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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, september 8, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." desperate refugees fight to get into europe. the white house considers new action to help with the crisis. the dentist who killed cecil the lion returns to work. we are outside of his minnesota office. and steven colbert's long awaited debut is hours away. we begin with today's eye opener. >> it's always been game time. >> we are going to win this election. >> the race for the presidency heats up.
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>> i believe i have the skills, tenacity and determination to get us back on the right track. >> vice president joe biden did a parade in pittsburgh but did not say if he is running. >> the flow of refugees across europe show no signs of letting up. >> attorneys for kim davis filed an emergency motion which they hope will get her out of jail soon. >> it is unacceptable to put a person in jail without bail because she followed her conscience. >> evacuations are being ordered because of a wildfire in california. >> vacation is over for congress. lawmakers facing a deadline to avoid another government shutdown. >> shut down would be an unforced error. >> a boy and his dog safe after being rescued from a well in mississippi. both dehydrated.
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>> coast guard rescued two men off the coast of texas. >> all that -- >> africa, a bull elephant joins a family of tourists having a meal. the elephant sends both men flying. >> heading for the end zone! >> i think that might be in madden. >> and all that matters. >> we are locked and loaded and ready to do this thing. >> i want a triple double and i want you to back it up with a hook shot. >> on "cbs this morning." >> we have a jack rabbit just going the distance. >> translator: during the game the jack rabbit ran wild. sgll he scores and then has a touchdown dance! >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment. the united states could be prepared to take on more refugees. >> the white house is considering how to play a more active role in helping refugees escape isis. the state department says it will likely increase the number of syrian refugees able to enter the united states. the u.s. has taken in about 1,500 syrian migrants. president obama is expected to announce his proposal. families desperate for freedom are struggling to reach europe. many clashed with police yesterday. the prime minister wants to speed up construction of a fence along the border to keep refu e refugees out.
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>> reporter: this convention center has been turned into a distribution point. migrants have spent the night. the back log is building up in hungary. migrants on the march in hungary squared off against police determined to walk all the way to germany if necessary. if they get here the way they are treated could not be more different. they are taken to a convention center and given a cot. we found him on the train over and recognized him as the young man we met just after he
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survived the dangerous crossing from turkey. now for the first time in a long time he has options. there's really no pressure like wrou have to go here or there. are you surprised by that? >> yeah. because you feel like free like nice people treating you nice. >> reporter: having escaped a brutal civil war at home and the hardships of his trip he dreams of the day his family is reunited. have you thought about a year or two years down the line? have you dared to think about that far in the future? >> like in the future like i'm going to have school, university. there will be a car after a couple of years. >> reporter: find a wife? settle down? >> yeah.
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>> reporter: he has left here to stay with his cousin for a couple of days while he decides what to do next. his family remains in syria and is not sure if or when they will make the journey, too. >> what an incredible story charlie d' agata. the presidential race with hillary clinton trying to refocus her campaign. she plans to be on the tonight show. >> jeb bush will try to advance his campaign tonight appearing on the premiere of the late show with stephen colbert. nancy cordes is in new hampshire. >> reporter: one said you can't throw a rock here without running into a presidential candidate. while labor day is considered the kickoff of the campaign season, the reality is they have
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all been at it full time for months. no one worked harder this labor day than the presidential candidates including the new democratic front runner in new hampshire, vermont senator bernie sanders. sanders seemed a little surprised. how do you explain a huge shift. >> people are saying he is right. maybe we need to deal with income and health inequality. >> reporter: joe biden hit a parade in pittsburgh with energy of a new candidate though he wouldn't say he is running. >> you have to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> reporter: clinton campaigned ipiowa where she still has an edge. >> i am a true democrat. i believe that our values are the right ones for america and i am going to fight for them. >> reporter: the rest of the
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pack also rallied crowds, marched and kissed babies. >> what a beautiful little boy. >> reporter: that a ohio governor kasich. >> usually playing golf but that is out the window these days. >> reporter: in new hampshire scott walker found a way to campaign with his favorite past time. new hampshire was crawling with so many candidates they kept bumping into each other and supporters. >> tell bernie lindsay said hello. >> reporter: business woman carly fiorina. are you up for 14 more months of this? >> this is pretty fun. i'm up for 14 more months of this. >> reporter: we have seen a real summer scramble here. in june clinton and bush were leading comfortably. now sanders and trump dominates the granite state.
