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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  September 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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it is the unofficial end to summer, labor day weekend, it is finally a relief from the heat is on the way. from the city to the cher to the mountains, people will be out and about, packing in one more blast of summer fun before the reality of a new school year. beginning. good afternoon, i'm pat ciarrocchi. erika is off this noon. whether you are staying in the city, going down to the shore or headed up to the mountains we necessity the forecast is the the first thing on your mine, that is beside packing up the kid.
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the meteorologist kyla grogan has it all live on the cbs-3 sky deck, hi there kyla. >> we are still feeling the heat and humidity today, not as bad as yesterday but still something to contend with and it will be a cold front moving through here. lets look at the dew points right now because you can see in some spots it is over 70 the dew point. look at that in wildwood at 73. mostly 60's, that is what it is in philadelphia, dew point about 67. but that is to say it is still feeling very sticky out there and we will see that humidity today until we get the stormy weather through this afternoon. then we will see what happens. saturday and sun take a whole different ballgame, lower humidity, much more comfortable. we will see a uptic into our monday. we have current temperatures of 89 already in philadelphia we are over achieving. eighty-eight, as we have to the south office, millville 87. seventy-seven up in mount pocono. taking a live look at storm scan three you can see where stormy weather is off to the west of us here. that is an indication of the cold front tracking through
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stormy weather ahead of it, we will see that too. now, we're expecting 88 in philadelphia we just popped up to 89 degrees but down the shore lower 80's and 07's for poconos. that is where we expect today but we he should see much better scenario into the weekend. see our average temperature should be in the lower 80's, we will dip right to that through the weekend and then we have got more heat to talk about next week. when i come back, pat, we will give more details in the shore, poconos, where it will be, what temperature, once again and we will expect that heat to return, i'm ready for a break myself. i don't know but out here. >> i'm right with you, kyla, thanks very much. 2015 made in america festival kicks off in center city this weekend. musical extravaganza is in the fourth year here in philadelphia a. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live near the event stage with more on the rocking time and the cradle of liberty. have you seen beyonce yet, steve. >> reporter: no, not the yet, pat. here we are at what should be, you know, any given year would
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be the biggest event of the summer. made in america festival, 70,000 attendees expect to be here for some of the biggest events, in the world. but as we know, as we have been covering very diligently in three weeks, that is all about to change as the pope is coming to philadelphia. of course, this is huge, but now city officials are viewing this as a precursor to a much, much bigger event. not to skip over this though, i want to show you video, some shots we have, this event is massive. we're talking this is the fourth one and by far the biggest, mia festival this year, five stages up from four, 62 acts in total with headliners performing simultaneously. there are so many stages. headliners like beyonce, nick jonas, meek mill, the weekend, j coal and the list goes on and on and on. two day mega a event that has been sold out for some time. much of the parkway already shut down from 21st to the art
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museum as crews get ready for thousands. again this year the big question is what does this event from safety, to set up, tell us about how the visit from a world leader, and about three weeks. so we already know, again, city officials saying this is a precursor. they will monitor crowd control. and they will monitor communication. they will monitor city agencies and how they interact with one another all to make tactical decisions and changes for when the pope does come here, again in three weeks. i am told that the city, mayor for public safety, will show up as well and is expect to talk in about an hour for what the city plans to do as far as their planning for in the only this event but for what this event tells us about the pope coming to philadelphia we are live on the parkway, steve paterson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will have much more from what the cities manager will tell us in an hour. back to you. >> looking forward to that steve, thanks very much. find out details on the made in america festival shows
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right here on our web site. go to cbs for tips on getting there, being there, and what else you need to know, there is also, there are also details about other activities in the a area this labor day weekend, it is all at cbs a giant sinkhole opened in the northeast philadelphia neighborhood, as you can see here from chopper three, live over the scene, crews are still there working to restore water services, to dozens who need it. a little more than 50 homes in one northeast philadelphia neighborhood, still are without water after a giant sinkhole opened up in the middle of the street. this is the scene this morning at the intersection of chalfont drive and academy road. water department says a 8-inch main ruptured and that caused the road to buckle around 6:00 . neighbors though are taking it all in stride. >> this morning i woke up by helicopters, and flashing lights and i thought they were
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looking for somebody and then turn water on and no water. i come out to this. so, i'm like not again. >> reporter: residents are saying that this is the the second sinkhole that has opened up on their street in the last few weeks. water department officials say water should be back on, by about 3:00 o'clock today. well, search is on this noon for the gun man man who shot and wounded two people, sitting on a front porch in frankford. one of the victims is a woman hoist eight months pregnant. shooting happened along the 4100 block of paul street just after 10:00 last night. the 23 year-old mother to be was hit in the leg and rush to temple. a 21 year-old man was shot in the back, he is in critical condition. a two alarm fire in long brawn much monmouth county tuesday night was intentionally set but investigators say that the family that died lah night were victims of the murder/suicide. fire started in several places in the home and was quickly controlled by fire fighters. police say it appears that the 35 year-old linden shane
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beharry shot and killed his wife and his two sons, before turning the the gun on himself. well, as we look out toward campaign 2016 and presidential politics trump and biden are in the head lines. donald trump stumbled on foreign policy questions in his radio interview and vice-president joe biden is opening up about his thought process, on running for the top job. craig boswell has more from washington. >> reporter: donald trump said in a radio interview thursday night he is prepared to be the the next commander in chief. >> i will be so good at the military, your head will spin. >> reporter: but republican candidates stumbled on the view he would show when asked about the leaders of the various terrorist group. >> so difference between hezbollah and hamas does not matter to you yet but it will. >> it will when it ace pope eighth i will know more about it then you know and believe it won't take me long. >> reporter: trump dismissed saying he asked, gotcha
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questions but he is also one of the moderators for the next g.o.p. debate and said these are the types of questions, likely to be asked. >> are those questions fair for hewitt to ask the candidates in this next debate. >> no question bit and foreign policy is in the mind of the american people, what would the next president do to deal with hamas, hezbollah and isis. >> trump opponent wasted little time. >> great threat in our country is islamic terrorism you have to necessity who the players are for sure. i'm sure he will bone up on this now but this is a serious deal. >> reporter: trump's campaign announced he will give a speech about national security aboard the battleship u.s.s. iowa the night before the next debate. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> on the democratic side vice-president joe biden is saying he is not sure about a run for the white house. speaking at a synagogue in atlanta he made it clear that his family comes first.
