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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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tracking the tropic, radar shows tropical storm erika is not at atlantic where it is already responsible for four deaths. at this hour, florida has already declared a state of emergency. we will have the latest there. first good afternoon to you thanks so much for being with us i'm nicole brewer. pat and erika are off this noon. talking tropical storm erika, folks down south hoping for the best but bracing for the worst. governor of florida declaring a state of emergency as
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residents prepare for a storm that could hit at hurricane strength as soup as monday. correspondent marry bell rodriguez reports from miami. >> reporter: tropical storm erika hit puerto rico on friday, storm with wind up to 50 miles per hour, knocked down trees and power lines on the southern part of the island. but the storm caused deadly flooding and mud slide thursday on the caribbean island of dough minute nick as, rivers overflowed in the street. the building collapse as water crashed into its foundation, erika could intensify in the category one hurricane by the time it reaches east coast of the united states. >> this is where it gets tricky as we head into late sunday, monday, possibly tropical storm quarter moving across south florida by monday morning and riding up the spine of the state of florida. >> reporter: florida declared a state of emergency as it gets ready for its first hurricane in this decade. here in miami dade local concrete company is giving out free sandbags to residents and they have prepared for tropical storm erika, as you
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you can see residents are taking advantage of this more than a thousand bags, have been given out. >> just in case, we're getting ready, because it says that it will come with lots of water. >> reporter: and crews have been setting up pull tops keep water from flooding miami beaches. marry bell rodriguez for cbs news, west miami. much different scene here in our neighborhood such a beautiful morning, this morning. "eyewitness news" there on the steps on the art museum, if you are in exercising programs today do it somewhere with a great view and that is what they d i know kyla knows what i'm talking about in the cbs-3 weather center. you have been bringing good news for days now. >> yes, just stunning this week. biggest factor is that humidity level. it is just lovely walking out the door. we have that again today but it will change. the since we were talking about tropical storm erika i will get an update where it is right now and what we can expect. the lets start with that. notice everyone in miami
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getting ready even though this may in the turn into a hurricane may stay a tropical storm, storm surge is a huge threat. they are sand bagging and getting ready. tropical storm erika, 50 miles an hour sustained wind. it is traveling along and at this point not really expect to make hurricane status but expect to track right through center of the florida. so there are a few hurdles that i have to get over. one is geography in the dominican republic, they have mountains there. that could certainly slow them down. take a look at the rainfall total. this is what they are expecting. on the eastern coastline we could see four to 6-inch rain mark, storm surge very dangerous where wind pushes water up to the shore in low lying area in florida can get in big trouble real fast. we are not having that trouble now. look at rehoboth. 71 degrees. the beautiful sunshine. seventy-nine in center city. look at the that number just 39 percent humidity. fantastic. we will will see highs in philadelphia of 84. shore 78 degrees. sunshine in the poconos at 74. heat is coming, nicole.