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was this just a summer fling or are voters here and elsewhere settling in for a long term relationship? >> very nice analogy. we have a long way to go. lawyers for defiant kentucky court clerk are stepping up efforts to free her from jail. attorneys for jim davis filed emergency motion in federal court. she refused to obey the decision on same-sex marriage. jericka duncan. >> reporter: you can see a small stage has been set for what could be one of the biggest gatherings yet for kim davis. among her supporters mike huckabee plans to be here today. >> we are going to pray until the doors open. >> reporter: outside the carter county detention center supporters of kim davis are
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hoping their prayers are soon answered. >> we feel she is standing for the truth because if they come against her for her religious belief then the next day they will be hitting the churches. >> reporter: in an emergency injunction attorneys call the incarceration an assault on her individual liberty and dignity and asked the court to exemp her from authorizing marriage licenses. >> that is for the court or state of kentucky to remove kim davis' name off of the licenses. she simply does not want to participate herself personally in an enterprise that violates the deepest cores of her conscience. >> reporter: why not step down? >> she has to take a stand for
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not only her rights but for the rights of many other whose may feel the same way but who may not have the same courage that she does. >> reporter: monday some davis backers went to the home of the federal judge who ordered her to jail. davis' attorneys say she is prepared to sit behind bars for as long as it takes. five of her deputies will continue issuing marriage licenses in her absence. critics of davis argue that she should just do her job as an elected official or resign. we have not seen those critics make their way to the jail here. >> thank you so much. this morning the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion is returning to work. walter palmer sparked outrage. the back lash forced him away from his dental practice. new revelations from the
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dentist's first interview. after keeping a low profile and temporarily closing his dental practice dr. palmer says he is ready to go to work and to his patience having spoken out. cecil the lion was beloved but it was a death that he became world famous. his killing at the hands of walter palmer triggered a massive social media back lash and angry protests outside his office. in a joint interview with the minneapolis star tribune palmer says if i had known this lion had a name and was important to the country or a study obviously i wouldn't have taken it. palmer refused to go into much detail about the hupt, how much he paid for it and other hunts like this one and it is unclear what happened to cecil's carcass.
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brian bakst interviewed palmer. >> he wanted to steer us away from topics and say he is not going to talk about this or that. >> reporter: palmer confirmed he wounded cecil but said he finished him off the next day and disputed accounts the animal suffered for 40 hours. >> the amount of time this lion wandered around wounded in africa reports were it was almost two days. >> reporter: the hunter who helped has been charged with failure to prevent an illegal hunt. >> he has been in contact with the u.s. authorities. haven't heard from anyone in zimbabwe. they are in a holding pattern. >> reporter: the u.s. fish and wild life service confirms to cbs news they are investigating
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dr. palmer but at this point they say he has not been charged with any crime. pope francis simplified marriage anullment procedures. bishops will directly handle and there will be no automatic appeals. the pope says bisbishops should give greater help to divorced couples. this morning britain's government is defending a drone strike that killed two men fighting with isis. t one target reportedly could have been an event attended by queen elizabeth. clarissa ward is in london with details. >> reporter: the two britains who were killed in the drone strike have been named khan and
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amin. both of the men appeared in an isis recruitment video in august of last year. in that they called on fellow western muslims to leave their comfortable lives behind. both men had their assets frozen by the treasury. prime minister david cameron said khan was plotting a terrorist attack this summer. it is believed this was a world war ii commemoration which was attended by the queen in august. as a teenager khan was a politically active straight a student and wrote on facebook he hoped to become prime minister one day. more drone strikes are possible if they are linked to plots against britain. >> thank you so much. a 4-year-old mississippi boy
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and his dog are safe after falling down a well. rescue teams cheered after lifting the two out of the hole last night. it took crews about three hours to free him. >> i can't say enough about what everybody did to get this little boy out of that well safe. >> family members say gabe fell in the well apparently after hearing the dog wimpering below. he was taken to the hospital but is okay and so is the dog. serena williams faces venus today at the u.s. open. a win for the number one female player in the world would bring her one step closer to completing a calendar year grand slam of four major titles. this hasn't happened in nearly three decades. the quarter finals reignite the
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sibling rivalry. this is going to be good. >> reporte: i'm glad i'm here. serena and venus williams are as close as two sisters can get. when they meet here at arthur ashe stadium they will intense adversaries. >> champion of the 2001 united states open, venus williams. >> reporter: the first time the williams' sisters met at the u.s. open was exactly 14 years ago today. it was the finals and venus walked away the champion. >> venus williams! >> reporter: now widely considered the greatest women's player ever, serena is the heavy favorite to win tonight. she's beaten all of her
7:18 am
opponents so far including madison keys on sunday. serena considers her big sister, ranked 23rd in the world her biggest threat. >> she was doing well and she wants to win this. so do i so this is not easy. >> reporter: venus wants to win even if it means stopping her sister from complete ag grand slam this year. >> at the same time you are focused on winning even though circumstances are much different. >> they get super bowl numbers. this is the 27th meeting. the first was in 1998. it hasn't gotten easier. >> reporter: serena williams has won the australian open, french open and wimbledon. giving her 21 major titles. she has never won all four. the last player to do that was
7:19 am
in 1988. venus is looking to avenge a straight set loss to serena at wimbledon in july. >> i'm so proud of serena and we inspire each other. >> reporter: they certainly do. with nine grand slams of her own, venus is considered one of tennis's greatest players. serena won the last three u.s. opens and is simply playing at a higher level right now. she has won 52 of her last games. we should say last -- her last games. lost only two. >> so venus is 35, serena is 33. everyone says venus is on fire, too. imagine the parents sitting there.
