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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hi, good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. a couple storms popping up, but we will look at the the forecast with meteorologist justin drabick live on the die denning, justin. >> a lot of those showers and storms diminish and moving away from frustrates setting upa nice weekend. we have dark cloud but nothing to be worried about as that dry weather is moving in and temperatures are cooling down. try to avoid 16th street. still a mess about the closure on the vine street expressway around the parkway. is there your traffic and weather together. the lets hit weather. 93 degrees, at philadelphia international. heat wave lives on. we saw that sun, that ties the the record high for today. forget 90's. we are back down in the lower 80's with wind off the water. ac airport at 77 degrees at this hour. we have a cool flow, that arrow pointing south and west. northeast wind. coastal temperatures in the 70's. still humid though. dew points are high, tropical air mass, those muggy
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conditions tonight but those will come down. we will feel better tomorrow. look at the showers we had earlier. they are starting to move to the west, clearing out, we will call that partly cloudy, evening plans outside look good. 80 degrees around 7:00. moving down to the mid 70's between 9:00 and 11:00 with the dry conditions. we will have more on that upcoming weekend forecast and looking at the shore and poconos in a few minutes. >> he mentioned 16th street is all crowded right now because there is closures leading to made in america. it is a big, big festival happening. big crowd expect. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live on the parkway. steve, where you are, it is going to be pack tomorrow. >> reporter: absolutely pack, jessica. you said it, a huge crowd expect for made in america this weekend. 70,000 people, both days, two day festival, both days, they expect, 70,000. so we wanted to ask residents what they thought about having all of this commotion, around their neighborhoods, and whether or not they thought
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that would translate to when the pope shows up, listen to this. >> ♪ >> two case, five stages, 62 acts, 70,000 people, each day, with all of the hype, lights, loud music we asked residents one question. >> is it worth the hassle. >> well, let's see, personally, it doesn't cause me hassle except i want to go to whole food. >> reporter: fair enough nearby resident, says, neighbors here are veterans after the same set up, they have learn how to deal big events in the big city. >> it is nice to have things going on in the city. >> reporter: in three weeks that may be an under statement. city officials calling one of the biggest inner city music festival in the country a dry run. >> the reason why you can say it is a dry run because there are just certain things that have to be done no matter what you do and in an outdoor event. >> reporter: deputy mayor for
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public safety everette gilson says city will test road control and monitor communication between first responders at the papal visit. >> make sure that everybody has, and is on the same channels, knows protocols and understand how to get things done. >> reporter: fair enough, sake the the woman who champions the events like mia but sending a different tune when studying the the plan for papal visit. >> we are definitely going to have to be staying home when pope gets here because we cannot get in and out of the rittenhouse square by far. >> reporter: one of the things city officials are worried business break down, gilson says it is very extreme estimate it could take four days to clear everything from the festival, ahead of when the pope is expect to come because that set up is supposed to start the final day of that four day stretch. but again that is just annex stream estimates. it could be two days for break down and even then he says that crews know how to work side by side. it shouldn't be a problem. very latest from the parkway i'm steve paterson for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". >> thanks, steve. unofficial end to summer people are trying to get in one last hooray at the jersey shore. tourism officials say this has been a record year for crowds. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan has that story. >> reporter: with cool, wet sand between their toes colleen sprinkle and her daughter spent summers last day collecting shells and making memories. >> my god, weather was perfect, water is warm, long sunny days on the beach, and it doesn't get better than that. >> reporter: once again a large crowd on the beach after towns up and down the shore says was a stellar summer. >> two main factors are weather, everything at jersey shore is weather depend event. second one has been affordable gas prices, we have seen day trippers coming back in the so-called soft days, on tuesday and wednesday. >> reporter: officials say last summer cape may county saw $5.8 billion into your wrist many revenues this year expenditures are up 5 percent, traffic 7 percent and lodging 9 percent. avalon ice cream manager nancy
