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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the the finishing touches are put on one of the biggest labor day weekend parties in the country where we're hours away from the made in america music festival and meantime down the the shore, the boards are expecting big crowds for one last hooray, this weekend marks unofficial end of the summer. eagles trade matt barclay find out what this means for tim tebow and rest of the season a lot of tebow fans out there excited for. that it is saturday, september , i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:00 o'clock. the let's send it over to kyla. it is the holiday weekend. people want good weather. will they get it. >> this is best case scenario especially considering
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ridiculous season we had this past week. humidity levels are dropping. we will get gorgeous weather. >> perfect. >> lets get to it. what can you expect as we head toward saturday. a gorgeous day, everybody. it is not just saturday but also sunday. lets look at a few things we can count on today. mostly sunny skies. cooler temperatures. isn't that nice? lower humidity. that will make a difference. looking live, at the temperatures this morning, a little bit of 73. seventy-one millville. bensalem 68. cinnaminson at 70 degrees. looking at center city, 72 degrees. we have a little wind, and humidity still up there 76 percent but that will drop off in the morning and sun breaks out. it is going to be a pleasant temperature. less humid, 84 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-seven at the shore. talk about a nice beach day. seventy-five in the poconos. so, fantastic, right. that is exactly what you want.
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not just today but also tomorrow. thing is, monday, we will start warming up and then we will get humidity back in the forecast. we will talk with that in a few moments. for now let's head over to nicole. it is last holiday weekend of the summer and many people are down the shore especially in new jersey and delaware just trying to get in one last bit of fun. this is a a live picture from ocean city, new jersey. you can see very quiet right now. little tark but in a few hours many will get on rides, boardwalk, ride, funnel cake, ice cream, whole deal, of course to mark the unofficial even of the summer season. the beach was pack on friday with many soaking up the sun collecting seashells or taking a dip in the ocean. i'm sure water temperature was nice. tourism officials say this has been a record year. beach tag sales in avalon hit a all time high. >> two main factors are weather, everything at jersey shore is weather dependent. very conferreddable gas
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prices, day trippers coming back on the the so-called soft days on tuesday and wednesday. last summer cape may county saw $5.8 billion into your wrist many revenues this year expenditures are up 5 percent, traffic 7 percent ape lodging is 9 percent. so that is a good sign. made in america festival kicks off today and big crowds are spending as always. doors opened up at noon for the sold out event. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live on the ben franklin parkway where finishing touches are being put on the event. syma, good morning. >> it looks like they are ready to go. they have lights on, tenth are up, stages are ready to go. the lots of folks are excited about today's head liner, who is beyonce but this music festival is american just about the music. >> it is a huge fan of beyonce. so exited to see her tomorrow night. >> beyonce. i don't know why but it is beyonce and i want to see single ladies.
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>> reporter: made in america festival kicks off with beyonce head lining the show. the two day event takes over the the parkway, but not just with music, there will be more than 40 food trucks to please your taste buds and as for ear pleasing part of this there will be five stage west 62 acts. 70,000 people are expected, and they are filling up area hotels. many plan to take in sights and sound outside the festival. >> this is my first time. i want to see the bell, the love sign, so many things i want to see. >> i'm exited to cheese steaks. that is all i want three days in a row. >> reporter: if he gets sick of the cheese steaks he is in luck. we're talking about food vendors. the look at the this line up, just right next to me, i'm getting hungry looking at these food trucks. they are not manned. there is no people in there. all i want is a crab cake or ice cream. so, it is an exciting weekend, for not the just music but if
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you like your taste budd to be entertained as well, there are plenty of things to do i'll send it back to you. >> such a tease when you can see the sign that says crab cakes and just so early. >> i know. >> thank you. we appreciate it. we will see you in a bit. several road are closed along the parkway, until tuesday september 8th, expect delays if you are driving around the the art museum this weekend. you can be sure of that. meisha johnson will have a closer look in our next half an hour. well, talking pope, papal visit, three weeks away, 21 days to be exact from the arrival of the pope francis in d meeting of families has announce add veil built of more ticket. beginning tuesday september 8th at noon 10,000 tickets will be available to the public for the event with pope francis, at independent mall, on saturday, september 26th. you can get tickets on the world meeting of families web site, the tickets will be available on first come first serve basis and limited to four per person. you can stay with
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"eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the papal visit, everything you need to know is on our web site at cbs switching gears a deadly shooting on south street while thousands of people were outside waiting for a conser. gunfire erupted outside the theater of the living arts in the 300 block of south street. one person a man was shot and rushed to hahnemann hospital where he died. hundreds of the people were in the area for a concert at theater of the living arts. one bullet even went through windshield of the tour bus park out front. 5:06. police are looking for a man who may have fled in the limousine. police found the limousine and questioning everybody inside of it. they also recovered a handgun near the the scene in the wheel well of the parked vehicle. football returns to the link. temple owls kick off their season with penn state a at lincoln financial feel. there won't be a empty seat the in the house for the big match up, it is all sold out.