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. a check on the back to school forecast right now with justin bring brick. looking great out there? >> yes, hot, humid, keeping the summer weather earn. summer vibes still going on, so let's take you to the jersey shore. right now all quiet. we are finishing off the labor day weekends, maybe extends it one more day, another good beach day, looking live from the beach patrol headquarters in margate. ocean looking pretty calm. temperatures in the 60s to low 70s right now, but will be rapidly heating up over the next few hours, afternoon high of 92 degrees, a lot of sun, hot, humid conditions, stays humid tonight. mostly clear skies, with low of 74 degrees. we do 90 gwen tomorrow. then some needed rain returns thursday. cool back down to the lower
7:27 am
80s, even some seven # zero's for the weekends, now here is meisha with a check on traffic. >> another day of running the air conditioner, thanks, good morning, as well. good morning to you at home. just waking up with us, but i, the ben franklin bridge, coming from jersey in center city, right lane closed due to some construction, now open, so you are enjoying that extra free lane. still very busy. then also 95 southbound, at the betsy ross bridge, so, so busy there, as well. take a look at the speed censors, 12 miles per hour 95 southbound, erika, back to you. >> next update ask at 7:55, next on cbs this morning, the countdown to colbert. how tonight will change the late night landscape. i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have first great day of class. good morning.
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torrential rain has been hammering southern spain. you see cars being washed away by the widespread flooding. at least one person was killed. that's got to be so frightening to have no control, just rolling in the water. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, lawyers reveal new evidence in the deadly police officer shooting of a reportedly unarmed black man in south carolina. and the attorney for former officer michael slater tells us why it could free his client from jail for now. two north carolina teens are caught up in a sex scandal. how a consensual swap of images
7:31 am
could lead to jail time. a top court. knox and her ex-boyfriend were cleared by the court in march of murdering her room mate in 2007. yesterday the panel of judges explained there was absolute lack of biological traces. the military times reports on bowe bergdahl facing rarely used charge after he was freed by the taliban. ken bergbur bowe bergdahl is charged with desertion for leaving his post in afghanistan. he could face a life sentence. two high school football players hit a referee could face assault charges. police are investigating the incident we showed you yesterday. one player tackled the official from behind and the other dove
7:32 am
to hit him on the ground. they were ejected from the game and have been suspended from high school. and amazon plans to release a $50 tablet. the journal says amazon is planning to release tablets with 8 and 10 inch screens. defense lawyers in south carolina are prepared to offer new evidence in the deadly police officer shooting of a reportedly unarmed black man. cell phone video shows officer michael slager shot and he spoke with jeff in washington. >> reporter: we learned that michael slager's defense team plans on entering new evidence that should lead to the
7:33 am
officer's pre-trial release from jail. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: cbs news video shows michael slager now with longer hair and a beard. the former north charleston police officer has almost daily video conferences with his attorney. slager claimed he feared for his life but when the video surfaced slager was arrested. the defense team says it will present evidence at the upcoming bond hearing that includes never before seen stills from the cell phone video. >> there is more evidence about the struggle that you think has not come out yet. >> it's not that i don't think. i have the evidence. >> reporter: andy savage is the
7:34 am
former officer's attorney. >> you need to come back to the incident scene and see where the stop was and where the final events took place. >> what could he have possibly done? >> you say he was unarmed. maybe he was found without any weapon on him at the time that he died. >> reporter: the defense team believes the taser was fired six times and both officer and scott were each hit twice suggesting there was more of a struggle. savage says the new information should cast doubt on the prosecutor's version of events. >> time will tell. and i think that you will be able to judge his actions not by what he said but what independent evidence is. >> reporter: savage says he may use the evidence during trial to seek a lesser charge. an attorney for walter scott's family told us they will respond once they see the evidence
7:35 am
actually introduced. >> thank you very much. a north carolina teenager faces sex crime charges after trading nude photographs with his girlfriend. prosecutors considered both teenagers to be victims and criminals. the boy is suspended as the quarterback of his football team. the boyfriend faces five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. the girlfriend was charged with two counts. those charges were dropped after she took a plea deal. the boyfriend, by the way, we are not naming their names. he heads to court this month. rikki klieman joins us at the table. it was consensual for both sides. it may have been silly but it was consensual. >> this is like alice in wonderland in the form of technology reaches the law. when i first read the story and
7:36 am
i'm not joking with you i read the first paragraph over and over because i thought i read it wrong. consider this. if you are 16 you are considered an adult as a defendant in terms of committing a crime. you can be charged as an adult. if you are 16 you are also considered a minor in terms of if you get exploited. so she and he separately are each arrested and charged with exploiting themselves as minors. let's just think about that logic. so we are left with him because she on the part of the prosecutor if she had to be charged at all which i do think is preposterous that she winds up pleading to misdemeanor and on probation for a year and record will be expungeed at the end of the year. he has to go to court this
7:37 am
month. he is facing five charges. four of them are for sexually exploiting himself as a minor for the photos he has on his own cell phone of himself. the other is for the consenseual photo. he had not shown that photo to anyone else. the only people who saw that were the police. >> so how did the police discover these photographs? >> the sheriff's office were investigating another crime. they went to him in connection with the other crime which apparently he had nothing to do with. he agreed because he is 16 years old to let them go through his phone and they find because he consented pictures of himself that are inappropriate. then they find the picture of her so it snow balls. the police want to be the deterrent value here.
