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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 17, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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ladies are looking at for you. kyla and meisha standing by with traffic and weather. >> one good thing about the winter is construction project seem to just go away, also the time, and that is what we are dealing with. how is weather out there. >> that is something to look at the bright side. it feels absolutely lovely out here. we are seeing the earlier part of the day that feels fantastic, chilly last weekend but today feels nice out here on the sky deck. there is a down side to the warmer temperatures though and that is air quality. lets look at this, if anyone out there who has respiratory problems we have unhealthy air today and that means for sensitive groups, elderly, young, anyone with asthma you will be on the look out to stay in that air conditioning. right now, we have 64 in philadelphia. fifty-eight in atlantic city. fifty in mount pocono. we are plenty warm to start off with. we are looking at relatively blue skies and just looked up to the heavens out here and as really nice. just beautiful.
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barely a few clouds in the sky. we will see high pressure justin, to be in control. that is advantage of the high pressure. we will get blue skies and warm temperatures and you can see here the high today 86 degrees in philadelphia. eighty-one down the shore which is a beautiful beach day that sunshine, those warm temperatures persisting as we go through the next couple of days when you think about it we should be in the 78, 79-degree mark this time of the year. we are getting a september sizzle and i'll send it over to meisha because she a has a way of making that traffic sizzle even when she's bad, meisha. >> you might be the only one that says that, kyla, good morning everyone. yes, it is early and we are dealing with construction. let's jump right into it. construction on the woodhaven road east and westbound at million brook road between thornton and i-95. right lane in both directions is block. in another place we have construction i-95 northbound between route 320 and blue route. this is an area that just cleared. for those in and around blue
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route you heard me talk about 15 minutes ago this is now since cleared. ninety-five northbound past bridge street two right lanes are block, ramp to cottman is also closed for you in and around that area also construction for emergency road work here 42 freeway southbound near route 55, two right lanes are block in this area for those in new jersey and also the pennsylvania turnpike you have some construction westbound, neshaminy service plaza a to willow grove, bensalem to virginia drive, these are the the right lanes blocked, and also the off ramp to fort washington is closed, a lot of stuff this early morning, erika, over to you. mayor michael nutter wants philadelphia to get excited about pope francis visit next weekend and plan a a head for changes. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us on the ben franklin parkway for advice for visitors and business owners and rest of us in town, good morning. >> reporter: hi there, good morning. we have been talking about this for months and now it is quickly becoming very real.
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behind us here, one of the two stages that will play a crucial part in the world meeting of families and papal mass that sunday. that will be the papal mass from the eyes of the world will be trained at pope francis takes that stage for the mass. now, as you mentioned, there is a lot of preparation going on here and also too, not everyone is coming out here but if they do, the the mayor wants you to be prepared and as he said it is not a bad idea to get involved. >> i'm asking philadelphians who are not already joyously anticipating the arrival of the pope francis, to actually get excited. >> reporter: mayor nutter striking an enthusiastic tone as philadelphia continues its count down to the pope's arrival. count down, nine days. early next week the world meeting of families expects to welcome roughly 17,000 people. >> residents, if you have not done it already make sure you get your septa passes and tokens, make plans for your family and friend about which events you are attending and decide on your favorite selfie
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pose. >> by next weekend city is bracing for upward of 1 million people to phillies street for festival of the families and papal mass, historic moment that the mayor does not want to see slip by those who call the host city home. >> there are people all over the world who unfortunately may never have the opportunity that we will have. >> reporter: but what about businesses, especially force based in the francis festival ground and that cannot all be opened. this business is on the fence. >> maybe. >> reporter: fairmount planners have a plan which would be likely lights out. >> we will be pretty much closed on saturday and sunday. nobody will be in this area looking for dry cleaning. >> and that fairmount cleaners is not too far from where we are right now on the parkway. again, you are urged to prepare, that means do your shopping, and take care of other businesses, as quickly as you can, before the pope's arrival and, of course, the
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big week ahead of us here. also, to the mayor, says that trash collection will be on hold, be prepared for that, also to the police and fire department says that they will be fully staffed working a 12 hour shift over the weekend looking forward to the safe, albeit rather different weekend, coming up in about nine days now, we are live throughout the parkway i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". different to say the least, thank you. if you are still trying to figure out how you will get into center sit friday new jersey you can park your car in camden. city officials say they have space for 8,000 cars to park on the waterfront. each space will cost you though, $44, a day. then you can use the river ferry, patco or walk ben franklin bridge into philadelphia you have to register and prepay to park there which you can do at cbs if you want to take september national city more regional rail passes will be sold this weekend. buy tickets at jefferson and suburban station was most
