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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 20, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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>> huge. >> the insider together with yahoo!. >> have a great weekend, everybody.
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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now at 11 o'clock, papal preparations are in full swing on the ben franklin parkway as philadelphia scrambles to get ready for the papal visit. meanwhile, pope francis arrives in cuba months after helping to repair diplomatic ties with the united states. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. pope francis' visit to the island nation is actually the first leg of his trip that will end right here in philadelphia. cbs correspondent chris martinez is in havana. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: cheering fans.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: military band greeted pope francis as he arrived in cuba. havana's archbishop and president raul castro were on hand. it's a chance to show goodwill. for the vatican this is a mission of. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: francis helped restore diplomatic ties between cuban the u.s. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter:. >> reporter: i urge political leaders to per veer on this path but the path for peace between the u.s. and cuba remains uncertain. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: during a lengthy speech castro says cuba's communist government has thrived despite u.s. accusations of human rights abuses and the trade embargo which castro called on the u.s. congress to lift. pope francis will call out time for a private meeting with president castro where the two men can have frank discussions but first he'll host a mass on sunday morning and meet with 2,000 youths at
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a local recreation center sunday night. only about a quarter of cubans consider themselves catholic. a recent poll shows 80 percent have a high opinion of pope francis, well above president raul castro. chris martinez, cbs news, havana, cuba. >> pope francis will see the largest crowds of his trip right here in philadelphia next saturday. the excitement is building and preparations are kicking into high gear. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is live on the steps of the art museum overlooking the ben franklin parkway. steve. >> reporter: well, natasha, if you couldn't feel it before, you can certainly feel it now with all the media coverage, all the setup and now construction under way on the ben franklin parkway. we spoke to the guy who is actually setting up the stage, the very stage that the pope will set his feet on when he comes here next week. welander little bit. listen to this. in full swing, the signs many of us have either been anticipate organizanticipating r
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months are starting to take place on the parkway, the stage literally being set for the pope's arrival. >> this is one of the largest events to ever occur in the united states. >> reporter: scott murphy is the president of the philadelphia based esm productions. this guy has done setup for the president, the dalai lama and jay-z but he says this takes cake. >> we've done some pretty large events but this is definitely the largest event, has the most moving parts. >> reporter: with that headaches. traffic closures mainly in place for the safety and breathing room of workers on the job but look at what they're building, that 100-foot wide arch already spread across the main stage will be shown on 32 giant screens lined all across the parkway. >> you really can see this stage where we're building it from a mile away. >> reporter: but the work doesn't stop there. between saturday and sunday next week during the visit with just hours to spare, they'll destroy most everything they've built for the celebration to build something even more special. >> after saturday night we'll
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tear out that stage and build the sanctuary for the mass and that -- that is truly an honor to be involved in something like that. >> reporter: and as mentioned, all of those -- all of that construction means closures. the ben franklin parkway, the inner and outer lanes both shut down from eakins oval to 20th street as this construction continues. that will be in place until september 29th and all of those construction will be lifted on october 4th. so, if you are planning to be in this area, pay attention. we have all of that on our web site at for now from the steps of the art museum, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, steve, thank you so much. a local church is concerned about how they will feed the homeless on the parkway during the papal visit. chosen 300 ministries served hundreds of meals at 16th and the parkway today. the organization says it is still waiting for word from the city on how to access the parkway to provide meals
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within the secured zone. today was also volunteer check in day at the pennsylvania convention center for the world meeting of families. the more than 10,000 volunteers will be identifiable through the bright orange t-shirts they received at check in today. some will get to work on monday, a day before the world meeting of families officially convenes. but most of these volunteers will be utilized on saturday and sunday when the pope visits philadelphia. >> i volunteered for special needs, people with wheel chairs or unable to walk. >> since i have the human services background, i'm a special service coordinator, also. so, i'm going to be taking care of everybody. >> well, officials say all of the volunteers went through a thorough background check. meantime one group of catholics is already in philadelphia one week ahead of the pope's arrival. >> ♪ mass was held this morning by members of the women's ordination conference. they arrived early to fight
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for their place within the priesthood. pope francis has been clear the all-male priesthood should be preserved but these women hope he will one day change his mind. >> our hope would be that the pope would include all people in the conversation including women and again at all levels including ordination to the priesthood. >> some believe during the early days of the catholic church females held titles like priest and bishop. today women seeking these titles are excommunicated from the church. stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest on the papal visit. we've got a full resource guide for you on our web site, and now for a check on the weather, it's been a beautiful weekend so far for us but it looks like some cooler temperatures are heading our way. meteorologist justin drabick is in our weather center with the first look at the forecast and some of what the papal visit forecast will be like, right, justin. >> that's right, natasha. final weekend of summer going on right now.
