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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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municipal judge's law office, and now we understand from eyewitnesses that the explosion could be heard for more than a block away and people have been stopping all day to just stare at this damage, and we understand that nobody was inside when this happened, but there was a close call. this video taken just moments before fire fighters arrived captures the intensity of the fire that consume the law office of broadway and pennsville. the it started with an explosion, police chief alan cummings down at the street, and he also took video and ordered evacuation after learning a gas leak may have started the fire. >> fire started in the basement or an explosion, we're wondering if maybe, you know, construction company working on the gas lines might have ignited something but we're not sure. what we kind of think is gas got the in the house, pilot light ignited we are not sure. >> reporter: it took fire fighters two hours to control the fire, one of the volunteers happens to be a victim. >> i lost pretty much everything. >> reporter: pennsville
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volunteer fire fighters frank surveys lives in an apartment, he left for his day job an hour an a half before the explosion and he is fortunate enough to be alive. >> it sunken in, and i tried to act strong. i keep thinking bit. it is like, it is all stuff, you know i'm glad no one else got hurt. >> reporter: lawyer john jordan, who owns the building, was in california this morning but his secretary was on his way to the office, when it exploded. >> the the secretaries working she was from salem, she was ten more minutes she would have been sitting in the chair. that is pretty scary. >> reporter: this isn't the first problem, with gas lines, officials say the last few months south jersey gas started replacing lines on broadway. there had been two prior leaks. >> a little scary, you know, because i think they are going to run it up the side streets too. and, today south jersey gas,
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statement saying in part an investigation must be completed before a specific cause can be determine, and, safety is of utmost concern and we are thankful in one was injured today. police say this law office has to be leveled because it the is not safe to go inside and they will discuss the construction on broadway. i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much, cleve. eyewitness cam video shows terrifying scenes, center city residents woke up to this morning. flames from a three alarm fire ripped through two apartment buildings accounts on chestnut just before 4:30.o apartment grammarcy and chancellor building were affected. fire fighters went door to door to bring residents to safety. >> they knocked on the door real loud. >> and i was coming outside of the building, and we saw, we saw the building next door on fire, all in flames. >> fortunately there were no injured. investigators are working to pinpoint what caused the fire. they believe it started in a
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bar and restaurant that is under construction. a deadly accident is causing a big traffic mess near fairmount park. chopper three was over the scene earlier this afternoon after a truck and a van crashed. it happened around 3:00 o'clock on the westbound schuylkill expressway, leading to northbound route one. we're told one woman was killed, she was in the van. there is no word on the condition of the truck driver. let's give you a live lah from our traffic cameras as you can see all traffic is staying on 76. no one is allowed back on to the lanes, leading to route one. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says that the a alleged actions of a south jersey teen did not pose a credible threat to pope francis. the teen was taken into custody for alleged threats against the pope during his u.s. visit next week. commissioner talk a short time ago with our walt hunter and walt is live at police headquarters with more on what the commissioner had to say about this, walt. >> reporter: jessica, commissioner told me he really understands everyone concerns when they see headlines with
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the papal visit approaching but however he emphasized the teenager arrested by the fbi did in the pose any credible threat to the pope. there is no wider plot. he did urge everyone who read the headlines to please put them into perspective. >> i do think it is over blown. >> reporter: police commissioner charles ramsey used the word over blown, to describe media reports about the fbi arrest of the 15 year-old south jersey boy, allegedly for attempting to plan an attack on the pope during his upcoming visit. >> this is not something that people should be alarmed about. >> reporter: ramsey says fbi alerted him last month they arrested the teenager. sources confirmed to cbs-3 that the suspect had allegedly gone on line and according to cbs news was being urged by either an isis member or sympathizer to attack a visiting diplomate or a pope. soon after he allegedly started his research he was arrested. >> the fbi, acted very, very quickly and it got to the
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bottom of the issue. as far as i'm concern that is it. >> reporter: commissioner emphasized local and federal agencies are constantly monitoring social media as part of the tight security nets surrounding the pope, and while this teenager's alleged actions on line were illegal, there is no indication of what he termed any credible threat to the pope. >> my definition of what would be credible is something that can be operation alleyed, something that is about to take place, that sort of thing and unless i'm missing something, i just don't see this as having that level of significance where people should be concerned about it. >> reporter: neither ramsey nor fbi can comment specifically on the allegations and because the suspect is a juvenile in the federal court system, all of the proceedings are sealed, and closed, so there is no way to know exactly where he stands right now in the the justice system. the word from the commissioner please don't be overly concerned and don't let it dim the joyous anticipation of the
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the papal visit. we will have more at 6:00. live from police headquarters, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, construction is underway, pope francis will step foot on the stage built specifically for his visit the here for world meeting of families. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos took a tour and he joins us from eakins oval, greg. >> reporter: ukee, it is quite an active construction site. all morning, all afternoon we have been seeing big rig after big rig dropping off supplies, dropping off equipment here. in fact right now you can see a big group of meeting in fact of folks in charge of planning this. in all we're told some 3,000 people will take a hand in building the papal stage here in the next coming days. as the parks department beautifies the area around eakins oval. >> putting in, flowers, construction workers are building the massive papal stage which will be the center stage for pope francis visit.
