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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fire, or if there are any injuries, right now but we will continue to update you on this story throughout the night. our other top story tonight is tragedy after the made in america concert in philadelphia good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have new information about the local woman hit and killed earlier this morning. a 25 year-old phoenixville woman was one of the two pedestrian hit by a cab crossing broad street. "eyewitness news" reporter david spun t is live in phoenixville with more on this deadly accident, david. >> reporter: they are name was amanda a degrilamo, 25 years old and she grew up not far where i'm standing near phoenixville high school. people are upset about this. she was with 25 year-old brian bot ti, from baltimore, maryland. they were crossing broad street near arch street just a couple blocks from city hall, 4:30 in the morning this was several hours after the concert ended and police say that is when a taxi driver, a 41 year-old taxi driver, of the rosemont taxi services,
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was driving over the the speed limit at this point. this is what police believed, hit both of them, they were both pronounced dead, shortly thereafter. we are told that driver of the taxi cab, hung out, he waited for police, to come, and then they took him to the hospital as well. >> the good thing here is he didn't leave the scene. so we have a lot more then we would have for all those that do leave. >> reporter: we don't necessity the driver's name at this point but we are told he was also taken to the hospital. he is cooperating with police but it is possible ukee and jessica, there would be charges. we don't know how fast he was going. i did reach out to the rosemont taxi company, spoke with an employee there, and they said they don't have any comment at this time but sad night in phoenixville, these remembering 25 year-old a amanda a a degrilamo. we are live from phoenixville, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> sad, david, keep us up to date. this labor day a fire tears through row homes 234 southwest philadelphia forcing families to evacuate. crew where is called to the 4900 block of saybrook avenue at 9:30 this morning. five homes were destroyed. displacing ten people, including at least one child. one neighbor and fire fighter suffered minor injuries and we spoke to one woman who made it out just in time. >> i came out, the block was just filled with thick, dark smoke. i'm doing okay. they said there was in loss of life. i'm happen bye that. >> red cross is supplying food and shelter for people who were evacuated, fire officials continue their investigation. we have eyewitness video of the car fire on i-76, this twitter video comes from mid holiday who saw flames burning just before 1:00 this afternoon this was at montgomery drive and 76. one person was, taken to the hospital, there is no word on their condition. delaware state police are investigating a a shooting in claymont. police were called to the 300 block of ridge road just before noon after several
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people called 91. according to authorities, car pulled up to a 20 year-old man and fired multiple round striking him more than once. eyewitness says that today's violence has shocked a quiet neighborhood. >> it is very scary. i have a kid running around here. i have another one on the way. >> reporter: man shot was taken to the hospital, he is in stable condition, tonight. police say there is no description of the suspect at this time but he was seen fleeing in the koran virginia avenue knew. police continue to investigate and they encourage anyone with any information to call their detectives. a block party in west philadelphia, is opened for people to put down guns to keep their neighborhood safe. residents of the 800 block of north for the first street came together for day of peace rally. in june of this year a shooting at a block party on ogden street injured ten people in that a area. it is last day of the summer vacancies on a time many are celebrating with even of the summer barbecues. lets see what the forecast is.
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meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck for you, kate. >> the the unofficial end to summer but certainly not any kind of end to summer-like weather outside. it is hot right now. it will only get hotter over the the next couple of days but then, some changes, by the end of the week. let's start off by imminent weather right now, if you are outside, heading outside, throwing burgers on the grill here this evening for your labor day barbecue plans no problems, storm scan three is completely clear at the moment as we zoom out, you can see nothing going on to the west is there a weak cool front moving through the great lakes but that is staying away for now. temperatures, still very warm, 90 degrees is the current temperature at the airport. eighty-nine in trenton. pair of eight's in allentown, reading and lancaster. cooler down the shore thanks to an a on shore win. dew points have jumped up almost 10 degrees from this time yesterday. allentown dew point is 14 degrees higher then this time yesterday. by wait, both allentown and mount pocono, tied, record highs for today, and it was a a very hot, labor day, and it stays warm tonight, 85 degrees at 7:00 p.m. by 9:00 o'clock 79 degrees.
