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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 17, 2015 2:07am-2:36am EDT

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♪ >> right now at 11:00 the finishing touches. pope francis will be in philadelphia in just a little more than a week. businesses around the city are getting ready for the historic event but not all of them are looking forward to it. good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. some business owners made the decision to close during the papal weekend. our natasha brown is live along the parkway with more on the preparations taking shape. natasha? >> reporter: well, the setup
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here along the parkway is continuing even at this hour. while the city is preparing for the papal visit, some businesses in this area are preparing to lose money and customers. welcoming images of pope francis can be spotted in homes and dotting the parkway. the excitement is building with the papal visit just 10 days away. >> some business owners working in the shadows of the parkway and in the heart of the restricted parking zones has seen no choice but to close their doors during the historic visit. >> we're pretty much going to be closed on saturday and sunday. nobody will be in this area starting looking for dry cleaning. and a lot of the residents and customers that come in we've been talking to pretty they'll be moving but not leaving town. >> reporter: andre says saturdays are their busiest days they will take big hit financially. >> it's not just financially. it's our employees are being affected, too, because they rely on their hours and their pay.
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>> reporter: the ppa is offering help for people in no parking area like fairmount businesses have closed their doors and some residents are heading out of town. >> my husband and i are leaving town starting thursday morning. we're not planning on representing out our house. we're locking everything up and won't return to the city until monday evening because we expect parking to be non exist 10. >> reporter: from fairmount to across town in rittenhouse square haley has the same concerns. she's owned this cafe for nine years but isn't sure if she'll be able to open during the papal visit. >> we are thinking to open but i don't know how to get here. >> for small business that is rely heavily on weekend sale, the lack of parking and foot traffic could be a big below. >> we have lot of tourists. a lot of walkers. regular customers. so i'm definitely going to lose my regular customers. >> reporter: the mayor's office has unveiled detailed
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traffic restrictions and parking restrictions throughout the ci city. so certainly many businesses will be affected. we're live here along the parkway night, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, you mentioned parking. there now be parking available in camden during the papal visit. camden is opening up its waterfront area to an estimated 8,000 cars but if you want a space you have to register online. and you have to pay about $44 a day for special permit. once you park you'll have to either take the river ferry, walk the ben franklin bridge or use patco to get to philadelph philadelphia. tonight we have learned septa regional rail papal passes will be available for purchase this weekend. in person sales will be available at jefferson and suburban stations as well as most outlying stations. the passes are for one day and cost $10. more information go to and we are now only 10 days a way from the pope's arrival in philadelphia. in addition to transportation information we have a full resource guide you can check out any time on our website.
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developing now, at least one person has been killed by a powerful earthquake that struck off the coat of chile. local officials say at least 15 others are hurt. the 8.3 magnitude quake was so strong people on the other side of the south america reported feeling it. tsunami alert has now been issued for the country's entire coast. and officials have ordered evacuations of communities in low lying areas. tsunami advisory has also been issued tonight for parts of hawaii. parents in our area are outraged over an alleged kickback scheme in local school district. former director charged with defrauding the doctors tribute and his son is coming to his defense. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has that story from bristol township, bucks county. >> reporter: nearly $2,400,000 stolen from the bristol township school system has a former school maintenance director and two other men in trouble with the feds. >> going to school should be about the kids, not what you can lace your pockets with. i mean that's just wrong. >> reporter: federal authorities say 59-year-old
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james anteriores used his position to steer schools contracts to company owned by a friend, 58-year-old patrick squires. with the help of a third man, earnestness allegedly getting around the bidding process by submitting three bids from companies all owned by squires from 2006 to 2010. in he can change for kickbacks. defrauding the did he say trick of $374,000. anteriores son deed his father. >> he's an up standing citizen. does he volunteer work for the fire department. been doing it for 20 years. >> reporter: okay. needless to say you're shocked. >> yeah. >> reporter: but back to school new at buchanan elementary parents are outraged. >> take that much money out of them without noticing till now they weren't on top of it much it's a disappointment. >> rich has two kids in the elementary school. he says the district is cash strapped as it is and they've been waiting months to get into their new building. >> their playgrounds are missing and they are not replacing them.
