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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  September 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, getting ready for the pope's visit local business owners are scrambling with more preparations get underway across the city. deadly earthquake rocks chile's capitol city how its aftermath is effecting parts of the you had. republican presidential candidate take on donald trump in the second prime time debate.te take on donald trump kyla and meisha join us now, good morning. >> almost a friday, guys. weather is beautiful. one word in the word of traffic, so far, construction. >> good morning. >> okay. >> if write to say one word would i say heat but i
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always have have to say sunshine because we will have another very warm day to day. it does have negative side effect and one is air quality is not great to today. anybody with any respiratory issues just be careful we are in the unhealthy category and we will see that warm up, yet again. lets look at storm scan three, it is clear. blue skies will be a part of this today but temperatures in the mid 60's in philadelphia 50's in some spots. millville 54. reading at 58. we are going up to 86 today. calling it steamy september. eighty-one at the shore. beautiful at the shore. poconos 79. it will be a warm one yet again. we will talk about how long this warmth will last, it will not be forever. we will cool down but are we heating up on the roads because of construction, meisha is that what you are telling me. >> good news it is so early, kyla, volleys looking good. we have construction out there and construction project, go by the time we get in the 5:00 .
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the that is when we see hang ups. so far so good. we have construction both directions east and westbound atwood haven road at million brook between thornton and i-95. the right lane is blocked in both directions but again everyone traveling around at posted speed at this early a.m. this is one of the areas where we certainly start to see volume heat up early. this is i-95 northbound at the blue route. and construction i-95 northbound past bridge street the right lane is also closed, there. now we also have some emergency road work, construction, 42 freeway south near this is route 55, two right lanes are blocked and also the the new jersey turnpike at route 168, the left lane. i hope you have your pen and paper, back over to you. it is hard to believe philadelphia will be ready to welcome pope francis. >> are we ready? we know the man is excited. we hope you are too. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live overlooking ben franklin parkway, it looks a little bit
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different, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the lots of activity here on the parkway and as the world meeting of family stage go up behind us here the mayor as you mention is hoping that philadelphia gets its excitement up too as well as gets involve. mayor and city and staff hosting their ninth media briefing just yesterday reminding philadelphia that the entire city and region is hosting the world meeting of families and the pope, not just center city. the world meeting organizers expect 17,000 attendees, that would be their largest ever. meantime the city is bracing for 1.5 million visitors. so how will that impact the city at large? trash collection as we know will now be on hold and police and fire departments will be fully staffed, working 12 hour shift over that weekend. any is the time to plan from where you'll park your car to how you'll maneuver road closures and get around those francis festival ground. most important the the mayor
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says he wants you, and the city, to savior this moment, take a listen. >> i think philadelphians who are not already joyously anticipating the arrival of the pope francis, to actually get excited and to to get involve. there are many things to do in conjunction with this event. it is in the just the opportunity to see or hear pope francis speak. >> now these parkway seats of course will host the pope as well as singers aretha franklin, andreas bocelli and mark wahlberg. that will happen next week for festival of the family and that sunday papal mass. mayor says if the parkway is not in your plans, there are several tours and exhibits happening that weekend and wow love to see you get involved. we are live on the parkway, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. as we have been mentioning, pope francis will arrive in about a week. not all resident will be in town though and not all businesses plan to stay
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opened. some business owners near ben franklin parkway in the the restrict parking zone say they have no choice but to close their doors and leave and or not wait ago this long. some say they are taking a real financial hit and so are their workers. >> it is our employees are affected too because they rely on their hours and their pay. most people, they work, they work certain amount of hours, to live a certain lifestyle. when you lose two days of work your whole lifestyle is affect. >> good news is philadelphia parking authority is offering assistance to people forced to move their cars. >> they will be park ago veilable in camden during the papal visit. camden is opening up its waterfront area to 8,000 cars, but if you want want of those spaces you have to register on line. also, you have to shell out at $44 a day for that special permit. once you park, you have to take river ferry or walk ben franklin bridge or use path the co to get into philadelphia. we have also learn that
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septa regional rail papal passes will be available for purchase this weekend, in person sales will be available at jefferson and suburban stations as well as many outlying stations. the those passes are for one day and cost $10 each. for more forgo to cbs and count down continues now just nine days away from the pope's arrival in philadelphia. in addition to transportation, information, we have a full resource guide to check anytime on our when site. developing right now, hawaii and part of the california's coast are under tsunami advisories after a powerful earthquake struck off the coast of chile. at least five people have died after the 8.3 quake struck last night. tremor was so strong that people on the other side of south america reported feeling it. small tsunami waves caused flooding in some shore towns. the second debate between the republican presidential candidates is now history.