7:38 am
deterrent value should come from parents, educators. we do not want to criminalize our teens for doing stupid things on their cell phones. my word to the kids is don't take pictures of yourself. >> shouldn't we rethink the law? >> and the only way to deal with the law is to get the legislature to clarify it. >> how do you feel? the excitement is building this morning for tonight's debut of "the late show" here on cbs. she how toothiness will give way to honesty. if you are heading out to the door set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" anytime you like. we'll be right back.
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tonight is the moment late night fans have been waiting for. outside the ed sullivan theater in new york. good morning. >> reporter: the late show was launched a little more than 22 years ago and in all that time only one name has graced the marquis here at the ed sullivan theater, david letterman. it is now stephen colbert's show. who is the real stephen colbert? for nearly a decade stephen colbert entertained. >> will you forgive me? >> reporter: tonight he takes charge of the late show. >> hi i'm stephen colbert. >> reporter: one much more crowded than it once was.
7:44 am
>> there are many more voices for attention. late night is not necessarily the big tent that it used to be under johnny carson and really more which one wants to establish a destingtive voice. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. mexican standard time. >> reporter: colbert has the voice. the character was in his words a poorly formed high status idiot. >> i consider myself a proud bible thumper. i stopped when i saw the bible frowns on premarital thumping. >> reporter: he shares some vision of the show. >> the goal is to have fun with my friends. that means sometimes thinking
7:45 am
about things that we care about. >> expected to and wants to bring over much of his audience which is younger than the other late night audiences in the same time slot. ♪ my name is stephen colbert from my head to my feet ♪ >> reporter: colbert takes over or david letterman whose late show ranked second to tonight show since 2009. a look at upcoming guests reveals list of celebrities, politicians jeb bush and vice president joe biden and business leaders. >> i think there may be a branding effort that fits with his persona of kind of being the thinking person's comedy show. ♪ why do we live >> reporter: there will be laughs.
7:46 am
colbert got his start on the improv stage of chicago's second city. >> who knows who will show up? >> reporter: in other words, expect surprises. bill murray was letterman's first guest. tonight the honor goes to george clooney and jeb bush will be stopping by. check out the cover of the new york daily news today. >> thank you. >> and you can watch the very first late show tonight at 11:35 here on cbs. i can't wait. >> i already set my dvr. it's a thinking person's comedy show. he is locked and loaded, ready to do this thing. >> i predict he is going to do great. congrats. some tourists in africa had big trouble with an uninvited
7:47 am
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. right over to justin for your forecast. another hot up? >> that's right. summer holding on strong here. let's take you out to ocean city. right now, live look at the boards walk, people still hanging out for the morning bike ride or jog. maybe you're extending your holiday weekend another day, another beach day shaping up. temperatures starting starting m up. still 60s in the outside suburbs, to low 70s, around trenton, philadelphia, and wilmington, delaware. hot, humid today. 92 degrees, plenty of sunshine, humidity sticks around tonight. you'll need the ac crank, mostly clear, 74 for center city, 60s in the suburbs, extended forecast, tomorrow, once again, near 90. then needed rain, on thursday, then cooler temperatures for the weekends.
7:57 am
let's get a check on the traffic. >> let's do, that good morning, justin, it has been busy all morning long, it still is now that we're pushing toward the 8:00 hour. accident here 422 eastbound past route 29 near collegeville. pulled all the way off to the shoulder. but you can see, cars just trying to inch by, you're still traveling less than posted speeds this that area as well as take a look at this, the schuylkill eastbound, near city avenue. yikes. it is moving very slow both in the eastbound and westbound directions on the schuylkill. busy morning indeed. erika, over to you. >> thank you, next update is at 8:25, coming up on cbs this morning, stunning arc logical store tai co-rewrite the history books. i'm erika von tiehl. i hope you have a great morning. z
7:58 am
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it is tuesday, september 8th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including new generation of supercars. the vehicles that drive themselves or keep an eye on how you drive. here is a look at today's eye opener. >> the back log is building up with migrants refusing to be held back. >> labor day is typically considered the kickoff of the campaign season. they have all been at it for months. >> you can see a small stage has been set for what could be one of the biggest gatherings yet for kim davis. >> temporarily closing his
8:01 am
dental practice dr. palmer says he is ready to go back to work. >> plans on introducing controversial new evidence. >> serena and venus williams are as close as two sisters can get. >> the late show was launched a little more than 22 years ago and in all that time only one name has graced the marquis here at the ed sullivan theater, david letterman. >> that was an astounding shot. >> extraordinary efforts continue. >> always looked so perfect. >> how did i do? >> not a good look. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and john dickerson. charlie rose is on assignment. labor day is over and the
8:02 am
political calendar is getting more crowded. the presidential campaign has 14 months to go. candidates will have luncheons. >> several candidates spent labor day on the trail. hillary clinton was in iowa. lindsey graham went to new hampshire and vice president joe biden met am voters. a busy weekend watching the campaign. >> reporter: we came to new hampshire because it is like one stop shopping for presidential candidates on labor day. we tracked down four of them in short order including the new democratic front runner here in new hampshire, vermont senator bernie sanders who has an 11-point lead over hillary clinton. just a couple of months ago she was leading him by about the same margin. i asked him what he thought when he saw that poll he answered one word, wow.