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is the nil bed at 11:00, tune into cbs-3 but it will be nice and warm if you are stretching out those labor day barbecue plans a cross the region tomorrow, back to school and back to work or maybe in the shore or poconos back to another day of vacation. temperatures in the 80's there it will cool down by the even of the week here in philadelphia i'll have the full seven day eyewitness weather forecast in just a few minutes. back inside to you. >> kate, we will see you then, thank you. wet are could not have cooperate better to day for the unofficial summer send off. tons of people flock to the jersey shore to enjoy the sunny weather and "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live, in ocean city, new jersey. this is a pretty good gig, cleve. >> reporter: cannot beat it being on the boardwalk getting paid for this. people here they just don't want to leave. i don't know about war big traffic or procrastinating with going back to school or work but there are thousands of people still on the boardwalk. it was a record breaking year for many towns throughout the jersey shore to day, surely the explanation point. if you weren't ready to say good bye to summer to day you
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weren't alone this weekend the new jersey shore was packed. >> beach all three days, just a nice time, great weather, and, you know, since they are two and three years old. >> reporter: little windy and some waves but overall nice and sunny. families say a perfect ending to a stellar summer. >> a lot of beach days, water park, mini golf, ride, all of the ocean city activities. great summer. beautiful weather. >> reporter: cape may tourism officials say they report record breaking beach tag sales, hotel occupancy and home rentals. all they expect around 6 billion collars of economic activity thanks in large part to affordable gas prices and warm weather. >> the city did well. we had day trippers again, the amusement ride did great. from what i'm understanding i was talking to one of the ice cream guys it has been a banner season. >> reporter: whether making pizza, freshly squeezed lemonade or, personal gifts that will last a lifetime many shop owners on the boardwalk say they are thrilled with business, this weekend and this summer. >> this is our third season
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and we saw an improvement over the the first two years. a lot of people on the boardwalk in town, we did net is a bump in a attendance this year. >> some visitors, we have air, travis anal son, cuff a good day. what did you do today. >> we went on the beach. >> what else did you do, did you just sit there and stair around or did you go in the ocean. >> we went in the ocean, and played in the sand. >> ready to go back to school. >> we already went back to school. >> not ready to leave the boardwalk yet. >> very good. >> again, this is just a great day at the beach, if you missed it, come on back next weekend. reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". big smiles talking about school. all right, buddy thanks very much. labor day union members rallied for workers rights in philadelphia's annual labor day parade. hundreds took to the streets and marched up columbus boulevard in solidarity this morning. pennsylvania governor tom wolf was also there for the event. >> this is about work, it business jobs, it business
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good jobs, and every pennsylvanian needs to understand this is our day. >> afl-cio held today's went sheet medical at workers, postal workers, teachers a and other union members. lehigh valley central labor council hosted their annual labor day celebration today. "eyewitness news" at wayne grove part in west hampton. over 600 attended representing over 40 labor unions and has been a tradition with the event, many elected local and state officials attended the celebration, representing both political parties. well, he is a flyers fanatic with an evil plan. >> yes, coming up why he is getting-money to buy the pittsburgh penguins. >> we are live at 50th anniversary of the our lady of czestochowa polish festival in doylestown and i'm working up quite an appetite from the polka so i will dig into this polish feast coming up.
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kate? not fair, she has best job in the world today. we have a beautiful day underway for rest of the labor day holiday then it stays hot for next couple days at least but changes on the way by end of the week, i will have full seven day in a couple minutes, hey, pat. football kicks off one week from today when philadelphia eagles take on the falcons but another local team that we're talking about, those temple owls crushed penn state on saturday, and we have got more good news, for the program, and we will tell but tonight sports.