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stokes says people are ready to eat out and often this summer. >> weekends we were busy every weekend. weekend are really good. >> reporter: this labor day weekend is shaping up to be last hooray many were hoping to see. >> absolutely gorgeous, weather perfect, water is amazing and this is best place on earth. >> reporter: shore towns have marketed themselves is lots of free events like movies on the beach here in avalon. those festivities continue at the shore throughout the fall. in avalon, i'm's cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". when are down the shore in the the city, suburbs or mountains there are plenty of things to do this weekend. we have a full list on cbs right there on our home page. we are following some breaking news, chopper three over an accident in tinicum township delaware county. thinks on wannamaker avenue, we're told a van collided with a pavement milling machine, and the extent of the injuries is unknown. water service has been restored in one northeast
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philadelphia neighborhood after a ruptured water main caused a giant sinkhole there take a look at the scene for most of the take near chalfont drive and academy road. residents there tell cbs-3 that the road caved in just before sunrise. water department officials say the cause was a ruptured 8-inch water main and neighbors say at one point it looked like a river. >> they are saying water so high up you could not walk in people had to move their cars, boat was floating, over there. so, it it was just a mess. >> reporter: the water department officials are working to determine what caused this to happen. it is believed that the age of the pipe may be a factor. a home owner is shot during a home invasion in north philadelphia, this happened around 1:30 in the 900 block of west report street. police say suspect shot the 48 year-old home owner and then took victim's what will wet $35 in it. that victim is hospitalized tonight. take a good look at this surveillance video philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to find
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a robbery suspect. he is at 529 spring garden street on september 1st. he had a gun and he was able to getaway with $300. if you recognize this person, call police. prosecutors now say that this fire, in long branch monmouth county, new jersey was intentionally set and nearly covered up a murder/suicide. the fire started in several places in the home and quickly controlled by fire fighters. police now say it appears 35 year-old linden shane beharry shot and killed his wife and his two young sons, before turning the weapon on himself. the father of the drowned syrian toddler who made headlines around the world today laid his wife and sons to rest. when their boat overturned abdullah curty lost his wife and children fleeing to europe they were escape isis fighters in syria. images of the little boy's lifeless body that washed a shore provoke outrage all around the world. as a family mourns, the world reacts. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry spoke to the
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local family with ties to turkey and to a congressman who says he never wants to see this happen again. >> reporter: image had had that is been seen around the world. body of the this three-year old washed on a beach in turkey. the now iconic photo represents the struggle of syrian refugees, island, his five-year old brother and mother died after a boat they were on capsized in the mediterranean sea. his father, crossed back in syria to bury his family on friday. >> looking over and over at the pictures, just terrible. >> reporter: she moved to the u.s. from turkey ten months ago. her family owns this restaurant on fourth near south street. she has seen the struggle of syrian refugees in her own country. >> this just has to stop. people have to live like humans. >> anybody can look at that kind of a child and think could that be mine? congressman patrick meehan didn't support a military
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strike in syria two years ago but does support a no fly zone and other ideas to improve civilian lives. >> the creation of a safe zone inside of syria, protecting an area in which there wouldn't be the need for those who are fleeing to need to move further. >> reporter: the u.s. has reportedly taken in less than 1,000 refugees from syria, since the the war began, meehan says the the country accepts 07,000 refugees a year from all over the world. >> change the order of those who come in. i think it is reasonable to look to syria but we won't solve this issue, we have to deal with the crisis, far more effectively. >> reporter: congressman named several different organizations accepting donations to help syrian refugees if you want that information log on to our web site at cbs in the sat center, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there will will be more on the refugee crisis in syria on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley right after our
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broadcast tonight. well, new jersey governor chris christie taking some heat right now. >> coming up why there is a movement around the country, that is next, vittoria. i'm hanging out with all of the best and brightest local artists in philadelphia, taking some selfies, jump in here, fellows. al brandon, artist over here, these guys, and over here i'm taking a selfie with a cell, that is a cell, you won't want to miss it, justin? looking good outside, good place to hang out this evening as showers are coming to an even, moving away, now we are setting it up for a cool change for the holiday weekend. i'll have details coming up, pat. justin, big sport weekend, more college football tonight, phillies are shipping up to boston and big eagles news, roster deadline is 4:00 p.m. tomorrow for bird and they have made a a major move, we will tell you about it in sports.
