students going away, they can also, have anxiety. >> yes, sure. absolutely. thing about older children biggest thing is talking with your child about the next step and finding out what exactly is making them nervous. maybe having them talk to another student or person who has gone through college recently or in college or high school sometimes that can ease your nerves, but really about assessing where your child is at but having that
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conversation and understanding that that this can be a nerve racking time. >> homework i was so excited for the the first week but then after that that can be stress foot for a kid too wondering how much homework do i have can i get it done what do you tell your children. >> we're almost back to homework. hate to a but homework is good. parents, make sure you have a good environment for your kid. make sure you have a dedicated, quiet study space in the house. make sure no electronic, screen time, we talk about the internet and the phones and things like that, that should not be on than during homework. make sure you help your kid organize the homework they need to do and just sort offset boundaries and study times. make sure that is part of your routine. >> just couple seconds left goes beyond first day anxiety what should you do. >> parent you will node if you need to talk tour child's doctor if the anxiety or worries become prohibitive meaning the child's life ace affect by their worries, unable to participate in activities, go to school, the
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the way they should, that is when you have to talk to the doctor. >> doctor jen, thanks very much. as always great advice from doctor jen. 5:52. it is a big job keeping track of 17,000 april malls. how a zoo held it annual weigh in, yeah, that sound like a tall task. but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3. stay with us.
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speaking of waves, just did a little surfing yesterday, but, not where you may imagine. it was actually on dry land, coming up tomorrow, we will tell you a all bit, surf's up because it is get this friday. just because summer is ending doesn't mean you cannot hang ten. you can catch a wave as i said, without the water. when i heard bit, i a had to check it out. wonderful alternative, and you get same benefits. >> there building balance and strengthening muscles part business and part fun. you have to laugh because you
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are pretend to go surf and there is no water. but, you know what tune in tomorrow lets see what this is all b we were talking bit earlier about how intensifies all of the work outs you are doing that you would do on ground, on this board, much more difficult. >> yes. one more thing to tell but, bigging day at london zoo, annual weigh in for creatures great and small. it involves 17,000 animals and make sure zoos database is up to date. most of the animals didn't mind being bribed with food. they probably enjoyed it. handlers say animals don't put up a fight but some are easier to weigh then others based on their size. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> cammals there for a weigh in. >> here, turtle. >> come on, turtle. >> yes. >> so cute. >> that is the speed for sure. >> coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" would you let your child get in the car with a stranger? of course not but we will tell but a new service that
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encouraging working parents to do just that. plus, we are live, ladies with the adventure aquarium in camden hanging with the hippos this morning. they are hosting first ever hippo awareness weekend. we will tell you all about that when we come right back. stay with us, good morning.
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this morning, we're remembering the talented and news reporter and photographer gunned down on live television. a memorial growing outside the station as they work as we hear from family and friend about the lives lost too soon. new this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a killer after a man is found dead, inside of an apartment building. and the search is also on for three masked men who stormed a local 7-eleven overnight armed with guns. we will have have much more on those stories coming up. todays, it is tuesday, august 27th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. i'm not alone this morning. we will get a check of weather and traffic with meisha and kyla, good morning, ladies. >> good morning. we're almost to the weekend. i'm sharing the load with you, kyla, good news, for everyone, it is looking great in the traffic department as well. >> hey, keeping up with the weather, meisha. >> i try. >> i just want to say it is a beautiful morning because it ,


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