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it did feel like summer today. 84 degrees. our average high for this time of year is 77 so way above that. we'll bring the temperatures down a little bit for the second half of the week so something for everybody going on both saturday and sunday whether you like the heat or the cooler temperatures. still pretty mild outside right now, low to mid 70's. there's a wind off the ocean so coastal temperatures still pretty mild an lot of mugginess still in the air before we get this cold front through here which is still to our west bring something showers over central pennsylvania. notice clouds trying to stream in western parts of the delaware valley. mainly just few clouds roll in tonight. most of the showers should come to an end or break up as the front moves across the mountains. 67 degrees is what you'll wake up to tomorrow morning around philadelphia. lower 60's in suburbs. humidity levels continue to drop through the overnight. notice the condition in the high temperatures on sunday. some sunshine around for philadelphia, it's cooler, 78 degrees. there will be a nice breeze at the shore, wind right off the ocean, 76 for the high temperature and up in the poconos looks like we'll be stuck in the upper 60's.
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great day for football if you're heading out to the stadium at the linc, dallas town, 4:25 kickoff, 76 degrees at kickoff with low humidity, just pleasant conditions. so coming up in the seven-day forecast, we'll talk about these temperatures, how much they cool down and looks like we're setting up for another dry stretch as well. those details coming up in a few minutes. natasha back to you. >> justin thanks. tonight we learn best selling british eighthy author jackie collins has died. she was known for writing vibrant novels about extravagant and a life in hollywood. collins family says she died of breast cancer in los angeles. the 77-year-old was the sister of actress joan collins. now, friends family and former nba greats gathered to say goodbye today to philadelphia legend moses malone. a funeral was held for malone this morning at a houston church. moses helped lead the sixers to the 1983 nba championship. the three-time nba m.v.p. died of heart disease sunday. he was 60 years old.
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a grenade scare meantime it forces the evacuation of the village thrift store in kensington. an employee found two grenades in a plastic bag and called police immediately seven. he made the discovery on the 2900 block of kensington avenue just before 9 o'clock this morning. police say the devices turned out to be hollowed out and not live. authorities are working to track down who owned those grenades. also, a man suspected of shooting at motorists on a phoenix highway is now being held on a million dollars bail. a swat team stormed a wal-mart store and arrested leslie merritt last night. police say he is linked to four of the 11 shootings on interstate 10 over the past few weeks. the break in the case came just after the suspect apparently pawned a 9-millimeter handgun. police say the gun is linked to those crimes but merritt denied any involvement in court today. >> all i have to say is that i'm the wrong guy. i've tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in the
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pawnshop for the last two months. i haven't even had access to a weapon. >> merritt told the judge he he can't afford the bond. the only person injured in the shootings was a 13-year-old girl hurt by flying glass. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, a tornado is captured on camera. find out where this happened and see more of the breath taking video. plus, donald trump responds to critics and democratic candidates making voters wonder what's going on. a campaign 2016 wrapup is just ahead. also in sports, the cowboys are in town. we're going preview tomorrow's big battle at the linc. can the eagles rebound after last week's loss in atlanta? we're back with you in just a moment. stay with us.