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outlying stations. the one day passes cost $10, each. and, as justin mentioned down to single digits now pope francis arrives in philadelphia in just nine days, stay with "eyewitness news" and cbs for latest developments leading up to the papal visit. new this morning an overnight shooting in west philadelphia send two men to the hospital. police say that just before midnight two men were standing on the 5400 block of walnut street talking to two women. that is when two other men came up and tried to rob them. both victims started running and the attackers shot at them. >> now fortunately at 54th and walnut we did find a business with exterior surveillance cameras, one of those cameras is facing in the direction of where the ballistic evidence is, so hopefully these cameras recorded something to help us, with this double shooting investigation. >> the at last check victims were in stable condition at presbyterian hospital, the gun man are still at large. philadelphia police are investigating another shooting in west philadelphia,
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"eyewitness news" on the 5500 block of walton avenue. police say a man was found shot thereafter 11:30 last night. police rush him to presbyterian hospital where he is in stable condition. police are searching for suspects. happening today, a man led police on a wild chase through south jersey and philadelphia, all over a pair of stolen underwear, he is now due in court for a preliminary hearing. chopper three was over that chase back in july. robert ritter was wanted for stealing underwear at a shop rite in brooklawn. no officers were injured during that chase, and he faces a a charge of recklessly endangering another person. 5:07. the damage is extensive after a powerful earthquake, struck off the coast of chile. you're looking at damage inside a mall after 8.3 quake struck last night. now authorities say the quake killed at least five people and triggered tsunami alerts and coastal evacuations. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live tracking
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developments, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this earthquake was so strong that the tremors could be felt clear across the entire continent all the way to buenos aires argentina as you mentioned in chile officials have confirmed at least five deaths, to this point, roughly a million people have been forced to leave their homes and those people are being asked to stay on high ground this morning, so officials can continue to assess the dam age. pictures of the food court in shambles, just an example of the images now flooding social media, following a powerful 8.3 earthquake that struck off the northern coast of chile wednesday night. tremors were also caught on live tv as cnn covered the disaster unfolding in the streets. staff members were forced to plea the the building and roughly a million other people have left their homes in the face of the tsunami alert. chile's interior minister stress the importance of getting to higher ground. >> precautionary evacuation of our country's cozies inn
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dispensable. we are looking for protocol to evacuate as calmy as possible. >> reporter: officials will continue to assess construction on the ground today but impact stressed far behind that country. it triggered advisories for parts of the hawaii, california and new seal land. >> this is not a warning, evacuation is not necessary but we do want people off the beach and out of the water. >> reporter: now tsunami expected to take california later on this morning is only expect to be about a foot but some california residents are preparing. we will take a look at that in the next hour. chile is one of the world's most earthquake prone countries, and in fact, largest earthquake ever reported on earth happened in chile this one happened overnight, well, it has been largest since the the one in 2010 where that earthquake and tsunami killed hundreds of people. we will stay on top of this but for now we are live in the sat center, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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5:09. republican presidential hopefuls faced off last night in their second debate as campaign 2016, at one point former florida governor jeb bush demanded donald trump apologize for comments he man i had about bush's mexican born wife. >> to subject my wife into the middle of a political conversation was completely inappropriate and i hope you apologize for that, donald. >> i hear phenomenal things. i hear your wife is a lovely woman. >> she's the love of my life and she's right here and why don't awe pol guys good i won't do that because i said nothing wrong. >> but the 11 candidates with the highest poll numbers took the stage at reagan library any california. we will have much more on the debate including unexpected star of the show, a lot of people were tweeting about this one person, coming up at 5:30, nicole. at 5:10 and the death toll rises from growing wild fires out west, now we're hearing from the man who raced to save his neighbor from these
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flames, plus this. i just felt like i was a criminal, profiled as a terrorist. >> from terrorism suspect to internet celebrity, huge outpouring of the support for teenager arrested for bringing his home made alarm clock to school. also, are you wasting your money on antibacterial soap? what you need to know before you wash your hand this morning.