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>> in a statement the school district claims they found the abuse and immediately reported it saying quote our students, teachers and taxpayers did not deserve the alleged deceptive practices. if convicted all three men must pay restitution to the school district and could be looking at more than 100 years in prison. in bristol township, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". sparks fly during the burglary of a broad and grange pharmacy in fern rock. surveillance video shows thee masked suspects using a power saw and other tools to break in early tuesday morning. trio stole bottles of prescription medication and tried to offer a safe with a power saw but it doesn't work. they arrived in dark colored jeep cherokee srt8. the search continues for them tonight. update now to a story we told you about monday night. 30-year-old justin decker of crams avenue is under arrest for stealing a package off the front steps of a manayunk home. he was caught on surveillance vitter targeting the home on dupont street much the package
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he allegedly took couldn't taped $2,300 worth of women's clothing. tips from our story led to the arrest. also captured on camera violent collision at delaware park race track. two horses ran each other during a race this afternoon. throwing both jack keys to the ground. the 19-year-old jockey was treated for upper and lower extremity injuries. and the 37-year-old jockey was treated on the scene for possible head injury. right now we're told they're in stable condition. we're also told the horses are doing fine tonight. stockton university has approve the sale of the former showboat casino in atlantic ci city. the university has not identified the sale price or the buyer whose completely its due diligence investigation. stockton bought that shutter the casino last december in the hopes of converting note a satellite campus but competing legal restrictions on how the property can be used, scuttled the plan. after years of addition discussion renovations are finally getting underway at philadelphia's divine lorraine hotel. it's under going a $44 million
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transformation breathing new life into one of the citi' first high rises. tonight "eyewitness news" reporter david superintendent takes us and side the historic landmark. >> reporter: a step into the lobby is a step back in time. the divine lorraine opened in 1894 was no question a jewel in philadelphia's crown. >> this building has a mystique. it has a spirit. unlike any other project i've ever seen. >> reporter: but over the years neglect took over. swallowing the popular hotel. developers broke ground wednesday on a project many have craved for decades. a top to bottom specifically 44 until i don't know dollars renovation. >> we worked and worked and worked to get the numbers together. this is the most complicated building in my 35 year career. >> reporter: in the early 1900's some of the city's wealthiest lived in the building. father major jealous divine broke racial barriers by integrated the hotel in the late 1940s a restaurant on the bottom
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floor was popular for years. >> as a kid i sat had something to eat and now i can actually see this building that was basically i thought at one time was going demolish is going to be renovated. >> hundreds of curious neighbors waited for hours to take a peek at one remained inside. a pop up shot with divine lorraine gear stood behind the original desk. >> i can see the potential. this is now how i imagined it. from the outside i imagine it for romantic. >> over the years many people have come inside legally and illegally much it's been an art form to spray paint the walls. >> graffiti adds something it to. i can't wait to see what they're going to do with. >> construction will begin in the next few weeks and will take year and a half to opinion initiate. >> it's a big part of the city. it would be nice to have it functional. it's a great building. it should be functional. >> reporter: david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> such a beautiful building. >> isn't it show though.
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>> can't wait to see it back in all its glory. >> amazing. >> a teenager and his alarm clock. all the talk on social media. >> the boy was excited to show his teacher what he made. instead of he ended up in handcuffs. we'll have more on this alarming arrest when we come back. >> also putting snails on your face. some say they're great for your skin and that's not all. health reporter stephanie stahl explains why a variety of oh, ugly ingredients are being touted for making beautiful skin. kate? >> all right. well, it's a sunny stretch of weather and it's continuing through the end of the week. dress for summertime again tomorrow although another cool start to the day. this little front could bring some changes by the end of the weekend. i'll have more on that coming up with the seven day forecast. >> how about this? pope francis hits the major leagues. the pontiff is now on trading cards made exclusiv exclusivelyr philadelphia phillies fans. we'll take look at his stats on the other side. >> and coming up right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 the late show with stephen colbert and tonight he welcomes actor kevin spacey comedy legend carol
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burnett and musical performance by willie nelson and john mellencamp much all the fun starts tonight at 11:35.