8:03 am
he said he thinks his message about income inequality must be catching on. >> i want to ask you about hillary clinton's reset. there appears to be a reset going on. do you see it that way? >> reporter: i do. she is going big, not necessarily big rallies but big tv appearances. she is taping an interview with ellen degeneres today and tonight show later this week trying to show she has a lighter side trying to distract from the e-mail controversy that is weighing her down. she is going to be unleashing her husband, former president bill clinton doing a fundraiser for her later this month and will start traveling the country. >> it will be interesting to see how things heat up even further.
8:04 am
do you think biden gets in? >> somebody e-mailed me and said looking at the difficulties hillary clinton is having and the shift to deal with the difficulties they said the difficulties make this person think he will jump in. you have to make the next phone call. >> i don't think they will. another thing i'm picking up is democrats just worry about the messiness of a campaign if he got in. once he gets in it's going to get uglier. the assessments will get tougher and that will not be so nice. >> nancy, earlier you told us the candidates were tripping all over each other but donald trump was not campaigning over the weekend. how unusual is that? do you know about his fall campaign plans? >> he is going to start to show that while he is against washington that he does have friends and allies and doesn't
8:05 am
fight with everyone. tomorrow he is going to be appearing at a rally in washington with texas senator ted cruz against the nuclear deal with iran. he will see him against foreign policy. one candidate in the gop who i talked to this weekend described the foreign policy as gibberish and needs to show he has a baseline understanding of the issues and has shown in the past that he is a quick study when he wants to be. >> from gibberish to competency. a rally will take place for the kentucky clerk court sent to jail. lawyers for kim davis want her released from jail. five deputies are issuing marriage licenses in her absence. her supporters say davis has a right to stand up for her
8:06 am
beliefs. >> we love the people. don't matter but we don't agree with what they stand for. >> republican presidential candidate mike huckabee may meet with davis today and will attend the rally in her support. critics of davis argue she should do the job she was elected to do. pope francis is making it easier for couples to get annulments. it introduces a fast track option where local bishops can judge cases and removes the mandatory appeal. the pope says the changes were motivated by concern for the salvation of souls. moments ago minnesota dentist walter palmer returned to work. he didn't say anything as he walked into the practice. umpaer sparked international outrage for killing cecil the lion during a hunt this summer in zimbabwe.
8:07 am
the back lash forced him away from his dental practice for about two months. palmer said i need to get back to treating my patients. my staff and patients support me and want me back. the u.s. fish and wild life service tell cbs news an investigation is ongoing. palmer has not been charged with crime. a dallas couple and their 4-month-old son are back together after a doctor in el salvador allegedly swapped the little boy with another. she says she got suspicious when the baby she was given to take home did not look like the one in the delivery room. the dna test confirmed her concerns and the judge ordered the babies be exchanged. the doctor faces criminal charges and denies any wrong doing. >> you would know.
8:08 am
>> we would all know once the baby is put in your arms. that baby doesn't have blond hair. >> that swap happened quickly. the gridiron gets a dose of silicon valley. the future of football practice through virtual reality
8:09 am
there is apparently much more to stonehenge than meets the eye. how new technology helped expose ancient relics.
8:10 am
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this morning archeologists trying to solve a new mystery. technology unearthed ancient relcs buried under three feet of earth. it is five times larger than the popular tourist attraction. mark phillips is in london as scientists hope to dig up answers. >> reporter: the archeologists have known there is more to stonehenge than meets the eye. the whole area is full of ancient burial mounds and other wonders dating back more than 4,000 years but were not prepared for what they have now found. the mystery of stonehenge, how it was built, what it was for has kept scholars occupied for centuries. now it seems they have more work because there are more stones, lots of them. new 4,500-year-old relics have been found using latest
8:15 am
technology, ground penetrating radar that can see beneath the surface. the scientists call it hidden landscapes project and has revealed hidden landscapes. a perimeter of standing stones re-created here with computer imagery and many times the size of neighboring stonehenge. the stones it seems were erected of special significance, some sort of temple or public forum or both. the radar also reveals that the stones were knocked down and covered with an earthen mound. there is plenty here to occupy archeologists for the next several centuries and they want more. we met henry chapman, an ar on e last year. >> more information i want more. >> it's the more. >> reporter: scientists are
8:16 am
pretty sure they know what stonehenge was for. it is especially a large clock that tracks the seasons through the movement of the sun, a useful tool for a stone age agricultural society, but the point of the new discovery, they know it is probably important but haven't a clue really. archeologists -- >> it's one of the most important things discovered in the last 20 or 30 years anywhere. it was completely unsuspected. >> reporter: stonehenge has been drawing visitors since the dawn of time. the combination of scale and mystery has been irresistible even to some of the most powerful people in the world. president obama passed this way on a recent visit. science has provided more to ponder. other modern techniques, laser scanning can reveal more about a fascinating place we may never
8:17 am
fully understand. what the archeologists want to do next is dig. >> dig indeed. >> most impressive line of dominos ever created. tim stevens has the high tech revolution. he will show us the next steps in driving and how parents can keep a close eye on teens behind the wheel. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:18 am
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car companies hoping this summer's strong auto sales will roll into the fall. august saw best numbers for a single month in a decade. seasonally adjusted annual rates. the new issue of the magazine hits the stands with the look at the future of car technology. joins us at the table to discuss. let's unpack this.