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welcome back. fire fighters battling wild fires in northern california have found two more bodies in burned out homes. victims died in an area 60 miles south east of sacramento where fire fighters ordered mandatory evacuations over the weekend. the most people followed the
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order but not all of them. officials fear that they will fine several other victims. now one man's unsuccessfully tried to get his neighbor out. >> he was retired, had one leg, and last time i seen him, he has changed, trying to clear some brush around his propane tank. i begged him to come out. >> on sunday body of the seven two-year old woman was found in her lake county home. forecaster expect more storms and flooding on the utah arizona border. national guard is joining in the search for more victims of the flash floods, 18 people tied, including six hikers, trapped by flood waters in zion national park. 5:15 right now, high school project in texas end with a student in handcuffs and the attention of the the white house. >> cbs correspondent kenneth craig reports, misunderstanding earlier this week has raised tough questions about racial profiling. >> reporter: fourteen year-old
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ahmen mohammad used scrap metal and, compute are parts to build a homemade clock. a teacher at a suburban dallas school thought it was something else. >> when i showed it to her she thought it was a threat to her, so, so, it was really sad that he took the wrong impression of it. >> reporter: they call the police and the ninth grader was questioned, and handcuffed. >> took into consideration the device's suspicious appearance and the savetive of the students and staff at mcarthur high school the student was taken in custody for possession of the hoax bomb. >> reporter: further investigation showed the device was harmless and the boy was release without charges. ahmen's father says his son was mistreated because of his name, but he called this, an opportunity for change. >> what is happening is for everybody to have a chance in america. >> reporter: he may transfer to a different school and hopes to go to college at mit.
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he plans to turn his fear into a positive force. >> i will try my best, in the just to help me but help every other kid in the entire world that has a problem like this. >> reporter: the the incident caught the attention of the, president obama who tweeted cool clock and invited ahmed to the white house. kenneth craig for "eyewitness news". facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg want to chat with him, he wrote, having the skill and ambition to go to something cool should be applause, in the arrest. the the future belongs to people like ahmed. >> if you want to come by facebook i'd love to meet you. keep building. he gola lot of support on line and also an offer for internship at twitter. that is great. >> he says his suspension from school is set to end today but just a tough situation there. on one hand you have to take every precaution but a lot of people wondering why the suspension stayed intact. >> it led to positive change at the white house, twitter, eye tweet from the president, facebook.
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>> yes. >> like they said keep building because that is pretty cool. let's send it over to kyla for a check of the forecast. >> crazy world we're living in where we have to worry about that stuff with kid in school. >> we don't have to worry about the wet are too much today because we will have a lot more sunshine and warm temperatures. if you you are not a fan of the warmth it will in the last forever but it will be in place for a sizzle as we get into our september day to day. center city taking a live look, skies are relatively clear and make everything out clearly in that picture. that is story throughout the day-to-day. lets look live at the temperatures, up to 64 in philadelphia, 60 in wildwood. you can see dover coming in at 63. we're getting that warmth rolling as we go throughout our morning this morning. taking assume in here, local, i like to take a look at these, quakertown 54. sixty-two palmyra. fifty-seven in mount holly. so we're off to the races with our temperatures and take a look at storm scan three it is not just our area seeing blue
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skies, as we start to zoom out we will see entire eastern seaboard looking good this morning. you have to go out to illinois to find a little rain. high pressure is certainly in control. now this does have a down side and that is that the air quality, not great, unhealthy for sensitive groups, people with asthma, pollen level, medium, high uv index and heat index will be up there too. on the upside it will be nice weather for football, looking in the broncos and kansas city, a shower possible for them tonight. 81 degrees there. they could use our philadelphia weather today, in the so much. lets talk about the shore, it is beautiful over next few days if this is where your vacation is, you are enjoying it, lots of sunshine, lower 80's and upper 70's just looking fantastic. jet stream staying well to the north but it will track down. we will start to see a change in the pattern here as we get in the latter half of the weekend. we will see temperatures drop back to where they should be. average high is 78 degrees and boy, we're up in the 80's