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>> a fire in ridley township delaware county, a two alarm blaze burned through this house at 420 ohio avenue. this eyewitness video was taken by timothy eichelman. no injuries have been reported. also a group of storm chaser catch a tornado on camera. this twister was spotted near the town of kaola kansas. the tornado starts to. no it's not a very big twister so it didn't cause too much damage but either way
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that looks pretty frightening. >> ♪ republican presidential frontrunner donald trump is firing back at critics over a recent incident at a campaign stop. thursday in new hampshire, trump declined to correct a questioner who said president obama is a muslim. candidates on both sides of the aisle have slammed trump and demanded he apologize but that is apparently not going to happen. this morning the donald went on a twitter rant posting this." i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so. "he model with another tweet reading" this is the first time in my life that i have caused controversy by not saying something ." most recent polls still show trump with a wide lead over the republican field. meanwhile the new hampshire democratic convention kicked off today. all of the parties declared presidential candidates are there. today frontrunner hillary
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clinton rallied her supporters and of course weighed in on the trump controversy. >> don't be distracted by their flamboyant frontrunner trying to bully and buy his way into the presidency. his latest outrage, the way he he handled the question about president obama was shocking but not surprising. >> national polls show clinton out in front of her closest rival vermont senator bernie sanders but sanders is closing the gap. he's also leading clinton in two primary states, iowa and in new hampshire. also today sanders took the stage hoping to capitalize on his rising poll numbers. the self described democratic socialist entered the race a relative unknown but he is now pulling crowds in the tens of thousands at campaign events. >> what looked like a fringe campaign is now seen as a campaign that is standing up for working americans and is prepared to take on the billionaire class.
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[cheers and applause] >> sanders claims he can provide healthcare for all americans along with free college. he he says the country can pay for it by raising taxes on the wealthiest americans and on large corporations. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the 2016 race for the white house. we'll have the very latest both on air and on our web site, and now justin drabick is along with the very latest on our forecast. it's going to be cooling down. >> it is. here we are final weekend of summer. >> i can't believe it. where did it go. >> i know. always does. wednesday first day of fall officially and we are bringing back those fall-like temperatures. tomorrow we'll start to get some hints of it and certainly early next week as temperatures surge below average. outside rider now kind of on the muggy side. looking at partly cloudy skies as a cold front approaches the region through the overnight hours tomorrow morning, should come through dry with just some clouds but still somewhat of a muggy night.
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you may want to run the air conditioner for one more night. then we'll certainly change things up tomorrow. here's the setup. if you were outside today that strong was still strong, 84 degrees at the airport, average high 77. back near average on sunday. then below average both monday and tuesday. looks like we struggle to get to the mid 70's and we'll keep it in the upper 70's, maybe getting close to 80 once again as we head into wednesday which is the start of the fall season officially. notice the wind direction still coming out of the south over the delaware valley, south jersey and delaware. that's keeping the temperatures pretty mild, low and mid 70's this hour but there's a cold front cutting across pennsylvania right now. on the flip side of the front you get more of a northerly breeze. look at the temperatures. 52 in buffalo, 61 in pittsburgh, so that cool, drier air will start to filter in to the delaware valley in the overnight into tomorrow. there were stronger thunderstorms earlier this evening out across pittsburgh but as the front progresses eastward, a lot of the moisture is going to start falling apart and you can see that over the past few hours,
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those showers starting to break up. may get a sprinkle or two through the overnight hours to early tomorrow morning, most areas just stay dry. front clears our area for sunday. nice northerly push of air will start to cool us down and push all that humidity out and breezes continues out of the northeast on monday, stays dry with high pressure over us. temperatures only in the mid 70's. the highs over new england still on tuesday. we he will start to see some clouds from the storm system to our south. still dry conditions ann little bit cooler than average. tropics a little bit active right now. we have the remnants of tropical depression number nine and here's tropical storm i'd today. windida. the track stalls out and loops around here for awhile. winds possibly getting up to 50 miles per hour early next week but it stays out over the open waters so that's good news. no threat to any land. we'll talk our rain chances about 20 percent chance tomorrow morning with that
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front coming through. it will just abstray sprinkle or isolated shower. monday zero, maybe 20 percent chance on tuesday with that storm system lingering just off shore. all right. here's the setup. there's the front coming through. you just notice clouds around early in the morning. we break out with more sunshine for the afternoon so this looks like a great day to be outside once again. monday really all we're going to be dealing with is just some clouds and noticeably cooler temperatures as the breeze kicks up out of the north. pleasant overnight, partly cloudy skies, 57 degrees for center city, little bit cooler in the suburbs. noticeably he less humid on sunday, partly sunny skies, 78 for the afternoon high temperature. and looking ahead to next weekend, as the pope comes to turns looks pretty good. temperatures low and mid 70's both days in the sunshine. saturday will be a little bit breezy but still pretty pleasant and right now looking dry. here's that extended forecast. again, we go he from upper 70's on sunday to the mid 70's monday and tuesday. wednesday fall officially arrives at 4:21 a.m. and we will warm it up, though, near