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i will be back to talk about when it shows up and how long it lasts, back to you. >> kyla, thanks. talking about a dramatic scene in the bustleton neighborhood of philadelphia, a parked suv is mode over by another car. now police say driver of the vehicle was transported to the hospital after a turn from bloom field avenue to the 8600 block of verree road, and ending in this high piling crash. the owner of that car apparently home at the time of the accident. >> shook the whole house. we hear, there is tons of accidents that happen here all the time so we figure another accident out front. i popped my head out, and seen the car looking at me in the face. very alarming. >> car looking you in the face, never good news. there is no word on the condition of the driver but eyewitnesses say he appeared to be conscious after the crash. hopefully that is some good news. another crash to tell but, this one in the wood off of chalfont and red lion road in moreel park overnight. workers had to pull that vehicle from the brush. the the driver, a man in his 30's was taken to aria
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torresdale. police have have not released his condition. search is on for former prison inmate who stole a car and crashed tonight south philadelphia. this began with the traffic stop at 19th and camac streets involving this black mustang. now instead of the cooperating was pulled over police say that driver sped off. then crashed his vehicle. when police were right behind him suspect then carjacked a nissan with two women inside. short distance away suspect abandoned that car and took off running. woman in the nissan were not injured. police say they know exactly who they are looking for because apparently he left behind his prison issued id card. that will get you have time. take a look at this surveillance video showing a jewelry store heist in hamilton mercer county. video shows two masked bandits braking in through a side glass window wednesday morning. the once inside that store on quakerbridge road they have smashed several displays and stole several thousand dollars in jewelry. they got away in a dark colored four door vehicle
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parked in the lot just across the street. 12:05. former president george w. bush returns to new orleans to mark tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. accompanied by his wife lauer, the former president, met with students at a high school there. he visited that school on the first anniversary of the storm back in 2006. later today the the bush's will be in gulf port, mississippi for an event honoring first responders. president obama visited new orleans yesterday, he spent time touring some of the neighborhoods there devastated by katrina's storm surge. the the federal government has powered billions of dollars in recovery efforts. the president promised the country that he will protect the sit a against the next storm. well, president obama ace hoping to alleviate concerns of jewish people in the relation to the the iran nuclear agreement. he will speak on the web cast this afternoon addressing worries from the jewish community. israeli government has opposed the deal saying it could lead to nuclear armed iran. mr. obama says inspections are
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comprehensive enough to prevent a disaster. we now know it was a gunshot to the head that killed reporter allison parker and cameraman adam ward. officials made that announcement this morning. meantime husband of the third victim vick are are i gardener says his wife was shot in the back as she dove for cover. gardener lost a kidney and part of her colon in that attack. late last night wdbj sent an employee to the crime scene with the sad task of recovering a satellite truck left there since parker and ward were killed. also businesses are reopening today at the virginia shopping plaza where that ambush was carried out. correspondent craig boswell has the very latest. >> reporter: bridge water plaza reopened this morning in virginia since first time sinned murder of two young journalist. many business owner says they are ready to return to normalcy. >> it has been a long two days. i was happy to get back here this morning. >> reporter: at the entrance on the shopping center, well wishers are leaving flowers and momentoes for reporter
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allison parker and cameraman adam ward. the realtor mike pagan is taking it hard. murders happened outside his business. >> it hit me as soon as i hit the parking lot, that, you know, that lady was only 24 years old, prime of her life. some idiot takes her out. >> reporter: parker and ward were ambush at this spot during an interview about tourism in the area people hearsay two victims will not be forgotten. investigators say suspect vester flannigan tried to make a getaway with a gun, ammunition, additional license plates, and a potential disguise, flannigan, a former reporter, at wdbj who went by the the name of bryce williams later killed himself after a police chase. they gather outside cbs facility in roanoke for a stop the violence candle light vigil, as life slowly returns to normal in this community, many hope the deaths of these
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two young co-workers cut down in their prime will bring some change. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, of the news crew killed, as we learn more details we will bring them to you on tv and on line at cbs coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a big day for volunteers at philadelphia's schools, how they are getting ready for the new school year. new fall out from the ashley madison hack, we will tell you about the big announcement that the company just made. and there are still places to stay for people coming to philadelphia to see pope francis, we will have details on that, when we return, stay with us.