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the last year of course disappointing for nittany lions. the owls went six-six the years ago. kick off is set for 3:30 this afternoon. also happening today eagles finalize their roster, bird have reportedly agreed to trade matt barclay to arizona chip kelly has by this afternoon to deciding whether or not to put tebow on the roster. cbs-3 sports reporter pat gallon oz has the details. >> all of the talk has been about the the third string spot and it appears that tebow may have locked it down after bird dealt matt barclay to air zone, but let's just say tebow has his backer. >> he should make his team. i thought he played well. he will do great for us, athletic quarterback. he is just what coach chip kelly is looking for. >> reporter: tebow saved his best for last as he threw you for 189-yard ape two touchdowns in their preseason finally with the jets but with barclay gone, should tebow even stay on. >> chip might not keep either of them.
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he might look for somebody outside the box. you don't know what chip is thinking. >> put him on the practice squad. >> do you think chip will do that. >> that would be the best thing because you can keep tebow you have to cut somebody else who is better at another position. >> reporter: i spoke with the the crew from the josh ines show on the 94 wip and they had differing viewpoints on keeping tebow over barclay. >> matt barclay stunning. i mean he has been here for three years now and i don't think he has thrown a touchdown pass in preseason or regular season. he is terrible. would i rather have a guy when a pressure came through at least a little bit. >> neither one are any good. they should keep two quarterbacks. he played well yesterday but reality is he spent his time in the career to show if he is any good. i dent care what did you in the fourth preseason game. >> all right. tell it like it is. hopefully, the the eagles will never to have use that third
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string quarterback, but we will see what happens. we will have much more coming up in sports. the presidential campaign is heating up, candidates, traveling the country to garner support but it is how new jersey governor chris christie is traveling, that has some people upset. still ahead, why some want him grounded. plus this. defiant county clerk in jail first same sex marriage couple gets their marriage license approved. i'm jamie ukiss. we will show what you happened in rowan county, kentucky. two local tsa agents honored for saving a man's life at the airport. now the man they saved, gets his chance to thank them so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network to the home,
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in campaign 2016 a democratic state law maker is taking aim at governor chris christie a's use of state police helicopters on the presidential campaign trail. the recent report shows christie had has used the chopper four times to travel to campaign event. state senator linda greenstein, plans to introduce legislation barring new jersey governors from taking those helicopters out of the state for political or personal reasons. christie is seeking the republican nomination for president and has been spending time campaigning outside of new jersey. well, donald trump may be riding highs in the poles but he may have stumbled in
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foreign policy n a radio interview with hugh hewitt said he is prepared to be command inner chief but stumbled when asked about leaders of the various terrorist groups. >> so difference between hezbollah and hamas does not matter to you yet but it will. >> it will when it ace pope eighth. i will know more about it when you know and believe me, it won't take me long. >> trump's campaign announced he will give a speech about national security the night before the next debate, aboard the battleship u.s.s. iowa. 5:13. marriage licenses are being issued to all couples, in rowan county, deputy clerks agreed to obey a judge's order and issue licenses to same sex couples while county clerk remains in jail for contempt. jamie ukiss has latest from kentucky. >> reporter: this is sixth time james yates and william smith, junior tried to get a marriage license in rowan county, kentucky. >> do i to have sign here. >> sign here. >> reporter: friday they finally got one.