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>> the most relevant factor in my desituation is whether my family and i have the emotional energy to run. some might think that is not appropriate. >> biden's son beau died of brain cancer in may. the vice-president thought the oval office in 1988 and 2008, but then dropped out. well, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the 2016 campaign, when we are not on tv, find updates and more about the candidates anytime, at cbs in sports the eagles final preseason game is in the books and the question is, who will be the bird third string quarterback. we will know answer to that by tomorrow at the latest. final rosters are due, with the nfl by 4:00 o'clock. matt barclay may have hurt his chances for that job, he threw an interception in the second play of the game. tim tebow threw an
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interception as well but he also, tossed two touchdowns, including one to roxborough high and dell val product rasheed bailey. jets won this 124-18. tebow says that he enjoyed the challenge. >> you know, i don't, i have said this a lot of times to you guys and i will continue, i'm not going to worry about what i think and what i throw. it is a blessing to be able to come out here and play the game that i love. it is a lot of fun out there tonight. i had a blast. >> fans had a blast watching him too. back page is summing up that battle for third string quarterback job, they asked, who won? and as we said, coach kelly and his staff have until tomorrow afternoon to make the final cuts, and quarterback isn't the only job up for grabs. well, some new information this noon out of kentucky where a county clerk refused to issue marriage licenses, to same sex couples. coming up, she is in jail for couples in the media are packing into her office, why
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the the clerk's on of his office in rowan county kentucky issued their first marriage licenses to same sex couples today. thinks even though, the county clerk, kim davis, is in jail. throng of media surrounded the couple this morning as a deputy county clerk issued the license. a federal court judge held dave is in contempt yesterday after she refused to issue the licenses, based on her
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religious convictions. so far deputy clerks are complying, with the law. a weak opening for u.s. stocks as investors handed to a three day holiday weekend. stocks opened lower this morning after two days of significant gains. traders are still looking over the latest u.s. jobs report, the dow jones right now is down about 260-point, dow jones total sitting at a little more than 16,100 points. well, as school year starts, new for college students, you might want to take a second look at the classes you choose. the it might help you find a job. here's cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger with your philadelphia a jobs market report. >> reporter: students with degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics can earn higher wages then those with liberal arts diplomas. that writes commuter science classes are seen as prerequisites for most jobs. recruiters say employers also
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expect college graduates to have completed some course work in finance, accounting, economics and business management as well as communications, because of the practical skills these classes teach. other course that he is can help students prepare for their careers include sociology, history, art history, and religion, all of which can provide insight, understanding, into the behavior, and cultures that are foreign to you. finally, whether you are going to school the in the philadelphia area or out of town, you'll be happy that you took a writing composition class to help communicate you're december clearly in any industry. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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so on this friday, the the last day of this extreme heat. >> well, for now we have more this week not quite as bad but
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lets get to what is happening this weekend. everybody wants to know what will it be like heading out to the beach? look at ocean city. there are a lot of people who have started their holiday early heading in the water, a little humid today. so enjoying it. want to mention we have a rip current risk, maryland rate rip current risk about beach haven point north and lower risk points south where you will be today. be mindful of that. lets look live at kutztown, 80 . pretty blue skies, few clouds out but not bad. wind east south east. we are heating up in philadelphia. 89 degrees for us. eighty-eight in millville. that is 77 in mount pocono. that is where you have to go if you want to cool down but lets see if we can keep track and forward here. here we go. what is happening is a cold front will be sweeping down, we will see heat and humidity, start to dissipate. we will see showers ahead of it. that is what will knock it out, right now we will see stormy weather off to the west, we will see some in virginia, pop up storms, that is exactly the kind of thing
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that will show up here in the afternoon between probably three and 6:00 p.m. once that is out we will get beautiful weekend, mostly sunny skies, cooler temperatures and lower humidity. if you go to the made in america concert this weekend, beautiful, mid 80's and sunshine and not too humid. that is what will make the big difference. heading to the shore for three days it will be gorgeous out there, upper 70's, lower 80's, beautiful sunshine and humidity giving us a break and lets say you have decided to go hiking in the poconos, again, fantastic weather. you cannot order anything better than this. we will see slight warm up heading into monday so that is when the heat will return, but today a high of 89 degrees. spotty thunderstorms this afternoon, looking out for that but expect to feel much nicer, less muggy, and 65 degrees, for your overnight low. take a look at the seven day forecast, quite lovely right through the the weekend, look at what happens, we have 90's into monday, tuesday,