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top 11 candidates faced a off at ronald reagan presidential library in california last night. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has the very latest. >> reporter: the 11 candidates with the highest poll numbers took the stage for second prime time republican debate. first topic, front runner donald trump. >> is this response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, tall, fat, ugly, that happened in junior high are we not way above that. >> i never attack him on his looks and believe me there is plenty of subject matter right there. >> reporter: jeb bush, criticized trumpes plan for immigration reform. >> will we take reagan approach, hopeful optimistic approach, at approach that says you come to our country legally you pursue your dream, you create opportunities for all of us, or donald trump approach, the approach that says, everything is bad. >> reporter: retired neurosurgeon ben carson, hoist number two in the polls said he cannot be bought.
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>> i in no way am willing to get into bed with special interests boots. >> reporter: this is business woman carli fiorina's first time time debate she calls on republicans defuning planned parenthood despite a veto threat. >> this is about the character of our nation. if we will not force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> reporter: candidates also revealed what they would want their secret service code name would be. >> humble. >> that ace good one. >> candidates will face off again next month. in california, craig boswell will for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 4:38. much more to come on "eyewitness news", coming up next sparks fly inside a fernrock pharmacy we will tell what you burglars are using to get inside a safe. pope francis hits the the major league what was handed out to fans last night at phillies game. we will be back in two minutes. you will want to see this one.
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sparks fly at a farm scene here. three masked suspect using a power saw and other, tools to break in early tuesday. now that trio stole bottles of prescription medications. they tried to open up a safe with the the power saw but that didn't work. videos show them arriving in the dark colored jeep cherokee, srts and trio is still on the run. overnight shooting in west philadelphia leaves two men in stable condition. police say just before midnight two were standing on the 5400 block of walnut street talking to two women. that is when two other men came up and tried to rob those men. robbery victims started running and the the attackers shot at them. police are looking for two male suspects and women they were talking to at that time. philadelphia police are also investigating another shooting in west philadelphia, police say a man was found shot on the 5500 block of walton avenue shortly after
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11:30 last night. police rush him to presbyterian hospital and his current condition is unknown and police are searching for suspects. son of the bucks county school district administrators is copping to his father's defense after being accused of a kickback scheme. $400,000 is now missing from the bristol township school system. federal authorities say that former school district maintenance director james anders steered school contracts to two friend. feds say anders received kickbacks in return. wednesday night anders son defended his father. >> he is an upstanding citizen. he does volunteer work to the fire department and been doing it for 20 years. >> reporter: needless to say you are shock. >> yes. >> reporter: in a statement the bristol township school district claims they found at boost and immediately reported it. it claims that students, teachers did not tea serve the alleged practices. if convicted, all three men could face up to a hundred years in prison. 4:42. i love to hit repeat for this
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forecast but it is a great one. >> it is like the perfect forecast. crisp in the morning and warms up nice. can we just stay here. >> we can try to stay here. >> but you'll see that will not happen. >> seventy-eight, 79 degrees. we have in business, being in the 80's and yes, that is where we are today, yet again. so, if you are down the shore you are really loving this. you have really good beach weather. the lets look at where we are right now. you can tell you are warm, when but if we look here at neighborhood network and see girard college at 67 degrees, you can see we are warming up rather quickly. fifty's, newtown square 58. fifty-five in pemberton. bensalem at 59. wind nice and calm. looking live at storm scan three and thinks telltale sign of high pressure. clear skies as far as the eye can sianni that is what we have as you zoom out here. you have to travel far west to see anything there. that is not much in the