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yates and smith are the the first, same sex couple to come here since a judge jailed county clerk kim davis for refusing to comply with his order. >> unaudible. >> there was going to be two other couples before us. >> reporter: davis is a born again christian and god's moral law prevent her from issuing licenses to same sex couples. her deputy clerks have agreed to issue licenses. a large crowd gathered in front of the courthouse just as it was opening to see who would be the first to get a marriage license. supporters cheered, while those who backed kim davis stood firm. >> i don't think people should have to go through all of this. i think there has too another way to work this out. >> reporter: davis is an elect official and hopes legislature will change kentucky law so she can follow her conscious. >> she won't give up. there is no give up in her. >> reporter: judge plans to revisit his decision to jail davis in a week.
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the as for williams and james yates, they plan to marry at the home obviates mom. in ashland kentucky, jamie ukiss for "eyewitness news". talk about the weather now, and as i a said before, big holiday weekend. always hope for good weather. >> i'm delivering this weekend, nicole. i'm back in the good graciouses. people like me. good look lord it was hot yesterday. we had 93 degrees yesterday. i mean, come on. >> hot week for sure. >> but lets talk about the weekend. it is so much nicer. humidity is lower. you can enjoy it no matter where you are. let take a look dew points right now we are still moisture in the air and we're in the 60's. wildwood over achieving at 67. dover same story, at 69. due points will give us a break as we head a across the weekend. word of caution it is a momentary break. so we will see pleasant, awesome saturday and sunday. great timing. as we head into monday and
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tuesday humidity will make a return. just in time for labor day. but we are not there yet. we have a lovely weekend on tap. we have 72 in philadelphia. sixty-nine allentown. sixty-eight in lancaster. as we head down to atlantic city, 73 degrees. it is into those low 70's from barnegat light to cape may. looking out for a northeasterly breeze and shore will be breezy. seventy-seven for your high. uv index, get that sun screen out. rip current risk is moderate. just point that out, kid out there today, make sure you check with those life guard and in rip currents. lots of lovely sunshine, on your sunday, 78 degrees. we have that northeasterly breeze and when you get that, it is a dry piles of water, we can get rip current risks. that is what we will watch out for today. storm scan three, gorgeous blue skies and see that at the the shore and in the city, if you are out and b hour by hour shows you that sunshine rolls rolls right through our day to
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day and we will go in the 80's. isn't that nice? yes. eighty's are back at least for a little while. heading out to the made in america show today, perfect weather, traffic may be a problem over there but weather will be great both saturday and sunday. sunday, sunny and warm not too humid and mid 80's. poconos, beautiful, 70's today and right through holiday weekend looking great. so, a lot to look forward to, labor day, however just a heads up, it will warm up, we will see humidity return, high of 89 degrees on monday. so we will get a a nice break saturday and sunday but monday we will have to feel that humidity creeping in yet again but beautiful, pleasant, lower humidity. wind northeast at 105th to 10 miles an hour. tonight nice and clear. this is a perfect night for a stroll, eating outside, that could be great. sixty-two for your overnight low. your seven day forecast is not a bad one but we have a kick of heat. this time of the year it is
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unusual to see 90's popping up again. we will see them rolling into tuesday and wednesday but stormy weather as we go into thursday and friday will cool us down. so, you know, i really think this will be the last pop of heat, nicole. i really do. we will say good bye to the 90's. i have gone out on a limb there. >> you are an expert in the fieldy feel it. >> i will accept that. >> believe it to be true. >> okay, i like it. >> thanks, kyla. well, a well deserved honor for philadelphia tsa agents. this is great. tsa employees connie labeouf and janet mcqueen and air man brian mcqueen all received heart safer's hero award from the american heart association. trio saved the life of the george sinkler who had a heart attack earl they're summer. they revived him and doctors gave him the okay. >> i will tell you they did quite a job keeping my heart going with cpr. i was bruised for about a
5:19 am
