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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 4, 2015 2:07am-2:36am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, scandal hits the rutgers university football team. five players are arrested accused in a series of crimes targeting their classmates. news of the arrests comes as rutgers gets set to open its season this saturday. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones traveled to the rutgers campus tonight and he has details of the investigation now from new brunswick, new jersey. >> reporter: five football players from the team have all
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been suspended and their legal troubles are just beginning. 20-year-old andre bogs of coatesville was stan out high school player who was expected to start at quarterback for rutgers this year but now his football career and freedom are in jeopardy. middlesex county prosecutors allege that bogs and four other football players were involved in various crimes in and around the rutgers campus. >> i would not expect rutgers to have this problem at all. >> reporter: bogs and former player tj johnson of egg harbor are a cued of forcing their way into a home here on hartwell street armed with a bat an knife. investigators 11 in april the two robbed a student of $900 undisclosed amount of marijuana. two and other players are accused of another home invasion in may. >> i think it's a little bit disrespectful for the school in general just because a lot of these students are getting scholarships to come play. so like to be involved in something like that like it kind of lowers the rutgers name. >> i think there's a stigma that a lot of our tuition goes to
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football players. they should be acting a certain way. >> reporter: rutgers athletic director julie herman released statement "we continue to monitor the situation. we will have no further meant as this is appending legal matter ". six other students were also charged in connection to surrounding a group of four people and assaulting them. one of the victims is a 1984 old student who suffered a broken jaw. so a total of 10 students here are now facing criminal charges that include robbery and aggravated assault. rutgers is set to begin they are football season on saturday. reporting in news brunswick, new jersey, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". we now have just 23 days until pope francis arrives in philadelphia for what is sure to be a historic event. and tonight there are new details surrounding the papal visit. meeting organizers announced to new opportunities to see pope francis up close. >> and they released more ticks to public events during his two-day visit.
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organizers scramble to calm fears after yesterday's news that you needed a ticket for some of the areas. 30,000 more tickets are now bergere lease leased to gain access from the area from north 20th street to the front of eakins oval. >> especially for saturday for the 26th. everybody who gathers on the ben franklin parkway will have an opportunity to see pope francis. >> the free tickets will be available online starting next week and there will be a four ticket limit for each event. we have also learned that pope francis will take part in two parades. one saturday and one on sunday. and we're also learning more about some of the entertainment to be featured during the papal visit. "eyewitness news" has confirmed aretha franklin perform during the historic event on the parkway also performing oprah singer andre ya bocelli with the philadelphia orchestra and latin sensation. >> today mark the grand opening of the knot at grat foe.
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it's wove ken with their thousand fabric strips. each strip has handwritten words of a person's struggles. the knotted grotto will remain up until the rental of the papal visit. >> stay with eyewitness for latest on the papal visits. we'll bring you updates on our and on our website cbs phil p.m. cot. >> row heff from the heat is on its way. with that comes spotty storms. meteorologist justin drabick is tracking where and when we might see this rain justin. >> jessica, that's good news. we certainly need rain. it's ban while since we had measurable rain. you have to go back to august 20th at philadelphia international airport. but we had couple of showers earlier tonight in the lehigh valley even one thunderstorm out in montgomery county now those have diminish check it out on storm scan3. and maybe just a stray sprinkle or two coming through surrounding suburbs of philadelphia right now but overall we'll keep things dry it's just humid still out here. that's the trend through about one more day. now today's high 96 degrees.