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through a chorus of bangs about 75 workers tuesday piecing together the skeleton for the stage and the covering of it. >> we're erecting the the structure which would be 100-foot wide by 90-foot deep arch that will cover our stage, as we will call it on saturday for festival of families and, of course, it will cover sanctuary for papal mass on sunday. >> reporter: scott merckin is philly based productions and gave us a behind the scenes look the a at construction. >> we have 28 miles of cable being distributed throughout this area, about 40,000 feet of truck, 30 miles of audio cable. >> 15,000 feet of construction fence. >> big project. >> it is a gigantic project, it is a huge event that requires many, many people to come together. it is definitely a team effort. >> reporter: that team effort will end with this, what is now an artist's rendering but
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what will be in just a few days a beautiful stage and alter for pope francis visit to philadelphia a. >> for years to come for rest of folks lives that come to this event they will remember a wonderful day with their families and whoever they came with and that will be what i call an audience appreciation and that is why i'm doing what i do. >> reporter: so when will this scene behind me start looking like final product, final stage? i'm told it will start taking shape by early next week. we're live near art museum i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. and the pennsylvania turnpike are joining forces to keep pilgrims up to date on the latest traffic conditions. they have launched papal, web site provides details about planned road closures, and directions, to papal venues. we also have a guide to the papal visit on our web site at cbs it is almost time we are 11 days away from the historic papal visit to philadelphia a.
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a wilmington man is charged with murder after police say he fatally stabbed a good samaritan. investigators say suspect calvin hooker chased a woman with the knife as she was pushing her daughter in the stroller near tenth and king last night. that good samaritan identified as thomas cotingham intervened when a woman tried to board a bus and getaway. that the is when hooker fatally stabbed her multiple times in the the back. well, lots of sunshine for final days of september, just about perfect, outside, kate is on the the enjoying the conditions and kate, we are loving this sunny stretch. >> what a great stretch it is, ukee. good news it is not going anywhere anytime soon. every day this week is competing for which day is nicest, yesterday was beautiful but little breezy to day warmer but not as windy. we will call it a watch and these conditions will stick with us through next several days at least and even into the weekend. quick look at storm scan three we are not seeing much of anything at all, and we cannot find a cloud in the sky as we
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look around here. severe clear, deep blue sky, it is beautiful outside. eighty-two in philadelphia. 11 in allentown. eighty at the airport and 78 in lancaster. dew points in the 40's still in philadelphia, climbing in the 50's in a few spots but very comfortable conditions with low humidity, and we have had a cool morning, this past morning, temperatures in the the 40's in some spots, coming up i'll tell you how chilly it will get overnight tonight and how long this stretch of weather will last us throughout the weekend when i join you inside, back to you. well, some days, are just to talk b today is one of them if you bleed green. it seems a opening loss for eagles. >> we will take a breath, referring to game one, right, and don bellies here now, coach talking about yesterday, and it is all we can do is look forward. >> not the day buy would you hope for 2015 squad. chip kelly had some explaining to do why do eagles trail falcons by 17 at the half? why did they only run for
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63-yard? why did julio jones treat the secondary like all you can eat buffet, getting yard at will. that last question is one that the entire delaware valley is asking, almost in uni son, jones had nine catches, 140-yard and two touchdowns, he toyed with the teams brand new 60 million-dollar cornerback byron maxwell. so chip, what happened. >> the plan dealing with julio is so difficult because he lined up in so many different spots. if you try to double him, you know, where he is going to be he will be outside right receiver, he will be inside third receiver, he will be the second receiver and then go in motion. so we had had some doubles on him. we had safeties moving toward him. they made adjustments at the half time. he only had one catch in the second half. it was a huge catch. and then we went down and got points on it. >> they didn't have an answer, and, first game since 2013 got off to a slow start but it
