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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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dropping off her three-year old son at kinder world day care, her teenage daughter called to say little darryl was at their side door, crying. >> i thought she was playing a joke. i could not believe that my son had made it back over here without anybody noticing at the school that he was gone. >> reporter: furious because it meant her son crossed busy hamilton avenue all alone, ortiz went right to the school to get an explanation from the director. >> she had nothing to say. other than just, give meehan apology and said it wouldn't happen again. that is all we can see. >> reporter: at the the front door and on the phone we could not get any response from kinder world. >> i cannot imagine. >> reporter: some people thinking kid could not imagine their little ones crossing a busy street like this all alone. >> that is nerve racking. i'm like no that is migrate niece and nephew's day care but i never had a problem before. >> reporter: ortiz filed a problem with the department of children and families. >> i'm mad. i just wanted them to come out and investigate there so it doesn't happen to anybody else. >> reporter: department of children and family say they do not comment on any
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investigations. they don't even acknowledge when a parent files an investigation. we're trying to get more on the history of this place but as of this afternoon in word on any, previous complaints. reporting live from hamilton township aim cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. philadelphia police identified a suspect wanted in the deadly hit and run of the two-year old boy. authorities are looking for this man 22-year old miggal colon, police say he was driving white infinity that hit young dave aid leash a and his 19 year-old mother crossing the street in kensington back in april. david's mother survived. the city is offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to colon's arrest and conviction. for second time in a week emergency responders were called to the delaware city refining company. three workers were rush to the hospital, after coming into contact with the chemical gas. a spokesmen for the the refinery says the the leak was contained within the complex and had no impact off site.
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you'll remember last friday, fire damaged a structure there but no one was hurt. tonight calls for change after what seemed like a disturbing trend in this baseball season. a phillies fan is latest to be injured by a foul ball at a major league stadium. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live with more on what some would like done to improve safety, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon. some say answer to this problem, i should say is simply to install more netting, especially along the first base and third base line, but the commissioner of the mlb says it is simply not that simple. >> you don't see it, but you hear the crowd's reaction. >> a female fan hit by a foul ball along the first base line just feet from where protective netting end. >> that foul ball slipped past the net and into the diamond club. >> reporter: fortunately the fan was not seriously hurt. >> round of applause is for the young lady heading up the
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stairs. she's on her feet. >> reporter: this incident happened the same night baseball commissioner rob manfred was at the stadium. >> we are looking at designs of all 30 stadiums. we are looking at things like people think you just put more netting up. you have to worry about things like camera wells, design of the stadium, unimpeded views. >> reporter: with multiple fan injuries this year alone commissioner manfred says safety is priority. >> our goal, it is to make a big presentation to the ownership group in november and hopefully be in a position to make change next year. >> reporter: former phillies player matt stairs believes the changes cannot come soon enough. >> they put a net or a screen up through would be surprised how many balls will get knocked down and it will protect the fans more. it is pretty scary. hopefully, nothing ever happens but a big bruce but there has to be something done. >> reporter: back here live we
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wanted to know what the fans thought. most fans say they are in favor of additional netting. they don't wanting to a game and have themselves or loved one hurt but other fans say they don't want additional netting. they want access to the players for autographs after the game for example and they want to be able to catch these foul balls if they are paying attention. we're live from south philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thanks very much. we are keeping an eye on tropical storm erika tonight churning toward the the florida mainland. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking the storm's path and, she has the the story now, kate. >> there has been a lot of uncertainty ever since we have been tracking it, ever since it form. now things have gotten more merky a a as this storm has taken a southerly track then what was initially predicted by national hurricane center. that will put it over hispaniola and now we are seeing circulation weak when this system. very disorganize storm. still not 100 percent certain this storm will survive as it