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tonight after a long summer of swimming many children are expect to turn up with ear infections. there is a new warning from the government about a medicine used to treat those infections. stephanie stahl with the information you need to know coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. democratic state lawmakers is taking aim at governor christie's use of state police helicopters on the presidential campaign trail.
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>> recent report shows christie has used chopper four times to travel to campaign events. state senator linda greenstein plans i don't dues legislation barring new jersey governors from taking the helicopter out of state for political or personal reasons. christie is seeking the the republican nomination for president and has been spending time campaigning outside of new jersey. friday night, labor day weekend. what better to do then get out and enjoy the evening. >> vittoria woodill is live in olde city where it is first friday, vittoria. >> reporter: you know, i wish that our cable, for our camera could wrap two blocks around. we are live, first friday, in olde city, it is a fantastic night, summer night to celebrate art and things to do. i have to tell you, we're right outside of one of the oldest churches in olde city and right next door at the christ church, neighborhood house. it was an amazing installation, celebrating, art, that we got a tour of earlier.
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visual artist dawn, and yvonne love, teamed up with poet, laura bernstein to depict, how this installation contemplates at this loss and beauty. it is so amazing. that is kind of stuff that you do get in olde city by local artist and city of philadelphia our city is comprised of the most amazing innovators. that is why i'm proud to be here. also we have been keeping it all, ever since the show started, but i am with a very dynamic duo here that is celebrating art, with a little bit of biology. if you can introduce yourself then and also talk about the the art that we have right here. >> hello i'm a biologist, and here with my co artist, is adrian, and together we have done something that hasn't been done before which is, making the ultimate selfie for artwork. it is essentially the cells that we have taken from ourselves and combined my skills in the lab with her
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artistic skills, to make personalized artwork. >> that is amazing. >> and i know a lot of us can squint our eyes and get in there and feel like we're back in the grade school learning about biology and all that stuff but for you to be making tonight to art that is some deep stuff. >> thank you you very much. >> yeah. >> this is our first presentation of this. >> your first time at first friday. >> it sure is. >> we hope you have lots of passers by go through and i will flag them out the street for you. if you have been out and about and looking for something to do you have to come to olde city and celebrate first friday. it is art, it is the city of brotherly love and this is where you you are feeling the life with all of these innovators we have on the street. we are right on church street here but also on second street, on third street, in between market and race. the it is so fantastic. we have had such a ball meeting artists here. i feel really lucky right now. it is really like you can feel those creative juices.
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it is almost contagious, doctor. >> it sure is. >> do you see that. >> come on out, there you go, back to you guys at the test being. >> we saw it. >> thanks, torey. >> good stuff. and it did look cloudy but it looks find out there. >> still a little cloudy but we are dry and getting showers out of here. everybody has outdoor plans. looks good, hanging at home, pool, beach, in problems this weekend. it is starting to feel cooler as we have that influence off the the atlantic ocean with that wind. that is trend throughout the entire weekend. lets see what happens today and show you cool time lapse shot from west philadelphia, the the leadership academy in philadelphia we will start off where we have sunshine which gets temperature back in the lower 90's. there comes the the cloud with the cold front that is currently pushing through, there were isolated showers or thunderstorms but no rain for the city, once again, dry weather does continue for philadelphia here we are, here's set up on storm scan
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three, the shower activity pushing to the west with that flow coming off the ocean, still some cloud, especially in south jersey, northern delaware, those cloud will thin out and push off to the west and we will see more sunshine. here's what to expect for your labor day weekend, decent sunshine, we could see lingering clouds along the coast, temperatures cooler with the flow off ocean but humidity starts to lower as well. more comfortable. here's that front moving from the north and northeast, behind it, boston at 65 degrees. phillies are up there, playing a cool night of baseball, out ahead of the front, still warm in d.c. but that front continues to push south. it will bring in some win. we are seeing win generated off shore the coast of new england and these are wave height. brighter colors here indicating high are heights, up around 5 feet or so off the coast of long island and cape cod and those higher surf will start to move southward for the weekend both saturday and sunday. watch out for rough surf and stronger rip currents. so maryland rate risk for rip