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ended fast. we will hear from him a at 6:00 o'clock. >> at least that was good to see they got it but we want that had w. >> i understand. >> thanks, don. >> appreciate you. coming up on "eyewitness news" search an rescue teams are looking for people missing in flash flooding. we will take to you utah, steve? >> reporter: fatal crash that claim the life of the bucks county teenager is bringing new attention to an old problem, i'm steve paterson, why neighbors hearsay this road, it is so dangerous a and what they'd like to see happen, that is next. and potential danger inside your home, your car, maybe even your gym bag, many use hand sanitize tore kill germs but doctors say they are seeing more kid drinking it, either by accident or on purpose. details on the healthwatch when we come back.
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it is burning out of control a deadly wild fire continues to torch drought stricken communities north of napa value. >> 67,000-acre fire has destroyed nearly 600 homes and hundreds of other buildings. cbs news correspondent chelsea edward shows us the the destruction. >> reporter: devastation is painfully clear in middleton, california and other parts of the lake county.
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left behind despite mandatorye vac orders. he and several others residents are taking fire fight into their own hand, determined to save is what left of their community. >> we are just over here trying to do what we can to whatever we can handle. >> people trying to protect our homes right here. >> reporter: explosive wild fires devoured 600 homes and threaten 9,000 more. >> we were watching the fire fall down, down the mountain. it looks like lava that is how fast it was moving. >> reporter: wild fire driven by win and fueled by drought has quickly become one of the most destructive in california's history. residents here are doing everything that they can to help one another. donations are flooding in the local red cross, where more than a thousand people spent the the night. >> it is pretty compassionate town. >> reporter: fire claimed life of the seven two-year old barbara mcwilliams who has multiple sclerosis. williams told her caretaker jennifer henson she would be fine. >> i knew she was in the house and that she would be stuck
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and i knew that she would have no way of getting out. >> reporter: wild fire is one of 6,000 that score much the state this year. chelsea edward for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in utah, the death toll has listen to nine as a result have of flash floods there, a wall of water and debris swept a away a van full of people in an suv and many victims are mothers and children. four people are still missing, three others were rescued, and flash flooding happened last night near utah/arizona state border. heavy rains caused raging waters in california, watch as crews pluck three people and a dog from a tree, by los angeles river. they were holding on to the tree to avoid being swept downstream, and this was just one of several water rescues that were made in the rain swollen river today. >> wow. >> man. >> amazing. >> yes. >> well, my gosh you look outside our window and it is picture perfect. >> completely different story. >> we are under this big blocking high. when you get in the pattern,
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some spots will get hit with days and days of rain, other spots with days and days of dry weather. we are on the other side of the things on the flip side and it has been a fantastic week.hings on the flip side nice weather continues. we are warming up. in more fall in the air over next couple days, temperatures will be almost 10 degrees above normal by tomorrow but that being said without humidity and lots of sunshine it is a gorgeous stretch of weather and we did get rain over the weekend and last week. lawns are still happy at least for now. we placated the grass let's say. lets see is what going on at middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. you can see nothing but blue skies as far as the the eye can see for aviation, this is a dream, clear as far as you can see. 77 degrees outside there in cape may courthouse right now. no problems on storm scan three. everything is clear for the moment. it looks to stay that way, thanks to the big blocking high overhead. we are sweeping, we are not seeing anything at all, and the wind died down today as well. you can see on our three hour
