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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> we don't know what is going on inside somebody's head. you can have a ph.d. and nobody knows what is going on inside somebody's head except for that person. >> reporter: that person according to police is 36 year-old dared berk. when officers fired back he was hit in the elbow. he was later got out treated for his injuries and then charged with the crime. handily says his department requires that vests are worn on duty but that is not the case every where and especially not during sweltering summer months. >> for lack of the bet ever terms it is like wearing a girdle all day. >> reporter: as cumbersome they may be, he strapped his on for 18 years and will continue to so-so once he returns to duty. >> my goal, it is to get back to work. the it is what i get paid to do love to do i and i will continue to do. >> reporter: just last week chester county investigators say that a ballistics vest actually protected an officer from a knife attack inside of that courtroom. they have multiple uses but
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they cannot protect against all kind of weapons. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". vehicular homicide and dui charges are filed against a man who hit and killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer and then fled the scene. police say suspect lewis vogwill got out of his car after hitting officer pool yesterday in oxford circle and then, got back in and sped away. less than a mile away and neighbors tell us that they are stunned. >> seeing that he hit the guy and got back in and took off, i mean that is a disgrace. >> senseless thing. it is devastating. it is a blow to the police department. >> reporter: officer pool was an 18 year veteran of the force. developing right now a funeral home under investigation, in west philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live from 53rd and vine with more on why officers showed up this afternoon, david? >> reporter: jessica, if you look at the building behind me
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it is called hawkins funeral services but we are told that building is not licensed to handle funerals. the the funeral director his name is blair hawkins but we're told he has license but funeral parlor does not have a license. we have video of mr. hawkins leaving the establishment after police got a tip that there were three bodies inside, one was inside a coffin. it appears there were services that just happened. other two bodies were decomposing. now we're also told by police when dealing with the body that is decease todd prepare it for a funeral it needs to be at least 40 degrees or below in the room. authorities behind me say this was not the the case. they say it was much warmer inside. police are trying to put together a exactly what is going on here. meanwhile mr. hawkins, he went down in a squad car to police headquarters. he says he has done nothing wrong. take a listen. >> i a assured them that i will follow through with them. i'm a licensed funeral director, licensed in
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pennsylvania and in new jersey. i will follow through with my funeral work. >> reporter: these conditions are horrible, unacceptable behavior ape these directors, need to understand, you need to be licensed and parlor need to be licensed and you should not do that because you are collecting money to ensure a proper burial takes place for anyone who dies. >> reporter: at this point blair hopkins is not under arrest but he does face charges possible corpse abuse. we don't know about that yet. nor do we know anything about the families behind me. neighbors are upset to hear there was a funeral home operating illegally in their neighborhood. after all these people, jessica, walk by just a few days ago on saturday and they thought a funeral happening inside. we will continue to follow this for you and bring you new details tonight. we're live from west philadelphia, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. little surprise downpour in center city today. people caught up in a preponderance up storm running to get out of the rain in spring garden. meteorologist justin drabick is on the sky deck but but
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right now it is dry. >> it is steamy, especially in that suit say surprise shower didn't cool us off but just added more humidity to the air. pretty nasty. it will stay muggy, too over next several days. we are talking about heat wave. yesterday we made it to 91. today officially 90. tomorrow well in the 90's. that is day number three. that is our fifth of the season. it looks like the the 90's extend through the week. we are talking about a extended heat wave as we head in the month of september. these were the highs, atlantic city airport inland at 91 degrees. allentown, reading, and trenton, all hitting the 90-degree mark. keep in mind we should be in the lower 80es a. right now still very warm. upper 80's in the lehigh veil, berks county, dover delaware at 85. somewhat comfortable 84 in millville, new jersey. southwest wind at new jersey shore, ocean water in the the mid 70's. air temperature still warm. low in the mid 80's at this hour with sunshine and clouds. is there enough humidity out there to still bring a heat up