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currents, obey, anything that life guard are, saying when they are on duty, make sure they are on duty, entering water. so cloud, thin out, overnight hours, showers come to than a end. we are back to sunny skies for your saturday, sunday. a same deal looking good, maybe a few cloud from time to time along the coast because we have that moist flow off the water. here is your shore forecast, little bit windy on saturday, watch out for rough surf, cloud, sun, 77 degrees. back to the lower 80's labor day at the shore. up in the mountains very pleasant full sunshine throughout the weekend. mid 70's on saturday, lower 80's both sunday and labor day. forecast for tonight looks like shower and storm chance ended, partly cloudy, 70 for center city, 60's in the suburbs. sun and cloud up to 84 degrees. here we go with the extended forecast couple days in the mid 80's with the sunshine and 90's do return for labor day. more humid. it looks like we could be dealing with our sixth heat wave of the season through
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middle of the week and good news as far as rain goes next thursday and friday and better chance for showers and thunderstorms but it looks like that summer heat just wants to hold on past labor day. >> how about that, justin, thanks. >> we will be right back.
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since 1expert eye care.on has been providing today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. tebow time are you ready. >> not too bad. >> all right. >> third string. >> if you are a tim tebow fan and loves quarterbacks then today is your day. they have announced they have traded tebow, third string competition matt barclay to the cardinals for a connal seventh round pick . barclay and tebow were lock in the battle for final spot and it appears tebow won out but rosters do in the have have to be set until tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. barclay was a fourth round pick, and, the team has cut rasheed bailey, rookie, wide out from delaware valley is
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eligible for the practice squad. the phillies head to fenway tonight to take on the boston red sox, here's your line up tonight, note, no dominic brown. has been diagnosed with the concussion according to reports and could be out for remainder of the season. aaron alher and darren sweeney should see plenty of work in the outfield. major league soccer suspended christian madonna an extra game for allegedly spitting on a opponent last week. successful a appeals caught the ban from three to two. that means he will be back in time for the u.s. open cup final on september the 30th. >> college football season underway, we have had action last night and more tonight, delaware kicks off their schedule with a home game against jacksonville tonight at 7:00. blue hens finish six behind six last year. villanova lost a close one last night in their season opener, 20-15 on the road at u-conn, nova nearly upset ape opponent for second straight
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year. senior quarterback john robert son ran in the score with under two minutes left but time running out and u-conn held on. and sellout at the link tomorrow, it is not kevin hart, not eagles, there won't be an empty seat in the house for big match up between temple and penn state. last year was disappointing for nittany lions. they finish seven-six. owls are six-six. year ago they kick off the 3:30 tomorrow. last night former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh made his debut in michigan. it did not end well. not a touchdown in the fourth that is justin thomas from utah on the 55-yard pick six. utah would beat wolverines 24-17 but it is football, it is back. >> yes, college football, loving it. >> thanks, buddy. >> we will be right back. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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the world meeting of families has just announced the availability of more tickets for papal visit. >> beginning tuesday september s will be available to the public for the event with pope francis, at independent mall on saturday, september 26th. you can get tickets on the world meeting of families web site, starting tuesday, tickets are on a first come, first serve basis and limited to four tickets, per person. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly, back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". unemployment drops to the seven year low but one american industry is suffering through a gusher of layoffs. plus steve hartman on the road with the piano man playing for keeps. here now is scott pelley. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: unemployment falls to a seven-year low, but there's a gusher of pink slips in the oil patch. also tonight, ominous signs that russia may be getting into syria's civil war. when you're the front-runner, the questions get harder. >> you're asking me names that, you know, i think is somewhat ridiculous. >> pelley: we'll take you inside a wildfire to learn why they're bigger than ever. and steve hartman with the keys to a joyful life, 88 of them. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: at long last, the economy has clawed its way back to the days before the financial meltdown and the great


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