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moves through caribbean and fit does it will be in a weaken state but it could redevelop in the warm waters off the coast of florida early next week. erika, got a rot of problems right now this storm is struggling, but it is still bringing heavy rain ape flooding to portions of his pan yoel, lesser antilles and portions of cuba. right now wind are miles an hour with gusts to 65. here is storm and track as it moves into the cuban mainland. by sat the day afternoon it is expect to weaken into a tropical depression. then it will move in the warm water of the gulf of mexico. fit moves back over land sooner, then it will probably stay a a depression but could turn back in the tropical storm before then weakening into a tropical rain storm over florida, by the middle of next week. if it does not pack as much of a pun much as we thought it would it would be a beneficial rain storm for a area that does need rain. storm scan three we are looking fine at home. temperatures looking great as well. we have got no problems. it does no look like erika
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will not impact us either. great news. eighty-three in philadelphia 81 in millville. seventy-seven in allentown. we are heading to the 60's overnight but then it all changes. we will talk about a warm up and heat wave in the seven day forecast, i will that have in a few minutes, ukee. >> thank you, kate. we have learn this evening that one of the people killed in last night's fatal southampton accident was a local teacher. allison mcginnes a middle school teacher in pemberton township is recollect as warm and caring. she was jogging on route 206 when she was struck by a truck. pass evening inner that car davidal dridge was also kill. an investigation into the crash continues. police are on the manhunt this evening after a carjacking and crash in south philadelphia. it began with the overnight traffic stop involving this mustang at 19th and camac streets. instead of the cooperating police say the driver took off and crashed with a police close behind, the suspect carjacked a nissan with two women inside. at fifth and shunk the suspect abandoned the car and took off on foot. woman were not hurt. police say they know who they
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are looking for and the suspect is a former inmate who left behind a prison issued id car. one driver caused a messy pile up in philadelphia's bustleton avenue neighborhood. police say a driver of the chevy suv was transported to the hospital after a turn off the 8600 block of verree road ended in this high pile on crash. owner of that car was sleeping at home when the accident occurred. >> it was alarming to be woken up at 7:30 in the morning with the loud bang. shook the whole house. is there tons of accidents that happen here all the time. we figured another accident out front. i popped my head out the the front door and seen a car looking at me in the face. >> reporter: flies word on the condition of the driver but eyewitnesses say he appeared to be conscious after the crash. the city of philadelphia welcomes a new graduating class of police recruits. >> just like other big cities across the country the department is embarking on a new effort to make sure their officers reflect the communities that they serve. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has that story.
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>> reporter: pomp, prestige and pride, one moment young men and women handed immense power and charged with the weight of incredible responsibility. >> that is why we're all here today. we know we can make a difference. >> reporter: brand new officer brian strong is exactly what the department is looking for, young african-american, dedicated to community policing, in an era when his new bosses, say that those traits are hard to find. >> we're having trouble recruit nothing general but specifically minorities and women. >> reporter: police commissioner charles ramsey overseeing graduation of class 372, out of the total 57 graduates, 49 were white, 26 minorities and only 13 women. percentage is here reflect what is happening overall. in the latest test, the department business 57 percent white, 33 percent black, 8 percent hispanic and 78 percent male. compare that with the city which as of 2013 was about
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36 percent white, and minority groups making up 64 percent. >> we want a diverse work force, the best we can, so it takes a diverse effort to try to really attract people. >> reporter: that effort spearheaded by ten men and women making up retooled philadelphia police recruiting unit. >> we could always use more women and more minorities in the department. >> reporter: sergeant robert ryan is heading up the unit and he is getting more aggressive by canvassing specific neighborhoods, reaching out to groups like the naacp and advertising more competitive incentives like college credits acceleration, all in the effort to find, mentor and empower as many brian strongs as possible. >> it is just about who is applying. i see the change. it is definitely a change. >> reporter: from the campus of temple university, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" why is a local hospital trying to get its hands on a huge collection of confiscated
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wines. we will uncork this bizarre story when we come back. you can register to vote in pennsylvania without leaving the couch, we will show you how, leslie. well, eagles will be playing their third preseason game of the season usually this is one where starters get most playing time but however, the third preseason game was where quarterback tore his acl last season? so how much will he even play a against packers? we will hear from him and find out what he hopes to accomplish.