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a high school project in texas ends with a student in handcuffs and it is raising questions about racial profili profiling. 14 year akmed muhammed used pieces of scrap metal and computer parts to build a homemade clock. teacher at his suburban dallas school heard it ticking and thought it was bomb. she called police and ahmed was hauled in for questioning even though the device was found to be harmless. ahmed plans to turn his scare foo a positive force. >> i will try my best not just to help me but to help every other kid in the entire world who has problem locate this. >> ahmed says he made transfer to different school and hopes one day to go to college at mit. >> as college costs continue to rise one local institution is reversing that trend. rosemont college in bryn mawr
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slashing tuition by 43% to make it affordable for students. the president of the small liberal arts college says the current tuition system does not work. >> model based on high sticker prices that keep going up every year, and high discounts. >> when she president hirsh announceannounced you heard this overwhelming, you know, round of applause and cheers just like a weight off everyone's shoulders. >> room and board will be nearly $2,000 cheaper. rows mon college says the cut in tuition will not affect faculty pay for lead to any layoffs. a dredging project now underway is leaving some local rowers high and dry. teenagers in the south jersey rogue club working out at the camden county boat house in pennsauken instead of on the cooper river. the river is off limits now to boating because a $9 million project to dredge the river. some areas are only about knee deep and finished product could be and should be a constant
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depth of five oh sick feet. >> uniform depth will allow, you know, us to attract some major rowing events that are national events and that's the goal. >> we're really excited for all the changes and have better opportunities here and more races. >> about a dozen rowing and dragon boats teams will have to rethink or relocate their work outs while the cooper river is dredge. ♪ the second debate between republican presidential candidates has just wrapped up after lot of bickering and bashes the candidates faced off tonight at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. >> the 11 candidates with the highest poll numbers took to the stage for the second prime time republican dough bait. the first topic, front runner donald trump. >> i think his response, his visceral response to tack people on their appearance, short,
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tall, fat, ugly, my goodness, that happened in junior high. are we not way above that? >> i never attacked him on his looks and believe me there's plenty of subject matter right there. >> jeb bush criticized trump's plan for immigration row form. >> are we going to take the reagan approach? the hopeful optimistic approach? the approach that says that you come to our country legally you pursue your dreams with aveeno jobs you create opportunities for all of us? or the donald trump approach. the approach that says that everything is bad. >> retired neurosurgeon ben carson whose number two in the polls said he would allow some illegal immigrants to stay. >> people who had a pristine record we should consider allowing them to become guess workers primarily in the agriculture severe. >> this was business woman carli fiorina's first fry prime time debate. she called on republicans to submit a budget defunding planned parenthood despite a veto threat. >> this is about the character
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of our nation if we will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> reporter: candidates also debated the iran nuclear deal and relations with russia. >> who do you think won the second gop presidential debate? take our poll on the cbs philly facebook page. tweet us at cbs philly or head to our website new tonight, beauty and fashion took center stage at the shops at liberty place. fashion show cased some of the delaware valley's best retaile retailers, salons and accessory boutique. i had the pleasure of being there for the welcoming remarks for the fashion show. it was great time. a lot of fun and fall fashion on display there tonight. and on the cbs3 health watch tonight, bizarre beauty products made from snails, sharks and other things that sound, well, kind of gross. believe it or not some ugly ingredients are being touted for making beautiful skin. health reporter stephanie stahl explains. >> reporter: snail slime, the not that unusual on a sidewalk,
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but on somebody's face? >> the see correction left behind from a snail is, slimy, gooey but ultra hydrating much in the beauty city we're alwaysing for the neck best thing and sometimes the ingredients are not as pretty as we would leak. >> reporter: there are thousands of cosmetic beauty products claiming to make your skin look better, tenors and ton 96 and much more. people swear by rooster combs, sharks liver, b venom and fish scales. >> fish scales when you look at them you see they are glistening and glimmering. so why not put it in eye shadow. >> even a breast milk facial. >> breast milk facial, no. absolutely not. >> reporter: but catherine is a big fan of a face cream that contains cells derived from infant foreskin. >> i'm result oriened so fit work, i'm using it. >> this lotion has marshmallow extract in it. >> christina says many unusual ingredients are used because of their protective properties. >> so you must wonder, what would it do for the skin.
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>> one of the few top pi caps scientific to tighten the skin is retin in a a in retinols. there are other ingredients that like vitamin c that also work. >> there's things we will harness from all different aspects of life. >> with so many products and treatments on the mark how do you choose? >> fads will come and got but if you've seen something has there out there for six to eight months it's safe to try. >> doctors warn some exotic skin care ingredient can be expensive and cause allergic reactions. fda only monitors safety not whether or not they work. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> well, that's definitely different. >> ivory soap, i'm good. >> that will work for you. >> cold water. >> kate is joining now with a look at what's turning out to be a good week. >> what a beautiful week. some have said this is the best week of summer. i've got to agree with them. >> nothing but sunshine.