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that makes it the hottest day of 2015. average high 82 degrees. how about that? but this puts an end to our heat wave but even around the area no matter where you were it was hot. mid 90s in wilmington. atlantic city tied a record high 95 degrees at the airport. trenton also 94. upper 70s still low 80s in the warm spots low 70s in some of the suburbs. nice breeze off the atlantic ocean. keeps temperatures cooler at the shore but very muggy. tomorrow morning waking up sunshine, upper 70s by late morning early afternoon mid 80s but watch out for a scattered shower thunderstorm but notice those temperatures much cooler and that's the trend for labor day weekend. we'll get that seven day forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> see you then, justin. thank you. faculty and students are mourning the loss of a fellow teacher and a classmate at a burlington county middle school. both died just days apart unrelated car accidents. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco was there as the school community came together tonight to heal. >> reporter: the excitement avenue new school year was met with heavy hearts for ember been
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ton's middle school community on the first day back. >> very difficult. i can't by her miss mcginni mcg' classroom. i have to turn the other way. so many memories in that room. >> reporter: students and friends consoling each other as they remember janyah castle berry days from starting i wasth grade she died from injuries sustained in an accident. a week later her seventh grade teacher allison mcginnis was killed struck by vehicle while jogging. >> allison's students viewed her not as teacher but as friend. she inspired all of us. >> those who were privileged to know her will never forget her sparkling eyes and that million dollars smile. >> the fans were if you would with students and staff. they set a prayer and lit candles whose parents sat side by side in the front row recounting memories and holding
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back tears. students read poem allison wrote for her class. >> i say what i mean and mean what i say. i dream that one day i'll go dancing on the moon. >> they were in miss mcginnis' class together. >> she's like an angel in my heart now. she will always be with me. >> allison was laid to rest wednesday night on the eve of a new school year. both her parents and janyah's family say they are overwhelmed and their heart is full with the support they received from this community. still this loss has been too great to bear. in em pemberton, new jersey, diana rocco, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a viewing was held tonight for philadelphia police sergeant raphael ali the 10 year veteran of the force was killed last month in roxborough when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree. in manayunk tonight the greater philadelphia chapter of the national black police association gathered at a cigar bar to remember sergeant ali and philadelphia police officer
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lamar pool. pool was killed off duty when his motorcycle was struck by an alleged drunk driver. proceeds from tonight's event are going to the families of both officers. breaking right now two people including a pregnant woman have been shot in philadelphia. it happened on the 4100 block of paul street in frank for. chopper three is live over the scene. police say the 23-year-old woman was shot in the thigh. a 21-year-old man was shot in the back. both are at temple hospital in stable condition. police say they are reviewing surveillance footage to identify the shooter. a kentucky county clerk who refused to issue same sex marriage licenses is behind bars tonight. federal judge ordered kim davis to jail for contempt of court. davis defied multiple court orders since june. she says issuing same sex marriage licenses goes against her religion. >> a federal judge throws out tom brady's four game suspensi suspension. the judge said nfl commissioner goodell treated the new england
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patriots quarterback unif a fairly much the league has appeal the decision. brady has insisted he played to roll in conspiracy to deflate footballs for last season's a if. c championship game. brady will now be on the field next week for the patriots season opener. tonight was final preseason game for the eagles and they took on the jets in east rutherford new jersey. >> lots of jobs were one and lost tonight with fans focused on that third string quarterback battle. lesley joins us from metlife stadium with more on tonight's final exhibition game. lessly. >> ukee, you hit the nail on the head. high profile story line was between tim tebow and matt barkley. and matt barkley didn't get too many opportunities, tim tebow came out here and had his best game of the preseason so far. let's show you some of the highlights. matt barkley did get the start in the game and this was not a good one. second play of the game, barkley goes deep and it is an interception. barkley went four of nine for 45 yards and ain't interception. tim tebow comes up big finds
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rasheed bailey for 18-yard touchdown. then in the fourth, tebow throws into the end zone and finds freddie martino who makes unbelievable catch for the score. tebow was 11 of 17 for 189 yards. two touchdowns. and one interception. the eagles go on to lose this 124-18. we talked to tim tebow after the game and we asked if he was nervous about making the cut. >> i don't -- i said this a lot of times to you guys. i really genuinely mean it. i'm not going to worry about what i can't control. it's a blessing being able to come out here and play the game that i love and this is a lot of fun out there tonight. and, um, i had a blast. >> reporter: you know he look like he was having fun. he looked real relaxed. we'll hear more coming from chip kelly and his take on tonight's game coming up a little bit later in sports. back to you ukee and jess. >> lesley, thanks so much. all the games are for real now.
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yes, sir. >> the itchy eyes, runny knows it's that time of year again. >> this kills me. summer may be winding down but the fall allergy season is just getting started. still ahead at 11:00 we'll tell you about the number one culprit of those uncomfortable symptoms and what allergy sufferers need to start diagnose right now. justin. >> all right. things are quiting down a bit on storm scan3 but we'll be tracking some more showers as we head into friday and of course i'll show you that labor day weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. also, a local marine and uf -- asked ufc champion rhonda rousey to be his date for a big dance. she said yes but there's a catch. >> and bradley cooper is making splashdown the shore. where the act has been spotted as "eyewitness news" continues.