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loop, really nothing in the even a included to be found out side. temperatures right now warmer then this time yesterday. four or 5 degrees. normal high 78. we are 4 degrees above average. eight to the the airport. eighty-one in wilmington and allentown. seventy-four, very comfortable in mount pocono. heading out to the phillies game tonight, fantastic. clear skies. pleasant evening. 77 degrees as phillies take on the nationals. first pitch feeling good and clear and cool by the the ninth inning. but lets talk about daylight because sunnies going down a lot earlier now. sunset at 7:10 p.m., by october 1st, sunset is at 6:43 and take a look at november 1st, sunsets at 4:59 p.m., that is not too far away, man and a half or so sunset will be in the 4:00 o'clock hour. enjoy these longer days while we have them. it seems to be getting darker earlier but we are losing more than two and a half minutes of daylight each day. that is why fall is starting to creep in. recapping september so far we have had seven days of 90-degree heat. first heat of the month very month. fourteen out of the 15
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featured sunshine. high temperature 96. low temperature a very cool 56 . so it has been a great september so far except for extreme heat in the month. lots of sun and that continues, high pressure overhead staying planted through the next couple days. thursday more sunshine highs in the 80's. friday same story, sunny and nice. waking up to temperatures in the the 50's and lower 60's tomorrow. we will drop down to about 61 overnight in the city with clear skies, for your wednesday lots of sun, nice and warm at 86. eyewitness weather three day forecast, sun, sun and more sun, and broken record type of forecast, temperatures in the mid 80's every single day, through the the rest of the week with highs in the shore at the low 80's feeling fantastic and luckily it will stick around. >> it is a broken record that is a good record to be broken. >> yes. >> better than rain, rain, rain. >> got that ride. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" seat belts, car seats, booster seats are your children as safe as they should be when riding in your
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car. >> three on your side jim donovan has a safety checklist plus information on where you need to get help if you need it. more news when we come right back.
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every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most
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for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol. the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil are your children as receive a an can be riding in the car. this is a important question that federal transportation agencies, and, safety organizations, want parents to focus on this week. >> consumer reporter jim donovan has checklist for parents and resources. >> because it is a national child passenger safety week, so lets take a look at this. >> reporter: with small children are belted in to their car seats it is often assumed that they are as safe as possible, but 2014 saw more than 6 million car seats recalled, in the u.s. for a safety defect. and national highway traffic safety administration says fewer than half of those car seats actually received the repair that they needed. that is a point that other
5:25 pm
child safety advocates are highlighting this week which they tagged as national child passenger safety week. they encourage parents to fill out product registration card that comes with the new car seat, without it, manufacturers may lack the information to get a contact with those parents, when an item is recall. in addition to those information card, parents can also register a car seat on line, at the governmental web site safer car dot gov/parents. all that is needed is model number and date of manufacturer for car seats. also crucial to keeping small passenger safe making sure that seats are properly installed in the back seat. this week hundreds of clinics are being held across the country with certified child passenger a safety technician toss help. child safety seats checks are offered year round, for instance burlington county offers them every wednesday, montgomery county has several times of month as well. i will post fur so you can check in your county on cbs and post them on my facebook and twitter feed
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because you cannot imagine the number of people who have the car seat in but not installed properly. >> you've got to get that right. >> precious cargo. >> that is right. >> thanks, buddy. >> see you at 11:00. coming up, a bus ride off an overpass, tumbling end over end before landing on the road before. what caused this deadly accident? this sound like something out of the movie remotely controlled traffic lights that can be change at will to alter the flow of traffic. it is just one of the real life facets of philadelphia's new traffic operations center and we will take you inside. and from snow days to no days, why some local school districts are trying to get rid of those weather-related days off, um-hmm,