8:22 am
you talk about supercars. what does that mean sp what makes them so special? >> that's a big part of it. super cars are beautiful, fast cars but traditionally they have been hard to drive. they have been kind of perceived as cars that can go into a ditch quickly. we are seeing a new generation of super cars. to make them easier to drive and live with we are looking at the gt. the supercar will be about $400,000. that's not cheap. >> who is buying that? >> people with a lot of money obviously. the car is more efficient than some supercars. relatively small motor, very lightweight because it is made of carbon fiber. >> what about self-driving cars? >> you drive the car and have
8:23 am
fun. >> are they here to stay? >> absolutely. it's not going to be the thing that you wake up and your car is driving itself. we are seeing a gradual transition from traditional to self-driving car. things are moving. cruise control you get on the highway and the car can slow down and see the car ahead of it. if you are wandering -- these are features of cars that are percolating into current cars. >> the more digital we get the more chance someone can hack in and take a wrong turn. >> security is a huge question. the automotive industry has had the benefit of being a closed system for a long time. as we see more advanced technology more systems which makes them vulnerable. car manufacturers are trying to deal with these things.
8:24 am
bring them into the fold so they can be ahead of these things. it will be a continuing problem but something that will get better. >> new ways for parents to track teenagers considering that car accidents are the number one death of teenagers this sounds like a good thing. >> chevy in the new malibu implemented teen driver feature. what it allows you to do is you can program a specific key to your teen. when they get in the car the radio will be disabled until seat belts are on and annoying chime when someone goes too fast. we have seen this in higher end cars. on the malibu, the idea to make it safer and then something called teen report card which mom and dad can punch in the secret pin and see how the teen is driving. a doctor from a top medical
8:25 am
school reveals racism he from the cbs broadcast sender in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. lower merion police officer, this happened between 7:00, 8:00 last night. no words on the drivers' condition. we check in with justin, the first day back to school for many student across the area. and we have good news for them. they may be sitting in class right now. >> hopefully have the air-conditioning on, they'll need. that will another hot one today, not much hang, just full sunshine, throughout the afternoon hours. humidity will be running little high. live look, at center city
8:26 am
right now, can't finds cloud on this camera shot. that's going to be the trends into the afternoon. that sun really go to work and heat the temperatures up. low mid 70s right now, still few six's left, but that's quickly gone probably in the next half hour or so. lots of sunshine today, hot, humid, 92 degrees for the afternoon temperature, tonight warm, muggy, mostly clear, low of 74, the extended forecast once again 90 tomorrow, and then rain returns for thursday, then we cool down to the lower 80s for the start of the weekends, meisha, a how is the traffic looking? >> still busy, justin, you know, first the day back after the holiday weekend, everyone going back to work, back to school. certainly still busy. lingering on around 8:30, here is a look at the schuylkill near spring garden. looking okay right there. we do have accident pennsylvania turnpike eastbound near valley forge, the left lane blocked, and we are another accident, northeast extension northbound , past lansdale, right lane blocked, there just quick peak, your drive time,
8:27 am
12 on the schuylkill, ten on 95, 13 on the blue route northbound. erika, over to you. >> thank you, next update is at 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning, how farm remembers trapping into the craft beer it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv.
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8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, high tech gear originally developed for computer games could transform football. virtual reality head sets may give college and pro teams the right moves. 60 minutes sports gets the first look and we have a sneak peek. >> beer at the barns. see how hops are helping farmers become successful brewers. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. usa today says yale is ranked best college in the country. that is according to college factual. it's followed by the university of pennsylvania, duke, stanford and harvard. the rankings looked at other
8:31 am
factors. reports on virginia tech's running back. j.c. coleman roar a jinorm s gold watch. apparently the watch was plastic. there is no rule against that. it didn't apparently help them on the field. the buckeyes beat the hokeys. does the giant watch help your game? >> i don't know. >> seems a little extra to me. >> and chicago tribune reports on a serious shortage of psychiatrists. 59% are 55 or older. many could retire. the number of psychiatrists rose only 12% from 1995 to 2013. during that same period the u.s. population increased by 37%. millions more americans are eligible for mental health
8:32 am
coverage under the affordable care act. in the field of medicine there is a shortage of black practitioners making up more than 13% of the u.s. population but only 4% of the nation's doctors. in the new book called "black man in a little coat" now everybody can navigate the health care system regardless of skin color. assistant professor of psychiatry at duke. charlie says hello because he loves all things duke. i read this book and i thought i better get my butt on the treadmill. you said race is a big deal when it comes to health and when it comes to blacks it is worse for minorities. why is that? you said being black is bad for your health. >> there are statistics and study that highlight this. my book takes a personal approach to it. i think the example is early medical school i was out in the
8:33 am
community and rotated to this community about 90 minutes away. the patients were all blacks and it was clear from the beginning that we couldn't provide the adequate care to them. they couldn't afford medications, lab tests and other treatments. i was in an emergency room clinic and saw the same problems. we went out into this community, really isolated horrible housing project and you saw obesity and you saw addiction and violence. >> high blood pressure. >> illustrates in a personal way this problem we have. >> how about your own experience? the title is "black man in a white coat." how have you been treated? >> the first one really stands out.