month. >> ahh, i loved. that when asked, one of the tsa agents who helped save him, he said helping people was just part of her job. on the healthwatch this morning, new heart devices need to be tested on real people before being used in the main stream but now is there a new one of a kind virtual technology which may be a a game changer. health reporter stephanie stahl takes you on a trip through the heart like you have never seen before. >> reporter: jesse le vine was born with the rare heart defect requiring multiple surgeries and pacemaker that was fruit with complications. >> she has had three wires break inside of her body. so we know there is an improvement that can be made in the case of the lead. >> reporter: hoping to improve medical technology jesse's dad steve, an engineer, launched the the living heart project. the it uses 3-d technology to give doctors and sign it ises a virtual view inside the human heart a lot of doctors
5:20 am
struggle with looking at a 2d slice, or representation, and in their mind having to imagine 3-d manifestation. >> reporter: 3-d glasses here's a view inside the heart. you can see muscle movements, electrical impulse and blood flow. this experience, and a smaller portable version will allow doctors to not only study a healthy heart but also see what happens when something goes wrong. and one day, with ekg and mri data, they will make custom 3-d models of patient's heart to test therapies before prescribing them like new pacemaker lead for jesse who is now 26 but still has challenging. >> when i think about the fact that maybe one day my daughter a's life will be dependent on the work i'm doing, it is eye profound feeling. >> reporter: in a unprecedented move the f.d.a. has joined the project hoping the living heart can be used as a tool to screen medical devices, before they are approved. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". pretty incredible stuff. 5:20. still ahead a look at the the movies coming out this holiday weekend. i'm kevin frazier, coming up robert redford and nick knollty take on the trail in the walk in the woods and chris evans mak i'd like to put in my 15-years notice.ration you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and
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welcome back. a pair of old buddies hit the trail and pair of strangers just hit it off. those two are movies new in theaters this weekend. kevin frasier from entertainment tonight takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: this week captain america chris evans making directing debut and robert redford and nick knollty take a slow hike in the appalachian trail in the walk in the woods. >> how would you like to join me for a little stroll. here we go. robert redford and nick are mismatched friend looking for one last adventure in the walk in the woods and even though both gentlemen are a little older, they were up for physical challenging of their rolls. >> there was a lot of hiking. we didn't hike the appalachian trail obviously it was 2,000 miles but when do you a take, you have to do it again. is there a section of the trail where nick and i are walking up. you do that six or seven times. you are doing a lot of hiking.
5:25 am
>> are you okay. >> never better. >> we find it and get you home. >> before we go chris evans anal even deed spend a night in new york city finding a deep connection with one another despite being married. >> i feel like we met in grand central for a reason. we were in meant to find each other. >> movie is evan's directing debut and shows super hero's softer side as a musician meeting the right person at the wrong time. >> impossible you can meet somebody who is perfect to you even though you are committed to somebody else. for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier, for now, back to you in the studio. for latest news from hollywood watch entertainment tonight, every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. hey, the the wait is almost over for colbert's big premiere only three days left until stephen colbert takes over on the late show.
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you won't want to miss laughs, starting tuesday night at 11:35 after eyewitness newt at 11:00 on cbs-3. he is craze that i guy. stale ahead in the next half an hour, on "eyewitness news", a quiet sunny day in a, popular new york city park takes a turn. we will show you how massive tree came down trapping people underneath. a temple football team gets ready for their game against penn state. i don't know if i would call it helping. maybe distracting. see how it plays out coming
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it is saturday, september 5th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is just about 5:30. let's send it out to the sky deck and kyla grogan. it felt beautiful. how does it feel right now, kyla. >> a light breeze just went by me nicole, really gorgeous. >> sound lovely. >> you don't feel sticky air. just nice. we have a stunning weekend on tap here. if you are considering not getting outside, let me give you motivation. we start to lose daylight hours as we go through our fall season. sunsets at 7:26. by october 6:43. november 1st, 4:59. get outside and enjoy it. we will lose more than two minutes of daylight each day as we head into fall.
