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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> lethal flooding in utah. more than half a dozen are dead. others are missing when happy rain is sent rushing through a canyon community. a it is battle against two massive wildfires in northern california continues this morning, thousands of evacuees wait for word on the fate of their home. >> others told me it burnt down. others told me it's fine. i'm kind of like waiting until i can go back up there. >> it's disgusting what's happeing to our country. we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. we are. >> donald trump shows no signs of softening. the republican presidential front runner lashes out again at illegal immigrants, while thousands demonstrate outside his campaign rally.
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and in flight interruption, a passenger jet is rerouted when one passenger loses control. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, september 15th, 2015. good morning, good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. at least eight people were killed by a powerful flash flood in southern utah. the victims include young children and their mothers. rescue crews are looking for five others missing near hilldale right across the arizona poureder. heavy rains hit the canyons north of the town late yesterday t. area is prone to flash flooding, 16 people riding in a car and a van were making their way to safety when they were overtaken by a huge wave of water. >> they had stopped outside of that flood area, well outside of
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it. we're standing there watching the flood a. flash flood game i came down the canyon, came across, behind the vehicles. >> three people survived. more wet weather is forecast for today and tomorrow. the area is home to owned by war enjeffs. one elderly resident couldn't evacuate. thousands were forced to flee the napa valley fire. folks in the hard hit middle town said they were overrun by a wall of flames t. fast moving flames destroyed over 60,000 achers. kristen ayers of kpax has the latest. >> reporter: a smoking, smoldering people of rubble. this family video is the only glimpse they had of their house
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since it was evacuated. >> at this point there is nobody up there. >> reporter: for the moment, they live in tiny tents on the fair dproundz with hundreds of other evacuees. olivia says for her parents this is sill fought real. >> i think after this whole. happens, they don't have their house, that's when they're really going to feel it afterwards. >> reporter: many of the evacway wees have no idea of what happened to their homes. >> it looks like hell. it looks like a war zone. >> reporter: he's heard only rumors about the fate of his home. >> others told me it burnt down. others told me it's fine. i'm kind of like waiting until i can go back up there. >> reporter: for now the proprietary spot for these refugees have been small the strumming of a guitar. [ music playing ] >> reporter: talking to strangers. these young girls spent hours collecting donations at a make-shift stand. >> then we kind of like hold up a sign in front of the sheetz
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and people started coming. >> reporter: in five hours, they raked in more than $500,000 for people who lost homes. >> never would i think we would get that much. >> reporter: the red cross is the only hope for some people. volunteers pitched extra tents for anybody that will feed them. they say they'll be here as long as the community needs them. >> reporter: the red cross says they have been flooded with donations at the campground where evacuees are staying. they say they no longer feed do nations here. instead, people should go online and do fate directly. well, another massive fire is burning east of sacramento. the pelosiive butte fire has destroyed over 700 acres and 135 homes. evacuees came home to gutted houses and cars. power lines and poles have been burned. over 500 customers are without
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power. many area schools will remain closed today. and this morning, a nuclear threat from north korea. the north says it's main nuclear complex is in full operation and that it is working to improve its nuclear weapons in quality and quantity. the director of the north atomic energy institute says his country is ready to deal with nuclear weapons any time. classes are cancelled today at a mississippi college where a professor was shot dead in his office monday morning. delta university was on lockdown until late monday night when the suspected shooter when rather the suspected shooter, also an instructor at the school killed himself after being cornered by police. but his deadly rampage claimed the life of at least one other proempblt the manhunt for shannon lamb ended on the banks of the mississippi river, about 40 miles from the college campus where he allegedly opened fire
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on a colleague monday morning. police say lamb, a gee okay dpraef instructor at delta state shot and killed himself while trying to flee from officers. before lamb was located, police made contact with him. >> use extreme caution when dealing with this person. he's made the statements that he will not be going back to jail. >> lamb is suspected of murdering history professor ethan smith in his office. shooting touched off a campus-wide alert. >> oh my gosh! >> reporter: heavily armed police swarmed the school going room tro room searching for the gunmen, who ill students and faculty stayed locked inside classrooms for hours. >> people running left and right. you have 34r0e6rss approaching you, telling you to run, get out of the way. >> reporter: hours after the shooting, another grizzly discovery, this one 300 miles away the body of 41-year-old amy prentice was found in the gulf coast home she shared with lamb.