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decks. upper 80's to lower 90's in some spots. mostly spotty showers we have had earlier. they have died down. partly cloudy skies tonight. again through the evening hours, temperatures stay warm in the mid 80's for dry conditions. even hotter conditions for middle of the week. we will show you what to expect in the seven day in a few minutes. back to you. a montgomery county attorney is under arrest, accused of sexually assaulting a client. vincent sirillo junior is facing several charges including rape and sexual assault for an incident in west norriton township earlier this month. victim says that the alleged rape occurred after she hired him to represent her. he was arraigned today and is now out on bail. today many students in the delaware valley packed their backpacks and put on their uniforms for the first time since june. "eyewitness news" at our lady of port richmond regional catholic school where first day of classes began. very excited students and parents were greeted by school administrators as they headed in, bright and early, this morning. have a great year. good luck to you all. important news for drivers
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in new jersey now, the the states new child passenger safety law goes into effect tomorrow. new rule means all children who are eight or younger and weigh less than 80-pound must ride in a booster seat. and babies and toddlers to have stay in rear facing car seats until they are two years old or 30 pounds. if you are caught breaking the the law fines range from 50 to $75. a nice surprise for drivers in south jersey as gas prices dipped below $2 a gallon. we have found gas prices for 1.9 9a gallon at several stations around 70 and 73 around cherry hill and that is more than a dollar cheaper then what we were paying this time last year. lets look at what is happening across the area in terms of the average gas prices. average price in new jersey, about $2.11. drivers in delaware paying $2.29 a gallon and pennsylvania was highest prices, $2.49 a gallon. a big home coming for tonight in millville, new jersey for a little boy who went to california for surgery to save his vision. >> it is where he also got to
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meet his hero, mike trout, the the baseball star, also from millville, health reporter stephanie stahl joins us with the exclusive details. >> reporter: thinks a pretty special story. the family just got home after spending three weeks in california. that was the only place that offered hope to save the boy's vision. and it is also where our hometown hero is now playing ball. talk about a double header. eight year-old thomas walkup is seeing better hit baseball just weeks after surgery in california, to fix a congenital condition called, nystagmus where the eyes dart back and forth. >> the operation went okay. >> yes. >> reporter: didn't hurt. >> no, and i don't need to sit in front of the classroom, and i could feel like everybody else. >> reporter: third grader living in millville was able to see just some by turning his head. >> i was told there was nothing you could do. >> reporter: thomas's mom, susan, found a doctor at irvine medical sent their performed surgery that removed
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muscles that caused you eye to shake. >> number 27. >> reporter: week after the surgery thomas went to the california angels game and got to meet his hero baseball star, mike trout, hoist also, from millville, new jersey. >> he is telling me he will hit a home run. >> reporter: what was it like meeting him. >> it felt special. not too many people flew out to california to get to meet mike trout. >> reporter: it was trout's parents live in millville and know thomas family who set up the the meeting. >> it was pretty amazing. >> reporter: baseball all-star kick in $2,500 to help cover expenses for the family. susan says when thomas was able to really watch the game, that is when it started. >> overwhelmed me and being so grateful, humble, watching him say mom, look at this ball, it is going, every moment was just what appears to be. >> reporter: thomas's eyes are healing. the doctors say his vision should improve and he has big plans to follow in mike trout's footsteps.
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>> you will be a superstar. >> yeah. >> reporter: there he goes. now tonight thomas's sister is having a surprise welcome home party for him at the fire hall. people in millville are saying that they have two hometown stars. you know, this is an amazing story with the mom who said i will in the believe is there nothing that can be done for my son and she got something done. >> that is right. >> and that smile. >> isn't's adorable. >> yes. >> something special indeed. that was great. the city of philadelphia is taking steps to help business that is will be opened during the papal visit. today mayor nutter and others delivered opened in philadelphia kits to businesses that will be opened that week even. one of their stops was the wawa on 17th street. the open in phl kit contains signs, buttons and other items that will help businesses get the word out that they will be open during the visit. mayor says city is expecting a huge crowd. >> estimates based on previous events, again, this is in the exactly something that the rs
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vp too. what we are planning on is a million to a million and a half. that is what our plans are based on. how people get here, when they come, when they arrive we will see what happens. >> the open in phl campaign comes just days after city officials revealed their i'll be there campaign urging people to see the pope in person. and students are contributing to the world meeting of families in a big way. still to come on "eyewitness news", the cross about to go on display and special meaning for those who created it. and showcasing the cross over between religion and science, unique new display at a philadelphia museum, justin. all right. jet stream taking a trip well to the north and it stays up there, that means a lot of heat and humidity for start of september, i'll have full forecast, leslie. well, phils start a week long road trip tonight and chip kelly shedding light on the eagles injury situation, we will go one on one with tim tebow, i'll have that coming up later in sports.