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and welcome back. more fall out from the ashley madison hack, the the company's ceo noel beaderman has stepped down. his departure was a mutual decision according to the web site parent company, avid live media hackers breached avid life systems earlier this summer but just recently released information of millions of its members. and if you have concerns about getting around or maybe finding somewhere to stay during the papal visit, well, so far demand isn't as high as first hype. despite what you may have heard hotel bookings have been modest we're told. if you want to see pope francis in person there are plenty of rooms a available
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and septa has bunch of regional rail passes as well. 200,000 to be exact which is about half of the 350,000, put up for sale. >> the reason why we have not sold out, it might be apprehensive. i necessity there is vacancies in hotels downtown. >> empty hotel rooms and private vacancies are forcing some to drop their rates by more than 50 percent. so perhaps less expensive for you. at this point we are just 29 days away from the pope's arrival here in philadelphia as we count down to the historic visit. stay with "eyewitness news" on tv and on line on cbs an autopsy will be done today on former nba legend darryl dawkins, one day after he passed away. sports community is remembering dawkins whose backboard bashing, slam dunks will live on in the memory of sports fans, a across the country. the one and only chocolate thunder from the planet lovetron came to the sixers in 1975 straight out of high school. his talent, enthusiasm made
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him a fan favorite. he spent seven of his 14 nba seasons right here in philadelphia actually. dawkins died from a heart attack yesterday at the age of 58. as you can imagine, folks reacting to the news on twitter, nba first round pick karl anthony towns says dawkins was a first family friend. i'm going to miss you so much, uncle darryl. there will never be another chocolate thunder. allen iverson tweeted saying condolences to the family of the darryl dawkins a great man, your smile, personality, energy will truly be missed. other nba players acknowledged dawkins impact on the game, kobe bryant, who grew up in lower merion here locally, used the hashtag darryl dawkins and chocolate thunder. now eagles great brian dawkins tweeted saying man, this really hit close to home. rest in peace darryl dawkins. that included quite a few hash tags in, tribute of the iconic player. he will be missed. still a ahead on "eyewitness news" stock market tries rallying in the the weekend after a bearish weeks.
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speaking of bears, nice transition there, national the zoo just revealed the gender of the new panda cub. so is it a boy or girl panda? we will find out, straight ahead. kyla, i know you are dying to know. >> yes, with baited breath i will be waiting to discover. >> i have got discovery for you. we have a nice day but some heat on the way, i'm talking 90-degree temperatures and humidity. i have your forecast for your weekend when we come back. stay with us, "eyewitness news" at noon wi
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we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. welcome back. investors hope wall street can close out the a wild week, on a positive note. stocks opened up lower this morning, in early trading, after massive gains wednesday and thursday. financial stocks were among the biggest losers, stocks fell helpful lit in the first two days of trading this week on concerns about the health of china's economy. if i had to put my money anywhere, it would be on the forecast lately. >> that is a good transition, definitely like. that she's a pro did you see
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that. amazing. >> it has been incredible. >> it has. this is perfect weather if you could bottle this up. >> get it on wall street, go public with the company. >> exactly. >> bundle of money. >> we can't do that but today will be gorgeous, rest of today but after that we have some heat to deal w you say august is almost over but heat not done with us just yet. lets look at what is happening to take. now, this is ocean city. this is rather ocean city, right. and you can see what is happening here. look at all of the people, that are in the water. that tells you a couple things, right? it tells you that you and i should be at the the beach. that is number one thing. we should be there getting in the water, nicole but it also tell you that water is pretty warm because it is near the end of the summer. temperatures are very pleasant. you will not go crawling in there if it is freezing. look at these people having a great time enjoying the day and we will see more sunshine as we head toward weekend. so today, the checklist of what is happening, sunny skies, we have got warm
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temperatures, low humidity and light wind. we call that perfect. new lets take that first one sunny skies, looking at storm scan three. we have sunny skies, yesterday we have had clear radar but today it is even more clear. look at this barely a few high clouds in new york state but that is it. rest of the cloud pushed out to sea. we will have blue skies throughout the afternoon. temperatures, 79 degrees in philadelphia 75 allentown. look at atlantic city they have hit 80-degree mark. that is why they are jumping in the water. if you are staying in the city and have some pools this have afternoon great day, we have lots of sunshine and that is our high today, 84 degrees. perfect really. this is the story that is coming next, we are at that average high today of 84 but as you can see sat kay, sunday in the upper 80's. we will get more steamy next week and we will get 90's rolling in. why is that happening. our jet stream hid egg to the north opening up the door for warm, moist flow to track in and that is going to bring hot air toward us, not just in the weekend but into wednesday,