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midwest there. barely any showers. temperatures as we mentioned about 66 in philadelphia. fifty-eight in at atlantic city. already in the 60's in wildwood. 61 degrees for you. as we zoom out, check out new york city. they have made it up to 70 degrees this morning. our average highs should be in the 70's. a as we go throughout the day lots of sunshine but we will ramp up in the mid 80's into the afternoon f you like your september steamy, you are in luck. take a look at your beach forecast. this is a beautiful one. 81 degrees. uv index up. rip current risk is low. sunny skies, beautiful at the shore and water is still pretty warm here too as we look at the temperatures in the 70's. seventy-seven is our high there in and around atlantic city area. but changes are coming, i mentioned that average high is 78 degrees. the as we head toward weekend we will cool down and next week looking at some 70's. we are looking at getting where we should be, today though 86 degrees, sunny skies
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and warm as we get into tonight, a clear night, 63 degrees. looking at that seven day forecast, the heat sticks with us right in the weekend, cool down coming as we get into our sunday, monday time frame. isn't that wild 86 and 74 in the same seven day forecast. >> it is not bad. >> we will take it, kyla, thanks. phillies wrap up their series with the nationals with another rough night in south philadelphia. last night was a beginnings of national power and phillies struggling offence. jason werth hit two home runs in the games, he hit four home runs in the series. nationals pitcher ge o gonzales struck out 12 and national won big two-two. phillies in atlanta tomorrow night. philadelphia phillies fans received a holy treat at last night's game, pope francis is a trading card. fans pick up a phillies pope rookie card just like a traditional baseball card where the players, pontiff stats including first place and even his nickname, probably want to hang on to that one. thursday night football is
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back, payton manning and broncos head to kansas city, to face andy reid, jeremy maclin and the chiefs. coverage begins at 7:30 on cbs-3. a new study looks at key to work place happiness. and maybe for your stomach but, what is it, right? we will explain when we come right back.
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here's a look at your head lines, this morning. mayor michael nutter wants philadelphia to get excited. he says it is not just about the pope but also about civic pride. hawaii and parts of the california coast are under a tsunami advisory. 8.3 magnitude quake killed five people and caused buildings to sway in the santiago. eleven republican presidential candidates took to the stage for second prime time debate, three hour face off featured discussions on immigration, same sex marriage, for's fares among other things.
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stockton university has approved the sale of the former show boat casino in atlantic city. the the youth has not identified the sales price or the buyer who is completing due diligence investigation. stockton bought the casino last december in the hopes of the converting tonight to a satellite campus but competing legal restrictions on how the the property can be used stopped that plan. as college costs continue to rise, one local institution is reverse ago this trend. rosemont college in bryn mawr is slashing tuition by 43 percent to make it more affordable to students. beginning in 2016, tuition will drop from $32,000 to $18,500. the president of the small liberal arts college said current tuition system does in the work. >> it is a model based object high sticker price that he is keep going up every where, and high discounts. >> when president hirsch announced you heard this overwhelming round of applause and cheers, just like a weight off everyone's shoulders. >> room and board will be
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nearly $2,000 cheaper. rosemont college says cut in tuition won't affect faculty pay or lead to any layoffs. >> first thing you say is if they are able to pull that off. >> yes, without loans. >> absolutely. >> we know all about that. >> time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. we are hearing gm reached a major settlement with the government over faulty ignition switches, hoping for good news here what can you to tell us. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. general motors reached 900 million-dollar settlement over that issue, switches have been link to over 100 deaths, gm acknowledged about the problem for about a decade and didn't start recalling cars until last year. justice department is expected to announce this deal at a news conference today so we will learn all of the details, then, erika and nicole. there is a i new survey out about workers happiness and we hear that the way to the worker's heart not
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surprising will you is through their stomachs. >> reporter: it is true, key to happy work place could be free snacks, there is a new survey by grocery delivery service pea pod that find companies that find free food have happier employees then those that don't, half of those surveyed also say company perks like free food is a factor in looking inside where to work, erika and nicole. i'm so on board with this. free food definitely means happy workers for me. >> i'm with you 100 percent. >> cbs-3 owes a lot to our writer dan. the news room friday, he brings in, chips, cookies, all kind of if candy. >> yes. >> i need to make a road trip down to philadelphia. >> quick train ride down you're always welcome. >> i will. >> thanks, jill. coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. weather and traffic. we