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pope francis is visiting in 26 days and earlier the world meeting of families and youth congress will convene. >> rising in the center pete youth congress will be 10-foot cross shaped by students from mercy vocational high school. pat ciarrocchi tells thaws this cross carries a powerful message.
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>> reporter: mercy, pope francis speaks a lot about mercy, and now students at mercy vocational high school are opening a door to mercy, too. >> the pope on the stage in the united states, inside philadelphia, city that he loves. >> reporter: doorway to francis call for morsi is through ten the foot tall, 4-foot wide, white cross, designed and shaped by the carpetry students at mercy vocational. >> this cross will be the center piece, for the the world meeting of families, youth congress. >> reporter: the student and their partner teachers, opened their shop to the media to open and up veil the mercy prayer cross. the its curbed shape and its cross, within a cross, symbolizing a call to embrace those in need, with a merciful heart. >> we had research like the material that we had to use, we had to find that was durable to be able to have my fellow classmates and me work
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on it to be seen in front of the thousands of people. i'm proud of it. >> reporter: cross is developing pride among students but also a vessel for prayer and education. >> young people will be attending. hundreds of prayers to this center pete. >> reporter: post it note prayers, these students attached their, first. >> i will pray for the sick and home less. >> reporter: petitions, some might expect, but one we find, was filled with a child's pain for a struggling parent. the police pray for my dad so that he will realize that he really needs help from alcohol addiction. mercy, a cross, that is opening the door for hope. well, youth congress is expecting hundreds of nets from young people between ages of six and 17, will be joining their parents at the world meeting of families from the 22nd through the 25th of september. ukee. >> pat, i understand we are learning more about pope francis mass on the parkway. >> in fact, we are ukee, i
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have learned interesting fur about the language that he will use during the two masses here. now you have to remember pope francis is in the comfortable speaking english so he will use english a little but i have learned francis will celebrate masses using his native spanish and latin, which is the language of the catholic church. world meeting of families app will provide simultaneous translation but we will tell but that in the days to come, ukee. >> twenty-six days and counting, thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" for very latest, 26 days we will bring you update on air and our web sites at cbs meanwhile at contacted my of natural sciences is honoring 18th and 19th century clergy with a new exhibit. the clergy collections opened up this afternoon and tells story of clergy from different religion, and also research animal and plant specimens. some specimens are now on display and the exhibit is opened to the public, weekdays, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
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lets get our forecast now, yd is in for kate. all right, buddy. >> if you are a kid and you have to start school yet, living large, have fun, play some ball outside. enjoy it. time is running out, after labor day for a lot of people. if we have in the started already. lets go outside and hit the beach, go down to delaware and sussex county and live look at rehoboth beach from our baltimore plaza hotel. 84 degrees. not bad evening shaping up, clouds and some sunshine but overall a nice sunset on the del marva peninsula. southwest breeze at nine. keeping temperatures on the warm side. as far as 90-degree days, so far, here we are we have another one that is 30 on the season. still not close to 2010 where we are at 55, 90-degree plus days, that summer season. if you are not a fan of summer, waiting for fall we have a fall count down. seven days until labor day. twenty-three days until officially the fall season begins and how about that 61 days until halloween.