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all of that heat coming in. this has a little bit of staying power which, you know, we have not seen that in a while. it will be a stretch or four or five days of warm 90-degree heat. at the shore getting warmer not so bad. we have been in the upper's, and lower 80's for friday and saturday, track into sunday at 84 degrees. a few cloud though sunday night to look out for. first part of the day will be great. if you go hiking in the poconos this is perfect, on saturday, 79 degrees and sunshine. few clouds to watch out for on your sunday but at 82-degree high, looking g we are under influence of high pressure. it track as cross here that keeps our skies blue. notice a low pressure system off to the north and west that will try to get its act together but i don't think it will make it. sun day at 5:00 writing light showers in western pennsylvania but it falls apart there, and you could see by the time we get to monday morning it doesn't look like anything tracking towards us here in philadelphia today beautiful sunshine 84 degrees. the get out and enjoy if you
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can. tonight nice and clear, comfortable. great night for a stroll. you can have your dinner outside, low of 65 and take a look at your seven day forecast, again, today it is a stunning day, beautiful, and bottle it up as nicole said, and sell it and make a million-dollar. look at what happens, we will warm up and note that is warm up is in one or two days. we have three days of potential 90-degree weather. then fourth one is 89. >> no, not really. >> your meteorology background, we may get insider training. >> yes. >> you are right. >> and, thanks for the forecast, looks like a great week all and all. >> little bit of heat. >> kyla, thanks. we're also talking about back to school members of the city year philadelphia kicking off a new school year with a pep rally with a pep in your step. they will be working in city public schools got the their rig red jackets. city year as part of the
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american core national service network tutors mentors and runs programs for students all in an effort to decrease the national high school drop out rate. so they are doing some incredible work. good for them. 12:22. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has more. >> reporter: time to go back to school, with your job search. whether you're looking to move positions within a couple or find something new here in the philadelphia area, you need to prepare. you need to brush up your resume and linked in profile. hr pros recollect medic spending time on writing a compelling head line. list your top skills, and, include a professional photo. next up, make your job search part of your routine. career experts say you should spend anywhere from 15 to 40 hours per week applying for jobs. talk to recruiters, attend social, professional networking activities, set google alerts for companies on your wish list and consider a
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role in classes or certificate programs to enhance your skill set. just like kid who can be reluctant to head back to the classroom try not to be too glum about reviving your search. reward may be a great new job. i'm's jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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national zoo has revealed the gender of the surviving panda cub. >> the panda cub is a male, and his father is, and second the deceased cub was also a male and also fathered. a little good news and sad news there. the the mother gave birth to the twin cubs last saturday but her smaller cub actually died four days later. zoo officials say final results of the cause of death are still pending, surviving cub is apparently doing well and growing and is now is a boy. >> can't wait to see that one kind of bigger, and healthy. >> big strong and momma bear hopefully doing well. >> so tiny. >> kyla, thanks. that is "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm nicole brewer. for kyla and all of us here, thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at the 5:00. we are always on line at cbs
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>> ashley: hi! >> abby: hi! >> ashley: i was having breakfast downstairs, and i decided since i was here, maybe we could drive to the meeting together, but it looks like you forgot all about it. >> abby: no, not at all. i have every intention of being there. >> ashley: really? since when are bikinis are the new business suit? >> abby: oh. [ chuckles ] i just like to have a good swim -- get my adrenaline up before i go into battle. >> ashley: you think this is gonna be a battle? >> abby: well, with both companies feeling so strongly about keeping chelsea's line, i'm just afraid it's gonna be a bloodbath. >> ashley: i'm kind of hoping you're gonna be on the right side. >> abby: and what side is that -- jabot? >> ashley: hi. >> stitch: ashley, hi. come by for a dip? >> ashley: uh, no. i have more important things on my mind, like... protecting my family's company.


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