5:30 am
all right. lets talk about where we are right now this gorgeous day, 53 degrees, mount pocono. seventy-two in philadelphia. seventy-three down at the shore in atlantic city. we have a nice light breeze making things feel just lovely. looking at storm scan three you can see a few showers off to the west, i know it seems odd to watch in that direction but thinks i back door cold front that will cool us down and that is why you will see. that we are thankful for it. as we go through our morning we will see lots of sunshine, much cooler feeling. everyone gets out, and this is great time of the day to do it as sun comes up around six or 7:00 o'clock hour. it will be a wonderful weekend. lower humidity. absolutely pleasant. we will be heating up for labor day so humidity will be back. you think, that is end of the heat but we have more to talk about next week. i will have that in my full weather forecast. but for now back to you. made in america festival kicks off today and big crowds
5:31 am
are expect as usual, doors opened up at noon for this will sold out event. "eyewitness news", reporter syma chowdhry is live at ben franklin parkway where finishing touches are put on the today's event. are you still right by the the crab cake truck, same. i am, looking over there, it is like such a tease, it is early in the morning and, it is where we want to be wanting crab cakes or ice cream this morning but i want it, i don't care. i will wait here until these guys opened up. it is fourth annual made in america music festival. it is american just about the music but a lot of folks are excited about today's headlines, who is beyonce. tomorrow's head liner is the the weekend. this year there will be five stages with 62 acts. the first performance kicks off this afternoon, lots of people are expect to be here. 70,000 people, in fact are expect to fill the the parkway, both days, today and tomorrow. now even though that is less
5:32 am
than what is expect during the papal visit, officials are treating this weekend's president has a practice run for when the pope runs especially when it comes to crowd control for an outdoor ticketed event. >> the reason why you can say it is a try run because there are just certain things that have to be done no matter what you do in an outdoor event. make sure that everybody has, is on the same channels, knows all of the protocols and understands how to if the things done. >> and if you are coming down, expect it to be searched by security. you won't aloud to bring any food or beverages other than a bottle of water, don't bring any signs, poster, glow sticks or chairs. just come, and be prepared for fun. coming up in the next half an hour, nicole, i will ask you what your favorite beyonce song is. i'm telling you any so you can muscle it over, and you will be prepared. >> yes. >> and have you sing it?
5:33 am
>> what did you say. >> maybe i can have you sing it, sing your favorite beyonce song. >> it is a challenge that i will accept and i'm sure kyla will get in on that as well, she has a great voice. >> she has a great voice. >> we're doing it. >> stay tuned for 6:00 o'clock. >> thank you. >> she will get news trouble, you know. for more at the made in america festival here's cbs-3's meisha johnson. >> as we head in the weekend this is what you will want to necessity as you hit the roadways. first, made in america festival this weekend, so plan on some road closures. all of the major road on the ben franklin parkway and art museum area will be closed. inner lanes of the parkway are closed until tuesday morning, and then outer lanes are closed until sunday night. from saturday morning until sun take night, expect closures along the kelly drive, martin luther king drive, spring garden street the and pennsylvania avenue. and some good alternate will be the vine street expressway, fair mount avenue and jfk
5:34 am
boulevard, all of which will be opened. and secondly, you can see this, that will be offering additional services during festival to help you get around regional rails will have extra late night services, broad street line and market frankford line will be running every five minutes during the day on saturday and sunday, and some trolleys will be offering additional services for those attending the festival as well. keep in mind that some of these septa buses will be detoured during the festival. that is it the from the cbs traffic center i'm meisha johnson have a great labor day weekend. all right. if you don't have tickets to the made in america festival and still looking for something to do this weekend head over to our web site the at cbs from the city to the shore we have a full list of labor day weekend activities the right on the home page. just in time forget around safely for holiday weekend a designated drivers program is underway in evesham township, new jersey. the it offers free rides home from area bars and restaurants. the the pilot program is a
5:35 am
available to burlington county residents. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones looks at how it all works. >> reporter: knocking back a couple of drinks but police are hoping you remember sean english, 19 year-old was killed in 2009 on route 07 by a drunk driver, a crash that still haunts evesham township police. >> one of the first officers on the scene, you know, sticks with you forever. not only impact it had with our officers, but also the english family but entire community. >> reporter: that is why township has launched what has been billed as first of the kind 30 day pilot program. >> you are one of our restaurants and bars we are going to bring you home for free. >> reporter: starting friday tonight if you are an evesham resident shuttles will drop people off for free if they have had too much to drunk. george lapas owns marlton tavern. do you think people will use these shuttles. >> is there an art to it. encouraging somebody to not the forfeit their keys, sometimes it is hard but with patients people will comply.
5:36 am
>> reporter: if you live outside the township you can get a discounted rate for sober sam's, the the car services that send you and your car home and yes, is there an app for it. >> it will show you when the next shuttle is coming to your location. >> reporter: as of 10:00 o'clock friday night no one here has utilized the shuttle services. it will run weekend nights, and to learn more about it, you can down load evesham township police department's app. reporting from marlton, new jersey, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile the the water is back on for residents in northeast philadelphia's park blood section. 8-inch water main break ruptured yesterday, causing a sinkhole in the middle of the street and leaving nearly 60 homes without water. the gaping hole shut down traffic in the intersection of the chalfont drive and academy road. i was woke up by helicopters and flashlights and i thought they were looking for somebody and then turned water own and in water. i come out to this. so like oh, no, not again.