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she, too, had been shot to death. investigators say lamb is suspected in her death as well. the 45-year-old lamb taught at delta state for the past six years and had just earned his doctor rat in education from the school. >> he never showed anger. he was always very nice and kind and humble, balls u always been very nice. i just can't. i wasn't expecting it from him. >> investigators at the scenes of both shootings say they have not yet uncovered a motive. now, the second debate among republican contenders is tomorrow. donald trump held a ramally in dallas. trump minced no words when it came to how he would deal with illegal immigration. [ music playing ] >> reporter: an estimated 15,000 people gave donald trump a texas-size welcome. >> we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world.
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we are. >> reporter: the republican presidential hopeful spoke monday night in dallas. his view versus distinguished him from other republican candidates. >> i tell you what, i think the rest of them are shaking in their boots and they ought to be. >> reporter: trump still leads in the polls, but neurosurgeon ben carson is a close second and carly fiorina will join them on the debate stage first time monday. trump criticized her looks and voice. monday they released a new video touting the power of women. >> i am proud of every year and every wrinkle. >> reporter: the other woman in the race, hillary clinton told "extra's" mar oio lopez, she welcomes the opportunity to debate trump. >> from is a lot to talk about, starting with his really outrageous statements about immigration. >> reporter: the former secretary of state will face off against her democratic opponents in their first primary debate scheduled for october 13th. now, also on the democratic side, bernie sanders spoke to a
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packed house at liberty university. the influential christian college in virginia. he talked about what he called the massive injustice of income and wealth and equality. anne-marie. >> don champion here in new york. thank you, don. kim davis is back to work and no longer blocking her deputies giving same sex couples marriage licenses. yesterday, a license was issued without her name. the governor and state attorney general says it is valid. davis says she never wanted to be in the spotlight. >> i am no, he ro. i am just a person by the grace of god who wants to work, feed my family. i just want to serve my neighbors quietly without violating my conscience. >> davis said she was faced with an impossible choice. coming up on the "morning
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try the delicious lunch double burger. then tap, swipe, and go. ♪ ♪ was diverted to indianapolis, to reject an unruly passenger. the woman allegedly hit a fellow passenger and the flight ae tendant t. flight with 150 passengers and six crew was bound from miami to chicago t. woman is facing preliminary charges of battery resulting in bodily injury. and a jet blue fight reported a drone flying near its approach path in florida. i want had taken off from pittsburgh monday morning. the plane was heading for ft. lauderdale, hollywood international airport. the pilot reported what he had
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just seen. >> miami jet blue 2007 just advise you, we have a drone cross over us about 1,000 feet. >> say again? >> we had a drone in our location cross over top of us 1,000 feet. >> the twin engine jetliner landed safely. news anchor chris hurts is back to work at affiliate wbej in roanoke, virginia after the shooting death of his fiancee. a reporter and her cameraman on live tv august 26th. >> it's good to be back, folks. all of our families continued to grief with thet cost of my love allison parker. >> he spoke about his feelings for allison. >> she and i fell in love here in the newsroom. as we finally watched each other, cared deepliant our communities and tried to make them bettered and safer. that's what drove her as she came into your home every morning. >> a former reporter at the station shot and killed parker
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sometimes you just have to have a slice. perhaps that's the craving that caught -- got a bear cub trapped inside a pizza parlor in colorado springs yesterday. the baby bear apparently ran through an opened door and stayed inside for a few hours. there were no customers inside. wild life officials tranquilized her and took her to a rehab facility to treat an injury to one of her paws. on the cbs money rush temperature. big rush for apple iphone, who is replacing the donald on a new york stv show? jill wagner has that and more. >> reporter: good morning the latest iphones orders, the 6s and 6s-plus are on record to beat the 10 million retail sales. apple says preorders are very
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strong around the world t. new iphones have a different touch screen, a stronger body and few processor. on wall street, investors wait for this two-day federal reserve meeting. opinions among analysts are generally split on whether the fed will raise interest rates t. dow lost 62 points. the s&p fell 8. the nasdaq fell 16. financial markets in asia finished mostly lower. the shanghai composite fell 2%. big jackpot winners in the illinois lottery remain in lotto bimbo because of a state budget impasse. lottery officials can't issue payments of more than $25,000. one woman has been trying to collect on a $50,000 winning ticket since july. there are currently 29 big winners waiting to collect. the miss universe pageant no longer longs to donald trump. trump sold the organization, which includes miss usa and miss teen usa to a media company.