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hasn't been too humid. perfect out there. >> you know it. >> last full week of summer. >> how about that? >> that's right. that's right. >> a week from today and so enjoy the summer weather while we have it. it is summer technically and going to be the last weekend of summer coming up and beautiful one. a lot of great summer weekends. this one will be pretty nice as well. let's take a quick look outside. sky can cam thee looking really really nice over center city philadelphia. our live neighborhood network camera at the palmyra cove nature park shows a different vantage point over the delaware river where everything is lit up an very quite comfortable night outside. look at storm scan3. we have a lot of sweeps going here. this might be a quadruple sweep going on or a quintuple sweep going on. over confidential tonight there's nothing going on out there. no rain, just a couple of clouds filtering into portions of southern delaware that's thanks to this system over portions of the deep south just spinning a few of those outerbanks our way. most of us will stay dry.
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high pressure will suppress that cloud cover into tomorrow. this front comes through sunday doesn't have lot of moisture with it that front already weakeninweakening connect expecd cover at best maybe a sprinkle as of now it looks dry on sunday. 72 at the airport but 68 in wilmington. 62 in millville. 64 in allentown and already in the mid 50s in mount pocono. current dew point is 58 degrees. so a couple nights ago we talked about dew points around 40. we were off the charts. now we're in the mid to upper 50s. still in the pleasant range but you can see how the dew points have increased just a little bit. but that nice stretch will continue with high pressure just planned solidly overhead. it's sunny and warm for thursday. friday look great as well. sunny and nice and let's keep it going. saturday start the weekend on another great note. that issues in front that will come through sunday it will bring us a few more clouds but notice it does stay warm, friday, saturday and then into sunday you see this bubble as we start to bring some cool her temperatures in we'll feel that on monday and open cooler air waits in the wings as we go
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towards tuesday. wick look at the tropics. we now have tropical depression number nine does not look like it will be a threat for us much this area has a 70% chance of development as well. we will continue to keep an eye on that and keep you posted as of now it does look like anything we need to worry about here in philadelphia. overnight clear, calm and comfy. 63 degrees there be our overnight low. another beauty for thursday, 85. full day of sunshine. light winds, a cool start to the day but a nice warm are warm afternoon sun the shore sunny and gorgeous at 80 degrees. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, and shore cast, we're in the mid 80s that stretch continues through saturday. our normal highs are dropping so this could be the last time we have a stretch of days in the mid 80s with sunshine. enjoy while we've got it. back to the 70s early next week. dry through wednesday that's our next chance for showers. >> okay. looking good, kate, thanks. >> i like what you said 80 on sunday. the cowboys game. >> on sunday, the home opener all looking forward to that. he gave them four years but when push game to should have they wouldn't give him 40 million. hear what demarco murray is
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saying about facing his old team the koy
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>> welcome back. the cowboys no demarco and demarco notice the boys. after four seasons in big d murray is wearing eagles green and this sunday he faces his former team at the linc. running back scored two touchdowns in the birds loss to the falcons monday but he only ran for 9 yards. last season, led the league in rush wig more than 1800. today demarco was asked if this game has any extra juice for h him. >> not at all. not from my end. like i said, this is a true business, and i'm very motion less when it comes to a lot of things especially on the business side. i understand business aspect of the that. nl it's all about finding guys right for the system and i feel like i'm here and this is the best place for me. this is where i want to be. this is the team that wanted me. so i'm not worried about, you know, those guys. i'm sure they're great group of guys, great organization. a lot of respect for them but i
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moved on long time ago and i'm happy to be here. demarco chilled. tomorrow night the return of thursday night football on cbs. peyton manning and the bran companies head to ck. coverage begin at 7:30 eastern on cbs3. all right. the phillies and nationals wrapping up a series at citizens bank park tonight. the phils hoping not to get swept in this series. so the phillies down one to nothing in the fourth inning. make that two-zero. jayson werth when he played here we used to call him worthy. he had two big shots on the night. and pay attention to the fan that caught the ball in the bottom frame now, darrin ruf also teeing off. it's a homerun. ties it at two. check out the fan. he catches both of them. not a whole to compete with. only 15,000 in the stands. on to the seventh. history forge bryce harper. a homerun to right. that's his 40th of the season for the 22-year-old.
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he is sixth he have to hit that much at that age. phillies get crushed 12-two your final score. wnba has confirmed what we know. elena della dodd the best female player in the world. she was named league mvp. delaware product and star of the chicago sky averaging wnba23 points per game pulling down eight boards and shooting 95% from the free throw line. check this out. the voting just closed for our game of the week on the friday football frenzy the winner, garnet valley at ridley. 889 votes for this matchup that's 52% of the vote. shawnee and cherry hill west a very close second with 794 vot votes. so everybody going to that garnet valley ridley game we will see you friday night on the frenzy. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> phillies nation received a holy treat at tonight' game. >> because pope francis now a


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