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padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. i'm ukee washington. here's is what happening south
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jersey gas is investigating the the cause behind an apparent gas explosion, and fire in, pennsville, salem county. the blast damaged a building that houses a law office on the first floor and a apartment on the second floor. no injuries were reported. police commissioner charles ramsey is calling media reports about the arrest of the south jersey teenager for an allege attack on the pope quote, over blown. the teen was taken into custody last month for an alleged on line threat against the pope, during his u.s. visit next week. commissioner ramsey, says it is not what he would consider a credible threat. just 11 days pope francis will step foot on the stage built specifically for his visit to philadelphia a for the world meeting of families. right now crews are constructing the elaborate structure, on eakins oval, kate. >> what a great stretch of weather we are having. if only we can ab shourd to keep it important the pope's, sunny stretch, and, this weekend, and, average for next, several days, and, and,
5:31 pm
and forecast, and seven day forecast, in the area, and,. >> kate, thank you. bucks county community is calling for road safety measures after a crash that killed a high school student over the weekend. they are concerned about route 152 or limekiln pike between upper stump road and new glean a road in upper britain township. they sound like war stories. >> we have had helicopters, landing, the bus was stop, he was getting on, there was an accident behind the bus. >> reporter: ask any neighbor on this stretch of 152 in new britain township and they will easily recall a fatal accident. >> came out and there was a jeep flipped over. >> reporter: paul says 115 years owe ago still haunts him a teenager dying in his arms. >> i knew, he wasn't going to make it. i sat with him as long as i could. >> reporter: anotherly similar to sunday morning when 17 year-old christopher sidelowsky was killed losing
5:32 pm
control of his pick up. another victim to a winding blind cornered, narrow breathless mile with no shoulders or room for error. neighbors want something done. >> i am just scared. >> reporter: pennsylvania department of transportation, is in charge of this state road they say from 2010 through 204 only ten serious accidents were reported but neighbors say if you add up single vehicle hit and runs, that number is much higher. just look at what the post office is dealing with. >> two lanes, no shoulder, and in most parts, it is kind of scary. >> reporter: township manager eileen bradley says resident are in the exaggerate bug her hand are tied unless the state takes action. >> there are limits on what we can do again, penndot owned and maintained road. >> reporter: we called penndot, representative tells me they will send a crew out to see what can be donnas soon as possible, possible fixes, they say anything from warning signs to warning paint, rumble strips to high paving could be added. >> we would be happy to see penndot do whatever they can
5:33 pm
do and anyway we can help it is something we were be on board to make it a more safe record. >> reporter: anything to stop trading war stories n bucks county, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities in our investigating a deadly school bus crash. two female students were killed when that bus drove off a highway on the way to school this morning. two male students and bus driver were hospitalized with serious injuries, and, eyewitness said that he saw the bus smash through a guardrail, and roll end over end. >> i would say about 50 miles an hour. he came off the embankment, off the freeway nose down, i knew it would be a lot of people hurt. >> investigators say another car driven by a houston schoolteacher, hit the bus while trying to avoid another vehicle, it is unclear if she will face any charges.
5:34 pm
well, race is tightening autopsy monk front runners in the republican race for president, ben carson is closing in on billion air donald trum april cording to the latest cbs news poll. reporter weijia chen comes out as the republican contenders prepare for tomorrow night's debate. >> donald trump's appeal was on full display in texas monday as he drew a crowd of nearly 15,000 to the american airlines center. >> be in will be able to do the job that i will do. nobody. they won't. they won't. >> reporter: trump is still atop latest cbs news poll but he has a new challenger, while trump gain ground since last month doctor ben carson jumped from 6 percent to 23 percent. rest of the competition is pulling, single digits. the good news for the the rest of the deal is that only 37 percent of republican voters say that they have made up their mind about who to support. leaving trump opened to attack. >> i hear they are all going after me.