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trump recently became the sole owner when universal severed its ties with him on mexican immigrants. and former camp. governor arnold schwarzenegger will be the new host of the show. trump helped make the show a success so regular folks and celebrities competed in business-related tasks. the well known catch phrase for those that lost, "you're fired." anne-marie. >> are you terminated? it got a ring to it? >> i like that. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, jill. when we return, tennis matchup stephen colbert gets a sense of center court as champ novak djokovic enters a serve. >> i'm the new captain america.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. tonight champion novak djokovic is going to fire tennis balls at me while i protect myself with captain america's shield. >> it is one of the perks of winning the u.s. open. novak djokovic aces "late show host" david colbert. the shield was not much protection for his serve, with i he says is clocked at 130 miles per hour. >> the dallas cowboys are now the most valuable sports team in the world. according to "forbes" magazine, the cowboys are worth about $4 billion t. cowboys have been the most valuable nfl team.
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they surpassed soccer team real madrid which is now in 2nd place afternoon. a double header on monday night football. in the late game, san francisco carlos hyde made a great spin mover away from a minnesota defender in the second quarter and dove into the end zone untouched. he had two touchdowns and carried the offense with 168 yards rushing. collin kaepernick 165 yards he through and they dominated the vikings in a 23-3 win. in the early game last night, matt ryan connected with julio jones for two touchdowns. in the second quarter for the lead, demarco murray scored twice. the eagles had a chance to go ahead, missed a 44 yard field goal in the closing minutes and the falcons held off the eagles for a 26-24 victory. coming up after your local news on cbs contract this
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it's the kind of guest no one wants. a deer crashed into the breakfast room of a home in york, nebraska last month. under surveillance footage showed it dashing into the lobby before running down the hall. someone was able to trap it before police arrived. word is the deer left without paying for damages. physicals. well, here in new york city, a teenager is breaking conventional ideas of beauty. she made her debut as a model at fashion week after her nos to became a hit on social media. marlie hall spoke with her. >> reporter: strutting down the runway at new york city's legendary fashion week is every model's dream. for madeleine stewart, it's even more of a long shot. the 18-year-old from australia
4:26 am
has down's syndrome. despite verbal and cognitive limitations, her mom says madeleine knew she wanted to be a model after attending a fashion show. >> she told me she wanted to get up on the stage, she wanted to get up right. >> reporter: the pictures went viral on facebook. half a million modeling jobs from all over the world started pouring in. >> madeleine is a shining light that shows people that nothing is impossible. >> so this is bicker than modeling? >> this is about inclusion. this is about discrimination. it's about letting people out there, anyone that looks a little bit different feel included in life. >> reporter: then came the call every model wants to get, a request to walk the runway at new york fashion week. are you excited? >> yes. >> are you going to model? >> yes. >> is everybody going to clap? >> yes. >> and cheer, cheer. but excitement turned to fear
4:27 am
and doubt. >> can we get rid of the cameras, please? >> reporter: the cameras, the crowd the chaos. mod lincoln kerred them all. to become one of the brakeout faces of new york fashion week 2015 "cbs news," new york. >> well, coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning," emten john is one step closer to meeting russian president vladimir putin. we will have the details on that. plus our series pushing the limit finds pulling brain power and celebrity chef stops by the studio with her new memoir. >> that is the cbs "morning news" for this tuesday. i'm anne-marie green. finally, it's a staple, cordon was joined by legendary stevie wonder. once they sorted out who would drive the duo launched into one
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of wonder's biggest hits. take a listen. thanks, for watching. have a great day. [ music playing ] snoetsz there is superstition ♪ ♪ writing on the wall ♪ there is superstition ♪
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". some incredible video here, heavy rain caused deadly flashfloods in utah. we have more on the casualties and the search for the missing. also, a manhunt underway this morning, after a fatal shooting in south philadelphia. the tip an eyewitness gave to police that could help them catch the suspect. >> and, a tough loss for the birds last night. we have more on their struggles during the season opener against atlanta rough start, guys. good morning, it is tuesday, september 15th, i i'm erika von tiehl. miserable tuesday for a lot of eagles fans, we'll get through it, guy. at least the forecast looking pretty good. roads nice and clear. >> roads are looking great right now, i know, hard to wake up after a lost but i


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