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so, naturally, fans are getting flyered up about this and one fan is so excited about the the new hockey season, he is looking for donations to help him, buy the pittsburgh penguins. >> say what. >> he has interesting ideas for team and backup plan. now allah sandra hoff is live, at the wells fargo center right new with more, alex. >> reporter: the the pittsburgh penguins said last night that he would be willing to sell this team if someone could meet their record breaking 750 million-dollar price tag. welshing local man has stepped
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up to that challenge and if he gets his way, all i have to say pittsburgh fancies brace yourself could your stadium could soon look like this upon meeting jeremy spencer two things become immediately obvious, one, he is a big flyers fan. >> and number two. >> i hate pittsburgh penguins. >> he kind of likes penguins. >> i hate the penguins. >> reporter: point taken. >> thermos vial fans ever created on this earth. >> reporter: spencer runs a blog called orange and black when word spread that the penguins franchise was put on the market last week for a cool, 750 million-dollar, they knew exactly what they had to do. >> we thought to ourselves, we have to start a go fund me campaign to buy penguins. >> reporter: in three days they have rack up over $1,300 in donations, on their way to ownership the plan toys destroy from within. >> before we move them to antarctica which is where penguins belong, paint a flyers logo in each parking
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space, giant photo of claude giroux facing the highway, hiring traffic cones to play goaltender but then we thought why would we want to upgrade the team. >> reporter: despite planning is there a chance that they will not meet their 750 million-dollar goal. in fact, there is in chance. as it turns out that is best news of all. >> we will give all of the money, 100 percent to flyers wife's charities, two of the charities that they supported, particularly funded the snyder hockey and paws. >> reporter: all considering owning the the penguins would be pretty toughest specially for this busy training a flyers rookie at home. >> let's go flyers. let's go flyers. >> look at this kid. he is a natural. >> reporter: he was a natural. jeremy says that once these donations, seem to hit their peak he will set it up so they will funnel directly so that anyone who donates to the purchasing of the penguins will be donating trekly to those charities. reporting live from the wells
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fargo center alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> flyers nation unite and they have a recruit for the future. >> thanks, alex. funnel cake, vittoria, always gets good assignment. >> she definitely got got gig today. she's at the polish american family festival and country fare in doylestown. hey, torey. >> hi, there ukee and jessica. we have a full table. it is a pack house as you can see behind me but we have a packed table. we are celebrating the 50th annual, polish american festival and county fair here in doylestown at the national shrine of our lady of czestochowa. this is teresa. you may have seen her before. teresa is master of ceremonies here. therese, thanks so much for having us again. >> we're happy to have you, thrilled. >> beautiful great day for family, fun and one of the most important things about the festival is that the proceeds go right back into the shrine.
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>> that is right, this is 50th anniversary of the polish american festival and 60th anniversary of the shrine itself. festival, proceeds go to the upkeep of the beautiful ground here in doylestown and our shane of czestochowa. >> all employees that are working right now at the the festival are here and volunteering. >> that is right, festival is unique. we have a committee that works all year round and we are all volunteers, we have a job, and everyone working here, today and next week are all volunteers. >> reporter: wonderful. >> we love it. >> you can tell speaking of love, lot of love goes in the food as well. can we go around and i will dig right in. >> sure. >> and not take up anybody's time. could you walk us through this. >> one of the most popular polish foods is kill bass a a. you can have have it on a platter or sandwich. we have traditional polish peer rowing i, dumping with potato sausage and sausage and onions. we have, kind of like a polish stew. we have pieces of sour crowd,
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mushrooms, vegetables, deliver us potato pancake. >> right here, and people usually have it either with apple sauce or with sour cream. >> wonderful. >> everything. >> you also have the sweat pallet, as well. >> we have funnel cake and polish desserts as well. >> yes. >> you definitely want to come here. festival will continue, september 12th and 13th from noon to 8:00 p.m. twelve bucks to get in. i'm telling you it is worth every cent. it feels like family. i'm not polish but i feel polish tonight. >> you are. >> you and all of the hard working people, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> jacob, i didn't forget this as well. it may not be polish but it is a festival. you guys are missing out. >> yes. >> that is right. >> right back at you. >> we have not forgotten about the polish beer as well. wetting the the whistle during the break. >> that looks good. >> yeah. >> um, um. >> good crowd out there too.