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wednesday, lower 90's. hopefully not into this week. speaking of 90's and summertime weather, she has store business a food truck for a good cause. it is actual a fabulous and, 3-r ben franklin bridge and end in olde city and a fabulous food truck extravaganza. with me are liz, of city of hope and peter tongue who has a wonderful food truck called dump and roll. great to have you both with us. >> thank you, pat. >> as i look at you, i see the mark of a warrior. tell me about what is going on with you and why you are so committed to city of hope. >> well, last year i was privileged to be organizing would the men's cancer hope for city of hope and this year it became more personal when i was diagnosed with breast cancer. i mean obviously we are in the heat wave. it is way too hot for a wig.
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hair's off this year. i'm feeling great, and week after surgery, 16 chemo treatments and i'm going to be there, my family will be walking across that bridge. the it is a a great family event. so many people want to support cancer patients, but, very few of us can cure cancer. one of the ways people can is to participate in the walk and support all researchers doing vital treatments and cures that will keep people like me, going forward for many years to come. >> so tell me about this city, of hope, what makes that organization so different from so many. >> one of the wonderful things that makes us unique is we have three, f.d.a. approved drug labs on site at the city of hope. so when we fine a promising treatment, or a cure, we don't to have wait to partner with the drug company, we can go right into our laboratories and start creating it to move into clinical trial, on to the bed site of patients, much faster. it is a very quick turn around from bench to bed. >> okay. so you are building something
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really important and so is peter, ande is build something wonderful food. >> yes. >> tell me about your participation in this project and what are you offering? >> well, our participation is to give back. at the end of the day, the art of giving, giving and expecting nothing in return is the best way to live. what we have provided is basically creativity, and it is the food thaw love bite sized. >> okay. so show us, jerry, come on over. peter, explain what we have here. good thing jerry is very tall. give us a sent. >> truffle fries with fresh garlic and parsely. on the right-hand side we have chipotle bacon bacon cheese burger won ton with honey barbecue and to the far right we have pork dump plunge with the roasted gar link soy. >> what i understand is really special about this food truck festival associated with this walk and city of hope is it has to do with a paring also of beer, and some of this
12:23 pm
fabulous food. >> yes, we're definitely hoping that everything will go well, and beer is amazing. burgers go well with everything. and this is a beer that is showcased in 1906, and it will be amazing. >> sure is. >> there we go. >> thanks so much. >> peter, liz thanks very much. we will wish you well. >> yes, thanks very much. it is not too late to register. go to women's cancer, you can register on site that day september 13th we will look forward to seeing you. >> we will have all that information on our web site at cbs thank you both so many, we hope it will be a spectacular day. we will have more at noon after this.
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it was an emotional reunion for heroes who saved the life of philadelphia international airport last month. tsa employees, connie le bus and le schonda maclean and brian maclean saved life of george sickler who had a heart attack at security checkpoint. they revived him and doctors pronounced him okay. three heroes received a heart savers hero award from the american heart association. and how fabulous is that. >> yes, well deserved, good work, people. >> that is "eyewitness news". it sure is. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm's path the sir. for erika, kyla, all of us here thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line cbs >> young and restless is next. i'm caridee.
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>> esther: no. over -- over this way more. >> jill: no. it's fine. >> esther: wait, there's -- >> jill: it's fine, esther. >> esther: [ chuckles ] okay. >> jill: [ scoffs ] >> esther: it's just that i can't wait to see what mrs. c has in store for us this year. >> jill: oh, don't be so ridiculous. even katherine wouldn't have had the foresight to plan for two years past her death. >> paul: well, i wouldn't be so sure about that. i mean, remember what she said in her sign off last year. >> lauren: ah, that's right. "until next year." >> esther: because she had plans. >> jill: really? and where is this mysterious message supposed to appear from? is it gonna drop from the heavens? >> paul: well, you know, it's funny you should mention that, jill, because i just so happen to have... a letter from our dear, departed katherine. >> jill: good grief! >> esther: told you. >> lauren: i wonder what katherine would think about he


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