5:35 pm
whatever, whatever. >> reporter: one conservative group is definitely going after trump. >> we have realized for several weeks that trump was not going a away, so we decided we needed to do something. >> reporter: club for growth unveiled a ad campaign that plans to air in early voting states. >> he has a record that is very liberal. >> reporter: ads will air in iowa, this week. weijia chen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and please keep it right here for "eyewitness news" and continuing coverage of the campaign 2016, you can get latest anytime at cbs well, philadelphia is rolling out a brand new traffic operations center which will be put to the test touring papal visit weekend. >> beyond that event it is designed to reduce congestion on philadelphia streets by improving traffic flow. we love that. >> um-hmm. >> kyw news radio steve, reports from juniata park. >> reporter: inside the traffic control nerve center if they spot problem areas, engineers will be able to remetly change traffic signals
5:36 pm
in real time. they monitor live video feeds from traffic and surveillance cameras operate by the streets, police departments, septa and university of pennsylvania and among others. mayor nutter says ops center was in the works before they knew the pope was covering. >> where possible respect to pope francis, i think that this was the day that this was going to happen, whether or in the the pope was coming to philadelphia. >> reporter: during the pope's visit the folks will be able to monitor traffic corridors in real time f too many pedestrians get stacked up and bottleneck at one entrance to the traffic box otherwise known as francis festival ground they will be redirect. >> it is like the super market this line is full but this one is open. you might wanting to over there. >> reporter: after the pope's visit the the chief traffic engineer richard says they have a priority list. >> some of the key corridors we will begin at broad street, frankford avenue, ogontz on line, we will also try to work on the sports complex during special events. >> mayor says fact that they can use it 24/7 during papal
5:37 pm
visit weekend is a bonus. steve towa for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 24/7. >> still to come on "eyewitness news", it is no laughing matter, you might be surprised to learn how many people are bullied at work. and it is something so many of us used to help get rid of germs but it seems like some kid are using hand sanitizers to get a buzz, we have a warning on the healthwatch. and looking for a job or some extra money during the holiday season, well, a a local company has thousands of jobs to offer. we will tell you more bit on the other
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americans opened up their wallets last month, the census bureau says retail sales rose .2 of a percent in august then the month before. that represents a 2 percent jump from the same time last
5:41 pm
year. one reason for this, a hike in car sales, and this report comes one day before the federal reserve meets and it could decide to raise a key interest rate for the first time in nearly a decade. and bullies aren't just at school anymore, more than one in three americans say they have been bullied at work. a new office survey asked how they responded? most common answer to confront the person followed by telling their manager and doing nothing. while office bullies cost about one in ten people to actually quit their job. ups is hiring for the holidays, company plans to hire 90 to 95,000 employees, nationwide, that is about the same as last year. new workers will handle shipping and deliveries from november, until january, with full and part-time shifts. some of the jobs could become permanent, ups plans to hire 2800 employees in the philadelphia area. more job opportunities in our area may come in the field of practice management. >> jill schlesinger is here
5:42 pm
now with your philadelphia job market report. >> reporter: affordable care act has put health care costness focus, as the government doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies try to squeeze more productivity out of each step of the process. that is why the field of medical group practice management is expected to grow by 23 percent by 2022. much faster then average for other jobs. people in this field are tasked with keeping health care offices a and hospitals, running like well/oiled machines. they organize and manage medical information and staff, keep up to dayton new laws and regulations to make sure the the company complies with them and manage the finances of the facility or practice. here in the philadelphia area, medical and health services managers earn a mean wage of $109,000, a and that number is expect to grow, as health care facilities become larger and more complex. although requirements vary, most professionals have at
5:43 pm
least a bachelor degrees before entering the field and masters degrees are also common. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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kate is joining us now abe you have had a fun week in terms of so far it looks like it will be moving forward. >> kind of boring for a meteorologist, forecast sunny every single day. >> i see a drop on your radar. >> i don't even see a cloud. just severe clear. >> severe clear. >> i like that. >> but you have to have weeks like this, because it helps you appreciate, maybe snow coming or cold coming we have to enjoy this while we have it. >> that is right. >> it is september. temperatures air above average. let look outside. nothing but deep blue sky as far as eye can see looking east down toward new jersey, spring garden street, of course, from the cbs broadcast center. beautiful evening in philadelphia temperatures dropping very nicely and even though we are above average here this week with temperatures in the mid 80's over next several days it will not feel oppressively hot lets say like it did early in the month when temperatures were in the 90's. we are talking about temperatures in the mid 80's but humidity levels not bad at