8:34 am
beginning of medical school a professor mistakes me for the handyman. >> what did you say? >> he asked me are you here to fix the lights. i asked you to do this last week. it was a horrible case of mistaken identity. another example when i was a brand new doctor. a patient came into the ward and he used racial slurs to indicate he did not want a black doctor. i try to highlight how i learn from these experiences and tapped into an inner resilience that i didn't think i had. in the case of the patient i was able to connect with him and his family. >> you had both black and white patients that didn't want a black doctor. >> same year. great point. i had a black patient who was under the mindset.
8:35 am
whatever was black was less than adequate. he came in with that. at first i was taken aback. i was taken aback but i really had to dig deep and show him that i can do this. at the end he gave me the -- he said i'm sorry about this and i would like for you to be my doctor. >> we have a black doctor running for president in ben carson. >> no doubt that ben carson is a role model to a generation of african-american physicians. as far as the political side of things i think it's really important to have positions in the political process. health care is important to all of us. the idea we are in a place where we are front and center. we see people in the real world. it is a valuable perspective to add to the political dialogue. >> you have gone from insecure
8:36 am
medical student to faculty at duke. >> and author. >> and the changes you have seen do you feel better about when you started? >> i think there has been a lot of progress but there is still a lot to do. the book talks about how all of us have a role to play. health care system. doctors have to work hard to connect with patients. all those things have to happen. >> we need more good mental health professionals like you. thank you so much. football season did you notice is here and virtual reality is coming off the bench. v.r. is quickly changing the way the game is played. take a look at college quarterback kevin hogan. an inside look at the technology at work for tonight's edition of "60 minutes sports." >> virtual reality has been tried before in football and never worked until now. it was developed in the heart of
8:37 am
silicon valley where it began as a teaching tool in a mind altering testing lab. >> reporter: most nubenewbies l me are first exposed. >> you see video of the room except you are not seeing the room because here i am. you are seeing most people believe they are seeing video is a 3-d model of the room. you see that piece of wood? look down more? >> there is the woe. you had a great response. feeling all right? >> yeah. >> one in three adults will be asked to be taken out because it is hard to see it on camera but it feels really intense. what i'm going to ask you to do is walk across the plank.
8:38 am
very good. so what you just did a lot of adults won't do that. in this case fear of heights by having them approach and then the next time get over the plank. >> i want you to rotate this way. i want you to stop when you are half way across. >> come on. >> you don't have to do it if you don't want to. you know there is not a physical hole in the floor. >> i do know, but you know it but you don't know it. >> i want you to go half way across and stop when you are half way across. >> stop. rotate 90 degrees to your left. those are great reactions. >> i can feel my legs trembling. >> you are typical. i want you to look down, lean forward. >> no. so you don't have to do more.
8:39 am
typically we ask people to take a step off the plank. if you are willing to do that. >> he's shaking. very good. >> a tweaked version of the technology and software you just saw has been developed by a former student. he is a former stanford player. six nfl teams and seven division one college teams are paying big money to use virtual reality this year. we will have more on all of that tonight. >> how is that going to help the football? that's what i'm trying to figure out? >> backups typically don't get reps in practice. so this time when they are using virtual reality they can get as many reps. there are limits on how much time players can spend on the field but no limits on how much time they can spend alone with virtual reality head set.