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we have halloween candy in the stores and then, still depressing for me talking about daylight savings time, ending. that is in 62 days and gets dark early. certainly signs of the cold season coming up. until then it just stays hot and humid for next week at least. 88 degrees current temperature in philadelphia. upper 80's in the lehigh valley. through new england, mid-atlantic, we are sitting in that warm humid air mass. those dew point temperatures really high. we were lucky past several days. new they are up around 70 degrees indicating a more tropical air mass and you just want to be inside with the air conditioning. quiet storm scan three we have some of the remnant moisture of erika, coming off the north carolina coast right now. for us just a few clouds stray sprinkle will and spot in the evening. the high pressure just locks over us for next several days allowing heat and humidity to stick around. typical midsummer forecast when we see that. as we approach mid 90's for middle of the week. the through the evening stray shower is possible, in mostly
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staying dry. not a bad ride in your morning work or school tomorrow morning. looking good with the sunshine in the afternoon. mostly sunny conditions. still dry for middle of the week wednesday with fair weather afternoon clouds. lets talk about this overall pattern. pick out with that jet stream is well to the north. look at the red indicating warm air it just sits over eastern u.s. and this is through wednesday, we will take tonight to labor day weekend. the jet goes further north just locking in the the above average temperatures. even though those 90's may back off it will still be warm this time of the year. warm and muggy, 73 for center city. cooler for suburbs, hot and humid for your tuesday up around 93 degrees. kiehl off down the shore mid 80's in the afternoon. sea breeze kicks in. wind does lighten up. lower risk for rip currents tomorrow but swim when life guard are on duty. here's extended forecast for heat wave number five, extended one in the the low to mid 90's for this thursday. slight chance for isolated shower or still on friday but not enough to mess things up,
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if we are trying to get in for labor day weekend. labor day weekend looking good. we are in sun mid 80's and labor day almost looking good. break out that barbecue enjoy. >> i like that advice, thanks. >> appreciate it. "cbs evening news" is minutes away. scott pelley joining with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and guess contact great to be with you in philadelphia here's "cbs evening news" tonight. suspect appeared in court today in connection with the case of the texas deputy killed execution style while pumping gas. plus, a fatal fall from the stands prompts new questions about the safety of ballparks. and do these tunnels hold the secret to a long, lost treasure of nazi gold. we will have those stories just ahead, on "cbs evening news".
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they are practice games but that winning feeling is being instilled in his players. >> i love it. >> one more preseason game and
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we're on our way. after a big win at lambeau field, bird returned home, short week of practice before thursday final preseason game with the jets. practice notes lane johnson number 65 right there tweaking a knee in green bay, that should be fine. kicker codey park i has a slight groin injury but he is also expected to be fine. kiko alonzo was a surprise scratch on saturday out with a knee injury and expects to be ready foresees on opener. no word whether he will be ready on thursday. >> will kiko play thursday night. >> we will make a decision on what they will do. it doesn't mean anything for me to say i want this or that. if someone can or can't go we will find out after we're done tuesday. bird made a fresh round of cuts on sunday. most notable name gj kenney. eagles roster stand at 78 players. they need to trim to it 57 by tomorrow at 4:00 o'clock. will tim tebow make the bird roster? i had a chance to talk to him today and here's a snipit
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where tebow talks about his admiration from the philadelphia fan base. >> i have had an opportunity to play awesome places who have had great fan bases but these fans come out, support, they cheer, and, that is awesome. it is exciting to see fans that care that much because you want to play good for them and you want to compete for them. >> phillies start a six game road swing in new york with the mets and during boston before coming home on monday. jared eichoff on the hundred dollars for phillies, aaron altear gets the third spot. and jeff francoeur plays right feel. cameron rupp behind the plate. 7:10 start. i like that rupp. >> you and tim tebow getting sometime. >> tim tebow time. >> he is the the nicest guy ever. >> yes. we will show you more. >> check you out. we will show you more. >> check you out. >> is there we will be right just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back on the cw philly at 10:00 o'clock and we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. coming up next, cbs evening news. he kept audiences screaming for four decade, scott pelley remembers wes craven, scott talks about that story and much more from new york. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: a search for the motive in the ambush of a veteran deputy at a gas station. the suspect was charged today with capital murder. also tonight, as the president visits alaska, we'll take you to the portage glacier to show you the dramatic effects of climate change. new questions about the safety of ball parks after a fatal fall. and a dark piece of history leads to a hunt for gold. >> do you think there's a train full of treasure? >> i hope so. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the suspect in the cold-blooded murder of a deputy sheriff in texas was taken to court today to hear the charge against him. tonight, investigators are trying to figure out why


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