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>> vittoria said tight. >> she looks like she belongs there. >> yes. >> cute little costume. >> yes,. >> great day to be outside, really nice day. >> all kind of way to celebrate labor day when are barbecuing at home, down the shore or at a festival we have lots of sunshine. hate about been hot and on the steamy side but nice breeze brakes that up at times today. lets look outside and see how our evening is shaping up. take you out first and fur mess to a camera at live neighborhood network camera showing you some sunshine down the shore. we will put it up in just a second. margate was one of the spots that was very crowded this afternoon. take a look the beach is still full in ocean city. we will start off there boardwalk, ferris wheel, everything is still going, you can see that sun shot from sky cam three. boardwalk in the looking as pack as yesterday or saturday. sad sight. things are looking a little bit more sparse as everybody head home after long holiday weekend, getting ready to go
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back to reality, work or back to school offer perhaps first day of school. it is at my house tomorrow. it will be a jarring kind of transition from summer into fall but the weather will stay conn start. here's margate beach patrol headquarters this beach was crowded an hour ago. you can see tracks everybody dragging beach chairs and wagons and leaving the beach perhaps for the last time this summer. the brings a tear to my eye. lets look outside. storm scan three we will go out and show you not much willing on at all across the northeast. skies are clear, just a few clouds drifting by this evening. some spots not seeing any cloud cover this afternoon. it is gorgeous. 90 degrees still at the airport. that will make it 35 days in the 90's this year. 89 degrees in trenton. eighty-four in millville. we are seeing cooling down the shore with the breeze off the water. temperatures in the 70's to near 80 degrees. it doesn't have to be the last trip down the the shore. september down the shore is one of my favorite times to go this week looks great if this is your week down the shore. if you don't have kids in school you'll love it.
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fewer crowds and temperatures still very comfortable especially along the coast. in the city we have 90's again tomorrow, hot and humid. same story on wednesday. as this front approaches watch whether happens wednesday. tomorrow is completely clear day, wednesday we will have morning fog and then watch for an have afternoon shower or thunderstorm, dew points rise, wednesday into thursday, and then as that front approaches, wednesday is in most steamy day this week and things start to get better by friday. quickly take you down to the tropics and here's tropical storm grace. it does not look like it will be an issue as this storm will piss will out and be downgraded to a depression by later in the day thursday. offer night in the city, warm, muggy, 70 degrees. the mainly clear, hot and humid, lots of sunshine. 92 degrees for that back to reality tuesday. the mostly sunny, steamy, at 85. your seven day forecast and shore cast we will keep it hot tuesday and wednesday watch for showers and storms on thursday, and then friday, sat the day turning cooler and right back where they should be in the lower 80's, we will be right
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hurry, offer ends september 19th. get out of the past. get fios. the fill is and the braves need wins badly tonight. >> yes. >> we're only worried about one of those teams. >> but again. >> phillies, they return to action tonight, after what was a brutal road trip to boston. they take on the braves tonight at 7:05. phillies will go with a six man rotation soon enough and they recalled pitcher david buchanan to lehigh valley new that their season is over. here's pete mackanin on adding a arm. >> we have to, be careful with eichoff, ash are and morgan. it makes a lot of sense to us. we will give them extra time to regroup. so that makes a lot of sense. >> the eagles get an extended vacation, as they remain off just one week before the regular season kicks off in atlanta. they will get back to work on wednesday to prepare for
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monday night football with the falcons. after their smack down of the nittany lions, temple football didn't stop celebrating. the the line banker tyler was named the defensive player of the week. he sacked christian hackenberg three times on saturday in the owls 27-ten win over penn state. temple head coach matt rule talk about the first win over nittany lions in many, many years. >> temple, for temple youth, for football, our fans, it kind of removes that conversation. i know even my own son ten asking why 07 years. we are not saying that anymore. it was a great day for temple. crowd was unbelievable there was so much energy there. people saw what is going on with temple football. >> up next, they will take on cincinnati saturday night at 8:00 p.m. they are looking for two-o start. matt rule has his boys playing good ball to start off the year. >> how about that. >> bruce airans called him because bruce used to coach here in the late 80's.
6:26 pm
that was a great win. >> temple is loving it. >> oh, yeah. >> we will be right i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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one more day until the late show with stephen colbert premiers right here on cbs-3. you can watch it every week night after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. by the the way we are told the show will be a bit long, so you might want to set your dvr to run longer, don't miss a minute of it. >> you'll want to see all of that. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and then again at 11:00 . >> up next, "cbs evening news". tonight on this labor day president obama assigns an
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executive order expanding sick leave, take care family, w >> quijano: the race is on for the democrats. sandsers pulls ahead of clinton in new hampshire. >> where were you when you saw those poll numbers and what did you say? >> i said whoa! >> quijano: also tonight, by sea and by land. thousands complete the perilous journey from war to freedom. blindsided, why did two players sack the refer real estate? and the american hunter who killed the beloved lion is finally telling his side of the story. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> quijano: good evening, scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. the race for the white house is a marathon, not a sprint. for the democrats it just got a lot closer. as the candidates marked the labor day by marching in parades and taking-- taking selfie, the l


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