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new at 6:00 a local hospital wants wine, 1400 bottles of it. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us the hospital wants to prevent money from going down the drain. >> reporter: even an amateur someone knows that the good stuff typically has to be fetched from a back room. >> so this is a very good year for these wines. >> reporter: to find this selection we had to travel to new jersey, in pennsylvania, the state buys its wine largely in bulk so finding a rare vintage would be wear to
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say the the least. last year a chester county attorney had to fork over a collection worth over $100,000 after police say he and his wife illegally transported in from new jersey, and then distributed it, a fact they distribute. but this month couple settled with the state and was able to reclaim half of the collection. that leaves 1,404 bottles of rare vintage wine and what would make a better home for that then chester county hospital. wine is currently stored in a police evidence room. >> the the police department has those wines and they are not properly stored, they could diminish the value. >> reporter: but little known legal loop hole, could allow it to be turned over to the hospital n a statement, the couple's attorney say that their client hope that the remaining wine will be donated to an appropriate entity that could benefit from its sale rather than it be destroyed. the chester county hospital would be a worthy recipient. a judge will decide if that is possible next week or if the hospital could use tonight other ways.
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foreign enthusiasms yas that makes the idea of the trip to the hospital, a little bit less painful. alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in campaign 2016, speculation is heating up that vice-president joe biden could enter the democratic presidential primary to face hillary clinton. today delaware senator tom carper told us who he would support during a visit to our cbs-3 studio. >> if joe gets into it, i would stay with joe. i think our country would be great to have either one of them, lucky to have either one of them lead us, so we will see what happens. >> senator carper also says he is happen that i donald trump is in the republican race because the billion air is providing a lot of pleasure for supporters on his side of the aisle. pennsylvania now has on-line voter registration and went live yesterday, by end of the day, 662 people had to take advantage of the system. that makes pennsylvania the the 23rd state with on line
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voter registration and we have set up a link at cbs we must have a driver's license or penndot id card to complete that process. as a new school year gets underway city year members are pull topped begin service. group kick off with a pep rally. 205 members working in city public schools got their signature red jacket. city year which is part of the american core national service network works to decrease the national high school drop out rate, and this year, the organization has a lot planned. >> our members will help the district, our partners, and help students stay on track to great ways. we will be in the classrooms this year, tutoring, mentoring, great role models, running after school programs to help those students out. >> that is what it is all about right there. city of philadelphia is in the 18th year of full-time service in the philadelphia public schools. wonderful to sianni hear. >> that ace i great group. they make a real difference in classes. these kids give up job offers all these different things to
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go into these schools. >> yes. >> so it is great. good luck to them. hopefully they have a good year. we will get, some relief here weather-wise. >> but it is still summer. if you go back to school next week, it will be hot. no fall clothes just yet. you will want summer gear because we are right back in the summer-like heat wave as temperature head toward 90 by sunday and they may stay in the 90's through next wednesday. but temperatures will be above average tomorrow, all the way through the seven day forecast. looking outside, our spring garden camera from our studios here on spring garden street looking east toward river and towards the the new jersey side of things. you can see blue skies, puffy cumulus clouds. it is a beautiful evening to be outside and storm scan three looking clear and dry, in problems outside right now. we are under a blocking ridge of high pressure staying overhead into next week. further that high flips hotter it will get. temperatures very comfortable. eighty-three at the airport. seventy-nine in reading. eighty-one wilmington. pair of seven's in allentown
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and ac airport lucky seven's. gambling in atlantic city, it is a beautiful temperature as well. high pressure slips off eastern see game. tomorrow is a nice day with relatively low humidity but we will get that southwest flow in here sunday and that will bring humidity backup and it will stay that way with this high overhead. we will pump this hot, moist air in, right into next week and temperatures will stay in the lower 90's, through wednesday. and here's the latest on tropical storm erika. tropical storm erika will be tracking over land, first west coast of hispaniola and east coast of cuba, that will significantly weaken the storm to a tropical depression briefly. it may restrengthen into this very warm water. look at that dark color there but will stay weak. we are not expecting a major strength evening with this. biggest threat will be with heavy rain. future rain into next week, most of the erika is on the east side of the storm. if it goes up toward tampa and inland florida it could spring, three, four, 5 inches