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south carolina prosecutor says she will seek the death penalty against dylan roof the suspect in the deadly charleston church
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shooting. roof fac faces federal and state charges for the june 17th killings at a.m. e church in charleston. investigation is underway tonight to fine out who defaced a black lives matter sign outside a south jersey church. that sign was vandalized when someone sprayed white paint making it read all lives matter. now parishioners at the unitarian congregation south jersey shore say they are receiving threats on social media. >> i think it was a cowardly thing to do. in the middle of the night coming in and spray painting with white paint so it really shows up. it was cowardly thing to do. >> during a ceremony last month, the double sided sign was unveiled by the predominantly white congregation. anyone with information is asked to contact the galloway township police. gop presidential front runner donald trump signed a pledge ruling out third party
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run to support the eventual republican nominee whoever it may be. the billionaire businessman announced his decision in a news conference today at trump tower in new york. it was there that trump sign the pledge can was given to him by the republican national committee chairman in the first gop debate last month trump refused to rule out a third party run. house panel today questioned a lawyer and long-time aid to hillary clinton. cheryl mills. the questioning lasted 9.5 hou hours. we're told mills was asked about mrs. clips to' private e-mail account and benghazi attack. brian bag leanne know who helped set up clinton's private e-mail server will testify before the congress but will plead the gym. >> on the cbs3 health watch night these final days of summer have ushered in a new allergy season ragweed is back and up to 30% of americans have hey fever which is an allergy to ragweed. health reporter stephanie stahl explains why sufferers need to take action now for fall. >> reporter: it's not just
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love in the air at love park. ragweed pollen levels are very high all over the philadelphia region. tra dig alley peaks around labor day. danny, is among the millions who suffer with fall allergies. >> it is sneezing, runny knows, sore throat, um, itchiness everywhere. there have been actually been times i've been bed bound if i didn't have medication. >> for people who have ragweed energies now is the critical time start taking your medications. antihistamines, nasal sprays and eye drops. >> people wait too long, and they wait until the very symptomatic and start taking medicines but you're kind of behind the eight ball because you're trying to catch up. >> reporter: experts say most people who are allergic to spring plants also react to ragweed in the fall. >> with global warming and just climate changes, the allergy season is now longer. >> reporter: danny takes over the counter medication but that hasn't been enough to keep her allergies in check. she started getting allergy
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shots three months ago. >> i actually think they've controlled my symptoms. there's just no point in suffering. >> reporter: ragweed pollen goes away with the first frost usually sometime in october. but experts recommend continuing medications for a few weeks because the pollen can linger even if it's not in the air. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". the made in america festival returns to philadelphia for its fourth year. preparations are underway on the ben franklin parkway right now for the two-day music event created by rapper jay-z beyonce' is head lining saturday and on sunday the weekend will be stage. other artists include meek mill and x well and end gross so to name future several roads will be closed along and surrounding the parkway starring tomorrow until tuesday september 8th. you can expect delays if you are driving around the art museum area week glenn camden county man serving our country turned to social media to score a big date for the marine corps ball.
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u.s. marine jared, of stratford used facebook to ask ufc rhonda rousey to go with him as date. his video went viral and rousey said yes. we talk with him via skype about his reaction when he found out she agreeing to. >> i turned on some happy music that pharrell song i'm so happy or whatever it is and i was dancing i was round my room. i couldn't contain myself. >> he's been in contact with rousey's people and hopefully he'll be able to talk directly with her soon. rousey also wants him to find some dates for her friends. he says, it's not going to be a problem. (laughter). >> he's got a lot. >> and rhonda doesn't feel like dancing too much, don't argue. do not argue. >> that's right. workers at a jersey shore ice cream shop got quite the treat when a surprise visitor stopped by. >> how about this? jenkintown native bradley cooper posing with worker at richmond's ice cream in brigantine last night. the brigantine chamber of commerce post the the picture on facebook. they said you just never know who you'll run into there.
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there have also been reports cooper is hanging out in ocean city. i love about that about coop. he comes home. he comes home. >> yes. there are sighting of him all the time. >> all the time. >> ice cream tonight sounds pretty good. >> sounds great. >> still pretty nass team muggy but we'll cool it down a little bit as we header into the holiday weekend and of course the rain. it's been awhile. caught a break from cut the grass. the grass isn't growing right now. a couple shower chances in our forecast and of course we head no labor day weekend looking good. but let's see what happened today across philadelphia. we'll take you out to west philadelphia this is the global leadership academy school on our neighborhood network i got a time lapse loop set up from about nonnies afternoon through the -- through about 7:00 o'clock and again a lot of sunshine not a whole lot of clouds. that's what helped us boost the temperature up to 96 degrees officially that's the high today in philadelphia making it the hottest day of the year. so again heat wave number five. we'll put an end to it f do you like the 90s this it.
