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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 8, 2015 2:07am-2:36am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00 tragedy following the made in america festival. to concert goers are hit and killed by a taxi. tonight we're learning more about the victims including a young woman who grew up and lived in chester county. pair was crossing broad street near city hall when the crash happened. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. it was supposed to be a weekend of fun and instead it ended in tragedy. no charges have been filed at this time but investigators are
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still trying to figure out just how this happened. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on how the victims are being remembered. >> reporter: police detectives are still trying to find out exactly how fast this cab driver was going. according to detectives, the speed limb behind me is 25 miles an hour. but witnesses told detectives the cab was going much faster. after a night of celebrating the end of summer at the made in america concert on the parkway, 25-year-old amanda and brian, were both hit and killed on broad street near arch street around 4:30 in the morning. >> they were crossing the street. the cab was traveling northbound on broad street. >> body was from baltimore a man today grew up and still lived in phoenixville. >> it was very very tragic to get that text this morning to find out we lost somebody from our family ymca very very difficult. >> wood is her former boss at the wmca in phoenixville. she's also a family friend. >> not only did she, dark amanda work for her but her two sisters
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and mom walk in our child watch center. >> there were no passengers inside the rosemont cab much the driver with the cab company stayed on scene before going to the hospital with chest pains. >> the good thing here he didn't leave the scene. so we have a lot more we would have for all those who do leave. >> reporter: detectives will continue to use forensics and possible surveillance footage to determine the actual speed of the cab. meanwhile, a small community in phoenixville will continue to mourn. >> just dzhokhar rays mat tick and young and vibrant and very mature for her age. >> i had a chance to talk to amandass dad off camera understandably the family is devastated. police detectives are analyzing a blood sample from the driver. i reached out to rosemont cab. i'm told there would be no official comment from the company. reporting in center city, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". a major forest fire is burning in burlington county new jersey tonight. chopper three over the scene in woodland township earlier this evening much this is in the area
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of wood man see road just north of route 72. the fire has burned over the county line into owing county. fire crews are working through the night trying to contain it while doing their best to kite under a thousand acres. fortunately there are no homes or structures in danger. dry and breezy conditions helped to fuel that forest fire. come tomorrow it will get hotter. september sizzle continues. kate is on the sky deck to talk about the heat as more students are heading back to school, kate. >> the good news it's not feeling too bad outside right now. nice breeze still. took a look at the winds over that forest fire and right now the winds are not all that bad about five to 10 miles per hour. not as bad as they were earlier today. so that's good news. it will be a bit breezy tomorrow. but the breeze here in the city making it feel okay this evening even though it is still pretty warm out here. let's take look at storm scan3 quickly. nothing going on. skies are clear right now and will remain that way through the overnight hours a couple of showers up across the great lakes. but those showers are traversing
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a ridge of high pressure planted in place over our region right now and it's will stay here for the next couple of days. temperatures right now down to 77 degrees at the airport. 74 in allentown. it's 73 at the atlantic city airport reading also at a warm 77 wake up to temperatures in the upper 60 toss around 70 degrees in the city. it will be a warm morning putting the kids on the schoolbus maybe the first day of school at your house like it is at our house. definitely they want the summer clothes tomorrow. you can't put the kids in the jeans and the boots and the sweaters. definitely not fall clothes kind of weather tomorrow. temperatures in the morning in the 70s. in the afternoon here we go back to the 90s. 92 will be the high tomorrow in the city. 85 down the shore. and 86 still hot in the poconos. mount pock know by the way tied a record high today and tomorrow looks like another hot one. so coming up we'll talk about how long this steamy weather lasts and also got thunderstorm ins in the forecast late this week. i'll tell you our best threat for seeing steady rain. perhaps a lint of fall in the forecast? we haven't anything
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like that recently we do little bit of a cool down to tell you about by the end of the seven day i'll have that for you coming up when i join you and side. >> kate, we are saying goodbye to summer here at "eyewitness news". tomorrow it is back to work and school. perfect day it was to send off the season. take live look at our shore cam in ocean city it's a quiet night now. "eyewitness news" reporter greg was there as many enjoyed their unofficial day of summer. >> reporter: sure there was a steady stream of traffic heading away from ocean city. but that didn't mean there weren't plenty of people trying to enjoy their last few minutes of this beautiful holiday weekend. >> how was it guys. >> brandon ben helped the last few jet secures back into the dock bay side. >> this weekend yesterday was pretty crazy. today was a little lighter because i guess everyone wants to spend that are last day on the beach. >> he wasn't kidding. oceanside people packed the boardwalk.