5:47 pm
all. the let check with the eyewitness weather watchers. we are at 86 at ed connor's house in chester feel. lots of sunshine there. hot day for working in the sun but no rain, working out fine, not a bad day to be outside. in that cool sun it does feel hotter then thermometer would have you believe. 79 degrees, lynn springer, she's in cherry hill what does lynn to have say, another stunning day. my husband wants to stain the deck, when will it rain again, i can tell you, we have no appreciable rain in the seven day forecast, but it looks like we could get up with staining the deck any day. great day for a car wash as well to keep that nice clean look to the car, go ahead ape do to it day. 82 degrees in carolyn in philadelphia full sunshine there. started off chilly. ended up being a brilliantly beautiful day. here comes autumn. autumn on the way but it will not feel like it over next couple days as temperatures will return to the mid 80's. we will check with delaware with sandor, 81 degrees, lots of sun and what an absolutely
5:48 pm
gorgeous day. the day after a cool morning the california valley weather. we have a big swing is what we like to call it. we have morning temperatures in the 50's. afternoon temperatures in the 80's. 30-degree difference from morning to afternoon and that feels fantastic. lets look outside on storm san three. nothing going on. i pulled out to the northeast view and we are not seeing a cloud in the sky. beautiful from maine down to are in foulke, virginia and midwest as well our next front is well back to the west, we will talk about that in just a moment. temperatures in the the lower 80's in the region. high pressure in control information next several days. big ridge of high pressure like a fortress not allowing anything in here. showers, thunderstorms all stay to the west. finally by maybe sunday, that is where we will see this front approach. you can see it creeping in here, thursday, into friday, we are starting to see showers and storms over great lakes late thursday and that front cross our area sunday but you doesn't look like much moisture to work w speaking of
5:49 pm
moisture here's how it will feel, low humidity. we are warming up, still feels awesome. dew point varies low, wednesday, thursday and heading back toward pleasant range comparatively more humid but comfortable toward weekend. watching two areas of interest here out over the opened atlantic. neat are have develop yet but red indicates a high chance for development in the tropical depression or storm. we will keep you posted on. that otherwise tonight clear skies, comfortable beautiful night at six 16789 lots of sun, beautiful warm day. eighty-six in the city, heading down the shore it is a beautiful day, sunny skies, 81 e down the shore. fantastic week you have got if this is your week down the shore. seven day forecast is looking gorgeous in the mid 80's right through end of the week and in the start of the weekend. just a few more clouds with that front, sunday, can't rule out a stray sprinkle, with the front. mostly dry and next week we are back to sunshine and cooler with highs back in the 07's. ukee, back over to you. >> thanks very much. new environmental report
5:50 pm
card blasts some fast food restaurant over use of of ant bite knicks their meat and poultry products. chipotle and panera bread received a's from serving meat with animals raised without use of antibiotics but many chance got failing grade including star bucks, pizza hut, burger king, come minute necessities and taco bell. use of ant bite knicks animals lead to bacteria becoming resistant to medicine. now to the healthwatch, crazy, dangerous new trend, teenagers drinking hand sanitize tore get high. and, spiked calls to poison center. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain. we are all shaking our head at this. >> you've got the to be kidding me. >> kids, really. this is dumb and dangerous. but it is not illegal. it is become a social media dare. teenagers downing hand sanitizers to get drunk. experts say is there also an issue with younger children. it is every where, hand sanitizer is the handy way to
5:51 pm
fight germs. now, a quickies i way for teenagers to get high, by drinking the stuff. >> poison control center may i help you. >> reporter: since 2010 poison control centers in the you had have seen a 400 percent increase in the number of phone calls regarding kid, ingesting hand sanitizer. >> it is basically gelled alcohol and that can be used like regular alcohol. >> reporter: alcohol making up as much as 62 to 70 percent of the sanitizer, it is the same intoxicating chemical in cocktails made for consumption. drinking a bottle offhanded sanitizer is equivalent to drinking five shots of hard liquor. >> as a teenager you have pocket change, and it certainly is cheaper to buy that then to buy regular alcohol. >> reporter: while it is illegal for teenage tours buy alcohol there is no restriction on hand sanitizers, and for younger kid there is an issue with
5:52 pm
accidental poisonings, because they are colorful, and they look enticing. >> that is concerning. i'm really shock. we use it a lot a lot of places have it at their level to wash hand, and we are not using those anymore. >> reporter: there have been reports of teens missing hand sanitizer with mouthwash to make an extra stiff drink and some people add salt which causes the the alcohol to separate from the gel. all this is on social media, the recipes. what it doesn't talk about is about alcohol poisoning which can cause a number of life threatening problems, including seizures and cardiac arrest. >> we're talking bit right now. >> right now. >> you need to talk to your kid about this. come on guys, wake up, really. >> they think it will never happen to them. >> shaking their heads through that whole thing. >> are you kid me. >> thanks for the the heads up. >> well, still ahead on eye witt the necessary news donald trump is of course running for president. >> in the the meantime he lives like a king.