5:37 am
>> residents say this is second sinkhole that has opened up on their street in the last few weeks. no word when repairs will be completed and when that road will be opened to traffic, again, what a hassle. 5:37. search is on for two men wanted for a vicious a attack in hard owe gate. you can see a man walking in the liquor store here on east erie avenue when two strangers just start punching the poor guy. they income him to the ground, kick him and continued hitting him, very difficult to watch. few seconds later they walk away. the victim suffered cuts, but you otherwise he is okay. two former teachers assistants in new jersey are accused of encouraging little kid to fight each other in the new jersey day care this makes you sick to your stomach. one of them allegedly rolling video of it. christine sloan from our sister station in insuring has that story. >> reporter: two former day care workers, in a courtroom here in union county, defending themselves but prosecutors say that they have
5:38 am
obtained cell phone video of the little kids, fighting each other at the day care. why did you make those kid fight? former day care worker white not talking to me but in court telling a judge she's innocent. >> how do you plead, not guilty or guilty. >> not guilty. >> reporter: white and erika kenney, accused of making four and six years old fight each other on the play ground of the light bridge academy in cranberry, new jersey while teacher assistant. investigators say they dit for entertainment referencing the movie, fight club. >> how do you plead not guilty or guilty. >> not guilty. >> reporter: prosecutors say kenney took video of a dozen kids shoving each other posting several clips on snap chat, while video on the app disappears in ten seconds, someone receiving it allegedly recorded it, sending it to prosecutor. >> essentially the take care workers are encouraging it,
5:39 am
and videotaping it. >> reporter: complaint charged the two with child endangerment, kenney also accused of child abuse. those who know them, stunned. >> i don't even know what went into something like this, and to do it, more than once. >> reporter: this parent said her kids are safe at the day care. >> this is a case of two bad apples. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the take care says they are reviewing procedures to make sure that something like this never happens again. in elizabeth, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs two news. can't even believe that. 5:39. a huge tree came crashing down in the new york city park injuring five people. this happened yesterday a at bryant park, second tree broke off 13 feet off and two large pieces opinion several people underneath. they ran over to help after hearing a large cracking sound. >> i was watching guys play chess and all of a sudden we see the tree starting to come
5:40 am
down, part of the tree, and it hit, people started yelling and stuff and it was like three people laying down that was hurt. >> after i heard the crash, i turned, and the tree literally went to the side. >> none of the injuries are life threatening, crews took a chain saw to that tree later that day, but scary stuff. 5:40. festival in our area is celebrating its golden anniversary, coming up next where you can get homemade polish food that takes part in polish tradition this is holiday weekend. i'm 50 percent polish. i will get in on that. a high school student gets into quite a predicament, he gets trapped in the four year-old safe, what it took for officials to rescue him. and meteorologist kyla grogan returns with the holiday weekend forecast and a look ahead at what could be our next and hopefully last heat wave, at least that is what kyla is going with, we will be righ
5:41 am
i'd like to put in my 15-years notice.ration you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code, that's my line, this is the date." if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
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i know you've got good news. i will just toss it over to you. >> i'm dancing. >> i'm thinking about my favorite beyonce song. do you have yours. >> not yet. >> we will work on it. >> might have something to do with that,. >> i don't know, thinking bit. >> gorgeous weekend on tap, this is our neighborhood network, we are looking at, philadelphia you can see in the the distance from the palmyra cove nature park and it is pretty clear. you will see blue skies out
5:44 am
there, today, and throughout the weekend so it will be terrific, you guys, if i can get this to click for me. there you go, come on, click, click. we're stick. can you hit that space bar over there and see if we can get it. the beautiful and clear, today and tomorrow too, lots of sunshine. that will make the the difference for our forecast, lets see if i can get it to go here. we're stuck. we're stuck but we have a great weekend on tap here and there we go, current temperatures now 72 degrees in philadelphia 69 in allentown. seventy-three in at atlantic city. temperatures will not be crazy to day. they will stay in the 80's. sixty-seven in willow grow. seventy-two in palmyra. 23469 mount holly. notice a breeze, in atlantic city about 13 miles an hour. if you are at the shore you will feel that wind. storm scan three is nice and clear, and you can see just a few little sizzling out showers there off to the west. not much of anything. that sun comes up, it will be