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>> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> enjoying gelato or just a sunset stroll. >> but the beauty of the ocean led some away from the boardwalk and toward the water for that last glimpse into summer. >> i was watching. you were just in thought. you're just watching the waves and enjoying this weather. >> yes. it really is. it really -- so good dobb down here in ocean city enjoying it. >> how beautiful it is right n now. >> just i was m sunset is just beautiful. just seeing the majestic of the water just flowing. it's just awesome feeling. >> breath taking. >> you can't help but take it in. >> even though you can still see a lot people enjoying the last two hours of this holiday we check the weather. great news all this week into the weekend expected to be in the 80s. so there is still time to enjoy the beach. maybe even have one last ice cream cone. reporting here in ocean city greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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union members marched up columbus boulevard in the annual labor day parade. hundreds took to the street in solidarity for workers right. afclcio organized today's event. set metal workers, postal workers, teachers and other union workers took part. >> over 600 people representing 40 labor unions attended the picnic in northampton. as is tradition many elected officials were there representing both political parties. >> this weekend's made in america festival left a big cleanup on the ben franklin parkway. some roadways remain closed as the clean up. they bagged up bottles and cans and other trash and broke down the five stages that showcased music's biggest names like beyonce'. >> i like that they're really trying to revitalize the area. it brings in lot of people arc lot of good press.
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a lot of big artists come to the see. >> the made in america festival serve as a rehearsal for much bigger event to take place on the parkway later this month. that of course being the papal visit. portions of the area will remain partially closed until the pontiff leaves philadelphia. >> as we get closer to the pope's rival septa has advice for those looking for tickets. do you not need a school four get one. hundreds of people on e bail and craigslist are trying to sell train tickets for the pope's visit for up to $40. that's four times face value. but tickets are not sold out. step is urging those in interested in ticket to visit their website and pay the standard rate of $10 for a tick. pope francis arrives in philadelphia in just 19 days. and tomorrow tickets for the pope's event on independence mall will be made available. you can find a complete guide to the papal visit on our website on this labor day president obama signed an executive order requiring paid sick leave for employees of federal contracto
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contractors. he spoke about the new order at the greater boston labor council breakfast. >> i signed a new executive order requiring federal contractors to allow employees who work on our contracts to earn up to seven paid sick days a year. (applause). >> this will give about 300,000 paid americans sick leave for the first time g major union app pose the trade deal with asia and europe. vice-president joe biden spent the holiday in pittsburgh. he ran in the allegheny county labolabor day parade. many asked will he run for president. he addressed the big question but wouldn't say if he is running. >> eye you have to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> new poll shows biden fairing better than hillary clinton against donald trump and jeb bush and hypothetical head to head matchups.
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if biden does decide to run he'll need to raise money quickly and labor unions have to traditionally supported democrats giving $61 million to the party in 2012. a new poll finds bernie sanders has a double digit lead over hillary clinton in a key primary state. the vermont senator is pulling away from the democrat mick front runner 49% to 39%. he met with union members. clinton spent the holiday meeting with union members but in iowa. and she remains the front runner in iowa but her lead has been cut in half. the killing of a beloved lion named cecil sparked outrage across the globe. the minnesota dentist who shot the animal is finally breaking his silence. when we return, what he's saying about his future and what he claims he alleged learned from the ordeal. >> plus, we all know flyers fans are devoted to their orange and black but this fan is, well, in a class of his own. how he's trying to buy the pittsburgh penguins. kate. >> and the heat will hang on for
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another couple of days. we're talking 90s again tomorrow and wednesday but changes on the way later in the week. along with a chance for a little bit of rain. i'll tell you more about that coming up with the seven day forecast. >> let's talk about germ on a plane. we'll let you know about the one spot you may want to think twice about before touching it when "eyewitness news" continues. ♪
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10 people are out of their homes tonight after a fire rips through several row homes in southwest philadelphia. flames broke out in one unit on the 4900 block of say brook avenue this morning. then the fire quickly spread to four other homes. one neighbor an firefighter had to be treated for minor injuries. the red cross is helping four families with food and shelter. both france and britain will take in thousands the migrant crisis gross in europe. meanwhile germany accepts many who made the dangerous trek
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across the continental. it will welcome as many as 800,000 migrants by year's end. not everyone is so welcoming though. a shelter went up in flames just one of the more than 200 attacks asylum seekers in germany this year. the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples has filed an am peel with federal court. camkim davis has been in jail since last thursday. since being in custody dozens of supporters have been gathering outside the jailhouse every day. >> blue whale and tangled in fishing line near the california coast was spotted in mexico today. it was seen friday night dragging 400 feet of line. experts worry the whale will have trouble eating could get tired and possibly die. blue whales are the largest animals in the world and california crews have never rescued one before.