5:53 pm
we will take you on a tour of his many mansion is his, when we come right back.
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berks county native taylor swift has had an amazing year no doubt about that, with a hit album and countless awards, it is safe to say her face is every where. including the cornfields, of course. this is a farm in maryland and they created a maze with the singer's lickness etched in it and taylor approves. she posted a photo than instagram saying lawn goals. >> how about that. >> that is very impressive even deed. g.o.p. presidential hopeful donald trump's estimated net worth is around 4 billion-dollar mark. >> that is billion with a b. so you know he has some crazy cribs to live in. insider debbie, now joins us from los angeles with a house
5:57 pm
tour, or two, deb. >> the donald makes most of his money through his real estate investments and while the white house isn't one of them yet, tonight we will take you inside trump multiple mansion tour. >> i don't need anybody's money. >> reporter: he could be president but he is living like a king with the real estate portfolio to prove it. >> it is huge. >> reporter: that is number one, the the primary residents in money making manhattan. >> our real estate insider james harris of the agency, and million-dollar listing. >> this is a people owe location, making it worth about a 100 million-dollar. >> reporter: when he want time from the big city candidate can hell cooperate tore his 230-acre spread in bedford, new york, summer retreat with 60 rooms, including 15 bedrooms, and donald can take a dip in one of the three pools. >> trump purchased it in 1996, for seven and a half million-dollar. i'd say it has tripled in value to around 23 million. >> reporter: next up his beach
5:58 pm
house the marlogo estate palm beach, florida. sitting on 17 acres it has 20,000 square football room where oprah and celine dion have partied. >> i guess it is worth in excess of 250 million-dollar. >> reporter: are don't forget, trump winery in charlottesville, virginia. 26,000 square food manner with eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms has its own helicopter pad and chapel. once listed for hundred million-dollar, it was snapped up by trump for just 14.4 million. now that is a art of the deal. >> back to you in the studio. >> all right. >> wow. >> i grew up in a row home in west philadelphia, happy. >> that is right. >> come on. >> end of the story wow. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now a at 6:00 we will have more details about a threat of pope francis during his u.s. visit. he lease commissioner charles ramsey talks to our walt hunter about security and the local tina rested. south jersey business, leveled after a gas leak, leaks through an explosion in
5:59 pm
pennsville. we will hear from the man who had an apartment in the building about his close call. kate? guys, it is just a gorgeous evening, in philadelphia, not too hot or too cold but just right, a goldie locks evening as i like to call it. i'll tell you how many more beautiful days we will have in store, alexandria. forget about the stuff called, snow, well if you have, you might want to forget about a thing called snow days all together. i'm alexandria huff and i'll have have more coming up. and tonight, we are learning more about the potential threat against pope francis, and the local teen, arrested, officials are down playing that threat, this evening. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> aim he jessica dean. walt hunter spoke with police commissioner charles ramsey this afternoon, and, walt,.
6:00 pm
>> he said it is obvious that any head line, about any alleged plan for, and, and, that head line in perspective, there was, at no time, any credible threat to the pope in his opinion and there is currently no credible threat as of this moment. >> this is not something that people should be alarmed about. >> reporter: police commissioner ramsey told me that media reports about the arrest of the 15 year-old south jersey boy last month, for allegedly planning an attack on the pope during his visit here, has caused unnecessary, concerns, about any potential threat that might have been posed by the the teenage suspect. >> do i think it is over blown. >> reporter: ramsey emphasizes fbi acted quickly to make the arrest, cbs news confirming that the suspect allegedly went on line with an isis member or sympathizer, urged on to research an attack on the pope or a diplomate. he was soon arrested,


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