5:45 am
a thing of the past. mostly sunny skies, cooler temperatures, lower humidity. that is what we have to look forward to. i tweet that had out and said we earned this nice weekend with all that heat this week. heading to made in america beautiful mid 80's, not too humid, mostly sunny and warm, great the day to get out there for a concert. talk about the shore, this is perfect. upper 70's, sunshine. you will have that breeze to contend w you can handle that though. watch out, is there a maryland rate rip current risk to dane and water is inviting when you look at the temperatures. temperatures at this time of the year upper 07's, at 80-degree mark. the that is current temperature at this hour of the day. that is what i'm interested in getting in the water. cooler then that, it is hard to convince me to do that. we are looking out for labor day. we will start to see a warm up, yet again. humidity returning. by monday, philadelphia high of 89 degrees. the little hot and humid. shore 81. in the poconos 82. we will have a mild weekend,
5:46 am
don't relax too much, folks because we have got heat coming our way as we head to the beginning of the next week. so i know that is not the best news and surprising but we will not have to worry about. that sunny, pleasant. lower humidity levels. i have to say that the breeze out of the north east five to 10 miles an hour. i felt it outside on the the sky deck. lovely, nice cool breeze this morning. the mostly clear tonight, very nice, 62 degrees. nice night to get outside, and lets look at your seven day forecast. beautiful weekend in the 80's. we will warm up as we head into monday, tuesday we will see a couple more 90's. we usually say heat wave is three days. we are closer to monday. we will keep an eye on. that i don't know if we have heat wave qualifications. we have stormy weather coming in thursday and friday. few thunderstorms. cooling us down yet again. i'm hopeful that is the the even of the 90's after this week. >> as i said you are an expert in the field. so lets go with that.
5:47 am
>> yep. >> because i have nothing better to offer. >> okay, deal. >> all right. >> 5:47. today the temple owls will attempt to beat penn state, information first time in 07 years. been a long time. before they take on that monumental task matt rule and his players had to put up with me. yeah, that is me, being crazy out there on the practice field embarrassing myself. see if i earn a spot on the field or a seat on the bench, more accurate. 4:00 p.m. is roster deadline for bird and they have made a major move, we will have the details coming up next in sports.
5:48 am
5:49 am
the eagles season kicks
5:50 am
off two mondays from now in atlanta, so with the preseason ending, that means it is time to trim the roster. they have done that by trading matt barclay to the cardinals for a seventh round pick. that means tim tebow has likely made the roster. by 4:00 p.m. today chip kelly must cut the team to 53 players. here are is of the names that have been cut according to multiple reports. rasheed bailey, roxborough high and dell val product is out but could find his way on the, practice squad. pratt is a palmyra native let go. pollack and evans were draft picks this year. phillies are in fenway to take on the boston red sox. dominic brownies not in the line up. he has been diagnosed with the a concussion and could be out for the remainder of the season. the brown was injured wednesday night at city field in new york as he went headfirst over the half wall, and, ugly play there. 2013 all-star was hitting .228 this year with five home runs. >> a few years ago this would have been a match up of two heavyweights the but phillies
5:51 am
and red sox two basement tellers head to head. it was diving with o thedougal night at fenway. he went face first making that diving catch. judges love it. give him 9.5. in the fifth, form not as good on the dive, he singles, and then tries to stretch the single into a double. and he is, out. the judges will be unhappy with that one for sure. zeros all the way around. red sox will go on to win by a score of seven-five. according to yahoo sports 76ers are signing kendelimar shall to the multi year deal. he was a lottery pick out of the nor carolina but not lived up to that averaging five-point and five assists per game in his career. major league soccer suspended christian madonna an extra game, for allegedly spitting on an opponent last week. a successful appeal cut the ban from three games to two that means madonna will be
5:52 am
back in time for u.s. open cup final on september 30th. college football season underway, local team was in action with delaware kicking off their season begins jacksonville. blue hens, down seven, and they go to a little trick here, joe walker, to dionty jerry who fines jalen randolph. flee flicker, boot ill, it is a touchdown, just not enough from blue hens. final score 20-14. sellout at the link today. the it is not kevin hart and not eagles but there will not be an empty seat in the house for the big match up between temple and penn state. the last year disappointing for nittany lions. they finish seven-six. owls went six-6a year ago. kick off this afternoon at 3:30. that is it for sports i'm pat gallon, have yourself a great day. all right. college football, officially here and today temple owls take on penn state at the link in the season opener. the the owls, they have not