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minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion says he will return to his practice. walter palmer spoke with reporters in his home state saying his dental office will reopen tomorrow. palmer made headlines when he hunted cecil in july and maintains the kill was legal in zimbabwe. he said if he had known the lion was important to the country he would not have killed him. you might want to keep the hand sanitizer close the neck time you fly. new report lists dirty yesterday thing you touch when you travel and the winner is the tray table on airplane. the website travel collected 26 samples from five airports and two different airlines. did not name which one. second on the list of dirtiness was the water fountain button in an airport followed by the plane's overhead bins. >> from flying to the night guys, 10 days philadelphia flyers open training camp. >> naturally fans are getting flyered up out there. one fan so excited about the new hockey season he's now looking for donations to help him buy the pittsburgh penguins.
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>> how about that? "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hov has more on his interesting ideas for the team. >> reporter: upon meeting jeremy spencer, two things become immediately obvious. one, as a flyers fan. >> hard core as they come. >> reporter: two -- >> i hate the pittsburgh penguin. >> reporter: wait he kind of likes the penguins? >> i hate the penguins. >> reporter: point taken. the most vial things ever on this earth. >> he runs a blog with his four buddies called orange and black when word spread that the penguins franchise is put on the market last week for a cool 750 mill, they knew exactly what they had to do. >> we thought to ourselves we have to start gofundme campaign to buy the penguins. >> that three days they racked up $1,300 in donations. on their way to own are in ship the plan to to dry from win. >> before we move them to antarctica. which is where penguins blow,
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paint a flyers logo on each parking space. why would we want to upgrade the team. >> despite the planning there's a chance they will not meet their $750 million goal. in fact there's no chance. as it turns out that's the best news of all. >> so we'll give all the money 100% of the non flyers wives charities. two of the charities they support in particular that i'm particularly fond of schneider hockey and paws. >> but all considering owning the penguins would be tough especially since he's busy training a flyers rookie at ho home. >> let's go, flyers! >> look at this kid. he's a natural. >> jeremy says that once those donations seem to hit their peak those funds will be funneled so that anybody donating to the purchasing of the penguins will actually be donating directly to the charities. reporting from the wells fargo center alexandria hov cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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>> great idea. the little guy is a natural. >> you see it in his eyes. we can't wait for this. we're now just about 24 hours away from the premier of the late show with stephen colbert right here on cbs3. >> almost show time live look from outside the historic ed sullivan theater in new york city. look at that. it's been renovated on the inside actually restored back to its 1927 theater look. it's all just one day away. late show way stephen colbert debuts tomorrow night after "eyewitness news" at 11 could. tomorrow's show will run a little long. fur recording it make sure you extent that dvr. >> it will be fun. a lot of fun. >> it's kind of ending the summer season as we're doing today. kicking off new tv season butt it feels like summer out there. >> it does. it will continue to feel like summer tomorrow. i remember growing up in this area you always want totter break out the fall clothes for the first day of school. >> september, sure. >> sweating at the bus stop and having to -- take off the sweater. mom told me not to wear it but i wanted to.