8:40 am
>> that walking the plank, i felt for you. >> how do you know we're real? >> because he's real. >> real news here. and you can see jeff's full report tonight on "60 minutes sports" on show time, a division of cbs. america's growing thirst for craft beer -- >> we made a beer with this two weeks ago using these freshly picked from our farm. >> smells great. what does that smell like to you? >> heaven. >> absolutel
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
cracked open a cold one this holiday weekend it may have been a craft beer. a record number of brewerys have opened. the main ingredient is the hops flower. for almost a century the pacific northwest dominated the hops market. farmers in the east are trying to jump on board and strike it
8:45 am
rich. >> keep going. >> reporter: a hops farmer. >> these hops are cascades, a little past their prime but should be pretty intense. >> reporter: the hop is the flower. the oil gives beer its tangy taste and aroma. reaching up 18 feet high harvest time can be an adventure. after the plants come down each flower is stripped from the leaves. you can do it by hand but he does it with machines he designed and built with his own hands. he was once a lawyer and then a high school teacher but he finally discovered his true passion. >> i don't like to leave the farm if i don't have to. it's like being on vacation every day. >> reporter: he started growing hops eight years ago and sold to local brewerys. in 2012 he helped persuade the maryland legislature to pass a
8:46 am
law allowing farmers to make and sell their own beer so long as some ingredients are grown on the farm. he opened a small brewery and business went wild. moneywise the brurery is profit center. >> how much of your profit is beer-related? >> i think the farm grossed about 320,000 last year and about 300 of that was beer. >> reporter: that money helps his small farm survive and allows him to continue with less profitable operations. george washington had this kind -- like raising his prized and spoiled sheep for their wool. >> i might have to go back to teaching. >> or lawyering. >> reporter: what makes his
8:47 am
business so profitable is the quality of his hops. smells great. what does that smell like to you? >> heaven. absolutely heaven. >> reporter: and take it from me the beer is pretty darn good, too. this is my favorite. >> if it wasn't so strong i could drink that all day. >> reporter: how do you have time to farm? >> it takes a lot of beer to farm. it is hard work. >> reporter: last year 16 states had their first documented harvests in almost 100 years. new york passed a law that requires a farm brew to use at least 20% new york grown hops. in 2024 it jumps to 90%. farmers are scrambling to spread their expertise. >> i think we can keep up with the supply and demand but we
8:48 am
have to keep it going and by educating the farmers that they can grow hops. >> reporter: in the 1800s new york was the number one producer of hops in the country and number two in the world. today it has just 250 acres. that history gives hope to farmers. >> i think we can do something here. i think we will be all right and back where we were 100 years ago. >> reporter: back in maryland bars tolls us he prefers the intimacy of a small family farm. >> we have a specialty cash crop that can help a farmer increase his income, help support the family farm, get a few thousand dollars extra to put in his pocket so he can buy that pig. >> reporter: or the alpaca. >> i love that model. i think that is the model that will allow us to be successful
8:49 am
in the east. >> reporter: a model that allows him to stay close to the land and the new crop. >> you treat them like friends. >> they are my babies. >> you have to look his enthusiasm. it is infectious. >> the non-pacific northwest is expected to be up 41% this year. i think that is fantastic. >> feels like being on vacation like here. grumpy cat seeks perfection. that's next.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
grumpy cat is finding new fans at the ballpark. at the arizona diamondbacks game in phoenix yesterday. the theme was grumpy monday.
8:53 am
>> we are not grumpy.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. new jersey firefighters are trying to gain the upper hands on a huge forest fire burning in burlington county. chopper three over that fire, this morning. there are no homes or structures in danger, however, the flames have damaged acres of woodland near the clayton sand pit lake, and over the ocean county line in the lacy township. fire fighting teams are using heavy equipment, and helicopters to work to control this fire, as quickly as possible. and certainly mother nature not doing any favors, justin, no rain tonight, right? >> it's been dry, will stay that way today. winds light, not going to spread the fire whole lot more. hopefully threat get that under control. temperatures certainly warming up now. in full sunshine, check it out, we are looking at center
8:56 am
city, the ben franklin bridge, mostly clear skies, numbers are already getting into the upper 70s, in some spots, sitting at 77 degrees, at wildwood, 74 philadelphia mid 70s in allentown, trenton, also in wilmington, delaware. around the region we go, high of 92 degrees for philadelphia, today. mid 80s, along the shore points, and up in the mountains with the full sunshine, and again, that today is 92 degrees for the high temperature tonight still warm, muggy, 74 for center city, little cooler in the suburbs, the extended, 90 again tomorrow. needed showers return to the forecast thursday, cooling us down to the low 80s for the weekends, now a check on traffic with meisha. >> good morning, to all of you at home. if you have been with us all morning, you know it has been busy, just tuning in, still busy, take a look at the ben franklin bridge. the good news is usually we've lost that far right lane for those of you moving jersey in center city, of, but look now open. that does ease little bit of the tension on the ben franklin bridge. ninety-five northbound, this is right around 452, you can see kinds of the steady stream
8:57 am
of traffic still moving into that 9:00 hour, and an accident on the northeast extension northbound past lansdale. the right lane is blocked. quick peak at our wide, 12 miles per hour 95 southbound. erika, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. that's "eyewitness news" for now, joining us "eyewitness news" at noon.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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>> here's what's breaking in today's news in two. >> the concussion controversy. why the nfl, doesn't want you to see miths new movie. >> men continue to die. >> announcer: hidden behind a mask for 10 years. >> it's been the hardest part? >> can thwill sdoctors help? >> and celebrity guest surprises. plus, new products that claim e to get rid of red skin in 30 minutes . >> we have never had anything like this! [ applause ] ♪ >> would you believe it if i told you, you could rid your face of redness like this, in just 30 minute well, that's what a new topical gel claims. today what are we gonna do? put it to the test. dr. ordon's back in the greenroom as we speak with the dermatologist, dr. jessica woo,


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