5:53 am
beat the nittany lions in 07 years but i'm thinking maybe this is the year for cherry and white. they have been working hard getting ready for that showdown until a certain reporter interrupted their flow on the practice field, lets take a look. >> ♪ >> from individual warm ups to team practice drills i was easy to spot on temple university practice field where the owls were setting their sights on the upcoming season. >> i think we have a good football team. we have seniors now that came here with, they have grown, they know what to expect. >> reporter: before they take on penn state, head coach matt rule and his players will to have put up with me on a field of hundred football players, i was a little lost. >> what is going on. >> i asked coach for a little guidance. >> the biggest thing is to be a great player, to be a great player you have to go as far as you can and you have to
5:54 am
hustle. >> run, run, run. >> there you go. >> difficult my best as a wide receiver managing to catch after running down a new pattern begins press coverage and they didn't go easy on me. >> drive, drive, drive, drive. >> coach isn't messing around. >> at practice they have got one speed, fast and they don't stop. >> if you are injured, don't expect a break, players are sent here to the tent, you can see this work out, brutal, hoping they are healthy and back out on the field real soon. >> it is mentality of the whole program. if you are injured and can't go out on the practice field you will go and you will work. >> reporter: especially if they want to beat penn state, they have not in 70 years. >> we want our guys to go into every game expect to go win and just control what we can control which is how we can play. when we do that enough time we will get a w. >> difficult earn a spot the on the bench. >> i saw you in the one on one drills and you have a if you tour.
5:55 am
>> impressed. >> very impressed. >> kind word from coach but i'm not holding out for heisman anytime soon. >> you did a great job. >> my mom saw this story and she said look at her getting out there. good for her. >> your mommies a very kind woman. >> players were like what is that lady doing. >> i went into this thing in one knew what i was doing there, okay. >> crazy later just follow players and do what they are doing. they are looking over their shoulders like who is this crazy lady. >> you made a valiant efforty would have gotten hit in the head with the football. so, i'm telling you. >> but a nice one. >> nice job. >> and speaking of support, we do want to know which team you are supporting. go to the cbs philly page right now and retweet if you are routeing for temple and favorite if you are routeing for penn state. rivalry poll tweet.
5:56 am
>> okay. >> so we know what side you are on. >> go team. >> kyla, thanks. happening today 50th an a you'll polish american festival and country fair taking place in doylestown. the family fun event featuring world class entertainment, fun, food, drink they have the whole deal. polish american festival and country fair runs again today and next weekend from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00. rescuers are working to day to free a blue whale tangled in the fishing line off the southern coast of california. whale, believed to be about 75 , spouting and diving friday, in a channel. it was drag ago long trailing line with an attached buoy from a lobster or some kind of crab trap. crew is attached a larger buoy to take track of the animal until they can detach that line. you kind of want to see that. texas high school student found himself in the tight spot after he manager to get himself lock inside of a safe. not sure how that happened. it happened yesterday after
5:57 am
his high school in san antonio, dozen crews responded trying to go figure out how to get the 16 year-old out. fire department drilling holes in the back to give the teen some air. he was given a pin light and rubber through a rub are tube. >> we just started to pump room air in the safe. he was calm the whole way through. >> after three hours they got the teen out unharmed. the safe is 20 years old and part of the r ot c program from the 07's. inning was kept in it. the it is usually left opened and unlock. glad he is okay. still ahead in the next half an her of "eyewitness news", it is the the big event from the weekend, the made in the america festival. we are life with the last minute preparations. could there been a remedy in your kitchen for those annoying fall allergies, we will explain. plus holiday weekend is here what can we expect from the weather. i think all good things. the weather. i think all good things. kyla grogan has the enamel is your teeth's firstood things. line of defense.the
5:58 am
but daily eating and drinking can make it weak. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel.
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ahh, finishing touches being put on the made in america festival, one of the biggest labor day weekend parties in the country. meantime down the shore the board are expecting big crowds for one last hooray this weekend marking unofficial end of the summer. plus, a deadly shooting in the middle of


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