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80 degrees. the end of the week looks like we're back down into the mid 70's keeping things nice and drive. and guys i know you love those fall leaves on the seven-day forecast. >> and the blinking fall. >> it's an exciting time. [laughter] thank you, justin. and an exciting time for football t the big game. >> but we're still playing baseball. >> i forget. >> yeah, the phillies with another strong itch ping effort from the one of the young guns. tomorrow eagles-cowboys. what
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lesley cowboys in town ready for a beat down. >> we hope. the cowboys come to the linc
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missing dez bryant. he'll miss the game with a broken foot. eagles looking to get a fast start tomorrow. monday night they he couldn't climb out of a 20 to three hole in atlanta. they just can't afford to do that again facing tony romo. >> we got to start faster, got to start faster, crank up the intensity from the get-go and i think we'll be fine. >> we definitely got to get after it now. they going to try to run the ball and if we stop we definitely don't want to get beat in the air. >> we just got to go execute. like i said guys got to go out and step up and win their one-on-one matchups. obviously it's not going to be the same level as when des is out there. doesn't mean we can't go move the ball. >> join me and don bell along with a path of experts. we'll get you ready tomorrow at 11:30 on sunday kickoff right here on cbs3. to college football the last time the temple owls started the season three and 05 years ago matched that
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record today after a last minute win over u mass. under 90 seconds left temple up by three, uh mass on the move. owls missed a couple tackles. uh mass has a 23-20 lead. the minute men go for the extra point. it's blocked. marshall recovers it gets it over to will hayes. he takes it 85 yards for a two-point conversion. owls trailing by a point. 12 seconds left austin jones will kick this 32-yard field goal. it's g temple escapes with a 25-23 victory. over to beaver stadium checking out a stripe out. sections of blue and white. penn state hosted rutgers in big pen action seconds quarter nittany lions up by seven. barkley weaves his way through the scarlet knight defense for a score. handofhandoff to akil lynch. he goes 75 yards for the touchdown and right now in the fourth quarter they lead 28 to
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three. over to the main line battle of the blue. delaware taking on villanova in a conference battle and some bad news for wildcats. in the fourth quarter their all everything quarterback john robertson got hurt, injured his right knee on this run. he'll get an mri monday. he will not play thursday when they host penn. red shirt freshman zach bednarik led the come back. under three minutes left, called his own number, ran 21 yards for the game winning touchdown. cats beat the blue hens 28 to 21. game two tonight between the phils and braves. the two worst teams in baseball right now. fightans need to win seven of their last 13 games the avoid their first 100 loss season in 54 years. jared eickhoff getting the start tonight for the phils. he pitched well, seven shutout innings struck out five and got a no decision. that's because in the eighth the phillies with a one-nothing lead freddie freeman will hit this fly ball off jerome williams and
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sweeney will not make the catch at the wall. braves beat the phils two to one and that's the way it's been going. >> that's the way it is. thank you so muc
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. pope francis will have his own special blend of coffee he when he arrives in the u.s. next week. the pope actually asked tracy allen of kansas city to create
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a blend for him and his staff to drink while they're in the united states. allen says the pope likely became aware of his work through business that he does in italy. >> got to have a little more fun with it. i take a few more risks and you know how that can go and it actually paid off. i have all the faith in the world in my team and in the work that's been done leading up to this and it's so great to be able to reward them by saying we got this. >> allen said he he started doing his homework right away. he says he learned that pope francis loves many types of food and is also an expert in wine. we'll be right bac
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to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. >> some kindergarteners received free pairs of new shoes at the please touch museum. shoe carnival teamed up to
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make this possible. after receiving the new shoes, the students were able to personalize them at decorating stations. a total of 26,000 new shoes will be donated to philly students this fall. that is awesome. >> draw on your kicks, yeah, i like that. >> that's "eyewitness news" tonight. have a great night, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. >> female announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave precision induction cooktop, brought to you by the makers of the number-one selling nuwave oven. >> male announcer: when you turn on your cooktop, do you really know what the temperature is? no. you're just guessing. are you too busy to watch what you're cooking? tired of all that burnt food going to waste? worried about your kids getting burned, or a loved one starting a fire in the kitchen? well, those problems are a thing of the past. introducing the next generation in portable induction cooking -- the precision induction


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