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to south florida and east coast of florida into next week but that would be worst of it. we are not talking about major wyndam age or storm surge with that storm. of course, that is good news. still stays weak impact will be less and parts of the area do need rain. overnight in our area closer to home it is nice. sixty-four. best part about erika weakening and moving further west means it is unlikely to be any sort of the impact maker for us in philadelphia or jersey shore. saturday's forecast, here in the city 88. mostly sunny, warmer but in the hot or humid. heading down the shore a beautiful weekend it will be. today is nice at 83. next couple days are in the mid 80's with lots of sunshine right through the weekend. you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, low to mid 80's through the weekend down the shore but close to 90 in the city. ninety on sunday. monday backup to 90 tuesday at 91. and then wednesday, still hot and humid with hazy sunshine. this looks like a mid-july weather pattern then late
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august early september weather pattern but i have a feeling it will break and we will be plunge right into fall weather, soon and it might take a while to recover from that. enjoy heat and humidity. that is no the based in fact. it just seems like it is hot and then it just breaks. >> thanks, kate. we appreciate it. "cbs evening news" is just minutes away. >> maurice duboise joins with us that. >> hi, maurice. >> hi ukee and guess contact we have a milk verdict in the rape trial of the former prep school student, we will break down the decision. for the the first time we will hear from the wdbj employee who first spotted the virginia gunman in the moment after the shooting. and steve hartman on the road to recovery in new orleans, it is all just ahead on
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cheese stake land in cleese land. >> i'm excited.
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>> i'm excited too. >> it is a biggie. the eagles have landed. birds arrived in green bay this afternoon. tomorrow night they will take on the packers in that all important third preseason game but big question about the game is how much will sam bradford play? he only had one series last week begins baltimore. he did well, took a couple big hits. traditionally the starting quarterback plays in the third quarter but chip kelly would not say, bradford, however wants to be out there. >> the big thing, is getting into a rhythm. last week we played one drive, it was great but nice to go on the field multiple times, establish that rhythm, come over, like you said, work on communication with the line, receivers, talk about what we are seeing on the field. when it gets to the regular season that is in the something we are not trying to work through. >> phillies begin three game series with the padres tonight at the ballpark. aaron nola on the mound for phillies. last night phillies lost to the mets. check this out, jeff francoeur lines it off the foot of the first base man who dives for
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it, flips to torres for an out. amazing play. phillies, are glad mets levittown after a four game sweep. they won nine-five in 13 innings. phillies making changes to the pitching staff, they have called up alex asher, one of those prospects acquired in the cole hamels deal. he will start on sunday to make room on the rotation phillies moved jerome williams to the bull pen where he will be available tonight. he struggled this season. he lost three straight decisions. close to 15,000 fans on hand to watch triple crown winner american pharoah work out, just work out. he is in saratoga springs for traverse steaks tomorrow. it is second race he will run after winning the triple crown, the race hand has been sold out for weeks. >> not too often you get to see a triple crown winner. >> everybody wants a peak. >> yes. you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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thanks for watching eyewitness news at 6:00 we will back the at our sister station cw philly at ten and back here on cbs-3 after the game. up next "cbs evening news". tonight the a state of emergency as florida prepares for tropical storm erika. steve hartman is on the road, in new orleans, lower ninth ward where one resident became a beacon of hope ten years after hurricane katherine a maurice duboise anchors now from new york. we will see you later on tonight.
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>> dubois: the prep school rape trial. the verdict is in. also tonight, erika hits the caribbean. it could soon be heading for florida. the tv news editor who saw what viewers did not. >> i said, "adam's dead." i saw a figure. i saw sparks, and i saw this coward shoot him pointblank. >> dubois: and steve hartman with burnell cotlon. he wantyou to know his new orleans is back in business. >> you could go anywhere but you came here. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> dubois: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm maurice dubois. there is a verdict tonight in a case that has once again put a national spotlight on sexual assault on campus. former prep school student owen


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