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right now but 70's coming your way a as of monday. real quick look here, high of 86 with that sunshine tonight, low of 63. comfortable and clear out there. seven day forecast shows meisha likes the heat and she will see it in the next few days but meisha next week, next week different story. >> all right. well, you know what i will take it because i have had such a beautiful summer so i cannot complain about 70's, ever, ever, ever, good morning you guys. the here's construction. this is what is clearing i the five northbound past bridge street right lane was block as it is clearing out of your way. woodhaven road at franklin mills boulevard the right lane is still compromised, ramp from million brook to east woodhaven road is closed for those around that area quick peak at ben franklin bridge. looking great. everyone traveling at posted speed in the 5:00 o'clock hour we will see that change more toward the 7:00 o'clock hour our main rush hour but moving in the east side you lost that far right lane due to the
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construction on the westbound side and flipped over to the eastbound side not causing any problems for most of you though. construction on the new jersey turnpike southbound at route 168, that left lane is block, for those in area, also pennsylvania turnpike, neshaminy, service plaza to willow grove, bensalem to virginia drive, right lanes are compromised there. >> meisha, thank you. rough seas on for rutgers football got worse. why the team's head coach is suspended for the next three games. rush to boost cell phone services before the pope arrives. major upgrades that will make philadelphia one of the most connect cities in the count
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philadelphia police are looking for some burglars who pull off a pharmacy heist with power tools. sparks flew early machine morning asthmas beinged man used a power saw break in the safe at broad and grange farm sigh in fernrock. that didn't work but they grabbed prescription drugs before escaping. they drove away in the dark
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colored jeep cher see srt8. wilmington police are trying to track down this teenager who made an escape from the juvenile corrections fan. dejuan robinson kick out a window and jumped from that moving vehicle after a court hearing yesterday afternoon. he was last seen in the 400 block of the martin luther king boulevard. police think he managed to ditch his shackles. he was originally arrested on weapons charges. rutgers football team opens up big ten play at penn state this weekend but they will be without head coach kyle flood. he has been suspended for three games and find 50 you this dollars for what the university says is a rules violation. the university had been investigating an e-mail flood sent to the faculty member about a player. six rutgers players had been suspended for off the field incidents. parents in bucks county are outraged over an alleged kickback scheme in the local district. federal authorities say that nearly $400,000 was stole friend bristol township school system. they say that former school
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district maintenance director james anders steered school contracts to two friend. friend say anders received kickbacks in return. parents are outrage. >> they will take that much money without them noticing until new but no, they were not on top of it. it is kind of a disappointment. >> in a statement bristol township school district says they found at boost and immediately reported it. if quick, all three men could face up to 100 years in prison. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" a decade's old story from 9/11 comes back to haunt him, plus this. >> reporter: round two for republican presidential candidate was a marathon event with attacks on everything from policies to personalities, i'm craig boswell at ronald reagan presidential library any sim i valley, california, coming up. and also a scare on the race track, when two jockeys are tossed from their horse and watch carefully through cap see how they are doing this morning.
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kyla? >> wow, look at that, we are saying wow at the weather today, heat, heat and more heat, how long will this unseasonal run of temperatures last? i will have your seven day forecast coming up. blue head out the door more than ace keeping an eye on the roads, updating your
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one rope presidential candidates clashed in their second debate trying to set themselves apart from undecided voters. it was interest forgo sure. >> we will look at winners and losers from that marathon debate. >> also one of the most talk about moments of the debate didn't even happen on the stage. it happened to be, that guy in the the gray suit on the left, behind the moderator. he is being called hot debate guy this is hashtag last night, we're learning more about who he is, and, he got bored with the debate. >> i'm trying to get a better look. >> you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> yes. >> okay. >> yeah. >> good for him. >> weather today, hot. >> very hot the weather today f you like it steamy, we're at the place you want to be. i think some people like it.


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