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time for traffic and weather
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together. good morning, meisha. >> good morning to all have of you you at home. if you are just waking up, it is early, just taking a peak at the roadways and there is construction out there. there is no first place thinks woodhaven road at million brook road between thornton and i-95, right lane in both directions, it is closed, and the ramp from million brook to east woodhaven is also closed. here's another one i-95 northbound between 320 and blue route, two right lanes are block to the blue route and ramp to the blue route is also closed, here's another place, i-95 northbound past bridge street right lane closed, ramp to cottman is also closed in this area. then quickly here's a look at the maps, emergency road work here, 42 freeway southbound near route 55, two right lanes are blocked and also construction on the new jersey turnpike southbound at route 168, left lane is block, there. what a mouthful, um, kyla. >> can you do the same thing in weather or will it be just,
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sunshine and butterflies. >> i will start off with one thing that everybody is noticing that our daylight length is getting shorter and shorter as we go along here and i notice tonight september. i don't know but. tonight our sunset at 7:07. by october 1st, 6:43. that one hurts, november 1st, 4:59. losing more than two and a half minutes each day. just a moment to say enjoy this warm weather, the sunshine we're getting this little kick of heat in september. 66 degrees taking a look at center city. humidity 81 percent. win nice and calm. looking at storm scan three, we are nice and clear, all throughout the eastern seaboard looking really good and that is what will give us that beautiful sunshine throughout the day-to-day. our sun stretch continues but we are cooler next week i'm talking 70's and we have a chance of rain. so nicole that one is tricky. we have not a great forecast in the rain department, but we could use a little, and we could use more. we will talk about that in the
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seven day forecast. >> new lets check the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. new figures from the census bureau shows regional income and insurance company but no change in poverty. the results three weeks after on line voter registration launched here in pennsylvania. for people planning to text, tweet, facebook up a storm during pope's visit? big wire least companies say they have done all they can to ensure a strong signal. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw 1060 on your am dial. they have done everything they can. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are following latest developments as dell toll climbs after a powerful earthquake rocks chile. from his house to the white house growing support for teenage's rested for bringing his homemade alarm clock to school. here's something to think about before you you wash your hand this morning why experts say you might want to skip that ant
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good morning, it is getting down to crunch time, only nine dates left until pope francis arrives here in philadelphia. we're live with how the variety i and some businesses are preparing for the historic visit. also the death toll climbs overnight after a powerful earthquake hit chile, and it is leading to tsunami threats in part of the hawaii and california. plus... >> all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> it is round two of the republican presidential debate, and the candidates exchange jabs for more than three hours. see who scored with voters in that marathon debate. >> it is thursday, september 17th i'm erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer.
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ladies are looking at for you. kyla and meisha standing by with traffic and weather. >> one good thing about the winter is construction project seem to just go away, also the time, and that is what we are dealing with. how is weather out there. >> that is something to look at the bright side. it feels absolutely lovely out here. we are seeing the earlier part of the day that feels fantastic, chilly last weekend but today feels nice out here on the sky deck. there is a down side to the warmer temperatures though and that is air quality. lets look at this, if anyone out there who has respiratory problems we have unhealthy air today and that means for sensitive groups, elderly, young, anyone with asthma you will be on the look out to stay in that air conditioning. right now, we have 64 in philadelphia. fifty-eight in atlantic city. fifty in mount pocono. we are plenty warm to start off with. we are looking at relatively blue skies and just looked up to the heavens out here and as really nice.


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