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this was the core of it. low and mid 99s the past few days. tomorrow we're talking about 80s returning to the forecast. 81 right now. very warm and muggy in philadelphia at the airport. wilmington, delaware also 81. lower 70s and cooler suburbs. still humid through the overnight hours and again tomorrow but not quiet as bad as it was today. and then pleasant conditions really set up for saturday and sunday. so if you have outdoor plans. holiday weekend it's great no matter where you are. it's been dry. we can use some rain. been since august 20th since we had measurable rain. abnormally dry conditions for much of new jersey. so this is not drought status the exception northern new jersey that would be level one drought status but overall we're still okay but we can use some rain and we have a shot tomorrow. the reason there's a front which is starting to move southward cutting across southern new england right now not a lot of activity showing up along the front now but tomorrow once you get the heating of the day, we'll see some scattered showers and storms. here's that front it moves in from the north out ahead of it we were hot today in the mid 9
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90s. highs only in the 70s up in new england today. behind the front. this front pushes through tomorrow. we get more of a northeasterly wind flow so that ocean is in the 70s. that's why we start to see cooler temperatures. that sticks around through much of the holiday weekend. all right. toll morning, if you're traveling getting out of town early it looks good. sunshine with some clouds. early afternoon that's when we can see a couple of showers popping up even a thunderstorm key word is scattered not everybody sees it keep in mind you may run into looking much better saturday again beach plans look great if you're heading to the mountains or chilling at the pool. no prob opens will much check out that forecast for the poconos. 77 degrees saturday in the sunshine bring it back to the low 80s for sunday. and labor day. shore forecast a little bit windy on saturday. with that breeze right off the ocean. so to keep the temperatures down into the upper 70s. watch out for rough surf on saturday with a breeze and then sunday and monday we slowly warm back up into the mid 80s keeping skies mostly sunny. warm and humid partly cloudy. 73 for center city.
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cooler in the suburb. stray thunderstorm possible tomorrow afternoon. 86 degrees. still humid. but monday labor day for physical warms up up around 90 degrees. humidity creeps back. overall still looking like a fairly dry forecast we do have that rain chance on friday and then again not until next thursday. in between guys looks like we may be dealing with our sixth heat wave of the season right after labor day. summer is certainly holding on. >> how about that? justin thank you. >> thank you buddy. neck night lesley van arsdall up at metlife stadium with "eyewitness sports". lesley. >> the final season of the preseason is in the books and chip kelly will have tough decisions to make of course, the quarterback battle between tim tebow and matt barkley taking center stage. and we think we have a winner tonight. i'll have that coming up in sports.
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in the final preseason game of the season tim tebow out performed matt barkley but there were lots of other players out
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here that made a great case to make the team. let's go to the game and show you one player that won't have any problem making the team. that's kiki alonso. nice tackle right here. he had two on the night. but the one guy that will dominate headlines tomorrow that would be your tim tebow and here he finds local product and del-val grad rasheed bailey. bailey with two catches for 30 yards and a score. then he had this pass to freddie martino he makes this insane catch for the score. tebow 11 of 17 for 189 yards. two touchdowns and an interception. 32 rushing yards. eagles do lose this 124-18 but after the game chip kelly talked about the tough decisions he's going to have to make. >> just like anything we have a lot of film to watch. we'll watch it on the bus ride home and meet tomorrow morning. we'll meet as a staff. we don't have anything preconceived notions before we look at it. we have to evaluate the last game.
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there's a lot that goes into it much you can really come out -- it's not fair to the players. go stand on the side line. we'll take this guy. we'll do thorough film evaluation of everything and then we'll have everything done by saturday at 4:00. lots of players hoping their cause. there's no doubt who stole the show that would be your tim tebow. reporting from metlife stadium ukee, jess, back to you. >> lesley thanks so much. a tough time right now. guy comes knocking on your door. they call help, coach wants to see you bring your playbook. tough time next couple of days.
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♪ new tonight the 52 contestants vying for the title of miss america 2016 come to philadelphia tonight. >> "eyewitness news" at frank lip square where the contestants enjoyed around of miniature golf and rides on the carousel. they got a tour of philadelphia's most historic
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sights from the man himself ben franklin. >> the man indy. five days from to tonight stephen colbert makes his did he about the new late show. it will be a fun time. the laughs start tuesday night at 11:35 right after "eyewitness news" right here on cbs3. that's going to do it for us many our morning team is back tomorrow morning at 4:30am. for us? tin and lesley. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at commodore barry blue bloods is up next. >> from our entire team, thank you so much for watching. good night, family. sleep well. ♪


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