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definitely the summer clothes the better bet for tomorrow. but switching gears a little bit take a look at this video this is a stunning site from space. this is from astronaut scott kelly captured a view of a solar storm while on the iss. he later tweeted saying the a you aurora was impressive. he is right. especially seeing it from space. what a cool age we live from astronauts can tweet and send us pictures real time from the international space station of aurora in space. what a cool video we wanted to share that with you of course courtesy of nasa. looking beautiful this evening. another day of beautiful weather down the shore as well and it was packed in rehoboth beach much this is time lapse on our live neighborhood network came camera. watch how the beach just completely phils up through the afternoon a lot of folks down there for the labor day holiday. pretty much jump from that umbrella to umbrella down the beach then the shadows begin to lengthen and the beach goers start to pack up. that marks the end of the summer vacation is that. the shore is beautiful in
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september as well. my kids were not in school we went down in september you can take advantage of that if the kids don't have to be in school. so great time to go down the next couple of days. high pressure in control and if you're back home, and you're sending the kids to school perhaps tomorrow, it is going to be hot one outside and back to work as well. we're going to be it sweating it out back to work and reality after the long holiday weekend. 77 degrees at the airport. it's 77 in trenton. 73 at the atlantic city airport. down the shore a little bit cooler. cape may at 68 right now. feeling pretty nice with a cool breeze. it starts to heat up again in the 90's today. high slips further to the east get into that southwest flow and it's going to be a hot one. 90s but a full day of sunshine for your tuesday. this front approaches on wednesday. and as it approaches, we could see a better chance of stray afternoon shower or thunderstorm. the front will stay overhead on thursday bringing another chance for showers and storms. so tomorrow you can see completely clear day nothing but sunshine for your tuesday. great day to be outside. wednesday starts off with clouds
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and perhaps even little bit of fog out there and then chance for afternoon shower or thunderstorm. that will continue into wednesday evening. the front does start to make some progress but it gets kind of hung and here. notice on thursday afternoon another chance for a few showers. and a thunderstorm. how it will feel over the next few days still in the steamy to humid range tomorrow but then really getting oppressive wednesday and thursday as we a wait the rifle and departure of that front friday getting little bit better back to humid but saturday the humidity will really drop. to the tropics quickly tropical storm grace moving on a due west pattern but now looks like it will downgrade as he will early as tomorrow to tropical depression. stay that way before reaching lesser antilles. still could bring heavy rain but not expected to be a big deal. overnight mainly clear, warm and muggy 70. tomorrow lots of sun, hot and humid into down the if you are down the shore extending that vacation looks good. mostly sunny steamy at 85 degrees. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, and shore cast, well, two more days in the 90 that is could make it another heat wave.
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thursday we tran zig out of that friday, saturday looking good and there's that little hint of fall that i hined at earlier back to the 70s on sunday and monday. >> i like that hint. >> take a hint. >> thank you kate kate. >> pat has your sports. >> phillies and braves played do night. not many people there to see it. carli lloyd against a 400-pound lineman in a kicking contest. place your bets. we'll show that you next.
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>> phillies came into tonight's action game worse than atlanta in the race for the worst record in the majors. the braves wouldn't let the phils off that easy as they have lost 12 straight. judging by the am of people in the stands tonight, it won't be long until we see free tickets and packages of phillies franks again like the old days. citizens bank park record low 15,125 showed up in the battle for the number one pick. far less there. freddie free man two run homerun
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horang. horang's err jump to over five. hector alivera would double. horang gave up five runs in five innings. in the ninth two run shot to left. this his first major league baseball homerun phils lose by a score of seven to two. eagles continue their extended vacation one week away from the start of the regular season in atlanta. they'll get back towering on wednesday to prepare for the monday night opener with the falcons. steven morris he's newest quarterback on the eagles roster. time we get to know him the 23-year-old went undrafted out of miami back in 2013. he was cut by the jaguars during this preseason. here's 94 wip host rate didinger with a scouting report. >> biggest asset he has very good arm. hey as real strong arm. and he's got some mobility. i wouldn't say he's a great runner. but he's enough of a runner he can get out of trouble get out
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of the pocket get to the edge and make some plays out there. the one characteristic about steven morris at miami he was wildly inconsistent. >> after their smack down of the lions on saturday temple football ceps on celebrating. today linebacker tyler was name the american athletic conference defensive wear of the week. he sack the qb3 times. owls take on cincinnati on saturday night. kicking contest against carli lloyd seems a bit unfair. texans lineman listed at 325 pounds probably a little more than that. he would take on lloyd. this should be an easy win for carli, right? knock it threw easily. vince look at the form, though. for the big guy. he's got swing on that leg g follow through. nice and fluid. take a look again. i mean that's four hadn't dread pound solid coming at you with that leg. >> nice stuff by vince will fork on hard knock.
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>> the team loved it, too. >> nicely done. >> they got so excited. >> that's great. >> he's got skills the big fel fella. >> thank you buddy. appreciate it. >> still ahead a four legged internet sensation turns into a baseball pitcher. kind of. >> ut-oh. grumpy cat is back and she's giving new meaning to the term
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♪ final toll night an internet star entertains baseball fans. >> tonight arizona diamondbacks game featured a very special guest that would be grumpy cat who throughout the ceremonial first pitch. if you take a look at grumpi' cat's face so happy to be there. she reported is left handed she can't grip baseball she couldn't throw it. her family had to do that. this is good piece of trivia. her real name is tartar sauce. she is from arizona. so this is her hometown team. way too,


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